Valve reduce Rejin's Major ban following appeal

Allan "⁠Rejin⁠" Petersen has successfully appealed his coaching bug ban and will be allowed to participate in Majors in the second half of 2024.

Rejin originally received a permanent Major ban in 2021 for seven instances of use of the coaching bug

Danish ex-coach Rejin will be allowed to participate in Valve-sponsored competitions again from the second 2024 Major after his ban for use of the coaching bug was reduced to five Majors.

This is a result of the 35-year-old's successful appeal with the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), in which he "substantiated that the extent of [his] bug exploitation was not as initially calculated." This appeal was accepted by Valve, according to the regulatory body.

Rejin was banned by ESIC in September 2020 after he was found to have used the coaching bug, which in some situations allowed coaches to gain an unfair advantage, in seven instances.

ESIC used so-called "demerit points" to determine the length of their coaching bans, a value that was based on the number of matches and rounds in which the bug was used and that Valve later took over to issue Major bans of varying lengths.

Rejin was originally assigned eight points for his offenses, enough to receive a permanent Major ban. This has now been revised to five points and five Majors following the appeal, which means his ban will expire following the conclusion of PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen in March.

Best known for his time in MOUZ, which ended as a result of his ban in late 2020, Rejin has served in several different staff roles in MAD Lions, Entropiq, and Endpoint. Since June he has served as the Sports Director of Danish organization Sashi.

Denmark Allan 'Rejin' Petersen
Allan 'Rejin' Petersen
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2023-09-22 11:00
crow | 
Indonesia ycrows
sure bud
2023-09-22 11:00
3 replies
+1 XD first abuse it like hell and now "glad i can move on" well bud, if u didnt start this shit in first place u wouldnt need to move on huh
2023-09-22 12:08
2 replies
say what you say, at least he owned up to it rather than denying it constantly or blaming it on players / org forcing him to do it :)
2023-09-22 13:12
1 reply
Finland oddynuff
That's the bare minimum
2023-09-25 22:45
Hungary !WARREN
2023-09-22 11:01
>Petersen HUNDEN's brother?
2023-09-22 11:01
18 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
that's like top 5 most common Danish lastnames, so I find it very unlikely
2023-09-22 12:14
17 replies
yeah but >Petersen >Coach >Abused coach bug so many coincidences
2023-09-22 12:59
16 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
a lot of danes in CS, therefore also a lot of coaches it's damn near impossible to find a coach who was active back then but didn't use the coach bug, so imo it really just boils to a coincidence where two coaches bear the same lastname
2023-09-22 13:06
9 replies
dude i was joking ):
2023-09-22 14:34
1 reply
Denmark fujiYEEZY
oh my bad lmao
2023-09-22 15:26
Ger had also a lot of coaches- But non of them cheated. It is a question of character
2023-09-22 14:36
6 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
idk about that tbh, I just know some coaches received a ban even though their use of the bug was unavoidable, cf. it was a bug
2023-09-22 15:25
5 replies
Canada Yaokon
Unavoidable?? They could of told the admin of the match to restart the round lmfao
2023-09-22 18:52
4 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
some coaches did and some even reported it directly to valve, still received a ban in the end tho
2023-09-22 19:40
3 replies
Canada Yaokon
Those coaches are already unbanned so making the right choice and not abusing helped them
2023-09-22 19:55
2 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
ye but you were questioning the unavoidable part, the bug was IN the game, in a lot of cases it wasn't a deliberate move from the coach to have the bug, it was just there
2023-09-22 22:03
1 reply
Canada Yaokon
And they got unbanned fast? im saying people who are still banned deserved it.
2023-09-22 23:08
Denmark fujiYEEZY actually I was way off, Petersen is top 11 lmao from my own experience you meet someone named Petersen every 100 meters
2023-09-22 13:09
5 replies
And first name Rasmus? 🤔
2023-09-22 13:15
4 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
2023-09-22 13:19
3 replies
Probably referring to Nielsen (HooXi) being the most common surname in the link.
2023-09-22 14:29
2 replies
Denmark fujiYEEZY
oh, thought he was somehow referring to Rasmus Paludan lmao
2023-09-22 15:24
1 reply
2023-09-24 14:14
Germany at0myq
unban zoneR and tr3vl now
2023-09-22 11:02
2 replies
haha sure. who cares
2023-09-22 11:04
you mean Mechanogun? Bruhhhh that mf tweakin hella hard with that new alias.
2023-09-22 13:33
Belgium Suzuni
ooof this almost singelhandedly killed cs scene
2023-09-22 11:10
good for him ig
2023-09-22 11:16
not like he will coach a major team anyways, oh well, there is always EG
2023-09-22 11:17
6 replies
Major Team and EG KEKW
2023-09-25 17:21
5 replies
surely through the NA RMR even EG can qualify...
2023-09-25 18:48
4 replies
Paris Major RMR had them in 11th....
2023-09-26 01:51
3 replies
that was the old team, they look a lot better now. For all its worth, they are better than a year ago.
2023-09-26 08:30
2 replies they clearly are still a really bad team....
2023-10-13 10:40
1 reply
never said they are good, they looked better at the very least. eg will never be a top team unless they sign a established top roster
2023-10-15 09:16
“Thank you ESIC for the corporation a long the way”
2023-09-22 11:22
2 replies
im feeling thank you to ESIC for the corporation a long the way.
2023-09-22 13:20
so great engleese by this manbun merchant
2023-09-22 13:21
NEO | 
Poland ScR1337
2023-09-22 11:22
Can't wait for him and hunden to work together... in the Norweigan oil fields preferably.
2023-09-22 11:42
Germany xxSL
once a cheater, always a cheater.
2023-09-22 11:55
fkn scum cheater
2023-09-22 12:02
Mexico ElRez0
Now can we unban Swag?
2023-09-22 12:02
8 replies
2023-09-22 12:37
No. Different offence.
2023-09-23 03:06
6 replies
Mexico ElRez0
Who cares? Kid made a mistake when he was very young. This guy cheated as a full grown man and he gets a pass?
2023-09-23 03:38
5 replies
Brazil Madamrocas
he didnt cost too much money to valve, probably
2023-09-23 14:11
Valve care. Not t tell them they are wrong. No payer and no coach who used bug should play. If that meant CSGO scene collapses then I am fine with it. Fuck double standards.
2023-09-28 00:17
3 replies
Mexico ElRez0
Swag didn’t use a bug to win, he got paid to throw a match in a time where CSGO wasn’t that big of a deal and that got him permanently banned.
2023-09-28 01:34
2 replies
Stealing 100 bux is the same as stealing 10000000 bux. It's a theft. The fact that CSGO wasn't that big when he commited a crime does change what he did. I am glad his punishment is so severe. It should be a clear message and actual deterrent to others.
2023-09-29 21:39
1 reply
Mexico ElRez0
Okay you have to be trolling to say that a kid shouldn’t be forgiven for the mistake he made when he was 17. And CSGO in 2014 and CSGO in 2023 are completely different. Nobody in 2014 thought CS would be as big as it is today. Anybody would have thrown the game back in the day like: “What? I can make 2k USD just from throwing one game? Hell yeah.” That was literally 1/5th of the tournament’s prize pool. You’re either a child, immature, or trolling.
2023-09-29 22:05
I still find it absurd that literally NO players, leave alone teams got banned for that, just the coaches
2023-09-22 12:10
2 replies
Denmark Saithz
Hard to prove they were in on it
2023-09-22 13:38
You're supposed to believe that the coaches did cheat but they gave the info to nobody.
2023-09-22 17:48
Cheating in official matches? Welcome back, lad+
2023-09-22 12:16
2023-09-22 12:27
Egypt BomberMan_
lol and the iBP guys are still fully banned? Clearly he couple grand iBP made is much worse than cheating. Well congrats to Reijin anyways.
2023-09-22 12:27
14 replies
IBP was match-fixing and it was in the pro scene. Valve makes there no prisinors.
2023-09-22 14:38
2 replies
Poland borbor
when you think of it, match-fixing is a great way to teach people who are stupid enough to gamble to not do that ever again
2023-09-24 02:48
1 reply
But match fixing is higher betray than cheating because you scam everyone not just the enemy team or tournament organisers
2023-09-24 04:18
What a complete disgrace. Jamppi as well.
2023-09-22 14:58
10 replies
Jamppi is free Valve changed that, when you cheated as a kid it has to be 5 years ago then you are allowed to play majors. If you do it in pro scene you are done.
2023-09-22 15:35
9 replies
So Reijin did not cheat in the pro scene?
2023-09-22 15:52
8 replies
?? what has Rejin to do with the Jamppi case? I talked about VAC bans
2023-09-22 16:01
7 replies
I agree with what you said about jamppi, i was referring to "If you do it in pro scene you are done" and about #53. You keep saying "in pro scene". The article says Reijin's punishment was reduced. Did he cheat in the pro scene or where?
2023-09-22 16:02
6 replies
Rejin doesn't have a vac ban. The thing I said is all about the jamppi case and similar and also only about Vac Bans for cheating
2023-09-22 16:07
5 replies
#53 IBP players don't have a vac ban as well yet their sentence was not reduced and they were lifetime banned. Rejin cheated on official matches and got a reduced sentence.
2023-09-22 16:08
4 replies
They have a vac ban for match-fixing check ur facts And cheating isn match-fixing. That are two different cases.
2023-09-22 16:13
3 replies
2023-09-22 16:20
African Union eyoeyoklk
Cheating and match-fixing isn't technically the same but gives one of the teams an unfair advantage so imo they should be treated the same way.
2023-09-22 19:04
1 reply
Yeah but valve doesn't do it. I am fine with the fact that caught match fixer get lifetime bans.
2023-09-23 06:27
2023-09-22 12:39
2 replies
not even his keyboard believes in ESIC cooperation KEKW
2023-09-22 15:36
kkkk was searching for this comment
2023-09-27 20:02
Lesser-spotted ESIC
2023-09-22 13:01
I would never come back to cs just out of shame if I were him, but there appears to be something really bad in danish tap water
2023-09-22 13:07
Czech Republic Semi96
from a chair to a lifetime
2023-09-22 13:14
Sweden Vrede
they should'nt
2023-09-22 13:42
Never forget his awping vs G2 @ train
2023-09-22 14:02
Another ESIC L
2023-09-22 14:58
Who cares about this trash?
2023-09-22 15:15
Ragepig coach
2023-09-22 18:37
this guy is not only shit at his job he also cheats at it. hope he doesnt hired by anyone..
2023-09-22 18:55
African Union eyoeyoklk
Cheats --> gets banned. I don't even know why valve or any serious competition holder allow cheaters to play on their leagues. "It was just a mistake" is not even close to a justification
2023-09-22 19:02
United Kingdom novaseer
ESIC grow a spine challenge (impossible!)
2023-09-22 19:07
no car
2023-09-22 21:45
Canada Lachance
Corporation a long way... lmao
2023-09-22 23:08
1 reply
That's what happens when those who can't be are still trying to look and act 'professional'.
2023-09-23 03:19
2023-09-23 14:12
m0NESY | 
Poland SebL
He was a good coach on MOUZ at some point, maybe he can make a comeback, I think he is planning to considering he made an appeal 3 years after the ban. Good to see, GL Rejin.
2023-09-23 16:11
3 replies
so you support dirty cheaters? you must have a nice personality
2023-09-25 17:18
2 replies
a lot of people have complained about my personality lately so you probably have a point :D
2023-09-26 15:42
1 reply
2023-09-27 13:21
Another proof Valve love cheaters !
2023-09-24 00:10
Poland borbor
I love when cheaters get rewarded
2023-09-24 02:41
Poland borbor
meanwhile iBUYPOWER is still banned for teaching gamblers a lesson
2023-09-24 02:43
Norway Gjellan
Hunden lawyer team hooked him up
2023-09-24 12:22
every team that hires this team should get uninvited from every event they go to, no favours for cheaters thanks
2023-09-25 17:17
cs scene is a huge L, ofc gabe gives no fucks about it
2023-09-26 08:40
corporation .... hum hum reijin
2023-09-27 20:03
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