Paris Major Asia and Americas RMRs suffer from wealth of competitive integrity issues

The events in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Monterrey, Mexico have failed to meet standards expected for top-tier events and those set by Valve's rulebook.

Delays and technical issues plagued the first day of the Paris Major Americas and Asia RMR events, but larger problems that compromise the competitive integrity of both tournaments have since come to light, according to information obtained by HLTV. BLAST partnered with local tournament organizer MESA in Asia to handle production and operations, and with Liga ACE for the same at the Americas RMR in Mexico, and neither event has abided by standards expected of a Major-qualifying event.

Players had internet access during Asia RMR

HLTV was informed that the Asia RMR had some significant breaches of competitive integrity and rule violations, the most egregious being that player PCs had internet access enabled while matches were live. One source informed HLTV that players allegedly needed to ask to have it turned off, but even after that, they were still able to access Steam friends and access the internet via Steam friends. A team attending the Asia RMR also independently confirmed to HLTV that there was internet access and that Steam was online for them.

It should go without saying, but access to the internet during a professional match is a massive breach of integrity as players can receive or look up information from external sources, as well as gain access to more nefarious means of impacting matches. Valve has stringent and specific guidelines pertaining to player areas and the setup of servers in their rulebook that instructs tournament organizers on exactly what they need to do to avoid these issues, but it appears that many of the rules — listed under the Anti-tampering subsection that includes network restrictions, PC restrictions, and windows auditing — have either been inconsistently applied or not followed at the Asia RMR.

When contacted by HLTV for comment on the issue, BLAST seemed unaware that players still had internet access at the event in Mongolia, initially offering the following statement: "There hasn't been any internet access during the games. There was an issue during SSD setup their the network was not setup correct allowing full access, because of this all teams where [sic] made to re-do their setup on new SSDs the following day."

Sources at the Americas RMR informed HLTV that a similar situation occurred before play began in Monterrey, but that it was caught by one of the teams towards the end of the SSD setup and was resolved before the event started. However, HLTV is aware that players still had internet access at the Asia RMR even after BLAST provided this statement — as late as the third day of the event —, and when pressed further on the issue, they replied with the following nearly three hours later. "The on-going server issues that postponed most of day one had a domino affect on other areas of the tournament. We have now rectified this with players unable to access internet and will continue to monitor closely."

Stage violations in Ulaanbaatar

HLTV also understands that the Asia RMR has had breaches of the "stage integrity" subsection of the Valve rulebook, primarily in regard to coaches reacting and interacting during games outside of tactical timeouts (for example by fist-bumping players, patting them on the back, or shouting after wins). Valve has been extremely strict on the matter since PGL Major Stockholm.

Read more
Coaches warned against cheering on players at Major

"We are looking into this," BLAST said in regard to coaches interacting with players. "If this did occur we will investigate and give the coach a final warning for this interaction not to happen again during the RMRs."

It is very clear that this issue did occur, however, with multiple stream clips (example 1, example 2) showcasing players fist-bumping their coaches, and HLTV even catching images of it happening.

LETN1 and aristo bump fists during a match

Incorrect rulesets applied for live matches

The Asia RMR also suffered from incorrect in-game rulesets applying different timeout standards and post-round time, again not in line with a section of Valve's rulebook regarding server configurations. Timeouts were initially 60 seconds instead of 30, and post-round time was set to seven seconds instead of five, making it possible for players to die in situations where they otherwise would have safely survived to the following round. You can find evidence of extended timeouts here and here.

BLAST said they addressed the timeout error shortly after it was noticed. It is unclear when exactly the post-round time was fixed, but it is now also in line with the standard set by Valve. "[The timeout issue] initially occurred due to the server issues but was instantly flagged by our admins," BLAST said in a statement to HLTV. "The settings were amended to 30 seconds and dealt with to avoid any further similar issues recurring."

Coaches suffer from malfunctioning headsets at Americas RMR

The Americas RMR has suffered from its own set of competitive integrity breaches. Power outages on the first day of the event led to network connectivity issues delaying the start of matches by nearly two hours, and from there, the situation only spiraled.

BIT was forced to talk through exit's headset during a match

A massive worker's strike in Germany led to shipping delays for the soundproof headsets and servers that Liga ACE planned to use for the event, causing them to scramble for a solution with local servers, HyperX headsets, and changing the player area to account for a lack of soundproof headphones.

Multiple coaches informed HLTV and that their headsets and microphones were not functional and they were instead forced to talk through their players' headsets, or had players relay messages to the rest of the team after they took off their headsets to listen to their coaches. This remained an issue even on Friday, as evidenced below.

On other occasions, coaches were entirely unable to communicate with their players at all, and on at least one occasion an admin prevented a coach from talking to their team due to thinking that it was a technical timeout, wasting the majority of the coach's time to talk. Multiple coaches also informed HLTV that they believed to have free control of the mute and unmute function of their microphones through their headsets on the first day of the tournament.

The reason for at least part of the above issues, according to BLAST, was because the "TeamSpeak on Thursday had to be manually managed by our League Ops Team on the ground due to some issues," something which they state was resolved by Friday. "On the Americas headsets, this is news to us. Those headsets are brand new and we have an automated mic system that allows coaches to speak to players during timeouts ect, but will look into this further."

As the TeamSpeak had to be manually managed on the first day of the tournament, it is possible that coaches could have communicated with players outside of tactical timeouts if they indeed had full control of the mute and unmute functions of their microphones. However, HLTV has not had any confirmation whether any communication of that sort took place.

Miscommunication from BLAST allows unregistered coaches to stand behind teams

Shortly after the first matches at the Americas RMR, reported that TeamOne CEO, Alexandre "⁠kakaveL⁠" Peres, was not registered on his team's roster and therefore ineligible to stand behind them as their coach. The Brazilian team had parted ways with coach Luis "⁠peacemaker⁠" Tadeu ahead of the tournament and announced their intention to field their CEO as his replacement during the tournament, and did so in their opening match.

Paquetá also opted for a last-minute replacement by asking Bruno "Rivas" Rivetti to stand behind them after their coach, João "⁠righi⁠" Righi, was sidelined due to a medical emergency before the event, and again were able to field him for their first match. Both teams received emails from BLAST that authorized the purchase of tickets and accommodations for the two members, but were ambiguous in their language as to whether they had officially been registered as substitutes in the lineup. The tournament organizer later ruled that both members were ineligible to stand behind their teams, but that they would not be penalized as it was not "an intentional breach of the rules."

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TeamOne, Paqueta barred from using coaches at Americas RMR

Even with this issue coming to light in the Americas, it appears BLAST and MESA made an identical error at the Asia RMR by allowing Eruption to use Khurts "⁠BestronG⁠" Artssed as their coach despite Bold "⁠ncl⁠" Batsuh being registered on their official roster.

All in all, the compounded issues across the two regions has given teams, players, and fans an extremely sub-par experience for the qualifying stage of the last CS:GO Major, and discontent with the situation overall has been clearly visible among teams at the Americas RMR. Prolonged tech delays at both the Americas and Asia RMRs have also added to that frustration, with the most recent day in Mongolia not concluding until almost 3AM after a six-hour match between TYLOO and Rare Atom.

The first Europe RMR, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark and operated by BLAST has been running better for the most part, although some players have complained of lag on LAN, and more recently, there was confusion about how seeding is applied for the final Legends stage spot.

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Europe RMR A round 5 matches set; illogical use of Legends Stage decider seeding comes under fire
Mongolia Bold 'ncl' Batsuh
Bold 'ncl' Batsuh
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Brazil Luis 'peacemaker' Tadeu
Luis 'peacemaker' Tadeu
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Canada Ynoctis
well damn
2023-04-09 00:12
19 replies
Blast one of the best event organizers in csgo. KK "GIVE BLAST A MAJOR" they said.
2023-04-09 00:39
16 replies
notice that this only happened in the asian and americas RMR, which were the ones not hosted by blast?
2023-04-09 00:43
14 replies
United States cybonics
they outsourced to some really great TOs!!!!! omg!
2023-04-09 00:44
4 replies
blast should have outsourced it to esl, pgl, they have idea on how to host a rmr
2023-04-09 04:12
3 replies
dupreeh | 
Seychelles uho
Their Idea is "force them to fly in Europe"
2023-04-09 10:21
2 replies
It works
2023-04-09 17:36
1 reply
+1 i feel like if they give them a few days beforehand to adjust to jetlag and new sleep schedule there shouldnt be issue.
2023-04-10 23:12
Good point
2023-04-09 01:02
7 replies
not a good point, they were lazy and gave the responsibility to 2 small TOs that couldnt handle it, i hope blast never gets another major
2023-04-09 02:40
6 replies
Stfu lmao it's just the RMR They obviously have their shit sorted out as we can see in the European RMR. Obviously they'll act on the problems by the time the major starts
2023-04-09 07:17
5 replies
bad thing the major isnt just the eu or it would be going great. if too lazy or cheap to do all 3 rmrs then dont host a fucking major. ruining the last major of csgo by being cheap fucks
2023-04-09 07:21
4 replies
You can't call them cheap without looking at their budget. I mean you would have said the same thing while ESL and PGL did their majors even though they fucked up their RMRs as well even though they were in prime locations. Again, chill the fuck out it's just the RMR. The major isn't EU but the major is being hosted in EU
2023-04-09 07:40
3 replies
just because its hosted there doesnt mean the other regions should get shitty qualifiers with the ability to easily cheat, fuck off if you seriously see zero problem with blast being cheap pieces of shit, this major is csgo last major and they couldnt give their full focus and attention, pathetic tourney organizer
2023-04-09 08:05
2 replies
yes I see 0 problem it's just the RMR you're the one overreacting here like so many other bimbos. Again, unless you have hosted a global scale event before and understand the undertakings involved in order to make it even functional, let alone perfect, you DON'T get to talk
2023-04-09 08:28
1 reply
so its no problem that eu gets heavily favored while the other 2 regions get fucked? thats fair to you? you think thatll make those orgs and teams want to come back just to get unfairly treated? so you dont get to compliment the system then by your 0 iq logic since YOU HAVENT HOSTED ONE EITHER DIPSHIT. dont comment on a thread you personally havent hosted or understand the undertakings involved :) because im sure you totally know what youre talking about advocating for 2 regions to get completely fucked over. fucking inbred trying to say who gets to talk. just cause your shit country doesnt have free speech doesnt mean you can push that on others :)
2023-04-09 08:33
That's their responsibility
2023-04-09 03:56
2023-04-09 01:45
Last CS:GO major for blast!
2023-04-09 00:43
1 reply
Germany who|cars
agree +100
2023-04-10 09:20
Starry | 
Malta Trshd
hahaha ofc
2023-04-09 00:12
delre | 
Finland Delre
2023-04-09 00:13
2023-04-09 00:13
Total disgrace.
2023-04-09 00:14
ropz | 
Philippines batstew
what is blast doing
2023-04-09 00:14
1 reply
Blast what doink
2023-04-09 00:23
k1to | 
Cyprus shmoe
2023-04-09 00:14
This is what happen when you outsource instead of doing yourself
2023-04-09 00:15
3 replies
I want to see your face when you come to know that even big organisations also outsource their work to other countries to get shit done for cheap
2023-04-09 07:42
2 replies
Never said it only happen to blast just stating facts
2023-04-09 08:38
1 reply
fair enough outsourcing is tough as it is...shame people here don't understand
2023-04-09 08:41
f0rest | 
Romania CSm1n
what a shit show lmao @Nohte: you could also add the issue with the EU tiebreaker and the ITB/GL legend spot on that list if u want to shit on the eu rmr too lel edit: nvm u did
2023-04-09 00:16
4 replies
Happened last major so thats more on format
2023-04-09 00:25
1 reply
2023-04-09 00:55
that's per valve's rulebook and happened last major too
2023-04-09 00:43
1 reply
then esl ran a shit rmr too and interpreted the valve rules in an uncompetitive manner > 4 teams: both 3-0 teams and two of the three 3-1 teams. > - The three 3-2 teams are first sorted by difficulty score. > - The lower two teams play a best of 3 and the loser is eliminated. it does not say anywhere that the buttholz score is "frozen" before the 2-2 matches are played
2023-04-09 00:55
Germany silent_
2023-04-09 00:15
France Evalion
"LETN1 and aristo bump fists during a match" CALL THE COPS
2023-04-09 00:15
1 reply
This action puts even The Dog to shame
2023-04-09 03:58
Hello BLAST? Valve here. last major.
2023-04-09 00:16
1 reply
in csgo
2023-04-09 00:22
2023-04-09 00:16
Completei shitshow. It’s unbelievable that blast didn’t had enough money to pay staffs to be on venue supervising everything, even if they outsourced it
2023-04-09 00:18
I can't believe LETN1 fist bumped aristo, lost all respect. Jk what a dumb rule lol
2023-04-09 00:20
1 reply
that part is dumb tbf, the part where they all had internet access and anyone could provide info for them via messages is the real concerning part
2023-04-09 02:41
PGL > Blast
2023-04-09 00:24
also the HUD is god awful. and stop zooming in on the mini map. it's so stupid. you can't even see lurks and rotators sometimes.
2023-04-09 00:25
1 reply
the map size needs to reduce that's for sure. and then with the remaining space, probably arrange the player icons vertically so that you can see more of the actual gameplay
2023-04-09 09:10
2023-04-09 00:31
Germany AndSoItWas
I understand that BLAST had to outsource the production of the Asia event, but it's pretty disappointing to see these massive delays and integrity issues. It's no wonder the Europe event went almost flawlessly when BLAST's own production crew was managing it. But it's disappointing that the Americas RMR seems to have been plagued by issues as well. They obviously can't help a power outage, but the other issues could have been avoided.
2023-04-09 00:43
1 reply
every TO if smart has backup generators for power outages, that issue could have been easily avoided but they were cheap and lazy
2023-04-09 02:42
Fanboys: “Blast have the best production in CSGO ” 🤡
2023-04-09 00:46
2 replies
They do though, but dont have enough manpower to run 3 different qualifiers simultaneously and cheaped out and hired incompetent TOs for asia and america.
2023-04-09 01:16
1 reply
2023-04-09 03:53
NiKo | 
Brazil Kly(u)
What a shitshow for who is considered by many people the best csgo TO
2023-04-09 00:46
1 reply
RMR werent hosted by Blast toh?
2023-04-15 20:36
South Africa Ston3Cold
Sheesh, WTF Blast? Of all the organizers you guys have the best production quality compared to ESL and PGL in my opinion, but seriously dropped the ball here. Guess that Liga ACE and MESA are to blame for the majority of the issues, its still Blast's responsibility to ensure that Valve's rules were enforced and followed. Such a shame really, to tarnish the last CSGO major with such issues. Here's hoping that Valve would give Blast another opportunity in the future to host a CS2 major, because this one will certainly leave a bad taste in Valve's mouth for some time, that's for sure!
2023-04-09 00:52
Blast so bad that valve makes this last csgo major
2023-04-09 00:56
give them a major they said indeed
2023-04-09 00:57
Nice thread of Blast's outsourcing failure...
2023-04-09 01:04
Where are the blast defenders now?
2023-04-09 01:08
vicu | 
Russia 7ssk7
wow blast thats disappointing. Hope its their first and only cs major.
2023-04-09 01:08
loba online even on lan
2023-04-09 01:19
cArn | 
Ukraine m5_cs
Hire PGL guys, they will fix everything
2023-04-09 01:23
how are you supposed to play officials without internet or csgo matter of fact
2023-04-09 01:23
1 reply
read the article
2023-04-09 01:38
Finally valid criticism instead of just power issues, this doesn't look good at all
2023-04-09 01:25
United States AcE3K
Wow let’s hope the actual major will be better
2023-04-09 01:28
Well, damn indeed. Jeez blast was really f*cked over.
2023-04-09 01:33
ugh? i watched fazes coach scream his balls off at the end of rounds today, wtf? lmao why they only singling out the asians and americans
2023-04-09 01:40
2023-04-09 01:41
And all this without talking about the experience as a spectator or caster who bought the rights to the tournament. Problems with the replay, wrong cameras, feed without audio forcing the caster to use the original in English having to cast on top of another language, the hud that at least has been improving with the days. They really have a lot to do to provide what corresponds in Paris.
2023-04-09 01:46
at least HLTV is honest and tell us what had happened.
2023-04-09 01:48
Holy fuck, coaches fist-bumped their players, gonna be boycotting the rest of the RMR, expected more from "professionals" smh my head
2023-04-09 02:24
United States snakedrake
It’s like these people couldn’t care less for anything other than Europe
2023-04-09 02:36
"i have a friend that can do it cheaper" Friend that can do it cheaper:
2023-04-09 03:08
Spain kroosw0w
2023-04-09 03:21
Richard Lewis, please get after them, waiting for the report, thanks! gl
2023-04-09 03:52
Australia sm0go
What a joke. No wonder why CS is a EU dominated esport, TOs just don't give a !#$@ about other regions.
2023-04-09 04:09
Mesa is joke. Why blast chosen mesa?
2023-04-09 04:19
This article brought to you by the PGL audio guy and ESL B stream observer.
2023-04-09 04:40
1 reply
Ahahha nice one, made me laugh
2023-04-09 06:10
That massive worker's strike in Germany tho...
2023-04-09 04:45
2 replies
So massive no one’s ever heard about it until this article came out xD
2023-04-09 04:56
1 reply
It's a fucking conspiracy... I blame the aliens.
2023-04-11 17:22
Hosting and outsourcing these events to 3rd world countries was clearly not a good idea. As of EU RMR - Blast did good.
2023-04-09 04:53
Hungary szia
uncovering the 3rd party host iceberg
2023-04-09 06:36
United Kingdom Leftie
GG BLAST. Your chance to do a Major and you may have messed it up even harder than any other EO to date.
2023-04-09 07:13
People here so mad they're acting the the RMR is the playoffs of the major Chill the fuck out it's just the RMR. Once all control goes back into Blast's hands they'll solve everything by the time the major starts
2023-04-09 07:20
1 reply
India needlyfe
But these RMRs only decide who gets to play in the major
2023-04-10 09:03
United States Gonginator
What a shit show for the Americas and Asian RMR's. This is a huge let down and lack of care by BLAST. These are the RMR's for the FINAL CSGO MAJOR...and this shit happens? Come on now...coaches and players were let down by BLAST and the TOs that they outsourced to. Only the European RMR was average at best whereas watching matches for the Americas and Asian RMR's was hot garbage. The production value just wasn't there.
2023-04-09 07:21
People wanted your top-notch quality in everything, EVERYTHING. Not complying with the rulesbook and major standard, is concerning. Disappointing from BLAST. These new HUD and art direction also shows they have literally no clue what they are doing. No one asked you to be different for the sake of it.
2023-04-09 09:02
this major is a failure already
2023-04-09 09:11
That’s not a good look for BLAST. They should have had a representative a both events to secure that they lived up to their own standards and obviously Valve’s.
2023-04-09 09:39
India slavloli
wow seems like HLTV has shorted Blast's stocks
2023-04-09 10:23
that is what happens when 3rd world countries get RMR
2023-04-09 11:34
omg they fist bumped!?!?!? what a disaster!!!!
2023-04-09 11:37
this is truly below any reasonable standard, no excuses.
2023-04-11 01:19
first and last major for blast
2023-04-11 20:06
oh no coach fist bumb it end if world
2023-04-12 01:32
- making world famous LAN matches - finally consecrated to make the last CS:GO major - fucked up in RMR already
2023-04-12 17:07
as soon as blast get the major they start fucking up lol
2023-04-13 02:05
That’s because Blast sucks.
2023-04-15 05:20
gg. blast sent men of 4 to asia rmr and none of them it eng...greedy bastardos
2023-04-16 17:38
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