Case sign 15-year-old prospect Snowzin

Case have taken a gamble on one of Brazil's hottest youngsters.

Case have announced the signing of João "⁠Snowzin⁠" Vinicius. The 15-year-old will fill the void left by Leonardo "⁠leo_drk⁠" Oliveira, who was benched by the organization in February.

The move comes after Case failed to qualify for the Paris Major 2023 South America RMR in February, falling in the open qualifier stage. The squad was eliminated by ODDIK in the Round of 16 in their first attempt and lost even sooner the second time around.

The youngster makes the step up to Case

Snowzin has so far only competed for two academy squads in Los Grandes Academy and Young Gods. He played 41 maps during his two stints and averaged a 0.93 rating, but his incredibly young age makes him a hot prospect for the future.

He joins a Case team that has struggled for results in recent times, sporting an 11.1% win rate in the last three months and suffering last-place exits at events such as European Pro League Season 5 and Wandercon 2023.

The squad led by ex-Liquid member Lucas "⁠steel⁠" Lopes is currently not slated to attend any events featured on HLTV, meaning their newest recruit will have ample time to bed in his new team.

Case are now:

Brazil Lucas "⁠steel⁠" Lopes
Brazil Rodrigo "⁠RCF⁠" Figueiredo
Brazil Yan "⁠yepz⁠" Pedretti
Brazil Lucas "⁠honda⁠" Cano
Brazil João "⁠Snowzin⁠" Vinicius

Brazil Leonardo "⁠leo_drk⁠" Oliveira (benched)

Brazil Leonardo 'leo_drk' Oliveira
Leonardo 'leo_drk' Oliveira
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Rodrigo 'RCF' Figueiredo
Rodrigo 'RCF' Figueiredo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Lucas 'honda' Cano
Lucas 'honda' Cano
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Yan 'yepz' Pedretti
Yan 'yepz' Pedretti
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil João 'Snowzin' Vinicius
João 'Snowzin' Vinicius
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
not legal to play?
2023-03-10 00:35
21 replies
United States AcE3K
this isnt football, he can play
2023-03-10 00:37
8 replies
cant play esl tournaments until 16
2023-03-10 00:51
4 replies
>Prospect >0.94 rating Well, at least he may become good in 2 years or smth
2023-03-10 16:30
3 replies
Brazil hugoooo
10 IQ? Look how many maps he played, his current rating means nothing
2023-03-10 17:11
Brazil Ties4
started to watch cs in 2020 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2023-03-10 22:49
1 reply
u literally got a 7 digit uid kekw
2023-03-12 06:58
Wow Casemiro so smart
2023-03-10 01:46
fake flagger you didn't say soccer
2023-03-10 20:26
1 reply
2023-03-10 23:43
Probably just about to turn 16, then he can be emancipated and sign legal contracts on his own without need of legal guardians.
2023-03-10 01:25
10 replies
In Brazil you can legally work when you turn 14yo
2023-03-10 05:07
7 replies
yes but esl isnt based in brazil is it
2023-03-10 08:22
4 replies
Poland kola5410
esl isnt hiring him - his org does it
2023-03-10 12:25
2 replies
i'll be honest i thought he was replying to #1, he was talking about tournaments most likely
2023-03-10 12:27
True, but ESL doesn't allow people on their stages that are under the age of 16
2023-03-10 13:54
is based in spain. 16 yo to work.
2023-03-10 14:40
full time or just part time? because part time is legal here as well when you're 14 iirc
2023-03-10 13:28
1 reply
Brazil Bufalo
in Brazil under 18yo just part time
2023-03-10 13:48
Haru legend
2023-03-10 13:42
On his twitter it says his birthday is the 23rd of March, so he's 16 in 2 weeks
2023-03-10 18:09
I think at least not in Germany until he turns 16
2023-03-10 05:03
ZywOo | 
Brazil veinnN
0.93 kid, nice
2023-03-10 00:36
12 replies
Brazil ZerongBr
Never had an experienced player to teach him around and used to play with 13yo against 17yo plus teams perhaps he can learn with steel how to play properly because aim he has
2023-03-10 00:54
togs | 
Brazil hfdjk
He's not ready. He's better than you would expect a 15y/o, but worse than the average pro.
2023-03-10 02:51
10 replies
yeah, who knows... but people hype so much that it's crazy. they say he's the next coldzera. like, bro, kid's 15, you can't tell anything at this age.
2023-03-10 02:57
8 replies
Depends on the player, frozen for example destroyed pros and semipros for years already at that age, he was just to young to get signed Monesy also clearly showed what direction he was gonna go most likely
2023-03-10 11:52
7 replies
Both played in the best environment. They've got the mentality already, snowzin only plays Gamers club pugs or tournaments.
2023-03-10 13:16
6 replies
Just wanted to provide cases where you could definitely tell at 15 yo that they will likely become some of the best. Didnt mean to comment on this case particularly because idek the player:D
2023-03-10 13:18
5 replies
Yeah, Ikr, but HLTV rating is not the only way to measure something. Insani came from nowhere for example
2023-03-10 13:20
4 replies
No, definitely not. But ive watched a few m0nesy clips and a demo or two while he was on navi junior and together with the stats it was pretty obvious that hes gonne be one of the best players of his generation
2023-03-10 13:22
Yes but Insani is Asian, they smart and good at gaming. The next Sneak2k but better. Snowzin looks like average kid.
2023-03-10 17:50
2 replies
Yeah, I'm asian as well in your concept ( I even got the Japanese citizenship ) and I'm bad af
2023-03-11 01:35
1 reply
u built diff but in a bad way
2023-03-11 22:35
Case average player is garbage, so good signing
2023-03-10 11:49
Europe idan)
2023-03-10 00:36
bro they literally double his age
2023-03-10 00:36
2 replies
2023-03-10 03:20
Finland bliplbob
2023-03-10 18:40
damn im getting old
2023-03-10 00:38
gud player caried Sharks younsters to beat team like Fuscao
2023-03-10 00:38
Niko said that this kid will be the next coldzera
2023-03-10 00:45
2 replies
Where did you hear that?
2023-03-10 13:29
Brazil sprk1
snowzin the brazilian coldzera
2023-03-10 16:46
rip career
2023-03-10 00:47
Brazil Anarchybr
Unfortunately I can’t see this thing winning even ranked pro on Gamers Club, but nice for Case to invest in our scene I guess
2023-03-10 00:48
2 replies
Ukraine kalitajke
you can`t see this because you dont play ranked pro on Gamers Club
2023-03-10 00:52
1 reply
and he have to thank gob about it rpro makes everyone crazy
2023-03-10 16:37
And yet my DGL topping ZA friend can't get into pro CS because "they're foreign".
2023-03-10 00:51
North America Swboy1010
South American monesy.
2023-03-10 00:57
Steel is gonna teach him a lot, good for him 👍👍
2023-03-10 00:58
2023-03-10 00:59
This team still exist?
2023-03-10 01:03
1 reply
considering Casemiro's nw money is not a problem
2023-03-10 03:21
Brazil 0mega_
mid lol should've went for noway at least
2023-03-10 01:15
snowzin is great but Case is a apathetic team in Europe, Casemiro just dribbling the taxes by investing money in his organtization
2023-03-10 01:16
Argentina fedezera
2023-03-10 01:16
2023-03-10 01:23
4x <1kd rating soon top1 team
2023-03-10 01:27
0.94 rated prodigy.. sure..
2023-03-10 01:31
5 replies
Nice rating for someone who's playing since 13yo
2023-03-10 01:48
3 replies
Nope. At his age and at his level of competition - a prodigy should have 1.10+ rating to be even considered a prodigy or someone for the future. Because all the competition is bad, in order for him to be the best amongst them he should atleast destroy his level of competition.
2023-03-10 01:50
2 replies
No. You dont develop your game if the competition is too bad. Why do you think players and teams need to do bootcamp in europe to develop ?
2023-03-10 02:05
Disagree. The kid is smashing in Brazil, he competed in Europe where the bar is higher. Considering this, 0.94 is a good rating for a 14yo in his debut when while playing Academy’s team. Let him have some Europe experience to see it. I don’t think he will be a monesy, but I believe he can be a great player.
2023-03-10 05:20
5 maps played dude, chill Not even a 12521.10 rating would mean anything with so few registered matches.
2023-03-10 01:54
Guatemala feerzein21
how many hours you think this kid has in CS? or is CS genetic?? jajaja edit: i dont mean it in any bad way just making sure that is clear B^)
2023-03-10 01:47
1 reply
one year ago he had 10k hours xD
2023-03-10 02:03
nice move thinking on the future!
2023-03-10 01:49
snow is one of the best Br diamonds of CS in the last few years. I know ppl will talk about his rating, but i'm sure he's gonna prove how good he can be. GL snow, it's your time to shine, boy
2023-03-10 01:53
Thank you case, you are investing in the future. I dont know why hltv orgs are talking trash about this move LoL About his rating : the only time he played against good competition was on we play academy last year with godsent. Otherise he was playing against brazilian bots. It is impossible to develop your skill just playing in Brazil. This is true since 1.6...He still has a lot of learn, and playing in Case will give him an opportunity to develop his game. He will become smarter.
2023-03-10 02:02
1 reply
they dont know this guy played on sharks academy and already smashed fuscao before. they have no idea how this guy playing
2023-03-10 05:33
2023-03-10 02:09
GL Snoww, voa
2023-03-10 02:14
Brazil Fusk4
2023-03-10 02:25
.94 rsting just because u are young doesn't mean u are good Better than interz already tho
2023-03-10 02:38
Brazil 4vengerr
I remember my 15 years old, good times of cs1.6
2023-03-10 03:04
I feel like HLTV has been telling us about Brazilians "prospects" or "prodigies" for the last 4 years, every single one of them end up being average at best.
2023-03-10 03:12
7 replies
Brazil Diabo
ksc and yuurih
2023-03-10 03:27
1 reply
who have been in the scene for more than 4 years.
2023-03-10 03:33
vsm is the most overrated of them all, dude cant even qualify to major and honestly that freevsm movement was all for nothing
2023-03-10 06:36
3 replies
Italy MulaManca
everything related to plano was really ridiculous
2023-03-10 09:09
2 replies
Brazil cari778
You are ridiculous
2023-03-10 17:36
1 reply
Italy MulaManca
2023-03-10 21:37
2023-03-10 10:44
Mentored by Fallen. Next gen is coming
2023-03-10 04:01
Go Case!
2023-03-10 04:35
Brazil mehlao
*Case has been invited to EPL World Series: Americas | Season 3, which starts today
2023-03-10 05:34
Brazilian Zywoo
2023-03-10 06:16
I cant really blame them, that roster is going nowhere so might as well gamble and hope you find the next prodigy
2023-03-10 06:30
18+ game btw!!!
2023-03-10 06:35
ZywOo | 
Estonia fezco
Ez for Casemiro
2023-03-10 06:39
The thing about e-Sports is that a lot of the times, unless said person played on sport teams, you want to get them at a younger age. Obviously, their talents are still developing but more importantly you have a better chance at molding the player into someone who can act like a professional. So many of these talented 17-20 year olds never played on a sports team where the players weren't making the decisions, but the coach was. They don't know how to practice or how to act within a team atmosphere.
2023-03-10 07:16
2023-03-10 09:24
Bench Leo for snowzin lol
2023-03-10 10:11
It's pure business move. If he gets any good, sell him for ridiculous amount of money. Ez.
2023-03-10 10:18
Australia Australis
endrick of cs
2023-03-10 11:13
Case signed an infant
2023-03-10 11:54
what's the trend with "ZIN" for br players?
2023-03-10 12:11
2 replies
Brazil hugoooo
Zin = little/young So he is VERY zin haha
2023-03-10 17:08
"Zin" come fro "zinho" its a way to call things small or young or even cute. Another languages have something like that, like spanish with "Ito" in Chicharito for example.
2023-03-10 18:30
standard player no have nothing special
2023-03-10 12:33
2023-03-10 13:13
tbh case is a bad team but everyone has to start from some place
2023-03-10 13:51
who won won't win anymore, its time for the goat to win
2023-03-10 13:53
Idk why so many of you are talking about his weight, acting like most kids weren't lanky as fuck, including me.
2023-03-10 15:31
How many orgs does Brazil have? Jesus Jesus!
2023-03-10 15:54
The only thing that is impressive about him is his age really, I remember him in academy league and he struggled massively, Idk. what they see in him but I don't like this signing, I really think there is no hope for this roster, honestly, it feels like there is not a single good player in this team atm., crazy.
2023-03-10 16:29
Brazil hugoooo
Imagine moving to another continent to play CS when you are 15yo... The kid is living a dream
2023-03-10 17:08
1 reply
For sure!
2023-03-10 17:12
hes just a kid
2023-03-10 19:18
1 reply
Finland dvlx
yeah sportsman have to start early
2023-03-10 19:39
Brazil Fauchard
Finally a good news !! This s... Leo_Drk pugzero
2023-03-10 22:20
Brazil tryna make their own m0nesy or what
2023-03-10 23:46
There is no way that kid is over 11!
2023-03-11 02:03
Excited to see Snowzin in the server with Case.
2023-03-11 18:11
can't wait to see him compete in tier 1 cs in the near future
2023-03-13 15:14
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