CS2 update adjusts chat UI, brings clipping & gameplay fixes

A deluge of small changes add up to create one of the most lengthy patch note pages to date.

The latest Counter-Strike 2 update has dropped, offering a number of tweaks to all seven maps in the active duty pool as well as adjustments and bug fixes to gameplay overall.

The chat UI was updated and now includes colors specific to each grenade type, including a change to the way that all-chat and team-chat are displayed. Further tweaks have been made to address sub-tick audio and visual feedback, following up on Valve's previous update, and a handful of bug fixes have been deployed to address various small issues discovered by the community in past weeks.

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CS2 update addresses sub-tick feedback, syncs bullet spread

Other notable updates include a fix for "a case where grenade throws weren't registering on the server," an adjustment to dropped weapon trajectories, and the addition of "unique sounds for running and jumping on metal railings and poles."

A whole host of updates also arrived for every map in the active duty pool, mostly making small adjustments to clipping, collision, and clipping. The complete update notes can be found below:

- More sub-tick visual and audio feedback improvements
- Reduced sniper scope bob animation magnitude and frequency
- Fixed a bug causing duck to be slower when the Duck Mode was set to Toggle
- Fixed a case where grenade throws weren't registering on the server
- Thrown grenades no longer prematurely detonate if thrown while intersecting a teammate
- Players can no longer mitigate fall damage by defusing the bomb
- Adjusted weapon drop trajectories to make throwing weapons more consistent, especially when throwing weapons downward
- When a network interruption is detected by official game servers, the affected match will be cancelled
- Added unique sounds for running and jumping on metal railings and poles

- Fixed a bug that occurred when interrupting the CZ75a deploy with inspect
- Fixed the inspect and other animations for the Shadow Daggers
- Fixed a 'broken wrist' animation with the Survival Knife
- Adjusted the Mac10 first person animation to include strap and bolt movement
- Fixed AWP and SSG firing animation/inspect behavior while zoomed in
- Fixed a case where the Deagle slide would fail to reset on round restart
- The Revolver barrel now incrementally rotates for each shot
- Fixed some animation issues with weapons placed in community maps
- Fixed cases where the C4 light would not blink when held or holstered by players
- Fixed some cases where the player's shadow would show an incorrect pose

[ MISC ]
- Fixed a bug where bot_knives_only didn't work for T's
- Fixed some visual issues with demo playback
- Improved performance of screen particle effects
- Fixed the Mute Enemy Team and Mute All But Friends settings failing to mute voice
- Text from blocked players will no longer be visible in the premier pregame chat
- Players frozen by half-time gamerules are now immune to certain damage types
- Decals now evict the lowermost decal if enough decals overlap in a single location
- Player visibility fog adjustment no longer applies to dead ragdolls
- Smoke particles no longer stick to dead ragdolls
- Fixed self/team burn damage getting recorded as enemy damage

[ UI ]
- Revised some common chat strings
- Added convar cl_deathnotices_show_numbers for observers to have quick access to player's spectate index
- Added a warning message for AMD and Nvidia graphics users with out-of-date drivers
- "Kevlar & Helmet" entry in the Buy Menu will now present itself as simply "Helmet" when contextually correct
- Added time to weekly rollover to the reduced XP message in the player profile tooltip
- Fixed kill feed and death panel not displaying correct information if the killer died earlier or disconnected
- Fixed round-delayed stats not updating at match end
- Changed deathmatch scoreboard stats from K/D/A/Score to K/HS%/DMG/Score
- Fixed case where text during defuse would get cut off
- Added direction indicators to players in the square radar
- Fixed case where kill icon would not display in the post-round damage info panel
- Fixed bad string in the commend dialog panel
- Fixed case where round stats in the Watch Menu would be assigned to the wrong side

- Fixed custom sound events files in workshop maps
- Added some material settings for water refraction/caustics
- Workshop maps can now be tagged as supporting Wingman mode
- Linux clients can now run workshop maps without requiring -insecure
- Added trigger_hostage_reset trigger and logic_eventlistener entities
- Added convars sv_walkable_normal and sv_standable_normal to allow community servers to tweak player movement on angled surfaces
- Fixed health getting clipped when it exceeds 3 digits

[ MAPS ]
- Fixed various cases where level mesh was disappearing occasionally
- Various visual updates and fixes to models and materials
- Straightened out some collision that was pushing players off of walls or corners
- Turned off the collision of some light fixtures that were pushing players off of walls
- Added a metal plate to swat van to hide player feet, adjusted clipping around van
- Fixed some small holes in the world
- Fixed some texture mapping seams
- Added player clipping on some floor grates to smooth player movement
- Fixed some issues with the collision and surface property of fire extinguishers
- Added and adjusted some grenade clipping
- Adjusted some clipping on boxes and cable stacks in connector
- More player and grenade clips adjustments
- Closed various holes and cracks in the world
- Fixed clipping around scaffolding at bombsite b to prevent one-way peeking through geo
- Fixed player getting stuck on large crate in garage
- General grenade clip polish
- Vending machine break sequence now only happens once to avoid strobing lights
- Removed collision from pipes and cctv cameras at ct spawn garage
- Added grenade clips to doors at stairwell
- Fixed hole in door frame at t-spawn
- Fixed texture errors on ceiling at conference room
- Fixed some lighting errors on low settings
- Fixed weapons getting stuck behind crates at back way
- Fixed lighting artifacts in front courtyard
- Fixed bad boost onto electrical boxes in garage
- Fixed z-fighting on stairs in connector
- Improved ground at bombsite A so that it has more accurate footstep sounds
- Fixed gap in world around b-site planting area
- Fixed z-fighting a backdrop temple near t-spawn
- Fixed missing collision at connector that would allow grenades to fall through world
- Fixed hole in world at street that allowed players to see through to canal
- Fixed vis issue on street looking back to t-spawn
- Fixed UV stretching in connector
- Sealed up holes in building rooftops for entire level to prevent grenades getting stuck in void
- Fixed holes in lower tunnel
- Fixed hole in canal
- Moved bucket on scaffolding on bombsite B that could be mistaken for player during combat
- Closed hole to prevent grenades from falling through the map on bombsite A
- More player clip adjustments
- Fixed various micro gaps
- Minor clipping fixes on rooftops and hut
- Better caustics in pool at B site
- Fixed vis issue in garage looking towards hell
- Fixed some light fixtures showing backfaces
- Fixed some light fixtures being misaligned
- Fixed missing vent pieces in Tunnels
- Attempt to fix players clipping through wood boards by stairwell at bombsite b
- Fixed bad clip above door at elevator
- Fixed flashbang inconsistency with metal gratings at scaffolding
- Fixed missing collision on horizontal tower beams at b-site
- Added grenade clips around bombsite b to prevent smokes getting caught in bad spaces
- Cleaned up geo and did a grenade clip pass around scaffold to make grenades work better
- Added grenade clip to b platform
- Fixed disconnected girders at mid
- Moved stack of drywall at back door>b for better movement/cover
- Improved clipping at side
- Jobsite injury signs are more responsive

2023-11-17 04:18
3 replies
huge update love to see it
2023-11-17 04:20
2 replies
It feels like an update where they finally went through the reported bugs by the playerbase.
2023-11-17 07:45
valve getting their work done before thanksgiving
2023-11-17 15:38
Portugal PurpleMtS
Awesome update, but can I use my left hand yet or ._.
2023-11-17 04:20
4 replies
fr, not touching this game until left hand and no bob
2023-11-17 18:39
3 replies
What does bob to the game?
2023-11-17 19:08
1 reply
I think its how much your gun sways while moving around. in cs go you could lower it to a level where it looks close to static.
2023-11-17 22:29
skill issue
2023-11-21 16:19
I feel sorry for Filipinos having to play with 70ms ping to HK or Japan. Playing this latest update from here doesn't feel great..
2023-11-17 04:24
3 replies
why not play SG server
2023-11-17 04:42
2 replies
It's not showing up in GAME > MAX ACCEPTABLE MM PING closest is HK right now
2023-11-17 05:19
SG server is back and I get 90 ms ping even worse than Hong Kong 59 ms.
2023-11-21 00:45
JDC | 
Germany SeBook
lets gooo
2023-11-17 04:24
where bob?
2023-11-17 04:25
1 reply
Bob's dead baby
2023-11-17 05:30
Well the 2 updates fucked my pc and I guess its gg for me. Used to get 120-150 fps, now the max is 30 fps with huge lag. Tried everything like reinstalling drivers, updated settings, etc.
2023-11-17 04:41
14 replies
gg - get back your time, freedom, more reading, more time back for yourself
2023-11-17 04:46
5 replies
2023-11-17 05:06
Guatemala feerzein21
Yes, tired of trying to convince myself that I like the game, I don't anymore, it is what it is. Played 1.6 back in 2012, switched to CSGO in 2015. Now 2023, played a lot of cs2 already and since release I have had.more problems than in CSGO. Good thing tho Im gonna get backlre time lololol
2023-11-17 08:32
1 reply
been playing since 2001, Condition Zero, 1.3, 1.6, to CS GO. Had relatively early access to CS2. Played it. It worked fine for me on an ok pc with decent graphics card. It's a great game that's still a work in progress, with amazing, well thought out new features (mainly the smokes and grenade dnyamics) Finally decided for me it was time to move on. So I perma uninstalled cs2 and even uninstalled steam. Clean break. Felt weird - felt like quitting cigs or your gf of 15 years.... Dont wanna grind and learn the game. learn lineups. Ranked anxiety... mm frustration... new game bugs... trying to get good rank... etc. Burn 5-8 hours of my life per session... But I encourage the next gen to play and have fun with it!
2023-11-17 16:40
Such a great advice.
2023-11-17 13:00
2023-11-17 14:11
Czech Republic manik999
Get a new PC after 14 years damn
2023-11-17 04:53
1 reply
Looks like it. I game maybe 5 hours/week, can’t see me putting a few 1000’s immediately.
2023-11-17 05:10
play the game a few more times, since maps are updated the shader cache will have to be recompiled again and the game will lag till the shaders are loaded
2023-11-17 08:28
So, how it works? Nothing changed for me in terms of FPS, I guess that your PC has some problems.
2023-11-17 14:54
1 reply
I would’ve agreed with your comment had it happened since the release of cs2. I installed those updates, played 2 casual games (everything was same as before) and in the third game, it fucked up. I then tried reinstalling new nvidia driver, checked registry errors, checked if any other program is eating my video memory. Every thing is normal except the game.
2023-11-17 15:08
I did notice some stutter but didn't update my drivers yet. Did you make sure to install the latest available driver? If you are on NVidia download it manually, rather than leaving it on automatic
2023-11-21 16:20
2 replies
Yep I installed it manually. Didn’t work.
2023-11-21 16:28
1 reply
damn, that's really strange. Perhaps a full reinstall of the game? that's an awfully big performance drop, there must be something afoot
2023-11-24 13:55
nice, and please no updates to bob
2023-11-17 04:45
Where left hand view model
2023-11-17 04:47
10 replies
John Travolta took it and will never give it back to you, i am sorry.
2023-11-17 07:38
4 replies
iM | 
Romania Infumee
You can use your left hand for something else.
2023-11-17 21:12
3 replies
you mean to wipe my a**?
2023-11-17 22:12
2 replies
Poland Hellp3r
What a wierdo would wipe his butt with left hand...
2023-11-17 23:04
1 reply
people who crave lefthanded viewmodels maybe
2023-11-18 11:59
Brazil 4vengerr
still useless command, just like cl_bob
2023-11-17 12:26
2 replies
Finland Lindeni
Not really though
2023-11-17 13:28
1 reply
Brazil 4vengerr
they are minor commands, not worth to put such effort to it thats why they didnt added yet
2023-11-17 14:45
personally the only way i see Valve adding that is if they make the player actually hold the gun in the other hand both in firstperson and in thirdperson, which would be an insane amount of work.
2023-11-17 12:45
1 reply
Brazil 4vengerr
+1 and I think they will add a delay to not switching hands too fast, like in csgo, which is kinda nonsense when I see people doing it
2023-11-17 14:44
keep them udpates rolling
2023-11-17 04:48
good update thank u mr volvo
2023-11-17 05:03
can you turn off the horrible forced sound and return to what cs:go was like ? if not. game is still dead
2023-11-17 05:04
5 replies
Slovakia GloryMole
buy headphones
2023-11-17 07:47
4 replies
rain | 
Europe mames
2023-11-17 20:31
yeah buy headphones. i have 300€ ones and a soundcard. thanks for telling me something i had ZERO issues with until valve decided to fuck up the sound
2023-11-18 23:17
2 replies
Slovakia GloryMole
go to the doctor
2023-11-18 23:21
1 reply
what are you ? 12 ? cant have a normal fucking conversation about things in life ??
2023-11-21 05:08
OMG Now shooting feels so much better
2023-11-17 05:16
can u bring mm ranks back wtf is this ranked in silver 2
2023-11-17 05:35
1 reply
Brazil 4vengerr
it's already there for a while bro
2023-11-17 12:25
Latvia laiziolas
I stopped playing cs2 almost completely. No joke. I have no interest in the game. Valve are pretty bad company. They care only about money. Can't even make new animations for openings and contracts. No new maps, no old maps, premier ranks are in thousands, community servers are outside of game, shitty feeling in-game, no gamemodes, no anticheat, competitive ranking system sucks, skins looks ass, etc. Overall I'm very disappointed in Valve and dissatisfied with CS2. Im waiting for Classic Ofensive, for real. 🎉
2023-11-17 05:49
3 replies
United States JusJus
ok bye
2023-11-17 06:27
"premier ranks are in thousands" you definately found the problem bro.
2023-11-17 08:14
2023-11-17 14:14
Haven’t been following updates as I’m playing maybe 5-7 hours in two weeks but last time I played it felt a bit more laggy, before there was nothing, anyone else having more lags after last updates?
2023-11-17 06:15
8 replies
United States Virgin Islands Mykolkaa
Ever since the bigger recent update that supposedly fixed subtick I’ve had more lag than even in the closed beta
2023-11-17 07:13
2 replies
Thanks for response. Thought so, felt so.
2023-11-17 08:04
same here with 3060rtx
2023-11-17 14:15
I think each time a map is changed you redownload the map, and have to recompile the shader cache for the map. After you load and play the map a couple times your frames should return to normal.
2023-11-17 08:26
kinda same since i only played de_lake and non prime mm(neither exist in cs2). But for me the game feels much better each update in the first release i could not even get over 100 fps on mirage and last update i got over 100 fps on basically all maps that I have any interest in.
2023-11-17 12:52
- | 
Sweden fl0p_
update drivers
2023-11-17 15:43
1 reply
always updated
2023-11-17 16:36
iM | 
Romania Infumee
Yes the update before this one fucked the game again..before this was alright no problems
2023-11-17 21:19
2023-11-17 06:17
Trasha game unluko still bad update.
2023-11-17 06:48
Haters are big mad! Valve proving them wrong again and again. CS2 is the goat shooter. Wtf is a csgo? Never heard of it
2023-11-17 07:41
2 replies
thanks mr volvo for removing bucket from inferno!!!
2023-11-17 09:03
Hope the boot tastes good :)
2023-11-17 14:17
already better than csgo ever was
2023-11-17 07:59
2 replies
2023-11-17 08:52
hahahaha delusional na spotted
2023-11-17 14:17
The grenade fix update still hasn't fixed that annoying bug where you would throw the grenade, then swap to another grenade immediately, only for the grenade not to throw
2023-11-17 08:24
Europe micassd
Those kind of updates like this should ve been done on a game in the beta phase. Game was launched in a hurry for it seems and now we can be looking months and months of update fixing this and that.
2023-11-17 08:32
1 reply
There would have been no way for them to find these issues unless the larger player base started playing cs2. We're basically guinea pigs, but the game needed an update. It's either this for a couple months, or cs2 would have been in beta and development for another year or two.
2023-11-17 18:22
Great that they're fixing the bugs, but how long will we have to wait until they adress the main gameplay? The running and spraying is still in the same awful state where you can't take the game seriously whatsoever. So stupid how they released this broken mess.
2023-11-17 08:57
5 replies
The running and spraying??? Wtf Counterstrike is a game literally designed to dissuade players from doing that. It ain’t CoD
2023-11-17 09:39
3 replies
Have you tried CS2?
2023-11-17 10:19
2 replies
Lol yeah I’ve been playing CS since 1.5 Why would you ever run and spray with a rifle especially The P90 is actually OP now and works well with run and gun though
2023-11-17 12:09
1 reply
Then you'd understand my point when I say that CS:GO was already bad enough with the casual gameplay of having SMGs accurate while running, while it's now just about every gun in CS2 where it's viable. Actively shooting while 'shoulder'peeking corners is now more viable than ever, as there's a good chance that you'll land a random headshot, even at long range, with any rifle. It's completely pathetic for a competitive FPS, and incredibly ironic considering how focused on the competitive aspect CS2 tries to be. Valve doesn't understand what CS is about, let alone what a skillgap is. They never did. The fact is the same for when you land after a jump, and accuracy in-air as well. You are barely punished for any movement at all in terms of accuracy. If this is not changed (as it ironically was in CS:GO as well) then I'm just done.
2023-11-17 12:13
+1 run and gun is the way to go in cs2 - I loved that before in csgo if you moved while shooting you were fcked ....
2023-11-17 14:18
zet | 
Poland n3on_
- When a network interruption is detected by official game servers, the affected match will be cancelled This is not good xd. We have another demo crasher
2023-11-17 09:00
No new working Anticheat no W Premier is unplayable at the moment. Getting cheated away 1/2 games.
2023-11-17 09:24
Brazil sprk1
shooting does feel better, the tracers are actually accurate now
2023-11-17 09:47
ah, the classic one step forward, two steps back. thanks volvo... unoptimized junk, still no solid anticheat, only handful of ported maps available. im out, uninstalling this mess until i get some positive feedback.
2023-11-17 10:00
4 replies
Brazil 4vengerr
old pc issue
2023-11-17 12:22
you have to give positive feedback to get some back :)
2023-11-17 13:09
1 reply
Germany forasago
no, he doesn't. the idea that the million players are the bottleneck here and not the dozen devs? come on. there's no speed increase coming from more people pinpointing issues with the game. in fact assuming the devs play their own game for at least 1 hour a day they don't need any feedback at all. they know what's broken or bad, they just can't fix it yet or can't fix it at all.
2023-11-17 22:22
2023-11-17 14:19
still waiting for the left hand option . imagine playing this game for 10 years and suddenly its removed . even in 1.6 i played with left hand .
2023-11-17 11:14
2 replies
Europe 2old4hltv
This the reason why my duo/trio quit playing. They played left hand since early 1.6 and because they quit, I also kinda did and I wont be back if they dont fix dying behind the wall and awping in molotov
2023-11-17 11:26
Brazil 4vengerr
I've played with left hand since 1.5, now it's normal to me with right hand after playing DM's and a couple of premier matchs, you just need to get used to it and you wont notice it
2023-11-17 12:31
valve only developer is working hard
2023-11-17 12:46
Chat is so much better now, a lot more simple
2023-11-17 13:02
Keep up the good work valve
2023-11-17 13:33
a decent anti-cheat and community deathmatch servers as it was in csgo would be nice
2023-11-17 13:40
Armenia VirtusNo
every time there is an update, it installs fine but when im ingame I have 500 ping and floaty controls, unplayable. Yesterday i uninstalled and reinstalled and its fine again, played for an hour straight without problems. Cant be internet because i downloaded with 3 mb and pingtest shows 20 ping. Now i install the update from today and guess what, high ping again and not playable. VALVO FIX UR SHIT
2023-11-17 14:51
add more maps in casual only italy and office where is assault militiia
2023-11-17 15:32
Linux clients can now run workshop maps without requiring -insecure POG
2023-11-17 16:01
Could have fixed cheating, 64 tick or lag bug affecting many players... Instead: Fixed some light fixtures being misaligned Jobsite injury signs are more responsive Moved stack of drywall .... Nice job Volvo
2023-11-17 16:07
GREAT UPDATE, here we see source 2 at work, look at the speed of these crazy mega important updates. But they still need to fix how the light interacts with my left foot then its 200% playable. Every CS2 lover was right, this game the best, also i never see cheaters after the last 2 updates, okya mybe i saw like 1 to 50 ir like 7 games but give this game time. Valve should also cap fps at 60. Also Sub tick is genious shit. Also the guns are still too inaccurate when running, that needs to be buffed. Awp still is way to OP, need a few nerfs, mybe only 1 hit at head? Also -Inferno -Mirage for Train and Cobblestone. Those maps were always the most played and everyone knew all the smokes there. At this rate it will take less than a decade boys. Some of us might be able to see the glory of cs2 before we hit 40.
2023-11-17 17:05
Venezuela rodux
Great, now more servers for central america pls.
2023-11-17 17:19
get wpn_sway_scale and cl_showpos out of cheat protected, plus some others and were talking again
2023-11-17 18:45
NiKo | 
Germany Booya
dont know why but somehow it feels terrible today ... yesterday night 3 Matches before Update totally ripped the Taps and Sprays ... today after the Update it feels so fucking random .. i won my matches but it was just fucking random ... maybe just a bad day but probably others have a weired feeling today too
2023-11-17 18:55
Loving the new chat
2023-11-17 21:20
goddamn.... updated my drivers and now i have heavy stutters like once every 2 minutes.
2023-11-17 21:39
Germany forasago
2023-11-17 22:19
Poland Hellp3r
Volvo, you're such a mess... Ill just patiently wait till cs will be playable again.
2023-11-17 23:07
CS2 brings performance decrease update
2023-11-17 23:37
On the "books" look good. But now i have less fps and a new bug where it's says that I didnt accept the game when no sign appear, csgo but worst
2023-11-18 08:04
Love the little babies in here crying about no cl_righthand 0 ... Stfu already and move the gun to the center of the screen if it's killing you so much to not have a left hand option. You clowns do realize that would be a huge update since the player model would also have to show enemies with the gun on the opposite side... Also, no you are not terrible right now because there is no way you can switch hands, you just suck and need excuses to feel better about yourself.
2023-11-18 22:11
1 reply
2023-11-21 05:22
guys, what do you think about the DM-changes? I think DM sucked, since they removed Team-DM as it is a 360 game now and there are no areas under "control". And now they made it even worse: you cannot play for KD anymore... that was always my way to motivate myself and have fun to try to finish the round with insane KD, playing it clever, without being super lame camper. what do you guys think? what kind of lame GEN-Z stuff is this? do they want to avoid people being depressed and raging for bad stats?
2023-11-19 12:11
this game is such ass, they might as well start working on source 3 engine ..fucking awful dev team, so embarrassing
2023-11-21 05:22
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