huNter-: "Swani will stay and be our coach"

G2 continue their good form in the new season with a winning start at BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

G2 came into the BLAST Premier Spring Groups fresh from a title-winning campaign at BLAST World Finals at the end of last season, ending their five-year-long trophy drought in the process.

G2 won their first test against BIG

The European team continued their form in the new year by dispatching of German squad BIG in a relatively-straightforward 2-0 victory, giving themselves a good platform to qualify for the Spring Final.

After their win, Nemanja "⁠huNter-⁠" Kovač shared his thoughts on the new season and gave some information about Jan "⁠Swani⁠" Müller's position in the team.

Congrats on the win. It must be nice to start 2023 with a good performance?

First of all, thank you. It's always important to win the first game of the season and it's never easy to do it. So I'm really happy because of it and yeah, we need to keep it up now.

It's also probably nice that you managed to close out Mirage, given what a close map it was?

Yeah, we started really well. We were leading 8-0 and then after we lost seven rounds in a row, maybe we were thinking that we'll close it out really easily, but in the end, we closed it out somehow. It was not pretty but I'm really happy that we did it, the win also gives us two days off here before playing the next game against NAVI or NIP. So yeah, we need to see what we did well and keep that, and also what we did badly and improve those things.

So about Inferno, do you think that you managed to take the confidence from closing out Mirage into the second map?

Yeah, I think Mirage helped us for sure mentally wise compared to BIG. We started really quick on Inferno as well, we were leading 6-1. Then we lost some really stupid rounds like a 3vs3 post-plant situation, and so on. We gave them the chance to come back on Inferno and it wasn't pretty either.

I would say on the CT side we were really comfortable and that makes me really happy because we were struggling a lot at the end of the season with CT inferno, while we played the T side amazingly. We were winning like eleven or twelve rounds almost always and we were fighting to win four or five rounds on CT to close it out almost every time. So yeah, I'm happy that we managed to close it out with a good CT side this time.

You obviously ended last year with a title and thus decided to keep the same roster going into 2023. Do you think that will help you get up to speed quicker, given that Katowice and EPL are just around the corner?

Yeah, I'm really happy because we didn't change anything because like in the last three player breaks we were changing something in the team. Of course, we will not change after winning in Abu Dhabi at the end of the year, there is no reason to change. We have a great team, I have great teammates around me, great players, we have great chemistry between us right now and we are going game by game.

We are not thinking too much about what is in one month. Now we are playing BLAST, and we are trying our best to qualify for the Spring Finals. This is our main goal. And then when we come to Katowice, EPL, and everything else, because there are a lot of events this year, we'll talk about it step by step.

Swani is still standing behind the team. Can you shed some light on the coaching situation at G2?

Swani is our permanent coach, we are not looking for other coaches. He will stay and be our coach because, as I said, we were changing things almost every player break in the last three or four times. Now we won in Abu Dhabi and after everything that happened to us, after losing in the RMR, after losing our coach and manager, we stayed together. We didn't stop believing in ourselves during this time, and Swani was with us all the time as a big part of it. There's no reason to change for now at least, he will be our coach for the future. We really don't want to add somebody who will ruin the atmosphere and chemistry that we are having right now.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Nemanja 'huNter-' Kovač
Nemanja 'huNter-' Kovač
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Maps played:
Germany Jan 'Swani' Müller
Jan 'Swani' Müller
2023-01-20 22:22
That's fucking great news!
2023-01-20 22:23
yeah right
2023-01-20 22:23
1 reply
I mean he lists it in his twitter bio as well. I think it used to say interim
2023-01-20 22:26
Called it
2023-01-20 22:24
Denmark Siicko
Hes better anyways. Cuz they have better connections with him
2023-01-20 22:25
huNter: told by the management: swani will stay and be our coach so we can slash our potential coach salaries
2023-01-20 22:27
1 reply
Serbia eliiiiii_
how does it feel to be schizophrenic
2023-01-20 22:30
From Trilluxe Meme to G2 head coach, what a journey
2023-01-20 22:35
4 replies vintage swani
2023-01-20 22:54
1 reply
that's just bad
2023-02-02 05:38
Cyprus shmoe
2023-01-21 00:02
People shit on him for years on end in every MM game, now he is leading NiKo and Monesy to LAN titles against FaZe 😂
2023-01-21 08:47
2023-01-20 22:35
Kassad fans? Why so quiet? Lmao GL to Swani
2023-01-20 22:52
5 replies
Kassad is overrated as a coach anyway
2023-01-20 23:05
4 replies
*overrated as anything
2023-01-21 01:19
3 replies
I find him to be amusing, he is very outspoken in a cold and almost agressive way and it makes me laugh every time. I'm sure he is a decent coach or analyst but thanks to his delivery he might not be a fan-favourite for most.
2023-01-21 07:38
2 replies
He is same in person and he's is stand up guy while he was in renegades he would bring equipment when he come to Serbia and give it away to friends every time. Gave a way bunch of pcs also
2023-01-21 09:24
1 reply
Yeah he seems like a great guy to be friends with :)
2023-01-21 15:04
Germany EZ_for_BIG
he is german, so he is the best option for any task there is.
2023-01-20 22:59
4 replies
I do give credit for germans to have a big brain regarding pretty much anything. So I suppose he'll make up for a good coach.
2023-01-20 23:12
This reminds me of failure of the man with beard in 1945
2023-01-21 08:40
1 reply
with beard? who?
2023-01-21 09:18
Wtf bro I grew up with him no he is not German
2023-01-21 09:25
Serbia CoVRa
they probably didn't have same opinion as Kassad and they didn't wanna take him
2023-01-20 23:06
2 replies
Yea Kassad woulda wanted changes 100% while it seems like the players really like the current lineup and hooxi
2023-01-20 23:13
1 reply
Honestly I'm still not sold on G2 Hooxi but that could be me, currently I feel like G2 is just relying on individual power rather than a well set system, but maybe what isn't there can still come... When they start losing, Hooxi will be the first to be on the chopping block on HLTV at least
2023-01-21 07:40
Brazil Gravelord
GOAT Swani
2023-01-20 23:47
Cyprus shmoe
2023-01-21 00:03
Kinda sucks, I was hoping Pita or THREAT could have been brought in
2023-01-21 00:25
2023-01-21 00:35
requirements for coach role in g2: pretend you are doing something and NEVER, EVER confront the players, unless its hooxi.
2023-01-21 00:45
5 replies
Imagine G2 wants a coach that doesn't clash opinions with the team. What a weird concept.
2023-01-21 01:04
2 replies
yes, and also turn a blind eye to every bad team the players and the team are doing! might aswell put a homeless person as coach so they get free salary
2023-01-21 01:42
1 reply
I don't know why this made you so upset but I hope you feel better now
2023-01-21 09:48
Stop acting like you know what work does a coach do or not do. All the coach's work is done behind the scene. Just because swani isn't super emotional on camera doesn't mean he is a 'puppet coach and don't forget that he was an analyst before coaching. This is the same reason why people think robban is useless. He deserved coach of the year but didn't get that because he wasn't super emotional on camera.
2023-01-21 04:23
1 reply
Czech Republic JameS_19
You should stop acting like you know anything too. B1ad3 deserved coach of the year, not Robban. And it’s not about being “emotional,” it’s about the impact. B1ad3 has amazing impact. NaVi plays one bad round, B1ad3 takes timeout, tells them what he wants them to do and they instantly win the next round. I’ve never seen Robban having that kind of an impact during timeouts, he’s usually quiet, it’s mostly karrigan talking. But most importantly: B1ad3 took someone who wasn’t an IGL before and made it work with him. Robban just has karrigan and no impact. If you kicked Robban from FaZe, they would still be ok, because they have karrigan, ropz, and Twistzz who can have an impact on the game. If you kicked B1ad3, NaVi wouldn’t be a top 10 team. That’s the difference in impact.
2023-01-21 09:30
Swani is GOAT in my book
2023-01-21 02:26
Latvia laiziolas
F swani. Child in child body xD
2023-01-21 04:08
Swani is really funny in g2's vlogs and he has good chemistry with the team. Happy to see him stay as the coach :) but I wonder who will be the analyst now
2023-01-21 04:09
Spain kroosw0w
Bodied kassad
2023-01-21 04:16
I don't think he is a good coach.
2023-01-21 05:21
2 replies
how do you know?
2023-01-21 06:20
1 reply
I saw him co-casting and you know him a little bit better.
2023-01-21 07:13
goat coach after hunden
2023-01-21 07:40
You know if/when Swani leaves g2, BIG are gonna get him instantly lol
2023-01-21 09:06
Go watch swani faceit demos, he does decent against 4k elo opposition
2023-01-21 09:59
Hungary Mitomen20
Better than Fraud XTQZZZ
2023-01-21 11:20
ZywOo | 
Poland SebL
shaky match for G2 tbh., they looked kinda bad I would say, I really do think HooXi either has to step up his game or has to be replaced, you can't possibly consistently win big tournaments with a guy dropping 0.5 kpr, although I agree he is a really good IGL.
2023-01-21 14:20
2 replies
Mirage kinda shaky but inferno was dominant
2023-01-21 18:42
1 reply
ZywOo | 
Poland SebL
Inferno looked kinda shaky at times to, there were some weird rounds.
2023-01-21 20:47
omg actual pog moment
2023-01-21 14:20
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