NEo voted Player of the Decade

The last poll of our series has been closed, and, like many expected, Polish star Filip "NEo" Kubski is the one to win the Player of the Decade award.

The shortlist for the last accolade was made up by the winners of the series of polls, whose purpose was for you users to choose who had been the best player from each continent and the best AWP user of the past decade.

After two days with thousands of votes, the results are in, and the winner is AGAiN's Filip "NEo" Kubski, who is currently part of the project called Guns Are Drawn.

Kubski's closest suitor came in the form of SK Gaming's Dennis "walle" Wallenberg, who still fell very short of the winner as the Polish star picked up more than half the vote.

Below you can find the full results.


Congratulations to Kubski for the win and thanks to everyone who expressed their opinion during these last days.

2010-01-05 01:58
Estonia FrispeN 
I'm Second, ( neo first, not bad )
2010-01-05 02:02
hahaha nice :D
2010-01-05 16:29
Estonia FrispeN 
you could be second-second if you wish
2010-01-05 18:46
congratz neo
2010-01-05 02:03
Italy joz 
so unxpected:D
2010-01-05 02:03
i know right haha :)
2010-01-05 03:41
Germany M1n1M3 
totally :)
2010-01-05 07:05
i never see this comming....Ha Ha
2010-01-05 13:25
Poland mejtt 
gz, great vote 4 nijo ; d
2010-01-05 02:04
good d:
2010-01-05 02:04
Brazil gbz 
neo the best
2010-01-05 02:04
CONGRATZ! have fun in new orga.
2010-01-05 02:04
2010-01-05 02:05
2010-01-05 02:06
SpawN > all
2010-01-05 02:06
2010-01-05 02:15
2010-01-05 02:32
same rock
2010-01-05 03:28
2010-01-05 04:07
2010-01-05 05:13
-100 and u r f***ed up
2010-01-05 10:41
2010-01-05 13:19
2010-01-05 13:36
wtf? SpawN was reitred for few years , so he can't..
2010-01-05 14:07
Does it matter? He has still been on the top twice the time as neo has.
2010-01-05 14:50
yea thats the reason
2010-01-05 18:18
Xyp9x | 
Portugal bonzoo 
few years? he stopped at 2008, came at 2009. LOL
2010-01-15 20:35
hahah spawn noob
2010-01-05 14:38
solo is bigger
2010-01-05 14:51
haha solo n00b
2010-01-05 16:01
you noob. solo roxx0r \o/
2010-01-05 18:20
Im noob? wanna test me baby?
2010-01-06 12:48
SOLO IS VERY GOOD PLAYER, better then spawn ...
2010-01-05 21:48
2010-01-05 15:09
neo > spawn 1000x time's
2010-01-05 17:48
in your dreams maybe..:D
2010-01-05 17:59
no in his dreams but in last events ;]
2010-01-05 20:31
but you vote for player of the decade..not for last tournaments, go sleep polish b00n
2010-01-05 20:50
+1 ..don´t get it why, if it's player of the decade, there isn't heaton, potti, spawn, mSx, fisker, zonic.. I'm sure Spawn or HeatoN could win it..
2010-01-06 14:29
if it is voting for the player of decade why you type heaton potti and other ? they retired 3 or more years ago and it is not full decade... retards... neo always was best not only in lasts tournaments but all the time
2010-01-12 22:05
ok, maybe I´m retard but doesn´t decade mean 10 years back? Don´t think it means future decade :P And ten years it´s whole CS life, so this decade includes names like potti and fisker, just think about it..
2010-01-15 16:46
2010-01-05 18:04
+1 =)
2010-01-15 23:25
2012-04-25 01:56
United States mah9 
f0rest >>>>
2010-01-05 02:07
Good pick. fRoD 4% heh.
2010-01-05 02:12
better yet solo 1% SOLO ROCKS
2010-01-05 13:27
Reunion Malala1488 
heaton / method :P
2010-01-05 02:18
2010-01-05 02:26
This doesn't mean anything lol. Congratz anyway.
2010-01-05 02:26
Well it means something :) means that users voted him as the best of the decade :)...i really dont agree to that...but dont say that it doesnt mean something.
2010-01-05 02:32
against cogu and frod... not really a good vote imo :D there are / where some better players in the vote but ok :p
2010-01-05 06:28
nice choice neo is really fantastic player
2010-01-05 02:37
poizon | 
Malaysia biatche 
I created an account here just to say this is such a ridiculous vote. What's more ridiculous is earlier, somebody disabled comments for one of the votes. The contenders are simply outrageous. Neo is no doubt one of those who deserve the award. Solo is great but seriously, he belongs there over f0rest? dsn? carn? taz? .. how about lex, high rate of positive scores even in losing games. wheres ksharp, bullseye from oldschool days. wheres heaton? potti? isn't this about player of the decade? whoever made the list of contenders should be some birdbrain.
2010-01-05 02:42
We explained how voting would be from day one. If you didn't like it... why bother then?
2010-01-05 02:51
Did you follow the voting system these past days? Heaton was in the poll and other old schools too, but they had less votes than these guys. Congratulatios to neo, I think he deserves it, none of these 4 players can be compared to neo, well yes, walle, but hmm.. imo neo is better than him and we can see the number of votes for neo and for walle, which says that some pople thinks like me.
2010-01-05 02:55
that is because 80% or more of the users have no idea about the early cs years
2010-01-05 11:12
2010-01-05 11:37
totally agree
2010-01-05 13:39
But that is what the people thinks, if there are more people who started to follow cs scene later there is nothing to do. People wanted neo as the best so here is it. Decission was chosen by thousands ppl.
2010-01-05 20:26
The votes were taken not because of skill, but mostly because of area and class. For example, best asian, best european, best south/north american, best awper But it basically meant that the best european would be the best player simply because the european scene has dominated :p Neo was obviously gonna outvote people like Heaton etc (who deserve it more IMO, but that's another matter) due to his nationality, so he was obviously gonna be best player of the decade :p Doesn't mean he literally is the be-all-end-all
2010-01-05 02:58
im sorry but you just cant say that heaton is better then neo although heaton is a legend, he just was playing on a team with 4 allstars who dominated the cs scene. when neo and pentagram came into cs in 2006 you can see how the team was carried off of neo's play
2012-04-25 03:23
Well the european list of contenders could only contain 5 players and featured neo, forest, xeqtr, heaton and element. This list here picks the winners of the 5 different polls: NA, SA, Europe, Asia and AWP
2010-01-05 22:25
this is stupied ... we all know that HeatoN is better ... twice !
2010-01-05 02:49
jup, but this is not opinion off all, only of this hltv community. And there are a lot of new guys in cs that don't know anyone of old school players and a lot of national flag lovers. hltv fail xd
2010-01-05 11:11
nicely written flag lowers and the newbies who dont really know much about the oldschool players:), only agree can i :)
2010-01-05 13:25
I don't get it. Some people think heaton is better and some don't. So he deserved it cause he was old school? Yes heaton was great, and those first CS years were great also but come on. He's not unmatcheble.
2010-01-05 14:38
not because he is an oldschool player, this pole was about the player of decade not of the last two years, and someone who really deserved to win is heaton, look what does he did for Cs and what neo?emil did a lot of for Cs for the years he played and won even more cups as neo., and was here when the cs became popular... neo is on the scene of cs maybe for 2 or 3 years,i dont know how many and this year was really terrible for him and this is the reason why he has won?
2010-01-05 16:52
Wow. Man Neo was winning titles, internationl titles from 2005 and so on. This year they've won 2 cups including WCG ("terrible"?). Neo is on the scene for 5 years or even more, so don't write this nonsense. Heaton stayed on top for 4 years at most. And winning most cups doesn't make you best player ever. He did it cause he played among brilliant players from the best CS nation in the World. He was great but he had great people to help him achieve what he achieved. I'm not saying Neo is one man army but if you compare Polish CS scene with Swedish...well let's say there is no comparison. We barely have any professional players, we have two teams on an international level at most. Gaming profession is a very hard job in Eastern Europe considering peoples menatlity. Swedes are far ahead. And our e-sport unfriendly country developing player like Neo is just remarkable. A lot of kids started especialy from Eastern Europe started playing CS cause of him. He has some achievements in promoting the game too. This argument makes no sense. Cause they're two different kind of players from different eras of the game development. But saying heaton is surely better is just silly.
2010-01-05 17:21
Learn to write properly. And if you can't deal with his win than shame on you. Don't spoil it with those idiotic comments "twice better". We all know that's just plain stupid.
2010-01-05 14:34
hha nice novel :) its all word against word... i could write u many things but i know u have something in your hand that u can write on.... it would be a neverending story.. and this pole was allready won by neo and why? cause hlaf of the votes or even more are from polishfangirlz, who dont even know anyone else than Neo luq kuben and polish stars like them... the best would be if this pole would be given to pro players and not to someone who havent acchieved anything in his gaming career:) and the results wouldnt be the same es the results are here:) bb
2010-01-05 19:47
But it wasn't done that way. It was done here and given to supporters. And they picked Neo. And if you think that only achieved pro gamers can recognize good players than we don't have anything to talk about.
2010-01-05 20:10
si poliak nepochopis!!:):) and yes it was given to supporters and what are u trying to tell me with that? its my opinion to this vote, and yours is the he is myybe the best for the decade.. :) so pls stop dealing out your mind man:) btw as there is neo there could be moon pan and many more players... and saying neo is the best is as silly as saying youre not polish..
2010-01-05 20:20
Hahaha wow your allegory with me me being pole and neo not being best player of the decade is pretty senseless. And comparing pan or moon to Neo is pretty weak too. I don't have to push my wits to the extreme to have this kind of conversation. I'm not arguing your opinion considering heaton being the best player of the decade. All i said was saying he's by better player unwise and more than subjective. By the way if you're having a conversation it would be proper to write in language i can understand.
2010-01-05 20:38
that was suppose to say by far better player. Bad typo.
2010-01-05 20:58
haha:D all the poles are as u are? :D funny guys :D:D spekata pizda :D:D bb thats the last reply to you.. :P
2010-01-05 21:10
Keun Chul "solo" Kang: (1%) hahahhaha congratz neo!!
2010-01-05 02:49
Chile gns; 
spawn forover the best
2010-01-05 03:01
Well done, neo deserved this title! / Anyway Fragbite should make vote about the best swedish player of decade im really curious how swedish guys will vote:) and Norwegian/Finish/German but I have no idea what sites are most famous there, in germany readmore I guess? on is kinda impossible since like 30 nations posting here often. In Poland is no needed since answer is easy and first top 5 of players :D ps. Good work, should be more votes like this in the future but with some rules, account at least with 50 posts and older then 2 months or smth.
2010-01-05 03:09
Totally agree :D, there should be some restrictions in voters. And yes, Neo deserves it !!
2010-01-05 03:25
The voting system shouldnt let users vote. The majority just vote based on nationality or without any knowledge of the scene over the decade. Out of those 5, neo is the one who most deserves it. Tho, he doesnt nearly deserve the tittle when in comparison with some other players who actually had impact on the scene and helped the game beeing this competitive
2010-01-05 12:32
I understand you, but still is about the best player not legend, those things are important but we shouldn't vote for oldschool players only because they were first and helped this game get famous, for me its little discrimination, decade = 10 seasons, why second half should be less important, I dont get it. Only 4-5~ players deserved this title, neo is one of them for me, people voted (less or more correctly) and choosen him. But I agree with you always better is poll with professionals players, journalists etc with bigger knowledge then normal fan, but votes by fans are nicer for winners cuz all sports even e-sports are nothing without fans!
2010-01-05 14:08
India transformer 
2010-01-05 03:13
Neo is great!! congratulations!! just brought alot of hits to website, if that was the main reason , i think it was a major sucess. as for the voting system , it sucked!! incomclusive, random voters!! :/
2010-01-05 03:14
i still think that picking just one player and calling him player of the decade is kinda awkward. despite the fact, that neo made bigger impact quite late in the decade, he is one of the few who deserve this title, congratulations
2010-01-05 03:20
Agree with you, but for example in Football are rewards for decade, month ago Ronaldinho get one from World Soccer Magazine, its always nice but tbh no one care about it, more important is future and present of course but in the other hand this decade of cs, its whole history of this game then this reward is more valuable.
2010-01-05 03:44
Neo for life ;) GeT_Right in Progress..
2010-01-05 03:32
Finland dehU 
Gz Neo.
2010-01-05 03:48
2010-01-05 03:57
go go go neo
2010-01-05 04:18
gg NEO :))
2010-01-05 04:34
good game neo?? anyways I voted for neo :) .
2010-01-05 04:36
more like good going.
2010-01-05 10:26
NEO <33333
2010-01-05 05:11
I voted for neo too, but HeatoN deserved it :(
2010-01-05 05:37
neo is the most popular player around so it isnt a suprise . gz to him .
2010-01-05 05:46
Romania RANK 
There was no doubt that NEo will take this award.
2010-01-05 05:49
Out of those 5, yes.
2010-01-05 12:33
Congo Filip "NEo" Kubski...
2010-01-05 06:13
congratz to neo but the polish fans show they work here :))
2010-01-05 06:34
dont really agree, but grats neo i thought heaton should of got it :X
2010-01-05 06:40
Czech Republic mbS 
2010-01-05 06:40
the most popular player of the decade!! player of the decade is by far Mr. Heaton!!
2010-01-05 06:48
2010-01-05 12:33
HeatoN owned noobs NEO owns pros.
2010-01-05 06:56
Poland wims 
nice joke. it's funny
2010-01-05 08:45
hehehehe. Good one. But heaton owned a "few" pros also.
2010-01-05 14:39
Heaton owned ALL the stars of his time..
2010-01-05 14:51
Congratulations #1 ;)
2010-01-05 07:29
I won't forget HeatoN,but I will forget Neo,simple...
2010-01-05 07:46
Yeah we've got a taste of your opinion earlier. I will remember them both and so will you. We both know that.
2010-01-05 14:40
So true.. +1
2010-01-05 14:52
Well.. they both will be hall of famers and will be remembered. But heaton will be on top of the hall of fame, no question about that.
2010-01-05 21:29
France addr 
nice news HLTV
2010-01-05 07:52
Just goes to show most of the kids voting don't know there history. I like Neo as the best currently playing CS but not even close to best of the decade, maybe the next decade but not the last 10 years.
2010-01-05 08:18
Really?! Neo is playing on international level since 2004. So that's like what? Five years. I recon he'll finish his gaming adventure in 3, 4 years. It's going to be 2013,2014 so he'll play max four years of the next decade. And you think that's enough? I thought decade is 10 years. And back to heaton, he didn't play the whole decade as none of the players did. He played 4,5 years and that's it. So Neo already matches him in terms of experience. And I don't get why your surprised. It's symptomatic that people best remember recent occurrences. Like Oscars. Year after year we have great productions in the first half of the year but those from the second part get all the glamour and prizes. Thare are a lot of new supporters that don't know much about heaton but they love Neo. So i don't get why people like you hold it against them? I could say yeah heaton was on top when CS was developing and evolving when the level of competition was a lot less demanding. And you have to agree. Heaton wouldn't stand a chance against superstars of today. Cause they're much better, they brought the game to the level that players from the beggining of the decade couldn't even imagine. So who deserved it more? Institution man heaton, or Mr. Fragmachine Neo? I guess they both are amazing gamers and will be remembered for a long time. I voted for Neo not because he's from Poland but because he's one amazing player. And if heaton would've taken it I wouldn't mind cause he deserved it as well.
2010-01-05 14:56
Nice story bro
2010-01-05 15:21
2010-01-05 16:00
Poland qater- 
I'd like to write +1 in every your post but it would be just a spam. You're completely right +1
2010-01-05 16:45
I can agree with you in 100%! I hope people will read your post and theyll understand there are normal people like you or me who are not voting for Neo only becouse he is polish. I voted for f0rest myself in European one. I didnt vote for Heaton just becouse I knew he wouldnt be as good as neo or f0rest nowdays with skills he used to have. Its your own business if you vote for Heaton becouse he was incredible few years ago, or if you think the same way as I do. I hope those bans by will calm all those Poles and Swedes fighting between each other.
2010-01-05 18:08
"they brought the game to the level that players from the beggining of the decade couldn't even imagine" and HeatoN brought counter strike to a whole new level on his time...CS would never be what is what today if it wasnt for HeatoN.
2010-01-05 18:32
Yeah and he did it all by himself...come on. Stop fetishizing the man cause it's unhealthy.
2010-01-05 20:08
Im just saying the truth HeatoN brought CS to a whole new level thats it...ofcourse other players has done it as well but i dont think anybody have done such a big impact as HeatoN have done. And i think he is in a class by his own in CS history. But ofcourse players like neo f0rest SpawN potti shaguar ksharp walle fisker and elemenT have done great things also but not close too HeatoN imo :) altough potti and elemenT aint so far away.
2010-01-05 23:18
gl Neo
2010-01-05 08:34
Finland nsis 
Basically there wouldn't be any neo if it weren't for HeatoN. he is really not the best player of the decade. But whatever makes your day...
2010-01-05 08:49
I bet Neo was watching Heaton's matches/movies and said "hey im gonna play too" :)
2010-01-05 14:53
Finaly....... _-Ck The REST NEO IS THE BEST.... Congartz NEO....
2010-01-05 09:00
SpawN > all
2010-01-05 10:16
Yeh SpwawN or Heaton not Neo
2010-01-05 10:24
Neo f*****g KUBSKI.
2010-01-05 10:34
Its just sad that he win people like Heaton,,Element and XeqtR been way better. Its the player of the decade not best player the 2 last years. This page is more like
2010-01-05 10:48
I guess you don't know about CS history a lot too. He's been on top level since 2005. Winning titles since then. And saying things like "they were way better" is ignorant.
2010-01-05 14:58
no not at all....:S Neo been good since 2005 thats not enoough for decade, Element and Heaton been worlds best player for plenty years . Just stfu
2010-01-05 20:57
hahahaha. Great one. stfu don't tell me to stfu you imbecile. And how long were they on top? 10 years?
2010-01-05 20:59
Much longer than neo. fucking hate all you polish fanboy tards
2010-01-06 09:47
ANd you're a norwegian "fucking fanboy tard" as you said. And i don't hate you i just feel sorry for you.
2010-01-06 10:55
gj polish fanboys
2010-01-05 10:48
i love cry of heaton fangirls. HYHY heaton go home
2010-01-05 10:50
You're pathetic :) I wouldn't be talking about fangirls or boys if I'd be you.
2010-01-05 14:53
SpawN had to be in this poll... Best ever player didn't even had a chance...
2010-01-05 11:00
Xyp9x | 
Portugal bonzoo 
i lold, neo is good , but as I said before, spawn , heaton, vilden, f0rest.. better tha him imo... gj anyway
2010-01-05 11:33
Vilden? 8| In that Sk Fisker was better. Vilden played really short period of time.
2010-01-05 15:00
Xyp9x | 
Portugal bonzoo 
hm, true , but when he played, he was great... :D
2010-01-05 20:46
NEO !! if u see his 1v2 with 1 hp vs robban and heaton than you will know that he deserve it !!! :DDD
2010-01-05 11:49
Because of 1 round? +1 for the most stupid coment in this threat !
2010-01-05 12:36
haha if what you say is true, then what about Walle 1vs5 The whole polish powerhouse went down to 1 person :) then maybe Walle should won based on your comment :)
2010-01-05 14:56
I can regonize the same effect here that I hear in radio almost every day; same artists are playing all day long, only because that's the music what PEOPLE want, not what is best. Same happens here when the player that people know and like (NEO) wins against oldschool players that are maybe less known nowadays (HeatoN, shaGuar etc.). Still the fact remains, that those players brought alot more new to the scene back in their times than NEO and that makes it a little unfair that none of them isn't winning the title. Okay maybe a little radical comparing between the radio and CS-players, lol. I'm not blaming the vote system at all, just saying that this is what the users wanted, not what might be the "right" decision.
2010-01-05 12:01
To that radio comparision.. :).. people want to hear what THEY think is the best, because almost everyone is a rock/pop nerd that's why it's all the same.. but i agree with the rest, it was more of a nowadays popularity vote then a best player vote.. everyone of those players played recently, no oldtimers
2010-01-05 12:51
Neo is a really good player, but i just don't think he is the player of the decade. Should be SpawN or HeatoN imo.. But this means nothing anyways so.
2010-01-05 12:12
spawn suck atm lol
2010-01-05 12:21
NEO is a legend.
2010-01-05 12:41
No hes not. Conventionally someone is not referred to as a legend while on his prime.
2010-01-05 12:53
You know who a legend was? SpawN and zet and potti and so on and so on... But most of the people who voted played CS for 3 years max and dont even know them.
2010-01-05 13:06
CIS sui~ 
I'm sure Neo wanted to be like HeatoN, at the beggining of his career..
2010-01-05 12:46
haha lol ! fanboys done all
2010-01-05 12:53
nice one
2010-01-05 12:59
NEO the ONE <3
2010-01-05 13:07
2010-01-05 13:07
there are too many polish fanboys imho... neo great player ofc, but not best in decade...
2010-01-05 13:41
give him some money :DDD
2010-01-05 13:44
2010-01-05 13:48
wow how unexpected (note th sarcasm)
2010-01-05 13:51
NEO best!
2010-01-05 13:54
it's amazing :D n1 NEO !
2010-01-05 13:56
gz neo
2010-01-05 14:05
at least swedish trolls are not spamming here, which is quite suprising... for me, both neo & forest are players of the decade...they were owning in the last couple of years, and since cs 2005-09 is waaaaay much more skilled than 2001-05, i think voting for some potti guy who was good? in 2003? or smth, where there wasn't many players playing on high level is just silly...
2010-01-05 14:07
Its not even important that cs is much more skilled now, but potti was on the top like 2 years only for example fOrest and neo are since 2004/2005 its mean something! and little curio about neo he is known in Poland as the best player since 2002, dont know what about fOrest in Sweden.
2010-01-05 14:15
"voting for some potti guy" Judging by that comment you don't know who he is, which clearly shows that you're a newschooler, so neo and/or f0rest is an obvious choice for you. Sad that 80% of don't know these oldschool players :/
2010-01-05 14:51
I know a lot of them and my favourite was Fisker. But I'm not going to cry cause he's not here.
2010-01-05 15:08
Why oldschool players must be better?
2010-01-05 15:12
I didn't say that they were better, they had just done so much more for the scene and the scene would not be like this if it weren't for them! That's why they'd deserve this the most :)
2010-01-05 15:35
good news
2010-01-05 14:07
2010-01-05 14:29
gratz Neo, though in my opinion this award lost all its prestige!!
2010-01-05 15:01
2010-01-05 15:07
Monster >:< xDD
2010-01-05 15:17
Portugal pshhh 
I feel disgusted, how can the one and only dont be the player of the decade? Why does they call him "The One and Only"?.. Neo is good, thats not the point but HeatoN is just the best player ever, wtv, i just think he deserves it better then anyone else.
2010-01-05 15:20
Sweden Vilseledd 
Yeah indeed. The level he was on compared to the rest of the "CS-world" at the time was just amazing. No one will ever be that superior again.. Neo is not an undeserved winner, though HeatoN would've suited the #1 best :] no awesome frags it's just nostalgia <3
2010-01-05 15:35
polish fanboys created multi account so they can vote for neo -.-
2010-01-05 15:29
multi account = ban so?-.-
2010-01-05 15:35
HLTV admin already removed them.
2010-01-05 16:30
gz NEO :]
2010-01-05 15:30
2010-01-05 15:34
aw.. even no f0rest or GTR too bad
2010-01-05 15:49
2010-01-05 15:50
why solo frod cogu are there?
2010-01-05 15:50
I'm not a fanboy of any sort, but HeatoN is the player of the decade, no doubt. Neo has been an extremely good player at many times, but he is not comparable with HeatoN. Might I add, HeatoN is also generally regarded as the greatest Counter-Strike player of all time. Now, this is not about the aim or who would win on aim_map, but rather about influence, impact and legacy. Disappointing result.
2010-01-05 16:15
are you joking ? only heaton and nothing else ?
2010-01-05 16:21
Only one? Yes, obviously "Player of the Decade" could only go to one player.
2010-01-05 17:50
yeah heaton is the best ... hahaha ( :
2010-01-06 20:29
Absolutely right. Not about skills, its about legacy, heaton is all about nostalgia, hes the face of counter-strike.
2010-01-05 18:12
Gays this is only voting. Since 2000 CS have many great players. Some of them was only one tournament or season 'SUPER STAR' but player of decade should be a gay who was winning most important tournaments and was a main player of team. Players like Neo, Heaton, Spawn, f0rest satisfy the conditions. Insignificant who win, but everyone must have gays discharged above in TOP10 EVER.
2010-01-05 16:15
Don't call me gay ! But cant argue with that you calling Neo, Heaton, Spawn f0rest gays - i can't prove that they are not.
2010-01-05 16:45
its guys, with a "u" i couldn't stop laughing after reading this :( lol
2010-01-10 14:24
2010-01-05 16:23
lol no offense but look at the percentages lol neo won this by the (P)fanboy's not shedding any doubt on his god like skill but please .... just lol
2010-01-05 16:51
i had to make an account because reading the comments is making me sick THERE IS NO other player than is on neo's level, you are all delusional morons who still think that old school players were good... stop saying Heaton was good, who the hell cares if he was good when nobody gave two shits about counter-strike.. Why the hell do you think SK dominated so much back in the day? There was absolutely no competition, no professional teams other than SK/3D/1-2 random European organizations that usually had their teams die after 1 tournament. Dominating in a league of 4 good teams is way easier than dominating in a league with at least 10-20 good teams that can take the crown at any given time.... NEo is the reason Polish cs is alive, NEo is the reason AGAIN has ever won anything, NEo is the reason people play cs nowadays the way they do, and if you disagree you are delusional element? give me a fucking break, guy was overrated as fuck and all he did was clanhop, NEo is loyal and professional, something most players can not claim to be, why the hell did all the old school players retire anyway... you can claim age/other activities but the real reason is because they SUCK. They shouldn't even have included plays before 2005 in the poll because those players are not even close to the level of today's professionals no matter how many tournaments they have won wow you kids make me mad with your stupid fanboyisms DOMINATING IN 2000-2005 < WINNING 1 TOURNAMENT IN 2010
2010-01-05 16:59
Sweden Vilseledd 
No one cared about counter-strike ~8 years ago? Price money was higher, HLTV had more spectators and there was more major sponsors sponsoring teams. Just because your polish ass wasn't intrested back then doesn't mean the rest of us weren't. You obviously have no clue about cs and it's history so I'd recommend you to shut up.
2010-01-05 17:08
SON, you have no idea what you are talking about.. The Prize Money was never higher, CPL did offer crazy prize money but they never paid that money out you moron The prize money is higher today and more reliable There are wayyy more sponsors now than before, are you delusional? The only thing that was different back then was the number of spectators for CPL matches but those numbers were highly skewed and one-time spectators that haven't followed the game since the reason cs has grown is the hardcore fans that stayed with it and didn't give up and finally, I have been playing since 01 I am more knowledgeable in cs than you will ever be
2010-01-06 02:11
Sweden Vilseledd 
Then you would know even ESL and ESWC are having troubles paying prize money. There is no such thing as "reliable" prize money. Some pay some "forget" etc. And I remember sponsors like AMD, Intel, Microsoft, Acer, Creative etc, sponsoring teams. Only minor companies like steelseries is head sponsors nowadays. Anyway I dont understand why I even argue with a pole again -_- you're all possessed with the thought that neo is the best thing that happened to poland. Maybe you're right, lol.
2010-01-06 11:26
lol you should've thought twice before you created an account. only someone who hasn't experienced the golden years of CS can write such crap.. and trust me, back then cs was a lot more popular than now. i can still remember the geekplayer for demos had over 1 mil. downloads..
2010-01-05 17:17
it was more popular in the Public Servers..... sigh, wow you kids obviously all of the Public scrubs have moved onto more public friendly games like source, call of duty, etc.
2010-01-06 02:13
What you just said, is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling, incoherent response, were&#65279; you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone here, is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. How much dumb can a person really get?!
2010-01-05 18:17
2010-01-06 02:13
2010-01-06 13:22
2010-01-05 17:00
Congratulations Neo!
2010-01-05 17:00
i'm the best, you are not best!
2010-01-05 17:05
Congratz neo! I think that just miss the SpawN!
2010-01-05 17:08
I think it is rediculous that neo won that vote...but thats cs nowadays.
2010-01-05 17:15
Poland marco555 
2010-01-05 17:30
LOL... over rated... didn't see him doing nothing in all matches that i spected..
2010-01-05 17:39
I guess you haven't seen much matches than.
2010-01-05 17:53
NEo is a great player, but who have seem HeatoN playing knows that he is teh best one. He was a legend.
2010-01-05 18:02
Oh! Ok. NEo is the "HLTV Player", or the "most Popular player", since a lot of these people didn't see HeatoN playing.
2010-01-05 18:04
2010-01-05 18:15
walle should have won this. WTF
2010-01-05 18:33
element OFC.! <3
2010-01-05 18:34
If Heaton is so awesome, pure legend, did sooo much for CS etc etc as some of the people post in here, then tell me, why im recognising Spawn more than him? I can say im only a "casual" CS player and im "following" it only a bit since 2005-2006, while Heaton played at top few years before, but yet i dont find this as the reason why i recon Spawn more. Pele, is the pure LEGEND, Maradona is the pure LEGEND. They were playing football years before i was born, but as soon as i started to play i had clue about them and how big they were. When i started to "follow" CS i only knew that there is a guy called Heaton, mostly cos of the movie on the internet showing him smashing his keyboard on the monitor, not because he did so much for CS or won X CPLs. Anyway, everyone have his own favourite player, the player of the decade in his "heart", and any vote wont change it. Posting crap about people being fanboys, "new age players" or calling people "noobs" just because they dont share your love, is simply arrogant. Just like WHO kAi is my "player of the decade" in the game i play, eventho his team m8s "ext" or "kickR" would have been chosen by the otheres or called "better". Muchos lovos.
2010-01-05 18:56
It depends on how long youve following the scene. If you started following the scene in 2005-2006, its obvious to you to recognize spawn most. Thats why fans shouldnt be allowed to vote in such a poll. And this have nothing to do with the best player, nor peoples favorite player. Whatever, its hard to make people see something they dont want to see, long live neo!
2010-01-05 19:15
Its what i was talking about. People that pretend to be scene "oldshoolers" think they know the best, but yet i can see post ie "Neo is only playing for 2 years", "Neo is on the scene since 2006" or things like this, while he started to play in 2000, just the current level of the internet and shit sponsorship didnt allow him to be known before his 1st "bigger" achievements outside of Poland in 2005 (afaik) I dont recognise Spawn most, cos im following CS scene from 2005-06. Its not the case, as if someone is a legend, then no matter when u gonna start to play/follow the game, you gonna find out who is/was the pure legend. I recognise Spawn for serveral other reasons. Im not a regular CS player or the scene follower. If my stage on the scene would be the case, then we can compare it to what i said about Pele. He stopped playing in 1977, i was born 11 years later, mean i should recognise most people like Rivaldo, Ronaldo etc etc because they were playing at my times? I dont think so. See, you missed the point, if Heaton would be a pure legend, i wouldnt have, as a player who isnt interested in the scene so much, to dig for informations about teams he was in and his achievements in the description of "player of the europe". Its not about "how long the follower is on the scene", its about "how big mark the player left" and FOR ME, i repeat FOR ME, he left it too small.
2010-01-05 19:55
There's one more thing. I personally remember SpawN because he had his own style (not only clothes :)) but mainly play. It's him who did a ninja-style defuse at CPL, it's him who killed 5 mouz guys with headshots through wall on inferno, and it was SpawN who won some 1v3 situations in WCG/CPL finals with crazy shots. It's SpawN who was at the top both in "HeatoN age" and "neo-age".
2010-01-05 20:05
Noone has ever left a bigger mark so you kinda fail there. I understand what you are saying, but heaton is by far the one who mostly marked the counter-strike scene. Not cause he was the best at his prime (like neo is the best at his prime) but rather about influence, impact and legacy. He is all about nostalgia dude, hes the biggest face in counter-strike.
2010-01-05 20:06
For you maybe yes, because he lead SK'2003 - the legendary Swedish team. It's enough to become remarkable, but not to become a legend. When I think about neo I think about his 1hp 1shot-hses, when I think about Spawn I think about legedary bomb defuse(well, almost defuse :)) or mouz actions, when I think about f0rest I think about his CPL 2006 play in final. And what do I think of HeatoN ? Some aztec actions, CGS and qpad adverts come to my mind...
2010-01-05 20:13
So... when you think about neo you think about 1 ROUND.. thats pretty sad if you ask me. You obviously dont follow the scene from the beggining, probably didnt even played 1.3/1.5 to say heaton legacy its all about some aztec rounds and stuff.
2010-01-05 20:40
I like the fact you post your opinion without any flame. Expected to be flamed as hell :p But please read more carefully. I have never said that someone left a bigger mark on the scene than Heaton, I said that for me, he left it too small. See, the thing is i know him by his name, but thats all. If he would be so undoubtable legend who did so much for CS, then i wouldnt even have to come here and chat with you. And you might say, im the only one like that, but no, im not. Few things proved that some people remember Spawn more than him. So for me, he left a mark in the history of CS as big as element, spawn, forest or neo. And the argument that people are "newschoolers" cos they are on the scene since 2006-7 is not so valid. I have asked people who are playing on my scene since 2006 or later, if they know who kickR was, they answered yes, saing hes legendary sniper, and played for one of the best team. He played the game in 2003-2005, yet people from 2008 know him. No doubt Heaton is a legend, but hes not a, i will call it, legend of legends, the one and only one. Hes just one of the few. Huh, never thought im gonna post so long comments about CS. oO
2010-01-05 20:48
It was long indeed x) and i always try to explain my position/opinion without flaming. HeatoN wasnt all about gaming.. thats what takes him to a total diferent level. He worked out-gaming to improve counter-strike as a competitive game, he wasnt "just a player", he actually dedicated more of his life to the game than anyone. And when you say that he left a small mark (in your opinion obviously), and if hes the one who left the biggest mark (common sense), other players mark were almost inexistant :\
2010-01-05 21:24
I meant that he left the mark too small to be above the other players, as in my opinion the mark he has left is at the same level as Spawns or players like him. See #244 Thats what i was talking about, people are not realising that Neo is playing the game for 10 years now and becasue of that, they say he doesnt deserve it. Anyway i will finish it here, as i think we already know our opinions about it. :]
2010-01-05 21:56
He is playing the game for 10 years, but was on top of it half the time. Yeah we both know each perspective ^^
2010-01-05 22:06
wall of text
2010-01-05 20:52
2010-01-05 19:59
you guys talk about "old schools" but the truth is Neo is the bigest player in the world.. you guys can talk about Heaton's and spawns and ksharps and fiskers and vildens ... but neo is the best of them, for me ofc. sorry about my english
2010-01-05 20:08
I am agree with it, I mean, I am not saying neo is the best of all of them, but why an old school should be always as top1? it's stupid, just every player have his time, and I doubt that Heaton is better than neo... btw when Heaton played the level of cs was very lower. Right now, the level is max. now we have the best players in the whole cs, f0rest, neo, get right, etc..
2010-01-05 20:31
You are an example of how can a slightly misunderstand of an tittle create a stupid discussion. Noone here said HeatoN is better than neo when it comes to skill. The topic isnt even about it. And ravenclaw_d2, of course the level of cs was lower, the game was newer than it is today. Neo plays for what? 9 years? heaton played for 4/5 years. See the diference? You cant compare the level of skill in 2 diferent times, it doesnt even make sense. What counts is that in THAT time, heaton was far more skilled than the rest, he was on top of cs world, just like neo is on top in his time (80% of users time.) beside f0rest imo.
2010-01-05 20:44
Yes of course. These votes aren't based on what the title said, it is based on how many fans each player has. Sad but true.
2010-01-05 21:43
Pretty sad indeed :\
2010-01-05 22:42
i don't think the right players were nominated.. there are many more influential cs players who helped mold the game into what it is today. Neo is just very good at fragging, nothing more, nothing less.
2010-01-05 20:51
Yes! I'm poor fanboy from PL... I'm proud of Neo and all fanboys... Neo won vote becouse of "patriotism" ? PFF... What can i say? Good Job ^^!
2010-01-05 20:57
pure and simple. Neo diserves it. Heaton also deserved. Maybe even Spawn or other pro deserved it. In this vote Neo won. Congrats. End of disussion.
2010-01-05 20:59
I didn't see this coming. Oh, I did.
2010-01-05 21:11
really don't think he's the player of the decade.. he only came on to the scene in the past 2 or 3 years. heaton/element/frod/cogu have been around most of the decade
2010-01-05 21:26
2010-01-05 21:46
Spawn, best player ever wasnt in this contest, unexpected but okey. NEO deserved the win, just because that list of players isn't at neo's level. Maybe for fun HLTV should makewithlist like Spawn Heaton f0rest neo and Roman R would be more correct. peace *edit
2010-01-05 21:59
2010-01-05 22:08
i cant see.. why players like shaguar ksharp heaton potti element xeqtr fisker Da bears spawn and so many!!! are not included on the list..i am not taking any credits from neo or other player in this poll but man,cmon show some understanding player like neo or walle are not meant to be player of the decade if they have players like shaguar and ksharp who have done more than those current players, i think its just unfair to those players who diserve a title like this and they are not include on the poll. its a shame btw congratz neo:D great player
2010-01-05 22:51
n1 fifi ! :D
2010-01-06 01:49
Heaton > all
2010-01-06 02:06
hey, I think that Messi is better than maradona or pele. Since football is on another level today. or how was it?
2010-01-06 03:42
He-He I'm so dumbfounded when Swedish fanboys worked hard to persuade people voting for neo. huhhuh. but you never persuade them !! you are just wasting time. Stop doing bullshit boy.
2010-01-06 06:48
whats that past/oldschool bs? ;o,ten years back nobody know how to play cs, but there were winners all right - best of worst coz there is always winner, even when only noobs are playing, people forget that imo - as heaton himself said before converting to cssource: "(...)now they shoot back" (neo unlike heaton didnt switch game when skill level was to high) and dont compare cs to football ok? it's just plain stupid, football is older sport and skill level didn't change drasticaly like in cs aha and players "done smth for cs" - really? helped cs cross the street? players just play and bring fans (which neo is best atm and has biggest fanbase that cant compare to earlier years when less people were playing) + its voting for best player of decade for fck sake not best promotor oh and poland isn't 60% of hltv users and not 60% of world for sure, so stop that stupid bitching over that neo win beacause pl voters and btw neo was there from begining scoring trophies on polish scene and in clanbase ladders, its just that polish connections, organizations etc. sux, its much harder to play pro from poor country, till this day we dont have internet like scandinavia ten years earlier sry for bad english
2010-01-06 08:50
Thank god not every pole are like you. "Helped cs cross the road?" "they just play to bring fans" "skill in football didnt change" Jesus christ.... at his best ! People that dont follow the scene since the beggining really have no clue of what theyre talking about, then why the hell you bother??
2010-01-06 13:28
sad "skill level didn't change drasticaly" pretend that you didnt see huh? not make you look stupid at all wont comment rest - reading with understanding is in on gymnasium lvl
2010-01-06 15:18
this is a joke. neo is a sick player but player of the DECADE? He isn't even top 5 imo.
2010-01-06 09:29
Bulgaria RzE 
fisker>Neo...However,from these 5 players Neo is the best.
2010-01-06 10:49
2010-01-06 11:55
Fisker is one of m favourites but I doubt he was better than Neo.
2010-01-06 12:53
gg NEO n1 :)
2010-01-06 12:23
gratz NEO but where is f0rest ?
2010-01-06 12:31
neo 1hp>robban and heaton ok? ty
2010-01-06 12:45
And? walle 1on5 vs pgs ok? ty Retarded response to a retarded post.
2010-01-06 13:34
Marcus1g !!!! I pay my respect to your efforts. You are replying to all post that NEO DESERVED IT. It's good time-wasting. hahaha
2010-01-06 14:02
Czech Republic acn 
2010-01-06 15:43
2010-01-06 15:49
NEO is the best
2010-01-06 16:41
2010-01-06 16:59
this is an epic fail! HeatoN or SpawN should deserve this title...
2010-01-06 18:43
Neo iS WinS :X Go Go Neo
2010-01-06 19:31
well marcus you are wrong at some point. First of all "Player of the decade" concept means different for everyone. From my point of view, I have never seen a skilled player like NEO since beta 6.0 or something like that. For me NEO is better than Heaton in terms of skill and achievements. The achievement part is open for discussion. But NEO have won lots of big tournaments against very hard rivals in a very limited time. These are the reasons why i choose NEO. And for you Heaton improved the CS level and leave a huge impact on the game and he is a legend. So you can choose Heaton. There is no point to judge people's opinions. And keep in mind that, neo will be on the scene for 3 years at least.
2010-01-06 19:54
Michael Jackson would surely win this if he was here, cause this is just one big mess that should not be started... Epic fail.
2010-01-06 21:22
vilden/frod? NEO looks good because 3 ppl on his team cant frag :[
2010-01-07 03:09
2010-01-07 16:11
NiKo | 
Europe silviuM 
1.neo 2.walle 3.solo 4.frod 5.cogu
2010-01-08 15:17
Congratulations Neo!!!
2010-01-09 07:13
This comment has been removed by an admin
2010-01-12 22:14
neo deserves it even if i'm a big fan of spawn ^^
2010-01-15 17:05
as far as I know heaton still have played in the past decade. so why isn't he there on the list? nonsense vote.
2010-01-30 06:04
Vietnam No7 
Neo is best player of decade and century...! if cs 1.6 ...undying..<!
2011-01-27 07:33
device | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo 
should've been f0rest ofc
2011-01-27 08:30
device | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo 
Neo would never win if it wasnt for the 100mil polish fanboys...
2011-01-27 08:31
meanwhile in 2010...
2011-01-27 08:33
forsaken | 
Slovenia dn1 
solo best in asia neo best in poland/germany f0rest OFCOURSE best in scandinavia fRod best in USA f0rest best in the world, 2nd neo :)
2011-01-27 11:00
2011-01-27 11:06
Neo best player of all time
2011-01-27 11:19
2012-05-07 01:40
superNeo yehaaa
2012-05-07 01:54
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