ZywOo: "Spinx is only in the team two months and I feel like he's there for one year already"

The newly crowned ESL Pro League Season 16 MVP spoke to HLTV following Vitality's title win in Malta.

Vitality have clinched their first title in 2022 after overcoming Liquid in a drawn-out best-of-five grand final, managing to secure the ESL Pro League Season 16 trophy in their first full tournament outing with Lotan "⁠Spinx⁠" Giladi. The all-deciding match spanned nearly seven and a half hours and saw Mathieu "⁠ZywOo⁠" Herbaut break the record for the most number of kills in a series, surpassing both Chris "⁠chrisJ⁠" de Jong's record in a best-of-seven and Marcelo "⁠coldzera⁠" David's record in a best-of-five.

ZywOo was ecstatic to already lift a trophy with Vitality's latest addition

It wasn't just the grand final where ZywOo shined either, his consistently stellar showings throughout the tournament making him the only clear candidate to be awarded the MVP medal before the final match even got underway. His performance in the final only cemented that status further, driving him forward to claim his first trophy since winning IEM Winter at the end of 2021 — something he told HLTV was made all the more sweet because it was Spinx's first full tournament playing with them.

In our MVP interview, ZywOo touched on some of the touch-and-go moments in the series, as well as explained how he feels the addition of the Israeli rifler is helping Vitality level up. He also was swift to state that the team will already need to put the win out of their minds as they turn their attention to the IEM Road to Rio RMR, which will kick off on Tuesday.

Congrats ZywOo, obviously that was a very hard-fought series, you set a record in it as well, I don't know if you know.

Actually I didn't know before someone told me like, 'you break the record,' I was like, 'what record, what is that?' Yeah I break it, but... yeah that's good, that's a good feeling actually [laughs].

A good feeling to casually break a record, of course [laughs].

Yeah, that's a good feeling to do that at the first event we did with Spinx. We played BLAST before, but it isn't finished yet.

It's your first title since IEM Winter, how does it feel to get it right away after just making a change?

This is the best feeling we can have after this best-of-five. This emotion... you can only have this emotion when you play eight hours of the game and win. Liquid was a really tough opponent in this game.

The first two maps were pretty one-sided in either direction, but then we got into Mirage. You got off to a really good start, 11-4, but could not close it out in the second half. What went wrong there?

I think it's just because we relaxed, how can I say that? Maybe we thought it was already won kinda, and we just relaxed. After a few rounds we can see like, maybe Liquid can come back, but maybe it's too late or something like this.

We just had a bad... not game plan, but just individually, ourselves, we had a bad game on T side. But actually we never gave up, even when we lost to the comeback on Mirage, we knew we can win Overpass and Vertigo.

As I said earlier, you had a pretty incredible series overall, but there were also moments throughout where for example, Magisk had some really impactful rounds early on-

Everyone had good rounds. It's not like I did things only individually, or I was alone to play. Everyone was on the server, communicating, team play, individually everyone was on point today.

Of course we can do better in some points and some rounds, but everyone was there giving everything in the server, so it was really good to play. Everyone enjoyed to play like this.

I want to know how much zonic is contributing for you all, he took a number of pauses but I don't think you came close to using them all in the series. How is he chipping in on your end?

When he tac pauses, he's trying to fix something or find a solution, it's not like we have some problem for the team. When he tac pauses it's like, 'we have to do this, we have to take this, we have to fix this,' every time. He tries to find solutions, and it's always like this.

When I spoke to zonic in Dallas, he said that he tends not to talk too much over apEX and he mostly helps outside of the server, is that still the case after the Spinx change?

Yeah, sometimes when he takes the pause it is just like, 'what can we do B' or 'what can we do A,' and the players start to talk, 'yeah we can do this, this, this,' it's always like this. He trying not to fix it by himself, but also with the player trying to fix everything.

How much help has it been for you individually having a player like Spinx have the kind of fragging output compared to with misutaaa beforehand?

To have him, it's bringing confidence. Just by him being on the server, communicating individually, he brings confidence to everyone because... actually I don't know, but this one replacement for misutaaa is something really different, we can see it in the server.

He speaks a lot, he does everything, he's not scared to peek, he's not scared to speak already. He's only in the team two months and I feel like he's there for one year already.

We've seen a bit of parity here in terms of the level of some teams; NAVI dropped off a bit, FaZe dropped off a bit. How do you feel about where you sit right now among the pool of teams contending for titles?

I don't know. I'm not thinking about FaZe had a bad game, or NAVI had a bad game. They're still good opponents to play. Whenever you have bad games they can still wreck you, so I'm not thinking they have a bad moment or something like this. It's going to be dangerous to play against them, so I'm not thinking like this.

You have the RMR coming up in not even two days, it's starting really quick. Coming straight out of this where it's been a grueling couple of days, how do you feel about heading into that so quickly?

I think tomorrow we're going to relax, because phew, it's going to be tough to not think about this victory, but I think we need to switch up instantly about the RMR because this is also a really important tournament. So I think we don't need to think about this victory, we need to almost forget this victory and switch over to the new tournament instantly. It's going to be hard of course, but we have to.

Brazil Marcelo 'coldzera' David
Marcelo 'coldzera' David
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut
Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Netherlands Chris 'chrisJ' de Jong
Chris 'chrisJ' de Jong
No team
Rating 1.0:
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Israel Lotan 'Spinx' Giladi
Lotan 'Spinx' Giladi
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Zywoo GOAT of this game.
2022-10-03 09:59
4 replies
Romania ali_nah
2022-10-03 10:17
1 reply
+1 ZYGACHAD point
2022-10-03 14:27
so humble man
2022-10-03 15:19
Infinite love for GodwOo
2022-10-03 15:41
zywoo goat
2022-10-03 10:00
2022-10-03 10:01
No offence but Spinx feels like a support player in this team, not the second star player.
2022-10-03 10:02
16 replies
had a bad final and everyone's shitting on him. wtf? 2nd event with this team and they won.
2022-10-03 10:03
1 reply
Semi was similar. The young man just needs tons of lam exposure. Hopefully the Rio qualifiers (now with crowds) will help settle him on stage.
2022-10-03 15:35
Australia 360NoHope
its magisk whos actually been pushed aside in this situation, spinx is still the second star by far but magisk's good performances will have less weight to them.
2022-10-03 10:05
2 replies
2022-10-03 10:30
1 reply
Australia 360NoHope
2022-10-03 15:25
He s third star player magisk was 2nd imo and he really puts performance. Even though many people think he doesnt
2022-10-03 10:30
6 replies
Yeah magisk was the 2nd star but in the long run i see spinx on top. But magisk is a crucial piece, when he is on point he gets a lot of important multikills
2022-10-03 11:56
4 replies
And his utility damage/use is amazing
2022-10-03 15:36
3 replies
Magisk in general is super underrated. Smart player, can entry, anchor, is good in clutches, calm in important moments, 2nd caller and has insane deags that can turn around a forcebuy or two.
2022-10-03 16:33
2 replies
+1 he’s a monster
2022-10-03 18:31
Yup. Loved that 2hp deagle clutch round on overpass a few months ago. Wish valve would start graffiti back up
2022-10-03 19:54
I think this team is like NaVi or FaZe—it changes from game to game who the 2nd/3rd star is, just like electronic/b1t or ropz/rain/Twistzz can randomly have insane performances and carry games. I think its very cool to see Magisk have such a big resurgence, but as Spinx plays more grand finals he’ll get more comfortable, and he was a beast before semis. He will also be a star player, and at this point its not good enough to have only 2 stars anyways
2022-10-03 19:29
France Guilsz_
kekw he shares the best rifle spots with Magisk dupreeh and apEX are the support players
2022-10-03 10:54
No offense but Spinx > Misutaa .
2022-10-03 11:01
him and magisk share the weight of being the "2nd star" based on position
2022-10-03 15:28
yea. he's lurky with not that impressive clutch ratio. Just a decent fill that hits the shots and can sometimes take over the match. Dupreeh is more valuable as he plays on similar level but much harder roles.
2022-10-06 00:10
Europe arm1_ez
2022-10-03 10:02
GOAT Spinx
2022-10-03 10:02
the woo
2022-10-03 10:05
people shit on Vitality when they were losing saying its not going to work and they are still crying when they win a big event LOL you cant win with some of you idiots.
2022-10-03 10:18
8 replies
i mean they were the best here but they wont win anything in next events, moreover, I belive that if they changed hades faster and keep spinx they would be top 4 in ence for few months
2022-10-03 10:20
7 replies
they just won a stacked event why cant they win again lol I wouldnt say they were at their best after only playing with this roster for 2 month.
2022-10-03 10:31
France Guilsz_
my guy is still crying about spinx leaving ENCE
2022-10-03 10:55
Proved #11 point lmao
2022-10-03 13:59
1 reply
France bjjthibz
this guy spits the truth !
2022-10-03 14:11
No because Snappi Has one dimensional tactics he might've gotten better results but just as was in 2021 it seems Apex is regaining his igl form and will be calling even better than what he did with 2021 Vita
2022-10-03 14:08
2 replies
I think the difference between ENCE and Vitality is Zywoo and Magisk and now Spinx are better than their ENCE equivalents. As far as top IGLs go, I’m not sure if Apex is really that much better than Snappi, he is currently doing better with a better team so its just what u expect
2022-10-03 19:30
1 reply
Imo apex is definitely better than snappi, snappi choked alot in grand finals and he had one dimensional rounds where they had to go somewhere from the start of the round, while with apex like spinx said they can end up everywhere
2022-10-03 20:18
Israel shade175
2022-10-03 10:15
2022-10-03 10:23
Vitality no. 1 ranked by the end of 2022
2022-10-03 10:37
2022-10-03 10:38
S1mple can never be this humble
2022-10-03 10:39
9 replies
He has different background, personality, teammate ect...why always compare..? S1mple looks like a good guy too, likeable. Without him, ZywOo wont be the ZywOo we all loves.
2022-10-03 11:54
7 replies
Austria holzpyjama
I agree, no need to compare them, both are incredibly good at this game and we can only be happy to be able to enjoy having 2 extremely good players
2022-10-03 14:31
If it's s0mple playing this final he'll be flaming everyone after mirage and finish 1-3
2022-10-03 15:27
2 replies
if s1mple was in this final they wouldnt choke mirage in the first place, wtf were those 4v2s from vitality.
2022-10-03 18:35
You should learn to be more like the other guy
2022-10-03 19:32
Agree +1
2022-10-03 17:19
+1 bro like both of them
2022-10-03 19:30
+1 best take, players like s1mple and Zywoo make pro CS what it is, love to see either of them
2022-10-03 19:31
that good too
2022-10-05 13:17
Pop smoke crawled so Zywoo could walk #BigWoo
2022-10-03 10:41
Zywoo and Spinx is this the start of an iconic duo?
2022-10-03 10:47
1 reply
France bjjthibz
It would be Zywoo second iconic duo, because the one he formed with shox, especially in clutch situations, was very good as well. Please don't misunderstand me i'm not comparing spinx and shox. Really looking forward to what zywoo/spinx will do in the next events, i love this !
2022-10-03 14:14
these 2 months felt like 2 weeks to me
2022-10-03 10:51
JK | 
Asia flipflop
What is cold's best kills in bo5?
2022-10-03 11:00
3 replies
France Nanynoodle
I heard smth like 30less but multiple overtimes make stats fcked. 51k on mirage is huge but not with 16-14, 21-24 it's 50% more rounds.
2022-10-03 12:31
1 reply
The good old days <3
2022-10-03 15:06
Sweden multib
the zygoat <3
2022-10-03 11:08
Germany who|cars
pog the same humble characteristic same like s1mple
2022-10-03 11:11
3 replies
s1mple is the most humble player in the history of cs go.
2022-10-03 11:15
s1mple would have praised sdy too if he had won
2022-10-03 11:22
1 reply
S1mple is that type of guy, calls him shit if he throws rounds or says he loves him if he wins them
2022-10-03 19:33
zywoo goat, kind and humble
2022-10-03 11:35
Nice interview.
2022-10-03 11:45
i could replace spinx and the result would be the same because zywoo is the only win condition
2022-10-03 11:58
4 replies
Azerbaijan S1mple2002
very stupid opinion.
2022-10-03 12:53
1 reply
2022-10-03 14:10
You really said this after what happened in 2021
2022-10-03 13:10
Good news, there was already a roster where the only players difference was Spinx and it didn’t win anything, so you don’t have to speculate, we already know you’re wrong!
2022-10-03 19:34
ZywOo | 
Turkey CewaS
Zywoo man he really amazing player and i hope get major soon
2022-10-03 12:59
2022-10-03 13:00
s1mple is great indeed, but i like zywoo more considering his trash mates
2022-10-03 13:04
3 replies
+1 but zywoo and s1mple its like messi and cr7, dont compare them, just enjoy them xD
2022-10-03 14:02
2 replies
France bjjthibz
finally someone smart in there ! Lets just f***ing enjoy the moment, this guys are both incredible.
2022-10-03 14:15
+1 good take
2022-10-03 19:34
what a cool team
2022-10-03 13:26
2022-10-03 14:01
Spinx talks a lot during the timeouts and it's apparent that a lot of the comms come from him. Communication is the key and teamwork makes the dream work as they say. Apex is the IGL but he has smart mens around. Spinx Zywoo and Zonic. I am not entirely convinced about Magisk and Dupreeh but they're doing alright. Vitality will be huge in Rio.
2022-10-03 15:34
2 replies
well said mate
2022-10-03 16:04
I think Magisk proved himself in big games here. Apex and dupreeh have questionable performances sometimes, but if they enable the other 3 to play like this I don’t think it matters, Vitality top3 for sure
2022-10-03 19:35
I like both tabsen and Xi Wu they are humble and nice
2022-10-03 16:03
2022-10-03 16:15
ropz | 
Slovakia nvrn06
he is true goat and so humble which is rare to see player with god like skill without ego bigger than baitF biceps
2022-10-03 16:45
2022-10-03 20:22
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