ZywOo after Paris Major victory: "It’s the best thing I've ever felt"

The French superstar, elated after winning the Major and his first Major HLTV x 1xBet MVP medal, spoke to HLTV about conquering the feat.

Mathieu "⁠ZywOo⁠" Herbaut, the now 15 time MVP, has finally added a Major MVP to his collection as he and his Vitality lifted the BLAST.tv Paris Major trophy on home soil after defeating a group of underdogs in the playoffs. It was agaist GamerLegion in the all-important grand final, 2-0, after leaving Into the Breach and Apeks in the dust in the previous rounds of the playoffs with the same scoreline.

ZywOo posing with his BLAST and HLTV MVP trophies

The French superstar, in a crowded mixed zone after the grand final, took three minutes to speak to HLTV about adding a Major title and the prestigious MVP medal to his repertoire, what it was like doing it undefeated against underdogs, and to express his happiness and desire to celebrate with his family. "I just want to see my family and hug them, kiss them," he said, "it’s because of them actually, because of my family and because of the fans around us."

So you did it, you got the one that was missing! Tell me your first thoughts, you just became a Major champion on home soil, what’s running through your veins right now?

A lot of emotion, of course, we just did it! Actually I don’t think I have a good word for what I am feeling right now, because that’s the best thing I've ever felt. We fucking did it, we just won the Major, we just won the final, and I just want to see my family and hug them, kiss them, it’s because of them actually, because of my family and because of the fans around us.

Yeah, we fucking did it. I don’t know what to say!

And you did it without dropping a single map, you haven’t lost a map since winning your last tournament. Tell me a little bit about making it cleanly through this event in Paris, and what did it take to do that?

Actually we didn’t think about that all during the two weeks we have been playing. We never thought, "We have been undefeated," or, "We didn’t lost a map in the Champions Stage." We just kept thinking about what we need to do for tomorrow, what we need to do for the next game. We are actually not thinking about being undefeated.

You played some teams that you don’t usually play here in the playoffs, tell me what challenges you had facing different teams like GamerLegion, Into the Breach, or Apeks?

It was… not weird to face them, but it was a big surprise because obviously we didn’t expect to play Into the Breach, Apeks and GamerLegion, but that’s also our job because they beat good teams. They are really good individually, they are also good as a team, so it was kind of a trap because underdogs don’t feel the same pressure as us, we are the favorites. We kinda knew before they were going to rush on us, they’re going to do something aggressive and take the timing, but we just played our game. We knew what playstyle they were going to play, and we just didn’t overthink, because that’s how we are now.

How did you prepare mentally knowing you were going to be favorites in every single playoff match that you played?

We prepared a lot about our mindset before every game, because like I say it’s a trap to play Into the Breach, Apeks and GamerLegion, because it’s tier two, they have new things, they are really good individually, they are not scared to play and have really good courage. I don’t know what to say — it was really tough to play, but we did it.

You were born the day CS came out, now you win the last CS:GO Major and get the MVP: Are you the chosen one?

I don’t know if I’m the chosen one. Every time I saw on Twitter that I was born on the same day as CS, and today it’s the last CS:GO Major and we did it, maybe I am the chosen one but I am not thinking in this way. I am just playing with my team and enjoying every single moment with them, that is my mindset right now.

France Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut
Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut
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rigoN | 
Albania ZxTox
2023-05-21 20:59
Poland seinterc
"maybe I am the chosen one" bruh
2023-05-21 20:59
5 replies
Germany G3er
you are the chosen one harry
2023-05-21 21:06
"but I am not thinking in this way."
2023-05-21 21:40
1 reply
Poland seinterc
2023-05-21 22:19
Read the question
2023-05-22 11:53
bruh check his interview after he won, he is humble as fuck.
2023-05-22 18:27
Denmark devnr1
Gz mate
2023-05-21 20:59
2023-05-21 20:59
2023-05-21 21:00
Poland Obajtek
2023-05-21 21:00
HObbit | 
Pakistan sanos
xi wu
2023-05-21 21:00
Sweden KennyKEX
2023-05-21 21:02
the goat
2023-05-21 21:02
ZywOo | 
Turkey Fr0th
2023-05-21 21:02
''because it’s tier two, they have new things, they are really good individually, they are not scared to play and have really good courage. '' even zywoo admits they played a pinnacle bracket KEKW
2023-05-21 21:03
6 replies
So, why did Navi, Heroic and Liquid all lost ?
2023-05-21 21:34
4 replies
Australia z3ro_
Because they have new things, they are really good individually, they are not scared to play and have really good courage
2023-05-22 04:46
3 replies
+1 well put.
2023-05-22 04:49
Then it's a legit victory ? Are your 2 neurons fighting for 3rd place ?
2023-05-22 05:36
1 reply
2 different people replying bruh xd
2023-05-22 09:25
pinnacle > T1 major legends
2023-05-21 21:47
France kennySsSsS
i said it from the beginning, i knew we were gonna win. this is amazing
2023-05-21 21:03
2 replies
We ?
2023-05-24 09:47
1 reply
In this case "we" is supposed to resemble the connection the user feels towards Vitality
2023-05-24 20:58
I’m so happy for him but the thropy is the worst ever made wtf
2023-05-21 21:03
2 replies
2023-05-21 21:28
2023-05-23 10:55
France Gomie
The chosen 1 (major)
2023-05-21 21:05
zywoo ily
2023-05-21 21:05
tory | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo
So humble gotta love this guy! Deserved his major and MVP
2023-05-21 21:05
Luxembourg 2000
Incoming s1mple fans malding in comments xD
2023-05-21 21:17
my goat
2023-05-21 21:17
you deserved
2023-05-21 21:20
Humble even after major and mvp sample could never
2023-05-21 21:24
Very happy for him, he and the rest of the Team played well !!!
2023-05-21 21:26
iM | 
Romania seek1337
im deserved..
2023-05-21 21:28
1 reply
He was afk first map he doesn't deserve it at all
2023-05-22 00:41
V is for Victory V is for VITALITY V IS FOR HISTORY 👏🏼👏🏼
2023-05-21 21:30
1 reply
vistory? xd
2023-05-21 23:50
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Congratulations! :)
2023-05-21 21:31
I was here GODWOO
2023-05-21 21:35
deserved, dude had 1.20+ rating on every map he played, amazing
2023-05-21 21:39
Deserved Goat
2023-05-21 21:41
My Goat
2023-05-21 21:41
Worst trophy ever, but doesn't matter for ZyGOAT
2023-05-21 21:44
World mcs#
2023-05-21 21:49
Brazil Sukoru
2023-05-21 21:50
2023-05-21 22:06
goofy ahh trophy
2023-05-21 22:18
France Uexo
2023-05-21 22:51
Legend! <3
2023-05-21 22:52
Kinda reminds me of an old F1 Interview xD - Lewis said his first win felt better than sex. - Maybe he never had sex :D
2023-05-21 23:22
1 reply
Then how would he know?
2023-05-22 14:52
happy for zywoo! he really deserved a major in CS:GO
2023-05-22 00:11
Not gonna lie im happy
2023-05-22 00:22
Gabe should have given him the mwp award.
2023-05-22 00:24
He's the goat
2023-05-22 00:46
2023-05-22 01:53
Watch simple getting rank1 in the year again somehow lmao
2023-05-22 02:04
2 replies
s1mple is nowhere close to GOAT with his 1.19 rating
2023-05-22 05:36
Near impossible. Much lower rating until now, zywoo has a major win + mvp and and there is no 2nd major this year... Also navi really struggling rn. Maybe next year but unless navi can doninate again I doubt it
2023-05-23 10:51
My GOAT! Well deserved!
2023-05-22 02:40
Goat because gums Solid player deserves a major w
2023-05-22 02:57
his girlfriend malding
2023-05-22 03:59
not a single map below 1.20! deserved!
2023-05-22 04:36
Cape Verde I_D_R_C
deserved French GOAT
2023-05-22 04:43
GodwOo <3
2023-05-22 04:58
Germany who|cars
lmao tiktok
2023-05-22 05:38
iM | 
Romania noxoNN
Top 1 this year for sure
2023-05-22 07:24
Alwys most boring interviews from this guy sadly :(
2023-05-22 10:18
top 1 for sure
2023-05-22 11:01
Very humble guy, well deserved
2023-05-22 14:13
Norway PeteZz
2023-05-22 15:06
2023-05-22 15:22
What vitality did was incredible. However, I feel that the major win would have felt much better if they didn't have to face all tier 2 teams in the champions stage
2023-05-22 15:48
give the guy some lips pls
2023-05-22 16:18
Europe Zwenix
But did you try sex?
2023-05-23 10:45
United States Gorbino
But do you have over 9000 leddit garma?
2023-05-23 18:05
congratz bruh, deserved 🎆
2023-05-23 18:06
Goat of csgo
2023-05-23 20:26
no hate .. He should have said "I'm happy but" *smile* "its just GL" kappa
2023-05-24 09:46
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