10-year anniversary update for CS:GO adds Tuscan to matchmaking

The new update celebrates the game's decennial with more than just hats on chickens.

Valve celebrated the tenth anniversary of CS:GO's release with an update to the competitive map pool and a brand-new sticker capsule being added to the game.

The much-anticipated remake of Tuscan has been added to official matchmaking following its release earlier in August. It's important to note that it has not been made a part of the Active Duty pool, leaving it out of the competitive rotation for professional play.

Tuscan is finally a part of official matchmaking

Tuscan's remake has been in the works for a couple of years with the aim of bringing one of the most popular maps from Counter-Strike 1.6 up to modern visual standards.

Joining the map inspired by the Southern Italian coast are Anubis and Breach with both being available for Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch modes while Climb, Crete, Hive, and Iris have all been removed from matchmaking. Other maps added include Primetime and Blagai, refreshing the pool for Wingman players.

Alongside the changes to the map pool, the update includes the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule which contains over 60 stickers for players to decorate their guns with. Users who level up before their rank before the end of the birthday event will also receive the 10 Year Birthday Coin.

The complete patch notes can be found below:

[10 Year Birthday]

CS:GO is celebrating its 10th birthday with:

-The 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule

-Maps (see below)

-The 10 Year Birthday Coin

-Get your Birthday Coin by earning enough XP for your first in-game drop of the week.


-Added an “Inspect Items” option to browse contents of containers.


-Anubis, Breach, and Tuscan have been added to official matchmaking in Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes.

-Primetime and Blagai have been added to official matchmaking in Wingman game mode.

-Climb, Crete, Hive, and Iris have been removed from official matchmaking.

Finland Perrrrkele
2022-08-17 02:36
Denmark Fuzkeren
Cool B)
2022-08-17 02:36
3 replies
ayy | 
United States Virgin Islands zj2
Not even an operation?
2022-08-17 02:39
2 replies
Bulgaria kremZy
operations always drop in september to october ever since broken fang.
2022-08-17 07:08
Germany Kpr130
Source 2 is lost
2022-08-17 07:55
2022-08-17 02:36
jks | 
Australia FA1TLE
is tuscan good?
2022-08-17 02:37
18 replies
ayy | 
United States Virgin Islands zj2
Not in csgo, reminder 1.6 and source had no Molotovs
2022-08-17 02:38
10 replies
bro you have no idea xD stop being so confident about random bullshit
2022-08-17 05:17
4 replies
ayy | 
United States Virgin Islands zj2
dude i played more games on tuscan than total games youve played in all versions of cs combined + the 3 idiots who posted alongside you while i like the map its super boring to watch, also the entire balance revolves around whether they kept skybox closed or opened it saying its a good map just because of nostalgia cmon ;D
2022-08-17 12:33
3 replies
in csgo? how have you played 2500+ matches of tuscan on the csgo version when it was released like a month ago, how can you just make the assumption that it plays poorly with molotovs. (or any other assumption at all)
2022-08-23 21:31
2 replies
ayy | 
United States Virgin Islands zj2
no because i know how trash current meta is, molotovs will only make it worse we will see :) my bet is it wont even be added to tournaments pool, because it will require a lot of changes, and then it wont even be tuscan anymore
2022-08-23 21:52
1 reply
I think it will be like ancient where they make minor changes based of mm data and then put it straight in
2022-09-03 17:27
Latvia chebyrek
2022-08-17 07:06
all maps in comp map pool are from older versions of the game and using your logic are trash now cus of molotovs
2022-08-17 08:53
Poland throwing
such a dumb comment
2022-08-17 09:15
Still using Windows XP, I suppose?
2022-08-17 12:35
True it didn't have molly but the new Tuscan has some changes that make it good for csgo..
2022-08-17 16:39
just have a look at the Blast Spring Final Lisbon Show Match: hltv.org/matches/2356913/portugal-vs-bla.. I was in the arena and it was actually better than the grand final that followed it.
2022-08-17 03:14
i've played it recently on dm, it's pretty fun close quarters with a few stretches of long open space, also extremely poggers for awp quickscoping
2022-08-17 06:27
Its a reason why it was so popular and the creators have made a really good update of the map, but its hard to say how much it has aged as a map. Definitely worth a try
2022-08-17 07:09
Dropped on it yesterday, felt like a valorant map. AWP OP
2022-08-17 09:15
3 replies
That's because the open areas are too wide.
2022-08-17 13:01
gimma valorant?
2022-08-22 17:14
1 reply
2022-08-22 17:14
Are faceit players stupid enough to play these maps?
2022-08-17 02:37
2 replies
Just curious - what makes that stupid?
2022-08-17 07:16
1 reply
juho | 
Finland nUgez
dont talk to him. he is better person than you
2022-08-17 07:32
Europe KittyChamp
2022-08-17 02:37
Very nice
2022-08-17 02:37
-ancient +tuscan my map pool problems would be fixed
2022-08-17 02:38
20 replies
Brazil Frez7y
-vertigo or -mirage
2022-08-17 03:14
15 replies
vertigo is actually good
2022-08-17 03:23
14 replies
Netherlands Srednir
sorry but vertigo sucks
2022-08-17 03:25
12 replies
ofc when people dont know to play a map they think that the map sucks the map is not perfect, everyone has to agree but in my opinion its much better than boring ancient for example
2022-08-17 03:30
11 replies
ofc when people dont know to play a map they think that the map sucks the map is not perfect, everyone has to agree but in my opinion its much better than boring vertigo for example
2022-08-17 03:34
9 replies
man ive about 100matches on ancient already, i dont see anything special about this map, it just hasnt the core feeling of a csgo map, like overpass, train, inferno, etc. its jut a fkng jungle with few corridors basic executes, this map has nothing to offer in terms of gameplay, the only interesting thing you can do is runboost into catwalk on mid but even this is useless if Ts are rushing mid insta..
2022-08-17 03:38
8 replies
I hate both maps, I agree with u about ancient and don't tell me that vertigo is a good map. vertigo's meta is A ramp since his creation
2022-08-17 03:55
2 replies
+1 both bad maps, bring back good maps: cobble pre halloween & train
2022-08-17 04:15
You dont have to follow meta… vertigo is very interesting in the way rotations and sounds work. When I play with my team usually there is like a 1 minute mind game before we choose a site to execute
2022-08-17 11:04
man ive about 100matches on vertigo already, i dont see anything special about this map, it just hasnt the core feeling of a csgo map, like mirage, inferno, d2 etc. its jut a fkng construction with few corridors basic executes, this map has nothing to offer in terms of gameplay, the only interesting thing you can do is smoke ramp but even this is useless if Ts are rushing ramp insta..
2022-08-17 05:34
"only interesting thing you can do is runboost into catwalk on mid but even this is useless if Ts are rushing mid insta.." Low rank detected, opinion rejected.
2022-08-17 09:37
3 replies
im not pro, but i think 3,1k elo is enough to be able to talk
2022-08-17 15:40
2 replies
Biggest lie of today
2022-08-17 17:08
Bro doesn't know CT and T timings on a CSGO map that in the game for years
2022-08-17 17:45
swag | 
Cyprus Porgos
I used to like 2019 vertigo, it got reworked so many times since 2015 that it doesn't even feel like the same map anymore
2022-08-17 05:55
Poland tailal
2022-08-17 08:19
Brazil DeltaHL
-dust2 -vertigo +tuscan, old cache and old cobble
2022-08-17 03:20
-ancient +GOATED anubis
2022-08-17 06:04
2022-08-17 06:32
- Mirage, worst map. Both EU, NA and rysski.
2022-08-17 07:06
Netherlands Lasarius
2022-08-17 02:38
2022-08-17 02:38
2022-08-17 02:38
anubis bestest map
2022-08-17 02:38
Expected a bit more but still nice update
2022-08-17 02:39
United States cybonics
-vertigo +tuscan -dust2 +anubis -mirage +cache
2022-08-17 02:39
14 replies
Imagine thinking cache is better than mirage
2022-08-17 03:00
13 replies
United States cybonics
it was a pity pick i would take train over cache and mirage any day
2022-08-17 03:06
8 replies
Man mirage is the best game in the pool, why do people hate it?
2022-08-17 03:22
7 replies
HooXi | 
Asia ke1fu
When ur team only play mirage you will get bored very fast
2022-08-17 04:06
6 replies
it may need a face lift, but gameplay wise its solid as fuck
2022-08-17 04:30
losing on team maps while soloq is not boring on the other hand, isn't it?
2022-08-17 05:35
4 replies
i soloq mm with all active duty and I always get mirage
2022-08-19 13:31
3 replies
the problem with you starts with you playin' mm
2022-08-19 13:55
2 replies
faceit also only mirage bacause they ban other map
2022-08-19 15:26
1 reply
guess why #73
2022-08-19 15:34
if you're under the age of 15 you prolly think mirage is good lol ... mirage is fuckin terrible and needs to be removed asap
2022-08-17 06:43
3 replies
I am more than twice that age, been around the scene for nearly 20 years, yet I think mirage is pretty decent. I also liked the old version from 1.6, mirage, and cpl_strike and used to play them a lot, go figure... I have however never been a fan for dd2. I am glad to see tuscan finally out there for CS:GO players as well. I used to play both tuscan and cpl_mill a lot back when :)
2022-08-17 13:49
2 replies
tuscan, forge, mirage, all were great in 1.6. Remember them? I loved those maps. De_lite from esea aswell. And same for me too.. not a fan of dust2 at all
2022-08-17 18:27
1 reply
I do remember those maps. I was never that big a fan of de_forge, and my old teams didn't really play it that much, but.. it is a better map than 1.6 cbble. I don't really think de_lite really made it to competitive scene in Norway, maybe to some degree, but I don't recall ever playing it in a match.
2022-08-18 14:41
10 yrs to get this update on mm where silvers play, gg volvo
2022-08-17 02:40
Don't forget guys it's not the 21st yet so this update could just be a teaser to what's coming. Maybe source 2 on the actual birthday date? HOPIUM
2022-08-17 02:41
9 replies
Norway JakkeJ
I fear you need COPIUM. But eeeeey, been waiting 8 years for tuscan, so it's something! Source2 in 2026 maybe?
2022-08-17 03:26
5 replies
Finland Kashmiir
Source 2 in 2222
2022-08-18 03:06
4 replies
Source 2 might never come because then people will ask for Source 3 and you know Gabens policy around the number 3.
2022-08-18 16:31
3 replies
Finland Kashmiir
Wym Team Fortress 3 its a reality xdddd
2022-08-18 21:12
2 replies
I agree but have you ever heard people ask for tf3 that live? Anyway - what does source 2 even mean? I dont think theyll change graphics since this game is supposed to be dry, its competitive only. Its not like they will add some crazy graphical effects.
2022-08-18 21:42
1 reply
Finland Kashmiir
I think source 2 will be not just a new engine as people talk but used as a whole new game. CSGO seems to be losing its power and even people been right about market, I think Valve will do it. Of course not that soon as people expect but 2023/24 has chances to have a new thing.
2022-08-18 22:38
Not happening. Too many skins to teansfer and thats not problem why would people wanna source 2 and when asked why they say better graphics physics etx and these things are not needed in competitive games ud kose ; framrate and visualization. I play on 360hz why would i give a fuck how it looks.stupid take go play other games like call of duty good graphics and noonr gives fuck bout . Valorant even newer and worse graphics. Keep coping children Edit just go update maps or delete old and putnew ones and like new game
2022-08-17 10:58
2 replies
Brazil RevvivaL
I dont think anyone gives 2 fucks about the graphics, on source 2 csgo will be better optimized and smoother, thats why we want it, or atleast should be why
2022-08-17 14:01
This is such stupid comment. Dota2 is also highly competitive game with plenty of expensive skins and items and it got source 2 in 2015 freaking 7 YEARS AGO and performance didn’t drop that much, but it improved the game a lot. When CSGO came out CS 1.6 was 11 years old and looked like crap compared to other games including CSGO. Same is happening now csgo is now 10 years old and graphics basically didn’t change, sure you could say why would I care about graphics etc, but hardcore 1.6 players said exactly same shit when CSGO came out. You have to keep your game up to date in order to keep your player base and attract new younger players so game keeps growing, new CS game isn’t possible because of skins etc therefore Source 2 is the only way to facelift the game without upseting community and splitting it like CS:S and 1.6 did. By your logic we would still be playing tetris looking like 1.6 in 2022 because “wHy wOuLd i gIvE a fUcK hOw iT lOoKs”
2022-08-17 14:33
Finland Kashmiir
2022-08-17 02:42
1 reply
2022-08-18 02:35
Add Tuscan to competitive map pool when?
2022-08-17 02:42
2 replies
Def not before rio major tthats for sure
2022-08-17 06:46
1 reply
ofc before major just like Ancient
2022-08-17 07:36
United States Asian
But is door stuck?
2022-08-17 02:48
2022-08-17 02:48
10years to add tuscan? nice, must be only 50 years left for source 2
2022-08-17 02:49
1 reply
yayy stickers!
2022-08-17 04:16
2022-08-17 02:52
2022-08-17 02:56
tuscan is fun
2022-08-17 02:59
Trash update
2022-08-17 03:01
green | 
Libya tblgk
L + no source 2
2022-08-17 03:02
nice tuscan is back
2022-08-17 03:13
sdy | 
Ukraine HelkerN
Tuscan lagging as hell
2022-08-17 03:21
1 reply
How can a map lag? U men u have potato p and get fps low
2022-08-17 11:00
What’s the map like? Used to be one of the best 1.6 maps but wondering whether it works in GO? Also wondering how B site looks. In 1.6 I think the ideal B site would have been something between Tuscan and cpl_mill.
2022-08-17 03:24
Poland EZ4Bard
Brute and catfood deserve a mention in article. Two mapping goats
2022-08-17 03:31
Poland karov
2022-08-17 03:31
Nepal Ekadeshcs
How do I get that coin?
2022-08-17 03:34
3 replies
Netherlands JUNG13
Level up with drop this week
2022-08-17 03:42
2 replies
Nepal Ekadeshcs
2022-08-17 04:00
I havent launched the game in a trillion years, how many hours will that take me? (level up)
2022-08-18 16:33
Tuscan is awesome but it really needs optimizations lol :D
2022-08-17 03:40
India Faze0089
-Ancient +Tuscan -Vertigo +Anubis -Dust2 +Cobblestone
2022-08-17 03:50
1 reply
-mirage +any and good
2022-08-17 11:02
2022-08-17 03:52
United States Phamous3k
Source 2 looking good guys lol
2022-08-17 04:05
Pathetic game, no real anticheater, no 128, no source 2, cringe.
2022-08-17 04:17
6 replies
Since the 16th of the month was the birthday of cs...
2022-08-17 04:54
1 reply
Czech Republic manik999
2022-08-17 07:13
then good riddance
2022-08-17 11:02
Faceit has128 and ac. And whats the point of source 2? Or are u a bot
2022-08-17 11:03
look guys, an actual monkey trying to communicate, how cute!
2022-08-17 16:45
Stupid community, then go buy some stickers to support lazy company, nothing new in this game since 2015. And if the idiot thinks that having to go look for third-party services to be able to play on server 128 is correct, I don't need to say more , the worst blind is the one who doesn't want to see, good luck to the fan boys.
2022-08-17 21:20
7/10 map tbh
2022-08-17 04:23
2022-08-17 04:33
San Marino Loyuu
Like it but it's a bit messy
2022-08-17 04:33
Who tf wanted Anubis back? Why not Cobble
2022-08-17 04:34
5 replies
Brazil bandindin
valve logic
2022-08-17 04:37
I did, I know others did too. I think launders liked it.
2022-08-17 04:45
2 replies
Czech Republic Evis1337
people asked why delete anubis and add ancient to competitive map pool, since no one fucking liked ancient. valve just trolling as usual
2022-08-17 09:06
Other KittyVN
Yeah Anubis is pog
2022-08-17 15:24
New cobble is insanely bad no thanks Valve wouldn't put back in the old one
2022-08-17 04:55
where is source 3
2022-08-17 04:36
1 reply
angery gaben closing in at inrcedilbe speed!
2022-08-18 16:35
TUSCAN POGGERINOS edit: can't believe valverant didnt add cobble...
2022-08-17 04:51
Czech Republic Evis1337
That's it?
2022-08-17 05:06
2022-08-17 05:11
Source 2 when?
2022-08-17 05:54
1 reply
2022-08-17 06:40
swag | 
Cyprus Porgos
They didn't even add the bday case, so my guess it's that the working on an operation as well, source 2 will just fix so little that imo it doesn't even matter when we get it
2022-08-17 05:59
6 replies
it can fix anticheat and 128 tick implementation for every user but its never gonna come, literally and objectively never. valve are lazy and only care abt money, fo real. they released these stickers and are gonna make another million in the next week.
2022-08-17 06:05
5 replies
swag | 
Cyprus Porgos
128 tick is cope and imo valves anticheat is one of the best because it's to the very least not stealing your personal info since it doesn't run while your pc is on but while you open a server
2022-08-17 06:12
2 replies
ok but it sucks ass lmao id rather have them steal my data than play against sketchy as fuck new accounts every single game where you cant call cheats because "you just bad" "better players exist" yeah ok but its so easy to cheat and make it look legit on valorant at least even tho the gameplay is trash there are close to no cheaters, especially for a new player experience its the smoothest ive ever experienced. sure, i still didnt like the game but i have to say, no sketchy ass bots running around. that was the thing that sold me to actually try it out in the first place.
2022-08-17 06:21
Czech Republic Evis1337
"128 tick is cope" says MGE player in matchmaker. oke
2022-08-17 09:07
U can play faceit and get that what a atupid take. Valve dont wanna add 64 tick cause u need better pc sando less players on potato lc costs more for upkeep of servers why would they do that when there is 3rd parties to do that. Keep coping or Ask santa for christmas
2022-08-17 11:07
1 reply
maybe speak english thank you
2022-08-17 14:33
Anubis is awesome
2022-08-17 06:01
boring update
2022-08-17 06:08
Cool map
2022-08-17 06:11
2022-08-17 06:13
2022-08-17 06:15
Germany ChRiZOwow
10 years and then only a sticker capsule and some maps? Come on…
2022-08-17 06:28
Wow so this is their 10 year anniversary update that everyone was waiting for??
2022-08-17 06:31
2 replies
Czech Republic Evis1337
2022-08-17 09:08
Czech Republic PaYaB
pathetic if you ask me, but it's valve, what did we expect?
2022-08-17 10:05
Waiting for source 2 on 20th anniversery
2022-08-17 06:33
New stickers are fire
2022-08-17 06:36
2 replies
That's the least important thing :)
2022-08-17 15:35
1 reply
bro really got the Japanese battle flag
2022-08-20 05:25
Serious Lee? Noooo. Seriouselay? Noooooo...
2022-08-17 06:39
very nice looking forward to source 2 on the 21st
2022-08-17 06:41
-mirage -vertigo +Tuscan +Cbble
2022-08-17 07:05
Slovenia marcelyx1
Why source 2 when you can shit out skins and stickers
2022-08-17 07:07
5 replies
Why need soirce 2 in first place? Or u just like going lile sheep with the trend
2022-08-17 11:09
4 replies
Slovenia marcelyx1
Because im tired of stuttering in csgo. And i want 128 tick for mm and maybe an updated anticheat system? Nah im just a sheep going with a trend
2022-08-17 14:54
2 replies
Thrre is no stuttering on csgo both 64 tick or 128tick just the hits reg feels smother on 128 tick. U either have skmething wrong going on ikm settings or u have outdated pc or shit monitor oandr playon wifi instead of ethernet n blame valve for that. I have 360hz monitor I7-9700k 1660ti and never have no stuterring fps_max 0 fps from 200-380 but is stable 240-360. And same dor both 64 tick and 128 even tho i prefer 128 there is not stuttering in 64 its problem with u bro cause i also i play with 1920x1080 res matter of fscr if u have old pcor slow internet then 64 tick is way more playable
2022-08-17 15:04
1 reply
Slovenia marcelyx1
I got eye cancer trying to decipher what your autistic mind tried to write here
2022-08-17 18:51
Because the game is boring and something new is very overdue?
2022-08-17 18:21
Please rialto back in wingman
2022-08-17 07:21
listen kids no source 2 on 21st thanks bb
2022-08-17 07:38
Latvia laiziolas
Remove mirage bots noobs
2022-08-17 07:57
4 replies
why remove the most played map?
2022-08-17 08:18
3 replies
Czech Republic Evis1337
cuz he cant shoot heads
2022-08-17 09:09
2 replies
Latvia laiziolas
I can play nuke, overpass the best. Not kid noob map
2022-08-17 15:36
1 reply
Czech Republic Evis1337
overpass is getting removed nuke tactical map you cant shoot heads confirmed
2022-08-17 15:39
2022-08-17 08:17
Valve sleeping on Source 2
2022-08-17 08:30
nice dud, i used to love tuscan in 1.6
2022-08-17 08:36
Europe onehp
i'm crying
2022-08-17 08:47
I expected so much more for 10 year, lmao valve's lazy as
2022-08-17 08:47
1 reply
Other KittyVN
Sad but true
2022-08-17 15:25
2022-08-17 08:49
MILL. PogChamp!
2022-08-17 08:55
NiKo | 
Germany Booya
oh my what a nice Day <3
2022-08-17 08:59
cool, hope I'll find time to grind the coin
2022-08-17 09:27
Sweden extol88
Disappointment as always from valve.
2022-08-17 10:07
tuscan W map i like it
2022-08-17 10:11
2022-08-17 10:21
Netherlands Tijmuhn
Really hope Anubis and Tuscan join the official maprotation soon. Maybe after the Rio major? Besides those two additions... this update sucks. But we are 5 days before the actual birthday.. so there must be coming more, right?
2022-08-17 10:53
3 replies
Anubis? Why?
2022-08-17 11:05
2 replies
Netherlands Tijmuhn
Really good map, have you played it? I personally really like it at least.
2022-08-17 11:07
1 reply
I played it for the first time last night. Didnt really like it all that much
2022-08-17 11:18
10 years and still no anticheat...
2022-08-17 11:28
Is it just me or do i have a different understanding of celebration?
2022-08-17 11:38
3 replies
Finland OttoRocks
I know what you mean, like my expectations were low, but valve always finds new ways to disappoint. Some coin (some dev used over 9000h in paint), useless virtual junk you can waste your money and adding some maps other people has made does not feel like 20 year anniversary level celebrations. Its beyond me, why would they run a cash cow into the ground. I feel like the real celebrations start when modders make a new cs mod for source2, but now community should keep valves greedy hands off it, actually does not even have to be valves game engine.
2022-08-17 12:23
2 replies
Finland OttoRocks
Oh yeah this was for csgo only, feels more like a funeral than a party
2022-08-17 12:29
Jamaica Haloman
Valve doesnt give a f about counter strike, like seen in the last 10years.. The game getting really booring when you played since beginning and all we get is maps like ancient and vertigo ?? :D
2022-08-17 15:44
source 2 they said HAHAHAHHAH
2022-08-17 12:49
Insane how much this game has done for Valve with such low effort put into it.
2022-08-17 13:04
So basically we get -Some cosmetics -Chickens with hats on -A map that should have been in the game years ago Volvo doing volvo things again. Really sad they couldn't muster up anything else for a celebration as huge as this
2022-08-17 13:50
EZ best part of update: the return of Anubis. Didn't see that coming, let's go!
2022-08-17 13:52
1 reply
Other KittyVN
The only good part for me xD
2022-08-17 15:26
Why remove Iris FFs
2022-08-17 14:00
Netherlands Dayonel
The update we needed
2022-08-17 15:38
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA WHERE ARE THE VOLVO FANBOYS ON HEAVY COPIUM THINKING THERE'D BE SOURCE 2 FOR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY? LMAO Better luck in 2032, boys. You will get skins and cases shoved down your throat and you will love it. 0 content game, lmao.
2022-08-17 18:20
oi volvo, the playerbase changed a bit after 10 years, finally adding tuscan is not as huge as you think
2022-08-17 18:35
well it only took 10 years
2022-08-17 19:57
What a joke
2022-08-17 20:04
Such a beautiful map. God I love it
2022-08-17 20:40
Finland de_suomi
It's only been 10 years? Feels like a life time. I remember being part of the closed beta back in high school.
2022-08-17 20:58
3 replies
hltv.org/news/25013/aleksib-we-can-beat-.. remember this comment you made? lol
2022-08-29 16:50
2 replies
Finland de_suomi
Honestly I can't even remember what I said yesterday.
2022-08-29 19:25
1 reply
2022-08-29 19:27
Poland Spanksss
its sad only this for 10years anniversary
2022-08-17 21:09
de tuscan is worst map for cs
2022-08-18 23:17
Anubis is better for competitive play. Even if it's kinda T-sided I think we have too many CT-sided maps ever since Ancient was added.
2022-08-22 17:18
2022-08-26 23:48
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