YEKINDAR: "People are going to notice a different style that we're going to play"

HLTV was able to catch up with the Latvian entry fragger the day before the Paris Major begins.

Liquid are set to begin their run through the Paris Major from the Challengers Stage, with their first matchup being against Apeks on Monday at 14:30 .

The North American roster were the favorites to take home the lone Legends Stage spot up for grabs at the Americas RMR in Mexico, but faltered in their mission to bypass the inaugural phase of play after a 1-2 defeat to FURIA in the 2-0 pool.

YEKINDAR thinks Liquid are beginning to show signs of consistency

Liquid have had just under a month's worth of time to prepare for CS:GO's last-ever Major, even opting to skip IEM Rio in a bid to be in tip-top shape for what will likely be the most important event in Counter-Strike's 2023 calendar.

Date Matches Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage

HLTV managed to sit down with Mareks "⁠YEKINDAR⁠" Gaļinskis before the $1,250,000 tournament in France begins. The Latvian spoke about Liquid's rigorous preparation heading into the event, how the team's mentality is currently after a relatively lackluster start to the year, and how they fancy their chances against Apeks in the opening round.

We're here at the start of the BLAST Major on media day. Can you walk me through getting here and how the team is feeling after a bit of a break since the RMR?

Obviously, we had some disappointing results starting from Pro League, the BLAST qualifier for Washington, then the RMR we lost to FURIA for the match to possibly get into the Legends spot later.

We finally had a great two week bootcamp in Amsterdam before this event, and we all feel pretty confident because this was our first complete bootcamp where we could work on maps and get ready both with comfort in our game and also do the needed changes for the problems that we experienced during EPL, the BLAST qualifier, and the RMR. We feel really good before this tournament, but obviously this is a Major, this is a different environment than a usual tournament would be. I think it's going to be a great event for us, but at the same time, you never know.

Can you tell me more about that practice? NAF had mentioned that you only had one bootcamp in Katowice for a week at the start of the year, so this is the first time you've had a good extensive bootcamp in Europe in quite a while. Ahead of the Major, what was the work like there?

First of all we had to look through all the maps, completely remove things that we don't need or that didn't work, and add new things and a new style to our game. I think people are going to notice a different style that we're going to play.

I can even tell you the schedule, it was two hours theory, six scrims, and afterward review and also some theory time after. So it was a pretty tough bootcamp I would say, with a lot of mistake-fixing, and a lot of encounters of new experiences and new roles. I personally think that it was a really great experience and really good preparation for this tournament, and I think it's going to show.

Talking about the inconsistent form that Liquid has had recently, does that come down to the lack of practice in Europe? NAF said the mood in the team has been good, so what had gone on with that from your end?

Personally I think we made some wrong decisions with how much we wanted to play separately, Europe plus NA, how little time we had at an actual European bootcamp. Obviously there were reasons for that, but as you can see it showcased in different other tournaments. In BLAST Showdown we played from home, which was something that also didn't work out, so we understand that the main problem was probably bootcamps.

If we compare for example from last year, before big tournaments, we had one-and-a-half or two-week bootcamps, and I think that is the main thing that allowed us to get high placings and good results. So we're in a good mood after a great bootcamp, and let's see if that was the problem.

Is the plan then to have more bootcamps going into the second half of the year?

Not necessarily more bootcamps. There were reasons for not having bootcamps, and now since some of the problems are resolved and some of the things are resolved, I think we're going to be in the same rhythm that we were in the last year.

If we look back to the last Major, it didn't go that well for Liquid, just considering you didn't make the playoffs. Coming in here, what's the mentality like? I'm sure the goal is to win it in the end, but what's the approach you're taking?

We're going step by step. Last Major there were things to think about, some role clashes and some calling clashes and whatever. The Major was four or five months in after me and daps joining, so it was a time where you're already kinda out of the honeymoon phase. The old game is not necessarily working cause people now know how you're playing and then you have to adapt, you have to change the game, and the adaptation process is never easy. I think now when we're already almost maybe a year together, practicing for nine or ten months, we finally came to some form of consistency, which is something that allows us to be more confident in ourselves, more confident in our individual skill, and more confident in our teamwork and our gameplay.

This bootcamp actually showcased with some good results in it, but we have an inside joke that usually our worst bootcamps are the ones where we go really good, and this bootcamp was... it was good, it could be promising, but at the same time it could be like oh okay, we just didn't encounter problems that we could face in this tournament.

You touched on a lot of theory work you did at the bootcamp, how much importance do you place in being able to spend a lot more time on that? In a VLOG with Jame you talked about needing to bring the team up to speed on some stuff when you joined, so what has the emphasis on that been like for you?

I mean, I'm ready to work, obviously I want to win and all my teammates want to win. We're just trying our best and we're spending the necessary time on theory, cause in the end scrims don't necessarily matter that much. It's more for trying things out and keeping your individual form up, but theory is where everything is born, everything is created. We could've stayed until 1 or 2 AM during the bootcamp and talked about maps to afterward present them to the other players and to talk about them, right? It's a long process of work, but at the same time nothing can be better than seeing that work helped you and that you actually play better.

Just going back one second, you said you had this joke about your worst bootcamp being the best practice or something along those lines. You also said that this was a good bootcamp this time around, so what would the difference be between those for you, do you mean in terms of the level you were playing at or what?

It's more do people remember their roles, are people confident individually, are we good in clutches in scrims? I think that is really an important way to see how good you are. In this case, yes there were some... because there are new things, there are new roles and whatever, it was kind of sketchy sometimes. But at the same time, I would not say this was a super good bootcamp. We had a super good bootcamp before Rio, and we played bad, but here we had truly tons of work, but at the same time everybody was performing and playing their own strengths and level, and that was what made the bootcamp good.

Heading into your first match, you're playing against Apeks. How do you feel about that matchup being your first one at the Major?

If Apeks is here, they're a good team obviously. I feel like at Majors, there are always upsets, RMRs, Majors, best-of-ones and everything. So we will be ready for them, and we're going to be ready to play the maps that come through. We obviously respect every team in this tournament and we're just going to try to play out best and win against them.

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Latvia Mareks 'YEKINDAR' Gaļinskis
Mareks 'YEKINDAR' Gaļinskis
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2023-05-07 15:03
4 replies
hopefully they set up oSee a bit more and let him frag out
2023-05-07 16:17
3 replies
i wouldnt be suprised, he mentioned they worked on role clashes
2023-05-07 17:25
1 reply
i hope to see some big goatsee moments on stage
2023-05-07 18:41
Sweden Aebexz
Most likely the case for better or worse
2023-05-07 18:53
2023-05-07 15:03
yekindar igl now gg
2023-05-07 15:03
remove 0see and n0tro for device and blameF
2023-05-07 15:03
3 replies
Canada Yaokon
Bruh what._____. Who would igl? Not blamef...
2023-05-07 15:13
1 reply
Argentina utu
yekindar would and blameF would bait him. it would all work out in the end.
2023-05-07 23:38
Poland dejmanOOO
2023-05-07 15:55
Serbia Jnordz
2023-05-07 15:04
Costa Rica Wham!
yekigod the inventor of tactics
2023-05-07 15:04
3 replies
Actually. Daps said Yekindar, nitro and him were the ones who built the game plan from scratch.
2023-05-07 15:06
2 replies
Costa Rica Wham!
dont belive that for a second,its all yekindar he's the danish glave
2023-05-07 15:09
1 reply
I know you’re joking but daps said it on Reflections with Thorin.
2023-05-07 17:05
Poland oranati0n
I hope this style will work with my pickems cuz i am tired of liquid choking on majors
2023-05-07 15:04
Hopefuully oSee plays more assertively.
2023-05-07 15:05
Russia TucCSGO
You actually trying to win this time or what?
2023-05-07 15:05
a different style to lose
2023-05-07 15:06
Luxembourg 2000
No matter what style you play i know you're going to bomb out from Challenger Stage.
2023-05-07 15:06
it’s time for elige to win major mens
2023-05-07 15:07
10 replies
United States ratgod20
2023-05-07 16:19
India RonDaBozz
+1 would cri
2023-05-07 16:26
They can do it.
2023-05-07 17:01
+1, I giveaway my $20 skin if that happens! Please win the major my boi! Can never see you cry the way at Rio Good luck!
2023-05-07 22:30
Slovakia GloryMole
why people like elige is beyond my comprehension
2023-05-08 00:22
5 replies
i think its hilarious u guys talk shit about elige. u wouldnt say this shit to him at lan, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol. also flag also you’re a low elo bot
2023-05-08 00:48
4 replies
apEX | 
United States uint
stfu bro ill beat elige's ass any day lemme get em in a ring
2023-05-08 03:33
1 reply
2023-05-08 13:04
Slovakia GloryMole
prove it or I ... Also he's a great player but too narcisistic.
2023-05-08 09:41
1 reply
2023-05-08 13:04
Thoorin will make another article for yekindar for this lol
2023-05-07 15:07
nice way to confuse opposition lol
2023-05-07 15:10
Amsterdam? Isn’t their training centre in Utrecht?
2023-05-07 15:12
4 replies
Thats what I was thinking. Seems weird.
2023-05-07 16:23
They were in Utrecht. He accidentally said it.
2023-05-07 17:06
2 replies
typical foreigner thinking only amsterdam exists
2023-05-07 17:40
1 reply
Slovakia GloryMole
Utrecht nice student city
2023-05-08 00:23
Want to see this guy with Xantares, come to Eternal Fire Yekindar :) we need +1 player after bench of imoRR xd
2023-05-07 15:13
Inb4 0-3
2023-05-07 15:13
1 reply
2023-05-08 14:57
deko | 
Hungary kushh_
2023-05-07 15:15
3 replies
Liquid has 16 odds to win the whole thing. I’d take that if I were a betting man.
2023-05-07 15:19
2 replies
United States urm@m
The reason you have no money to be a betting man is cause of picks like that
2023-05-07 17:57
1 reply
10 bucks give 160. That’s losing nothing basically.
2023-05-07 19:24
ZywOo | 
At the most legend stage.. Not always lucky to get Vitality matchup like Kato..
2023-05-07 15:15
inferno pick where yekindar always goes banana untill like 0-10 k/d ratio ye moit that's hella different
2023-05-07 15:20
1 reply
😂😂 Content
2023-05-07 15:24
Nitr0.8 from 0.8 to 0.7 0.9see from 0.9 to 0.8 + 10 missshots a map Pogstyle
2023-05-07 15:24
oh no they are going 0-3 arent they
2023-05-07 15:26
1 reply
2023-05-07 17:44
2023-05-07 15:32
Turkey Joper
Let's GOOOO Liquid
2023-05-07 15:33
Ahh shit
2023-05-07 15:34
Nope, not getting baited into the Liquid in mt fantasy
2023-05-07 15:35
2 replies
2023-05-07 16:15
1 reply
2023-05-08 22:31
gg hltv jinx article is out
2023-05-07 15:36
😴😴😴 not even in my pickems, lulqiud is done unless elige hardcarries
2023-05-07 15:36
Liquid will perform VP-style passiveness for tribute
2023-05-07 15:38
Finland Glibsu
Liquid gonna show how to go 1-3 or 2-3 out on challenger...
2023-05-07 15:40
pogsee and yekigod will carry liquid
2023-05-07 15:45
DeMars DeRover is going to fix Liquid's main problem - their awful strats
2023-05-07 15:48
Brazil loketz
I miss interviews with audio. I don't wanna read all that
2023-05-07 16:02
2 replies
Slovakia Razertw1
There's literally a 10 minute recording of the whole interview at the top of the article.
2023-05-07 20:33
1 reply
Brazil loketz
There wasn't at the time
2023-05-07 22:45
this guy thinks hes the smartest person in cs lmfao
2023-05-07 16:13
2023-05-07 16:24
Airport Style
2023-05-07 16:25
0-3 incoming
2023-05-07 16:32
Yekindar needs better team
2023-05-07 16:36
Yea the shittiest style get 16-0 by Mongolz probably.
2023-05-07 16:58
Brb changing Liquid to 0-3
2023-05-07 17:18
Malaysia Bolehland
Sure sure lets see after 1-3 eliminated lmfao
2023-05-07 17:24
Aka Lose to apeks?.
2023-05-07 17:38
oh no they gonna not make it now i need to change my pickems at bottom (oh wait i can picked them at 3-0 just incase ) .
2023-05-07 18:18
Brazil MateusGott
dito isso apeks 16-6 liquid
2023-05-07 19:24
United States GiantDays
i hope so dude
2023-05-07 20:57
YEKI needs to calm the f down. Bro, you're playing with a raging-washed up ELIGE and gold nova level AWPer in Osee and n1tro.... Stop being such a smart ass, lol. You're a very good player but going to Liquid knowing that Osee and nitro were there was a very foolish decision. You literally wasted a year of your career trying to win anything relevant with them. LOL.
2023-05-07 20:57
Finland Miroyev
Can't wait for the post-match interview after a loss which he isn't gonna give lol
2023-05-07 22:33
The porn actor lmaooo
2023-05-08 02:14
run in and feed style
2023-05-08 09:12
Nice style Liquid, very different
2023-05-08 14:52
2 replies
Nice style Liquid, very different
2023-05-08 14:59
1 reply
Jean claude Van damme
2023-05-08 15:10
Yes we can see
2023-05-08 14:53
same style as Fluxo, get 1 round and then lose 16-2 I gess
2023-05-08 14:53
here before this blows out lol
2023-05-08 14:54
now you can go back to previous style
2023-05-08 14:57
i see
2023-05-08 15:13
Luxembourg 2000
#12 😂💀
2023-05-08 15:45
so this is the outcome?
2023-05-08 15:46
Portugal ReyZ555
so... when will we see that new style?
2023-05-08 15:47
yeah indeed we did
2023-05-08 15:48
and that still will make you lose more than ever before
2023-05-08 15:49
Brazil bruno_
2023-05-08 15:51
Netherlands dabadpad
2023-05-08 16:09
Brazil patolin
I knew this was gonna age well lol
2023-05-08 16:12
aged well ;DD
2023-05-08 17:22
2023-05-08 22:29
1 reply
Costa Rica Wham!
2023-05-08 22:30
Brazil flytw4tp
2023-05-08 22:30
nice style u guys got HAHAHAHA
2023-05-08 22:30
2023-05-08 22:37
2023-05-08 23:08
2023-05-08 23:13
Poland PolarisS5
great style indeed, i like it very much, hope for 0-3 liquid
2023-05-08 23:18
yes we noticed
2023-05-08 23:19
amazing new style of losing easy rounds tbh
2023-05-08 23:22
That didn't aged well lmao
2023-05-09 06:41
Russia evg1804
Hope this new style of yours doesn't break my 0-3 prediction on Fluxo, then you can go 1-3
2023-05-09 07:02
Russia smn3
2023-05-09 18:51
New style? Playing like shit?
2023-05-09 18:51
we noticed it, now come back to winning pls
2023-05-09 18:53
new style means go 0-3
2023-05-09 19:14
2023-05-09 19:15
Brazil TonimSan
Not that different, tbh
2023-05-09 19:18
1 reply
North America 007DBR9
no, much worse than usual
2023-05-09 20:07
We're seeing it HAHAHAHAHAH
2023-05-09 19:48
2023-05-09 19:54
kinda aged well
2023-05-13 18:25
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