huNter-: "If you're losing it's because of a lot of reasons. It's never one reason, it's never one guy"

The Bosnian rifler swung by HLTV's microphone for a candid interview following G2's 5-6th place exit from IEM Dallas.

G2 made the journey to IEM Dallas with the aim of redeeming themselves after a recent downward trend, one which has seen the European troupe bow out of ESL Pro League Season 17 and the Paris Major outside of the playoffs — a far cry from their first-place finishes at IEM Katowice and the BLAST World Final a few months back.

Date Matches
BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023

Regardless, the Rasmus "⁠HooXi⁠" Nielsen-led roster's woes have only continued as we approach the final stages of the season. They did make it to the IEM Dallas playoffs with wins over a smaller Nouns and OG, but faltered when it came to facing tier-one opposition, losing to Heroic and FaZe to be sent packing from Texas in 5-6th place.

G2 will be aiming to end the season with a bang at the BLAST Spring Final in Washington, D.C.

HLTV had a few words with Nemanja "⁠huNter-⁠" Kovač in the wake of G2's exit from their penultimate tournament before the player break. The Bosnian rifler spoke about the mood within the team and addressed why their body language comes across as negative at times, how he and the rest of G2 help HooXi when the Danish captain is struggling, and how the European side are planning to end the season on a high at the BLAST Premier Spring Final in Washington, D.C. on June 7-11.

Not the end to Dallas that you would have liked. What has the conversation in the team been like since yesterday?

Oh, honestly we didn't talk much because we finished kinda late and we just had food and went to bed. We didn't talk about the game and we are not talking, especially when we lose and when we are out of events, we don't like to talk that night or the day after even. We like to chill and rewatch the game ourselves, see what really happened, and then talk after that. So we didn't really talk, but I am sad that we didn't qualify for the semi-finals because the crowd was amazing, and today and tomorrow will be even better.

Something that was pointed out on the desk and was just visible in the group stage and even here was that the body language in the team has been kind of negative. Everyone seems quite down, it seems like people are sad even before the games have started sometimes so what is the situation with that?

We wanted to do better at the Major. We practiced really hard before it and we had our goal to go until the end of it, but it didn't happen and we didn't play how we wanted to play. After that we were all disappointed, and it was really tough to bounce back after a couple of days. Even two weeks after we lost against fnatic we played the game here, so it wasn't easy.

That's not an excuse, we are G2 and even if you lose one event, you need to show that you're better in the second one. We showed some better version of ourselves here, especially in this first day, but after playing against Heroic and FaZe we were not good. Yeah, we need to step up individually in a lot of aspects, not only the mood and atmosphere because we know that when the mood and atmosphere is good in a team, everything is better and there is less pressure on all the players. This event we were not good, but I am happy that we have one more event to try to fix it and to try to be better in Washington.

Yeah, the Major loss was obviously very hard for all of you. After that, was there any switch-up of style or conversation about changing the way you play?

No, not really. The main reason why we lost a couple of games at the Major, of course the first day with the game against Vitality was a tough loss, we had them, and the second game that we lost against Bad News Eagles we had them, so both games we threw. There were not so many reasons to change something drastically in our playstyle and the way we play. We needed to fix some things, we didn't have that much time to do it as well, but yeah, we need to just keep playing, keep going, and I think for Washington if we can just step up individually I think we'll be a lot better.

The reason I ask is because I was around your player booth during the group stage a bit, and even just watching from the stands during the playoffs, I saw that you were talking quite a lot during tactical timeouts and mid-rounds. It almost looked like you had taken over calling on some maps.

No, not really. I didn't see it like that. I just wanted to help and I am always trying to help, everybody is trying to help, but especially me and NiKo are always trying to help HooXi. If he is calling good and everything is going well, of course you don't need to help, you just shut up and listen to him and do whatever he wants to do. But if you see that he is struggling a bit and of course you're his teammate, you must help him, and that's what I'm always trying to do and that's what I was always doing even before when I had some other IGLs.

So your input level hasn't really changed, like on Inferno and Ancient specifically I saw you were talking a lot, so kind of the same?

Yeah I mean, usually when for example I am on sites with jks and m0NESY, I'm the guy who is talking the most. I am the guy who is calling setups and who is calling around that, but if I am with HooXi and we are playing T side, I am not talking too much and I'm just trying to listen. Of course if I see something that can help and that we can use to win the round, of course I'm trying to help. That's all.

Going into that FaZe game, there was this round on Ancient, you hit B a bunch of times and then at 13-14 you faked it and then went A. Was that HooXi's call as well?

Yeah, it was 100% HooXi's call. I mean, everything we do is HooXi's call. People are now maybe thinking that somebody else will take over, but no. We just failed one, one-and-a-half events kinda, and HooXi is our IGL and he will keep calling. Of course we are trying to help and we were always trying to help, even when we were the best NiKo was helping, I was helping, and that's what we'll try to do — and our coach, obviously.

So yeah, it was his call, and it was really good that we were attacking B a lot. Then we faked it first, then we faked it once more and then we went on A. It was an amazing call, they over-rotated and especially because we were in a 5vs4 advantage situation, so it was a perfect call.

huNter- tries to help HooXi in the calling department when the Dane is struggling

As you said, this last one-and-a-half events hasn't been fantastic for you, but even before that since EPL, it's been on a bit of a downturn. What do you feel like some of the issues are in the last two-and-a-half, three months compared to the first portion of the year for you?

We need to step up individually, as I already said before. We are not playing well, me included. Some games I am playing well, some games I'm not playing that well. I need to find the consistency that I had at the beginning of the year and usually since I play CS. Not only me, but some other players in the team can do better, and we all know that. That's the main issue I would say, nothing else.

Going into Washington, it's the end of the season. It's been a very long season for a lot of people as well. What's G2's perspective going into this last event?

That's the last event of the year before the break. It's kinda never easy mentally to just focus, you know? You know that you're playing the last event and after that is vacation. It's kinda hard. You always want to give your best, it's the last event, and you're thinking okay, you're going on break, you must give your best, but we are a bit tired as well. But still, that's not an excuse, we didn't do well as you said at the last couple of events, and we must do well in Washington if we want to be happy with this half of the year, since January.

We really want to do good in Washington and be happy with what we did in this season. It will be tough, there are a lot of good teams nowadays, it's never easy to beat anyone, and as you can see there are no teams that are winning everything for one year nowadays, it's really tough to do that. Lots of good teams, but if we want to be the real G2 that we were in Katowice and before Abu Dhabi and at the beginning of the year, we all need to step up individually and in all aspects. Mood, atmosphere, playing, shooting, clutching, everything if we want to do well in Washington.

Is there anyone helping to step up that mood and atmosphere?

Of course we are all trying to help. NiKo is the most experienced guy and he was in the team, he had a lot of ups and downs, he's experienced and he knows what we should do. We're all trying to step up, we're talking about it, sometimes it's tough especially when you are not playing well, when you are losing it's tough to have a good mood and to have a good atmosphere. If you are losing and then if you start winning, you will always forget what was happening before, so we need to start winning again and that will change everything.

I've seen people comment about it both at the event but online as well. A lot of the time HooXi has looked sad or been walking around alone, separate from the team. Is there anything going on with that?

No, honestly not. Us players, we are not talking about anything other than the game, we are just focused on the game. HooXi was sad because we didn't do well at the Major, and his main goal since we started playing this year and our main goal was the Major. We failed, but yeah, that's not the end of the world.

Of course we are trying to help him as well, and I understand him kinda in some ways, but in some ways I don't, but that's life. We need to just keep looking forward and that is what we are trying to do. We are all supporting HooXi, he is our IGL, he was always calling well and every time we lose he's kinda putting it on himself. I respect that, but it's not always on him and it's never on one guy, like if you are winning you are winning because of a lot of reasons, if you are losing you are losing because of a lot of reasons. It's never one reason, it's never one guy, we are all a team and we need to just act as a team and that's what we'll try to do for the last event.

When you say you understand him kinda but other times you don't, what do you mean?

Yeah I mean I understand him because he's feeling sad because we failed at the Major and we wanted to do better, but one thing I don't understand is to keep focusing on it. We talked as well, we need to just focus on what is in front of us and not think about what happened before. We are a team, we need to help each other and that's what we'll try to do, forget what happened, try to learn from our mistakes, and try to be better for the future.

Denmark Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen
Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nemanja 'huNter-' Kovač
Nemanja 'huNter-' Kovač
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
So true
2023-06-04 14:02
14 replies
Kassad would disagree
2023-06-04 15:14
11 replies
They lost because of 3 guys, hooxi, Niko, and Jks They should remove them and rebuild the roster Maybe bring back nexa, he has good chemistry with hunter
2023-06-04 15:30
6 replies
Slovakia GloryMole
Bring back Jackz he has good chemistry with hunter.
2023-06-04 15:40
4 replies
Asia jd4ddy
Bring back kennys he has good chemistry with hunter.
2023-06-04 16:00
3 replies
Bring back XTQZZZ he has good chemistry with hunter.
2023-06-04 16:20
2 replies
i hope they will never bring him back.
2023-06-04 17:34
1 reply
tbh XTQZZZ and nexa + jks was probably major winning move to this day i think they destroyed their chance
2023-06-04 20:36
Croatia _Coeus
jesus christ you are an idiot
2023-06-05 11:40
France Asr4
We don't need this idiot's opinion.
2023-06-04 16:29
3 replies
France Ansi
2023-06-04 17:32
Denmark LeCerveau
+1 zero talent Talent.
2023-06-04 20:22
+1 lol
2023-06-05 00:55
True??😂 Hes just tryna help his buddy hooxi with all the shittalk hes gettin over him hahhhh
2023-06-04 15:42
1 reply
No. It's one of the quotes that are going to age badly.
2023-06-04 17:54
Good take, maybe HLTV users stop -someone +somebody with this
2023-06-04 14:03
11 replies
this will never ever happen ever
2023-06-04 14:07
Impossible challenge 5
2023-06-04 14:44
2023-06-04 14:58
#2 welp
2023-06-04 14:58
Barbados P0vTr
-olof +ropz and FaZe are the best team of 2022 surely it's always not just one person, and it's not like hunter were saying G2 won't change their roster and a week after m0nesy and aleksib were signed. Never trust this fraud
2023-06-04 15:22
The pro always said that, but outside the servers, someone is prepared to be kicked. Aleksib in hltv confirmed, "yeah, no one will be kicked". Isaa left OG.
2023-06-04 15:35
4 replies
Slovakia GloryMole
Kicking ISSAA was dumb af.
2023-06-04 15:40
3 replies
United States voy1x
Pretty sure he went to valulrant
2023-06-04 16:41
Not getting a boot camp and playing with 120 ping is dumb as fuck.
2023-06-04 17:56
1 reply
Canada Yaokon
It was during covid it was hard to have a bootcamp:/ sucks for issaa cause he was really good even with 120 ping..
2023-06-04 19:20
France Ansi
im sorry but that will never happen, especially when the boys in HLTV COnfirmed do exactly the same HLTV kids love to follow bad examples like that.
2023-06-04 17:31
Snax | 
Poland Stinar
Though one guy can be multiple of reasons :)
2023-06-04 14:03
1 reply
2023-06-04 14:10
Romania Toolfuti
hunter reads daily hltv threads xdd
2023-06-04 14:05
its hooxi
2023-06-04 14:06
disband then
2023-06-04 14:06
2 replies
2023-06-04 14:10
+11111 Only logical comment inhere👌👌👌
2023-06-04 15:42
NAF | 
United Kingdom lynk
Except in G2's where it is one guy. H00xi gotta go
2023-06-04 14:10
6 replies
hunter losing duels cuz of hooxi jks losing duels cuz of hooxi m0nesy losing duels cuz of hooxi NiKo chokes cuz of hooxi hooxi cuz of hooxi bro brush your teeths please im sure u could do a better job there
2023-06-04 14:14
5 replies
2023-06-04 14:33
3 replies
romanian english, pretty good
2023-06-04 15:07
im so so so sorry englando isnt my native language
2023-06-04 15:57
1 reply
you need to go to Pasha London School
2023-06-04 18:33
Hooxi is literally going like -40 in BO3s it's not even funny, he will literally have a rating of like 0.5. IGLs don't need to frag that I agree with but G2 is literally just playing a 4v5, and you can't win against the best in the world in a 4v5.
2023-06-05 02:42
good thread. #HooXiDidNothingWrong
2023-06-04 14:13
time for new igl
2023-06-04 14:14
This interviewer was really pushing for some drama with the questions lol. It’s like he wanted to expose g2 as a dysfunctional family. I mean as a team they are very dysfunctional. But are they really as depressed as he makes them sound?
2023-06-04 14:15
6 replies
maybe he was pushing, but it was good, it was what community was speculating about
2023-06-04 14:57
2023-06-04 15:07
2023-06-04 15:26
Both nexa and xqgcc (or whatever his name is) both called out the teams depressed atmosphere. The coach directly said he never been in a more depressed team.
2023-06-04 16:56
2 replies
World waltsuu
but thats just players having different vibes there is no ingame disadvantage or advantage whether youre "depressive" or "overly hyped", thats just how different people are. If you get shit done, it doesnt matter how you do it. realistically these people are burnt out over their own gameplay and practise and life, they dont have extra energy to solve someone's elses emotional disconnects with rest of the team and theyre not even qualified to do so. Whole reason teams get these sports psylogists since its their pure job to solve these problems or help people since players/coach in the team may not have possibility, time, skill and motivation to do so.
2023-06-04 17:32
1 reply
I don't think nexa and xqtzzz said it was depressive, though they both said their impact on the team ovr was limited and that things should change or they will have big problems.
2023-06-04 20:39
Yeah-yeah, sure, we've been hearing that for many years. If you win then you're in a good shape, you had lots of praccs and blabla. If you lose - it's unloko, no rest, bad communication and other excuses. Just name things as they are - it's random and that's all. Today you can win, tomorrow you can lose to bunch of globals from mm.
2023-06-04 14:18
1 reply
If you are in good shape, you practice well, you win. If you lack communication with team, you are tired and dont have luck, you lose. See? I say same thing as you but the meaning is different because im not looking excuses in people words, i see diagnosis of the problem. Its up to them how they gonna solve it but i have to tell you thats how sport looks like :) One day you win, other day you will lose, this is life. Try to be competetive in something then you will realize that :)
2023-06-04 15:05
Niko hater in shambles
2023-06-04 14:19
its him
2023-06-04 14:25
Buzz | 
Denmark 2ism
HLTV dimwits will keep preferring their simple explanations that it’s HooXi even if the current G2 roster has been extremely dominant at times. They have everything they need already, but for complex reason it’s not coming to fruition lately. But they already proved that the current roster can dominate.
2023-06-04 14:29
why not just ask him if hooxi is getting kicked instead of trying to half slide it into every question
2023-06-04 14:30
2 replies
Yeah, it was 100% HooXi's call. I mean, everything we do is HooXi's call. People are now maybe thinking that somebody else will take over, but no. We just failed one, one-and-a-half events kinda, and HooXi is our IGL and he will keep calling. - huNter
2023-06-05 15:59
1 reply
I realise he half answered the half question but man it's irritating when interviewers beat around the bush
2023-06-06 11:59
Hunter is top lad
2023-06-04 14:30
NiKo and hunter sold out to serbian mafia is my reasoning
2023-06-04 14:30
Norway Gjellan
Really good interview by Hunter love the guy
2023-06-04 14:32
good guy huNter tell ur cousin that
2023-06-04 14:33
But you cannot get better without change either. If you lose because a lot of reasons, it's simpler to make a change than to try to fix that lot of a problem.
2023-06-04 14:40
1 reply
and potentially have even more problems like astralis when they split up after having not the same success
2023-06-04 18:11
It was two guys then
2023-06-04 14:47
Latvia SigMale
true it's never one guy it's always whole team fix the game
2023-06-04 14:51
i mean what else can he say is he honest tho? NOPPERS
2023-06-04 14:59
Not a bad interview but I feel like when it comes to knowing what the actual atmosphere is in the team you should not be asking Hunter. He seems like to much of a kind and forgiving guy to actually point the blame somewhere. It is a professional way of handeling things but the interview won't shine much light on whats really going on in G2 rn. Let's face it, if the problems are as Hunter says, the team should still be making more playoff runs than they are doing recently.
2023-06-04 15:06
4 replies
Thank god S1mple isnt on G2 and they didnt interview him :D
2023-06-04 15:31
3 replies
holy fuck imagine that
2023-06-04 17:19
2 replies
tbh if s1 in what form he is atm was in G2 i would rather m0nesy to be in NaVI because then NaVi is back to winning ways possibly with m0nesy being top 2-3 for the first time.
2023-06-04 20:40
1 reply
Serbia nnikolaS
Navi is done winning for the next few years they won't recruit Russian players and even if they did, they barely won for years (except during their prime) even with s1mple being close to 1.40 almost every year, beginning to end
2023-06-05 23:35
niko and new igl, name a more iconic duo
2023-06-04 15:08
But in G2 its allways one guy
2023-06-04 15:08
Freya | 
Turkey Keepo
ok hear me out Loba NiKO huNter nexa fessor
2023-06-04 15:16
1 reply
United States Virgin Islands bazovik
wtf is this xddd
2023-06-05 07:39
Ukraine rexyyCSGO
he is right, it's 2 guys - he and his cousin
2023-06-04 15:16
This interviewer was desperate to make a drama but huNter didnt let him.
2023-06-04 15:28
1 reply
Slovakia GloryMole
2023-06-04 15:38
NiKo | 
India bhonga
they losing because outdated playstyle of each players their opponents knows how niko plays how hunter and monesy plays they are very predictable and their playstyles
2023-06-04 15:31
1 reply
Very valid onion +1
2023-06-04 17:59
A >100 iq take? on MY hltv?
2023-06-04 15:48
G2 is loosing bcoz of the tilted hothead choko, he never listened to his coach, manager, and team mates. He always play with he ego.
2023-06-04 15:56
1 reply
Well, you either give him a lot of space or really put the handcuffs on him and tell him to STFU No in-between
2023-06-04 15:59
that is why teams, when they want changes, kick only one or two players instead of disbanding
2023-06-04 16:03
Love to hooxi, good words from hunter. Delusional hltv singlecelled organisms still gonna continue its journey tho.
2023-06-04 16:05
So true, Hltv noobs always blaming losses on one player.
2023-06-04 16:07
He is wrong, its most always one guy. If one guy gets 3-5-8 kills in a round means the team is playing 4vs5, look nitro, aleksibot all shit fraggin igls. hunter you are dumb, and you suck as too player, hooxi has lost you many games just alone.
2023-06-04 16:10
so it is niko and hooxi, got it thanks
2023-06-04 16:20
balkan education ofc it can be because of one guy going -40 every series
2023-06-04 16:29
Hunter & Niko needs to be split apart. Good players, but awful leaders. Together they weild way more power than what's good for the team.
2023-06-04 16:49
He's right, its 2 guys (hooxi and swani)
2023-06-04 16:53
Its Niko and Hooxi
2023-06-04 17:01
First its niko 2nd its hooxi 3rd is you, total.previledged bot
2023-06-04 17:15
If you have 4 good players ofc its not one guys fault....
2023-06-04 17:25
Portugal dracø
next move: kick IGL again and repeat
2023-06-04 17:28
that's right y'all are trash not only hooxi lmao
2023-06-04 17:42
Its always Niko.
2023-06-04 17:54
1 reply
2023-06-04 18:10
Good to see Hunter not putting all the blame on Hooxi
2023-06-04 17:57
1 reply
He ain't got the right to do that , man botted against Faze and has been playing pretty bad recently
2023-06-04 19:15
Hunter: it's never one guys fault 2 months later: Hooxi kicked
2023-06-04 18:13
1 reply
More like 2 weeks
2023-06-04 23:09
true its 2 kovac
2023-06-04 18:25
Europe Zwenix
But can one guy create a lot of reasons?
2023-06-04 19:13
Yea yea, make ice cream for niko kekw
2023-06-04 19:33
its 2 guys, you and your husband!
2023-06-04 20:01
Damn it took yall kicking aleksib, then failing to qualify for rio to realize that, jeez
2023-06-04 20:02
Based Hunter to smart for hltv, that's why he is the GOAT
2023-06-04 20:06
2023-06-04 21:11
What some of you may not understand is that hunter is a kind of guy who just likes to play, he's not the one to care about interviews, content and entire charade around. He'll do it because he is a good guy, but he does not care. If he stopped by to do this and say it - you can be sure there is a damn good reason for it. And chances are that reason is hate from braindead idiots getting to players just because team failed one and a half tournament. Huge respect for hunter, and I wish for all the power in the world to go to Hooxi to find his way out of that depression.
2023-06-04 21:13
We are with you Gigachad <3
2023-06-04 21:42
its NiKo
2023-06-04 22:23
Let's go guys! I think the team just need some more time. In 6-7 years im sure they will win!
2023-06-04 23:15
Don't understand why people are so desperate to defend HooXi, he frags worse than Karrigan (0.7 rating against Faze LOL) while being nowhere near as good of an IGL. Siuhy is obviously a massive upgrade that will have at worst slightly worse tactics but that will play at least 25% better than HooXi. G2 should probably kick Swani too as he's a pretty mediocre coach for a team aiming for consistant top 3. It genuinely hurts watching a team with Niko, monesy, and jks not even placing top 4 at tournaments because they have to play a 4v5.
2023-06-05 02:48
Just bring back nexa hes much better than hooxi, ita not like thats a compliment for nexa though.. the standard is too fucking low..
2023-06-05 04:39
It's because you're not cheating hard enough obviously.
2023-06-05 04:52
WHY THE HELL IS EVERYONE SAYING REMOVE HOOXI AND JKS? ARE YOU ALL NUTS???? the situation in 2022 PROVED that G2 needs an IGL that relies on TACTICS and fakes,which is exactly what HooXi is,he turned G2 into a consistent tier 1 team,and if they lose it's because the other was better not because they choked,This G2 lineup is successfull,
2023-06-05 05:03
2 replies
No one is saying -jks
2023-06-05 06:09
bro its only -hooxi no one is saying -jks unless they have brain rot
2023-06-05 07:16
gigachad time worn out . kick him and recruit shiuhy
2023-06-05 06:44
Slovakia EvErisT
hunter smart guy
2023-06-05 10:39
United Kingdom Leftie
"IT'S NEVER ONE GUY" false. Na'Vi have lost rounds because of s1mples own ego and hubris lel
2023-06-05 13:05
2 replies
Na'Vi wouldn't be as good without s1mple you're trippin
2023-06-05 13:39
1 reply
United Kingdom Leftie
Good job I didn't say that then, huh?
2023-06-05 13:44
Yugoslavia Gunzel
Not because of one guy but because of two :D Hunter 41-58 (-17)
2023-06-05 23:23
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