moddii says goodbye to MYM

Less than 24 hours since Andreas moddii Fridh was reported unable to play with MYM in the mini-tournament for one spot to the European Championship Finals in Extreme Masters, he man of the hour has now left the team.

Rumors and speculations were many last night when we reported that Andreas "moddii" Fridh would not be able to play with MYM in the fight for one spot to the European Championship Finals. Even more question marks rose when the Dane Jack "wazorN" Henriksen was linked with the team for the tournament. The community quizzed whether Fridh would be on his way to fnatic, as one of the obligatory questions once the teams undergo roster changes.

Fridh have now confirmed to fragbite that he has left MYM without further comments. The mad-fragger has truly had his saying, looking at the results the team has produced together, especially what was considered as their breakthrough with MYM, taking silver at Global Challenge in Dubai.

Fridh is MYM history

No official statement has been release by MYM yet, but with Fridh confirming his departure from MYM, we can only expect that the Swedish team have already started the search of a new fifth.

MYM now consist of following four:

Sweden Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson
Sweden Marcus "Delpan" Larsson
Sweden Marcus "zet" Sundström
Bosnia and Herzegovina Faruk "pita" Pita

MYM will be attending the mini-tournament where one spot for the European Championship Finals will be up for grabs, using the Danish mercenary Henriksen. The tournament is expected to take place this weekend. 
Too bad, Thought he was the best player in MYM.. After delpan :> According to Gux will replace Moddii!! Fucking awesome!!
2010-01-07 15:21
,,moddii is a crazy aimer
2010-01-07 15:52
sad :(... i thought he was way good in fnatic :(...and moreover i thought he was gonna quit due to 'family committments'??? And am not that happy with threat in fnatic in place of gux:(... Just me i guess. . . and lets see if carn steps down and moddiii joins fnatic :P line up wld be gtr f0rest dsn threat moddii (enough to seriously kick ass in 2010)
2010-01-07 16:06
couldn't edit... Just read in fnatic's website that there were problems between gux and the other players and hence they arrived at this decision.
2010-01-07 16:41
they would lack a leader though
2010-01-07 18:48
2010-01-07 19:08
threat = fnatic
2010-01-09 01:51
yeh and? we were actually talking about fnatic.. (gtr, f0rest, dsn, threat & moddiii, remember?)
2010-01-09 14:29
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2010-01-07 16:10
sad :(
2010-01-07 15:15
sad :(
2010-01-07 15:16
u suck man!
2010-01-07 15:59
and y?
2010-01-07 16:15
u suck too :P
2010-01-08 04:25
GuX in
2010-01-07 15:17
+1 )
2010-01-07 15:22
Sweden Hrode 
2010-01-07 15:17
2010-01-08 00:08
very sad...!!! moddii was d best.. delpan is awper, so as an assaulter moddii is d best... the maddest fragger in sweden rite now i suppose..
2010-01-07 15:20
Maddest fragger in Sweden? no way :>
2010-01-07 15:21
maddest fragger ought to be GTR :)..imo!!! dont flame!
2010-01-07 15:58
FalleN | 
Brazil paumito 
maybe if you go to the first half of 2009 yeah.
2010-01-07 16:41
Great move by him. Deserves a better team than MYM.
2010-01-07 15:21
will he find one? there's no place in SK or fnatic for him, cuz both team are doing great atm
2010-01-07 15:29
Poland qater- 
GAD | Moddii haha
2010-01-07 16:33
moddii will join fnatic after carns departure ;)
2010-01-07 17:47
moddii = fnatic :P
2010-01-07 15:21
Denmark mindgames 
And replace who?
2010-01-07 15:27
GuX but, that place was replaced by threat =)
2010-01-07 15:31
and replace cArn when he leaves fnatic and new ingame leader threat
2010-01-07 21:03
Denmark mindgames 
"when he leaves"... It sounds like you know he's leaving soon?
2010-01-07 23:01
Portugal hpn- 
everybody knows that, carn already said that he is going to quit gaming one of this days.
2010-01-08 00:21
man he tell that he we retired soon .. i dont know when but soon he will
2010-01-08 00:40
what zet,jumpy,pita and delpan thinking about moddiii retirement ? :(
2010-01-07 15:28
gux in!!! he would be awnsome in MYM.
2010-01-07 15:29
didn't Gux say that he will retire from CS?
2010-01-07 15:32
The statement said fnatic and GuX grew away from each other, so hopefully not. :D
2010-01-07 15:57
is he going to fnatic ? =)
2010-01-07 15:33
first gux and now moddii... my 2 fav players from respective teams what the helllll is going on ._.
2010-01-07 15:35
two stupid decision from SWEDEN... gl Gux and moddii
2010-01-07 15:35
i think threat will leave fnatic and moddi will join :)
2010-01-07 15:41
Why would he leave now already?
2010-01-07 15:44
2010-01-07 15:42
well arcadion might join
2010-01-07 15:43
fucking stupid!
2010-01-07 15:47
my mistake. Gux will join.
2010-01-07 16:09
sad newz:( but if he wil be the one who will replace carn in fnatic i think this is a really god decision:)
2010-01-07 15:43
moddi joins fnatic
2010-01-07 15:44
2010-01-07 15:46
Denmark zaney2k 
Why the fuck would gux join this team, h2k would be a much better choice for him
2010-01-07 15:49
2010-01-07 15:51
2010-01-07 16:02
can you back that up? i dont think h2k is better than mym right now... mooddii wasnt the only good player here you know? have you seen pita? and zet has been playing pretty well too
2010-01-07 16:09
But there's no spot open in H2k..
2010-01-08 00:11
moddii f0r fnatic \/ !
2010-01-07 15:52
2010-01-07 15:56
not possible... they just signed threat :| Perhaps if, IF carn steps down. . . but i dont think he's gonna step down this year. . .
2010-01-07 16:02
gux replaces moddi @ mym source:
2010-01-07 16:03
It's only a rumour though.
2010-01-07 16:06
well word an articel about this. so something has to be true :)
2010-01-07 16:09
Rumors are reported on the same base as regular news, I mean, its a good story right?
2010-01-07 16:15
Why would everything they write be true?
2010-01-08 00:12
because i know how they work and they have good connections on german based orgas. and in this case mym is a german based orga.
2010-01-08 11:33
whew thank god! :D And Nix any idea when the Steelseries 12 days giveaway results are going to be out?
2010-01-07 16:12
2010-01-07 16:14
thanks :). . .Finally the wait is over :)
2010-01-07 16:16
use this for English! used google to transalte
2010-01-07 16:09
ty for putting it as a link :)
2010-01-07 16:12
2010-01-07 16:13
2010-01-07 16:10
He isn't.
2010-01-08 00:13
Spain deBurrows 
I'm worried because this could mean cArn is quitting.
2010-01-07 16:04
Italy joz 
oh shit, I really liked the trio delpan / moddii / pita :/ gl in future
2010-01-07 16:05
!S !!
2010-01-07 16:05
2010-01-07 16:11
imagine how would've been moodii instead of gux->ownage.
2010-01-07 16:11
gux is better than moddii
2010-01-07 16:20
2010-01-07 16:39
He is, but moddii is better atm than Gux was before joining fnatic and look at what fnatic did to Gux and his game, imagine what moddii could've become.
2010-01-08 00:14
no he isnt.. gux never played an international event with blank i guess.. and moddii is awesome, dont get me wrong, but gux is freakin insane.. i know im gonna be flamed, but i like gux better then get_right.. i really do.. ;)
2010-01-08 15:26
Singapore Nephalith 
moddii is replacing f0rest at fnatic. :P Just kidding haha.
2010-01-07 16:16
zzzzz sad joke mate :P
2010-01-07 16:17
Next news is "Carn is stepping down. Moddii joins fnatic" :D. Even though they still got the very best players they will not perform as well as with carn in the team. They will step down from the #1 spot to be in top 5 instead. I'm totally convinced Carn is the key to this team's success
2010-01-07 16:16
there is a possiblity. . .and ya...Carn's partly responsible for the team's success; but lets not forget the way everyone in the team have played :)
2010-01-07 16:19
cArn: "...I want to wrap this up thanking all fans, sponsors, players and my family who motivated me to continue my gaming career."
2010-01-07 16:20
2010-01-07 16:23
imo moddi was the best MYM player. i hope he will join to fanatic.
2010-01-07 16:29
Lithuania pgz 
BARBARR best choice :D
2010-01-07 16:30
Idiot? When will you realize BARBARR is an awper, and Delpan is 100 times better awper than him
2010-01-07 16:59
Lithuania pgz 
2010-01-08 11:01
2010-01-07 16:33
mir | 
United States Brodie 
There's a 't' missing in the bold part of the article. :)
2010-01-07 16:35
Gux isn`t going to mym because he has family troubles :S SAD for moddii ! GG Moddii
2010-01-07 16:39
mmm yeah, just read that it was due to problems with the other players. . .
2010-01-07 16:42
oh man. plz let me know the details. I cant understand Swedish and German language.
2010-01-07 16:49
Czech Republic mbS 
so bad news nowadays....
2010-01-07 16:41
omg if moddiii joins fnatic, they won't loose a single match in 2010 :((
2010-01-07 16:42
dude, fnatic just signed THREAT.. what the deal of everyone saying that??
2010-01-07 16:49
dunno, i thought i read sth about it in the article, but after reading it again i see that it's not the case. Maybe i mixed up some information
2010-01-07 17:32
WEIRD, zyppe in at H2K and now moddi and gus whithout team DAMMIT!!
2010-01-07 16:55
Just great... Delpan has even more to carry now :\ RIP mYm
2010-01-07 16:55
MYM|kylie would be great
2010-01-07 17:01
It would not be necessary since they have Delpan, and kylie's nowhere near as good as the players in MYM.
2010-01-08 00:15
Gux to MYM Moddii to fnatic! that would be very interesting
2010-01-07 17:17
middi go back ;[[ its gone be crazy if the lineup is zet delpan moddii gux jumpy xd
2010-01-07 17:36
2010-01-08 00:15
Pita said: "Well he was a great player, but we couldn't play with him. He is very talented but has a bad temper so sometimes when we were loosing he just wined and made us weaker as a team." Jumpy said: "I'm sorry that it came to this becuse moddii is a great talent, maybe one of the best aimers out there at the moment, but this is a team game and it wont work with a person that whines and lower the team spirit. I wish moddii best of luck in the future and thank him for his time with us."
2010-01-07 17:39
moddii to join fnatic and threat will be the new caller moddii gtr f0rest dsn threat wont lose a single match in 2010
2010-01-07 17:47
he was one hell of an aimer
2010-01-07 17:55
Macedonia Veky 
Oh sad :s he was their best player, and the best aimer in the world.
2010-01-07 18:13
would be interesting if moddii would join fnatic. GeT_RighT + f0rest + moddii = crazy aimers :)
2010-01-07 18:14
Morocco dest- 
"MYM moddii-fy their lineup" would have been better title xD
2010-01-07 18:31
Good one lol.
2010-01-08 00:16
moddii i one og the best aimer in the world...but apperently he whine to much :).
2010-01-07 18:36
I only ever started to hear about him when he joined MYM... silly decision to leave a team that was starting to give him international credibility.
2010-01-07 19:00
They did not want him in the team anymore.
2010-01-08 00:16
Oh, alright that makes more sense, haha
2010-01-08 02:03
+ tentpole :) really miss this guy :)
2010-01-07 19:48
2010-01-07 20:14
moddii was a whiner
2010-01-07 23:13
=(((( moddii > all
2010-01-07 23:27
Moddiii does have a big ego, I think he would fit in perfectly at fnatic a team where he is not the best player, I think any player with the attitude like moddiii cannot be the best player on a team or else his ego will be to big, but fnatic should pickup moddiii then Delpan for dsn.
2010-01-08 00:50
exactly my idea too, but if he is a whiner he can just play in whatever team in the world for me. fnatic is perfect, could be better, but they are the best
2010-01-08 20:17
u can't trust rakaka (:
2010-01-08 06:58
This kinda remembers me about when fnx leaved mibr due to a conflict with cogu, or something like that. Later, mibr went into an epic fall. but goodluck MYM, hope you guys keep rocking.
2010-01-08 11:31
barrbarr would be nice :)
2010-01-08 15:25
2010-01-08 19:18
BARBARR is the best choice i think
2010-01-09 01:32
fnatic 2010 half:carn dsn retire new line up: threat(in game leader) get_right(fragger) moddii(fragger) f0rest(clutcher/fragger) delpan(awp) world best team imo.
2010-01-09 01:43
u guys dont think carn dsn and f0rest will all retire at the same time? i just think theyve all played together for 5 years or more, cant see them playing without eachother also fury to mym :P
2010-01-09 08:01
cmon mym take hyvlarn !
2010-01-10 00:06
good move :D
2010-01-10 14:29
goodbye moddii
2010-12-30 22:44
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