ex-HR, DTS & A-G in new team

According to GameInside.ua, another top team has come to life in Ukraine.

Following the disbandments of Amazing Gaming and, most recently HellRaisers, there had been several top players up for grabs in the Ukrainian market, who have now opted to play together in a new project, according to reports in the country.

This new team, whose name has not been announced of yet, is sponsored by Ukrtelecom, Ukraine's national telecommunications operator, and presents itself as very interesting mixture as it contains former members of A-Gaming, DTS.chatrix and HellRaisers.

"We believe that esports are promising and their development depends on the professional players, interesting projects, fans of computer games and spectators," the leader of the project told GameInside.ua.

"Having begun to work with the team, we think that our cooperation will allow them to reach a higher level not only in Ukraine but also on the world stage."

The new Ukrainian team is composed of:

Ukraine Serg "lmbt" Bejanov
Ukraine Juriy "strike" Tereshenko
Ukraine Nikolay "weiss" Poplavskiy
Ukraine Kiril "ANGE1" Karasiow
Ukraine Alexey "xaoc" Kucherov

Sweden Vilseledd 
looks good
2009-12-19 01:15
Estonia jiKa 
this already looks like a fucking soap opera, there will be no truelly good results by Ukrainian teams until they stop that "making new teams/disbanding old ones". this will get them nowhere
2009-12-19 05:06
Sweden Vilseledd 
maybe you're right
2009-12-19 07:45
O stop being so melodramatic -.-
2009-12-19 08:37
Ooo Yep Yep, Team Estonia , have a nice results ,yes?? and have a nice MIX?? and i think that all SOAP OPERA ,when is this ,this is your comment.
2009-12-19 08:50
this is good english, this
2009-12-19 15:13
2009-12-19 10:37
2009-12-19 13:30
I agree. It's the same as the German scene, they keep on switching players all the time and this only will prevent them from getting anywhere on the international scene. With the exception of mouz last year. However, I am really impressed by Ukraine, a lot of talent in that country, I'd love to see them achieve something on an international level, and quite frankly, with the level of players, they deserve it. edwfan: you're an idiot, shut up.
2009-12-19 19:16
Finland KRAWW 
loool nice to , good ukrainian's teams
2009-12-19 01:16
Morocco skamz 
looks good, but i prefer the other one (i think everyone will say the same)
2009-12-19 01:18
I must agree with u , other team is much better
2009-12-19 01:23
2009-12-19 02:54
Both are really good teams. The other team is better. I think the other team would be better if they had picked up ANGE1. He is pro as fuck
2009-12-19 01:23
totaly agree... angel is like top 3 in UA for me ....... well there's the social side to consider
2009-12-19 01:30
nice team as well GL
2009-12-19 01:29
World bigoh 
xaoc, ange1 top aimers strike insane awp lmbt experienced cap weiss good supporter cant wait to see them in action.. As most of you said, they are prolly worse than Kerch + HR but I believe they are as strong as current DTS.chatrix (blad3, pops, kucher, craft1k, valentinich) so there will be competition for top2 Ukraine!
2009-12-19 01:37
2009-12-19 01:53
Malta wmbo 
craft stuck with pops
2009-12-19 02:17
2009-12-19 03:19
xaoc + angel = win
2009-12-19 03:29
Good Luck :)
2009-12-19 06:19
India transformer 
2009-12-19 06:38
Pops team to fold
2009-12-19 06:47
ANG1 and lmbt are the only good ones, this team stands no chance against the new DTS lineup
2009-12-19 07:03
Ukraine DREv 
no realy?
2009-12-19 07:06
lmbt sucks, the rest are quite good though. :P
2009-12-21 22:11
Ukraine DREv 
johnta:( johnta, Blad3r, craft1k, fr0st, zurab/emelik
2009-12-19 07:06
2 top teams left in ua ?
2009-12-19 08:00
so good gl YL
2009-12-19 08:26
-lmbt + Johnta
2009-12-19 08:37
Albania yg29 
2009-12-19 09:13
+ the biggest number I can write.
2009-12-21 22:12
To bad the new HR/Kerch team couldn't get a sponsor like Ukrtelecom. Hopefully they end up getting sponsored by arbalet :D
2009-12-19 08:38
Singapore Nephalith 
I thought strike retired from gaming or something like that... If he's still playing, I'd love to see this guy with Edward, Zeus, Markeloff, and starix.
2009-12-19 09:07
me too. I realy hoped that he would be the fifth instead of Senya.nevertheless gl guys
2009-12-19 22:48
If Ukrainian powerhouse would be more stabile they would prolly be the best country after Sweden...
2009-12-19 10:20
Poland qater- 
They won't be even close to top20 =\
2009-12-19 10:21
lol some kind of player shuffle fest.
2009-12-19 11:19
2009-12-19 12:19
ropz | 
Estonia NOSSUftw 
xaoc + angel , markelloff , edward + zeus - unstopable.
2009-12-19 13:14
Believe me it is not so .... : (
2009-12-19 13:30
No leader.
2009-12-21 22:13
Russia Vab 
groove was in Ukraine?))
2009-12-19 13:19
LOL it seems to me, you're right :D
2009-12-19 13:32
Russia Vab 
groove tours the world))))
2009-12-19 13:35
Soon groove go to Sweden and not see them a top is in the world xDDD
2009-12-20 15:40
Russia Vab 
groove must be a manager of fnatic ^___^
2009-12-22 15:37
groove is the father of counter strike xD
2009-12-19 14:32
it's top 1 in ukraine!
2009-12-20 14:30
+1 Very perspective command Good Luck!
2009-12-20 14:56
yxo, wizard, damage, isna, hommi > all :D
2009-12-20 17:19
lmbt gather all himself..
2009-12-20 22:03
lmbt is a lier ;(
2009-12-20 22:11
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