npl: "We are a better team than we were in Copenhagen"

Natus Vincere's newest member spoke to HLTV about making it to his first arena and his and the team's improvement at IEM Katowice.

After barely scraping through the BLAST Premier Groups in Copenhagen last month, Natus Vincere have turned up at IEM Katowice in great form. After matches against Cloud9 and Liquid, they are yet to lose a map and have advanced to the Spodek Arena, and are about to face off against G2 for a place in the semi-finals.

npl rates his progress 5 or 6 out of 10

For newest addition Andrii "⁠npl⁠" Kukharskyi, this means the first arena appearance. We spoke to the youngster to get his first impressions on making it to the iconic Spodek Arena, how he rates his progress with the team in his first month as a full-fledged member, and the reasons behind their improvement from Copenhagen.

Making it to your first arena event, 4-0, tell me your first impressions, first feelings about making to such an iconic place as the Spodek Arena.

I'm very happy about this. I was dreaming about this tournament and being here and playing in the arena. Actually, our main goal is still to win the tournament, so we'll try our best. We're not in the best shape, the best form, but I'm very happy.

As you say, leading up to this tournament there were some issues since the transition over the past couple months. You looked convincing here, what's been behind this improvement and the form here in Katowice?

We had like two or three weeks of bootcamp, we practiced a lot of praccs and individuals, of course, everyone in the team is playing after praccs, so we improve individual skills and teamplay.

But what has been different between BLAST and here?

I don't know, maybe just because I'm learning what I have to do and at least know how electroNic will call, which calls he will do. Maybe that's it.

Back in Copenhagen, B1ad3 said that he would have rather liked you to be introduced into the team more gradually, map by map. That obviously didn't happen and you went from playing a couple of maps to everything from one tournament to another. How has been this transition? Do you think it would have been easier on you?

It's harder now than if it was with somedieyoung in a six-man roster, because I have more maps, new information on maps, new rounds, new positions, everything, and there's a lot of material to work on. I had with somedieyoung two or three maps, now I have seven maps, and I have to take this all and learn faster and faster. It's hard, but I try to.

Are you happy with how you've been progressing so far? It's been about a month since you joined the team permanently, how are you feeling about your progression?

I'm feeling good. I'm not super happy about my progression, maybe 5 or 6 out of 10.

What do you think you still have to improve on the most?

About knowledge in-game and what the enemy will do, and the macro situation in-game. Maybe more individually, I still have a gap to work on, aim, confidence, and experience on tournaments and LANs.

You still have G2 left to play before you go to the arena. It's a team NAVI have struggled against in the last couple of matches and even in Copenhagen. How are you going to approach it this time? Do you think you have better chance now that you've been showing better form at this tournament?

Of course we have a better chance now because we made, even from Copenhagen to Katowice, we made a lot of work and we fixed our mistakes, hopefully. Hopefully, I hope so, I mean (laughs). NAVI are a better team than we were in Copenhagen.

Ukraine Andrii 'npl' Kukharskyi
Andrii 'npl' Kukharskyi
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2023-02-06 11:06
5 replies
Azerbaijan S1mple2002
dead german cs
2023-02-06 11:11
3 replies
azerbaijani cs lul
2023-02-06 11:13
2 replies
Azerbaijan S1mple2002
big still dreaming to make play-offs lul
2023-02-06 11:14
respect t0rick
2023-02-06 12:01
India MrP!ng
Failed attempt to shit on a kid xd
2023-02-06 13:20
Saint Lucia Ratatuls)))
2023-02-06 11:06
S1mple washed
2023-02-06 11:06
11 replies
washed and still puts an 1,27 rating in Katowice so far nice point "malding kid"
2023-02-06 13:23
9 replies
Not even best in NAVI
2023-02-06 13:26
8 replies
Djibouti TheS00s
Wasn’t his point?
2023-02-06 13:42
zywoo best place in katowice 9-12th in 4 Katowice played lol
2023-02-06 15:55
6 replies
5 replies
event from 2017 zywoo 4 years in his average prime still 0 relevant trophies maybe a play offs in katowice now cuz they are playing tier 2 fnatic.
2023-02-06 16:10
4 replies
S1mple won studio katowice and covid major)))) S1mple made blast spring cuz he played vs t3 complexity))))
2023-02-06 16:13
3 replies
1,51 rating in Cologne come back when zywoo at least pass groupstage.
2023-02-06 16:16
2 replies
Studio kkkkkk
2023-02-06 16:35
1 reply
at least studio than nothing but you have worms in your head keep posting threads about NAVI and s1mple in your sad life.
2023-02-06 16:37
nt but where arggment??
2023-02-06 13:54
7 maps??? Interesting... Vertigo next game lol?
2023-02-06 11:10
4 replies
They said that they started studying the map
2023-02-06 14:21
3 replies
2023-02-06 15:48
2 replies
no csgo
2023-02-06 17:11
Blade interview
2023-02-06 17:44
Vietnam 2uick48
nice jinx
2023-02-06 11:12
Fiji Pilot_
shut up
2023-02-06 11:16
2023-02-06 11:18
npc talking kekw
2023-02-06 11:27
France P0vTr
2023-02-06 11:37
Big words from a team that's going to lose to G2 again
2023-02-06 11:41
inb4 NaVi 0-2 G2
2023-02-06 11:48
Just building unnecessary pressure for the kid with these interviews
2023-02-06 11:51
tbh that was a good navi performance hope for the trophy in the Spodek Arena
2023-02-06 11:57
2 replies
Don't expect too much. If they can beat g2 tomorrow maybe they can win the trophy.
2023-02-06 12:23
Even if they beat g2, it's a bo3 and they will end up on different brackets during playoffs. If Navi reaches final they might face g2 or vita in the bo5 which I think Navi has a disadvantage because their map pool is not that deep. In bo3 Navi CAN win any team at this tournament if their game goes right, however in bo5 I don't think they have high chances
2023-02-06 14:40
navi *is* a better team not 'are'
2023-02-06 12:35
India MrP!ng
Navi worst form is not make it to top4/ 8 while thats an achievement for many of the teams. Wait till npl and bit slap the shit out of g2's streak.
2023-02-06 13:22
4 replies
+1, will take a while to ruin g2 streak but will happen 4sure
2023-02-06 13:25
sit down, they beat only clown9 and liquid
2023-02-07 23:06
2 replies
India MrP!ng
My guy waited to make a comment, good job. G2 are on fire, i think right now only heroic can test them, rest of the team either lack firepower or in bad form. Also navi still make it top 8 despite being worst in like an year.
2023-02-08 07:37
1 reply
I didnt say they are out of 10 or suck. I meant that they still didnt proove their good form against good team
2023-02-08 12:44
cry is free for navi haters
2023-02-06 13:25
Lmao it is not your call kid, will see how long it takes before you start to piss s1mple off and he kicks you just like sdy. Signs are already there.
2023-02-06 13:39
12 replies
United Kingdom elliah
s1mple: looks at a teammate hltv users:
2023-02-06 14:11
2 replies
His Name bro XD
2023-02-06 14:34 Talk more, he was toxic, he is toxic rn and he will remain toxic forever, people don’t change and suddenly turn into calm nice guys overnight. Funny I have NEVER seen any other pro player crying like 12yo and making faces like that, especially to new 17yo guy who just joined team. Sure we all saw angry and frustrated pros, but it was never targeted towards team mates or at least not so blatantly on public. If you want to do this kind of shit do it at least behind closed door after in practise room or hotel. S1mple is emotionally 12yo raging kid, he is absolutely god tier player but toxic af. Fact Blade has to change seating order just so he protect npl from this crybaby is ridiculous, but all of you s1mple fans are just to deep into his asshole to realize this.
2023-02-06 19:46
s1mple | 
Ukraine lua_
You guys are so fucking soft. smh I can't imagine these snowflakes functioning in the real world. Imagine their boss telling them they did something wrong. They would melt. lol
2023-02-06 14:43
6 replies
Kazakhstan sh0ko
He got a point actually. Maybe that is why they changed seating arrangement so s1mple won't traumatize young guns with his toxic death stares and facepalms :D
2023-02-06 15:08
1 reply
Yea, he has a point. s1mple still hasn't worked on how to truly deliver constructive criticism, and probably never will. The reason 2021 was so good for him was because Boombl4 is emotionally far more mature than he will ever be and takes all of the crap like an absolute pro. But if they keep this seating arrangement and start winning somewhat, then maybe. This is probably the greatest CS player of his generation we're talking about, he will do anything to win.
2023-02-06 15:14 Lmao didn’t know s1mple is npl’s boss. Imagine you came out of school to your first real job lets say you are 18yo and there is in this job annoying 30yo colleague which isn’t your superior he has exactly same position as you, but just because he his good at his job he thinks he is something more then rest of you and keep making these retarded faces to you when you fuck up or make mistake in your new job which is absolutely normal we all learn by mistake. This guy just yells at you and only tells you how you should do things and how retarded you are you could even make mistake at 18yo in your first job. Instead of calming you down and giving you constructive criticism he runs to actual boss and cries 24/7 about you how shit you are and that he needs to kick you. I work in management with people for almost 10 years and I know this type of people just by body language.
2023-02-06 19:58
And let’s even pretend s1mple is boss in this situation. If you act and behave yourself like this as a boss, head manager or teacher at school for example you are extremely bad one and have nothing to do in that position in the first place, but I probably expect to much work ethic knowledge from Ukrainian. Wish you all luck that you get teachers and superiors with s1mple personality so you can understand.
2023-02-06 20:19
2 replies
s1mple | 
Ukraine lua_
Lol, you really are a fucking snowflake. Good luck in your life, buddy, you'll need it.
2023-02-06 23:08
1 reply
Haha zero agruments as always run away ukrainian s1mple fan girl hope you find other meaning in your life, than defending toxic person
2023-02-06 23:13
That was 2 tournaments ago. It also isn't the best example if you want to criticize s1mple for his toxicity. Come on, man, he's only looking at npl, he's not even having a go at the latter. I'm not defending s1mple, I do think that he has regressed in terms of how he responds to his teammates making mistakes (something that's been amplified by how his team isn't winning anything and also by how his personal life is going) but it's a known fact that he's been calmer this tournament. I don't know if it's because of seating arrangement for his team being changed, or maybe because he doesn't want to mald too much anymore, so the atmosphere can be better, or maybe even a mix of both. But he's calmer this tournament and that's all that matters. Will it be a one-off? We'll have to wait and see.
2023-02-06 15:07
1 reply I know this is old video, but dude people just don’t change you are what you are especially after 20yo when you fully developed. Fact that Blade even has to change seating order to protect 17yo new player from this crybaby is ridiculous and about you saying s1mple is calmer this tournament, you forgot fact Navi have yet to lose MAP let alone match, it’s all sunshine and roses until Navi lose one close map and tox1mple arrives like he always does.
2023-02-06 20:04
still gonna get 0-2'd by G2
2023-02-06 14:41
2023-02-06 15:26
ZywOo | 
Poland SebL
I know Na'Vi only played 2 games here, but why I think they look so much better here than in Copenhagen is that electroNic and b1t are coming alive again. electroNic was average at best at BLAST, and b1t was just struggling tbh., here in Katowice electroNic looks like one of the best players in the world again, and b1t also is stepping up a bit finally, I think that's the main difference, hopefully it will keep up and won't be just one better event, they def. need to have this star trio firing on all cylinders if they want to compete for trophies.
2023-02-06 18:00
u just beat TL chill :D
2023-02-07 06:01
10 replies
right? all psycho s1mple and navi fans act like they beat at least heroic or g2
2023-02-07 23:05
9 replies
exactly faze is not even in good form (tryhard against IHC) and people surprised that FaZe lost to Liquid lul. only 2 good teams at this event G2 and Heroic and Vitality maybe 3 if zywoo show up :)
2023-02-07 23:06
8 replies
agree, they only had to beat terrible cloud9 and pretty bad liquid, they didnt show (yet) anything against actually good and consistent team
2023-02-07 23:08
7 replies
Na`Vi is good team for teams like nip/sprout/big/furia other weak teams, against real one they are losing hard
2023-02-07 23:09
6 replies
that's why i called their katowice run lucky, it was so easy way to play-offs
2023-02-07 23:11
5 replies
i hope final will be G2-Heroic most interesting for me and enjoyable to watch. not zywho-G2 because depends on zywoo everything.
2023-02-07 23:12
1 reply
yea, but i'd like also to see zywoo finally get trophy on the other hand i think G2 deserve it so much
2023-02-07 23:15
Latvia zegiz
lol easy playoff. Did u check bracket?
2023-02-07 23:12
2 replies
can you read?
2023-02-07 23:13
1 reply
Latvia zegiz
How does C9, Liquid and G2 +FaZe on lower is a weak bracket?
2023-02-08 10:19
United Kingdom Bullitead
Apparently, G2 improved even more xD
2023-02-07 22:52
1 reply
Aruba defoliant
haha good point :)
2023-02-07 23:12
Yeah and water is wet.
2023-02-07 23:13
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