RobbaN: "We've been missing [taking] more days off a bit"

The Swedish coach touched on FaZe's struggles against Evil Geniuses.

FaZe came into IEM Dallas soon after a lackluster Paris Major performance, and they barely squeaked by Evil Geniuses in their opening match of the North American tournament. The European combine needed overtime to close out the game against a team ranked more than 50 places below them in the world ranking but did just enough to move on in the upper bracket.

RobbaN said his team sometimes struggles with communication

HLTV sat down with Robert "⁠RobbaN⁠" Dahlström after their Dallas opener and talked about the struggles with getting up to speed, the fact they always seem to play in incredibly close games, and their expectations for the rest of the season.

A win over EG, probably a little closer than you expected?

For sure. I mean not to take anything away from them, they played some good rounds, but EG is a team that we should beat. They won both pistols; it's not an excuse, but I think we were not 100% today and we have to grow every game from here and play better and better.

You had match point for a while and it ended up going to overtime, what was going wrong?

We had the opportunity, I think we played perfect but we just didn't get the kills. We had a 5vs3 one of the rounds, we had a double AWP setup on B and three guys and we couldn't win that round. I think we played it well, but in the end we just didn't win the rounds.

Something karrigan said at the Major was there was a "strange feeling" about this team, that you don't play well unless it's close sometimes. A similar scenario here, or what are you noticing about that from behind the team?

There's definitely something behind that. I agree that we always step up when we really have to. It's good in one way, but at the same time we need to be able to win these games, to be able to reach that point in playoffs when it's quarter-finals and stuff. But it's definitely true, I think we just have to grow into the games a bit. Today was a bit off in comms, and we just have to improve on that.

That was something rain, ropz, others were talking about at the Major, communication has continued to be an issue. What are you doing behind the team to help mitigate that?

Of course communication is the most important thing in Counter-Strike, and everyone knows that. It's not like we have bad comms, but some days we have worse comms. I just want to make sure that everyone is actually doing the basics in the comms, because sometimes we slack in the comms a little bit, and maybe not everyone is saying everything they have to say.

In the end that's what's important, the teammate needs to know which angle he has, if they have your back, the basics in communication, and that is something we're lacking sometimes. It comes down to the day and on some players.

Another thing that was mentioned [by karrigan] was that you have a shaky map pool, is that tied to the comms or is it a separate issue that stacks on top of that?

I don't think we have a shaky map pool. We have been trying some stuff out, we swapped on Inferno and swapped some positions on Anubis as well. But I think our map pool is very strong, I don't think we have lost to the maps, it's always been a different reason so I believe our map pool is still strong.

Twistzz had a good performance here, something he was struggling with at the Major. Was there a conversation that happened after that event, or what has resulted in this bounce back?

I don't think he has been playing bad, I don't think he's in a slump or anything like that, I think it's more in his own head sometimes. Russ is an amazing player and he always steps up for this team, he's been doing it many, many times.

Today he played amazing and I'm sure he's going to continue that way. He's just a player that needs to be fully confident all the time, and sometimes when you're losing as a team, it also loses a bit of confident for the player.

The Major was obviously a huge loss for the team given the expectations, so what was the conversation coming out of that and before you came into Dallas?

Obviously we were struggling a lot. We were fighting for every game, we felt like we had to come back and we were actually putting everything we had into these games. It was very close games all of the time and we had to do comebacks, and of course in the end I believe that we had a good chance to win 2-0 against Heroic, we definitely had the chance on Nuke.

So I don't want to overthink anything, what we have to do is stay motivated and keep working hard, take these two events now, and then we have summer break. That's been something we have been missing a bit sometimes, to take more days off, so now a vacation and then we'll see what happens with CS2.

Have you had much of a chance to play retakes here yet?

Here, no unfortunately [smiling]. But we're definitely going to try to keep the grind on.

You're in the upper bracket semi-final, so a chance to qualify directly for the playoffs. How are you feeling going into that?

It's a good chance. I don't know who we're going to play yet, but it would be amazing to secure the position. I just want to play in the arena here, it would be amazing.

2023-05-30 00:48
12 replies
Europe potatomato
- karrigan + Hooxi
2023-05-30 01:02
11 replies
it just feels wrong whenever i hear about -someone from faze , they are complete as a team , they still has very high ceilling , just need to take some rest
2023-05-30 01:03
6 replies
Europe potatomato
they are finished as a team
2023-05-30 01:09
2 replies
2023-05-30 02:21
Afghanistan Pewpo
Suck my nuts
2023-05-30 12:53
agreed, there are no moves that would be certain to improve faze except for +zywoo. the problem they are facing is one they can solve with the players they currently have.
2023-05-30 01:29
2 replies
+1. I would not be surprised however if Karrigan retired soon. His fragging seems to be steadily becoming worse.
2023-05-30 04:26
1 reply
device | 
Europe r4be
He said he wants to win t1 event in cs2 and danish major on the road i think he has 1 more year to go
2023-05-30 08:18
hooxi would not improve the team in a meaningful way
2023-05-30 01:47
reading his answers here it should actually be -robban: not agreeing that Faze's map pool is shaky at the moment, consistent comms and urgency issues they can't figure out... maybe the new voice they need is another coach instead of a new player
2023-05-30 05:52
2 replies
It’s not the mappool. They’ve been struggling on all maps. This feels like they should really take a break.
2023-05-30 09:26
1 reply
it is in part the map pool: they're only truly good in 3 maps (inferno, ancient and mirage) and there's not much of an edge to be had over "worse" teams on inferno and mirage - and with them being so inconsistent rn, the aim gap also gets smaller and they struggle against anyone. they have to improve their T side on overpass (been a lot better recently, but still not a map you give them when picked), get some consistency on anubis and maybe fix their nuke. Them they can punish other teams more often, not just try to play to their own strengths
2023-05-30 21:04
Serbia pravac
2023-05-30 00:48
1 reply
sausage 😋😋 no fr now.. how are they still playing with karrigan?? xD its 2023 lads...... karri > robban coachwise, so he should def stop playin
2023-05-30 09:17
2023-05-30 00:49
so it was shaky comms because watching faze players play feels like they play mm with voice_Enable 0 sometimes lol
2023-05-30 00:54
nEGRo | 
Canada bltby
" But we're definitely going to try to keep the grind on " Struggling on Tier 3 team. Damn, faze.
2023-05-30 00:54
Just keep on being lucky faze and the coach will still keep his job
2023-05-30 00:59
RL was right, pro teams ARE lazy!!
2023-05-30 00:59
1 reply
Togo BRON0
2023-05-30 02:31
Come to Brazil, Samba, Feijoada, Neymar
2023-05-30 01:00
xd this team is doomed
2023-05-30 01:04
It is so difficult for Faze to beat EG now, let alone beat ence, liquid or even top teams like g2 and heroic
2023-05-30 02:01
- Robban + XTQZZZ
2023-05-30 02:26
1 reply
RobbaN's secret ingredient Gillette?
2023-05-30 08:46
didn't read but that title bothers me lol, it doesn't make sense for some reason
2023-05-30 02:28
6 replies
Maybe you're missing some context, not sure where you could get that from though.
2023-05-30 07:09
5 replies
"we've been missing taking more days off a bit" nice englando
2023-05-30 07:22
4 replies
Robban said missing but he meant taking, so they put it in the bracket while quoting him
2023-05-30 07:27
2 replies
Even that doesn't make sense though, "We've been taking more days off a bit" is not a coherent sentence 🤣
2023-05-30 07:45
1 reply
United States Hakase
> That's been something we have been missing a bit sometimes, to take more days off, so now a vacation and then we'll see what happens with CS2. the thing they're missing is "taking more days off" so they could have used Robban: Taking breaks is "something we have been missing a bit sometimes" or Robban: "[Taking breaks] has been something we've been missing a bit sometimes" it's better phrasing, but it's still legible with context
2023-05-30 09:17
Are you nitpicking grammar or do you need the meaning explained?
2023-05-30 12:54
Russia TucCSGO
RobbaN actually no 1 paycheck stealer in this scene
2023-05-30 04:35
hazz | 
Germany Hustl3
"Sometimes we slack in the comms a little bit, and maybe not everyone is saying everything they have to say" Imagine playin T1 cs and you just dont communicate properly, what a shame
2023-05-30 05:02
1 reply
team noob, all muted, I go troll goodbye
2023-05-30 10:40
FaZe most entertaining games. always close
2023-05-30 05:07
1 reply
Europe _Liam_
2023-05-30 05:14
Europe _Liam_
2023-05-30 05:14
Funny to see the FaZe haters starting to build back up. I guess they all hoped on the ZywOo bandwagon now
2023-05-30 06:15
I'd like to see FaZe with a different coach. A tactically stronger coach. RobbaN isn't it anymore
2023-05-30 07:08
No way comms were the reason why the game went to OT I mean it's a decent excuse when playing good teams because executes are so tight sometimes comms are the answer. But it's fucking EG they love to peek into an angle one at a time and not flash each other for their tournament lives
2023-05-30 08:01
Good englando robban
2023-05-30 08:24
1 reply
United States Hakase
not Robban's fault, just a weird usage of bracketed quotes #41
2023-05-30 09:20
Russia ZirgaGalva
EG just better
2023-05-30 08:45
India Nijer
Laziest bunch of people in Tier 1 CS, I am pretty sure they didn't even practice a single day
2023-05-30 08:51
2 replies
Can't beat navi on that
2023-05-30 09:19
2023-05-30 09:54
Early exit incoming my friend )))
2023-05-30 09:02
Need more days off, I agree. Something like 3 months of vacation or so.
2023-05-30 09:19
m0NESY | 
Poland SebL
If communication is the only problem he sees in FaZe Clan games I don't think he is a good coach, I love this guy, he is a legend, used to be a great player, but cmon man, like, even defaults look just terrible, like, there is nothing but firepower in this team rn., and even firepower wise they dropped off. Also, he doesn't see Twistzz underperforming? Like, maybe that's just something he says in interview so he doesn't stress him or something, but cmon, like everyone sees it at that point. They should be making playoffs at such an event without a problem, but I can't see them winning it playing the way they do.
2023-05-30 20:43
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