fnatic are WEM 2009 champions

December 19th, 2009 08:35
fnatic claimed victory at World Esports Masters, following a 2-0 win against Power Gaming in the Grand Final.

The battle for the World Esports Masters 2009 title was a showdown between Power Gaming and fnatic, where fnatic were to seek for revenge. Power Gaming had in the group stage defeated the Swedes and thereby claimed top spot in the group.

Starting T on de_inferno, fnatic picked up the pistol-round, which ignited a strong Swedes dominance. Power Gaming quickly came to realize that winning this match, would not be a walk in the park. The Swedes kept showing Power Gaming no mercy, leading to the Swedes securing 11-4 at half-time. Not much changed in second half, where fnatic once again won the pistol-round. Power Gaming went to pick a few rounds of comfort, before fnatic secured the five rounds needed to win 16-8.

On second map de_dust2, fnatic once again started T and once again picked up the pistol-round. Power Gaming had a hard time on the second map as well, which could be sense, standing just behind them. Several Power Gaming members just looked at each other and smiled or laughed when being ripped apart by fnatic. Once again fnatic secured a big lead before switching sides, this time with a 12-3 score line. Power Gaming could only hold fnatic down for a short matter of time, before the Swedes could raise their arms and claim victory at the score 16-10.

WEM 2009Best of 0
19th December 2009
Best of 3

fnatic hereby claimed the victory at the very last tournament of 2009, it being the first time the team wins a tournament in China. They will be going back home with a $22,500 prize cheque. Power Gaming can with second place bank $7,500 and note down an approved performance, as many before the tournament predicted them to crash in the group stage.

The final standings for World Esports Masters are as follows:

Final Standings

1. Sweden fnatic - $22,500
2. Finland Power Gaming - $7,500
3-4. Poland AGAiN - $5,000
3-4. China TyLoo - $5,000
5-8. Singapore TitaNs - $1,500
5-8. China wNv.cn - $1,500
5-8. Sweden MYM - $1,500
5-8. Korea WeMade FOX - $1,500

This ends the very last tournament of 2009 and once again seeing fnatic claim victory. The event have found its end, but we will be back with much more, including POV demos, statistics and photos from the closing ceremony.

Good game. Well played by PG but @ dust2 a little bit panic with awp.
2009-12-19 08:36
Brazil hugoooo 
well played?!??? seriously??? they were unrecognizable
2009-12-19 08:42
imo it was good match from PG. Fnatic was too much for them.
2009-12-19 09:16
Sorry, but in this final PG didn't play well until the end on d2. Was sad to see, looking at how great they played during the group stage & semi.
2009-12-19 08:45
u havent seen the same match as everyone else for sure
2009-12-19 09:06
imo TT half on d2 was played well. They just lost 2many round as a CT.
2009-12-19 09:15
it was indeed. but they didnt create panic lol. fnatic reached 15 rounds soon at ct so..
2009-12-19 09:28
they did
2009-12-19 09:52
ty tu uz radsi nic nepis..
2009-12-19 09:46
jste báječný
2009-12-19 09:54
Nothing special. bored invent
2009-12-19 10:00
gj fnatic...
2009-12-19 08:36
2009-12-19 08:36
fnatic congratulations!
2009-12-19 08:37
when will match again vs tyloo ?
2009-12-19 08:37
2009-12-19 08:38
Finland nsis 
there isn't gonna be a 3rd place match since they get the same amount of prizemoney as far as I know.
2009-12-19 08:39
2009-12-19 08:40
gg fnatic
2009-12-19 08:37
2009-12-19 08:38
woOOoOO! :D:D:D
2009-12-19 08:38
PG played badly.Clearly looked they are tensed.
2009-12-19 08:38
Czech Republic IrM  
gj,fnatic- pity PG
2009-12-19 08:38
2009-12-19 08:39
Sweden Vilseledd 
gg, quite unexpected fnatic won this
2009-12-19 08:40
Finland nsis 
I really doubt that they'd play unserious in a final. Sure their playstyle might be a little bit more random and they're not playing as slow as swedes usually do but stating that a team wouldn't play seriously in a final where you can win 22,500 $ is simply stupid.
2009-12-19 08:41
Sweden Vilseledd 
yeah i realized that so i edited
2009-12-19 08:51
Finland nsis 
too bad :/ would've been nice to see someone else than fnatic win for a change. well what can you do. better luck next time.
2009-12-19 08:39
yeah true. Fnatic was better but being 2nd is still good and PG is still a great team.
2009-12-19 09:15
PG get me disappointed
2009-12-19 08:40
World Lyow 
fnatic is the best :P
2009-12-19 08:40
Romania xPAz 
expected that, gg.
2009-12-19 08:42
2009-12-19 08:42
Threat will most likely replace carn in 2010 and become their new IGL.
2009-12-19 08:48
Which will become their fall.
2009-12-21 22:28
gggg Fnatic
2009-12-19 08:45
fnatic played awesome ...
2009-12-19 08:48
so sad that PG lost this way :(
2009-12-19 08:48
"PG USED A STAND IN! THAT'S THE REASON!??!?!?!" time to start the excuses like swedish did at the first match
2009-12-19 08:49
:) but PG have played with this line up before actually.
2009-12-19 08:55
nice point -)
2009-12-19 08:56
Lol, that excuse I used by everyone. Again when they lost, Fnatic when they lost, and now PG. Get a fucking grip kids, they all played with standins so I'd say it was on equal terms.
2009-12-19 10:53
All of you do understand right that "lahnamarko" was making an ironic comment about the excuses some people made about fnatic losing in the group stages, not trying to explain the result of this match.
2009-12-19 13:24
yes yes Fnatic has showed once again that they are best in world
2009-12-19 08:58
lol @lahna marko lame excuse grow up Kid ..
2009-12-19 08:59
That was a joke... since everyone else is using the stand-in as an excuse for the loss.
2009-12-19 13:10
Lol you aint too bright are you :D
2009-12-19 15:59
congratulations fnatic! gj! Deserved to win, and today for me, delusion was the best player in both maps. PG was unrecognizable playing on de_inferno! just started playing on de_dust2, when turned to TR ...
2009-12-19 09:02
i dont agree. f0rest man of the match for sure imo.
2009-12-19 09:07
I agree f0rest is just unstoppable. carn has very good stuff as well.
2009-12-19 09:13
watch the hltv demo again and u will see that every player picked up some good frags. don't forget that most rounds GTR made that intro kills on both maps, carn aways keeping there backs and threat was a great stand-in. so gj everybody :D
2009-12-19 09:26
Fnatic are good playing in the year! GG FNATIC!
2009-12-19 09:11
even on dust2 how you gonna let them rush pistal round and own u as T.... no1 spotten mid.... who ever the strat caller is, is real bad. he didn't have his men prepared and they clearly are very inexperienced and they play in almost every tourny... very sad i rememered when finland crushed everyone in tfc. I swore they had the best gamers in the world. i guessed wrong. u can have all the talent in the world but when chit hits the fan u better have your head on straight.
2009-12-19 09:16
natu was igl but i dont know who was on this tour ...
2009-12-19 13:33
2009-12-21 22:30
Argentina pet1 
gj fnatic
2009-12-19 09:12
must be mentally hard to play tour like this, max one match per day,PG had two days without a single match if i remember correct, hard to keep the same good game up whole tournament.
2009-12-19 09:13
Sweden Vilseledd 
PG played yesterday :) fnatic didn't but yeah the conditions weren't good
2009-12-19 09:25
says the guys from scandinavia :D come on how cold is it there current in sweden? -15 degrees?
2009-12-19 10:13
Finland msa 
EEEEH so how does that have anything to do with _anything_ ? :DDDD
2009-12-19 10:21
rofl read all before you write :D
2009-12-19 16:17
Poland qater- 
It's -15 in my town (South-west) :-((((((((((((
2009-12-19 10:26
Italy joz 
it is -15 right now in north italy aswell:D
2009-12-19 11:48
Poland qater- 
In Alps ! :D I don't live near any mountains , so .. :D
2009-12-19 12:02
Italy joz 
no it's actually in Bologna which is not close to the Alpi :p
2009-12-19 15:46
it is really cold...but not -15... it is -4 now...and anyway it wasnt what they talked about.
2009-12-19 11:34
funny he? in middle europe and south europe its over -10 degrees and in sweden only -5 :D rofl
2009-12-19 16:16
in my town in Morocco it's 21°C . i still go to the beach xDDDD but today is cloudy :/
2009-12-19 18:04
lol :D thats bad that there isnt any more rally dakar :D
2009-12-19 21:24
Finland is colder than Sweden, and the temperature wasn't what they spoke about, but the fact that they played so few matches a day.
2009-12-21 22:31
remeber in the area werent any good air conditons
2009-12-21 22:54
I know, but that wasn't what they spoke about, and you can't really say that "Oh you're Swedish, you're used to it" because Finland is colder than Sweden so they should be even more acclimatized. ;)
2009-12-21 23:07
no :(
2009-12-19 09:13
Nice job guys!
2009-12-19 09:15
Albania yg29 
threat0r is really good
2009-12-19 09:16
GJ Fnatic!!! I knew they will win:)
2009-12-19 09:18
2009-12-19 09:18
gj fnatic;)
2009-12-19 09:19
fnatic=best gG~
2009-12-19 09:23
2009-12-19 09:32
United States zyZ 
fnatic best team of 2009, proved again and again
2009-12-19 09:36
fett bra boys
2009-12-19 09:38
fnatic the best
2009-12-19 09:42
just this, fnaticftw! [tw]4jKiNG lol`d ^^
2009-12-19 09:42
fU fnatic!
2009-12-19 09:44
I feel get right, dsn, and forest did especially well in this event, in that order.
2009-12-19 09:49
LOL CHAI who in the blue hell is u :P PolisH fans are Dissapointed :) even i was hoping that AGAIN would take this tournament
2009-12-19 09:50
they used a stand-in !!!111
2009-12-19 13:34
2009-12-21 22:31
2009-12-19 09:51
good job fnatic !
2009-12-19 09:53
fnatic the best :D
2009-12-19 09:56
90 90 90? telephone number?
2009-12-19 10:08
gj fnatic congrats.bad luck PG gl next time.
2009-12-19 10:18
Finland msa 
it was different PG I saw today playing fnatic in the finals, it wasnt the guys who outaim their opponents and win important clutch rounds, it was more like a pcw mix playing there :D except the D2 terrorist side
2009-12-19 10:19
gg fnatic, gg again ;]
2009-12-19 10:32
Finally a victory in China ! Well deserved
2009-12-19 10:41
saw some pretty suss stuff going on, does any one have the hltv? im making a movie of them cheating.
2009-12-19 10:41
Of who cheating? :D
2009-12-19 16:01
2009-12-21 22:32
gg fnatic ))))))))))
2009-12-19 10:43
gg. Would have been fun if PG won!
2009-12-19 10:45
gg Fnatic
2009-12-19 10:47
The core of Fnatic is argubly the best of all times.
2009-12-19 10:57
the first champion in China! haha :D
2009-12-19 10:58
demo pls
2009-12-19 10:59
fnatic fnatic fnatic!!!!! GG boys :) fnatic diz year the best:)
2009-12-19 11:01
the WEM2009 champion deserves fnatic
2009-12-19 11:03
2009-12-19 11:22
;( GOOD JOB PG in this event,second place is not bad for they ! GG FNATIC !
2009-12-19 11:35
2009-12-19 11:38
I knew(
2009-12-19 11:40
did fnatic loose a single pistol round in this tournament ? :))
2009-12-19 11:48
If I know, so fnatic won all pistol rounds against AGaiN and Power Gaming
2009-12-19 12:01
yes they did
2009-12-19 12:01
only because they were cheating #97
2009-12-19 12:00
2009-12-19 12:24
2009-12-19 12:02
ofc gj fnatic !
2009-12-19 12:02
BOOOORINNNGGGGGG everytime again or fnatic attend an event its fnatic or again who wins it. in this match experience was the key. i think that PG couldn't handle the pressure cause they are not too often in the grand final. till this point in the tournament they pretty much destroyed everything
2009-12-19 12:05
What about Chengdu? SK won :) What about Dreamhack? MYM won :)
2009-12-19 16:12
ok my mistake. thats 2 events.
2009-12-19 16:32
Im sure there are more :)
2009-12-19 22:14
well yeah but i mean like big and important events
2009-12-20 15:01
Again, Im sure there are more.
2009-12-20 23:31
Is that Gtr ? I think That's not get_right .. Get_right has got more moles.
2009-12-19 12:19
2009-12-21 22:34
100% he
2009-12-19 12:18
no really its not...you people need to check your eyes cause it doesnt even look like him...and if you want to post pictures of half naked guys maybe you should start a site for people who enjoy it.For us heterosexuals CS fans on this site its not really so intresting.
2009-12-19 12:28
YES IT IS HAHAH GET RIGHT!!! Omg funny h0w sweds start nervous about f... foto
2009-12-19 12:54
nervous??? why would i be nervous?haha?...and tbh i dont give a shit if it is him(i know it isnt him) i just dont like to watch half naked men.
2009-12-19 12:57
2009-12-19 12:21
2009-12-19 12:29
2009-12-19 13:06
2009-12-19 13:06
2009-12-19 12:25
n1 fnatic nice money :D
2009-12-19 12:28
i need demo
2009-12-19 12:52
gg , well maybe next time then pg.
2009-12-19 12:54
lucky fnatic @map veto other way they had lost :/ sad for finns but GG
2009-12-19 12:56
Congratulations :) I knew you could do it :)
2009-12-19 13:03
gj , PG
2009-12-19 13:08
the prize difference between first and second is pretty dramatic!
2009-12-19 13:09
PG won 0 pistol round , am I correct ?
2009-12-19 13:09
2009-12-19 13:11
2009-12-19 13:13
$22,500?gj fnatic
2009-12-19 13:17
2009-12-21 22:35
gl folks !
2009-12-19 13:26
where demo ?epta!
2009-12-19 13:30
NICE fnatic :) . gg PG
2009-12-19 13:33
gg! demos?
2009-12-19 13:47
my fragmovie please comment but i play only a few months counter strike so please no critic youtube.com/watch?v=LhENhcYr21E
2009-12-19 14:03
Worthless and spam
2009-12-19 14:39
2009-12-21 22:35
every round Power Gaming took was a gun round so, if they could took some pistol round , they could win the map...
2009-12-19 14:09
big difference always between fnatic on group stage and finals.
2009-12-19 14:17
Starting T on de_inferno, fnatic picked up the pistol-round, which ignited a strong Swedes dominance. Should it not be "Swedish"?
2009-12-19 14:36
2009-12-19 15:59
nice pistol rounds by fnatic gj
2009-12-19 14:37
really nice try guys... pg still the best for me... :D gg fnatic...
2009-12-19 14:37
2009-12-19 14:42
fnatic is suck...
2009-12-19 14:47
fnatic >> AGAIN and also SK > AGAIN, oxmoze > again, EG > Again, mTw > Again. So i guess AGAIN suck?
2009-12-20 00:01
gg fnatic, team of the year 2009.
2009-12-19 14:48
i hate the fnatic fuck them
2009-12-19 14:49
demo please !
2009-12-19 14:51
n1 fnatic... It is normal for PG looked nervous... they had been predicted to crash in group stage... but they came all the way to the final.. very nice.. GL next time PG...
2009-12-19 14:59
90 90 90!!! (?)
2009-12-19 15:09
It's go go go.
2009-12-20 08:36
2009-12-19 15:13
2009-12-19 15:59
fnatic= The best team in the world.
2009-12-19 16:12
even with THREAT, u see? ;) last time they lost cuz threat was playing instead of gux u were saying. fnatic just isn't as good in group stage as in finals.
2009-12-19 17:23
Make more money than you, dog.
2009-12-19 16:12
Finland msa 
it was quite a obvious in D2 that they lose the CT pistol coz they used exactly same strat against who was it? wNv?
2009-12-19 15:22
India transformer 
gg fnatic nt PG
2009-12-19 17:00
Too bad PG started winning rounds at the time fnatic already had 15 rounds.
2009-12-19 17:24
EG could possibly wipe out the whole team in wem if they had came. fnatic had luck
2009-12-19 17:26
I agree about the first part, but definitely not the second.
2009-12-21 22:39
gg both teams :)
2009-12-19 17:56
I leave my PC for 24h and this happens? THIS?? I had a hairy feeling that fnatic would win, but still kept fingers crossed for PG. Maybe next time! -ende
2009-12-19 19:23
nice wrk done, again =]
2009-12-19 20:20
When are POV's coming up from the event?
2009-12-19 21:21
The final was one of the most boring matches.
2009-12-19 21:41
IM BACK FOR ALL THOSE THAT MISSED ME! HLTV admins banned me from commenting for abuse but ill behave now! its good to see the polish noobs losing again, they get a lucky win at WCG then think there are world #1 hhahaha makes me laugh! Im so happy they lost to EG, oxmoze and then once AGAIN lose to fnatic but probably because they are so delusional and blind they still think there #1 and better then fnatic.
2009-12-19 21:48
I think you are going to be banned tomorrow.
2009-12-19 23:05
Why would i be banned?
2009-12-20 00:00
Sweden Vilseledd 
i hope they ban you again
2009-12-20 00:09
hahha i hope not! im going to behave and i would like to thank my fans for supporting me and also a special thanks to ravenclaw for sticking up for me while i was banned and helping me become unbaned.
2009-12-20 00:12
Change this flag :/
2009-12-20 10:03
fnatic is amazing :)
2009-12-20 10:35
the latest news : all of wNv.cn players(Savage bb virgo Rita zy) quit wNv clan.. they are all free men!!! gg ,Savage!
2009-12-20 11:03
all of wNv.cn players(Savage bb virgo Rita zy) will join tyloo! haha
2009-12-20 11:21
Gratz fnatic .. PG doing well in this event .. hardluck
2009-12-20 16:10
gratz for team fnatic and i express my sadness that Again isn't at least on second place... all blame i place on fnatic for lost match with pg in group stage:p but probably for guys from team again there is no difference becauce their place would still not be a first place... gg anyway
2009-12-21 00:33
This tournament just shows how important the pistol rounds are.
2009-12-21 22:40
Cant wait to see fnatic v SK, the current two best teams in the world right now.
2009-12-21 22:56
off-topic: Anyone that could tell me from witch gui is this scoreboard: img528.imageshack.us/img528/6394/dedust2.. I would be really appreciated !
2009-12-21 23:19
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