karrigan: "The main issue we have is we don't have a pick that's 100% safe for us"

The FaZe captain sat down with HLTV after his team locked in a top-four finish at the $250,000 competition in Dallas, Texas.

FaZe, despite currently being the third-best team in the world, have had a mixed 2023. The European combine won the Intel Grand Slam — and the $1 million that comes with it — back in March, but have since struggled to contend for titles, missing out on the playoffs at IEM Rio before being knocked out of the BLAST.tv Paris Major in the quarter-finals.

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IEM Dallas 2023

Alas, the Finn "⁠karrigan⁠" Andersen-led lineup are showing much better form in their campaign through IEM Dallas, where they are now in the semi-finals after a 2-1 victory over G2 and are set to face ENCE on Saturday at 22:00 for a spot in the title decider.

karrigan thinks ropz needs to be in tip top shape if FaZe are to have a chance at winning IEM Dallas

HLTV caught up with karrigan shortly after FaZe guaranteed a top-four finish in Texas. The Danish in-game leader touched on the series versus Rasmus "⁠HooXi⁠" Nielsen and company, how the team is dealing with motivation amidst signs of burnout, what is stopping the team from reaching their ceiling, and how it feels to have the American crowd on their side in the quest to make the IEM Dallas grand final.

If you don't see the embedded SoundCloud player above, you can listen to the interview here.

karrigan, congrats, you're through to the semi-finals. Didn't have an easy time of things with Ancient, can you tell me about that map?

When we started having a good result, we automatically started playing more passive and when we tried to play aggressive it was too late. I feel like we were saving a lot. I don't know how the rounds went down, but it felt like we maybe made some mistakes or aim fails, and that's why. Maybe the game could have been over already, but I have to rewatch and make sure it doesn't happen again.

In the second half there was a point when they were hitting B a lot, and there was this last-second fake that came in at 13-14. What was that like from your perspective?

In the end we got kind of outplayed, and sometimes it feels like maybe we outplayed ourselves. That's the biggest question to just make sure it doesn't happen again. We played without information a lot and when we lost an area we didn't re-push and regain it, and that's why it was so easy for them in the end to outplay us. In my opinion we outplayed ourselves by not pushing as we usually do, like on Inferno.

You said at the Major that you had a lot of late nights sometimes, thinking about fakes and stuff like that. Any late nights so far at this event?

I've been more laid back. I think I prepped for the first time today, the other days I didn't prep. I just wanted to make sure that we're playing off of feeling, we're trading well, we're playing the basics well. Obviously today I prepped way more just to make sure that we have some good ideas and we can execute them well. It seems like it worked well, especially on the CT side of Inferno, I think me and rain had a really good game plan on how to punish them.

Yeah, that Inferno bounce back [after Ancient] was really good and ropz's 1vs3 was immense, as well. What was that like on the server with the team's comms?

That 1vs3 was insane. It just feels good that we're winning these strange rounds again and I think that's the old FaZe Clan, when we have some Deagles we get very dangerous. That 1vs3 from ropz was a beautiful play from him, and it's good to see him in that shape. We need him if we want to win the tournament.

Something ropz told me at the end of the group stage was that the team isn't putting in 100% right now. You all almost sound burnt out in a way, and it just seems like the reality based on the schedule. How do you feel about that?

Yeah, the Paris Major, the whole story there and the whole grind we went through there, was a long process. What we're doing right now is we're giving 100% of the effort and motivation and game time we can, and that's just how it is. We can't always be at 100%, we can't always peak, but sometimes playing 20% less, preparing 20% less, makes you also play better in the game and sometimes that's how CS:GO works. You have less playing time, but you play better.

I think that's what's happening right now, we are playing a little bit less and we feel less pressure, and therefore we are playing better CS. I know it sounds strange, but that's how it feels sometimes, when everyone at the Major had expectations to win and then you come here and there are less expectations to win but just enjoy the game more and play the best CS we can.

karrigan thinks the team's communication has improved since their run in Paris

I overheard you on the desk saying it's hard to hit your A-game right now. What do you feel is missing?

It's a little bit of everything. The individuals have shown up here and there, we need them to consistently show up, and our map pool has been good but still there is not a set pick we can do. That's the main issue we have right now, we don't have a 100% pick that's safe for us every time, or two picks like we used to.

Also, some of the main concerns and main problems we had in Paris were communication and understanding each other, but it feels like now that we're playing here in the arena the communication is better, and the other day when we played Cloud9 and Liquid the communication was better. That's something we tried to focus on today, the trading was better and the communication was better, and that's something we can fix right now. That's our main focus this tournament to try to improve that.

Turning attention to tomorrow, you're going to go into this rematch against ENCE. They gave you some trouble during the group stage, they beat you 7-16 on Anubis and 13-16 on Overpass. What's the change up that you're going to do this time, what's the plan to get one over them?

I think ENCE played really well, but I don't think we were there. I'm expecting us to play better, and we played better against Liquid and Cloud9 than we did against ENCE. ENCE is a really good team and obviously playing here with the crowd they have less experience, but obviously they are really great players and have played on the big stages nowadays. I just expect a really good game, a very explosive game. I like to play them even though they beat us the last two times, I think it's a very fun matchup, and hopefully we can manage to do better this time because we need to.

You didn't make the IEM Dallas grand final last time around. This time you have a second chance and the crowd is cheering for you. How does that feel?

You can really feel that NA is here to support Twistzz and that is super fantastic. Hopefully that will continue and hopefully we can at least have an NA player lift the trophy here in Dallas. We just want to do the best for our fans here. There's not an incredible number of fans, but they're super loud and it reminds me of the old ELEAGUE where there were 300 people, but it was so loud inside the studio. Super good crowd so far.

Denmark Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen
Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen
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Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
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Brazil DinooxP
pick me instead
2023-06-03 14:12
4 replies
The main issues is karrigan didnt retire yet
2023-06-03 14:58
3 replies
Brazil DinooxP
Karrigan the goat, come to furia
2023-06-03 16:51
1 reply
From one end of the delusion to the other end, that's like double delusion.
2023-06-03 16:59
facts, he sucks
2023-06-04 00:21
Ask bne
2023-06-03 14:13
Faze problem is a mid igl
2023-06-03 14:14
13 replies
Bahamas Barakudas
If faze igl mid then rn astralis igl is lowest of lows the obly reason wins any games cause of godvice
2023-06-03 14:38
5 replies
Another Bahamian on HLTV, that's insane
2023-06-03 15:08
3 replies
bahamian rhapsody?
2023-06-03 17:56
he had jamaica flag before
2023-06-03 19:12
flag looks nice ngl
2023-06-04 12:43
oh no legendary IGL past his best cant win with 2 academy level player so trash lmao!!
2023-06-03 18:16
Romania Kuchi
they should bring gla0ve
2023-06-03 14:38
faze problem is twistzz being super mid this year
2023-06-03 15:05
2 replies
England Triturn
2023-06-03 17:28
+1 twistzz is a ghost
2023-06-03 18:40
sexter humbled gla0ve keep crying
2023-06-03 15:11
Just remember astralis had era only because they kicked karigen out ;)
2023-06-03 15:34
2023-06-03 18:15
Pick me, im safe
2023-06-03 14:14
Sth appear sth when you are sth
2023-06-03 14:24
Karrigan and Faze needs more victories
2023-06-03 14:28
Asia xskarskie
2023-06-03 14:33
still safe enough to beat shit2 ig
2023-06-03 14:56
2 replies
They lost their pick lol
2023-06-03 15:41
1 reply
North Macedonia Masuke
and destroyed g2 on g2's pick lol
2023-06-03 21:43
karrigan, no map is 100% safe .
2023-06-03 15:18
Naah, problem is that you're bottomfragging 95% of the games
2023-06-03 15:25
4 replies
KiKi | 
Greece 1926
2023-06-03 17:49
Serbia chupe
yeah, igl should call all the time, think for everyone and have 50 average kills
2023-06-03 19:03
2 replies
Why exaggerate? 40 will be enough
2023-06-03 20:46
well snappi calls better than karrigan and outfrags him 100% of the times with weaker team on the paper. karrigan had 19 kills when snappi dropped 30+ bomb while outcalling him on ancient. looks like no matter how good u call on 4v5, it won't change shit if enemy has decent igl with good strats who can actually shoot people back. and it's not like calling strats takes away so much energy and makes u unable to aim enemy, it's all cope and shitty excuse by people who can't shoot but are IGL-ing because they have a lot of CS clout and people think they're smart, so teams give them the easiest role of bottomfragging and not getting blamed. IGL diff, Faze Down, EZ 4 ENCE.
2023-06-04 12:53
the main issue is you
2023-06-03 15:28
Main issue is your team dont have teamplay most of time
2023-06-03 15:39
Ukraine HECPEM
GOAT karrigan.
2023-06-03 15:44
The main issue for us is 0.7 bot every match
2023-06-03 16:25
main issue highlighted by the fact that he thinks no map is safe for them... in public... which is still probably true.
2023-06-03 16:37
Latvia MrZegiz
No, the main issue is you, karrigan. Most unstable IGL in terms of leading squad ever.
2023-06-03 16:39
2023-06-03 16:48
The main issue is firepower, especially Twistzz
2023-06-03 16:56
Everyone who is calling for karrigan's head is max mge. And thinks you can have 5 crazy aimers and win every game. Just keep it up. And regain the energy in the summer break. Good luck for the tournament.
2023-06-03 17:07
2 replies
KiKi | 
Greece 1926
we didn't say have all 5 having 20+ kills every game,we mean dont go 5-20 9/10 games and stop rushing all the time giving your enemy a 4 v 5 at 1:50
2023-06-03 17:52
1 reply
U do realise that in the perfect scenario karrigan rushing is to create a ton of space for the stars on the team?
2023-06-03 18:12
#FaZeUp <3
2023-06-03 17:07
and what's your role to fix that if you are not good on aim ????
2023-06-03 17:08
1 reply
Germany who|cars
2023-06-04 05:35
bla bla bla
2023-06-03 17:34
another event another bullshit why are we not top1 somehow
2023-06-03 18:07
you wont have a 100% pick
2023-06-03 18:15
how do you not have a 100% pick after so many years of playing as a team? xD stop looking for excuses and retire karrigoon
2023-06-03 18:18
cope + seethe how about learning a map then and focus on it? even i have better excuses for playing like shit
2023-06-03 18:26
i mean there no 100% safe pick for anyone nowdays lol
2023-06-03 19:06
Sweden Mullden
The game or the line up is not new, come on.
2023-06-03 19:18
This sound cloud option is awesome, really good to have the option to liscen
2023-06-03 19:52
No team has a 100% safe map pick. So it’s not the main reason that they’re not having as much success
2023-06-03 19:56
The main issue = himself Karrigan 0.4 kd NOOB lmao
2023-06-03 20:21
m0NESY | 
Poland SebL
karrigan is saying he is more laid back here than at Major, but I feel like they're playing way more tactically here, it doesn't really feel like FaZe are just overruning people with firepower, ofc. they're playing great individually, but I've seen a lot of strat plays, and a lot of 4v5s turned around, I feel like they're playing way better as a team here than at the Major. Obviously it's not FaZe at their A-game, their A-game is basically destroying everybody, I doubt they can ever play to their A-game again, but that B-game right now might be just enough. GL FaZe, and GL karrigan, Legend <3
2023-06-03 21:20
Time to retire and become a coach. As a player, he's just too bad.
2023-06-04 03:22
Finland bingus
tell me youre a shit igl without telling me youre a shit igl
2023-06-04 03:34
FAZE İGL = 38 kill ENCE İGL = 68 kill C9 İGL = 8 kill
2023-06-04 03:41
1 reply
nafany life game XD
2023-06-04 12:57
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