More bug fixes and small changes in latest CS2 update

Just one day after the last update, the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test was patched once more.

Valve has shipped out a new update to Counter-Strike 2 to address a few key gripes that have appeared following Thursday's update to the game.

In perhaps the most notable change that has apparently been left out of the changelog, the new command allowing players to see through walls, separate from the one that became unavailable as of Thursday's update, has been removed.

Sticker visibility has been a target of complaints in recent days, and this has seemingly been addressed in the newest update with some sticker styles being adjusted "for better contrast," the changelog says.

Other changes include adjustments to the HUD, which now displays who on your team has a defuse kit, improvements to player models, and various fixes of bugs that appeared in the beta version after the last update.

Defuse kits now show in team equipment

You can read the full list of changes below:

- Multiple network optimizations.
- The player lister in private matchmaking should no longer mix CS:GO and CS2 players together if they use the same private matchmaking pool code.

- Added Defuse Kit to team equipment display.
- Scoreboard - Various font and style changes
- Adjusted voting panel to more closely match other UI

- Continued physically based rendering (PBR) compatibility adjustments to stickers:
-- Brightened some sticker styles for better contrast
-- Added some functionality to support fine-tuning individual items in future content adjustments.
- Adjusted some main menu and end of round animations to reduce interpenetration of weapons and character models.
- Various improvements to character models.
- Continued improvements to inspect/reload behavior.

- Various adjustments to clipping and materials.
- Sealed rooftops to prevent grenades/molotovs from landing in places they shouldn't.

- Restored functionality for adding/removing bots while playing offline.
- Restored spray menu functionality.
- Restored radio command functionality.
- Fixes for various crashes.

2023-03-31 22:56
2 replies
Va LUL rant in shambles
2023-03-31 23:02
NAF | 
United States Grimly
i still dont have beta :D
2023-04-01 00:34
Slovakia xaboff
when are we getting another map
2023-03-31 22:57
11 replies
we should be patient, and let valve first fix all the issues with the game, and all the issues related to dust 2 as a map, then they can start adding more, and i think that will be soon
2023-03-31 23:55
5 replies
Maybe they'll just add 1 more map who isn't overworked that much. Probably mirage?
2023-04-01 08:53
4 replies
Mirage????!!! Cs most ugly map of all times
2023-04-01 10:42
3 replies
Hungary Leviax
i wish they had remade mirage instead of overpass
2023-04-01 12:16
yeah because they'll probably keep the pretty ones for the release besides, mirage is played a lot in mm
2023-04-01 14:55
It will most likely be Mirage though. I think we can count out Nuke, Overpass, Italy and Office.
2023-04-02 04:06
United States GameZ_iwnl
I doubt we'll see anything brand new competitively til post Major. They'll probably use the fall as testing grounds for the pro scene
2023-04-01 00:49
1 reply
Germany StoneX_
They said the game will be fully released this summer, so definitely until then ;)
2023-04-01 09:51
When are we getting the beta?
2023-04-01 09:45
Denmark menix
The people doing the maps aren't most likely the same as doing the coding and fixes anyways. So i guess you can expect maps still to be worked on.
2023-04-01 14:20
When are we getting the beta?
2023-04-02 04:03
2023-03-31 22:56
11 replies
did you get beta access baitzera?
2023-03-31 22:57
10 replies
YES but i am not playing because of potato pc
2023-03-31 23:00
9 replies
but u earrn millions from betting, u cant afford i9 13900k and 4090?
2023-03-31 23:01
8 replies
no i have shitty ryzen and shitty 3070
2023-03-31 23:02
7 replies
Hmmm somehow feel like you should be able to play game
2023-04-01 00:29
5 replies
no Ryzen 7 5800x is dogshit for CSS2
2023-04-01 00:30
4 replies
must be at least ~250fps
2023-04-01 01:58
1 reply
yeah when i have 650-800 stable on normal at 5x5 game on any map
2023-04-01 01:59
My 5900x runs it hella good
2023-04-01 03:55
1 reply
yeah for 300 fps
2023-04-01 03:58
define 'shitty' lol, aint no way you can't run cs2 smoothly with 1 generation old components. cs would lose 60% of their playerbase if that would be true edit: its April 1st i thing i might have been baited xd
2023-04-01 10:54
Poland Astoner55
Cool, but now pls, give me cs2 beta. Thanks
2023-03-31 22:56
United States kennyRiddim
2023-03-31 22:57
Let us actually test it
2023-03-31 23:00
fuck cs2....they only let streamers and friends of streamers in...and pros of course. shits whack
2023-03-31 23:00
9 replies
That's a lie though since a lot of randoms have gotten one.
2023-04-01 00:14
Netherlands Dutch69
Im a complete random, and i got in
2023-04-01 00:56
Damn didn't know I'm a pro
2023-04-01 02:17
im a pro fr
2023-04-01 07:25
+11 Started valo pubg and rust 👌 No retarded trade rules there like volvo
2023-04-01 09:31
4 replies
how bout you started losing ur virginity
2023-04-01 09:54
3 replies
first tell me your age plz? then i might tell you i could be your dad.. im that old :)
2023-04-01 12:00
2 replies
Finland SharpyS
Judging by your name and flair, I doubt it.
2023-04-01 12:12
1 reply
born in 87, now you?
2023-04-01 12:52
when cl_righthand 0 ?
2023-03-31 23:01
2 replies
sadly never, it would break the player's shadow
2023-04-02 04:07
1 reply
2023-04-02 22:55
KEi | 
Poland ad3m93
6800 hours active mm player good trust factor still no beta,better invite trash silvers players with 3 hours in game kkkkkkkk volvo
2023-03-31 23:04
15 replies
2023-03-31 23:31
some no lifers get cs2, some casual players get cs2, they do not only want people like you to test it obviously
2023-03-31 23:37
11 replies
KEi | 
Poland ad3m93
there is like 0.10% chance to get this shit lmao
2023-03-31 23:39
8 replies
well, it's limited beta maybe valve will drop open beta at some point
2023-04-01 00:00
United States tahawus
Probably a lot less lol
2023-04-01 00:03
6 replies
yeah probably 0.1000% or something
2023-04-01 02:18
5 replies
United States tahawus
maybe even as low as 0.1000000000000000000%
2023-04-01 03:02
4 replies
thats too low bro chill
2023-04-01 03:19
3 replies
Made me chuckle, thx mens
2023-04-01 08:05
1 reply
Ukraine BachaBoom
Me too, ahah. It is scaring me...
2023-04-01 08:28
not smaller than 00000.1000000000000 tho
2023-04-02 04:09
what they want from casual players, u think that they will play much and give solid feedback to volvo? lol
2023-04-01 03:32
I mean always good with diversity for obvious purposes but shouldnt the beta go out to the loyal players who has played every week past 8 years instead of a guy who has 3h playtime past 7 years? Sounds just like a fully understandable complaint if you ask me. If there was a sureway to get a key (E.g, play 20 hours past 2 weeks) or whatever, would be alot more understandable. Having rng gods handing out keys is a dumb idea :p
2023-04-01 04:07
yeah, fkn bullshit, who cares about last 2 weeks, people with old accounts, lot of playtime overall, good rank and trust factory should be in
2023-04-01 07:59
Finland SharpyS
There are no waves so you are waiting for nothing. More players will most likely be added when more content drops.
2023-04-01 12:13
2023-03-31 23:04
1 reply
+1 Valve let him in
2023-04-01 02:44
is that how they gonna fix the game ? release small fixes everytime till summer & then open the game for everyone
2023-03-31 23:05
1 reply
Finland SharpyS
How else? You just defined a limited test.
2023-04-01 12:14
No new map No beta keys Another flop update from flop2
2023-03-31 23:11
2 replies
+1 Gaben clueless
2023-03-31 23:49
it’s a closed beta for a reason dawg, let them fix the fcking bugs smh
2023-04-01 09:59
Its cool i guess? But how about they give more beta keys? And maybe next time you release an update try not to mess csgo servers. No hate just brainstorming
2023-03-31 23:14
1 reply
wow very well thought out critique, I’m sure they haven’t thought about any of this, good brainstorming dude
2023-04-01 09:56
Puerto Rico pain^
Stop milking articles of CS2
2023-03-31 23:17
who asked though?
2023-03-31 23:18
2 replies
Russia TorToroych
I dmed striker
2023-03-31 23:24
1 reply
nice, ask him to let more people play cs2 than just streamers and pros
2023-03-31 23:32
please change the hud, the money in the left corner is disgusting, make it similar to csgo
2023-03-31 23:22
2 replies
Russia TorToroych
It's just a habit
2023-03-31 23:23
I already got used to it after 5 games. That's like the least serious issue.
2023-04-01 09:46
Cool, wish i could play it though owning cs:go since release is not enough but some streamers nobody knows about and never played cs:go gets it.
2023-03-31 23:26
2023-03-31 23:32
why not make it an open beta at this point? may as well.
2023-03-31 23:34
molotov effect is so bad
2023-03-31 23:48
Shit hud still
2023-04-01 00:07
I remember a CSGO update that enabled some players (me included) to see through smokes as if they weren't there, when Austria was first released. It was messed up and made the game unplayable. Thanks to all the unpaid betas for doing the donkey work helping to fix these bugs before MM servers go live.
2023-04-01 00:13
1 reply
2023-04-01 01:44
they should fix me not getting invited, those jerks
2023-04-01 00:33
1 reply
2023-04-01 01:01
okay and ? I dont care im still not have invite :)
2023-04-01 01:03
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
Sealed rooftops? So skyboxes are no longer completely open?
2023-04-01 01:40
2 replies
Belgium RobinDG
Rooftop of a building, i think before utill would pass through the building and now it bounces on the roof tiles like its supposed to be. Skybox still fully open.
2023-04-01 08:06
1 reply
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
Hopefully thats it
2023-04-03 16:13
I hope they get rid of the money spinny animation when you purchase things in the buy menu. Just deduct it instantly so I can see how much cash I have left quicker.
2023-04-01 02:18
1 reply
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
Its just dediction math mens
2023-04-03 16:14
kekw detect cheaters first xd
2023-04-01 02:38
It's amazing to see how many people here think they are entitled to a closed beta because of "I have X hours on mm" or "I'm level Y on faceit" or "my trust factor is Z good" Just like any other closed beta out there, sit down and wait for your turn. Would hoenstly not be surprised if neither of us got access to it before launch this summer
2023-04-01 06:04
They really want this to work :) Nice
2023-04-01 07:07
good.. when will we see other maps?
2023-04-01 07:18
jks | 
Turkey CenK0
damn still no hud customization
2023-04-01 09:59
Oh wow, can I try?
2023-04-01 10:17
tbh I think the biggest bug is that when I throw a grenade inside a smoke, the smoke blows up. fix it please
2023-04-01 10:21
CS2 needs an option to have super low detail for people with weak comps
2023-04-01 10:29
who car still cant play
2023-04-01 12:06
Fix the AK sound it’s fucking awful right now
2023-04-01 20:18
1 reply
we'll get used to it. I heard it's the realistic sound
2023-04-02 04:09
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