Burning pick up Geno & co.

The French multi-gaming organization Burning today announced the arrival of the former Millenium squad.

Shortly after Extreme Masters IV European Championship Finals in Brühl, the French organization Millenium announced the release of its current Counter-Strike 1.6 team.

The team has since then been without a home, but was today welcomed in quite a new French organization named Burning. The team has been sticking with the same lineup, meaning no changes has been made since the departure from Millenium.

Three Burning members lined up

Representing Burning are:

France Christophe "sixeR" Xia
France Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli
France Guillaume "Geno" Ntep
France Mahé "Yoshi" Martin
France Rassen "rara" Abdou

The team will not be participating in the upcoming season of the French ESL Pro Series, Millenium holds the qualification spot, as the organization saw its team win the previous season. The team will travel to Reso LAN next weekend to compete with the rest of the French scene.

nice, go sixer :D
2010-02-18 22:51
still the only team that can compere at international teams is oXmoze, so...
2010-02-18 22:53
Who is rara? Never heard of him.
2010-02-18 22:54
2 replies
here we go again. there was discusion about him earlier. he played long time ago...
2010-02-18 23:00
played 2 years ago for Hostile.records (top2 FR), and come back now to play with Geno (who trust him).
2010-02-19 01:22
Three burning members lined up burning. what a name lol
2010-02-18 22:57
4 replies
ROFL! Did they burn completely ? ^_^
2010-02-19 00:26
3 replies
nero ..?:p
2010-02-19 13:05
2 replies
"Burning members" ... I hope someone managed to save them in time ^^
2010-02-19 21:09
1 reply
ya , to burn them on dvd and next time to be in safe :)
2010-02-19 22:23
sixeR dA-KiNg
2010-02-18 22:58
sixer is overrated imho ! rara played good in 2006 and geno is not so good when he is leading. poor J3R and yoshi. but gl we never know...
2010-02-18 23:17
4 replies
thx, nice traduction from your aaa's post :d
2010-02-18 23:35
2 replies
2010-02-18 23:53
2010-02-19 01:23
bahhhhhh sixer overrated ? sure.... and Geno is a great player.
2010-02-19 07:39
Good team, really good team :)
2010-02-18 23:35
- Yoshi and rara + mSx and Rigo/MaT
2010-02-18 23:57
6 replies
- Yoshi ? just lol
2010-02-19 00:18
agree mSx + R!Go + sixeR + MAJ3R + Geno = ownage
2010-02-19 00:20
4 replies
-sixer +yoshi = ownage ;)
2010-02-19 14:53
3 replies
no sniper?
2010-02-19 19:57
2 replies
mSx? If I'm not mistaken MAJ3R can handle the big gun aswell.
2010-02-23 18:13
1 reply
yep they're both good at awp but better as a second awper, rigo said that oXmoze were still looking for a solution not to have mSx stucked with the awp when he's so good with a rifle
2010-02-23 19:18
Brazil Tunico
MAJ3R is a top5 player on world for me.
2010-02-19 00:03
1 reply
i lol'd
2010-02-19 00:13
hope rara get better aim.. he was a good player.
2010-02-19 00:18
2010-02-19 01:06
best tag sixeR is BURNING ^^
2010-02-19 05:46
1 reply
Would be cool if they would call themselves that. :D
2010-02-23 18:13
Good luck.
2010-02-19 06:47
2010-02-19 07:24
SIXER awp king nowadays :)) GO Burning
2010-02-19 08:05
gl Burning good lineup =)
2010-02-19 09:02
#14 i m right with you !!! GOGO BURNING GO MAJ3R
2010-02-19 09:39
1 reply
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2010-02-19 18:21
burn :> energy dring
2010-02-19 10:21
go oXmoze its top in all france he never change lineup
2010-02-19 11:58
1 reply
They just changed lineup, drizzer & loduN are new
2010-02-19 12:42
sixeR,MAJ3R,mSx,R!Go,+1 would be capable to do some damage international, otherwise they can't.
2010-02-19 13:26
3 replies
+ MaT, best french player imo
2010-02-19 15:40
2 replies
Seems like a good choise, OliGan would be a good choise too.
2010-02-19 16:29
1 reply
well there's already sixer :p (+ #38, oligan was said about to retire and today aaa-team posted an article saying that YanK falco & OliGan quit D4 gaming cuz of their lack of time to dedicate to practicing)
2010-02-19 16:47
- Geno & rara + Hartss & Oligan
2010-02-19 13:35
2 replies
oligan is said to be about to retire btw they said rara was not the guy they had planned to pick but the one they thought of was not available, so who knows, maybe it actually was harts?
2010-02-19 15:41
Omg HaRtS..
2010-02-23 18:14
gl to them 2 bad they cannot play the upcoming EPS season, with all the teams that just formed that would have been a great competition
2010-02-19 15:43
nice nice nice gl boyz :)
2010-02-19 15:51
gl Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli :)
2010-02-19 16:39
nice gl Burning
2010-02-19 16:53
hf Abdou ^^
2010-02-20 21:33
2010-02-21 12:01
Great organization, they need to replace rara in order to be back in top 10, hopefully they can find a good player, someone like moderation or nota. Picking up OliGan would be a horrible decision, they should really try to get mSx or MaT to replace rara, if they get mSx/MaT IMO they can be a top 5 team in the world, although oXmoze has the potential to be better than Burning with practice.
2010-02-23 01:15
1 reply
u dont seem to know anything :/
2010-02-23 21:14
Where's the fire?
2010-02-23 18:15
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