casle on device's return: "We have to see when. Early 2023, I hope"

Astralis's interim head coach spoke about hopes of Nicolai "⁠device⁠" Reedtz returning to play after the new year.

Astralis haven't attained much stability in recent years, and their failure to qualify for IEM Rio Major led to the team making changes once again. Star AWPer device returned to the roster after a year and a half away and coach Martin "⁠trace⁠" Heldt was removed from his duties. Astralis Talent's skipper, Peter "⁠casle⁠" Ardenskjold, was then brought up from the academy team to be the interim head coach.

device was expected to make his return with Astralis at Elisa Masters Espoo, but the Danish organization announced shortly before the event that the star AWPer would not be in attendance as they "have time to do things right without forcing anything." In device's place, the Danish side is playing with Kristoffer "⁠Kristou⁠" Aamand from Astralis Talent.

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device to skip first tournament with Astralis following return
casle spoke about how he helped rebuild the team's chemistry after the RMR

Astralis started off their run in Finland with a strong 2-0 in the group stage and got one more win in the final game against Complexity to make it through to playoffs. casle sat down with HLTV to talk about Astralis's initial success at the event despite not being able to prepare, as they were unsure if device would be attending or not, and the interim coach also gave insight into when fans will see device playing and the changes that he has made in his short time in charge.

Congratulations on making playoffs, would you say that you have met the expectations that you set out for yourselves ahead of this event?

Yeah, we thought we could hold the seed, at least go through the groups. For myself, I think it can go both ways because we played with Kristou, but getting through the groups is nice.

You've been working as the interim head coach for Astralis since the RMR, how has your experience as a head coach been so far?

Pretty good, they have been willing to listen to a lot that is said, I am coming in with new ideas and changing up some roles for players. Actually, we have changed a lot. blameF plays more aggressive map control now than before, Xyp9x has more anchor positions. So far, pretty good.

With you implementing these changes, is it safe to assume that you might be going into a long-term coaching role for this team, or are you strictly an interim coach until they find a replacement?

I'm not the one to answer this question [laughs]. I hope so, and I think so, actually. Time will tell, I have until the end of this year, then we will see what will happen in 2023.

Would you say that the team has enjoyed coming back to LAN after a long break?

Yeah, of course, they always do. You can also see it in the last match that it still means a whole lot to the players. They like to be back on LAN and we are having a good time.

There has been a lot of negativity surrounding Astralis from the outside. How have your players coped with blocking out that negativity?

When I took over the team they were pretty far down in a hole because they bombed out of the RMR, so we took a lot of time talking through what is next for Astralis. We have to build a whole new team to come back to being the best in the world, or one of the best in the world. It's pretty good now, the atmosphere in the team is starting to get back to pretty good. It's okay now, we are building on it.

Astralis has been in a state of change for a very long time, would you say that now we are going to start to see stability?

Yeah I think so, they have been quite unlucky with k0nfig going out with injury and stuff like that in a key moment in the season, right before the RMR. Now with device back, he is coming back with a very good personality, and he is bringing a lot of positives to the team. I think the future is looking bright for 2023.

How has the integration of device been?

Pretty good and pretty smooth. He's come eager to play, he's a super teammate and of course a great player, a pretty good player (laughs). So it's smooth.

He's not here at this event, do you have any idea when he's going to be fully integrated into the team?

We have already said we have got to take our time until the right moment, right now we are practicing with him and it's going good. I think he will be ready for maybe the next tournament or in the new year.

Are you confident he will be coming into the roster in 2023?

Yeah I think so, but we will do it at the right time. He will play in 2023 (laughs), we have to see when. Early 2023, I hope.

Have you been impressed by MistR and Kristou coming into this event?

Yeah of course, I joined as the Astralis Talent coach a couple of months back, and when they started asking who is going to play for k0nfig I was pretty fast to say MistR. He's a super happy and positive guy with a lot of talent, I also think he has proved that in a lot of our matches. So I'm not that shocked about how good he's been.

Kristou, I've known for a long time. I've played against him myself and had him on the talent team. He's standing in for our AWP, he stepped up in the last game and had some pretty key rounds. He showed what he is capable of.

It was announced last minute that device would not be attending this event, how long did you know, and were you able to prep with MistR and Kristou ahead of Elisa Masters Espoo?

We have practiced with Kristou before but we weren't sure if device would play or not, so we have a little bit of practice with Kristou before but not that much. We used our practice time for being ready for 2023.

What would you say the biggest challenge has been coming in as the head coach of Astralis?

I'm not sure if it's the biggest challenge but the key point was to get the team chemistry back and fix the roles, I believe they could do something different. That was the key points for me as coach when I came in, it hasn't been a challenge at all. They have been pretty nice and it has been a good match with me and them.

casle joined the roster as interim coach just days after Astralis failed to qualify for IEM Rio Major

gla1ve is considered one of the best IGLs in the game, with him winning multiple Majors with his system, how easy was he to work with as a coach?

Surprisingly, he's very open to new ideas. We look at the game the same way, so I think it's pretty good for him that a new guy from lower tiers is coming in with some new ideas and fresh tactics. So that's been pretty good with me and gla1ve.

You said that you have been given till the end of the year, what's the one thing you want to achieve or work on with the team until then?

It's the same as I said earlier, the new roles and trying to build a system that fits gla1ve and the team well. With a lot of my new ideas, you see some of the new nade stacks and stuff like that, I like to give that to the team in the way we play in the new year, in the new Astralis.

Denmark Kristoffer 'Kristou' Aamand
Kristoffer 'Kristou' Aamand
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Maps played:
Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
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Denmark Martin 'trace' Heldt
Martin 'trace' Heldt
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Finland Cucumber))
2022-11-18 15:01
11 replies
togs | 
Brazil hfdjk
device got burnout from counting too much money.
2022-11-18 17:29
10 replies
He didnt got any money in NIP while he was sick acording to Lots of danish media. Device agreed in the interview that he didnt get anything in nip while he wasnt Playing
2022-11-18 18:09
9 replies
Latvia laiziolas
True. He even didnt need any money, cuz he have a lot, trust me. People are just stupid how they think
2022-11-18 21:40
3 replies
exactly and then he paid is own buyout. People are shaming him so much because of fake news...
2022-11-18 23:37
2 replies
India rivervp
Fraudv1ce confirmed?
2022-11-19 13:14
1 reply
if its confirmed that he didnt get paid while he was sick in NIP? yes. according to multiple big danish medias, Csgo medias( and an interview with device made by Pley.GG. So it might be true.
2022-11-19 23:35
Why is it wrong to be paid while sick??? Most of the people commeting "paycheck stealer" are probably unemployed because someone who's employed gets paid while sick.
2022-11-20 18:27
3 replies
2022-11-21 09:34
Poland kruky
Or they are americans unfamiliar with pro employee laws
2022-11-25 14:06
1 reply
could be, yeah
2022-11-25 15:51
Europe MauzeCS
Didnt get money from nip but sweden pays upto 80% of salary if cant work due to mental health. so potentially devve got quite a large salary anyway
2022-11-26 06:08
2022-11-18 15:01
England pumk1n1
>buy star player >he cannot play incredible business decisions once again from astralis
2022-11-18 15:01
7 replies
I think he paid his buyout, idk prolly wrong
2022-11-18 15:04
4 replies
Finland aleksiii
Probably but i think astralis gave him a bit of money to pay it. Just like i think liquid gave yekindar money to buy himself out from vp
2022-11-18 15:32
1 reply
hmm hmm that would indeed make lot more sense
2022-11-18 15:48
Its how buyouts work it cannot be a club if buy out your own release Clause, you pay it then the team you join Pays you it after
2022-11-21 10:59
people mixed up the jaxon reports dev1ce paid part of his buyout from astralis when he went to nip not when he came back he paid nothing from his nip buyout
2022-11-23 11:06
Buy star player… Release New Jersey… I’d say a brilliant business move tbh
2022-11-18 23:51
1 reply
please keep new jersey out of this
2022-11-19 17:00
What a douche
2022-11-18 15:03
"i hope", lmao
2022-11-18 15:03
aka he's never playing for Astralis
2022-11-18 15:04
ropz | 
Germany NRS17
Astralis doesnt have another tournament in 2022 so, ofc early 2023 is most obv
2022-11-18 15:04
3 replies
"I hope"
2022-11-18 15:06
2 replies
he said "i hope" about dev1ce in "early 2023" but in 2023 dev1ce will play. noone know when exactly but 2023 and like castle said I hope in early 2023.
2022-11-18 16:11
1 reply
december 2023
2022-11-22 21:00
2022-11-18 15:04
lmfao, fraud
2022-11-18 15:05
1 reply
he didn't even get paid for all of 2022????
2022-11-19 02:49
I think he needs more time. 2024, maybe early 2025 will be perfect to return.
2022-11-18 15:05
1 reply
He will return for source 2
2022-11-18 15:06
Hahaha wack
2022-11-18 15:05
Other norb4ki
Gigachad device. Imagine buying a player just to warm the bench
2022-11-18 15:05
2 replies
Bubzkji all over again
2022-11-18 15:08
1 reply
Other norb4ki
Classic astralis
2022-11-18 15:10
"Yeah I think so, but we will do it at the right time. He will play in 2023 (laughs), we have to see when. Early 2023, I hope." i hope...
2022-11-18 15:06
1 reply
i hope, i cope
2022-11-18 15:21
"i hope" :)
2022-11-18 15:06
Haha I hope.... Device part 2 begins
2022-11-18 15:07
Germany who|cars
2022-11-18 15:09
Turkey lyreq
"i hope", KEKW
2022-11-18 15:10
"I cope"
2022-11-18 15:10
England MikeLCHV
imagine signing a player for a record fee to play faceit pugs with them
2022-11-18 15:10
KEi | 
Poland ad3m93
wtf what a scam lol
2022-11-18 15:11
1 reply
What scam?
2022-11-18 15:48
device is busy playing faceit, you will have to wait a little bit
2022-11-18 15:11
device will only come back once s1mple and zywoo are retired
2022-11-18 15:13
MISTR is such a talent let him grow in the A team pls
2022-11-18 15:18
United States zovint
2022-11-18 15:20
2022-11-18 15:25
Russia mshkoda
device: I wanna flex flex i wanna flex
2022-11-18 15:25
Portugal dracø
"I think he will be ready for maybe the next tournament or in the new year." I think "Yeah I think so, but we will do it at the right time. He will play in 2023 (laughs), we have to see when. Early 2023, I hope." I hope The head coach THINKs and HOPEs he'll be able to count on a player that was transfered 1 month ago, while there is a low tier tournament going on that would be perfect for him to start grinding again :D:D device going down as the GOAT scammer instead of GOAT player
2022-11-18 15:28
Just wanted to remind you that quote: "paycheck steamer" is bannable on this site.
2022-11-18 15:30
4 replies
2022-11-18 16:21
another german flag got 10yrd for commenting "fraud"
2022-11-18 16:25
2 replies
Finland iroc_xano
if that is true it's just a pure diceroll whats gonna get u banned and what not. I'm also convinced the mods who do this have mental problems. its just not normal. now ban me too
2022-11-19 02:45
1 reply
Got 3 day twice for saying the same as #77. I am not doubling down on what I said, I am merely confirming that fact
2022-11-19 11:47
Sweden Cveta
Danes why so quiet?
2022-11-18 15:32
He's never gonna play again isn't he
2022-11-18 15:34
1 reply
This is beginning to sound a lot more likely. Devve is not used to play for T2 teams, a 4 time major winner after all.
2022-11-18 15:54
Wdym hope??
2022-11-18 15:35
Poland karov
2022-11-18 15:37
Finland FlNLAND
Scamv1ce??? New nick???
2022-11-18 15:41
He'll do the same to astralis only here he won't even bother to play like he did in nip
2022-11-18 15:42
u hope ? xDDD
2022-11-18 15:45
What was the point of announcing him then?
2022-11-18 15:48
devve, with all due respect you have to retire or become a coach. Astralis is no more anyways, you're returning to a T2 team - you really want it?
2022-11-18 15:52
1 reply
They are tier 1 the moment he starts playing again.
2022-11-18 20:56
Sweden KennyKEX
Yee maybe hes back 2025
2022-11-18 15:52
did he just say “i hope early 23” 😭 this guy surpassed ben simmons a long time ago
2022-11-18 16:01
1 reply
Finland Teukkasd
yea atleast simmons is playing rn
2022-11-18 16:11
2023 nip buying device back so he can start playing in 2024
2022-11-18 16:02
Portugal MrPato
And so it begins
2022-11-18 16:04
Ben simmons + kawhi = device
2022-11-18 16:09
1 reply
Who... And who?
2022-11-18 20:56
Denmark zorglubx
People only focus on dev1ce, but should really think big picture :) I actually like this coach a lot, I think he has something that the team needs badly. Nothing wrong with skipping 1 tiny tourney, with dev1ce, give it the time it takes, I am tired off seeing fast changes, with no time to really give it the best shot. So.. great, I look forward to seeing who, if any, will take the last spot instead of MistR. And then on to 2023 with hopes of a better year, this one was miserable.
2022-11-18 16:10
still no explanation as to why he hasn’t been able to play the past year+ btw
2022-11-18 16:10
"i hope" lul
2022-11-18 16:16
wow he really got played by that bitch, love is a dog from hell
2022-11-18 16:20
Finland H0rnPub
love how this guy scams dum orgs
2022-11-18 16:23
United States Zedsamcat
2022-11-18 16:25
Give him(dev1ce) a Brake keyboard-bullying is bad for your healths...jesus.. There is still more in this life than this game'll learn when you grow little older BOYS. Maybe he likes to be ready and practice all his crazy setups before the actual season starts. afterall we are talkin about GOAT himself!
2022-11-18 16:35
8 replies
Korea Axiotimos
We don't care about you boomer who's literally talking like a 50 yo, get out of here
2022-11-21 00:33
7 replies
Is that supposed to be an insult? "Boomer"? :D and yeah i'm gettin close to my fifties in the next 10years anyway so what? still would own ya clownazz on a server anyday. BOOI
2022-11-22 20:24
6 replies
Korea Axiotimos
Go 1v1 on Finnish server. Gonna destroy your ass like a piece of cake with 300 ping
2022-11-23 02:44
5 replies
anyday mr. southern-kim
2022-11-26 00:57
4 replies
Korea Axiotimos
Hahaha yeah ofc go full racism mode Make a server, set the time and reply
2022-11-26 05:56
3 replies
Gsus What a snowflake.. That wasnt Even near racism or racist comment. Just comparing you to only Korean dude i know. Ill logic huh?
2022-11-26 13:03
2 replies
Korea Axiotimos
Your English is so bad I can't understand properly. Maybe it's 8c old English used by Vikings or something... anyways bye. Have fun with the last few years or your life. Feel free to reply if you wanna get destroyed on the server
2022-11-26 13:32
1 reply
what if that youre not gettin' it means something else? well anyway, im pretty sure my k-pop sucks even more ass, so dont worry my little chinese-friend.. oh, and yeah i will definitely embrace my last few years, while you here still kickin it with all those funny years ahead of U. PS. 8cl of OE?? PLS! =D more like fu*K a 40oz it aint enough fo' me! you 10 or what? or just drinkin like BIATCHEZzZ?
2022-11-27 00:03
"I hope" Well said LOL
2022-11-18 16:37
Fiji Ape_Killer
2022-11-18 16:40
2022-11-18 16:41
i was somewhat sympathetic towards the guy at first but this makes me feel like hes a total knob.. don't sign with a team until you're ready to play for said team.. jesus christ
2022-11-18 16:54
Poland miedzianek
play in astralis change team to nip-get long pause come back to astralis-get pause again xD
2022-11-18 16:59
ropz | 
Ukraine Raze49
"i" fucking "hope", wow
2022-11-18 17:07
"i hope that hes ready" what the fuck did they do? does device have a broken hand or something? why would you sign someone that cant help you????????? LOLLLLLLLLLL
2022-11-18 17:21
1 reply
for the merch. im like 90% sure they made most of the money already back through the dev0ce jerseys and the recent meet and greet.
2022-11-18 23:41
Ukraine ShimonSS
I've seen this scam before lol
2022-11-18 17:29
King Casle, take this 👑 Great work so far!
2022-11-18 17:44
hello astralis, nip here thanks for free money have fun with faceit-v0ce no refunds
2022-11-18 17:45
So he's staying on debench for now.
2022-11-18 18:06
I hope? this means that he is not sure lul
2022-11-18 18:08
he and Astralis would be embarrased if he lost elisa tour, thats the real truth
2022-11-18 18:13
tf is wrong with that sensitive man srsly
2022-11-18 18:17
400 iq device
2022-11-18 18:37
"I hope." LMAO
2022-11-18 18:59
Casle - another banned coach !
2022-11-18 20:06
United States PhilMC
im becoming more convinced hes doing it to run a conspiracy and milk money off of orgs
2022-11-18 20:26
Late 2024, I hope
2022-11-18 21:33
New Zealand kdeadly
keep on hoping
2022-11-18 21:56
Before he retires, I hope
2022-11-19 00:26
2 replies
imagine he just retires next year
2022-11-19 14:08
1 reply
Wouldn't even be that surprised
2022-11-19 19:23
What are they waiting for exactly? A solar eclipse? What's preventing device from playing? Just turn on your PC and play i mean wtf
2022-11-19 01:18
I think this girl broke his champion mentality, now he is gonna look like t2 washed up player coldzera. Hope that Im wrong.
2022-11-19 06:12
World Lyoa
"I hope" I have never heard of any employers hiring someone and hoping that they will work and do what they were hired for. Like what the f*ck? Whats the point of getting him on the roster if he isnt ready to play?
2022-11-19 17:25
Ok deve aka mr scammer see ya in december 2k23
2022-11-19 22:02
best trade of all time. its like investing in nft
2022-11-20 09:43
i dope.
2022-11-20 18:25
Delusional fans waiting for deviceleft to get heart broken :D.
2022-11-21 07:36
I'm shocked! Well, not that shocked, but still...
2022-11-23 13:11
NiKo | 
Germany Booya
what is this? Especially the shadyness ... why cant someone just talk clear words what the fekk is wrong with him ... "i´m sad but i´m sick for this tournament" seems to be a big lie if the Coach talks about "hopefully early 2023" ...
2022-11-24 12:58
Nicolai “I only play after source 2” Reedtz
2022-11-25 23:44
biggest joke ever
2022-11-26 23:00
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