AGAiN qualify for EM4 European Finals

AGAiN qualify for the Extreme Masters IV European Championship Finals, following a 2-0 victory against MYM.

The Last Chance Cup featuring four teams, all trying to claim the last spot for the European Championship Finals, concluded tonight. As predicted, it was AGAiN and MYM who faced off in the final, following wins against confis and Frag eXecutors respectively.

Starting on de_nuke, things did not go well for MYM, who started CT. Even with some eye-catching moments by Marcus "zet" Sundström did not help the Swedes, who saw AGAiN take 9-6 at half-time. Playing their CT side, it was easily to notice, that the Swedish house of cards had already collapsed. AGAiN took seven straight rounds to win 16-6.

On de_inferno, AGAiN once again started on the attacking side. Once again MYM did not find much success with their CT-setup, as the Poles outplayed them over and over again. Not much critic could be found on the Polish first half, which they ended up winning 11-4. MYM took one round for comfort, before realizing the 16-6 against AGAiN.

"As always with lots of problems and lots of luck we've managed to qualify for the EM European finals. Now with a small roster change we have plenty of work ahead of us. Unfortunately there's not enough time for such preparation before the event, so we will have to improvise a little bit. I just hope it will work and we will show some skills." - Said Filip "Neo" Kubski shortly after the match

This allow AGAiN entrance to the European Championship Finals, after missing it in the first place, losing to oXmoze in the relegation match. The event will be taking place 14-17th of January in Brühl near Cologne. AGAiN will drop into Group A, with likes of SK Gaming, mousesports, H2k Gaming and more. The groups and the teams for Extreme Masters IV European Championship Finals look as follows:

Group A Group B
Sweden SK Gaming Sweden fnatic
Sweden H2k Gaming Denmark mTw
France Millenium Germany Alternate
Germany mousesports Germany n!faculty
Denmark Ravens Ukraine KerchNET
Poland AGAiN France oXmoze

We will be on site in Brühl to bring you all of the action from the European Championship, which is expected to mainly be showed on ESL TV, just by looking at the schedule.

G8 :D It was easy for AGAiN to win against MYM with standin in :P
2010-01-10 20:04
imo wazorn > modiii
2010-01-10 22:21
Don't think so. His performance today wasn't as good as modii's in any match against AGAiN. but ur polish fanboy, so stfu.(:
2010-01-10 22:22
sorry bro ;(
2010-01-10 22:25
kuben>moddii O;o
2010-01-11 14:29
me > u polish fanboy. Did I said sth abt kuben? He told us that warzon>modii, what imo is false. So stop flame stupid comments, cus as far as I see, u can only post things like "x > y".
2010-01-11 16:05
u know what ... FU not everyone are fanboys and as we see he says that "imo" which means in my opinion, your answer just shown that you are fanboy. Normal answer for normal guy will be "naah imo modii is better" if you have small penis is not a good reason for calling other. btw nice game by again gl in next games.
2010-01-11 23:35
2010-01-12 07:30
2010-01-12 15:15
2010-01-12 15:48
Yo..shut up if your going to talk shit, and the one you replied is not polish in the first place
2010-01-13 13:35
Yes, he is a pole. Nick: Masakrator Name: Masakra What mean Massacre in polish and Massacremaker? Idk how to call it, but its typical polish grammar. bye
2010-01-13 14:25
you start flaming here for instantly, retard? Oh yea u don'need to answer suck'r
2010-01-12 15:16
pass me where I flammed :)
2010-01-12 15:48
Kuben > MYM
2010-01-11 16:48
gl guys ;']
2010-01-10 20:05
Nice ;) gogog Again
2010-01-10 20:05
pfff!n1 war
2010-01-10 20:06
2010-01-10 20:06
2010-01-10 20:07
is roman already playing in mouz?
2010-01-10 20:09
2010-01-10 20:11
2010-01-10 20:12
2010-01-10 20:13
ty, and wow, looking forward to see him! Both groups are hard, 3 or 4 teams go to next level?
2010-01-10 20:21
Poland qater-
I think the same as it was last time 1st places advances to playoff then matches 2-3 vs 3-2 and 4th places fight for 7th spot in Global Finals
2010-01-10 20:31
I thought there are 6 slots for Europe.
2010-01-10 20:50
1st place advance to semi finals, 2nd and 3rd play relegation match to advance to semi finals, losers from relegation matches play vs each other for 5th place, while 4th places from groups play match for 7th place hope you understand :)
2010-01-10 20:54
yep I did :P thanks. ty qater too.
2010-01-10 21:11
2010-01-11 05:15
Will be great tournament, can't wait!
2010-01-10 20:10
gg, but so difficult for AGAiN in A Group :<
2010-01-10 20:10
if there's only 2 groups in tournament, there's no easy group
2010-01-10 20:14
my bad ;p
2010-01-10 20:22
moreover, i think group A is easier group, at last again isnt in the death group xD
2010-01-10 22:16
Sweden Vilseledd
dont know if MYM is a good test but it looks like again is ready to compete for #1 titles
2010-01-10 20:11
ye it looks like pasha improve their game a lot, but online match with MYM can't say much, lets wait for EMIV
2010-01-10 20:15
Amazing matches ahead of us :PP
2010-01-10 20:11
I hope they get owned
2010-01-10 20:18
group B seems to be much weaker than A...
2010-01-10 20:18
much weaker? fnatic, mtw, alternate and kerchnet are great teams, it will be more challenging than group A
2010-01-10 20:39
not even close imo..
2010-01-10 21:14
all that guy can see is AGAiN, maybe also Neo.
2010-01-10 22:25
well, i can also see swedes whining everytime they got owned...which is quite often...
2010-01-11 00:18
so poles aswell :x
2010-01-11 00:39
well, that's probably why fnatic and SK always end up with better results than again ;)
2010-01-11 13:23
Learn english.
2010-01-11 17:41
B is much stronger.
2010-01-11 19:17
easy lol
2010-01-10 20:20
both groups are difficult
2010-01-10 20:20
GJ Guys. GL at finals
2010-01-10 20:20
Oh, good for AGAiN, pasha will be AWP player of next decade :)
2010-01-10 20:24
talk about a big challenge for SK :/
2010-01-10 20:31
A: 1.SK 2.AGAiN 3.mouz 4.H2K B: 1.fnatic 2.mTw 3.alternate 4.????
2010-01-10 20:35
my opinion is A: 1.SK 2.H2K 3.AGAiN 4.mouz B: 1.fnatic 2.mTw 3.Alternate 4.kerchNETTT
2010-01-10 20:45
Naaah, h2k with their last lineup changes can't overcome again to take the 2nd place. I suppose they even gonna take the 4th one as mouz are now really strong imo it will be mouz, sk, again to take top 3 places, but it's hard to predict who will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
2010-01-10 20:55
I dont think that fnatic will be 1st on group, but they will win or top 3 for sure. I wanna see how mouz will play, <3 roman. Good Luck to AGAiN, I think they are in good form, and can make good damage.
2010-01-10 21:17
Having teams like fnatic mtw oXmoze and KerchNET fighting for the spots, Group B can never be called as the weaker ONE ;O
2010-01-10 20:39
KerchNET gogogo!
2010-01-10 20:40
go KerchNETT, wheree ARE russia? :/
2010-01-10 20:41
Will they provide HLTV for some matches or no HLTV at all??
2010-01-10 20:44
No sure, maybe some of the less important matches, time will tell.
2010-01-10 21:42
No chance for grand final match?>
2010-01-10 22:29
Definitely no.
2010-01-10 22:52
I see :/ Thats sad.
2010-01-10 23:06
so only streams will be available?
2010-01-11 01:33
By looking at the schedule yes. We may get a few games to broadcast, such as 5/6 & 7/8 place matches.
2010-01-11 01:44
2010-01-11 06:39
WHY !!?? ;((
2010-01-12 10:56
mousesports with roman hmm i bet mouz will be top 3.
2010-01-10 20:44
Yes agree with u :)
2010-01-10 20:45
A: 1.AGAiN 2.SK 3.mouz 4.H2k B: 1.fnatic 2.Mtw 3.Attax 4.KerzNet
2010-01-10 20:53
go mouz and alternate ;)
2010-01-10 20:55
A: 1. SK 2. Again 3. mouz 4. H2k 5. Ravens 6. Millenium B: 1. mTw 2. fnatic 3. kerchNET 4. Alternate 5. oXmoze 6. n!faculty But it's gonna be such a tough fight in both groups. I can't wait, let the games begin :)
2010-01-10 20:56
wheres soa?
2010-01-10 21:00
disbanded they split up I think
2010-01-10 21:06
Wasn't it a reason why they organized mini-tournament?
2010-01-10 23:06
It was.
2010-01-16 00:19
oh to bad...
2010-01-12 15:31
2010-01-10 21:03
blank core of the mainpage opens when im trying to download the demo :(
2010-01-10 21:13
A: 1. AGAiN 2. SK-Gaming 3. mousesports 4. Millenium 5. H2k-Gaming 6. Ravens B: 1. mTw 2. fnatic 3. oXmoze 4. Alternate 5. KerchNET 6. n!faculty
2010-01-10 21:31
I have a feeling again will rock hard going to the finals...
2010-01-10 21:31
[A} 1.SK 2.MOUZ 3.AGAIN [B] 1.mTw 2.fnatic 3.ALTERNATE
2010-01-10 21:36
1 AGAiN 2 MOUZ 3 SK 1 mTw 2 fnatic 3 oXmoze
2010-01-10 21:40
SK 3rd? Hahaha, oh wow!
2010-01-10 23:56
2010-01-11 00:19
SK will win their group, that's why he's laughing :>
2010-01-11 17:38
2010-01-12 16:02
Keep on laughing. SK won't make it to the semis.
2010-01-11 19:21
Time will show us. :)
2010-01-12 16:03
Once again! (AGAiN, he-he, he)
2010-01-16 00:20
Will be fun to see if H2K have improved now.
2010-01-10 21:40
This is going to be a great event, even better then WCG imo
2010-01-10 21:51
roman tixo and cyx, I only see this mouz stopping a swedish team from winning this
2010-01-10 21:52
I don't think that any German team can stop SK/fnatic,top 5 probably would be best for Alternate/mouz what they could do... Just compare last results,German teams shows nothing ;)
2010-01-10 22:21
We'll see in some 17 hours. :)
2010-01-16 00:21
can somebody tell me line up of mTw for this tournament?
2010-01-10 22:02
zonic, trace, minet, ave and ArcadioN
2010-01-10 22:32
NICE :D this is just te begining : >
2010-01-10 22:02
Line up of H2k ? pls :)
2010-01-10 22:09
Snajdan, Spawn, FYR773, Zyppe, zneel
2010-01-10 22:16
spawn, zyppe, snajdan, FYRR73, zneel
2010-01-10 22:18
AGAIN vs mouz :D:D Taz will finally get his revenge...or not? :)))
2010-01-10 22:10
bye bye zet
2010-01-10 22:16
whats score of maps?
2010-01-10 22:20
Poland qater-
16-6 and 16-5 As I remember
2010-01-10 22:28
omg hahaha ty
2010-01-10 22:38
Ur correct (:
2010-01-10 23:07
Good luck all of you,i hope Again gonna win.
2010-01-10 22:23
is Sunde back?
2010-01-10 22:51
No, mTw will use ArcadioN for this event. Sunde will be back on the 22th of Januar, so should mTw qualify for the World Championship, then he will be able to play there.
2010-01-10 22:53
It doesn't matter who will take a part on this tourney,cause fnatic will win it :D
2010-01-10 22:57
if its gonna happen, i think it wont be easy as they will have hard battle with MTW-SK-AGAIN :)
2010-01-10 23:14
MYM is a joke without moddiii, its like EG without n0thing or Alternate without Roman, zet is washed up, jumpy/pita are decent but are not good enough to win matches by themselves and wazorN is a horrible replacement. Delpan should replace dsn in fnatic and MYM should die. But SK/AGAiN advance from Group A, fnatic/mTw advance from Group B, SK wins it all.
2010-01-10 23:19
you're sooooo right, but i think fnatic will win :P
2010-01-10 23:40
great teamlist
2010-01-10 23:38
A. again, sk and mouz? maybe... B. mtw, fnatic and oxmoze
2010-01-11 00:21
+1 mayb oxomoze/kerchnet
2010-01-11 06:33
Nice game :P
2010-01-11 00:23
gl again
2010-01-11 00:24
any1 know when (mean part of day) will be tournament ? Im in school from 12 - 18 and i dont wanna miss AGAiN matches :<
2010-01-11 00:27
2010-01-11 00:29
have no expectations for this event. just intrestig how far KerchNet will manage to get.
2010-01-11 00:44
A) 1. Ravens 2. SK B) 1. mTw 2. fnatic You all know this is how it will be :D
2010-01-11 04:17
yeah ofc ^^
2010-01-11 06:26
Who would have thought you would be close with your prediction for group A!:P
2010-01-16 00:23
2010-01-11 04:42
great tournament! hope again get a good sponsors
2010-01-11 05:03
2010-01-11 08:17
i can see jealousy of PolisH fans about swedish teams so far by saying mTw first and fnatic 2nd . meanwhile their own team first that is AGAIN and 2nd is Sk :D Wait And Watch wat will be the result or do i make u guys remind about recent WEM 2009 tourny where LOORD GONE MAD WITH HIS TEAM MATES .. Still i Dun get it people saying GolDen 5 to again as by winning 2 wcg's , wat about fnatic takin out 5-6 tournies in just one year , AGAIN is not on top of CS ranking But Fnatic really is . GO GO GO Fnatic m With u
2010-01-11 08:58
fnatic will win this tournament AGAIN ;). dot say that mtw cannot win groupstage. fnatic never play their best in the begining.
2010-01-11 09:38
"..fnatic never play their best in the begining." AGAiN too ;)
2010-01-11 10:24
omg.... group A
2010-01-11 10:16
gl mouz!!
2010-01-11 10:17
A 1. SK 2. Again 3. Millenium 4. Mousesports 5. H2K 6. Ravens B 1. MTW 2. Fnatic 3. KerchNet 4. Alternate 5. N!faculty 6. oXmoze
2010-01-11 11:01
oxz 6th ? lol ? imo they are better than n!faculty and attax, will see :D
2010-01-11 12:13
And mTw!
2010-01-16 00:25
mousesports kick ass SK roman <3
2010-01-11 11:05
gl millenium
2010-01-11 13:06
Group A 1 AGAiN 2 SK Gaming 3 Millenium 4 mousesports/h2K Group B 1 fNATIC 2 Kerchnet 3 MTW 4 oXmoze/alternate
2010-01-11 13:24
Group A: 1.SK 2.Mouz 3.H2k/Millenium 4.Millenium/H2k 5.Again 6.Ravens Group B: 1.mTw 2.fnatic 3.KerchNet 4.Alternate 5.oXomze 6.n!
2010-01-11 22:25
1.Again 2.ravens 3.millenium 4.h2k 5.mauz (;
2010-01-11 22:55
A:AGAiN B:fnatic ;x
2010-01-11 13:25
I predict H2k to fail, miserably.
2010-01-11 23:14
[a] 1.Millenium 2.Ravens 3.Mouz 4.Sk 5.h2 6.again
2010-01-11 23:33
lol @ rollines :D
2010-01-12 05:45
If they fail @EM, people (especially Polish) won't forgive them they replaced LUq, no matter what.
2010-01-12 12:51
2010-01-16 00:26
Sry, but I do not get your reply, micke :(
2010-01-16 09:45
Group A 1 AGAiN 2 SK Gaming 3 Millenium 4 mousesports/h2K
2010-01-12 13:06
gl again and Sk
2010-01-12 14:44
fnatic will take this tournament i can bet it .
2010-01-12 17:26
Surely they will. As long as they have f0rest and GtR, they are unstoppable.
2010-01-12 20:19
They are not. What about WCG?
2010-01-16 00:26
Fooled once in 2k9, that's all my friend.
2010-01-16 09:43
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