How will NAVI's six-man setup work in Abu Dhabi?

The BLAST Premier World Final will mark the first time we will see a team utilize a six-man roster on LAN. Natus Vincere and BLAST shared some insight into how this will work in practice.

Prior to the BLAST Premier Fall Final last week, Andrey "⁠B1ad3⁠" Gorodenskiy went on record confirming rumors that Natus Vincere are ready to experiment with a six-man roster again.

The coach said that the team is preparing to bring in academy player Andrii "⁠npl⁠" Kukharskyi for "some maps" at the BLAST Premier World Final to give him a chance to show his worth and to create competition for Viktor "⁠sdy⁠" Orudzhev, who now seems to be on thin ice after trialing for the team for the past six months.

After watching NAVI play during the Fall Final, npl is ready to step onto the server in Abu Dhabi

This is a process that NAVI have already employed before when they contemplated possible improvements to their roster. In late 2020, at the height of the COVID-induced online era, Valeriy "⁠b1t⁠" Vakhovskiy joined the team from the NAVI Junior roster to play select maps instead of Egor "⁠flamie⁠" Vasilyev before he permanently replaced the Russian a few months later.

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B1ad3 confirms nipl will play "some maps" at World Final: "We want him to show what he's capable of"

The difference now is that the Abu Dhabi tournament, which takes place on December 14-18, will mark the first time we will see a team utilize a six-man roster on LAN. This brings with it some question marks over how it will work in practice when Natus Vincere want to switch players in the middle of a series. got in touch with NAVI and BLAST to ask about what this process will look like and to get some insight on how the tournament organizers will accommodate for the six-man setup.

NAVI COO Alexey "⁠xaoc⁠" Kucherov has reiterated that the plan outlined by B1ad3 is still indeed in place but left the exact details shrouded in mystery: "npl is going to play select maps instead of sdy, the same story as it was with flamie and b1t. How many maps and which ones, I can't say unfortunately at this stage. Let's surprise our enemies and see the results of his importance."

sdy will have to share time on the server with the academy player

As far as mid-series player changes go, this has been allowed by BLAST ever since the likes of Natus Vincere and Astralis first experimented with the idea of extended lineups in online tournaments in 2020. The tournament organizer added a clause to its rulebook to outline the procedure that will be in place should a team wish to make changes between maps on LAN, as well as to make sure there are no delays on such occasions, which states:

6.8. Match substitutions: Teams may field a different lineup for each subsequent Map provided that they can set-up the Player in the Playing Area within the pre-scheduled break times. Line-ups for each Map must be submitted to the Tournament Operations Manager 10 minutes before the Map starts. If they cannot set up the substitute(s) in time, this may result in the substitute(s) playing on the starting Players' peripherals and/or settings. If a substitution is made:

6.8.1. The opposing Team will have two (2) minutes to confirm their lineup with the Tournament Operations manager; and
6.8.2. The substitution is final for that Map.

BLAST also further commented on what they are doing to accommodate for six-man rosters.

"We provide six player ready gaming setups in each practice room. This has been a staple for BLAST events for the past couple years. This has been used by NAVI on two occasions, once previously for headtr1ck and for npl in the recent Fall Finals," the tournament operator has told

"The substitute will be required to do SSD set up with their team pre-tournament to ensure that they're ready, if they need to set up. Their set up time will be the 15 minutes allocated between the maps, we will not provide any additional time."

To summarize, let's say sdy plays the first map of a series and the map ends, and Natus Vincere want to bring in npl for the second map. They have the next five minutes to notify BLAST of the player change — at which point this change becomes irreversible for that map — and 15 minutes in total to switch the prepared hard drives and peripherals before the next map starts.

Ukraine Alexey 'xaoc' Kucherov
Alexey 'xaoc' Kucherov
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Russia Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Valeriy 'b1t' Vakhovskiy
Valeriy 'b1t' Vakhovskiy
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Viktor 'sdy' Orudzhev
Viktor 'sdy' Orudzhev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Andrii 'npl' Kukharskyi
Andrii 'npl' Kukharskyi
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
npl is practicing with NaVi right now in this very moment Not sure yet if he'll play 100% or sdy will play some maps
2022-12-05 18:17
32 replies
"npl is practicing with NaVi right now in this very moment" Source? I'm not doubting you at all. Just curious on how I can also keep tabs :) -- Curious American
2022-12-05 18:30
31 replies
practice server ofc
2022-12-05 18:32
28 replies
Would you mind sharing with me how you check them? Or is asking someone for the practice server IP along the same lines as asking a magician for his tricks? Hahaha
2022-12-05 18:34
27 replies
I don't want them getting ddossed so I can't but you can trust, I have no reason to lie
2022-12-05 18:35
26 replies
"I don't want them getting ddossed" Yeah, this is what I assumed would be the case. That's why I was curious as to whether or not there was some sort of safe way to check the lobbies without compromising the IP. "so I can't but you can trust, I have no reason to lie" No worries my friend. I completely understand, and I also trust that you are telling the truth :) Thanks for the update about the situation, I appreciate it. Hopefully we can see another Grand Final between FaZe and NaVi to close out the year. Obviously NaVi have been in utter shambles lately, so there is a good chance that they stumble and don't even make it that far. But I am still of the belief that FaZe are the best team in the world at the moment in time, and I expect them to at the very least make it to the Finals (especially with stavn missing the event). Even if NaVi fall short to FaZe in the Finals once again, I still believe that a back and forth battle between the two for one last time would be the ideal way to finish out the 2022 season. Regardless, I wish you the best and hope you have a great week! Take care and be well my friend <3 -- Appreciative American
2022-12-05 18:42
25 replies
2022-12-05 19:10
+1, perhaps the most wholesome commenter ever accounted
2022-12-05 19:29
6 replies
Thank you for the kind words, you made my day! :D I hope you have had a good start to your week. If not, just remember that tough times don't last; tough people do. Be well my friend <3 -- Happy American
2022-12-05 21:37
4 replies
Is this hltv? Am I dreaming?
2022-12-06 11:19
3 replies
2022-12-06 14:49
2022-12-06 21:35
Hahahaha, thank you for making me laugh. I hope you had a good day my friend :) -- Happy American
2022-12-06 23:03
2022-12-06 02:37
good essay
2022-12-05 19:31
1 reply
Thank you :)
2022-12-05 21:37
Jonyt? Is that you?
2022-12-05 19:35
7 replies
"Jonyt? Is that you?" Haha, unfortunately no. But I take the comparison as a compliment, so thank you for the kind words :) Take care my friend, -- Appreciative American
2022-12-05 21:35
5 replies
Are you on drugs bruh? XD
2022-12-05 21:59
4 replies
Germany blochaa
he has to be right? but nice person anyways :)
2022-12-05 22:09
3 replies
Haha yeah. But i agree good vibes, just sus
2022-12-05 22:35
nobody is nice on the internet
2022-12-06 04:52
1 reply
It's just that the nice people are usually quiet.
2022-12-11 22:13
2022-12-05 21:52
Spain sary44
american moment fr
2022-12-05 19:36
Very interesting personalities
2022-12-05 23:55
United States Trotzdem21
Average ignorant america Glory to China!
2022-12-06 01:32
1 reply
United States s0mple2k
2022-12-06 02:46
rain | 
Libya Planum
Oh I'd love another close final between Faze and Navi, would be a very fitting way to end the year off
2022-12-06 02:08
1 reply
Yes baby mqn
2022-12-06 11:42
France CMGloriam
hell no this aint no hltv there r no such goodcommenters
2022-12-09 21:17
you will always be uninformed
2022-12-07 00:36
1 reply
Truer words have never been spoken. -- Clueless American
2022-12-07 01:21
Calyx | 
Turkey zane_
it wont
2022-12-05 18:14
1 reply
Germany EZ_for_BIG
+1 they cant beat a single team in the tournament (maybe OG with a bit of luck)
2022-12-05 21:22
Sweden Tomper
2022-12-05 18:15
2022-12-05 18:17
England MikeLCHV
navi has done a good job easing their youngsters into the team, not rushing them and giving them time, it will be good for them in the long run
2022-12-05 18:18
6-man roster pepelaugh
2022-12-05 18:18
It won't work I think
2022-12-05 18:19
i mean it worked with flamie and b1t so why not, its not like it can get much worse than it is right now.
2022-12-05 18:19
2 replies
2022-12-05 18:27
Famous last words
2022-12-05 19:52
Won't work LUL If it did the MONSTER EG 15 man roster would have an era
2022-12-05 18:19
4 replies
Other KittyVN
Nah doesn't work if all 15 not good enough
2022-12-05 18:29
1 reply
then that means NaVi will only lave 40% the success of EG in this event.
2022-12-05 18:30
Soo what happened to that experiment? After the launch didnt hear anything about it
2022-12-05 21:49
1 reply
There teams have been playing and have been decent
2022-12-05 22:11
Russia w1ndcast
cringe for sdy
2022-12-05 18:20
1 reply
2022-12-05 18:23
2022-12-05 18:22
It will not
2022-12-05 18:29
Stop runing sdy and let him go,he deserves better team than Navi.
2022-12-05 18:37
8 replies
He has been free to leave this entire time, and he is still free to leave currently. Sdy has never been under contract with NaVi. -- Random American
2022-12-05 18:45
7 replies
he is a true professional
2022-12-05 18:47
6 replies
Without a doubt. As a NaVi fan, I have never been in favor of the roster move ever since the beginning. That being said, I admire how Sdy has handled the situation, and I have nothing against him as a person. I truly wish the best for him and hope that he gets another opportunity on a quality team that is looking for a support player, because I think he has the potential to play a role on a trophy contender going forward. The entire situation has just been a disaster overall, however I am happy that he was able to lift a trophy when it is all said and done :) -- Average American
2022-12-05 18:52
5 replies
2022-12-05 19:02
We should not forget that there is a bloody war in this country, we should give the man a break. I also wish sdy best of luck.
2022-12-05 19:32
2 replies
Absolutely. It's a shame how many people on these forums act as if the war only impacted their lives for a month or so and then everything went back to normal. That is anything but the case. My heart goes out to all of the players along with their friends and families who have been going through living hell ever since February. We can only pray that those who hold the highest power throughout the world come to their sense one day, and I firmly believe that it starts with the United States. Our actions are unexplainable, despicable, and need to be stopped. But that is a conversation for another day. Take care my friend <3 -- Honest American
2022-12-05 21:27
1 reply
peace, bro
2022-12-05 21:49
He can even be a star player like he was on spirit. Sdy got lots of talents and if he took an other role he would of shown his old spirit form imo..
2022-12-06 04:27
2022-12-05 18:46
Hungary szia
we have asked this question like 10 times before regarding other teams
2022-12-05 18:50
Navi will probably let sdy play only in Vertigo
2022-12-05 19:11
2022-12-05 19:13
It wont, it wont work, thats how most teams who play with 6 ppl end up with internal fighting, as playing with 6 ppl shows a clear lack of "something", the whole "yeah we're gonna hire someone else but nobody is losing their job yet" has NEVER worked out
2022-12-05 19:15
5 replies
It did for Navi didnt it?
2022-12-06 11:09
2 replies
yeah worked so well theyre at it again with different players
2022-12-06 14:17
1 reply
I think they had a pretty good year after B1t replaced flamie eventually. They are back to different players, because they had to kick Boombl4 not because it didnt work.
2022-12-07 10:47
India BAXI
Worked for navi and vitality
2022-12-06 12:04
Actually the 6 man lineup idea was showing a lot of promise with Navi and Vitality and more teams were ready to jump on until Valve blocked it for majors
2022-12-06 14:51
Turkey Joper
6th man roster is bad!
2022-12-05 19:26
United States admiralsid
It won't.
2022-12-05 19:42
*Astralis 6 man setup flashbacks intensify*
2022-12-05 19:49
ty but wyh
2022-12-05 19:57
this would give CS devs a stroke if they actually cared about the game
2022-12-05 20:02
Ridiculous. Sdy absolutely played well enough during the Major. He has crap roles and often gets pinched 2v1 when his teammates die. His aim mechanics arent spectacular but above average forsure
2022-12-05 20:42
maximum 1 win for this event. Probably 0 for NAVI :(
2022-12-05 20:50
6 man roster is pretty lame IMO
2022-12-05 21:04
4 replies
I havent played in a while but I think game is still 5v5.
2022-12-05 22:41
3 replies
OFC, but I think it's pretty lame to have a 6th member to call in on certain maps. I like that Valve does not allow it
2022-12-06 08:23
2 replies
Ukraine GluckFM
Its not going to work in the long run, but the whole point of Navi doing it is to ease the academy player in, focusing only on some maps. Sdy is going to get cut, while nipl is either going to show some promise and get his place as a permanent 5th or be back to academy roster in favour of a new pick-up.
2022-12-06 17:07
1 reply
Yeah I understand why they do it and they were successful last time they did it but I'm still against it. Also; it's "npl" now since he has matured lol xD
2022-12-07 10:27
What's all the fuss with the storage about in all seriousness? Switching accounts, changing periphery if needed, and adjusting the setup with an easy copy + paste for the cfg should take care of everything, shouldn't it?
2022-12-05 21:35
Poland miedzianek
so its npl or nipl? hltv messing up his nickname
2022-12-05 21:59
2 replies
Russia el1ge_
maybe nipl changed his nick to npl
2022-12-05 23:17
I was wondering too, normally its nipl but maybe a choice from navi.
2022-12-06 00:47
How will this affect the Fantsy game?
2022-12-05 22:20
kick blad3 and sdy goes to coach
2022-12-05 22:43
1 reply
Sweden hxm__
2022-12-06 05:48
this move wont help haha
2022-12-05 22:48
jabbi | 
Czech Republic sb__
that photo cold af
2022-12-05 23:07
Russia NOD777
Imagine playing $1 million blast when your players are constantly thinking about their future in the team. More pressure the better, excellent job navi. Reaching new stupidity heights everyday
2022-12-06 00:01
2 replies
navi rich org they dont car
2022-12-06 00:10
1 reply
Russia NOD777
2022-12-06 00:12
Why change something beautiful as "nipl" to "npl"
2022-12-06 00:46
ez for npL
2022-12-06 01:06
ez 4 sdy
2022-12-06 01:42
Aruba defoliant
navi will suck in Abu Dhabi. As always.
2022-12-06 01:42
1 reply
Says a g2 fan lmao
2022-12-06 04:29
rain | 
Libya Planum
Bro that 1st photo is amazing
2022-12-06 02:02
Brazil GsV
it will be just like old O Plano, Lucas1 always went out on dust2, there's was someone that didn't liked Ancient probably sdy will not play his worst maps
2022-12-06 03:04
2022-12-06 04:59
ZywOo | 
United Kingdom Flw30
At this point is just a matter of time till sdy will leave Navi. I think he will fit in G2 pretty well :)
2022-12-06 05:33
Imi, 6-man roster has always been we have 2 player, 1 under performs 1 not proven and we see which one is perfect. Every other teams that tried to other bullshit reason wilk always fail.
2022-12-06 06:23
1 reply
Fully agreed
2022-12-06 11:33
Answer: depends on simples tantrums.
2022-12-06 07:21
it wont, and 6 man rosters shouldn't be allowed
2022-12-06 07:54
Indonesia rerhea
blast final in abu dhabi? can't wait to see how the production will look like
2022-12-06 10:09
1 reply
Estonia Kukkel
top notch
2022-12-06 10:21
Such a pointless situation. Recruit an IGL and let S1mple, Electronic and b1t just carry Navi to victory every event. They are a better front trio than any other team in the world.
2022-12-06 11:08
1 reply
is true but there isnt any good igls, boopla was shit. i still thin knavi will win this tournamet if they play with the new kid
2022-12-06 12:21
Wtf is this...
2022-12-06 11:23
I thought sdy was kicked
2022-12-06 11:31
Just let npl play fully
2022-12-06 11:32
2022-12-06 11:34
time for a terrible joke i hear Saudi Arabia don't like the Flintstones but Abu Dhabi do
2022-12-06 12:05
They may need a couple more on it just to really spread out S1mple's toxicity obviously perfecto is still going to be the main punch bag for the billy GOAT but you know sometimes you just need to attack someone else, maybe get a German on the team we know he doesn't like them very much maybe get Farlig on there somewhere.
2022-12-06 12:28
wont work if s1mple keeps being toxic in midgame
2022-12-06 13:00
Slovenia wappa
they rly made him change his nickname lol
2022-12-06 14:11
didnt valve forbid 6 man rosters?
2022-12-06 14:23
I assume it will work this way: Navi can only play with 5 people. Not six.
2022-12-06 15:56
Ukraine Bidus
npl, sdy... Stupid nicknames are stupid.
2022-12-06 17:47
Letting a guy play “some maps” is ridiculous lol. At least let him commit to playing a full bo3. Getting in the flow state takes more than a single map.
2022-12-06 22:20
Brazil isbetter
Didn't they use this before like a lot and didn't work?
2022-12-07 02:23
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