Top players comment on CSPromod

February 5th, 2010 00:26

With CSPromod Beta 1.04 just a few days old, went around and asked some top players for their opinion on the mod.

The CSPromod Beta 1.04 was released to public on the last day of January, with the mod receiving mixed reviews from the community.

With CSPromod still in beta stage, there are still some things to fix, and has asked some of the world's best players for their opinion on the current state of the project. It was no easy task, though, as many players have simply not yet put their hands on the new release.

Below you can find what the pros said about CSPromod Beta 1.04:

Sweden Patrik "cArn" Sattermon (fnatic): "At this stage my main concerns are that the player models, movement and some sound issues will be the naysayers' biggest argument to not support CSP. Personally I maintain my belief in the CSP cause they are VERY open to what the progamers have to say and they are willing to work day and night on the details that might take CSP to the next generations Counter-strike. From what I´ve seen from CSP so far is that the maps resembles 1.6´s a lot, the flashbang is still a flashbang and the movement could soon be as good as the 1.6´s with some tweaks."

Finland Joona "natu" Leppanen (Soltec): "I think the one thing is that it has potential but things need a little readjustement such as the grenades feel a little "lazy" in my opinion. Not including crouch-hopping takes away from what 1.6 has become throughout the years and since it´s aimed to replicate that game mainly, it´s a shame. It´s a little bizzare they're claiming the reason for that is that the event organisations have wished so, seeing as it has been approved as a part of the game for almost four years now."

Brazil Bruno "bit" Lima (FireGamers): "I particularly liked the game a lot, they made a good mixture between both games and I think it has everything to work out. I hope this will be a great opportunity to join the two communities so that CS can grow even more."

France Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavigni (Millenium): "For me, the game has really evolved and it is a good mixture of 1.6 and Source. I think this game will become the most played game in competition and it will join the two communities."

United States Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman (compLexity): "The game shows a lot of potential with a ton of neat features (interactive HUD, CS 1.6 menu options, etc.), but the game to me is still very far away from competitive play. The CSP team seems to have overlooked a ton of mainstays in CS (additive flashes, smooth movement, etc.), besides obvious current animation/model problems. The team they have, however, seems to be competent and up to the task so hopefully they can get a finished product ready by late this year for use in tournaments in 2011."

Australia Gareth "gazR" Lynn (Immunity): "I went through all the maps and was amazed at how well they incorporated both Source and 1.6 features into one game . It's great that the game has incorporated the option to choose between Source and 1.6 features. Although the game does have a few minor details to fix at this period of time, I do believe it looks promissing! For some reason it does feel more like Source when i shoot.. but the recoil patterns are the same as 1.6. Grenades are a bit too big, models too big, but the HUD/interface I think is awesome, very marketable, the way they've tried to make it as SPECTATOR-friendly as possible is good. Can't wait for the official release!"

Sweden Richard "Xizt-" Landström (Begrip Gaming): "I really like the idea of Promod and I think the game has a very good potential if they fix the player models, sound and other small things. I hope that everyone is open for a change because 1.6 feels kind of pointless to play since it is never getting updated. I really love the graphics, HUD, etc, big ups to CSP developing team!"

United Kingdom Suffian "Suffz" Arshad (Dignitas): "Well basically I thought it was quite crappy, if I am honest, looked just like Source and felt like it. Grenades were too big, footsteps you could not tell at all, models were too big. Hopefully in the new patch they'll make it more like 1.6 rather than more like CS:Source."

Denmark Oliver "minet" Minet (mTw): "I think that if they fix some of the minor problems, such as the scoreboard ( there's way too much going on there), the proportions and the maps, I wouldn't mind switching to it, now I've just tried it on FFA in the middle of the night, which doesn't give the best insight but it seemed pretty well thought out..."

You can download the CSPromod Beta 1.04 by going to the project's official website.

France curar 
2010-02-05 00:27
Germany H10k 
nice for 1.6 :-)
2010-02-05 00:31
Chile JGN 
nice :D
2010-02-05 00:33
I think it's a lot of Source things in CSP. They should make 50/50 or something like that ;>... But we ll look ;d it's only BETA :D In my opinion its good idea. I ll say same as Xizt- "I think the game has a very good potential if they fix the playe rmodels, sound and other small things."
2010-02-05 00:34
if they do 50/50 then to hell with that... my opinion is more 1.6 elements and less source elements... source is just a crappy game so nothing from that bullshit game is any good
2010-02-05 18:33
totally agree with you :) cs:s models just suc* so much, it ruins all feeling. While you don't see any players it feels cs1.6(shooting, running (sound of steps interval), jumping is pretty similar) then the cs:s model you see, witch slide around, not walk or run, legs move so slow and stupid, CT holds AWP between the legs n stuff, and then they die not lie in cs1.6 models (HS flies ;D n stuff). waiting for 1.05
2010-02-07 01:23
well the thing is... most ppl that play source play it coz its easier in alot of ways... the aim in promod is to join both 1.6 players and source by making 1.6 look good. if csp is a better looking 1.6 i think that css fans will still go with css. 1.6 is not like a game anymore... it became a sport.. so why does it need changes? thats what i think... btw i replied here so ppl would read it xD laterz
2010-02-05 18:59
Agreed with natu.
2010-02-05 00:34
Germany H10k 
i guess you're the first american so far that is not in love with csp :D like the other trolls on gotfrag :D congratz :D
2010-02-05 00:37
mir | 
United States Brodie 
Count me in as well.
2010-02-05 01:00
Germany H10k 
second one :-)
2010-02-05 01:04
United States FLT 
I thought all of us hated it. Ive never liked it. Trolls on gotfrag are silly, gotfrag itself is crap now. Ever since certain people left the news has been TERRIBLE. I only go to HLTV for cs info.
2010-02-05 05:00
cs 1.6 is not going to die :p i didnt like promode at all tbh.. CSP looks more like CS:S then 1.6
2010-02-05 00:37
it aint about the graphics omg -_- anyway if they fix the sounds recoil and that kind of little stuff i'm almost sure the csp scene wil be big :)!
2010-02-05 00:39
Germany H10k 
sounds? rofl you can already change the sounds with 1.6 or mixed with css. the cspromod crew is not allowed to change the sounds/valve rights. you can really go to CSP when this is one of your main problems :D
2010-02-05 00:45
Norway strifer- 
well, then they have to make their own sounds, cause those source sounds are the worst about csp
2010-02-05 01:13
They will.
2010-02-05 06:21
what do you know? he thinks the sounds are disturbing and i strongly agree with him.
2010-02-05 09:23
there are already some 1.6 sounds for css out there and you can also use these for CSP. got it? smart people use google :-) ever heard of that? when no here it is:
2010-02-05 18:22
The idea of CSP is to look like Source graphics wise
2010-02-05 09:03
shit !
2010-02-05 00:41
Nice, surprised no one mentioned the radar.
2010-02-05 00:44
dude... if they want to make cs 1.6 with better graphics...they should just re-edit the maps and the models a litle bit ... a leave everything alone...i'm getting tired of cs promod up and down whereever you look, let's be realistic... 1.6 is 1.6 si the best f-ing multiplayer game ever (in his genre) and 85% of the community won't change the game for way... i repet... if they really want to make 1.6 look better, then creat new maps and new models and that is that. good luck!
2010-02-05 00:51
mir | 
United States Brodie 
A twelve year old engine will always looks like a 12 year old engine. GoldScr has it's specific look, when you look at any Half-Life mod you instantly see that it's a Half-Life mod just because that is how the engine looks. There's nothing you can do to make it look better without changing the engine.
2010-02-05 01:03
i agree, but then i have to ask... why they say, they just want to make a better looking version of 1.6? they should say, this a new version of counter strike and stop lieing to themselves
2010-02-05 02:25
Because the only bad part of CS 1.6, seeing as it has amazing gameplay (it's not the world's most online played game for nothing) is its graphics because of the HL engine, so they want the best of both worlds: - more amazing graphics from the source engine; - the "perfect" gameplay of 1.6.
2010-02-05 02:34
Romania xPAz 
is not the most played online game, that one is WoW :)
2010-02-05 12:00
I said in his genre...
2010-02-06 01:37
Like #142 said, in its genre.
2010-02-06 17:15
Romania ova 
ok but people still play 1.6 in 640 x 480, graphics won't win them (:
2010-02-05 18:02
That's people who have been playing already :) with this graphics engine it's not very spectator friendly and sponsors will rather choose COD:MW2 or another new game because "kids/new gamers" will rather choose a game with better graphics than the updated engine of 1.6. You forget that this "change" is not only for the current players of 1.6, but the new players that will come and the players that play Source. It is a evolution for the best :) (if it actually maintains 1.6s gameplay that is)
2010-02-06 17:14
People need to realize that updated graphics (although not the most important in terms of gameplay) WILL help out in respect to potential sponsors. If you can't see how that would help professional CS grow (given that the final release will be very damn close to 1.6 gameplay), you guys are crazy.
2010-02-05 04:36
cool! :)
2010-02-05 00:54
Brazil gbz 
bit *-*
2010-02-05 00:57
Macedonia Veky 
cs 1.6 > csp css, that wont change ever
2010-02-05 00:58
Ukraine DREv 
2010-02-05 01:01
2010-02-05 02:43
2010-02-05 09:11
1.6 FOREVER!!!!!!!!
2010-02-05 00:58
2010-02-05 00:58
Portugal kysz 
Promod sucks D***. Cs 1.6 4life
2010-02-05 00:59
do you remember how cs community went from 1.3 cs to 1.5 cs ? :DLMAO! then from 1.5 to 1.6 cs. it was slow and painful and some sad 1.5 forever some sad 1.3 forever :D CSP is the future, but nobody is taking 1.6 from you, play it till you die ! :D
2010-02-07 01:32
Yeah, I'll play 1.6 ill I die! I don't remember 1.3 neither 1.6, I joined the Cs Community pretty soon.
2010-02-07 22:57
Ukraine DREv 
lol bit,Ozstrik3r omg...
2010-02-05 01:02
what ?
2010-02-05 01:05
United States BGS 
are you guys kidding me? it ain't about the graphics? i have been playing CS since 2000 so i am not one to play a game about graphics but if you want it to go mainstream you sure as hell are going to need the product to be as beautiful as possible. kids today just don't have the same mentality as we did when we were because we are a different generation now. 1.6 will never grow to what it once was again without an updated look and some tweaks to change the game. remember, complaints always came with the new CS updates but sooner or later people get use to it because in the end it's still counter-strike. we play for the competitive nature... not because we just want to bunny hop, scope with an m4, or plant while moving. as long as the game FEELS more like 1.6 (in terms of play model movements... lets be honest it trumps Source movements) I don't see why anyone would have a problem switching over to it.
2010-02-05 01:05
I miss planting while moving :(
2010-02-05 07:34
2010-02-05 09:14
Yeah :) i remember ;) and you could plant in the water in aztec
2010-02-07 23:55
:'( the good old times.
2010-02-05 15:54
Man when I see cs 1.3 on youtube I have some nostalgy... that was my first game I played LAN!!! And when they updated to 1.5 it was like WHAUU this is best.. Then it was released 1.6 I still play it... I was grown up with that game and its like a toy to some kid. I love it and I don't see cs 1.6 like a game, for me cs 1.6 is like we have relationship. I can't live without it and he can't live without me! Today I see these new kids who just pays much money for their configuration just to play brand new games. All I wanted to say is these kids won't ever experiance that love between human and, for me, biggest game ever made COUNTER-STRIKE!!! Ty for time
2010-02-08 21:25
didn't they want to make a game with 1.6 gameplay and source graphics? it seems like they have just settled for a playable sourcemod, having said that i am looking foward to the addition of the new models/animations
2010-02-05 01:06
United States BGS 
well they wanted to make a game that replicated 1.6 movements and then combined features from every other version... 1.5,1.6,Source,etc... has the same graphics as source because it's on the source engine.. however, since they built this from the ground up they can conceivably just move it over to any engine they want.. pretty easily. could be wrong but that's my understanding.
2010-02-05 01:10
you must think i'm a moron
2010-02-05 01:12
United States BGS 
Again, it ain't about the graphics for the players but you talk about mainstream? idk.. maybe since i have lived in America my whole life (have visited europe but not the same as living there for an extended period of time) i am seeing this from a US business stand point. nothing that looks like 1.6 would ever get attention. lets all just hope this video actually is the future of the movements!
2010-02-05 01:08
i got to say, i'm imbressed ... it looks much better (the movents)
2010-02-05 02:30
United States BGS
2010-02-05 10:23
Ukraine DREv 
Richard "Xizt-" Landström not normal. +1 Suffian "Suffz" Arshad
2010-02-05 01:20
Romania tr$ 
I'm just gonna say, in your face FODDER, saying that progamers will not even touch this.
2010-02-05 01:10
The more I try CSP, the less I like it. Crappy movement/models and hitboxes... :( Agreeing with most of them though, surprised with cArn's response though. Lots in the maps have changed, little things that you can't do anymore which are frustrating
2010-02-05 01:29
See, I would agree but we have played the same 5 maps for around 10 years... It is time for some tweaks. I personally love the maps.
2010-02-05 15:42
Yeah but that's not the problem with the original maps. They're fine, infact, they're too fine (which is why they're played so much). It's the players that are stubborn and won't play other shit. You get a mix and nobody wants to play anything other then dd2, inf, nuke or sometimes train. Try getting a cpl_mill or whatever and you'll be searching all night
2010-02-05 23:19
2010-02-05 02:00
Germany H10k 
like legal cheats :D okay serious in the ghetto of brasil you would call it: hey wzup den i tune my car :D TUNING
2010-02-05 02:17
Tweaks are little changes :) OT: Glad to see that it's being accepted generally but also criticized on it's bad parts. The progamers all want to see the communities as one again, which is so amazing by their part, and they have a lot of hope and faith on CSP so I really hope the CSP Team can impress us in the near future :) Thanks HLTV for bringing us these "reviews/comments" from the progamers, I was ansiously waiting for this :)
2010-02-05 02:30
2010-02-05 13:30
ever heard of pimp my ride :D
2010-02-06 20:44
Denmark KoK^ 
I actually thought that most of them would be annoyed by the maps, they either havent played CSP enough or just dont care. Because compared to 1.6 there is alot of details missing. And i completly agree with natu, the crouch-hopping should definatly be included. It seems like the CSP team rely on old things said by the tournament organizers. And why do they even to that, relying on what the players think would be a much better idea. For now i just hope that they update CSP regularly, because waiting another year would really be bad.
2010-02-05 02:20
Pro players having a positive view on CSP is very good to hear. Let's hope beta 1.05 will be even better and then, maybe we can hope!
2010-02-05 02:28
CSP group ty! i am looking forward to the release version, that would be nice
2010-02-05 02:42
1.6 4ever
2010-02-05 02:47
France kesr 
CSP is a joke. the "purpose" of it is supposed to be to unite the cs community, but there will always be source players who think it is too much like 1.6 and 1.6 fans that will think it is too much like source. if anything it will split the community to three. =\
2010-02-05 02:55
Pretty pathetic to build a community around video game. It's so called "community". People who like the game and like to share their observations about it are not a community. Just leave people with their game needs. And if you're scared that CSP will outsorce 1.6 support that find something different to obsess about.
2010-02-05 11:33
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
90+% source, 10-% 1.6 =\
2010-02-05 03:01
99% Source 1% 1.6 CSP = SUX
2010-02-05 06:07
99,9% CSS 0,1% 1.6 :'(((
2010-02-05 09:13
Actually it's 0% CSS and 100% custom code.
2010-02-05 21:23
United Kingdom hArdLad 
the shooting thingy, i cant see/dnt know if i did hit him or didnt, its so shite. needs alot of improvement tbh
2010-02-05 03:32
Australia vctm 
You 1.6'ers really need to get into your head that this mod NEEDS to work, for the sake of your community. You can shove your fingers in your ears and pretend everything is okay, but the truth is, it isn't. There won't be big competitions for 1.6 in the next 4-5 years like there are now. If this mod doesn't work, 1.6 will die, forever. CSP can continue 1.6's legacy into the next 10 years. Don't bash what is saving your game. Sure it doesn't feel exactly like 1.6 now, but that's what the team are trying to sort out. They WANT this game to feel like 1.6, not Source. Stop bashing your saving grace.
2010-02-05 04:56
did you played it?
2010-02-05 05:04
Australia vctm 
Of course I did.
2010-02-05 07:55
2010-02-05 08:29
2010-02-05 05:08
CSP would be so easy for me to switch to if it were not so much like source. Like a lot of people are saying 'it still feels like source.' They should try with all possibilities to make the game EXACTLY like 1.6 but with the beauty of this engine. Why change ANYTHING about the game except the graphics? They should make the game feel 100% like 1.6. But instead they are trying to change it 'for the better'. We have to take note that 1.6 is still alive today because of how almost flawless the game play is. With that in mind why on earth would they change the game play at all? MAKE IT CS 1.7 -> Better graphics and that's it!
2010-02-05 05:51
They're not trying to change the gameplay, they're trying to replicate it. I don't know if you've heard, but CS is not an open source game. They can't just get the code and adapt it to the Source engine. They have to code their own, through trial and error to replicate 1.6's gameplay as closely as possible. Of course it won't work flawlessly the first time around, and possibly not on the second or third even, but each tweak gets them a little bit closer to their goals, and people should take these pros' example and actually be open-minded about it, and realize this is not a final release, but a BETA.
2010-02-05 06:27
Australia vctm 
They're trying to make CSP feel exactly like 1.6 you dumbcunt - stop making shit up. Seriously, I don't think any single poster on this website has actually read the "About" and "FAQ" sections on the CSP homepage. I'll link it for you cause you're all so useless: Have a read, and learn something. I love 1.6 just as much as the next guy, but the absolute bullshit you guys spew out annoys me to no end. I support this mod because I don't want to see 1.6 die.
2010-02-05 07:53
2010-02-05 09:33
United Kingdom wap 
I agree that they are doing a nice job, and it looks promising, but you cant say they are remaking 1.6 gameplay exactly when they are removing crouch hopping.
2010-02-05 11:58
At this point, there is no use for crouch hopping... You can barely hear footsteps as is.
2010-02-05 15:43
United Kingdom wap 
Thats not the point, everybody does crouch hopping and in CSP they removed it. Slowing you down after crouching twice in a row is just stupid.
2010-02-07 13:57
some1 can u plzz tell me wat actually dis <cspromod beta > is 1.6 after dis ??? wat does it say m confused by wat dey all saying :| .........n i dont like source :| 1.6 gogogo !!!
2010-02-05 06:54
Netherlands fkn- 
2010-02-05 07:36
2010-02-05 09:13
2010-02-05 14:38
i hope they fix the trains wheels not being a solid block, a great part of the game is to ninja under trains and stuff but atm u can clearly see feet under them because of wheel axels and such
2010-02-05 07:52
Damn you top players :D Why do you like CSP? Come on , lets play cs 1.6 :(
2010-02-05 09:11
source people play source due to graphics only... so csp must have everything 1.6... no balancing between the two.... they must get the sharp movement of 1.6 otherwise it will always be more source like...
2010-02-05 09:15
Omg just delete CS:S. CSP will take CS:S place , and people who like CSP, plays CSP , and who are brothers , they will play cs 1.6 :P
2010-02-05 09:19
hahxhxhah rofl
2010-02-05 09:42
It still has the source feel to it, and so IMO it sucks...The movements of 1.6 are sooooo smooth compared to source or CSP..They should also shape maps the 1.6 style for the flashes and nades (ex. Nuke ramp area)..
2010-02-05 09:38
Haha you guys are hilarious, because you'll all be vehemently supporting CSPM when your beloved players switch (f0rest, neo, cArn, gtr). Just cut the crap. Play CS1.6 for now, because it won't be an issue until WCG, ESWC, KODE5, IEM, Dreamhack announce that they will cease to run CS1.6 competitions - and in their place run CSPM.
2010-02-05 10:11
Well, the people you've named haven't exactly had good reviews about the game. WHEN they do switch (if they do), then the game will probably be ready, but at the moment, it's crappy. Hense why it's still beta
2010-02-05 10:20
agree with summit #29
2010-02-05 10:16
New Zealand duee 
phhhh.... lame. i wonder how much money HLTV.ORG erans for promoting this piece of shit.
2010-02-05 10:30
If you bothered to even check it out you would know that it's made by few enthusiast in pro bono project. So i guess they don't have any money to promote it. And hltv just perceives it as a good continuation of CS series. Soem people like you will always be against, but most of us want the game to evolve.
2010-02-05 11:26
New Zealand duee 
so what ? u think i care who made it ?, first of all i did play it... and i dont like it. and second i just find it wierd that is so involved in csp... thats all...
2010-02-05 12:58
You just prove how ignorant you are, just right there in your post. Accusing hltv of taking some grants from makers of the mod, you didn't even bothered to find how are those people. And as it turns out they're some enthusiasts. Without any corporate support not mentioning m0oney to promote what they've done. Devoting hundreds of hours to give something new, that some people would actually enjoy. You don't like it, fine. But don't call this piece of shit. You're not paying for it, if you don't want it throw it out.
2010-02-05 14:25
2010-02-05 11:12
Stop saying cs 1.6 is dying!!! If someone dies here it's the prophets and doomsayers! We all are dying, there is faking no immortality. There is no need to faking save cs 1.6 until ofcourse some 10 new CSS mods will come out and try to replace it, kill it... CREAM get the money, dollar dollar bill ya!
2010-02-05 11:21
Tudorache "juGGaKNot" Stefan (ddevils.legion): "I think it sux cuz i do not have source" Agree.
2010-02-05 11:37
1.6 Foreva :)
2010-02-05 12:03
when csp will be finished ( i mean last version , not beta ) cs 1.6 will be delete and cspromod ( amin cs:source )will be automacaly downloaded :). LIKE 1.5 !
2010-02-05 12:10
I don't get it, really. I mean, I enjoyed CSS for the simple fact it was different to 1.6, I enjoyed the changes over the years, from beta 1 to vehicles in beta 7.2, etc etc. I can understand, CS 1.6 with Source graphics, but why are people complaining about that they don't replicate every single thing that is in CS 1.6? I know the CS community is very stubburn, I mean still playing Dust2 after all these years, but come on, you must want some changes after all this time, look at Quake, every version was different, and I loved it for that, and so did the competitive scene. I suppose the scene back then was more mature than todays, and alot of CS players I play with now seem to have only ever played this one game and couldn't imagine playing anything different. I think what the CSP dev team is doing is great, this beta was too early, they need to patch it asap, the models and map scales are horrible. It has potential, but I don't want it to be an exact clone of CS1.6 in a source engine, the game needs to evolve, and change, it needs new things to discover, new maps to play. You'd also be suprised at the amount of "community" players interested in this mod too, I know of a few different communities setting up 24 player servers and even starting up teams to compete, it's bringing back some excitement to the game!
2010-02-05 12:16
"look at Quake, every version was different, and I loved it for that, and so did the competitive scene" Yeah, but Quake4 came out (which was essentially CS:S to 1.6 in terms of Quake4 vs Quake3) and still everyone preferred Quake3. In fact, ID went so far as to create QuakeLive which is basically Quake3. Gameplay > graphics. At the end of the day, the people spectating are the people playing, and you'd be hard pressed to find people spectating CS that don't play it. So graphics mean very little ;)
2010-02-05 13:34
I think everyone knows that Quake 4 was a failure of a game, Q3 (and it's mods) had kinda perfected the duel.
2010-02-05 15:01
im pleasenty surprised by the open mindedness of most of the pro players. as a spectator i'd love to be able to watch a game of cs that didnt look like it was made in the stone age
2010-02-05 12:20
Say No too promod !
2010-02-05 13:42
cArns is so true
2010-02-05 13:48
Is it possible to download free source mod? -.-
2010-02-05 15:31
What exactly do you refer to as "free source mod"? If you own Hl2 or mostly any Source Game you can play f.e. Insurgency for free if you are referring to this kind of 'mods'.
2010-02-05 22:17
I don't have those HL2 games because I don't wanna buy a game which I don't wanna play... :)
2010-02-05 23:21
f0rest | 
Belgium kriaNk 
If you never played HL² then you're really missing something. It's such a great game, together with Episode One and Two.
2010-02-06 10:57
If, as I have been told, CSP will end up being a Source mod on its own (without the need of CS:S) at least you have to buy a base Source engine game.
2010-02-06 20:17
if you give them 100 e they would say that CSS is awesome CS 1.6 FOR LIFE
2010-02-05 16:00
Sure, Alex gave $100 to all of them...
2010-02-05 16:12
some1 can explain me what is the CSP ??
2010-02-05 16:03
a big heap of crap :D
2010-02-05 18:26
f0rest | 
Belgium kriaNk 
If you have not find out by now, it's a mix of 1.6 and Source which should make it a pleasure to watch AND play. Combining aspects of 1.6 (and previous versions) with the Source engine.
2010-02-06 11:01
It is quite annoying how ppl who don't have source (they even havent played source and csp, atleast given it a try) come here and spam: 1.6z<4eva<3!!111 E: As you can see, most of the progamers agree that cspromod is the way to go. They know more about cs than all of us. So you must agree that comments like "if you give them 100 e they would say that CSS is awesome CS 1.6 FOR LIFE" are just stupid. He even dosen't know what this thread is about. It's about cspromod not CSS !!!
2010-02-05 16:28
you didnt really read the complete thread do you?
2010-02-05 18:44
enlighten me, what did I get wrong ?
2010-02-05 18:58
its okay every person has his own opinion :D
2010-02-05 19:29
f0rest | 
Belgium kriaNk 
I own both games and I can say it didn't impress me at all. It lacks smoothness and the sounds are quiet annoying too. I do see alot of improvement but there's still a long way to go. Ofcourse these childish comments you read along such threads like this but try and ignore them. ;)
2010-02-06 11:03
Its not programmers who decides is it better CSS or CS 1.6. Its me and you and all other gamers. We decides if we like CSS or CS 1.6. Not programmers. Programmers are just here to try to give us some good games! Programmers don't plays games they makes them. And yes I played CSS and CS1.6 and I say CS1.6 is way better then CSS. If u want graphics then don't play CS at all. Go play COD and enjoy in it! CSS still have bad graphics in comparing of other games in that genre!
2010-02-08 21:38
cs 1.6 4ever !!!
2010-02-05 19:14
Thanks for that very original and thoughtful comment. Edit: oups, wanted to reply to the guy below me.
2010-02-05 21:20
csp suck game !!!!!!!!!! cs 1.6 4 ever
2010-02-05 19:26
dont really know if these statements are that positive.. but if i'd want to change from 1.6, i'd like a team of the top players from 1.6 and maybe even css (no?) to help out with this game.
2010-02-05 21:44
I think they are with regard to the project but not that much with regard to this beta.
2010-02-05 22:27
i don't like it :x it seems more like counter-strike source
2010-02-05 23:56
f0rest | 
Belgium kriaNk 
It didn't convince me, yet. I see alot of improvement but still a long way to go.
2010-02-06 10:55
I liked Irukandji's and cArn's comment. They used some positive critisism, and made some valid points. And I understand why Suffz is so straight forward, if your from the UK and you aint a bad ass online you will get shanked at L@N, much like prison.
2010-02-06 13:54
I just hope people don't write csp off before trying 1.05 which will have the proper models. Once those are introduced then everything else will begin to fall into place as you can properly tweak things like movement, weapon handling, hitboxes and so on and know that any problems aren't just due to the ridiculously chunky source models.
2010-02-06 14:17
This is my opinion about CSP. It is quite good and seems very close to counterstrike. But there are some bugs and adjustments to be made. <i>The granades could be a little smaller. Players run like they are hurt in their backs. Scoreboard sux, even tho there is a nice thingy with CASH.</i> There is alot to fix.. overall its fun to play it. but as many others say its not for competitions. But one more question? How hard can it be to make CS 1.6 AS IT IS. AND JUST MAKE SOME BETTER GRAPHICS? I would pay for it? i guess many would!
2010-02-06 17:28
"How hard can it be to make CS 1.6 AS IT IS. AND JUST MAKE SOME BETTER GRAPHICS?" They don't have access to the 1.6 code, it's not open source you moron. They have to reverse engineer CS.
2010-02-06 18:49
No need to call anyone names if you do not agree with him/her. There will be no further warnings with regard to this as it is already the second time I tell you this.
2010-02-06 20:29
Well valve og steam could do it themselves. So its open. Let him be jonathan, hes french, born to be rude :)
2010-02-07 09:48
In 5 years you would all think about cs1.6 like we are thinking about cs1.5 now.
2010-02-06 18:42
yeah 1.5 was the best!
2010-02-07 12:11
1.5 <3
2010-02-08 00:35
Why they make it part of source and no part of 1.6 ? TO BUY SOURCE BECAUSE IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN 1.6.They intented to trick the ppl with the horrible update on 1.6,and now promod... 1.6 FOR EVER! :D
2010-02-07 01:56
CSPromod is free you don't need to buy Source.
2012-03-14 01:47
I just want Valve to do a suprise release 1.6 with the Source update like they did with HL1, would be pretty funny :).
2010-02-07 02:32
i think maby all the nades should react to bullet shots, that u can shoot the flashes and nades if ure fast or lucky..... .reply and agree
2010-02-07 23:26
:D i would definitely try that stuff :) imagine , your high -_-, and the HE grenade flies to you, and you are thinking" looook HE flies, mm switch weapooon, shoooot , damned too late" :D
2010-02-08 00:24
<3. Cant wait for 1.09
2012-03-13 23:27
csp > cs go
2012-03-14 00:22
i was shocked when i was reading pros comentating the game because i thought it was cs:go : P
2012-03-14 03:15
sup :D
2012-09-08 02:34
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