ESL confirms IEM season 5

The Electronic Sports League has confirmed that season five of the Intel Extreme Masters is already in the making.

The announcement was made by George Woo, marketing manager for Intel Corporation, during the Counter-Strike prize ceremony of the Intel Extreme Masters 4 World Championship this afternoon, in Hannover.

"We are going to have season five," he said. "Look forward to seeing you guys out there following us for another great season."

Despite the confirmation of a new Intel Extreme Masters season, no more info has been released by the ESL of yet.

The fourth Intel Extreme Masters season, which came to an end today, featured a total prize purse of $500,000 and events in three different continents.

nice Intel very good and > AMD =]
2010-03-06 23:13
So nice i will win IEM5 :))
2010-03-06 23:13
Sweden Vilseledd
I hope fifth season include counter-strike
2010-03-06 23:13
of course it will :)
2010-03-06 23:14
2010-03-06 23:34
Of course we gonna see both CS and Quake - Carmac is a product manager :)
2010-03-07 14:36
Love it!
2010-03-06 23:15
they rock !
2010-03-06 23:18
i hope no more ddos attacks
2010-03-06 23:22
2010-03-06 23:35
it was only at Cebit because this is just a huge target
2010-03-07 02:10
Well, i hope no more of that in a near future. I mean honestly it's a really great tournament with a huge level of teams.
2010-03-07 02:35
and no more fuckin tv =D
2010-03-07 01:47
2010-03-06 23:22
Nice. <3 IEM
2010-03-06 23:23
still it was a lot of fun and amazing amount of $$$$ THANK YOU
2010-03-06 23:28
Hmm any ideas when it starts?
2010-03-06 23:45
No specific information was announced.
2010-03-06 23:47
Oh kk i hope it starts in april so i can watch and relax in holidays ;)
2010-03-06 23:54
It usually starts in the fall of the year.
2010-03-07 00:11
What you mean like?
2010-03-07 00:18
Fall, the time of the year.
2010-03-07 00:23
Fall = autumn.
2010-03-20 17:41
Singapore Nephalith
No more DDoS attacks. More HLTV matches.
2010-03-06 23:55
agre +1 more hltv im not able to see all stream matchs prefere hltv :S soz eng
2010-03-06 23:57
agreed. and well, instead of playing 15 matches of group A on DAY1, 15 on DAY2, and then 2 on DAY 3,4 and 5, split each group in two days, and play the finals the last or two last days :)
2010-03-07 00:00
awesome. i look forward to the next season! hope some events are announced soon!
2010-03-07 00:02
And now say that ESL is Shit.
2010-03-07 00:23
fifth season will win a spanish team ;D
2010-03-07 00:45
I laugh on people saying how bad esl is. thank you ESL, for a few more great days to watch cs.
2010-03-07 00:52
2010-03-07 02:19
any chances to see any other game than cs1.6 on ?
2010-03-07 01:42
esl-tv had a second channel aswell for the games for wow atleast,idk if they broadcasted other games. back on topic - giving away half a mil is no kids game and any idea where the games will start again?im guessing 2010 autumn but idk.
2010-03-07 14:04
Dunno,why everybody hate those Thorins stream?that's just u don't have premium account?As for me ESL stream is quiet comfortable and I enjoyed that much,cause I could see team healthbar,their ammunition,their ingame positions and their reactions Anyhow,thanks to ESL for anything,waiting for one more good and exciting season =)
2010-03-08 05:31
I like IEM, but with HLTV:)
2010-03-07 01:43
this is awesome, I can't have enough e-sport tournaments
2010-03-07 02:14
2010-03-07 02:42
great notice.
2010-03-07 02:44
IEM4 had the prize purse of 1.000.000$? Is it decreased twice?
2010-03-07 03:36
IEM is the tournament of the DDOS :D
2010-03-07 05:47
Good Luck
2010-03-07 07:01
Hoping to see a lot of tournaments as well. Kode5, ESWC, GameGune, Arbalet Cups... 2010 should be promising as well!
2010-03-07 07:09
2010-03-07 07:38
Who won the 1st seazon of IEM?
2010-03-07 08:39
PGS Gaming
2010-03-07 14:15
moneyyy ?
2010-03-07 09:33
Hope without DDoS this time ;D
2010-03-07 09:44
Fuck yes! Fantastic tournament. Also a big monstrous, even gargantous fuck you to the DDoS attackers.
2010-03-07 09:57
hope for a romanian team there :D
2010-03-07 11:15
Cool gl
2010-03-07 12:42
nice latino america present????
2010-03-07 15:39
2010-03-07 18:55
need LAN, not internet Team from Russia must win (foRze or United) :P
2010-03-08 07:44
Nice, GO ESL!
2010-03-09 18:19
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