Four Kings talk about their future

December 7th, 2006 04:53

Our series of interviews continues with the build-up to the CPL Winter 2006 finals which will indeed be the final event of the year where teams can make or break!

UK number ones The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 4 Kings step up for our next interview and The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Keir 'akuJii' McCann was the one who did all the talking. I tried to find out the reasons behind the recent changes in the squad and what we can expect of the team in the future.

First off, can you tell us what exactly was the cause of Mangiacapra's departure? What are your feelings on him leaving 4Kings?
Hmmm well firstly Marcs a great guy who no one had any problems with whatsoever but after WSVG UK one of our managers questioned his ability to focus and apply himself. It had been a topic of discussion in the past and we all decided it would be nice to try something new with Louis. It wasnt an easy thing for anyone to do and would have been ideal for everyone in 4K if Marc stayed on as a sixth man but it didnt run out smoothly however he is still contracted to 4Kings. As for my personal feelings it wasnt a very nice thing to remove the so-called figurehead of 4Kings however it was a wakeup call for all of us to pull up our socks and showed that none of us are infallible for want of a better word!

With such recent changes, how have the team prepared for the CPL Finals?
Practice has been slow lately it had been going really well for a while but we had to take a small break due to Thomas having some exams so at the moment it has been a little stop start to say the least, so when we played fnatic sadly we hadnt practiced for around 3 weeks which is the main reason we looked so disjointed. We have just picked up practicing again and are working on a lot of new stuff for every map but whether we will be prepared for the CPL finals im not sure. With a bit of luck we will be able to attend the Lethal Gamers pre CPL bootcamp and everyone will get a little glimpse of things to come i hope!

Four Kings have been around the top 10 CS teams for many years yet they seem to struggle to finish 1st at major events such as the CPL. Will the CPL winter finals see a change to this?
I find this a hilarious situation since when you look at the major events over the past 3 years there have only been a few select teams that have won them from NoA, NiP, SK and coL have been the regulars. Its no easy feat expecting a team to come in at first and with the standard of competition that is available at most tournaments now its becomming harder and harder however i think over the past year we have put in good showings and every event we have been to bar WSVG UK which was very disappointing to go out due to losing 2 eco's vs SK but teams have bad and good days.

Who do you think will be your biggest rivals in either event?
I dont think we have any real rivals as such i think we ourselves are our biggest rival sometimes when we throw some of the games away that we have. But if you are asking what teams i think will perform well at WSVG and CPL i would say Pentagram and NiP for sure.

With MTV recently airing a special feature on the WSVG qualifiers, eSports is really starting to take off. What are your thoughts on the increase of eSports under the public eye through more tv shows?
I guess its a really good move but i think esports has been on MTV before WSVG. Its got to a point where it really needs another boost to progress it further, i think it is still moving forward however the rate of increase has certainly started to slow down or level out. I have no problem with eSports being on TV i think the biggest event to date for audience and TV viewers for counterstrike was the WEG Season 1 finals in China and we were a part of that so it was really good :}

Who do you think will be in the Top 3 for WSVG Finals and CPL Finals?
My top 3 excluding ourselves of course is NiP, Pentagram and coL.

These events can be considered as the closing events of 2006. In your eyes are your happy with your 2006 performance and what changes would you like to see in 2007?
Yea i was pretty happy with our performance in 2006 on a whole. We went from 8th at CPL Winter to 4th at ISC and 9-12th at ESWC. The finish i was most disappointed with was ESWC since we had been told we were playing lunatic-hai at 17:00 and they woke us up at 10:30 saying to be at the event for 11 or we were disqualfied because they decided to schedule it for a TV game so with very little sleep, food and setup time we lost and with it being such an important game with our group being so hard it basically demotivated us for the rest of the games but thats enough excuses :}

Any last words?
Thanks to Intel and steelpad as always! pizzeace

Well, there we have it. I believe The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. 4 Kings have their best years ahead of them and the changes made are a positive thing. Let us wait and see what they plan to do at the CPL Winter finals.

Remember, with you can stay up to date and watch all the matches at the CPL live. Stay tuned by checking out our coverage page for the CPL Winter Finals regularly.

SO much news tonight!
2006-12-07 00:20
Sweden 10arn 
Goo read. 4K going home early ;D
2006-12-07 01:22
Gaming royalty :) , good interview
2006-12-07 12:35
United Kingdom silk 
nice interview!!! Still think mangiacapra should be part of 4K tho. :(
2006-12-07 19:50
Don't talk pish and wake up Games in the last 5 months Keir "The killer" Mccan vs Round 1 of CPL Keir Mccann K: 17 D: 4 Keir "The killer" Mccan vs Round 2 of CPL Keir Mccann K: 24 D: 2 Good stuff, do they know where the bombsite is ? vs fnatic Round 3 of CPL Marc Mangiacapra K: 27 D: 24 Keir Mccann K: 9 D: 26 vs EG Round 4 of CPL Marc Mangiacapra K: 26 D: 16 Keir Mccann K: 13 D: 14 vs mouz Round 8 of CPL Marc Mangiacapra K: 18 D: 10 Keir Mccann K: 12 D: 7 vs lunatic ESWC Marc Mangiacapra K: 27 D: 22 Keir Mccann K: 9 D: 24 4K's last game Louis Nyberg K: 17 D: 16 - new boy Keir Mccann K: 7 D: 20 - ego driven My last game for 4K Marc Mangiacapra K: 23 D: 5 Keir Mccann K: 8 D: 8 i thank you curtain is closed. akuJii quote "one of our managers questioned his ability to focus and apply himself." 4K Managers quote after reading iview "i love how he constantly shifts the blame" Get some balls man. I win <3 peace out
2006-12-08 03:53
Spain deBurrows 
O_O OWNED hohohohoho this site is becoming more interesting everyday. GJ 4K are too used to loose but they can't accept it yet so their behaviour is really sad. I have to say that Red is a nice addition though but the team has players from too many different countries so the teamplay can't be enough good to win an event. GL Mangiacapra in ur future. Without u 4K is just a mix.
2006-12-08 04:21
United Kingdom t]-[c 
Gutted to see you go Mangiacapra. As deBurrows said GL in the future, im sure we will see more of you.
2006-12-08 04:41
akujii » - 13:07, 08/12/06 - [buddy?] [PM?] - haha hilarious i havent shifted any blame that is exactly what happened and if u look at my stats they changed for the worse WHEN i started calling strats which is when we starting doing better however if u can only take one event into consideration that you played better than me then its pretty bad for you pal since we have been to around 9 or 10 together and i know i did better than you at those :} gl tho akujii » - 13:09, 08/12/06 - [buddy?] [PM?] - oh and for the record it was ben who said after WSVG UK how dumb and unfocussed you looked and he doesnt play cs whose shifting the blame? and for the record its not easy calling when you have to constantly check your screen to see what dumb shit you're up too just ask anyone whose called for 4K! Adios i think you lost :}
2006-12-08 14:14
Spain deBurrows 
oh this is very sad. No chemistry at all. I had the same problem with a guy in one of my past clans.
2006-12-08 15:59
The reason we started doing better was 2 nice bootcamps and change of caller and not using Goodfella's 2 year old strats, not going well for SK there either. Not because of your vesslan calling skills however the two go side by side is just a coincidence not alot changed in what we did we jsut did it more effectively and got rid of all the old crap stuff. If you want the credit to feed your ego go ahead and take it, it's only false. And the only reason you would be constantly checking my screen is because your screen was black. Go figure. 4K's last game Louis Nyberg K: 17 D: 16 - new boy Keir Mccann K: 7 D: 20 - ego driven Who's screen you checking there pal. try looking at your own monitor and stop writing halfassed excuses. I only posted facts and figures everyone can do the maths.
2006-12-08 18:45
2006-12-08 20:05
Turkey JmY- 
Without Mangiacapra what will 4K do we will see.He was the man.
2006-12-08 22:18
United Kingdom silk 
Well in my opinion, 4k have looked abit lost as of late without the rock of mangiacapra!!! But Akujii is a quality player of his own, and i will wait till CPL to cast my opinion on the recent events!!! Marc good luck in the future m8!!! Also to 4K^ and Akujii!!!
2006-12-09 05:06
haha we bootcamped before every CPL we went to pretty much so lets not look there, for the record i dont have an ego.. i didnt instigate anything to do with this and you are just making yourself look like a silly billy incinuating that this was my idea and attempting me to look bad by shifting the blame elsewhere lets face it you have been rotten at 9/10 events in a year and even Ben saw it ;] like the stat watching though it really means a lot. c u in dalls?
2006-12-09 05:44
"we have been to around 9 or 10 together and i know i did better than you at those :} gl tho" Overall stats of every event. I fail to see the same fairytail you live in. It is blatently obvious to everyone else. Adam Brown 389 315 +74 Joona Leppänen 667 591 119 +76 Keir Mccann 764 765 -1 Louis Nyberg 751 681 +70 Marc Mangiacapra 887 856 +31 Thomas Rudstrøm 629 570 +59 However i won't see you in Dallas but i will be watching. Although i can pretty much predict the same outcome, but go proove me wrong and not vs the round1/2 cpl chumps u kill to make yourself think you play "well". However this thread is now pointless. I made My point in the first post, you just got owned in the 2nd but i won't kick a man when he is down. GL and nice drunken typing ugga ugga.
2006-12-09 12:31
you neglect to see any points still there are none so blind as he who will not see. i know ive been playing badly when i called but thats changed now but at least i have the insight to see it however you dont :}
2006-12-09 16:50
ive watched nearly every 4Kings game 2date over recent years and from a spectators view ive always seen mangiacapra as 1 of the best players in the team if and no offence to kier but i think from my view and alot of others u were always the worst player in 4Kings
2006-12-13 19:09
Spain deBurrows 
This is so fun that I'll have to check this post everyday. The sad point is that nothing will gonna change and Mangiacapra is out. Don't think Red will be enough to save 4K at CPL Dallas.
2006-12-13 23:00
ROFL! Best post ever!
2007-02-01 14:02
Mangiacapria FTW Akujii you lost... (again)
2007-03-08 22:34
United Kingdom Tnuc 
I am looking forward to the changes, I think its long overdue. Regardless how Marc or Keir have been playing, if you aint giving 100% to the team then you should not be playing. I am not sure how this all happened and dont really care. Glad to see Keir is thinking of the team and maybe Marc needed a break. Good luck with Turtle, hope you win Scan :D Keir good luck in pushing 4 Kings.
2007-03-11 12:22
lol akuji has a fuckin huge ego.. hes a right nob.
2007-03-12 18:02
Portugal xth 
hm... anyone else noticed its a 3 month old thread?
2007-03-12 22:31
Ukraine dmi3 
yep :)
2007-03-13 13:51
Don't ask me how I got here but some of these comments gave me a good laugh :D
2011-05-24 04:59
2011-05-24 05:16
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