Imperial in talks to replace fer with JOTA - Report

The MIBR player has been chosen as the 31-year-old's replacement, with the negotiations already at an "advanced stage."

Imperial are interested in MIBR player Jhonatan "⁠JOTA⁠" Willian to replace outgoing Fernando "⁠fer⁠" Alvarenga, according to a report from

The report adds further fuel to fer's retirement rumors, with the veteran rifler talking about looking to step down from the roster ahead of the IEM Rio RMR in an interview with in October. It is not known whether fer will put an end to his career or only take a break, but he is expected to step down from the Imperial roster in the new year.

fer is on his way out of Imperial

Two-time Major winner fer has been with Imperial since the start of 2022 when the "Last Dance" project came together and reunited three members of the legendary SK and Luminosity teams.

fer has been Imperial's highest-rated player and helped them qualify for both 2022 Majors, as they first reached the Legends Stage in Antwerp before fulfilling their dreams of attending their home Major in Rio, where they exited in the Challengers Stage. Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo is now set to be the only remaining member of the legendary roster on Imperial, as both fer and Lincoln "⁠fnx⁠" Lau have been removed from the active lineup.

JOTA is currently contracted to MIBR and has represented the organization since October 2021. He has shown impressive individual form during 2022, putting up the team's second-highest average rating of 1.18 while also fulfilling the IGL role since the middle of the year.

With the change, Imperial would be:

Brazil Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo
Brazil Ricardo "⁠boltz⁠" Prass
Brazil Marcelo "⁠chelo⁠" Cespedes
Brazil Vinicius "⁠VINI⁠" Figueiredo
Brazil Jhonatan "⁠JOTA⁠" Willian

Brazil Lincoln "⁠fnx⁠" Lau (coach)

Brazil Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Jhonatan 'JOTA' Willian
Jhonatan 'JOTA' Willian
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Vinicius 'VINI' Figueiredo
Vinicius 'VINI' Figueiredo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes
Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Ricardo 'boltz' Prass
Ricardo 'boltz' Prass
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil flytw4tp
disband is the right choice
2022-12-23 23:35
27 replies
Fer will play in any t1 eu easy
2022-12-23 23:41
5 replies
Brazil Shinoky
Sure, but I think he want to retire
2022-12-24 02:49
3 replies
Same, get your well deserved rest fer, you are a legend of this game and one of the best players to touch it
2022-12-24 03:20
1 reply
2022-12-24 10:54
I think that everyone would retire, but rio MAJOR's performances were so bad that I think it left a bitter taste in the mouth, coldzera 3y ago told that he would play for more 2y and them start a business with his brother. I legitimately thought, that if they make it to the knockout stage, we'd have 3~5 retirement's
2022-12-24 15:38
2022-12-25 17:35
Brazil Necro_Spa
mibr keeps losing their igls lmao clown management
2022-12-24 00:10
4 replies
losing jota might help mibr, even tho he's their best player...
2022-12-24 01:59
Brazil MrLucas
Jota was never meant to be an IGL, maybe now they can get a real one
2022-12-24 14:42
mibr has struggled since imperial came in to the Brazilian scene
2022-12-24 17:49
Brazil brwtv
exit is the current IGL instead of JOTA, and he's doing a fairly decent job so far, so at least they have that.
2022-12-24 20:44
Fallen just retire man I love you but you have done so much already for this community. get home to your wife etc have fun enjoy the family and other stuff in life, look back on this with a great smile and play some scrims as a hobby. stream perhaps :)
2022-12-24 00:18
5 replies
Andorra mopGOD420
first he has to win another major tho
2022-12-24 01:06
4 replies
in todays competition? sorry its not gonne happen besides he has two already! and competed in the brazil major.
2022-12-24 11:10
3 replies
Andorra mopGOD420
you never know. when he was with LG they said it's not gonna happen and he won 2. since dream and cry are free i'll risk it and keep the dream alive xd edit: it wasn't so far in antwerp
2022-12-24 17:15
2 replies
He was also 6 years younger and he was already old then
2022-12-26 07:53
1 reply
Andorra mopGOD420
Had less experience. Thx for making my point
2022-12-26 20:22
Slovakia EvErisT
2022-12-24 01:10
Brazil ImReverx
2022-12-24 03:24
4 replies
Furia fan 🤫
2022-12-24 10:34
3 replies
Yeah but if you are brazillian why cheer for g2
2022-12-24 12:15
Brazil ImReverx
furia fe* lmao also furia: semifinals g2: buying tickets on arena cuz cant win a game against GL
2022-12-24 15:47
i c
2022-12-25 06:45
Always the right choice in Brazil
2022-12-24 19:28
Europe Khanan
All old guys gone, only one left and a bunch of younglings, I mean FalleN is igl so it’s fine if he still wants to play. Fer was clearly over it
2022-12-25 00:25
Latvia laiziolas
Why so negative bro?
2022-12-25 07:53
nooooo why fer
2022-12-23 23:36
6 replies
-BOLTZ +JOTA that would be the move.... wtf is this fer was playing kinda like a "entry" to die , for chelo trades.... bring passive jota who is amazing, while having passive boltz......
2022-12-24 00:06
4 replies
now read the article
2022-12-24 00:11
1 reply
im BR lmao i know fer doesn´t wanna play anymore , still my point is the same. bring someone else for fer spot, and kick boltz to add JOTA.
2022-12-24 13:32
Brazil setsz
fer is retiring
2022-12-24 01:19
1 reply
i know , sou br
2022-12-24 13:33
He's retiring
2022-12-24 00:20
I feel like fer wasn’t really the problem for these guys but we will see where they go from here
2022-12-23 23:36
3 replies
Brazil pedrohmn
he's retiring
2022-12-23 23:40
Brazil dio_scuro
was his own decision.
2022-12-23 23:44
retirement bro
2022-12-23 23:44
boltz still on this team is a joke
2022-12-23 23:36
9 replies
+1 also JOTA is a upgrade over boltz, and both play same style.... its a easy -boltz+JOTA but wtv...
2022-12-24 00:07
7 replies
#13 How hard is it to read the article before shitting?
2022-12-24 08:26
1 reply
2022-12-24 10:50
Fer decided to step down , so why kick boltz and change 2 players ?
2022-12-24 12:31
4 replies
because boltz is dragging the team down. JOTa is a clear upgrade over him any day of the week , and both have the same playstyle. NOW you will have both JOTa and boltz, JOTA will not have as much space because he will have to split it with passive bot boltz , and will not perform as good as he could.
2022-12-24 13:34
3 replies
But der is leaving , then you kick boltz, who do you sign ? First find replacement, then bench boltz, it’s pointless to do now
2022-12-24 17:17
2 replies
-boltz +JOTA -fer because wanna leave +turtlee/br4zan
2022-12-24 18:44
1 reply
If they are willing to go , sure , I agree
2022-12-24 19:59
2022-12-29 16:00
United Kingdom jenko_
Please kick FalleN and this team might not be washed
2022-12-23 23:37
1 reply
United Kingdom Shoomus
have you seen boltz???????
2022-12-24 04:15
duo CHOTA (chelo + JOTA) again? interesting
2022-12-23 23:38
2 replies
D7 | 
South America ZyvvOo
nice duo name KKJKK
2022-12-24 02:07
Brazil renatorib
CHOTA stronk
2022-12-24 02:40
You guys don't understand fer is the one who wants to leave and stop to play compt cs?
2022-12-23 23:39
1 reply
Andorra mopGOD420
+1 also he's still ferMONSTER
2022-12-24 01:09
Brazil mvdabala
and boltz still on the roster smh this is insane
2022-12-23 23:39
France MIK120
2022-12-23 23:41
Russia Ozymandius
What a shame. Really wanted to see fallen, fer and coldzera on the same team again. happy retirement fer!
2022-12-23 23:41
these replies lmao. fer is retiring, its not imperial kicking him
2022-12-23 23:41
1 reply
Europe kuu1
I see that Jota has a thigh injury. Will he be able to play?
2022-12-24 06:21
2022-12-23 23:42
Brazil maaaikinhu
2022-12-23 23:43
Brazil hugoooo
Terrible misleading title, it looks like Imperial is the one wanting fer to being replaced, when in reality it is fer leaving by his own will.
2022-12-23 23:46
1 reply
2022-12-23 23:54
If he is really retiring, I wish him all the best of luck and that he enjoys it a lot, he has already done a lot for the Brazilian CS, 2 Majors + more than 8 Tier S trophies, he doesn't need to prove anything else or be charged by anyone
2022-12-23 23:47
Fallen doing his last dance alone apparently
2022-12-23 23:47
2 replies
yeah, with the biggest community in CSGO behind him
2022-12-24 00:41
with coach - fnx
2022-12-25 17:19
now they need to replace boltz for a new young talent
2022-12-23 23:49
2 replies
Boltz and vini gg
2022-12-24 03:53
Boltz should have been kicked after incident on a site against cloud9, when sh1ro killed 2 and boltz was planting like nothing happened.
2022-12-25 04:04
Finland bingus
biggest VROOM VROOM of my fucking life jesus christ
2022-12-23 23:50
Brazil 4vengerr
What about noway ? he's very good
2022-12-23 23:52
1 reply
Brazil hugoooo
The guy never played on a team in his entire life dude, you can't be serious. He looks very skilled but that's not what it takes to join Imperial out of nowhere.
2022-12-23 23:56
Expected. He was so burned out. Wish him the best
2022-12-23 23:52
Brazil Frez7y
He was burned out asf. hope he recovers and plays again.
2022-12-23 23:57
Brazil loketz
not a bad move by Imperial. They wouldn't just disband the team after spending that much money on chelo
2022-12-24 00:02
obrigado pela honra de te ver a jogar cs Dona Morte.
2022-12-23 23:59
Finland aleksiii
buy the entirety of mibr at this point wtf
2022-12-24 00:06
I really thought fer could of done way more in his career after sk but chose to stay inactive and play for shit teams while coldzera atleast tried out international roster with faze, guy was such an aggro aim god back then and one of the best pistol players.
2022-12-24 00:09
7 replies
he just didnt care anymore. the man has money for the rest of his life, he achieved the top and there's nothing after what he has conquered. we saw this year when fallen asked him to come back what he can do with some motivation. fanboys apart this guy is a legend. a real #1 that if it wasnt coldzera he would absolutly deserve it.
2022-12-24 00:15
Brazil loketz
he could have gone to Liquid with Fallen. In a interview fer said he was going to Liquid but Liquid couldn't hire him because of the problems he had in the past. (I believe it was because of that one time fer supposedly made a racist comment on his stream and proceeded to deny it was racist on twitter. But later agreed with everyone else) On fer own words: ''I failed the public relations test. The person search your entire life on the Internet in the past 10 years, what you did in social media etc. And Liquid is a very restrict and serious organization. Since i'm a very polemic person it turned out I couldn't join the team 'cause I failed this test.'' source:
2022-12-24 00:30
4 replies
Brazil loketz
He also said that because of the online era he had no desire in playing the game, he didn't missed playing the game because everything was online.
2022-12-24 00:33
damn i didn't know this but still even if he joined liquid at that time he was already considered washed along with fallen
2022-12-24 02:45
If that's true then Liquid is a Clown org. Not signing fer for this but having signed s1mple after his racist comments on Stream.
2022-12-24 10:50
1 reply
Different times mate. Maybe Liquid's moral values has changed. I also forgot, While joking, he supposedly incitemented r*pe (which later he apologized for)
2022-12-24 13:28
It's hard to have the same motivation as before after winning 2 Majors, in addition to Brazil being very limited in good revelations of young talent after 2017 (nowadays it is an aspect that Brazil is improving again in my view, we are revealing a lot of good talent) and unnecessary lineup changes, how many players who won Majors 4, 5, 6, 7 years ago do you see at the high level today? Only Hobbit, Apex and maybe Krimz I believe
2022-12-24 00:31
last dance without old players kekw
2022-12-24 00:23
bolt, chelo and jota = mibr
2022-12-24 00:45
if fallen leaves imperia nowl this team loses 99.99% of their fanbase
2022-12-24 00:49
Pog! Jota nice move
2022-12-24 00:58
tier 4 team
2022-12-24 00:59
pls dont add ugly in imperial
2022-12-24 01:08
3 replies
Canada Yaokon
Eh? Who cares about looks? Either ur indian you shouldn't make fun of someone appearance
2022-12-24 01:52
2 replies
that's an american fakeflagger on his way to get banned
2022-12-24 05:46
that's Niger's flag not India's. And you seem more racist than him asshole
2022-12-24 13:42
As always, FalleN backstabbing every single teammate he has had for the chance to play 6 more months in a roster that can hopefully get to the quarter-finals of a tier 2 tournament. Disband, and FalleN retire.
2022-12-24 01:11
3 replies
fer said he wants to retire multiple times recently you insufferable porteño
2022-12-24 01:25
1 reply
I'm not Porteño, ignorant.
2022-12-24 10:48
Brazil Ties4
? bait
2022-12-24 02:49
zevy | 
Brazil tlszin
Sad for Fer but happy to see the "chota" duo again
2022-12-24 01:19
blotz farting his ass wtf
2022-12-24 01:21
b a s e d
2022-12-24 01:25
Imperial is finished
2022-12-24 01:28
Hungary szia
fallen and boltz will be kicked in 4 months, and then we will see "last dance v2" 6 months after that
2022-12-24 01:31
Fer in 2K23 LUL
2022-12-24 01:57
1 reply
Still one of the best in his role
2022-12-24 10:52
Team will go nowhere with 3 former mibr players and a washed FalleN, this could be a great opportunity for Mr Toledo to sign some young talents and give them an opportunity but oh well
2022-12-24 02:03
Hungary ShadYyBoy
Big Big sad:(
2022-12-24 02:34
Brazil Ties4
2022-12-24 02:48
1 reply
2022-12-24 07:30
2022-12-24 02:51
El Salvador Bredalow
Jota downgrade From liverpool to imperial, didn't know he played cs as well.
2022-12-24 03:00
Brazil tkoflame
its now time for cs to learn who NOWAY is
2022-12-24 03:15
1 reply
2022-12-24 03:52
When -boltz and -vini
2022-12-24 03:51
10 replies
ropz | 
India psn46
Dead scene
2022-12-24 05:51
2 replies
cu | 
Brazil Morck
India that has a lively scene
2022-12-24 06:36
1 reply
you know what isnt lively? the cow I killed to get some steaks
2022-12-24 18:01
Brazil Ties4
-vini = rip imperial literally the only decent (and good asf) player remaining there.
2022-12-24 16:55
6 replies
2022-12-25 10:51
5 replies
Brazil Ties4
Are you on drugs, bro? Vini used to be the best support of the entire world outside EU and CIS.
2022-12-26 06:29
4 replies
2022-12-27 06:06
3 replies
Brazil Ties4
Lulz what? This isnt an opinion, its a literal and statistical fact lol
2022-12-27 15:42
2 replies
Best eu suport statical fact 😂😂😂😂
2022-12-27 22:05
1 reply
Brazil Ties4
outside EU and CIS, lol dont you know the meaning of this word? do some research, learn some english.
2022-12-27 23:18
Just disband then honestly, no reason to continue this without fer
2022-12-24 04:00
fer | 
Brazil vinyhg
Like Lucas1 said, Fergod is irreplaceable... Fergod forever <3
2022-12-24 04:03
Brazil darkfroid
first dance
2022-12-24 04:08
Beginning of the end for Imperial, FalleN’s last year then cya
2022-12-24 07:58
Id rather play for MIBR tho…
2022-12-24 08:16
Jota join dead team rip career
2022-12-24 08:43
United States kalimbo
They need to replace the whole last dance
2022-12-24 09:02
The dancing last one is fallen now lul
2022-12-24 09:14
Finland FlNLAND
🤡🤡 Last circus 🤡🤡
2022-12-24 09:17
2022-12-24 09:19
1 reply
Romania bLaZe_420
Fer probably doesn't want to play anymore
2022-12-24 13:06
Why anybody care about T3 team?
2022-12-24 09:22
2 replies
If noone cared about Tier 3 the Gigachad would still play for Falmes
2022-12-24 10:53
1 reply
He is the best T side IGL in the world
2022-12-24 12:04
imperial slowly building a mibr roster of their own fallen boltz jota and chelo now all they need tp do is replace vini
2022-12-24 09:38
7 replies
If they replace Vini, they are the losers, Vini is Top 2 Brazilian supports rn
2022-12-24 10:36
6 replies
Im just saying they colectibg ex mibr players like thanos colected the infinity stones
2022-12-24 13:51
what makes you think that? i think vini had a bad year individually, i dont even remember him performing well against the big boys.
2022-12-24 16:37
4 replies
Look at him playing for Furia and compare with him playing for Imperial, for Furia he played a lot better and was better used (by Art), is it his fault or the way he is used?
2022-12-24 16:43
3 replies
furia kicked him, what do you mean about him performing? maybe its true he is not playing his most confortable role but truth is he is very inconsistent and never had the impact many people (including me) expected from him. he is a chill guy and i think he can still get better but def not top 5 supporter...
2022-12-24 16:51
2 replies
Is he not Top 5 support in Brazil? What are you smoking? Say to me 5 BR supports better than him. And on Furia he was kicked by Furia to see the opportunity to sell him to bring a young player from the Academy team (drop) who managed to fit well into his roles (VINI), not every kick is because performance
2022-12-24 17:05
1 reply
why do i have to be smoking something or be retarded just because i have a different opinion than yours? if vini was performing (which he wasnt for a long time before getting kicked) furia wouldnt think they need to change him for an academy player. even fnx had more impact than vini in imperial and i mean it inside the server. in fact, boltz and vini were the worst players in the team by far. you have the right to think what you want but just dont tell the others they are on drugs coz they dont agree with you.
2022-12-25 02:42
sad but expected, ill miss Fer gameplay, one of the smartest players in his prime
2022-12-24 10:54
Firmino to Imperial when?
2022-12-24 11:13
fer retiring with 1.14 rating against top 5 teams, shit
2022-12-24 14:17
Portugal dracø
ruined :(
2022-12-24 15:23
2022-12-24 15:36
Barbados Esme
Nice upgrade!
2022-12-24 15:49
it´s really sad, first for fer leaving, and second for boltz staying, he is so bad hopefully we bring someone else too, cuz boltz sucks rn
2022-12-24 15:56
Argentina cheapdeed
this is just old mibr but with vini sad to see fer go
2022-12-24 16:46
rip JOTA
2022-12-24 18:46
2022-12-24 18:49
Brazil paypal
NOOOOOOOO why they didnt kick boltz wtf
2022-12-24 18:53
kick boltz, fast
2022-12-24 22:58
Fiji codein
2022-12-24 22:59
Brazil Fut0n
Sad... He was actually overperfoming at this age. I didn't even expect him to be capable of playing T1 again, and yet he was one of the best of the team
2022-12-25 00:01
Brazil NiceFox7
2022-12-25 00:08
Only papa fallen left... Without him on the team entire point of the Imperial brand lose its meaning, will be yet another Brazilian team like mibr
2022-12-25 04:06
Wouldnt brnz4n be the better option? Young talent with prolly more potential. Any BR with knowledge can answer that?
2022-12-25 04:12
1 reply
Both are great options tbh. I hope -boltz +brnz4n will also happen
2022-12-25 21:39
Fer legend! Keep playing please
2022-12-25 06:33
United States B0b3rT
2022-12-25 11:05
Brazil Sukoru
Good riddance, roid kiddo. A washed player that keeps dragging controversy and playing only to get his monthly check, nothing more, retire already.
2022-12-25 13:11
Until they keep Boltz this will be a tier3 team. Boltz is one of the worst "pros" is the br scene
2022-12-25 15:48
1 reply
one of their problems for sure, but lets not pretend like they will be able to compete in t1 with FalleN taking up the awp
2022-12-31 18:23
sad. Fer was still pretty good
2022-12-26 00:11
cAmyy | 
Other ToRu
no Fer no fun =\
2022-12-27 22:10
Can someby retire this trash so actual good young players can get a chance
2022-12-28 13:06
4 replies
Can you also tell NA scene to do this as well? I tell them to retire old NA trash like Rush and Stanlislaw but they don't listen to me. Maybe they listen to you thanks friend.
2022-12-31 01:25
3 replies
Take a bottle of maple syrup and shove it up your ass
2022-12-31 18:15
2 replies
wtf mens
2022-12-31 18:24
2023-01-01 04:03
downgrade but unlucky if fer wants to retire
2022-12-31 18:22
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