SunPayus: "Right now there is not a rank one team in the world"

The IEM Dallas 2023 MVP award recipient shared some words with HLTV after celebrating on-stage with ENCE.

Alvaro "⁠SunPayus⁠" Garcia led the charge in ENCE's title-winning campaign at IEM Dallas 2023, powering the international roster to their first Big Event tournament victory and clinching the HLTV x 1xBet Most Valuable Player (MVP) medal in the process.

SunPayus lifted his first tier-one tournament trophy

HLTV caught up with the Spaniard after the victory to get his thoughts on earning his first MVP award, clinching his first Big Event title, and how it feels to bounce back after a dismal period of results for the team.

SunPayus, congratulations, you're the MVP of IEM Dallas. How does that sound, how does that feel?

Weird because it's the first time I get an MVP in a tier-one tournament, and it's even the first time I win a tier-one tournament so I'm just proud of my team and myself also.

A very strong showing from you throughout this event. Let's quickly go back to yesterday, that game against FaZe on Ancient. A contender for best map of the year already, just walk me through that a bit, some intense moments right?

I remember there was a round that I said to the guys, 'guys I don't care if we win or lose, I'm having so much fun, I'm enjoying a lot.' That defines what happened on the map. I think also for them it was really intense, every round was really close, it was such a funny game.

As you said, your first big event win, your first MVP. When you first joined ENCE the results weren't coming in quite yet, so what does it mean to you to finally get this over the line?

Well, this was the main goal when I joined ENCE, to win tournaments. Right now, at the end of CS:GO, at least we took a tier-one tournament, so I'm really proud and I'm really happy about what happened.

There were moments with Movistar Riders where you were winning a couple of events here and there, you won Valencia, but never quite a title of this stature. What is the potential for ENCE now that you have NertZ and now that you're stepping up and hitting your stride?

I think we are, without any doubt, contenders of whatever tournament right now. I think we can compete against whatever team in the world by far.

The run through the last few events for you, like the Rio Major, the BLAST Major, didn't go as expected obviously. There were also times where you just fell short like at EPL. Actually not just winning Dallas, but winning it in this fashion, 2-0, can we expect you to keep this level up going forward?

I think right now the level of CS:GO is just really high. I don't know what is going to happen in CS2, but I think everyone is really good and that's why you cannot say one team is going to win every single tournament.

That's why I also think that right now there is not a rank one team in the world. Every team is really good, so you have to be at the top, at your maximum level and also have really good momentum in the team to win a tournament.

Almost a year to this date ENCE were standing right here, they went home without a trophy. Now that trophy is yours. Can you tell me a little bit more about walking away with that from here?

We have one more tournament in a few days, but we're going to walk away really proud of ourselves, we put a lot of work in these last 2-3 months with NertZ. There is really big emotions from Snappi, from Maden, from Pavel [dycha] because they needed to win a tier-one tournament and they made it, so I'm really proud of them.

But no emotions from you?

I mean, I'm pretty happy, obviously! But I'm more like... I mean, I'm really happy, but I don't know, I had the feeling today morning that we were going to win this match, 100%.

Spain Alvaro 'SunPayus' Garcia
Alvaro 'SunPayus' Garcia
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2023-06-04 23:55
there is Its Heroic
2023-06-04 23:56
15 replies
h3roic? not even close
2023-06-04 23:57
+1 based
2023-06-04 23:57
Europe KiroBullS
heroic are far from number 1 i will put them top 2 or 3. depending on how well vita do in washington they will be undisputed number uno team
2023-06-05 00:02
4 replies
Sweden skorpan
”Far from” ”top2” So so far 😅😅
2023-06-05 09:08
3 replies
2023-06-05 11:43
France sAeR
1st Vitality (1,000 pts) 2nd Heroic (744 pts) A little gap between them xD
2023-06-05 11:47
1 reply
Sweden skorpan
Don’t try to save his statement :D Those points could switch totally by a couple of weeks :b His point was that 2 was far from 1. I’d say that’s as close as it gets 😅
2023-06-05 15:04
Poland Roxin
Until semi finals sure
2023-06-05 00:03
Brazil dio_scuro
heroic top 1 in choking, sure.
2023-06-05 00:16
Canada nclmrs
top 1 choking on big stages aka losing to mouz
2023-06-05 00:33
Warra mvp for jabbot
2023-06-05 00:34
Russia KopHuLLloH
do you mean the same heroic who lost to arguably average roster of ence?
2023-06-05 01:14
Brazil AWFenrir
Gamerlegion too strong
2023-06-05 05:23
2023-06-05 09:41
Lmao top1 losing to GL and MOUZ
2023-06-05 15:36
even if there is, it's definitely not flukence
2023-06-04 23:57
3 replies
How are they a fluke? They constantly get deep runs in 90% of tournaments that they play in
2023-06-04 23:59
2 replies
dont mind him he has issues
2023-06-05 00:17
he right, here to much tier2 teams now.
2023-06-04 23:56
2023-06-04 23:57
United Kingdom ChuMatrix
There is and their name is vitality...
2023-06-04 23:57
4 replies
vitality wouldn't stand a chance vs prime KQLY
2023-06-05 00:20
1 reply
Russia KopHuLLloH
no one would stand a chance vs prime KQLY because prime KQLY is a hacker lol
2023-06-05 01:20
2023-06-07 17:25
bruh ahahah
2023-06-07 20:25
excuse me pls?
2023-06-04 23:57
4 replies
2023-06-07 20:25
3 replies
Did u really search for my comment to link me the match?
2023-06-07 22:13
2 replies
2023-06-08 02:36
1 reply
2023-06-08 03:06
It is Vitality and its not even close.
2023-06-04 23:58
5 replies
Finland KarPPa
yea... pretty delusional take to say there isnt a top 1 when vitality is clear and they didnt go to dallas. they wouldve won again if they went
2023-06-05 22:05
1 reply
2023-06-07 20:26
2023-06-07 18:50
1 reply
Finland KarPPa
wow they lost a match. last time they lost it was also first game of the tournament and after it they have gone flawless while winning that and the next tournament (a fucking major)
2023-06-07 21:03
Chile 1cristiaan
2023-06-04 23:59
3 replies
Sweden Electrode
During paris major ence vs Vitality was a 13-16 battle. I think everything is closer than you'd think
2023-06-05 10:17
2 replies
2023-06-05 13:33
1 reply
Sweden Electrode
wrong person sorry
2023-06-05 19:30
Vitality is clear
2023-06-04 23:59
cope for major choke
2023-06-04 23:59
1 reply
+1 but still kinda true
2023-06-05 00:35
France Evalion
I like you SunPayus but if the rank one team in the world was there I'm not sure you would have lifted that trophy.
2023-06-05 00:00
11 replies
This looked so easy for Vita if they were in the same shape as the major
2023-06-05 00:27
2 replies
France Evalion
I hope Vitality will win that BLAST event, I'm a bit worried cause they skipped that event and took holidays, will see what form they will show.
2023-06-05 00:28
1 reply
I don't think you should worry. They worked hard and deserved a break to recharge.
2023-06-05 11:25
ence historically have pretty good odds vs vitality, obv not favorite to win it but they 100% could beat them
2023-06-05 00:27
5 replies
France Evalion
Oh yeah I agree ENCE is always a tough matchup for Vitality.
2023-06-05 00:28
4 replies
And with this form it would have been 50/50
2023-06-05 07:46
3 replies
Vitality if playing in they major form than it will be 100% vitality win overall over ence.
2023-06-06 11:58
2 replies
Definitely not
2023-06-06 15:15
1 reply
Off course they can bruh.
2023-06-06 16:15
No tier 6 teams to farm in dallas, maybe they wouldn't get to final
2023-06-05 13:37
1 reply
France Evalion
Vitality did farm ENCE at the major buddy.
2023-06-05 15:26
i mean vitality didnt even play dallas. but they won iem rio and the major back to back
2023-06-05 00:00
Vitality clears rn
2023-06-05 00:01
bruh what you forgot about vitality
2023-06-05 00:01
rank one team bc major win where they played against who?
2023-06-05 00:02
1 reply
vitality lost only 5 games in 2023 , beating all top teams . team like ence loose 5 games in 1 month or 2 and even vs tier 2 / tier 3
2023-06-05 13:54
well sure as hell it aint ence buddy xD
2023-06-05 00:04
this is the headline ? come on hltv
2023-06-05 00:08
2 replies
nerds will rage in the comments cause of that headline xD
2023-06-05 00:21
1 reply
Literally see so many lmfao, they get clickbaited so easily
2023-06-05 00:40
No sunpayus, look: You can easily see the number 1 team if you open ranking
2023-06-05 00:11
1 reply
bait or #34
2023-06-05 01:57
Lucky for your team that Team Vitality wasn't there otherwise they will choke you guys down.
2023-06-05 00:13
it is true
2023-06-05 00:13
Spain Scar98
payus is number 1 player tho
2023-06-05 00:14
2023-06-05 00:17
ZywOo | 
France Sofio
one event without vitality and bro thinks everyone is on the same level
2023-06-05 00:17
4 replies
16-13 Vertigo BO1 worse form hmm
2023-06-05 07:48
2 replies
what about iem rio ?
2023-06-05 18:26
1 reply
ENCE was not there so doesn't count :)
2023-06-05 18:32
This aged well
2023-06-07 18:45
Argentina cheapdeed
vitality could have won this event dawg wym
2023-06-05 00:17
comments t-triggerrreedddddd reeeeeeee
2023-06-05 00:23
2 replies
+1 lmao
2023-06-05 00:27
2023-06-05 01:58
that's easy, Vitality is numba 1
2023-06-05 00:27
Luxembourg 2000
Wins 1 event and already talking he is lucky Vitality and NAVI wasn't in IEM Dallas.
2023-06-05 00:33
1 reply
Romania bLaZe_420
Dud meantions Navi who are in shambles lmfao
2023-06-05 01:34
Vitality seems like it, will probably win the next few tournaments they attend and then the next team But he is right that any team in top 20 can beat eachother Also don’t forget Heroic, they might choke, but they are hella consistent in making deep runs
2023-06-05 00:45
n1 is Vitality and far far nothing
2023-06-05 00:40
San Marino Loyuu
Vitality and then heroic
2023-06-05 00:42
Sunpayus needs to be humbled t2 nonamer
2023-06-05 00:44
2 replies
"tier 2" sunpayus mopped the floor with tier 1 faze player faces numbers don't lie
2023-06-05 02:04
1 reply
Anyone can have a purple patch.
2023-06-05 14:34
SunpayMe will get sunpayzywoo’d the next time they meet lol. He’s gonna regret this comment.
2023-06-05 00:55
Brazil Diabo
Vitality maybe?
2023-06-05 00:57
Let me educate with facts instead of opinions Vitality Stats Since Map Loss - 47 days Since BO3 Lost - 52 days TOTAL Series LOST in 2023 - 5 Tier 1 events WON in 2023 - 2 (1 being a major and back to back) Heroic Stats Since Map Loss - 2 days Since BO3 Lost - 2 days TOTAL Series LOST in 2023 - 7 Tier 1 events WON in 2023 - 0 FAZE Stats Since Map Loss - 3 days Since BO3 Lost - 3 days TOTAL Series LOST in 2023 - 13 Tier 1 events WON in 2023 - 1 Purely off stats, Vitality take the cake as the #1 team in the world. NOT by much, but still #1
2023-06-05 01:12
Europe tete4761
bro won micky mouse na event and thinks he s good kekw
2023-06-05 01:16
Vitality strongly disagrees
2023-06-05 01:21
1 reply
real i kinda hope for Washington and Cologne and Intel GSL to make history esp with 2x GSL for Magisk and dupreeh
2023-06-05 01:23
I love sunpayus as a player but truly does he not understand vitality is currently the best team
2023-06-05 01:24
Poland Jevilek
Vitality need to win next tournaments to be considered as number 1 with no doubt
2023-06-05 01:32
Going by the context and the quote, it just seems to me he's saying nobody is a lock to win every tourney right now. He's right. Vit are looking good but are by no means in an era. It's exciting to see games that aren't always going to the favourites.. but people just seem to complain lol.
2023-06-05 01:39
3 replies
Romania bLaZe_420
I'm sick of people complaining like this every time the "favourites" don't win the tournament
2023-06-05 01:47
Puerto Rico titokayak
+1, very exciting season of CS, and ppl just complaining constantly
2023-06-05 07:29
2023-06-05 07:54
Italy Orsotte
2023-06-05 01:50
Turkey Axiomen
LOL. Vitality is the number 1. Obviously. They won the ducking major, didnt they?
2023-06-05 01:55
6 replies
unless they continue winning, winning the major means nothing.
2023-06-05 02:21
Philippines B3nk4i
I mean outsiders won a major and then they fell off right after. Not saying vitality is gonna be the same, but they need to add to their major victory in order to be undisputed number 1
2023-06-05 02:31
4 replies
Iem Rio?
2023-06-05 03:22
3 replies
ENCE was not there so does not count :)
2023-06-05 07:49
2 replies
Vitality isnt at iem dallas too so Ence's win doesnt count
2023-06-05 09:26
Ence Dallas win doesn't matter either than because vitality wasn't there:).
2023-06-06 11:52
Finland Cl0udy22
These vitality fans rage typing without even reading the article
2023-06-05 01:59
1 reply
Triggerd whole fanbase
2023-06-05 13:35
El Salvador Bredalow
Vitality is a clear number 1 look at their win streak bro
2023-06-05 02:01
> right now there is not a rank one team in the world True. I'd even say the whole ranking system in CSGO has been very fluid over the past couple of years. Last time it was NaVi that had a semblance of era but other teams have caught up and now there's that. Any top 5 team can defeat any other top 5 team depending on the day. Likewise the same map played between the same two teams can turn different ways each time they play. I'm not a huge fan of that but it makes the scene a little bit more entertaining than when e.g. Astralis destroys all other teams:
2023-06-05 02:05
true statement
2023-06-05 02:46
Objectively false because there has to be a number 1 for a ranking to exist. I agree with the sentiment tho. There's not a clear best team rn
2023-06-05 02:53
Dude is on one. Vitality definitely is rank 1
2023-06-05 03:32
He means in Dallas?
2023-06-05 04:20
MoonPayUs is so delusional, its not even funny
2023-06-05 04:43
1 reply
Exactly what a bot
2023-06-05 09:12
Denmark nunz1o
Vitality is literally on a unbeatable winstreak right now, tf it blud talking about
2023-06-05 04:55
3 replies
thats wat coocky idiots do... Let the next event come.
2023-06-05 08:35
Against mickey mouse teams
2023-06-05 14:08
They lost to 0-2 to 9ine on lan just a month ago... If winstreaks mattered G2 would be current top 1
2023-06-06 12:29
He forgor about vitality
2023-06-05 04:57
Malaysia Rich1eG0h
ZywOo : Hold my beer
2023-06-05 05:27
there is...
2023-06-05 05:39
Vitality number 1 easy after major win and they beat ence. Why isn’t headline: “I was feeling 100% sure of win in final” ??
2023-06-05 05:58
Kids these days.. Win 1 irrelevant event and think they are on the top of the world. Where is modesty? They didn't even reach playoffs in Paris or Rio. Lol
2023-06-05 06:48
3 replies
Irrelevant event? Yes, not a Major but still a Decent tournament. You mention Rio... Like that was of more relevance. Take of your Vita glassen Man. The fall is gonna hit you Hard when Apex guys fails next event. But for now... Enjoy the Major win, cuz not happening again! As soon as Heroic find a solution to the semi- and final issues, we have the next Era. Hard to find a more consistent team atm. They understand CSGO is supposed to be fun! Haters gonna hate!
2023-06-05 08:21
2 replies
The only hater I can see is you. Where did I state Vitality tops everyone my boy?
2023-06-05 11:38
That is kinda stupid to say that you expect fall of Vitality, sure they are unknown still but a statistical percentage show always that when teams start to win they don't stop with only exception being actually the G2 who just started lossing after they won one event in 2022 end and then in 2023. Heroic should have actually gotten the Dallas bro i don't think they will find a solution soon enough, they need a big break from atleast one tournament and they are not giving eachother that. I don't think this Event was of no relevance i think it was cool event, even if Vitality #1 atm wasn't there doesn't mean its bad like GetsPaid, every event means something for Vitality the two events were regaining the eyes upon them and for ENCE breaking the curse
2023-06-05 14:42
if vitality wins blast, pretty much they prove they are stable top1 team right now
2023-06-05 08:36
2 replies
Sweden 7emod
Exactly, what was this, 5 teams competing? He did something good when he was at movistar riders but after that he is just an avarage player who is collecting money, and that mvp is not deserved at all.
2023-06-05 15:44
1 reply
nah, hes looking kinda sus, bet he steped up on final wher it means the most, so props for him
2023-06-05 17:04
I mean, he's right kind of. 5 tournaments in 2023, 4 different winners. Sure, Vitality got the streak of 2 tournaments, but it remains to be seen how sustainable that is. They also got pretty close games in Paris. Most games & maps went to double digits. So at any point in time some other team can rise up and take them down.
2023-06-05 08:46
Finland dvlx
it's true no team winning back to back events
2023-06-05 08:55
What a bot
2023-06-05 09:11
Finland Siika
i think there is top1 team at the moment. i hate to say this but its VITALITY. they are doing really good nowdays!
2023-06-05 10:43
Fr Fr
2023-06-05 10:45
Covid ruined cs and many other e-sports. We'll recover from that.
2023-06-05 10:45
emi | 
Serbia bra1np
Strange, I just saw #1 next to Vitality name.
2023-06-05 10:51
The fact anyone can beat anyone doesn't mean there's no #1 team lmao, you can say that statement about NBA teams as well, anyone can beat anyone so what ? there's only one champion according to final ranking. You had an easy event chill & congrats. Keep practicing
2023-06-05 11:58
wins one event: we are the best
2023-06-05 12:10
1 reply
CS.GO fanboys selective goldfish memory at it's finest.
2023-06-05 18:32
Looks like someone forgot that the team that just won the Major didnt even attend this tournament... Chill Sunpayus
2023-06-05 15:38
Now Vitality it is :)
2023-06-05 15:56
he has a good point
2023-06-06 10:25
every vitality wants to play ence rn lol
2023-06-06 16:18
ropz | 
Germany NRS17
there is... vitality
2023-06-06 19:06
based sunpayus, vitality era didn't even begin before it collapsed
2023-06-07 17:13
Vietnam 2uick48
Aged like fine wine buddy
2023-06-07 17:28
It's funny to read all those fans after the Vitality-Imperial, they are so adorable...
2023-06-07 18:49
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