compLexity change one

No coL|1 is not on his way out, instead Jeff "Hero" Mettetal will be leaving compLexity, and in comes Derrick “Impulsive” Truong.

CompLexity got a surprising 3rd place finish at DreamHack Winter, and with Mettetal unable to dedicate himself completely to the team due to a recent promotion, the team felt a roster change was needed. In instead comes Derrick “Impulsive” Truong, Truong has been featured on the roster for teams such as Turmoil and x3o, and is now ready to play under the compLexity banner.

Whether this change will help or hurt compLexity remains to be seen, but other roster changes have seen teams come back with renewed motivation and heightend spirits, and after a well played DreamHack tournament who knows, maybe the USA are getting back on the map.

CompLexity now consists of:

United States Derrick "Impulsive" Truong
United States Ryan "NineSpot" Bell
United States Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman
United States Derek "dboorN" Boorn
United States Thomas "thoMz" Garcia

2010-01-28 17:31
2010-01-28 17:31
Denmark zaney2k 
2010-01-28 22:46
Good Luck
2010-01-28 17:32
Poland fejt1 
2010-01-28 17:32
sad, hero he's insane..
2010-01-28 17:35
2010-01-28 17:37
India rndmR 
lol n1. Funny opening line. Can we expect more while Nix0n is away? :P
2010-01-28 17:38
I hope not, I hate writing news, but Nix says he has no Internet access in Kazakhstan (but then finished his SMS by saying he was jumping in the pool, so I am not sure I believe him..) - and I dunno where MIRAA is, so all there is left is poor me.. :( I figured opening with a joke was a good idea though!
2010-01-28 17:40
it was quite catchy ;)
2010-01-28 17:50
how much of a professional is MIRAA? lol
2010-01-28 17:51
He has some exams, it isn't a problem, I just like complaining! ;)
2010-01-28 18:26
eheh thats what i figure.. exams.. :s unfortunately so am i.. ;)
2010-01-28 18:32
Really? Taking a dip!!! Sure he is planning to cover the event? Hope he doesn't falls sick. :P
2010-01-28 17:57
Yea, he knows when he is out of the country I cannot come kick his ass, so he always slacks!
2010-01-28 18:26
Netherlands adrbb 
hero was arguably their best player! :(
2010-01-28 17:40
Sad to see hero go, good luck col!
2010-01-28 17:42
2010-01-28 17:44
2010-01-28 17:46
Wow, hero was their best player...what exactly is the reason behind this? their team just got signaficantly worse
2010-01-28 17:55
didnt u read?:s lack of time by hero.
2010-01-28 17:57
Germany H10k 
impulsive said something about his time too college and some other trash
2010-01-28 18:21
so you are saying "not dedicating himself completely" is a mere good reason for letting their core player go? everyone has a life outside of counterstrike. Im not disagreeing with what the organization did, but i think this is a big loss and would've expected a bigger issue in letting him go than this. oh well, hope it works out for both sides
2010-01-28 19:23
He has a job where he makes over $100,000 a year, and has to travel all the time across the country, ofc that is a reason to let him go, anyone that would not choose a promotion to play for coL is retarded.
2010-01-28 23:30
i thought u were saying he was making 100,000 playing for coL for a second.. LOL that would've been funny, well i didn't know he wasn't committing his time AT ALL, i mean the article did say he was just not dedicated completely, so i got misled. if i got a job making that much money, i would quit cs for life if that was the consequence.
2010-01-29 17:35
Germany H10k 
2010-01-28 18:00
They will never be the same coL , that is the answer :)
2010-01-28 18:14
Russia hameleonus 
2010-01-28 18:18
Interesting! Anyways gl coL and NineSpot with the coolest nick ever ! =]
2010-01-28 18:24
nah , GoodRifle the coolest and spinnvild :D
2010-01-28 18:35
400kg imo have the best nick ever... ;)
2010-01-28 18:42
Albania yg29 
very bad,hero was amazing
2010-01-28 18:49
Very good replacement. Hero will be missed thou. It all comes down to chemistry and I think they have it
2010-01-28 18:55
they had a good chemistry with hero all along, hence they've been one of the top US team for a long time. He carried them in so many situations. Hero would awp or use rifles depending on maps, situations, strats, ect. I don't think this is a good replacement but time will tell.
2010-01-28 19:18
idk questionable
2010-01-28 19:28
English isn't the author's first language is it?
2010-01-28 19:38
i don't think so :p
2010-01-28 19:57
Any corrections feel free to let Nomad know ;) If your life will be at risk, I do not know honestly ;P xD
2010-01-28 20:10
Uhm, what seems to be the problem?
2010-01-28 20:37
He's Danish, at least it's a country that's well educated in the English language; regardless of common grammar mistakes. Dunno, i thought the article was well written :)
2010-01-28 22:34
Argentina tom~ 
o0 so sad, hero is an amazing player :(
2010-01-28 19:44
Guys lol yes hero is an amazing player but havent you seen impulsive playing? Hes just as insane as hero. To top coL's skill, i wouldnt exactly kick hero, but since he cant afford to dedicate as much as he should, good replacement no doubt.
2010-01-28 20:05
hero has been a member of the team since day one, and for about 4 years before coL. If you think they are going to be as good as they were before without him you are retarded, and hero is much better player than Impulsive, in ESEA, international play, everything.
2010-01-28 23:29
Dude how do you know they wont be better? You sir, sound retarded by saying that, not me ;)) And no, i dont think they will be as good as they were before, which doesnt mean they cant be. You obviously dont know impulsive at all, hes just great. Plus, the diference of skill beetwen these 2 players isnt that big as you say, i dont think there's actually even a diference but oh well.
2010-01-28 23:42
CoL = tr1p_Storm_Warden_fRoD_sunman :X iS now lol
2010-01-28 20:55
Just to clear it up a bit, hero got a really nice a promotion at his job where was already making six figures. He is now going to have to repeatedly fly across the country on extended trips and notified us he would not be able to attend any boot camps or devote nearly as much time to CS. He decided for the sake of the team to step down and then we went and looked for another top player to replace him. Not insulting for bad reporting, don't think coL site did it justice either! :)
2010-01-28 21:40
and you got yourselves one of the most skilled players in US :) impulsive is a star
2010-01-28 21:50
Can't sacrifice a job like that for a game then, good luck.
2010-01-28 22:38
bad change..
2010-01-28 21:45
add " deacon "
2010-01-28 22:25
2010-01-28 22:36
Macedonia Veky 
Ah hero was their key player at DH and he played amazing there, but as Irukandji stated he will go on some trip:D gl in future guys, u got big potential.
2010-01-28 22:38
gg without hero
2010-01-28 23:08
how could u change the content of the information that much Normad ??? :-S
2010-01-28 23:22
What a bad move, I know they couldn't help it but hero has been a member of coL since day one and a teammate of NineSpot and Irukandji for like 4 years now, plus he one of the top 3 awpers in the US behind fRoD and MAYBE evolution on a good day. Impulsive is good but they don't have a sniper now which will hurt them, good pickup but IMO this makes them a worse team than before.
2010-01-28 23:27
hero was there best player
2010-01-28 23:42
good awp needed or no chances!
2010-01-29 00:44
both thoMz and impulsive have picked up the awp for Gravitas/turmoil when they didnt have one, impulsive is a top3 rifler in the US maybe top20 in the world imo.. maybe 15 but dont think for a second that 5 rifles wont work either.. remember that fnatic played wit 5 rifles for the majority of 2009 dsn didnt nearly awp as much as he used to.. it can work... wait for EM Globals and then start to talk :P
2010-01-29 01:56
IT doesn't matter if they pick it up, hero was twice the awper that thoMz or impulsive are, hero was able to shut down parts of maps like Long A by himself, thoMz or impulsive are not going to be able to do that, and I agree with the 5 rifles, I think that the right team can pull it off however coL doesn't have f0rest, GTR and Gux. I think this was a huge hit to their lineup....not only was hero their awper he was their most consistent player as well.
2010-01-29 02:20
We all already know that hero is in fact your hero, but that doesnt mean that coL cant get better with this pickup. Its a huge gap, no doubt, but impulsive is an awesome player and can pretty well fill it.
2010-01-29 11:39
sucks that they lost hero but impulsive is a good replacement. there wasnt anything they could do hero got a good job so he had to drop cs. shit happens altho i think adrenaline wouldve been a better pick up
2010-01-29 02:23
Will miss HerotowN :( gl compLexity
2010-01-29 03:57
Good Luck :)
2010-01-29 06:43
should have got evolution back
2010-01-29 08:04
Belgium Monu 
goodluck guys !
2010-01-29 12:07
gl gl
2010-01-29 12:21
i personally think hero was the heart of complexity, and their best player. he consistently picked up frags that no one else could have (even he shouldn't have been able to :p). he was with them since day 1, and was a really great guy. i honestly hope his schedule frees up and he's able to come back in the next year, but seeing as that's not too likely, I hope coL continues to stay professional and adapts with the new lineup. gl
2010-01-29 17:28
Malta wmbo 
impulsive should be able to fit into complexitys style of play with ease gl to hero :D
2010-01-29 17:46
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