dOK in PGS switch

January 8th, 2010 23:47

According to, D-Link PGS have added Artur "dOK" Kaleta from Frag-eXecutors to the team.

D-Link PGS had been in the market for a new player after Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski opted to leave the team to link up with the new project called Guns Are Drawn.

And Kaleta, who played an important role in Frag-eXecutors' success in the Extreme Masters European Championship, has now put an end to reports by finalizing a switch to PGS.

This move leaves FX with just four players less than a day before the EM Last Chance Cup match against Meet Your Makers.

D-Link PGS have now:

Poland Łukasz "drive" Snopkiewicz
Poland Daniel "myth" Bukalski
Poland Filip "jOOOLZ" Ruszała
Poland Adam "ruloN" Wiśniewski
Poland Artur "dOK" Kaleta

pionas in Frag eXecutors (ESL Team Link) :)
2010-01-08 23:49
2010-01-09 00:19
Poland jMS 
It's FX account with their former squad, but it's not used. Actually the fx lineup is: -no one.
2010-01-09 09:23
Poland Pab 
gl dok !
2010-01-08 23:50
dOK very nice player :-)
2010-01-08 23:51
2010-01-08 23:51
Sweden f1ne_ 
myth out, rulon out, ben & pionas in
2010-01-08 23:52
Imo Myth is an underestimated player, he is really good.
2010-01-09 00:47
2010-01-15 23:29
you're right, but BEn playing in BenQ.DELTA ;) while pionas does not play at all
2010-01-09 11:49
Poland ninus 
as pasha is playing for AGAiN this leave FX with 3 players, but imo dOk will play in that match vs MYM and they will get also one player from PGS also
2010-01-08 23:57
FX - pitek, tjb, ths, BEn and pionas :)
2010-01-08 23:58
pitek and pionas over with cs ;>
2010-01-09 00:01
Romania chns 
28.10.09 19:08h Frag eXecutors kick_member pionas / by 629189
2010-01-09 00:07 :)
2010-01-09 00:27
2010-01-15 23:30
ben - DELTA
2010-01-09 09:00
Pretty sure sponsor MIRAA and Nix with keyboards as theirs have to wear out once a week.
2010-01-09 00:02
2010-01-09 00:17
SteelSeries make great keyboards. (I can advertise what I want, when I want :)
2010-01-09 00:21
Can we too? :D
2010-01-09 00:58
+1 XD
2010-01-09 05:47
Noooo! There may be only one rule of this universe!
2010-01-09 09:04
Brazil gbz 
2010-01-09 03:55
Poland jMS 
Nixon if I were you I wouldn't write news according to website. That information about dok is not confirmed at least by anyone. Also PGS haven't stated an addition of a new player. It's just a rumour.
2010-01-09 09:27
agree :-)
2010-01-09 11:13
Poland jMS 
Oh, i have just noticed, that MIRAA, not Nixon has written it.
2010-01-09 11:23
#5 Rulon > Ben, Pionas.
2010-01-09 10:09
Rulon is conceited lame. He was good 5 years ago.
2010-01-09 10:52
Ben > rulon
2010-01-09 10:53
you are wrong, Ben is great ruloN is amazing with famas, but you can't play famas all the fuckin time
2010-01-12 23:12
2010-01-09 12:57
So many changes in Poland eSport last days.
2010-01-09 14:10
Poland CSPL 
So many = 2.
2010-01-09 15:36
read more
2010-01-09 19:47
2010-01-09 17:33
jOOLZ not jOOOLZ ;p
2010-01-09 15:00
imo d[OK] and driv3 good player :) GL
2010-01-09 15:42
GL Rulon ! :D
2010-01-09 20:28
gl tam :D
2010-01-09 21:15
I'm curious who will play with AWP now ;p dOk played often with FX.MIX but he missing too many shots + he is known as great rifler and many tactics need 2 snipers.. I have no idea what they'll do now without Pasha, power of team is less like 30% now without great sniper like him. But in the other hand I remember when old mYm (Again) played almost without awp few months and really wasnt bad, they won some events.
2010-01-10 12:32
GL but I think it does not change much
2010-01-12 22:59
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