$100,000 for CS at EM4 World Finals

The Extreme Masters IV World Championship will be kicking off in less than two weeks from now – ESL have announced there will be $100,000 in the pot for Counter-Strike 1.6.

The final event of the fourth Extreme Masters season will take place 2-6 of March at the CeBIT expo in Hannover Germany. All twelve participating teams will be guaranteed $2,000 as no teams will go home empty handed. The team to be crowned World Champions will be awarded with a cheque of $50,000 just like previous season winners from fnatic. Detailed prize distribution can be viewed below.

World Championship Finals prize distribution

1. $50,000
2. $20,000
3. $8,000
4. $4,000
5-6. $3,000
5-6. $3,000
7-8. $2,000
7-8. $2,000
9-10. $2,000
9-10. $2,000
11-12. $2,000
11-12. $2,000

The total prize purse for the World Championship Finals sums up to $170,000 for the three disciplines; Counter-Strike 1.6, World of Warcraft and Quake Live. Last year the finals had a total prize purse of $200,000 split between Counter-Strike 1.6 and World of Warcraft.

HLTV.org will be on site at the World Championship Finals to bring you all of the action from the five day event.

So many cash , gosh :o so good for cs!
2010-02-17 20:21
2010-02-17 20:21
wow! nice prize!
2010-02-17 20:21
omg 50 k dolars xd
2010-02-17 20:22
sickkkkk news ;) Gl to all and Hf to winners with that money :)
2010-02-17 20:23
woooooooooooow 50k again :]]]]] I guess the teams are gonna take this even more seriously. Intel is amazing, so much money for CS is great.
2010-02-17 20:23
yep indeed amd < INTEL
2010-02-17 20:45
hahahahaha, wow! bs4all
2010-02-17 20:23
2010-02-17 20:25
Argentina sebaxinho
wwwwwwhhhooooott awesome :)))))))
2010-02-17 20:25
omfg nice !
2010-02-17 20:26
damn nice,can't wait till the event!
2010-02-17 20:29
H O L L Y S H * T - 100,000$ nIIIIIIIz Go SK - Go Sweden!
2010-02-17 20:30
i hope mtw will take this!! =]
2010-02-17 20:30
go mtw.dk
2010-02-17 20:32
2010-02-17 20:34
nice from intel =)
2010-02-17 20:35
nais !
2010-02-17 20:35
2010-02-18 11:46
more money for fnatic
2010-02-17 20:35
In past years prize purse was bigger. But still $50k for 1st place in CS in crisis time - amazing... Truly the biggest tournament over the year.
2010-02-17 20:38
What event had more then 50k for first prize? I am not saying you're wrong, I just can't seem to remember which event had more then 50k for first place, except for maybe CPL.
2010-02-17 20:48
Ukraine lancee
WEG Masters had sth like 80k$ for 1st place Edit: www.gotfrag.com/cs/story/32363/ and im sure ive seen about 80k for the first place on the earlier champ when noa won
2010-02-17 21:08
2010-02-17 21:14
ESL IEM season 1 had 40k , but EURO, so that's pretty more.
2010-02-17 21:10
WCG 2006 (AGAiN won) had $60,000
2010-02-17 21:26
typical Polish, has to mention AGAIN wherever he goes hahahaha
2010-02-17 21:29
Not his fault that he has a great(greatest?) team from his country who to cheer for and you don't. Don't be jelaous
2010-02-17 21:54
hahah :D
2010-02-17 22:57
yea, I do it also at school and while talking with my girlfriend
2010-02-17 23:02
2010-02-18 08:09
typical cruzaderr, has to be troll wherever he comments haahah because of you I troll too :<
2010-02-19 13:49
troll? I asked a question and a Polish person had too remind me that AGAIN won WCG Have you ever wondered why Poland is the most hated nation on hltv.org?
2010-02-19 20:33
hahah you're so stupid, god. You asked about the tournament with 1stprize above 50k and he told you that. Then you laugh so that does make you the TROLLL. I think that you have some tolerance and envy problems. And I don't really care about ppl who create their opinion about nation basing on hltv.org comments haha. So stupid haha.. xD
2010-02-21 15:53
SK won CPL Summer 2003 ($60,000)
2010-02-17 22:33
Crisis is over dude, and it's not a "crisis" but a recession, what ever, just saying it's a lame excuse to use IMO.
2010-02-18 17:37
sick love germans atm :D
2010-02-17 20:37
we love swedes every time :<
2010-02-17 22:58
especially the girls :D
2010-02-17 23:55
wow thats sick
2010-02-17 20:42
Na` Vi go go go!!!
2010-02-17 20:43
2010-02-17 20:45
Arbalet's money>EM4's money
2010-02-17 20:46
Worth it
2010-02-17 20:48
+ AGAiN , they deserve that 50k :D
2010-02-17 20:49
They wont get it ;)
2010-02-17 23:38
AGAiN won't get if for sure, but Frag Executors may ;)
2010-02-18 08:13
Poland mki`
They probably won't get a spot for the event
2010-02-18 10:23
FX/AGAiN/ex-MYM/ex-VITRIOLIC/ex-PGS, whatever, they wont get it anyway :)
2010-02-18 11:18
hehe :D
2010-02-18 13:58
Whats the reason AGAIN deserves the money?
2010-02-18 09:44
Cause hes a fanboy :F
2010-02-18 11:19
I cant stand fucking nerds like you who have deep fanboyphobia. Hows comment "+ AGAiN , they deserve that 50k :D" has anything to do with fanboyism. Compare your comments with my comments on hltv.org and you can see that if one of us is fanboy here, it is you. For fuck sake get over you phobia. I know that the best defense is attack, so you go on and flame that everybody here is a fanboy etc, but in reality, you are the real fanboy here. That goes to all you wannabes on hltv.org. Fucking phatetic.
2010-02-18 16:39
Because there are 8 other teams from Europe that deserve that money more then AGAIN ;)
2010-02-18 18:26
Because a lot of ppl and organisations owe them a lot of money.
2010-02-18 16:40
Please list the organisations that owe them money, oh and btw lots of competitions + orgs owe teams money so how does that justify again over other teams? Heres Three reasons they dont deserve to go to the IEM4 Finals 1. They where knocked out of the Euro Qualifiers by oxmoze (but still managed to go due to teams dropping out) 2. They didn't even get past the groupstage at the Euro finals And the third and probably the most important reason! THEY HAVE NOT QUALIFIED FOR THE GLOBAL FINALS
2010-02-18 18:25
yeah wasnt it wcg where they came first and never received the 50k? that just sucks and they surely deserve a major win from some tourney , but we'll see.
2010-02-18 20:12
h2k gaming :> mousesports :>
2010-02-17 20:52
+1 H2k!
2010-02-17 21:03
Not yet.
2010-02-17 21:15
OMG!!! I AM ON FIRE! Nice amount of money, no way.
2010-02-17 20:55
omg a lot of money for fnatic;D
2010-02-17 20:57
gl mouz and fx ^^
2010-02-17 21:00
first praise intel/esl and nevertheless complain later about their "shitty" stream. Which is btw the main reason, why sponsors put so much money in it :)
2010-02-17 21:01
2010-02-17 21:01
nixon could u inform us about how many marches r we going to watch from hltv? coz with stream it's not same
2010-02-17 21:05
propobly none, Carmac said there will be opportunity to watch every match at stream
2010-02-17 21:11
so why hltv will be there? for photos and demos only?
2010-02-17 21:17
and videos and coverage still if there would be HLTV, there's no such need Nix0n have to be there, so...
2010-02-17 21:24
I never said that. What we try to achieve is to make sure you can watch as many matches live as possible. There will be plenty of HLTV at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship (but not every match on HLTV).
2010-02-17 21:45
I was talking about your interview before European Finals, maybe I remembered something wrong ;) thx for correcting me
2010-02-17 23:07
As Carmac wrote, there will be matches with HLTV, mainly group stage matches.
2010-02-17 22:56
To be exact: We will be showing 26 matches on HLTV, including one of the two "quarterfinals" and the bronze medal match. We will be showing 7 matches on stage and stream.
2010-02-18 10:15
omg very nice :D
2010-02-17 21:05
gogogo h2k <3
2010-02-17 21:10
Na'Vi top3!!
2010-02-17 21:10
how much does it cost to watch stream in high quality ?
2010-02-17 21:11
2.95€ = 1 month But with single payment 8.50€ = 3 month Go in esl site and check "Abonnement" It's not that good quality but at least you can catch the scores :)
2010-02-17 21:27
I made a few pictures to illustrate the difference. Perhaps this helps to take a decision for it or against it. img13.imageshack.us/img13/7742/esltvvergleich1.jpg img200.imageshack.us/img200/1411/esltvvergleich2.jpg img442.imageshack.us/img442/1327/esltvvergleich3.jpg
2010-02-17 22:21
2010-02-18 16:29
I think they should not charge for different streams. Its sad for the community. They are just shunting the game's growth. Moreover, they must be getting paid from the sponsors, don't they?! They are trying to extract money from those how can pay :( I love watching streams but paying for it :( That's why, I would say HLTV ftw! <3 HLTV
2010-02-18 08:21
Do you not think hosting costs money? ESL offers great prize money and will be greater if more people paid for there premium services which also attracts more sponsors. Hosting is not free and a stream like that, takes a lot of hosting, the money has to come from somewhere.
2010-02-18 09:49
OMG, watching the stream in high quality... I hope to use my parents visa card to pay :)
2010-02-17 21:15
ooooooowwwwwwwwwwww shitttttttttt
2010-02-17 21:21
very nice :D
2010-02-17 21:26
wow nice :)
2010-02-17 21:42
50k for new R32 :D
2010-02-17 21:47
Amazing price! =O
2010-02-17 21:53
Very nice. Best of luck and wishes to all! :)
2010-02-17 21:55
big lol 3rd place 8k .... its not fair.
2010-02-17 21:58
Should be beetwen fnatic and mousesports. Still curious to see whats SK capable of tho
2010-02-17 22:08
omg *-*
2010-02-17 22:18
That awful ... and people without money
2010-02-17 22:18
OMG nice prise... 100k :D
2010-02-17 22:36
ESL rox
2010-02-17 22:39
hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
2010-02-17 22:52
fox | 
Portugal J0n1p3r
i want that money :(
2010-02-17 23:01
last year fnatic won 50.000$ for winning the EM Global Finals... so it's the same amount of money as last year..
2010-02-17 23:08
For first place yes, others no.
2010-02-17 23:10
wow! that's great..
2010-02-17 23:19
2010-02-17 23:24
think its a bit rough on anyone finishing outside of the top2 personally. but its nice to have a big prize pot and everyone gets something
2010-02-17 23:25
Wow, put it all on my account ... Heheh, I WANT I WANT I WANT
2010-02-17 23:34
nice prize :D
2010-02-17 23:55
I think - what if someone stole it :D?
2010-02-18 00:17
Chuck norris would take it back, no worries.
2010-02-18 00:20
Intel is just amazing :D
2010-02-18 00:20
niiiice intel, GOOO SK 50 000 will be yours!!
2010-02-18 00:33
2010-02-18 08:33
nice ASUS*
2010-02-21 23:51
awesome prize!
2010-02-18 00:34
have we been informed which teams will participate at this event? or will the teams be invited in the near future?
2010-02-18 00:39
2010-02-18 10:16
i think it's too much...i mean 50k for 1st and only 4k for 4th??????....it sould be like this: 1. 30k 2. 15k 3. 10k 4. 5k
2010-02-18 00:45
losers should get nothing for they are losers:P
2010-02-18 00:56
yeah they should even pay penalty!
2010-02-18 01:34
yeah but...4k for 4th place and 2k for 12place...kinda unfair :< but it's just my opinion...
2010-02-18 11:35
That's why I like ESL which always support cs. And u ESLTV haters can shut the fuck up now. Without ESL, there would be no great matches for u to follow at this time of year. And Joe Miller and tosspot are really kicking ass.
2010-02-18 02:10
good 2 fnatic, hahaha sick prize :D
2010-02-18 03:30
Good news. Winners should donate something to Haiti...
2010-02-18 03:35
omg nice, cs ftw
2010-02-18 05:28
seek prize
2010-02-18 05:58
gl to all teams
2010-02-18 06:40
Cool Cash Prizes Good Luck SK :)
2010-02-18 06:43
OMG i love EM <3
2010-02-18 07:22
2010-02-18 07:31
that's 36427,20 euro for the first price :)
2010-02-18 08:10
Israel selukvey
very nice. i want to know how's the feeling to hold 50,000$ in the hand..
2010-02-18 08:21
fnatic - 50000$!! please give me 10K :D
2010-02-18 08:54
for me also :D
2010-02-18 11:47
woow is this a record?
2010-02-18 09:02
2010-02-18 10:54
United States BGS
could someone please tell me where i can go and buy premium so i can watch the streaming in high quality
2010-02-18 11:01
2010-02-18 12:14
United States BGS
thank you
2010-02-18 20:00
omg sick prize :D
2010-02-18 11:28
Arbalet is a good competition for them nowadays so they need to keep the prices up ;)
2010-02-18 11:38
2010-02-18 13:59
Poland dalaylama
uohoh yeah really nice prize ;]
2010-02-18 14:27
1. $50,000 WOW!
2010-02-18 14:45
nice prize! :D
2010-02-18 15:04
i dont see a financial crisis anywhere atm. imba ..
2010-02-18 16:22
ohmygooooooooooooood Its the really GREAT for the team , which will win it
2010-02-18 16:34
going to be epic battle for 1st place , and hope to see some surprises and new winners possibly too. gogo SK and mTw!
2010-02-18 20:29
mousesports will take this !
2010-02-18 20:36
2010-02-18 20:49
well since its esl there wont be any hltv so nothing to be excited about for me at least and i refuse to watch cs over some stream cya
2010-02-18 22:04
50k... Nice LoOl Frag Executors :P Neo with 10k Taz with 10k Loord with 10k Pasha with 10k Kuben with 10k Go for you mommy :D 10k each :S
2010-02-18 23:13
very nice !!!
2010-02-19 03:07
:O uh nice thanks ESL and Intel for this great news
2010-02-19 03:39
nice :) gl all team .
2010-02-19 12:38
50k ...and u kidz r 2 stupid to know thats like nothing ...nevermind
2010-02-19 13:30
Sweet Money up for grabs... gooD for CS
2010-02-19 19:08
so are we going to have hltv for this? or will they make us watch there crappy streams?
2010-02-21 22:42
2010-02-22 01:38
Great, too bad there aren't any good Dutch cs teams anymore:(
2010-02-22 00:37
steal and run xD
2010-02-22 23:12
If you think about it, 50k$ isn't THAT much if you divide it in 5. :P
2010-02-23 17:57
SrySry for replynses
2013-05-11 12:45
2013-05-11 12:51
1.6 2 stronk 4 go
2013-05-11 12:54
fust n fureus :DDDDDDD lelelele
2013-05-11 13:08
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