HLTV.org reviews CSPromod 1.04

January 26th, 2010 13:27

HLTV.org's Luís "MIRAA" Mira casts his eye on CSPromod Beta 1.04 and tells you what to expect of this new release.

In February 2008, the CSPromod developing team released Beta 1.03 to public. Like the previous releases, 1.03 was received with criticism and many have questioned the future of the project. Since then, almost two years have passed, and the crew behind CSPromod have been working hard to make 1.04 a stable, bug-free version. But will Alex "chibsquad" Garfield's baby finally triumph?

First of all, I have to confess that I have always been very skeptical about the whole CSPromod project. Not only because putting the fate of that which is the favourite game of thousands of people on the hands of a project which has had far too many problems since its inception seems risky, but also because I have never been a friend of Counter-Strike: Source myself.

I have been playing Counter-Strike since 2003 and, as such, witnessed the transition from 1.5 to 1.6 and also the failed introductions of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source. I have only played the latter once or twice in these years, and it was more than enough to realize how bad it was. Of course the community opposed Counter-Strike: 1.6 when it came, but in their eyes Source was just too much.

Moving on to the main subject at hand, CSPromod Beta 1.04, it will be released on the last day of the month and, as members of the media, we have been given pre-access to the version.

Options Menu

When you enter the game and go to the Options menu, besides the regular tabs at your disposal in both 1.6 or Source, you have a "CSPromod" tab, which allows you to customize the game to your liking. You can choose your favourite HUD, Radar, Crosshair, Weapons and Wall Impact Effects settings so that the games suits you the best possible way.

CSPromod Options tab

As you can see, the developing team want to make this a game for 1.6 and Source players and, as such, you can play it the way you prefer.

Ingame time

To test Promod, I created a server and played around with some bots, which come with the game but have no Artificial Intelligence, they just move around in a funny way and do not shoot you.

The first thing you will notice when you create a game is how good the maps are and how they resemble those of 1.6. There are no barrels, no cars, no stupid things standing in your way and distracting you. They truly are 1.6-like maps, but in a new, improved engine. Also the way you move feels very 1.6-like, but since I am not an expert in bunny hopping or crouch jumping I will let someone else make that call.

CSPromod: no cars/barrels!

But those happy thoughts soon vaporize as you realize player models have yet not been touched. They are still Source's models, and thus one still thinks he is playing the wrong game. But the CSPromod developing team have told us it will be ready by the time Beta 1.05 is released.

CSPromod HUD

One of the best introductions in Promod is the detailed HUD, which gives you much info in an easy-to-read way. On the map, you can now clearly see where your team-mates are and who is who, as their nicknames are displayed. Also by pressing the tab key for the scoreboard you can check your mates' health points, as well as their money.

CSPromod ingame

Quake-like Weapon Switch & Grenades

Something that will please many 1.6 fans is the Quake style weapon switch, commonly known as HLTV models. This allows you to switch between weapons without having to see the animation, just like it happens when you are watching a match on HLTV. Due to the fact that some leagues, like the ESL, state that non-default models are forbidden, several players have been unable to use the HLTV models, but they can now finally customize it the way they like without having to fear getting banned.

One of the main concerns of the community has been the fact that grenades in Source have little to do with the ones in 1.6. But as you will be able to check from the video below, which also demonstrates what Quake-like weapon switch is, they have been modified to behave as they do in 1.6.


Weapons Control

When it comes to controlling weapons, be it rifles or pistols, it is extremely hard, at least for me, to tell where we stand in CSPromod, given the fact that Source models are still being used. It still looks very weird to shoot and watch my bullets cause a different animation, I can't tell whether I am hitting my target. Therefore, I made this little clip so you can draw your own conclusions.

Regarding the AWP, I am pretty satisfied with it, and believe it is similar to the one used in 1.6, as you will be able to see from the video below.

All in all, if you take a deep look at Beta 1.04, you can see that there are huge improvements from previous releases, which is normal if you consider it has been almost two years since the last version came out. Still, there are still some things that I think need to be changed before CSPromod can go live.

  • Player models - This is definitely the biggest issue at the moment. The CS:Source models are terrible and they make people not want to play the game, despite all the changes that have been made. I wonder whether Beta 1.04 should go out with these models, as the community have waited so long for updates that I am sure they would not mind waiting a bit more for a new release with something as important as this;
  • No HUD while flashed - If you had a look at the videos above, you could see that, when you are flashed, the whole screen goes white, you completely lose your HUD, which means you are unable to check what you are typying;
  • Few weapons - It is not possible to buy all the weapons in CSPromod, only the ones that are standard in competition, which means you cannot use the Scout, the AUG or the Sig, for example. This makes absolutely no sense and, if you remember the WCG 08 Finals, the Scout helped mTw against SK;
  • Grenade Switch - You cannot switch between your grenades using the mouse wheel. (UPDATE: We have been informed this issue has been fixed for Beta 1.04 already).

Should these things be changed for Beta 1.05, specially the player models, then I guess we have a version that could well please both 1.6 and Source players. However, that may not be enough, and much of Promod's success will depend on the developing team's promotion of the game, not only with the community and the top teams and players, but specially with tournament organisers.

omg die CSPROMOD and CS:S !!! :D
2010-01-26 13:29
where i can download this?
2010-01-26 13:54
you can buy it
2010-01-26 14:12
it's free
2010-01-26 14:34
so, where i can download if this free?
2010-01-26 15:12
U'll have to buy sauce to play this sh!t. CSP stll looks as aweful as before.
2010-01-26 18:56
you will be able to download it at cspromod.com page :)
2010-01-27 01:26
buy it already ? it's not even a full game version
2010-01-26 14:36
1/31/10 cspromod.com
2010-01-26 14:35
thank you so much
2010-01-26 15:14
i know dude i agree i wish the shit would die
2010-01-26 21:31
fox | 
Portugal J0n1p3r 
2010-01-26 13:30
Dont you get sick and bored of bad looking cs 1.6 graphic lol ?
2010-01-26 15:06
bad looking? 1.6 is amazing
2010-01-26 15:10
Ye sure, use the Internet Browser, then... go to the google.com or whtvr ya want and check for the other games than the CS, mate. : ))) Oh, but if you dont know, you must buy new comp to play those "new games". CS have so old and ugly hud, blee : ( Its time for changes.
2010-01-26 15:17
you probably don't understand wh 1.6 is so popular it's because of gameplay, there is no game at the moment with the incredible gameplay that 1.6 has. if you like games with good graphics you have lots lots of options but how many do you have with such good gameplay as 1.6? and don't think that i've only played 1.6, i have played game with incredible graphics like crysis
2010-01-26 15:24
hello? Thats what they're doing here. They are trying to put 1.6 gameplay into better graphics. I dont think it's a bad idea. To be honest 1.6 is quite ugly nowadays.
2010-01-26 16:41
i found promod uglier than 1.6, just look at flash and he it's so good the feeling in 1.6 in source its so weird and in promod it's not that weird but still not as good as in 1.6
2010-01-26 16:51
You think so because youre used to it and it feels comfortable. But if you play for exaple cs:s for 2 weeks you'll propably have exactly the same feeling. I had =) and after playing source for some time, 1.6 gameplay felt awful and retarded.
2010-01-26 16:57
i tried source for one week and it was so bad flash are bad, it's so fucking easy to kill while running and hitboxs are bad
2010-01-26 17:27
Wroooooong, Promod is not a Source. Till now its only beta version with source models, thats all. They can fix whatever they want and for 2-3 months relaese another version of promod (:
2010-01-26 17:44
No matter the feeling or the game. There is no question about CS 1.6 looks like crap. That said though, i still don't think this will be a success, for the sole reason that the support from 1.6 players isn't that great. Maybe from organizers that wants a better looking game for the audience. Still doubt it though.
2010-01-30 22:34
imo 1.6 looks better than source if i want good looking i playing crysis or something like that not source...
2010-01-30 23:28
but are you blind hl2 engine is not compatible with 1.6, in the video above the shoting i only see source... and i played source 1 year.
2010-01-26 17:05
maybe you see only source because its source engine you're looking at ;D looks better doesn't it
2010-01-26 17:07
It looks like source but when you shoot they're trying to make it like it's 1.6.
2010-01-26 20:19
only one man who understands wtf is going on with CS Promod. All of you who have low computers, go and change smth, then you can sleep well and dont be scared of fps ( : And fanboys of 1.6, plOx dont hurt me !
2010-01-26 17:41
For your information im not playing cs for 1 week or smth like that, im playing it for 3 years and truly im sick and tired of looking on this ugly hud compared with hud in other popular games.
2010-01-26 17:43
Maybe, but millions of people don't share you're thoughts, including me.
2010-01-26 15:38
2010-01-26 17:27
Can i ask about your arguments?
2010-01-26 17:42
Maybe that people still want to play cs 1.6, even though Valve have made many new games / improvements, and we're talking millions. They obviously don't think that the game need improvements? Why would they play it then, instead of all the other games?
2010-01-26 18:42
U're a bit narrow minded on this one, man. Tell me please somebody: why the hell do we need a game just trying to be AS GOOD AS CS 1.6? Someone says "cs is dying". Stop pretending to be objective, if u want cs 1.6 to die it doesn't mean that it dies already. CS 1.6 is perfect for competitive gaming because of many things and strive for absolute realistic game is absurd. It's needed maybe for public players, but those new textures are not needed for professional players. Top team players are not interested in change, at least like that "wanna-be 1.6", go make something realistic in quake or unreal tournament for a change or just stay amateurs.
2010-01-26 17:28
do you rly think ppl play cs for the graphic?
2010-01-26 15:11
But if the promod gameplay will be the same as CS, why dont play it? Its... oh read the article. ITS AMAZING (:
2010-01-26 15:15
I'm 90% sure it won't be the same...I saw these vids...they tried to make it the same...but it's impossible to have better graphics without taking out some of the gameplay..and that sucks :)
2010-01-26 16:28
Dont say that you can judge this game from videos lol :F wait for the release, download it, play it and then say smth like that.
2010-01-26 17:46
I don't need to see CSP..I already have my proff :) cs:s cs:cz gameplay < cs 1.6 gameplay
2010-01-26 20:12
how can you judge gameplay without playing the game :O ? game-play -> play-game hallo? I've played source and it sucked big time... I'm playing CS for 6 years and I don't mind the graphics the hud and stuff like that. The game is great! But look at it this way, what if the guys from Promod manage to make the gameplay identical but with better graphics and so on? I meen look what they are trying to do here, they are trying to create a game that would combine two types of players: the ones that like nice graphics and the ones who like the competetive gameplay, I think it's great and give the guys some credit for that. Sure if Promod's gameplay will suck then it will suck, but comments like : "this is shit get the fuck out with it !! CS 1.6 RooXXorSSS! They should stop doing this" are just retarded
2010-01-27 14:36
I don't think so...they might just end an epic game..have you ever thought? if all the 1.6 players go to CSP and CSP sucks...the community can end, and that can't happen, right? :/ I was just sayin' that it is "IMPOSSIBLE" to give 1.6 the graphics of source or cz..or a mix of them..and continue with its fantastic gameplay, the graphics just ruin the gameplay...and to proof that, we have cz or cs:s...yeah COD4 has better graphics(way better actually), and the gameplay is cool...but it's a totally different game..cs is cs and to be cs it can't change THIS MUCH...why do they need to get cs:s's and cs 1.6's community together? we're fine the way we are and I can already imagine the CSP's chat on the servers...Major discussions between 1.6's and source's players..they are putting this community in "riot mode"
2010-01-29 17:00
I understand your point ... But what if you're wrong and CSP won't suck ? :P I mean the players will always choose the game they like to play according to their preferences and no one can force them to do otherwise. The community won't die out, I mean it's not like they are withdrawing CS 1.6 they are introducing an alternative. But sadly if things continue as they are CS 1.6 will be left without sponsors ;( It simply doesn't motivate people to buy better CPU's and stuff ;( And I think of it as a way to save CS 1.6 at least a part of it though
2010-02-06 11:39
yeah but imo they don't think "what about the players?". they are trying to tell us that the game has 1.6 gameplay...I have some friends (1.6 players) who have already played, and they say : " CSP has the source gameplay", well ofc it has, I'm not gonna repeat what I already told you a million times, you got my point. "But sadly if things continue as they are CS 1.6 will be left without sponsors ;( It simply doesn't motivate people to buy better CPU's and stuff ;(" you're right, but imo they are just thinking about the money, not about the players, put this quote on your head "It's all about the business"
2010-02-07 18:41
Playing games for graphics - same as watching porn for storyline.
2010-01-26 16:13
Well you made pretty bad point. They're trying to change the graphics, as people say the superficial side of the game. Forgetting about ingame experiences - the core of the game. And porn is all about superficial, graphics one would say. Ingame experience doesn't matter there - scrip non existent.
2010-01-26 16:47
No, they're not forgetting about gameplay, they're trying their best to preserve it, and accepting any feedback that will help them do so. Just look at their site if you don't believe me
2010-01-27 04:59
Laughing out loud, from under the table - u got it soooooooo right man! fine point for public players.
2010-01-26 17:14
public players, and who you think you are? another pro player ? please, dont make me laugh. Im not trying to insult you but you didnt get the point of this what im saying. Maybe another way... would you all play CS if all of the pro players would stop playing it? And you know... there wouldnt be any SK, fnatic or other pro gamings with sponsors. There wouldnt be salary for playing this game. Would you REALY still playing it? I dont think so. Gameplay is the most important in game, but dont you want to have something new, fresh and nice looking? I wont believe that you dont like the new hud in promod.
2010-01-26 18:24
Save ur breath until u read my posts below please.
2010-01-26 21:43
ok pro esl playah
2010-01-27 14:22
Playing games for graphics is like seeing girls for sex.
2010-01-26 18:55
And again and again and again... for God sake, im not talking about the graphic only ! READ IT \/ IF <<<<<< IF FOR GOD SAKE IF IF IF !! Promod would have the same gameplay as a 1.6 WHY DONT PLAY IT ? huh?
2010-01-26 19:22
Bro, let me break it down for you. 1.6 it's just fine. People don't play it for the graphics, it's all about the gameplay. If you want graphics there are a lot games there for you, I have a ps3 and I still love playing 1.6 and I don't even bother with the graphics, if you play it for a long time you get used to them. And in personal opinion I like them better than Source graphics. CSPromod is just really a waste of time to it creators :s, but hey what you gonna do? :(
2010-01-26 19:51
You clearly have no clue at all what he is saying... He basically said if you have TWO GAMES that have IDENTICAL game play why wouldn't you play the one the looks better? It's a valid point. Most 1.6 teams\tournaments has already lost the backing\support from companies within the computer industry (ex: Intel) If Promod can bring those types of companies back into the fold I see it as a good thing. Personally I'm not an Eyecandy person but I wouldn't mind playing 1.6 with an updated look to it.
2010-01-26 22:09
im sure your a n00b
2010-01-27 16:24
im sure you are p00000le : )
2010-01-27 18:48
its obvious your a n00b dude GO play other games with HD graphs u should keep away from CS dumbass
2010-01-27 19:45
<3 poland !!! FTW !!!!!!111oneoneone!!11
2010-01-28 07:00
CS 1.6 4EVER. NONE will not make better GAME then cs 1.6. All games are just bad copies of it. CSS SUX CS 1.6 4LIFE
2010-01-27 17:55
Looks good imo
2010-01-26 13:31
MIRAA you have good awp skillz play for k1ck instead of foxj :D
2010-01-26 13:34
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2010-01-26 13:34
2010-01-26 20:44
looks like cs:s. and cs 1.6 is much better.
2010-01-26 13:36
Canada endem 
2010-01-26 13:38
Valve didn't make Promod..
2010-01-26 13:39
No they didn't. But they still own the right for the Source Engine and all mod games.. Which give them the rights to shut this project down whenever they want.
2010-01-26 14:56
1.6 also
2010-01-26 15:52
So true.
2010-01-26 16:02
they wouldn't want to shut this project down. as CSP is a mod of the source engine, if the project took off, it would cause many 1.6 players to purchase source, something valve has been encouraging for years.
2010-01-26 16:41
That isn't true, cspromod doesn't run on the source engine, they rebuilt the entire game from the ground up(to include recoding) without any access to the 1.6 or source engine. The engine used in cspromod belongs to the creators of cspromod, check the site if you don't believe me
2010-01-27 00:27
Bullshit... Then why do you need a source game to play it? And if it's now is true, link directly to the source you've got it from. Thank you.
2010-01-27 03:12
cspromod.com/about not hard to find...
2010-01-27 04:36
First formed in Q1 of 2006, CSPromod was conceived as an attempt to bring a fully-customizable version of Counter-Strike to the Source Engine ?
2010-01-27 14:15
"this game is entirely custom-coded..." About < Why the Counter-Strike still need CSPromod? < REASON FUCKING 3...continue reading before you spout something ignorant
2010-01-28 05:57
Maybe they ment: The MOD is entirely custom coded, you can't make something that aint custom in it's entity to something custom, which needs the non-custom entity. Simple as that. It doesen't make it all custom, only the mod.
2010-01-28 11:51
"Without the original code of either game, our developers had to essentially completely reverse engineer the original Counter-Strike from scratch."
2010-01-29 10:44
Heh that's funny, they're still using the source essence.
2010-01-29 13:00
+1 .true that its not from vavle but i agree whit his point. cs 1.6 is not about the graphics. its about the gameplay. they still don't get it.
2010-01-26 13:58
that's right!
2010-01-26 15:02
they don't get us but I get them...they create CSP -> the sponsors sponsor CSP cuz it needs better graph cards, etc -> The pro players have no choice, and they have to go to CSP if they want to get their salaries -> All the other players follow the pro's cuz 1.6 loses its essence -> CSP creators win millions :)
2010-01-29 17:08
u do realise VALVE created 1.6 and that they didnt create promod right? most stupid comment of the last decade
2010-01-26 14:00
Actually, it wasn't VALVE that created CS. CS was, like cspromod, a mod of half-life, which due to its success was changed and "bought" by VALVE and released as an official standalone game. VALVE may even have hired the ones that created CS, but I can't remember. Been too many years since I played the beta's.
2010-01-26 19:45
Paque | 
Serbia Paque 
yea ! cs 1.6 is allways the best !:@ what is this? css on cs 1.6 servers? stupid game -.-
2010-01-26 15:55
waiting for release
2010-01-26 13:38
Hong Kong xkay 
Promod looks nice :) thanks for the review
2010-01-26 13:43
CS 1.6 imo. this promod has too many details and is hard to play. for example you can confuse the CT Costume with a window or something that is black. anyway I vote for 1.6 and Grenade Switch - You cannot switch between your grenades using the mouse wheel. --?so you can`t rush nuke
2010-01-26 13:44
As I wrote in the article, these are not the final models. These are still CS Source's models, new player models will be made for 1.05. About the question, you can select between grenades using the "4" key, but not using your mouse wheel, which some people use.
2010-01-26 13:46
Rami, how can I download it?
2010-01-26 13:58
Wait, you can't bind the nade or jump in your mousewheel?
2010-01-26 14:01
You can, at least I think you do, I did not try that because I do not use. What I mean is: you cannot switch between your HE, flash and smoke grenades using the mousewheel.
2010-01-26 14:22
try command hud_fastswitch 1, it should be the same with 1.6, you probably used hud_fs 2..
2010-01-26 15:01
No, it is not because of that. I told Garfield about it and he said he will change it.
2010-01-26 17:11
I'm one of the lucky beta testers for 1.04 ( cspromod.com/community/profile/72/ ) and there's a few little things I would like to point out. I don't know how you managed to not be able to scroll through the grenades with your mousewheel but I can do that just fine. Cycles through all of the weapons as it should. If I'm missing something, please tell me. As far as the recoil goes it is definitely beneficial to burst 3-5 shot bursts rather than doing a full on spray as far as I can tell. Any other qualms, let me know.
2010-01-26 14:24
Mira why did you say that one of the things to "fix" before going live is "No HUD while flashed"? I think it's best to keep it that way, just like in 1.6, so you can't take advantage from the radar/player icons in csp :)
2010-01-26 16:03
i dont think he meant the miraa meant the radar or event health/armor(i could be wrong mind you), but rather being able to press tab
2010-01-27 00:34
If Mira is really talking about being able to press tab, they need to take off the health of teammates from tab because you could see your teammates hp going down, and since you know where he was it's kinda of an unfair advantage... :|
2010-01-27 01:16
the creators of promod corrected the same comment on gotfrag's review, they say you can, but i havent played the game yet so i wouldn't be able to tell you exactly how.
2010-01-27 00:31
source models are ruining the game imo, thats the only problem.
2010-01-26 13:44
it won't be long before they replace them with the updated 1.6 models, the animation for them is well underway
2010-01-26 16:43
what about awp faszooms? working correct or not?
2010-01-26 13:49
Check the video
2010-01-26 13:49
that's not thing, which im talking about. i mean shots after first bullet, until scope is not opened, next bullets should go to the center of screen. Hope you'll understand me :P
2010-01-26 13:56
Oh, I see. Yes, from what I tested, it is pretty much the same, and I also tested that, though I did not include such situation in the video.
2010-01-26 13:54
Looks nice, imo. waiting for release!
2010-01-26 13:49
Poland youh 
it looks promising, when developed, i think it will be good replace for 1.6, however, there need to be tournaments with players from 1.6 to make promod popular
2010-01-26 13:51
MIRAA incredible awp skills :DD Nice review btw ;) gun models sucks too.
2010-01-26 13:56
css < cs 1.6 < csp imo :> its beta 1.04 ~~ wait for 1.05 ! :D
2010-01-26 13:54
If this game is choosed for wcg & eswc, we are gonna play it I think. :) I think it's a great idea for new players, it should have in it a mod like czero for newbies to learn this game :)
2010-01-26 13:57
fucking terrible nearly as same as CSS
2010-01-26 13:55
you are listen fire in the hole when i after grenade switch to knife? why its doing
2010-01-26 13:58
omg add headshot backflip+ragdoll something like that and fix big models = BEST GAME EVER!
2010-01-26 13:58
and change blood sprites
2010-01-26 13:59
Too many details exactly. And notice action when the guy throws flash on inferno and flashes himself because he hit a lantern(?) therefore nade came back to him. This cannot happen - you need to have a straight wall that you can exactly know how the nade will behave and throw it precisely in any situation. And maps didn't bring me any "feel of 1.6" as it was stated, train looks extremely different. I mean the colours make you feel disoriented(?).
2010-01-26 13:59
That also happens in 1.6. There's an identical lamp in the exact same place in 1.6's inferno, and if you throw your flashes/nades wrong they do bounce to the wrong side.
2010-01-26 15:49
2010-01-26 18:58
what about fps? developers promised much higher frames per second than at default css maps
2010-01-26 13:59
FPS should at the very least go up 25-50% compared to Source. Reason for this is there's no physics props blowing around the map which means less information on screen to handle.
2010-01-26 14:27
looks amazing
2010-01-26 13:59
shut up all, if professioanls go to csp, every will do the same
2010-01-26 14:00
Looks good, a few pointers from watching the videos though: - Fix the crosshair, how it expands when shooting. Seems a bit off? - The sounds when you were planting inner is still very CS:S and horrible. Other than that it looks really good. Can't wait to try it out.
2010-01-26 14:02
"Perhaps the most unconventional but argueably the most important aspect of Promod is that this game is literally a product of the community that will play it. Direct feedback will be at the core of every decision made regarding changes and updates. If a majority of the community is polled and the results point to X change needed with Y gameplay element, so it shall be. If you're having trouble comprehending just how significant of a change this modus operandi represents, try emailing valve to change something with CS." -GotFrag :)
2010-01-27 00:44
Yeah, A lot of work still to be done. I think they need some more man power working on it.
2010-01-26 14:04
looks very good... grenades working fine is the biggest relief for me :) And seriously..I think CSP has the best ever in-game HUD!! they have put in a lot of work..lets hope it is as good as I imagine it to be :)
2010-01-26 14:04
i think everyone knows cs 1.6 will have to die in a few years with the graphics problem, if this is like 1.6 and has the graphics to keep the kids and sponsors happy ill be glad to play it
2010-01-26 14:05
did chess died because of graphics?
2010-01-26 20:25
This shit can never replace 1.6
2010-01-26 14:06
Hahahahahahahaha looks like shit!! Deagle and ak47 are so funny ^^ Hahahaahahaha I'm waiting for cs in movies graphic, until than cs 1.6 > all I expected something big, and i disappointed csp = css = shit for this people which one have no skill in cs 1.6 and go for something easier
2010-01-26 14:07
2010-01-26 14:15
Estonia rEDv 
Its not css ,watch videos.Its has totally differnet gameplay but tbh its not same gameplay as 1.6. Its something between css and 1.6 :D
2010-01-26 14:34
haha how can you say that those weapons look funny in source :D look at a real weapon ffs and then compare the models
2010-01-26 16:48
"Perhaps the most unconventional but argueably the most important aspect of Promod is that this game is literally a product of the community that will play it. Direct feedback will be at the core of every decision made regarding changes and updates. If a majority of the community is polled and the results point to X change needed with Y gameplay element, so it shall be. If you're having trouble comprehending just how significant of a change this modus operandi represents, try emailing valve to change something with CS." -GotFrag many people seem to be missing this: why bash it when you can change it? :)
2010-01-27 00:48
and I remember Nixon (or Nomad? :P) saying they would love to make a new hltv build from nothing...since they have so many ideas that they can implement...maybe you can do it using this platform! :)
2010-01-26 14:07
Sweden taM 
Do you still get 3 frags when defusing and having a bomb explode? Not the most important thing, but it annoys me and should at the least be optional (as a CVAR), I think.
2010-01-26 14:14
yeah it should be like in cod - frags alone, or both frags and score but divided
2010-01-26 14:15
Indonesia jenn 
nope, CSP seperates your kills from your score - meaning you can see exactly how many frags and defuses everyone has had.
2010-01-26 14:33
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Should of made it on the HL engine :D
2010-01-26 14:14
hmm, what would be the point of that?
2010-01-26 16:52
no :( it's not the same like old cs 1.6 we all love too bad
2010-01-26 14:17
steel | 
Brazil sallati 
nice review! :D
2010-01-26 14:19
Poland bkx 
Not good for people who have only 1.6 on their steam accounts.. I would rather go for 1.6 still.
2010-01-26 14:26
Slovakia EjBi 
that sounds, especially footsteps on sand sounds strange too O_o and css skins and models sux
2010-01-26 14:28
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
This is almost the same as source, same game-engine, just looks a bit different. Source players should play promod, and 1.6 players should keep playing 1.6 imo
2010-01-26 14:29
totally agree
2010-01-26 16:00
same game engine? its supposed to be on the same engine dumbass
2010-01-26 17:16
its NOT on the same engine CSpromod had to code their own engine and tried their best to model everything after 1.6 BETA 1.04 has source models, but 1.05 will not, and even after 1.05 they are completely open to feedback from the community, they actually encourage it.
2010-01-27 00:52
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
but the physics is the same as in source, probably except the nades =\ Of course this mod is way better than source but it has nothing in common with 1.6. I guess this game will never gonna fit for the 1.6 player. Though I really hope im completely wrong.. cause 1.6 is gonna die in a few years :{
2010-01-27 19:47
I can tell you a couple of things: 1. You won't really know until you play it for yourself(taking note that this is still a beta version, with another to follow, and probably many more until this game is as close to 1.6 as the community is willing to get it to. 2.They're asking for feedback and taking it openly as soon as Beta 1.04 drops (4 days :D!!!!!). Making this game essentially as good as the Counter-Strike community is willing to make it
2010-01-28 06:06
Russia wh1te! 
CSpromod sux !
2010-01-26 14:35
Better then I expected tbh
2010-01-26 14:38
MIRAA versus bots on dust2. One of the best pov i've ever seen
2010-01-26 14:39
he's pro, you cant deny it!
2010-01-26 14:42
CSPromod no for non steam? ;)
2010-01-26 14:46
I don't think that CSPromod will change 1.6 It's probably gonna be the same as CSS... (I mean with community) *1.6 till the end of gaming...
2010-01-26 14:50
seem's like it has source's awful sound.
2010-01-26 14:50
just for now. Later they will have own sounds, because they cannot use 1.6
2010-01-26 14:53
Definately not satisfied.
2010-01-26 14:50
Anyone notice you don't fall backwards when dieing in promod? Same death style like source =/
2010-01-26 14:51
In 1.05 will be 1.6 style and resized models. God...
2010-01-26 14:55
lets wait another year he? :D
2010-01-26 15:16
it wont take a year imo ;) just a matter of few months or week
2010-01-26 18:58
:D then you dont know how promod works
2010-01-26 20:03
Way to much like source, horrible, this game will never catch on to anything, huge waste of time by its producers
2010-01-26 14:52
Denmark Zeov 
yes, i will try it when it comes out, but sadly it wont do that much to 1.6... :/
2010-01-26 14:54
i like the new thing...but it still gives u the source feel...n so i feel it sux...FOR NOW ATLEAST!!
2010-01-26 14:56
Netherlands Erty 
Some things are nice, but most things suck. 1.6 for live :)
2010-01-26 14:59
Europe eler 
lol very bad, 1.6 only
2010-01-26 14:59
I dont think this project warrants the level of hate people are giving it. Its a very good idea if they finally get it nailed to be honest. Gameplay might be the most important thing to most of us here but for public interest and hence sponsorship and moneys graphics are a fairly big deal. I mean you cant deny that 1.6 is a fairly ugly game. They seem to be making massive improvements in promod but they obviously still need more time. Good work for now but its not finished. And lets be honest, if it gets picked up by most or all of the large tournaments i dont think any level of "omg 1.6 forever" is going to make a difference because money makes the world go round
2010-01-26 14:59
one of the few sensible replies, thank you
2010-01-26 16:46
Sensible enough for making me wanting say once again - cs 1.6 is better suited for professional gaming, and competitive gaming at all. If the money of all sponsors go to promod championships then MAYBE, just maybe, after a year or so of lockout coming from pro-players something could be done. The love for 1.6 is much bigger then the love for change and better graphics, that's all. Look at starcraft - Oh yes, we managed to see that it has small amount of polygones on the screen but Koreans has leagues for it! And starcraft 2 have to be absolutely perfect to try replacing it, that's why it is so delayed. So keep working if u want, definitely not enough for me right now. Or just try to fill some new niche of gaming - it would be easier.
2010-01-26 17:54
the fact is 1.6 doesn't have the sort of backup as starcraft does. besides, you neglect that starcraft is mainly focussed in Korea and not many places else. nearly every pc can run 1.6 and sponsors need a game with better graphics so that people buy their graphic cards. promod is helping us out in that because it shall have 1.6 gameplay on the source engine (or you'll have to switch to source eventually).
2010-01-26 18:31
Read my post again man! My point is: Why da heck do we, players, need a game trying to be cs 1.6 on another engine? I don't give a shit about video cards manufacturers, why a player who makes a living by playing cs 1.6 wants to change it??? Only if someone forces him to do so... But he naturally resists. Why try to create another 1.6 if it really already exists! U want grafics - go for COD, quake4, unreal and so on... Why take the name of "Counter-strike" and to try to replace best team competitive game ever? Where is the damn logic? Same answer 4 u: Don't like it? Think it's retarded? Don't play it - simple as that! Go for another project. Tiny things in 1.6, it's particularities became part of competitive gaming for millions! I liked cs 1.3, 1.5 I had problems going for 1.6 but it was same game with huge changes (whithout changing game engine!). Now another engine for this game it's not real to create same game, dozens of little particularities... People are used to compete on the base of 1.6... I say, no more realism or better graphic is needed for cs, or they should really work superhard to recreate same game, but not what we see now... It is not the Counter-Strike.
2010-01-26 21:41
sorry for long posts, really like to feel like changing something by tiping shit in internet :)
2010-01-26 21:54
you don't get it. we're changing for the SPONSORS, not because WE don't like the graphics. /facepalm why are the players playing? because of competitions/tournaments. who's sponsoring these tournaments? the sponsors i.e nvidia or intel, etc. we have to change so that the sponsors find our game attractive.
2010-01-27 10:02
/block facepalm Tell me please what is it you really want: to feel comfortable yourself or to create more comfortable conditions for companies being sponsors of progaming? Isn't it obvious that you have different interests and priorities? If you like cs as it is right now but sponsors force you to change the game do u want to be a part of flock of sheep and do as they say? Jump when they say jump? If not - then protect your interests. On the other hand, if YOU don't like cs as it right now and YOU want it to change - then you better convince millions of fans and players that it needs to change or change the game and stop playing it. Facepalm urself if u a duster.
2010-01-27 11:59
i give up. cs will die without sponsors.
2010-01-28 18:09
you didn't convice 1 man, think about millions who escaped your preachers :) Lot o' work if u are not a monopolist in some shit :)~ Our cute little talk won't change much so nobody wins, nobody loses. Talks one way, walks another.
2010-01-28 19:49
And don't pretend that u were in a closet and missed source threat being ingnored by the players. They did their choice and protected their neck, because they have brains, pride, clear individual opinion and will to protect it...
2010-01-28 08:02
*1.6 till the end of gaming... !!!!!!!!!
2010-01-26 15:01
Time goes on, and old games die and you cannot change it.
2010-01-26 15:03
o my god! so many years have been developed and such terrible models again and now we are asked to wait untill 1.05 :))) haha so little effort to change so big and established game as 1.6 version. They make me cry(
2010-01-26 15:03
It's better than source, thats for sure. Everyone have to agree with that!
2010-01-26 15:04
solo | 
Estonia FrispeN 
Don't like the system what shows the money for current teammates. Can't lie to them anymore that I don't have funds.
2010-01-26 15:05
haha lier! now u can't lie them and to pile up on awp next round:D
2010-01-26 15:18
best comment so far! i lol'd xD
2010-01-26 16:04
xaxaxaxaxa ee HOUMOR :D)
2010-01-26 17:33
ye u're right but cspromod is supposed to be a pro modification of the game, so no jokes in pracc ^^ but it's right, it's fun to lie to teammates :D But in game leader will have a better field of view and know if his team should buy or not :) dont have to type "37" before the beggining of the round :p
2010-01-26 19:00
solo | 
Estonia FrispeN 
oh yea, prostuff.. have to get used to do prostuffff
2010-01-28 09:05
omg nuke looks so horrible with that source engine
2010-01-26 15:05
1.6 4ever
2010-01-26 15:08
Norway strifer- 
I hate the fact that they use the source engine, the movement is for me the worst thing about source, i feel like a turtle. I dont like the sounds either. The maps looks pretty nice, and they have got some nice fixes, looking forward to try the final release.
2010-01-26 15:09
they fixed movement to behave like 1.6, i think.
2010-01-26 15:10
ye ;)
2010-01-26 19:01
Norway strifer- 
great news :D
2010-01-27 12:15
Germany H10k 
best bots ever :D cant walk cant buy a magazine cant shoot :D
2010-01-26 15:14
i am cs 1.6 4 life fan but i definitely would want to try this... CS:S models and weapon sounds sux :@:@ Mira, grate review ! ! !
2010-01-26 15:16
seems better than source but it will never replace 1.6!!!
2010-01-26 15:14
its better than source but still not even close to 1.6
2010-01-26 15:15
They have said in previous interviews that the code for csp could be ported to another engine. Wouldn't it have been easier to just recreate higher quality models/textures/effects for 1.6 on the same engine as 1.6? This way they could focus first on tweaking the gameplay to how the majority of us think cs should be played. Then after the gameplay is improved, it can be ported to a new engine.
2010-01-26 15:16
Nope, because the Goldsrc engine is old, and it doesn't support high-quality stuff. You can push it over the edge and do things with slightly better quality than Half-Life/Counter-Strike, but it will never come close to what the Source engine can handle. Keeping the game in the Goldsrc engine would be pointless, since the visual difference would be minimal. There are limits to things like how much polys it can handle for models/level design, lighting, mapping features (like bumpmaps, displacements, high-resolution textures, etc.) that you simply can't surpass on the Goldsrc engine, unless you have it's source code to heavily modify it, so remaking Counter-Strike in the same engine is just not viable :).
2010-01-26 16:08
sry this wont work atleast for me,still looks too much like source i dont mean the graphics i mean the feel of the game,just to clarify css is fun playing ffa and stuff but for competetive play no fucking way:D
2010-01-26 15:23
cs 1.6 forever
2010-01-26 15:26
im confused.. isnt counter-strike a registered product, or mark, who's owner is valve? how can valve let another company use the name of 1 of the worlds most played games and "modify" it? im kinda lost.. unless they have some sort of agreement.. on topic.. u guys know what the pope said to galileu? "the sun spins around the earth, not the earth around the sun" or something like that, but oh well, your holiness the pope was wrong, so guys dont talk unless u already have played it.. i really looks better than css.. and lets be honest, everything in the world evolves, so why wont CS?give this guys a shot.. ;)
2010-01-26 15:33
at this moment promod is better than source but it still far away from 1.6
2010-01-26 15:40
have u played it already?
2010-01-26 15:46
looks nice imo
2010-01-26 15:35
MIRAA you suck with the awp =) Just kidding ;)
2010-01-26 15:36
czero is better than this crap... looks like source only with the maps refined to exclude etraneous details.
2010-01-26 15:37
What looks like source? models? it'll be changed after a month...
2010-01-26 15:41
cs source blah ...
2010-01-26 15:38
Those maps seem to be smaller for me...
2010-01-26 15:45
because it's source models viewsize
2010-01-26 15:53
had the same exact impression especially on inferno mid it looks so tightly packed? or maybe its just me :O
2010-01-26 17:33
mid, and de_train trains look so small!
2010-01-26 20:03
nice review
2010-01-26 15:45
Is the WALLBANGING / SPAMMING working in CSP, Mirra?
2010-01-26 15:46
Yes you can wallbang in csp, but there's no more useless spam spots, which is kinda bad.
2010-01-26 15:55
you still don't get the same hs-feeling when you shoot someone.
2010-01-26 15:46
hs animation will be with the new models.
2010-01-26 15:54
is it possible to throw two flashbangs fast after one another?
2010-01-26 15:46
According to their changelog, it is: "Hard-coded grenade pull-back time and lowered it to .5 secs to enable 1.6-style double flashes"
2010-01-26 16:11
wtf, it's not the last beta? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ok, good review MIRAA, now I can say that they failed again, didn't understand it after watching gotFr@g review but now it is obvious.
2010-01-26 15:47
how they failed?
2010-01-26 15:54
they advertise it again as in previous times like "UNREAL NeW FiXeD vERSioN liKe 1.6 JuSt wiTh neW GrapHiCS. It is NEW SEPTEMBER WORLD , NEW SEPTEMBER WOHOHO". And what? Same shitty models, some black smoke, bad flashing system, bad models etc. Dont advertise it like it is the best fixed mod and like it is the final beta, if it is still CS:Source.
2010-01-26 16:09
You are one of those people who are always unhappy about everything. I'm not saying that's perfect already, it really need tweaks but it's good for beta.
2010-01-26 16:11
good for beta which they are making already for 4 years or more?
2010-01-26 16:13
Go to their website and read "About". They restarted their projected(if i'm not mistaken) 3 times or even 4. Like "Why has CSPromod taken so long?"
2010-01-26 16:21
careface? If they can't understand that all what is needed is to change graphics @ maps and took all stuff like player models, movement, gun models, plant, he/flash/smoke, radar from 1.6? That's all, then people will play CSPromod. They already changed graphic at maps, ok, it seems to be good, now they have to do 2nd step. Who care about that shizzle Scoreboard where u can see ur teammates money and radars with nicks?
2010-01-26 16:37
it's easier for IGL's seeing teammates moneys on scoreboard and deciding what to do. And about nicks, it's better, because you see which person is in that place, if you need him, you can call him from that place to your's.
2010-01-26 16:42
Well actually those things are usefull in communication. They are designed to speed buying weapons for your team mates, not on public servers but playing mixes or matches. The same with radar, gives you better undesrtanding where you mates are without shouting those informations on ventrilo.
2010-01-26 16:43
they failed again? u didnt even try it rofl, get back into ur cave please
2010-01-26 17:17
i don't like it
2010-01-26 15:50
I think it looks really good. Like u said, the models need to be fixed. And some other small fixes. But after they fixed that we have a new cs! :) A BETTER ONE!
2010-01-26 15:50
totally agree..
2010-01-26 15:55
2010-01-26 17:34
Fix the models and it will have my vote:)
2010-01-26 15:55
Worse than 1.6 worse than Source I cant understand those working on the promod. They have to much freetime, or what ? :) PS: grenades ( physics for example ) are way much better in source, than in 1.6
2010-01-26 15:59
i thought the awp looked very unpresisely
2010-01-26 16:00
Haters gonna hate. img.moronail.net/img/5/7/1257.jpg
2010-01-26 16:03
Mirra vs Bots..... Bots win!!!! ahahaha
2010-01-26 16:11
2010-01-26 16:11
Jonathan E. can act here... :P
2010-01-26 16:41
I'm glad everyone on HLTV.org has played this game and can make the right choice on whether to switch from 1.6 to csp. Not to mention can read.
2010-01-26 16:26
Yep. Almost everyone had it tested as you can see by the comments. And must be major piece of shit judging by the amount of hate towards it. People don't be ignorant and try it before trashing it.
2010-01-26 16:39
Portugal pshhh 
With fixed models it looks pretty cool, anyway, this game will only be played if pro's and all community starts playing it. And honestly, i love 1.6, but it's necessary to refresh the game to keep it alive. Gl CSP, keep 1.6 alive, for the future new players (:
2010-01-26 16:26
imo this game sucks..but I do understand the creators of this game..I mean. the biggest sponsors don't need 1.6 anymore. cs 1.6 don't need great graphic cards, etc. But do they understand why we love 1.6? that is the question :)
2010-01-26 16:32
and....in this area..we can see all types of comments..ffs..are they trying to divide CS players? cuz if they are, this is the end of cs :) cs:cz, cs:s, cs 1.6 do we need more cs's? --'
2010-01-26 16:35
bad with sounds & models source...
2010-01-26 16:39
source models and sound suxx (((
2010-01-26 16:51
Looks pretty good imo
2010-01-26 16:50
Portugal hpn- 
i really don't think that CSPROMOD will be better than 1.6. With this videos i still don't want to play it, i hate css and the graphics are to similar to css, If the gameplay is equal or almost to CS it's other thing, but this videos don't prove me anything to play it. This is just me!
2010-01-26 16:52
How graphics won't look like source if it's Source Engine?
2010-01-26 16:54
Portugal hpn- 
im refering to models, grenades etc... not the graphics of the maps =)
2010-01-26 17:01
Okay :)
2010-01-26 17:02
Let's wait till you try it. :D
2010-01-26 16:55
People say to me that i must play counter strike source and then i will play it forever, and not anymore counter strike 1.6 i played css and no i sayed cs 1.6 is much better than css.
2010-01-26 16:52
What about wallbanging?
2010-01-26 16:55
NO PROMOD ! spraying with ak and m4 sux the aim sux
2010-01-26 17:06
Wow you can tell that from 2 minute movie, made during testing unfinished MOD? Great insight.
2010-01-26 17:09
I dont get this whole thing around 1.6 gameplay. I mean, it isn't that revolutiorany? HL1 engine was the best for a long time after it came out A LONG TIME AGO! Source engine has a huge potential. Anyone here played Day of Defeat: Source? The gameplay is freaking awesome. Ok, 1.6 gameplay is fine. CS:S is somewhat an improvemet. But dod:s.. its next level stuff you know.
2010-01-26 17:04
China Specster 
Oh you pro old schools lovers 1.6, we, the normal people, also like 1.6, we know it is the best cs, but why not to try to make a game with the same gameplay with better graphics? you don't make nothing negative there, only positive... promod is not done yet, so wait, when it will be done try it, and make conclusions, but don't say everything sux if you didn't even try that out.
2010-01-26 17:05
Looks good but still too much bugs and minors due the source engine. You have the feeling like its going to slow.
2010-01-26 17:11
CSPromod BETA 1.04. W8, let me re-read your comment.
2010-01-26 17:37
Great review here, some pretty differed opinions here to gotfrag's review but thats good as it shows more than one take on things. Reading through these comments and there is some pure failed opinions here, half of them from 12 year old kids with the mental ability of a dog such as "Looks like source" Of course it looks like source, it's on the source engine & then "Why does it take so long?" Probably because there's only a handful of people working on it in their spare time (the animator of the models can only work on animating so much every weekend) and I'm sure the rest of the team have jobs + education (something a number of people here lack) My point being: Don't be a dick and use some sense.
2010-01-26 17:10
plus one sir
2010-01-26 17:13
still a bit too ugly :)
2010-01-26 17:13
China Specster 
ugly compared to... ?
2010-01-26 17:15
All i can hear is QQ from all the 3rd world spastic's who can't afford a Good enough PC/Copy of HL2 because, both their parent's are stuck below minimum wage. :) Death 2 1.6!
2010-01-26 17:18
Thats what I was trying to get at.
2010-01-26 17:23
all i'm seeing right now is a retarded spanish kid who thinks games is all about graphics.
2010-01-26 17:24
China Specster 
the retarded one is you. Nobody said it's about graphics, but why not to make a game, with the same gameplay as 1.6 with better graphics???? this is the point of promod, give them time, it's beta yet, so take it easy and use brain.
2010-01-26 19:05
"All i can hear is QQ from all the 3rd world spastic's who can't afford a Good enough PC/Copy of HL2" yeah, it's because of the AMAZING SOUND EFFECTS that you need a new PC. seriously? maybe you're retarded too? so far, this is just an sliiightly better version of Counter-Strike: Source.
2010-01-26 23:13
LOL MIRAA U ARE SO PRO !!!!!!!!!!!
2010-01-26 17:24
HLTV.org forums- Home of monkey see, monkey do *cough Fodder bandwagon
2010-01-26 17:27
Romania tr$ 
That noise of the flash on the ground after being thrown is pretty fucking annoying. But the rest of it seems nice. Change the models and it will be ok. Edit: I am also awaiting FODDER's epicness to comment on this.
2010-01-26 17:30
Poland dmd 
hmm. imo CSP 1.04 is going to overcome 1.6. I like new HUD, but the graphics is too much for me. It differs only a little from CSS, and in some moments i felt really disoriented when watching MIRAA's vids. 4 me it is better than CSS, but to 1.6 it needs improvements or downgrades. I'm waiting for 1.05 release, where new player models and headshot effect wil appear. One thing i totally miss from 1.6: sounds, which were giving certain atmosphere, some kind of climate. These in CSP totally sux.
2010-01-26 17:31
The game looks nice on itself but it will never come close to 1.6 gameplay until they implement new gun/player/animation models.
2010-01-26 17:31
HLTV.org- Home of monkey see, monkey do
2010-01-26 17:41
Monkey pee on you :D
2010-01-26 17:45
*** MIRAA killed Bot03 with m4a1 from headshot *** MIRAA killed Bot05 with m4a1 *** MIRAA killed Bot02 with m4a1 from headshot *** *** MIRAA killed Bot01 with m4a1 from headshot *** MIRAA killed Bot04 with m4a1 owned!!! nice ace! MIRAA > all
2010-01-26 17:45
very nice review, once again good job MIRAA the tab health indicator is very usefull but it changes the little things counterstrike is being played, cooperation in and out of the game. the digital ammo and health HUD may confuse some of us but in the end it gives the game something fresh and new, makes it look like a new game. since noone of us played 1.04, i couldn't understand why they removed the animations between gun changes, and how it looks like. I guess you can't fire your gun right after you change your gun, you have to wait the same ammount of time like 1.6 , right ? the thing i hate the most about source is that when you throw a flash or HE grenade it glides and moves a little bit more than it used to happen in 1.6
2010-01-26 17:45
They did not remove the animation between gun changes, you can just select in the CSPromod tab in the options menu whether you want it or not.If you have a look at the AWP video, you see that there are animations there. But if you do remove them, you still have to wait the same ammount of time before firing.
2010-01-26 17:55
ahh ok i guess i missed it thx 4 your reply
2010-01-26 18:30
if the movement still feels like source, then i dont want to play it. i absolutely love the fluid movement in 1.6... that is source's biggest fault imo.
2010-01-26 17:50
They're tweaking it so that the movement is like 1.6. Sure it looks like source but it will feel like 1.6 Didn't you read/watch ? :O
2010-01-26 20:20
so bad
2010-01-26 17:53
2010-01-26 17:53
will not bother with this game until they lose source models. look at the deagle. that thing look dumb again.
2010-01-26 17:58
I'd understand for the player models but weapon models? Come on... Btw you can use the 1.6 weapon models if you really want to: forum.digitalpowered.net/index.php?s=751..
2010-01-26 18:03
The sound of the weapons and the grenades is really crappy compared to the CS1.6
2010-01-26 18:13
I like what they're trying to do. Create a Counter-Strike that has potential to go another 10 years. But, I'm not particularly fond of the maps or the weapons. And it seemed dark, very dark everywhere. I agree that what MIRAA mentions should be changed and maybe we'll see a contender-release at a point in the future. But if they change anything other than the graphics in regards to 1.6, then I'm not seeing it overtaking 1.6 in any regard. Update the engine, leave the gameplay, then maybe it'll have a chance.
2010-01-26 18:19
It's a matter of settings... There are so many settings in CSP :)
2010-01-26 20:07
1.6 is dead in two years.. CSP will rock.
2010-01-26 18:24
i hope so but there is a lot of trolls and blahblah :/
2010-01-26 19:01
CSP. -> so useless... btw. nice review miRRa.
2010-01-26 18:30
Norway duffz00r 
sound and movements sucks ;/ if they just could fix that, it'll be awesum :--O
2010-01-26 18:33
OMFG , most of you guys dont comprehend the meaning of BETA...
2010-01-26 18:46
can someone tell me why people still whining about models? I dont care if i have to kill chicken or plane..
2010-01-26 18:48
Taiwan vem 
2010-01-26 18:49
word bro
2010-01-26 18:56
Shame neither of you can express your opinion in an intelligent way.
2010-01-26 19:00
dont care about him :O
2010-01-26 19:01
1.6 will be dead eventually, and this seems like a reasonable replacement. i mean come on, source sucks without any further discussion, but this mod could reunite the community.
2010-01-26 18:58
You don't know that. 1.6 has been "alive" for, what is it now, 10 years? and still going strong It's the perfect online fps game, and that's not just my opinion
2010-01-26 19:29
You're right. but you'll certainly agree that the community is getting smaller and smaller. that's why I said _eventually.
2010-01-26 19:46
I see absolutely no point in CSP.
2010-01-26 19:00
2010-01-26 19:01
maybe playing instead of viewing will convince ya ;D
2010-01-26 19:02
Well simply because 1.6 won't live forever and there's no new players.
2010-01-26 19:04
ns review, but 1.6 > all
2010-01-26 19:00
MIRRAA ? Do we see damages we did to the enemies at the end of the round ? like in css ? i hope not :s
2010-01-26 19:03
Norway strifer- 
thats called amx mod :)
2010-01-27 12:21
this shit will destroy cs 1.6
2010-01-26 19:09
it could, but it's just overhyped atm. it'll be released, people will realize how much it sucks, then the "full version" (non beta) will be released and the fans will once again realize how much it sucks, end of story or so I hope :O
2010-01-26 19:31
I don't think so. CS 1.6 has huge community and a lot of players haven't CS:Source.
2010-01-26 19:36
Few weapons - It is not possible to buy all the weapons in CSPromod, only the ones that are standard in competition, which means you cannot use the Scout, the AUG or the Sig, for example. This makes absolutely no sense and, if you remember the WCG 08 Finals, the Scout helped mTw against SK; - That's probably the stupidest thing I've ever read. It just shows how lazy the CSP team is.
2010-01-26 19:33
Quoted from the promod FAQ Why are there weapons missing in CSP? Based on knowledge common weapon usage in competitive and professional play, the decision was made to initially only include the following weapons: USP Glock Deagle MP5 Famas Galil M4a1 AK47 AWP Once these weapons are perfected, others can be implemented according to community input.
2010-01-26 19:35
2010-01-26 19:36
They won't implant the other ones... It's a pro modification so they decided to remove P90, ShotGuns, .... Maybe they shouled include Scout and aug/krieg but it's all :)
2010-01-26 20:07
Some off the CS Online guns would be an nice addition Scar 4 eg
2010-01-26 22:48
not really.. no..
2010-01-26 23:02
Your comment just show how low skilled you are. Who uses the other weapons aside from pub players and MTW that ONCE used a scout?
2010-01-26 20:27
Or they put the time into more useful aspects of the game. It's not like they have a huge development team working on this. Becuase of that they have to spread out there time wisely. Adding the scout is something that would have taken extra time and at this point isn't needed. Hopefully they will add it later but the bells and whistles aren't the first priority. Gameplay is.
2010-01-26 22:10
not gunna lie i think it still looks bad. it just seems to have more of a source feel to it then 1.6.. it's obviously going to, being built with the source engine, but i don't like it. people don't like change. it takes a long time to adjust to change and the only way people will is if they're forced to changed. like how valve forced people to change from 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6. people weren't forced to change to source because that was a different game all together. and just because the pros switched doesn't mean the community will. look at what happened to cgs for example. and also having pros input on developing something doesn't exactly make it good. just cause a formula1 race car driver is the best at what he does, does not mean he should be in the shop building the cars.
2010-01-26 19:35
agreed 100%
2010-01-26 19:46
damm miraa wanna ring?
2010-01-26 19:41
I kinda don't get the idea of making CS1.6 again. If you want 1.6 than play 1.6, if you want good graphics, play source or whatever you want. Ans don't say that promod will unify cs1.6 and source, because, it will be 1.6 with new textures in the end imo. That's why I don't get it. You know - i'm kinda stupid, cause I also can't see whay cars, barrels and anything like that makes a map unplayable. For me - it's just a part of a map, an obstacle, which makes a map look more realistic than just some boxes on the flat floor. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing CSPromod. It has the potential imo...
2010-01-26 19:44
cars/barrels get's in your way when you're backing away, it just slows you down.
2010-01-26 19:47
CSPromod no for non steam?
2010-01-26 19:46
Don't be a cheap ass and buy CS:S, if you can't afford to buy CS you obviously have more important things to do with your life than playing a game.
2010-01-26 19:54
who doesnt?
2010-01-27 14:30
I say wait till they have cs 1.6 player models and GIVE ME MY Fing SCOUT MOTHER Fer...I want to play my scoutzknivez...AND YOU KNOW THIS, MAN!
2010-01-26 19:52
this has nothing to do with anything just a thougt i have that people who think valve is stupid and should just make a game and copy 1.6 graphics and improve it (not like they "improved" source) in graphics, and let them maybe add some gameplay stuff as long as somebody who actually knows about compeditive cs allows it--- wouldn't that be suicide since the new players would hear that they have been screwed in the ass big time, actually it's just some 10 year old game and they kept most elements from it and stole from themselves btw good review
2010-01-26 19:54
"They are still Source's models, and thus one still thinks he is playing the wrong game. But the CSPromod developing team have told us it will be ready by the time Beta 1.05 is released." So that will be in 2012, I guess? -.- As shown in the video, you can't get that 1.6- feeling with Source-animations. You can barely see if you hit your enemy, and death-animations suck, as well. I actually liked the concept of CSP when it was new. But after few years of "development", they should have fixed basic things like these models, instead of adding stuff to the HUD just for fun.
2010-01-26 20:00
On official forum a developper told us an approximative date for 1.05 but wait and see ;) just try 1.04 before thinking about 1.05.
2010-01-26 20:08
Nice only those shitty source player models left
2010-01-26 20:01
Everybody is complaining about how CSS graphics is way better than CS but CS gameplay is way better than CSS. And now there is a gameplay of CS and graphics of CSS in one but everybody is still complaining.. But yeah. I'm one of those who complains : D
2010-01-26 20:03
Another thing they need to get rid of is the ugly cs source sound effects (gun sounds, footsteps, etc. they all sound terrible). Why dont they use the cs 1.6 gun sounds and footsteps??
2010-01-26 20:06
Can modify them imo
2010-01-26 20:09
Because it would be illegal.
2010-01-26 20:23
when CSPromod comes out there wont be cs1.6 n css anymore?
2010-01-26 20:13
Depends of people's will :p
2010-01-26 20:14
Yes, CSS and CS 1.6 will disappear from every steam account and will be replaced by CSPromod. Oh god...
2010-01-26 20:25
2010-01-26 20:33
hmmm...Where is recoil in CSP? Action AK47 on train ? hahah cs 1.6 > other We Love 1.6 !
2010-01-26 20:32
if they dont change the weapon models to the 1.6 models, they wont have any sucess with this lol
2010-01-26 20:41
everyone complains about player models, but you about weapon models? They're fine!
2010-01-26 20:45
As long as the models are fixed then I am happy. Such ghastly way the players die when they get hit a headshot. Just fall down.. :( And rather have the autosnipers removed and bring in the scout! :)) Other than that it looks very interesting! :))
2010-01-26 20:41
cs 1.6 ftw,css and csp noob mods gg pozpoz
2010-01-26 20:47
What an interesting, thoughtful and intelligent feedback.
2010-01-26 20:55
i just didint want to write a wall of text,but this is what it would mean at the end...
2010-01-28 05:28
"Player models - This is definitely the biggest issue at the moment. The CS:Source models are terrible and they make people not want to play the game, despite all the changes that have been made. I wonder whether Beta 1.04 should go out with these models, as the community have waited so long for updates that I am sure they would not mind waiting a bit more for a new release with something as important as this; No HUD while flashed - If you had a look at the videos above, you could see that, when you are flashed, the whole screen goes white, you completely lose your HUD, which means you are unable to check your health points or even what you are typying; Few weapons - It is not possible to buy all the weapons in CSPromod, only the ones that are standard in competition, which means you cannot use the Scout, the AUG or the Sig, for example. This makes absolutely no sense and, if you remember the WCG 08 Finals, the Scout helped mTw against SK; Grenade Switch - You cannot switch between your grenades using the mouse wheel. (UPDATE: We have been informed this issue has been fixed for Beta 1.04 already)." This is why i won't play it, if theyre left unchanged
2010-01-26 20:52
It has been long time before I last played CS:S but from what I have seen it new CSP 1.04 looks like a cleaned up version of it. Maybe the in-game feel is different but, as said, from outside it looks like CS:S using 1.6 maps. Same "no recoil", same "Oh, I just died" effect, same models CT=T, same weapon sounds (the knife's is the one I dislike most). I know people want to keep the "1.6 spirit" but I would personally also welcome some innovation, especially in terms of weapons arsenal (f.e. to start with, getting rid of waste weapons and adding some new ones to add more variety). For now I still see it as CS:S(Pro*)mod. *If they actually end up playing it.
2010-01-26 21:09
Come back and make proper feedback when you have actually played the game. How can you judge the recoil and the feel of the game just by seeing a video? Of course it looks like source as it's the same engine and they use the same sounds, weapon models and until b1.05, player models.
2010-01-26 21:27
Seems you are pressing the gas pedal too much. There is the brake one also! 1) I do not give any feedback ¿how could I if I have not tested this release? I have posted my opinion on the basis of the review videos MIRAA has posted. According to you I am not allowed to do so? Please... 2) I do not judge the recoil or the feeling in-game watching the video but on my experience when I played CS:S. Looking at those known "spray-HS" sequences it is the same when I played. And I also stated it in reference to CSP by saying "Maybe the in-game feel is different but, as said, from outside it looks like CS:S using 1.6 maps." As you can see I am fully aware that we are seeing a CS:S mod (read the last line of my previous message??) more than a supposed "CS 1.6" using the Source engine.
2010-01-26 21:46
Well actually they have made it from scratch therefore it's neither a 1.6 nor a CSS mod. They only use a few assets from CSS and FYI it's temporary. They just found a new 3d modeler whose job will be to come up with new weapon models and they're also planning on making new custom sounds close to the 1.6 ones. Remember it's sill beta and everything can't be perfect or exactly like 1.6.
2010-01-27 00:07
I must sincerely disagree on your first point. Even though it is done from scratch right now, yes despite being beta, it is more a CS:S mod than anything else honestly. It is not about being good or bad that way but that is just how it is from my point of view. But being that way if CS:S is not very appealing a mod for it will be as appealing as its "base" game. You state it is temporary, well, then as said I look forward to see changing it from a CS:S mod to a Source engine mod (joining games more appealing than CS:S). As for the last point, I sincerely have wondered if it ever will get close 1.6 . And honestly I think it will be due to the Source engine. Again, do not read me in terms of good/bad but different "environment", different "feeling". Still with the in-game feeling, pending. Still I would insist of taking the chance (challenge even?), maybe during the step of "leaving CS:S behind" of weapons improvements/additions and even rescue some oldies like rifles zooms (f.e. for the AK and the Colt, just like nowadays games feature similar things (iron sights etc.)).
2010-01-27 20:55
Using some models from CSS does not make a CSS mod. Quoted from their FAQ: "CSPromod is a 100% custom-coded Source engine modification". Aside from these models, CSP has nothing to do with CSS. It already is a Source engine mod.
2010-01-28 13:55
If you read again it is not the models I refer to but the overall CS:S like behaviour. Thus yes, still a CS:S mod to some extent for me.
2010-01-28 19:50
Until they do CSpromod 1.6 wich is 100% finish ex:Remove the No HUD while flashed - If you had a look at the videos above, you could see that, when you are flashed, the whole screen goes white, you completely lose your HUD, which means you are unable to check your health points or even what you are typying Also change the models source ones are aweful.
2010-01-26 21:20
I am sorry for developers and there waisted time,but my heart will be always for 1.6
2010-01-26 21:29
2010-01-26 21:43
make it look like 1.6, the maps are ok but i hope the figures do resemble like the ones in 1.6 and not the ones in CSS, i hope as well the in game to be similar to 1.6 and not css or cz because they're a bit crapy... good review MIRAA! and please do not use the CSS flashbangs :b
2010-01-26 21:39
they can develop this game as much as they want, most of us will still play 1.6... of course they will get players, that's inevitable, but so much less than 1.6 currently has...
2010-01-26 21:47
MIRAA "No HUD while flashed - If you had a look at the videos above, you could see that, when you are flashed, the whole screen goes white, you completely lose your HUD, which means you are unable to check your health points or even what you are typying;" if you are flashed you cant see the hud in cs 1.6 too, so i dont understand why is this a problem, if you see the radar (csp) you can do everything becouse csps radar shows the whole map
2010-01-26 21:48
Yeah, I meant to write that you cannot see what you are typying, my bad there.
2010-01-26 22:51
hate those sounds
2010-01-26 21:48
thanks MIRAA, this news was like a tutorial for me to understand better CSPromod Beta 1.04. the pros, cons and the videos are great as well :)
2010-01-26 22:00
does anyone know if you still will be able to do bunny hopping and russian walking? two important things that are characteristic for cs 1.6 and i'd sure miss.
2010-01-26 22:11
you should call this csspromod not cspromod
2010-01-26 22:12
Same thing when we moved from 1.5 to 1.6. Everyone whined so hard and yet right now it's "1.6 FOREVER". I think it's a great idea, and pretty much a HUGE challenge to do something like that. Obviously, this is a BETA, which means lots of stuff will have to be tweaked or changed entirely (models ? sound ? = major changes, HUD to display when flash = MINOR change) I really wished some people would just appreciate the work they're trying to provide, this could very well work, as it could very well be a complete failure. Personnaly, I will try this BETA and make my own mind more based on the feeling while playing, but I am pretty sure many many many things will change between this BETA and the next one. Keep it up, listen to the constructive feed back and we might end up with something enjoyable. Cheers EDIT : thx MIRRA for that article.
2010-01-26 22:15
n1 mira with aimbot @ promod
2010-01-26 22:21
#324 yes you can still. The thing that sucks is that so many people are so STRAIGHT minded... Cant accept the fact that some people are trying to improve a game that is super popular and make it look better and more spectator friendly.. Tbh i cant wait for this because sponsors and the younger generation is looking at games for mainly graphics and great gameplay, so if they make our 1.6 based game and make it look better whats the harm..? obviously 1.6 needs to be updated because its a 12 year old game that hasnt been updated forever (yes i love 1.6 and support it 100% and i dont think anything is really wrong with it besides graphics) but i do feel that CSP has such a great potential for making the community come back together and make bigger tournys and sponsors are going to support more teams then before.. people are saying that it can split it more, but i disagree highly. It's also a beta so therefore any changes can be made and this CSPteam has put years now to make it somewhat playable.. I believe it looks good and i can't wait to play it! Give it a chance, if you don't like it dont play it.
2010-01-26 22:26
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2010-01-26 22:52
Are you really that ignorant? The only reason CSP looks good is because you are fucking comparing it to CS. This mainstream community you speak of 12 year olds is looking for the latest and newest games. And visually speaking, this game is outdated just like CSS. CSS is a joke in comparison to the visuals of the newer games and titles that even Valve pushes out spending millions to get advertised in the UFC fighting ring, countless commericals, and so on such as L4D2, their package deals, and so on. Those are the games your typical next generation, mainstream pub scrub is going to purchase and buy. Not CSS. And in fact, why the fuck would a mainstream pub scrub even care about CSP after buying CSS? Answer: he wouldn't. He would care about pubbing. Thats it. He would care about playing the game he purchased and being in happy pub land. He wouldn't give two shits about CSP. And thats if the kid in question even chose CSS over the newest and latest games (which in and of itself is very unlikely). So don't sit here and bullshit me with this crap about how CSP will be visually appealing to the mainstream gamers because 1. it's outdated compared to the newer/newest games(CSS is old) and 2. how the fuck would a mainstream gamer even find out about a mod for CSS called CSP or even give a shit about it? Not to mention this game is littered with legal issues so that if it even sees an ounce of remote success it will never be able to succeed. If they try to port the game over to smething else, Valve will take them to court by copyright infringement regarding gameplay, game layout, map layout, many of the game's copied functions, the list goes on. And if they stay under the CSS engine then later on down the road Valve is going to see that instead of buying their new overly priced games that they spend millions of dollars in advertisement to get onto TV and in the UFC fighting rings, and so forth, that all of their customers are going to CSS (which by their standards is an old, outdated, and one of their far cheaper products). Valve doesn't want anything distracting from their more expensive products and packages and if it does, they will do something about it. Rest assure, you can say Valve will like the idea of us paying for CSS all you want. But later on they will see that they had lost money in the ordeal if CSP even becomes successful because then it will just breed another generation of players who never purchase another game, thus costing Valve more money, in contrast to them releasing games like L4D and L4D2 in much more relatively fewer time frames. Their money and market plan lies in their new products. Not their outdated ones (CSS). And if anything takes away from it, bye bye. CSP is cornered and doomed to fail because it is just a terrible idea when there is so many better alternatives that the community could do if a few choice people (cough Torbull) were willing to do them that could preserve CS better than the very idea of CSP ever could in it's wildest dream.
2010-01-27 01:37
The reason 1.6 is so popular is because of the gameplay, first off these maps are horrid, they should have stuck with the 1.6 engine not the source/hl2 one, bad choice, even tho the maps don't have the horrible CS:Source obsticles like cars and such, they are still totally different are not 1.6 maps. Source models are horrible, therefore making the spray/shooting horrible. This is basically a ProMod for Source not 1.6, I cannot see any leagues picking this up, although WCG did play CZ at one of their events in 2005 so you never know, the only way I will ever switch to this horrible mod is if my domestic leagues switch, otherwise will never play. And no HUD while blined, are you kidding? this is source not 1.6, and the fact that you can only use a glock, usp, deagle, m4, ak and awp is retarded, which means you cannot even have fun in a pug or something and use a aug/sig or scout, tmp or anything like that. All in all, horrible. If any major league like ESL, ESEA, WCG, IEM picks this up I will switch to mw2.
2010-01-26 22:59
so stupid... u dont know anything about promod :) Promod for CSS ? Are u kidding ? It's exactly (or almost) the same gameplay as 1.6 and there is a lot of options to use 1.6/1.3 settings ;) no hud while blind omg omg omg.. I'm sure you didnt see that you see the hud when you are blind :) this game is a promod so it doesnt need fun weaps ;) dont be so straight plx
2010-01-26 23:06
1) Making CSP on goldsource (HL1 engine) would have been the most retarded idea ever. The first goal of CSP is to bring a graphical refresh to 1.6 that runs on a 12 years old engine. 2) The maps are units for units the same as 1.6. Only graphical improvements have been added in non-playable areas. 3) If you can't shoot/spray because of the weapon models you shouldn't even be playing CS. 4) Leagues will picks this up if the game is good and if there are players. 5) The fact that you want the other/fun weapons to be implanted just proves that you are a retard that either play in pub or against awfully low skilled players. 6) Who the fuck cares that you can't see you health/ammo while you're blind?
2010-01-27 15:26
I do not see the user you reply to calling anyone names, so why do you do it? Take it easy. Thank you.
2010-01-27 20:57
"the fact that you can only use a glock, usp, deagle, m4, ak and awp is retarded" He kind of did. And sorry but such comments just piss me off.
2010-01-28 13:44
Then you will indeed have a great time here at HLTV.org if you consider opinions on things affecting yourself ::)
2010-01-28 19:58
Nope but it was pretty much directed towards the CSP devs and that guy has no idea how much effort they put into the making of the game.
2010-01-28 20:49
Stressing the Promod (that is, the main equipment used during official matches -leaving aside the autosniper laming and similar-) would have done the job the same and in a less offensive way, honestly.
2010-01-28 21:28
The amount of shit people are giving before even trying the game is absolutely ridiculous, I mean how stubborn can people get? :S
2010-01-26 23:07
Whats sad is that nobody has came out with any real arguement against it, everything I've read here is the same copy & pasted comment I remember hearing 4-5 years ago. Talking to a brick wall here but: To the haters: put up a decent arguement, or shut up until you develop your own opinion.
2010-01-26 23:22
look at these 1.6 kids tht probly startd playing in 07 getting all angry its only beta n it hasnt even came out yet and the maps inthose videos r css maps not csp maps n its only beta u have no idea how shit cs beta was jumping twice take u half way thru the map so relax its only beta n dont judge it b4 u try it shitkunt kids
2010-01-26 23:20
wow copy warcraft 3 and what, promod copy cs 1.6 and what, can choose wp scoupe and what? + options in settings menu and ?!! promod is a big lol, 1.6 forever. im said right yes all ?
2010-01-26 23:41
No, you're far from right you're a fucking idiot. EDIT: Wouldn't normally phrase it like this but it had to be said.
2010-01-26 23:49
Take it easy. Thank you.
2010-01-26 23:47
this game is " source II. " .... and 10+ can play, this all is not real...
2010-01-26 23:44
If u didnt play promod, and wont try it when the final version is there, dont give ur oppinion as u dont know shit about the game. And if everyone would just give it a try and actually stop the childish bullshit about 1.6 and CSS (played 1.6 for years, but stopped cuz of retarded players in the scene who you can still find (read the comments above)). You might actually like the game. My exp playing the beta, and reading all the improvements, I'd say this game might actually go somewhere.
2010-01-27 00:01
nice read
2010-01-26 23:46
i think this is the future of CS ? or
2010-01-27 00:13
Would have been nice if you coulda tested some other things like movement. E.G Nuke big rock jump
2010-01-27 00:42
Don't you see they NEVER demonstrate these things for a reason? If you are going to show us smoke grenades, show us fucking smoke grenades, now you throwing them at the fucking ground? What is that showing us? Nothing. Show us something that has transferred over. Such as the smoke grenade off the slanted roof of big garage to land directly in front of the ladder room windows. Show us a spam spot like in front of green truck to ramp room. Show us a jump like redrock jump on de_nuke or the sunman jump on de_inferno from center bomb boxes to closet boxes. Show us you can still see people in smokes by positioning yourself in front of one and placing your crosshair down. Show us that you can still shoot 4 bullets at the same time with a glock by alternating quickly between the burst and semi-automatic functions. Show us all the little quirks and specifics that make CS the game it is, or these videos are pointless. The fuck does it matter if we have nice little menu when the game it's used by sucks ass.
2010-01-27 01:12
Poland ney 
2010-01-27 00:49
Wow, what a God awful release this is looking to be. This is even worse than the last time I checked up on it. I'm assuming that when MIRAAA was testing this was all of course on a LAN server where registry should be at its best. And what I saw was absolute disgrace. MIRAAA is no Delpan but he literally quick scoped point blank at a bot twice that was not moving and absolutely nothing registered. He also (albeit spraying) fired a whole clip of a deagle into the same bot that was also not even moving. The hitboxes are horrendous. And don't say it's because of the models because both times even the bot's name showed up when he was shooting. There was no excuse for that. God forbid I can't imagine how pathetic the registry will be when something is actually moving. The nades, don't even get me started on. Just about the only thing that came close to being right there is the potency of the flash effect. The actual physics and how nades act when thrown onto the ground or off a wall is off. In fact the hundred unncessary little miniature bounces that occur when a flash is thrown at the ground for instance pretty much fucks over a crapload of popflashes teams have developed over the years. And I always find it funny that when these videos are made, especially when demonstrating flashes and smokes they never actually demonstrate anything. What do I mean by that? Well allow me to explain. How come you didn't demonstrate the famous smoke practically everyone knows on the slanted big garage roof that has a smoke land in front of the ladder room windows? Guess what. If even 1 smoke grenade doesn't transfer over from game to game, it isn't the same game, and it isn't even damn close. That goes for spam spots, flashes, grenades, smokes, the boosts, the angles. Everything. This is precisely what pro players don't want to have to do again like many did in America when they started CS:S for CGS. They don't want to have to relearn the game because things can't be transferred over. If this is supposed to have CS gameplay then thats what it should have. And so far in every single video of CSP I have never seen a single smoke or spam spot that can be done in CS in a CSP video. For instance can you still spam outside to lower near ladder room on de_nuke? Can you still spam bannana to closet on de_inferno (yes that wall is spammable...)? Can you still throw all of the wNv pop flashes that so many teams have adapted over the years? Can you still do all of the jumps you used to be able to do such as the balcony to motobox at bombsite A on de_inferno? Can you still see through smokes by holding a positioning by looking down while crouched? Can you still spam T spawn to B double doors on de_dust2? If one of these answers is no, then fuck off. It isn't the same and it failed.
2010-01-27 01:06
this game is whatever you make it to be, the cspromod team WANTS feedback like this, they want to make it as similar to 1.6 as they possibly can, and even improve it(which many of you don't seem to think is possible and i don't blame you). They're literally catering to both communities(1.6 majority rules ;) ). SO, shortly after you've played the beta release, everyone should post concerns on www.cspromod.com to make sure its done right. "Perhaps the most unconventional but argueably the most important aspect of Promod is that this game is literally a product of the community that will play it. Direct feedback will be at the core of every decision made regarding changes and updates. If a majority of the community is polled and the results point to X change needed with Y gameplay element, so it shall be. If you're having trouble comprehending just how significant of a change this modus operandi represents, try emailing valve to change something with CS." -GotFrag links to other reviews are on cspromod's site :)
2010-01-27 04:57
Exactly. People need to remember that CSP is still in BETA and will need feedback so that the devs can improve the gameplay and make it closer to 1.6.
2010-01-27 15:38
2010-01-28 05:31
why so resistant to an attempt at a simple graphics update, they're asking for YOUR help to make it as exactly like 1.6...
2010-01-28 05:59
Why make it exactly like cs 1.6 when there alrdy is cs 1.6 that we all like?And u should know that graphics are only maybe 1/10 of the game. CS 1.6 is good as it is and we love it <3 1.6!!!
2010-01-29 20:10
a game on a 12 year old engine is bound to die out sooner or later, and you know for a fact that if pros go to CSP most of the 1.6 community will follow
2010-01-31 01:28
i know i will be playing CSP not cs1.6!!! i was waiting for it for AGES!
2010-01-27 01:07
Things that need to be changed from what I can see: 1. Models, movement animations 2. Sound of weapons - they sound like toy guns,where's the bass? I've fired a real colt before and it sounds nothing remotely like that. Source weapons sound horrible. 3. Sound of nades bouncing but they are actually rolling on the ground?? WTF 4. Desert eagle looks uglier. If you want people to play the game, make it as realistic as possible.
2010-01-27 03:05
1. definitely 2. yes as well 3. happens in 1.6 when the nade glitches, not too big of a deal but agreed 4. not really but that dosen't matter. and your last comment LOL no.
2010-01-27 18:32
i don't like this review :( nothing personal MIRAA
2010-01-27 03:25
looks like shit
2010-01-27 09:12
Why waste time working on the HUD instead of fixing the important issues like models? It's beyond me..
2010-01-27 10:57
Making the HUD doesn't delay the animations (for the player models) since it's not the same person who makes them.
2010-01-27 15:46
omg the option tab looks awesome!
2010-01-27 16:31
FODDER the smoke from the slanted roof does indeed work Ive played the leaked version of CSP. the nades work 90% the same as 1.6 do I was quite shocked I was running around in a empty server just doing my routine flashes and smokes all they all pretty muched worked. If I have time I will upload vids of nade physics.
2010-01-27 20:40
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2010-01-27 21:17
I suppose they'd better just put their new HUD into 1.6. that's the only great change we need.
2010-01-27 21:07
haha you got the point :D
2010-01-28 10:03
4 days until the release so I'll make up my own opinion. Plus, I play 1.6 AND CSS regularly so I can pretty much know what is off and whatnot.
2010-01-27 23:05
i hate source sounds :(
2010-01-28 02:03
same...they sound terrible.
2010-01-31 08:58
Barry white once said: "i said i love you and that's forever and this I promise from my heart i could not love you any better i love you just the way you are" THIS GUY IS A DAMN F**** GENIUS.. "just the way u are" CS 1.6 xD; the 250 most beautiful megabytes in the world :) (no steam of course xD) cs 1.6 > graphics, and that's 4ever KEEP THE BITCH UGLY GRRRRR <3
2010-01-28 03:09
2010-01-28 05:29
Brazil gbz 
MIRAA play hard :bbb
2010-01-28 04:57
I kinda start liking this. the only major problem i think is that you stop getting the 1.6 headshot feeling. witch is awsome!
2010-01-28 10:06
cs 1.3 > csp
2010-01-28 10:19
:D awp with crosshair even when not zoomed :D
2010-01-28 13:55
Need other skins and physics models when fragging
2010-01-28 18:25
New player models will be added by beta 1.05.
2010-01-28 19:39
It's funny how 80% of you are saying things like 1.6 4EVER or 1.6 never dies : ITS ALREADY DEAD . There are no more public servers ,the community is a joke , it takes forever to find a pcw , 90% of the PCW stop before the end because of cheating
2010-01-28 20:51
Click on FIND SERVERS and voila mon amour <3
2010-01-28 22:40
Man try connecting your internet cable! I don't believe that in France counter-strike is dead. What are going to do! We must take countermesures before counter-strike plague comes to us :o Don't be rediculous, cs 1.6 is farher from death than you.
2010-01-29 13:55
cheaters are cheaters, they exist everywhere ffs...go to lans then, and you're not gonna say there aren't any lans with 1.6, that would just make me laugh, find servers - in like 2 seconds I find 1500 servers, and you say there aren't servers? and when I go to IRC I can find a pcw in like 30s...ffs read something about 1.6 before you write comments about it plz
2010-02-07 18:44
2010-01-28 21:44
2010-01-29 03:30
baaaaaad! 1.6 > css, promod OSV
2010-01-28 22:27
In 2 years from now we will see were is 1.6 and where is CSP or another version of CS. 1.6 is ...
2010-01-29 03:32
2010-01-29 07:20
the majority of playing the impression that the CPS is the modified SOURCE, and all that is connected with the SOURCE will be a failure! actually CSP should be compared only with 1.6 and unused no overtones SOURCE! CSP>>> 1.6 tranclate used:)
2010-01-29 09:42
When the beta comes out will there be servers? Like what are we going to play against, those bots? If someone already asked this sorry; couldn't be bothered looking through all those comments.
2010-01-29 22:56
Maybe not "at full throttle" so to speak from Day 1 but I presume there will be an increasing number.
2010-01-29 23:23
kk so like there will be at least one or two? something to play on when its not full?
2010-01-30 00:07
If you use the 'Reply' button the user, in this case me, will/would know you replied to him/her ;) As for your question, I think there might be a respectable number of servers available as people have been waiting quite long for this and are eager to play/try out.
2010-01-31 00:07
sweet thanks! sorry forgot about reply
2010-01-31 12:35
I will rather play good looking CSP.. They are still working on the game.. They develop GAME for US..for FREE just because they´ve realized, that CS:S was epic fail and CS 1.6 is just very old and people are calling for change.. I just hope, that i will not need to buy new notebook because of the CSP.
2010-01-30 16:20
no autosniper? *sadface*
2010-01-30 21:39
Missing weapons are supposed to be added later on.
2010-01-30 21:51
autosniper lol, i hope they dont add that or riot shields
2010-01-31 12:40
When is this game comming?
2012-02-21 18:49
CsPROMOD > fail.
2012-07-25 02:40
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