Vorborg: "Before I even joined EG, I pointed out that the roster composition didn’t make sense to me"

The Danish coach touched on Evil Geniuses' failures over the last 10 months and their issues on and off the field.

Evil Geniuses revamped their roster in the summer of 2022 intending to shake off some of the poor results from the first half of the year. The arrivals of Sanzhar "⁠neaLaN⁠" Iskhakov, Jadan "⁠HexT⁠" Postma, and Daniel "⁠Vorborg⁠" Vorborg were supposed to bring a breath of fresh air into the roster, but they were never able to compete at the highest level, only cracking the top 20 rank once after their appearance at the IEM Rio Major.

The organization and team came under heavy scrutiny by the community, and following a series of disappointing LAN results and their failure to qualify for the BLAST.tv Paris Major, the organization decided on a different approach. The whole starting lineup except Timothy "⁠autimatic⁠" Ta was benched and replaced with EG Black players ahead of the fall season.

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Official: Evil Geniuses promote four EG Black players
Vorborg regretted not translating Evil Geniuses' practice form to offline tournaments

The ex-Copenhagen Flames coach is now exploring his options in the market and took some time to catch up with HLTV to talk about his tenure with Evil Geniuses and his next steps.

Starting from the top, you recently parted ways with EG. What are the emotions like, what are you feeling at this moment?

It’s not a great feeling, I really feel like I have unfinished business. I came to EG because I wanted to build a title contender together, but obviously we never even got close to doing that. I don’t have any ill feelings towards the organization or the players, things didn’t turn out the way we had envisioned, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort.

Truth be told, the EG project never really got off the ground. As the coach, why do you think that happened?

There are many reasons. Before I even joined the team, I pointed out to EG that the roster composition didn’t make sense to me. I joined the roster late, as I was weighing up my options, so the 5 players were already in place. I felt like we lacked a ton of initiative and leadership, and players with strong opinions on how they would achieve success.

We agreed that we would take the first 3 months to evaluate what pieces to build the future of the team around, and then attempt to make some big moves for the roster in the upcoming winter break at the time. For various reasons, that I understand and accepted, like player availability and the shaky financial situation in CS:GO we were unable to make any big changes though, and we continued on with the roster.

In hindsight though, I probably over-emphasize the importance of initiative and accountability on every single piece of a roster though, because of the way we built our most winning team in Copenhagen Flames. We had a fairly loose playstyle, one with a lot of space for the players to take, but also one that faltered if the players didn’t perform.

There are a ton of top teams that play in a drastically different way, where there is a strong way of playing set by the IGL / Coach, and the rest sort of follows. There are pros and cons to the different approaches, and this is a very simplistic way of putting it. But all in all, although I do believe we lacked leadership, initiative, and ownership, I wasn’t a great fit as a coach at the time either — because what I was used to was a very collaborative team dynamic. I learned a ton the past year, and see myself as a much more versatile coach today than when I started, and I am grateful for that.

Lastly, and this might sound weird looking in from the outside. We feel like we got close, as we did very well in practice, we progressed and kept improving. But then we ran into a huge issue, that we never truly got fixed, which was an inability to perform in officials. We started playing way differently and didn’t stick to what we practiced, and that hurt us a lot. All in all, I think everyone who was in and around the team can succeed at the highest level of CS, but we were at different times for different reasons not a great fit as a unit.

Between the players, yourself, and the organization, where does the responsibility for the results lie?

It is 100% my responsibility that we didn’t reach being a consistent top 30-20 team or something like that, we had the player material to reach that. There are different reasons why we didn’t achieve that, but at the end of the day, it’s the head coach's responsibility to get the most out of the roster you have, and I failed at doing that. Beyond that potentially we could have done it, by working step by step, but I think upper management probably had to put together a different team composition then, and that’s including the coaching staff.

The EG organization has been under a lot of scrutiny, from the community and notable individuals in the scene. Do you think it was deserved, and how did that affect yourself and the team?

I don’t feel like it impacted me at all, and I don’t think the players spent a lot of energy on it, at least they didn’t express that in any way, shape, or form. However we did struggle to show up in official games, but I think that was mostly due to the pressure we put on ourselves.

Vorborg was benched 10 months after joining Evil Geniuses

What were the most difficult moments for you and the team?

A lot of traveling leading straight into games, that just can’t be avoided is tough. You fly from tournament to tournament in Europe, then you have to fly back to NA and play the open qualifiers within 24 hours of landing, and then fly back to Europe the day after those qualifiers and play again within 48 hours of arriving in Europe is really tough.

I think emotionally though, after we lost the RMR qualifiers and had to fly straight to EPL was the toughest of all times. I think we were extremely tired, demotivated and defeated heading into EPL with no time to reset. I tried my hardest to get us back on track, but obviously we fell incredibly flat at EPL, and probably the worst showing we had at any LAN we went to.

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Vorborg benched by Evil Geniuses

Focusing on the positives, there were glimpses of promise for EG in the last year, qualifying for the Rio Major being one of them. When did you see the team click and come together well? Why didn’t the positive trajectory continue?

Within the team, in practice etc. we had a lot of successes, especially in the off-season. We really felt like we were moving in the right direction. But as I said, we completely dropped the ball in the first tournament of the year at BLAST, not doing what we had been practicing. And then you go from tournament to tournament, with a maximum of three days of practice in between and we just failed to get us all back on track and on the same page after that.

This last part of the season was rough then, with refrezh joining, him having to play from Europe for longer than first anticipated with high ping in practice and tournaments. I do think we were moving in the right direction with his addition, but obviously, we had almost no time to show that.

Having just promoted four academy players, it seems like EG have once again missed the window to make big upgrades to their roster. What do you make of their transfer window activity and the new roster’s chances to be competitive against the best?

I think it makes sense. From all the rumors it appears they tried to see if they could get a world-class team, and if not, then promote the academy team that has been working their ass off, and has been doing well. They will probably have an adjustment period, but I hope they just show up at BLAST groups, and just play with no respect and give it their all. There is a lot of talent on the team, but it’s always difficult to predict how the less experienced players will adapt going to the biggest tournaments. I think there is less pressure on them though, not as high expectations or demands from themselves or the public, so I hope that will allow them to do their best.

When you made the decision to leave Copenhagen Flames and eventually joined Evil Geniuses, you wrote that you had “four lifetime opportunities at once”. What were the other ones, and in hindsight, are you happy with your decision to take the coaching role in the North American organization?

I’m not going to namedrop, but a lot of people would probably have called me crazy at the time to pick EG, especially in hindsight. EG was the worst-performing team that I got an offer from, and there were absolute top teams in there.

I chose EG because I had really good conversations with valens, and he is a person I have so much respect for. At the same time, the idea was to build a great roster, the financials were there, but unfortunately we never really got to make those moves. At the same time I have learned so much from this adversity, and being exposed to different ways of viewing the game, I definitely think this will benefit me in the long run. I don’t like dealing with "what ifs" or regrets, so I am just grateful for my experience.

Where do you see yourself going after the episode with EG?

My stock is probably not the highest it’s been, so we will see. I am already in talks with a couple of teams, but I am in no rush. I’ve done a lot of different roles in esport, and I’ve got a lot of experience the past 12 years or so working full time in esport, so I’m open-minded to what comes next. I don’t feel finished being a coach, as I really want to prove to myself I can be one of the best in the world. But at the same time, I could definitely see myself as a GM, Director of esports, or maybe even a player agent moving forward.

Kazakhstan Sanzhar 'neaLaN' Iskhakov
Sanzhar 'neaLaN' Iskhakov
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Jadan 'HexT' Postma
Jadan 'HexT' Postma
Rating 1.0:
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Denmark Daniel 'Vorborg' Vorborg
Daniel 'Vorborg' Vorborg
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United States Timothy 'autimatic' Ta
Timothy 'autimatic' Ta
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Maps played:
hooxi #1
2023-06-26 22:32
5 replies
2023-06-26 22:33
3 replies
Germany ElyR1uM
2023-06-26 23:55
2 replies
Russia n0t4b3n3
2023-06-27 04:09
1 reply
xi whu
2023-06-27 07:23
+1 Hooxi carried noname coach to earn ez money from eg.
2023-06-27 07:17
the flood gates are opening
2023-06-26 22:32
1 reply
GOAT Vorborg, he deserved better
2023-06-27 16:54
Yeah? It's EG, no one there knows that they're doing.
2023-06-26 22:35
2 replies
Netherlands dabadpad
at least they have EG black, magnum, silver, platinum, lite
2023-06-27 11:13
1 reply
Sweden Madrigals1
I think EG Silver is their strongest lineup. I played against them in MM, 2 of them left the game, but they still won because their awper with 20 hours in game kept rekting us through walls.
2023-06-27 15:23
Costa Rica Wham!
2023-06-26 22:35
1 reply
flair .
2023-06-27 01:15
yesssss, we need more, this clownass org needs to be called out and purge its management team.
2023-06-26 22:36
2 replies
valorant EG doing very well so is lol
2023-06-27 02:54
1 reply
Uh, doing well in LCS means nothing. You can't say you're a good swimmer if you've only ever been in the kiddie pool.
2023-06-28 09:08
in conclusions he blamed himself and inderectly said nealan is ultra mega trash
2023-06-26 22:36
5 replies
s1n | 
Finland Khroni
Bruh the few times I have accidentally watched EG play neaLaN has been the only redeeming feature of the team
2023-06-26 23:23
4 replies
Yeah nealan' overpass default was LITERALLY copied by karrigan cuz it was so good if "Marshall_D_AdreN" actually watched EG play, he would realize that nealan's calls are good but his star players fail to deliver.
2023-06-27 01:16
3 replies
i also think nealan is good, im just saying what volborg said about him
2023-06-27 07:24
Sweden Madrigals1
they have their awper with 0.90 rating, when average for all players is ~1.05 and average for awpers is ~1.1 I think Nealan was definitely not the issue. He was not a solution either, but he wasn't root cause of failures for EG.
2023-06-27 15:40
nealan throwing out the 20th strat because it requires brehze to move his mouse
2023-06-28 00:55
i read that Bubzkji expected him to sign for AST but i dont see why. He spent 9 months at EG, and things mightve been worse, but it certainly didnt get any better with him. why not grind up from tier 2/3 teams and build your credibility up there?
2023-06-26 22:36
15 replies
well, astralis probably know it's not vorborg's fault that it all went to shit
2023-06-26 22:43
2 replies
well, they didnt sign vorborg, so they were most likely not convinced
2023-06-26 22:46
1 reply
2023-06-26 22:52
Look at what he did with CPHF. eG was a shitshow and no coach could have changed that
2023-06-27 00:09
11 replies
not sure what you mean, you cant seriously hold him responsible for the teams result. its hard to quantify, but if you can, let me know. but the org quit CS, after having to drop their roster cuz nobody wanted to buy them. in the end, jabbi plays for heroic and hooxi did great and actually won some events.
2023-06-27 00:20
10 replies
He has been coach for cphf since the start and many players have been bought by bigger teams from cphf
2023-06-27 05:49
Denmark sNju
He is saying that CPH Flames did very well.
2023-06-27 11:15
gla1ve | 
Denmark JKTP
Literally the entire old CPHF roster was sold to bigger orgs. Hooxi to G2, Jabbi to Heroic, Roej/Nicoodoz to Fnatic, Zyphon to Sprout and Vorborg to EG Later on for their 2nd roster, B0rup just signed with Astralis and Regali is going to OG. Farlig is probably also in negotiations with some tier 2 team. The team went so abruptly bankrupt after that the negotiations for selling Regali actually fell through even though OG wanted to buy him. So now they get him for free The reason why Copenhagen Flames went bankrupt wasn't because they couldn't sell their roster but because of their irresponsible spending in Fortnite and massive debt which wasn't very convincing for any future investors.
2023-06-27 11:24
6 replies
most players were sold for close to nothing afaik, and it still doesnt quantify vorborgs part in this.
2023-06-27 12:07
5 replies
gla1ve | 
Denmark JKTP
I would like to know how you know that because even the danish sources i know do not list the price. The only thing i can find is that CPHF did not publish the price.
2023-06-27 13:02
4 replies
tbh the exact prices are not even relevant, so lets not get lost in details. this topic is about vorborg. i dont think anyone can quantify his abilities, to me it says enough he got cancelled at EG.
2023-06-27 14:05
3 replies
gla1ve | 
Denmark JKTP
Okay so you are guessing, good cause i thought i had missed something obvious No we can't really do that, but we can quantify EG's terribleness. Malek is not a bad coach because he couldn't make EG work. If anything it's clear to me that Vorborg is smart enough to blame himself because he knows that's the best he's gonna come out of this situation. It makes him look like the bigger person, even though he eludes to the real problems. I wouldn't be surprised if he still get's signed by Astralis and honestly i would like to see him in Astralis. Clearly he did something right working with younger talents in CPHF and id like to see a repeat of that in Astralis.
2023-06-27 14:35
2 replies
lmao ur so toxic! Not to mention youre trying to gaslight me here, so yeah, ive read enough from you. keep on defending vorborg, kiddo.
2023-06-27 14:45
1 reply
gla1ve | 
Denmark JKTP
Not really. I asked you how you knew, and you basically self report you made it up And you call me toxic but throw in the kiddo Even though everything else i said was perfectly valid.
2023-06-27 14:55
bro cant read
2023-06-27 22:00
well its too late now Vorborg rofl
2023-06-26 22:38
Astralis Vorborg incoming
2023-06-26 22:39
4 replies
quite possibly
2023-06-26 22:42
As what though? I find his last comments about maybe being a GM or Director of Esports interesting. Most coaches are open more to analyst roles when their stock is low but Vorborg is leaning towards management. Maybe both Vorborg and Rejin incoming? Vorborg as Director of Esports and the Rejin as coach.
2023-06-27 01:13
2 replies
i dont think astralis will sign anymore banned coaches, they have learned their lesson
2023-06-27 11:54
1 reply
Maybe, but you have to admit it was a bit suspicious that Rejin left Endpoint on the same day that Astralis kicked Hunden and Kasper Hvidt. I see a substantial moral difference between Rejin and Hunden. We don't know the whole story of course but on the face of it they both used the coach bug but Rejin stopped using it of his own accord a good couple of years before anyone got caught. Hunden on the other hand allegedly doubled down and did something else that is even more obviously unethical just a few months later. To me it would feel okay to support Astralis with Rejin as their coach. And if they did sign both Rejin and Vorborg then Vorborg could stand behind the team at Valve events.
2023-06-27 12:36
poem | 
North America minte
i could've told you that
2023-06-26 22:40
nice article. I kinda don't get adding refrezh tho, it looked like a half-arsed attempt at getting a proper team
2023-06-26 22:42
I’m not sure if nic*le had him at gunpoint or what but I iust don’t think you can make any thing possible with k23 igl, finished brehze, paycheck stealer wiz and hext. The refrezh’s addition is also a big question mark, they should have just promote the whole eg black squad way earlier, that would be way easier for him to build
2023-06-26 22:42
6 replies
yeah those picks were all so incredibly random. and thats why i think the staff is to blame. including vorborg.
2023-06-26 22:55
4 replies
Denmark dvorborg
I am definitely to blame for a lot of stuff - but I had little to no control over roster moves
2023-06-26 22:59
3 replies
You are a great coach and a great man. Keep your head up & i wish you success!
2023-06-27 07:26
Dont worry mate you did what you could)
2023-06-27 08:45
Bro pulled up himself that is crazy
2023-06-28 09:15
That K23 roster was quite promising with fame and norbert. NeaLan will be fine. Russian and English speaking young IGL - could be in high demand after EG will release him. He actually performed much better than expected.
2023-06-27 13:55
I mean, if he had offers from better teams before then he should've taken them. Why is this such a common issue in the scene? Kjaerbye did something alike and I know others have done the same but can't remember. Just pick the stable team, damn it.
2023-06-26 22:43
2 replies
Probably got swayed by that EG cash flow tbh, I bet they had the highest offer on the table money wise.
2023-06-26 23:22
Obviously money. There is no other reason an eu uprising coach shoud commit to the worst performing na org in cs go. Or he is lieing about those other offers.
2023-06-27 08:29
keeping hext is the biggest kekw
2023-06-26 22:45
2 replies
2023-06-29 14:42
1 reply
He is very bad
2023-07-13 20:40
EG teams always look like a red chemistry team in FIFA lol
2023-06-26 22:46
Vorborg to astralis confirmed.
2023-06-26 22:58
Andorra mopGOD420
EG coaches and drama, name a more iconic duo
2023-06-26 23:07
1 reply
2023-06-27 04:01
Unlike some coach, this one is just respectable
2023-06-26 23:37
vorborg and shirking responsibility, very classic combo
2023-06-26 23:57
3 replies
You clearly just read the headline if that’s what you think.
2023-06-27 03:17
1 reply
i actually only read the first three paragraphs
2023-06-27 21:46
He said that he 100% blames himself for the teams failure.
2023-06-27 11:51
its eg....
2023-06-27 00:04
vorborg to gruyère gaming headcoach incoming
2023-06-27 00:19
Can't do that much with such a trash roster XD
2023-06-27 00:23
He’s better be right…otherwise it’s a face slap
2023-06-27 00:23
so why did he join eg
2023-06-27 00:28
1 reply
They like to pay people stupid amounts of money to win nothing, fail in qualifiers and get replaced by their fucking academy team for tournaments. Excellent management
2023-06-27 00:57
Hahahah now that he's benched he started to throw sh*t at EG, hillarious
2023-06-27 00:49
5 replies
but why its always EG?
2023-06-27 01:17
1 reply
What do you mean always EG
2023-06-27 02:03
It’s typical nowadays sadly
2023-06-27 02:03
he didnt throw anything at EG
2023-06-27 02:41
1 reply
#7 probably said at gunpoint 💀
2023-06-27 06:12
I just don’t think the current EG roster before it got dropped had enough time especially with refrezh. I also think Brehze is still better player and rifler than anyone on that team besides Autimatic. If he just plays a quarter to his form in 2018-2020 he’s still a beast.
2023-06-27 02:06
15 replies
Denmark Jeffersond
2023-06-27 11:44
1 reply
? Lol
2023-06-27 20:00
stupid take
2023-06-27 21:31
12 replies
Typical low elo player response
2023-06-27 21:53
11 replies
youre not even level 10 i guarantee lil bot
2023-06-27 21:58
10 replies
About the only argument a low elo player would come up with
2023-06-27 22:20
9 replies
lil bro whats ur elo tell me i bet youre like level 9 1.0kd XD
2023-06-27 22:22
8 replies
Lil man just called me lil bro
2023-06-27 23:07
7 replies
lil bro just called me lil man
2023-06-28 00:53
6 replies
Lil man is wilding out here How you doing lil man
2023-06-28 02:29
5 replies
send faceit profile lil bro
2023-06-28 03:25
4 replies
I’m a cevo player lil man
2023-06-28 04:10
3 replies
send faceit profile
2023-06-28 05:16
2 replies
I’m 2100 elo don’t play anymore
2023-06-28 05:25
1 reply
send your profile
2023-06-28 05:31
save legendary EG, kick entire management idiots. Thank you very much. problem solved
2023-06-27 02:58
1 reply
unless the owner is also the manager, then they are truly fucked.
2023-06-27 03:00
United States Gonginator
What a shame that an NA org imported a coach and pro players from Europe, but they still couldn't do anything. They may as well have just picked up pieces of Tier 2 NA teams doing good, such as ATK, Nouns, Wildcard, etc. I'll say it again - EG have fallen from grace, even having burned bridges with some of their former sponsors. Yet for some reason, they won't take any responsibility for their actions. They haven't even tried fixing their organization's issues. All of their pro players are just being dragged down because they're thrown a fat paycheck to deal with EG's lack of professionalism and motivation to win anything.
2023-06-27 03:52
vorborg is a fraud coach lol
2023-06-27 05:58
Iceland Voidsphere
Even though he's probably right, he's just trying to feather his own nest to get a new job elsewhere. Fraudborg's even worse than peace-, pardon me, warmaker.
2023-06-27 06:26
2 replies
I dont think he tried to do that in any part or the article.
2023-06-27 08:47
1 reply
Slovakia GloryMole
2023-06-27 10:47
Bro literally said he himself is a bad coach
2023-06-27 07:16
United States cybonics
and he somehow made it worse by adding refrezh
2023-06-27 07:16
1 reply
2023-06-27 08:48
ropz | 
Finland wormi
great and honest answers from guy who now knows how to be much better
2023-06-27 08:28
2023-06-27 08:49
Kyrgyzstan roflinka
Vor who?🤔
2023-06-27 09:41
Czech Republic Semi96
"i can fix him" mfs
2023-06-27 10:45
I don't know why eg kept singing, washed players or subpar players; they had much better talent available in EU, and NA. Nealean and Autimatic were the only decent players on that rooster.
2023-06-27 11:56
And you decided to add refrezh to fix that, very smart, best coach.
2023-06-27 11:58
Austria wdy629
And wtf he joined such an org? 😂😂🤣
2023-06-27 12:01
Who cares
2023-06-27 12:18
2023-06-27 13:58
2023-06-27 14:08
Netherlands xrnavkha
can see him in astralis
2023-06-27 17:02
Woah a 31 year old? We can't have intelligence and experience in this game, someone better take his place soon
2023-06-27 23:22
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