Na´Vi win Arbalet Cup Ukraine

April 4th, 2010 02:40

Natus Vincere came from behind to beat PinG twice on de_dust2 and win Arbalet Cup Ukraine 2010.

In the first de_dust2 set, PinG were first to add their name to the scoreboard, but Na´Vi's purchasing attempt in the third round bore fruits as  they turned the score around. Although PinG still managed to level the game on three rounds, the rest of the first half belonged to Na´Vi as they were up 12-3.

The second half brought a Na´Vi team determined to quickly put an end to the match, but a good eco strategy from PinG in the second round halted their opponents' plans. However, that did little to stop Na´Vi, who went on to win the first map 16-5.

The stage ofthe second map was de_dust2 again, and PinG started out the brighter once again, winning the first three rounds, before Na´Vi put in a comeback, inspired by some solid play from Ioann "Edward" Sukharev, as they claimed seven unanswered rounds. PinG still tried to make something out of the first half, but all they managed to accomplish was to make it 10-5 at half time.

In the second half, PinG, now as Terrorist, won the opening two rounds, before Na´Vi showed some impressive deagle work to get back into the game. From then on, Na´Vi controlled procedures, as they ran out 16-8 winners on the second map to lift the Arbalet Cup trophy.

Arbalet Cup Ukraine 2010 Final Standings:

1. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $3,000 + Arbalet Cup CIS spot
Ukraine PinG - $2,000 + Arbalet Cup CIS spot
Ukraine DTS.chatrix - $1,000 + Arbalet Cup CIS spot
Ukraine spraynpray - $750
Ukraine KerchNET - $500
5-8. Ukraine csc.Arena - $500
5-8. Ukraine ATAKA - $500
5-8. Ukraine TMS - $500

gl nice team
2010-04-04 02:40
1. Natus Vincere <----- wats d meaning of teams name ????? :|
2010-04-04 14:49
born to win
2010-04-04 14:54
expected, but with lot of problems
2010-04-04 02:40
they almost didn't practised before the tourney =)
2010-04-04 02:42
That's right, they haven't played cs since IEM4...
2010-04-04 11:20
That's not true ;)
2010-04-04 12:38
I was being sarcastic? Trying to exploit the guys feeble excuse.
2010-04-04 13:03
"We had not much pracs before the touney,not full three days only" - starix words
2010-04-04 20:12
A certain unreal quote. The standard of English my frie.... - Unless, you just made that quote along the way or translated it over.
2010-04-04 23:43
I've missed some words positions,but it's ok,when u're not sleeping for 2 days in a row
2010-04-05 04:15
Portugal fatheroffive 
gj navi beast team <3
2010-04-04 02:41
Brazil z0rrk 
gj Na'Vi!
2010-04-04 02:41
was not easy
2010-04-04 02:42
United States katie 
2010-04-04 02:42
MIRAA fix the score 2 - 0
2010-04-04 02:43
it was 2-1, because PinG needed just one map to win. it's the only way to represent it.
2010-04-04 02:49
they've still won 2-0.. coming from the upper bracket decreases the number of maps you need to win and does NOT increase the number of maps you've already won.
2010-04-04 02:55
Technically neither way is wrong. Both ways you said could be considered right. W either its an increase in maps won or decrease in maps needed the outcome would still be the same. No need to grasp at straws.
2010-04-04 08:39
it's not that I care that much. but if you win 2-0 you win 2-0.. regardless of you coming from the lower bracket or the upper bracket. not sure where you get this "technical" stuff from. for me personally 2-0 and 2-1 is not the same.. dunno about you
2010-04-04 09:10
You're taking his words out of context. Be careful.
2010-04-04 13:41
Spain deBurrows 
I agree.
2010-04-04 17:07
well imo what he wanted to point is that coming from the Winner Bracket gives you one "free map", so they were winning 1-0 before the match started :)
2010-04-04 18:55
Edward just amazing, i think they dont wanna win but my bad. 2-1 because Ping is Upper Brackey winner.
2010-04-04 02:45
not against NAVI
2010-04-04 02:45
2010-04-04 11:27
Good job Na`Vi
2010-04-04 02:45
well done NaVi. OFF TOPIC: Hellraiser (ex DTS) and ex-KerchNET were good teams, but couldnt compete with fnatic, sk etc. they've united and created a very solid team NaVi that now can compete wth the best the sooner PinG and DTS unite to have a line up below, the sooner they will become a top team like NaVi B1ad3 (DTS) Kucher (DTS) ANGE1 (PinG) xaoc (PinG) craft1k (PinG) otherwise, both of them will stay only OK teams...
2010-04-04 02:45
Portugal fatheroffive 
2010-04-04 02:51
nice post
2010-04-04 03:12
Germany j0tt 
kucher strike ange1 xaoc craft1k and united should be today: adren anv1k hooch dosia fox
2010-04-04 08:56
Ok, it's your opinion :) But still, I think that ROMJkE is good player with AWP (of course, people will say that Dosia is incredible better with AWP, but I think it depends on day) And for me F_1N gave many important frags to UNiTED in this tournament. PS. If someone want to answer, just answer normal, don't blame people for their opinion :)
2010-04-04 10:16
kucher strike ange1 xaoc craft1k???? without captain? all aimers and awp-players
2010-04-04 11:52
GG. Edward played the same as on public=)
2010-04-04 02:46
50.000$ iem global finals 10.000$ arbalet asia 3.000$ Arbalet Ukraine 63.000$ nice...
2010-04-04 02:46
65250 5 place IEM Europe
2010-04-04 02:59
2010-04-04 09:02
2010-04-04 03:33
India transformer 
2010-04-04 03:58
GG navi won by 2-0 but because PiNG are in UPPER BRACKET so they needed just one map to win... it's the only way to represent it... GG Na'Vi :) BDW ....... wat abt DEMOs ???????????
2010-04-04 04:09
Serbia WuLa 
It's coolest way to win it, from loser bracket :))
2010-04-04 04:26
yeeeah ! GG Na'Vi ! :DD
2010-04-04 06:05
Singapore Nephalith 
Na`Vi should really think of getting their team website up. =P
2010-04-04 07:14
Recentle there were some great lan events and there are no any demos. Plz fix it.
2010-04-04 07:20
markeloff fan!!!
2010-04-04 07:31
Just like I predicted :)
2010-04-04 08:02
wasnt easy !!! i hope this, navi is not play very good after won fnatic !!
2010-04-04 08:12
i think that the ukraine's teams play very well!!! gl PING, Na'vi, DTchatrix, kerchNET
2010-04-04 08:25
GJ Na`Vi
2010-04-04 08:28
gg Na´Vi =)
2010-04-04 09:42
as Rasskazoff 'yL said Navi practised only 3 days after 3 weeks of having a rest so their problems during this tourney is quite understandable.
2010-04-04 10:03
gj na`vi
2010-04-04 10:07
expected.. gj navi! edward was s1ck!
2010-04-04 11:34
edward and marke sick as always
2010-04-04 12:02
disobedient team, nice game.
2010-04-04 13:08
Serbia oly. 
expected :P
2010-04-04 13:47
Team Edward, markeloff, delpan, f0rest and face would dominate cs scene for ever
2010-04-04 14:12
haha, did u even see the video interview with marekeloff at IEM? his english is crap, they wouldn't be able to communicate decently ;)
2010-04-06 15:48
Communication is the key of they succes :D
2010-04-04 14:29
The other teams have so much to learn from Na`vi! Insanely good interaction, and they read the cards to the opponent without any problems In my opinion, Na`vi is the best team at the moment ... undoubtedly
2010-04-04 14:37
2010-04-04 15:01
2010-04-04 15:19
Georgia ab! 
NICe nice
2010-04-04 15:29
Gj! ^^
2010-04-04 15:30
Macedonia wnkz 
nicee Na Vi !! GG!
2010-04-04 15:35
It should be shown as 2-0 and NOT 2-1 imo because ping didn't win a map. Ping lost two maps and won none ie. 2-0 regardless ping only needing one map. If Na'Vi won a map and ping won the second, how would you represent the score? 1-1?? So you see you would award ping one map if they won the second but still awarding them a map for winning none........
2010-04-04 16:03
then it would have been 2-1 for ping. its a bo3, and PinG got 1 map because they come from Upper B.
2010-04-04 16:26
Stop wanting the world to shout out information at you. Your brain is there for these kinds of situations, so use it. You lazy WHITE MALE.
2010-04-04 17:32
hahahahaa you wanted to make a point but you did the exact opposite...indeed, if PiNG won the 2nd map, MIRAA would have wrote "PiNG win Na'Vi 2-1" and not 1-1...
2010-04-04 20:50
2010-04-04 19:43
Xizt | 
Bulgaria HellRose 
2010-04-04 20:03
congratuliations, na'vi high team xD
2010-04-04 20:17
Mr. Arbalet needs to come to america.
2010-04-04 20:28
One hit wonder. A team that can only compete locally, I belive. But time will tell. Until then, my arguement still stands.
2010-04-04 23:45
So far they have won 3 big tournaments (2 Arbalet Cups and iem4).. Ur post is meaningless, sorry.
2010-04-05 06:53
Read it carefully. Then you'll kick yourself in the butt.
2010-04-05 09:22
No, you should read carefully, hater. Your statement is false, as Arbalet Asia was not a local tournament and NaVi has done pretty good in ALL tournaments they have been to. Unless they fail a few times your statement stays false whether you like it or not.
2010-04-05 14:59
I am no hater. Just a matter of opinion. You're obsessed, clearly no need to be a genius to figure that one out. Just watch you're comments on here. I'd love you to tell me where I've stated that they are a bad team. Just saying it won't last. ...Then again, that's one of the issues that comes up with people like you. People who cannot let it go.
2010-04-05 20:31
why are you trying to turn this around? "people like me".. I'm talking about "One hit wonder. A team that can only compete locally" here.. not sure what you are trying to prove.. All I said is that this statement was wrong, and it's not an opinion but a fact - NaVi not only can compete with top teams but win as well. they won't last? - that's an opinion.. back it up.. give me a reason why... gotta answer for your words. and no, I'm not obsessed.. just trying to be reasonable. Clearly you haven't seen many of my posts because there wasn't one where I'd say that NaVi is the best or anything like that, cuz they are not... yet. letting it go now, because there is little point of discussing anything with people like you.
2010-04-06 00:30
Really not going to carry around with this. You have contradicted yourself, and you have only confirmed my statements, that Na'Vi is not the best team around. Opinions do not have to be backed up by facts nor evidence. Really, you should get your English up to scratch. As I've said, only time will tell wether I'm right or wrong. And you cannot change that. If you don't agree with me, maybe because of the fact its a team from your country, then don't even try to change other peoples attitudes.
2010-04-07 00:55
Sorry to interrupt your intense debate but you never posted before that you don't think that Na'Vi was not the best team in the world. Your statement was that Na'Vi might be a one hit wonder. And leshIk just stated his other opinion, There is absolutely no need for leshik to kick himself in the butt as he did not contradict himself. He might be a suporter of this team because he is ukrainian but as he stated he does not see this team on top of the world and I think that this is quite reasonable. Moreover he never said that you wrote that you think that Na'Vi was a bad team, guess you are wrong again. The only one contradicting oneself here is you. Btw. coming up with some false grammar is not helpful in this context as yours is not perfect as well
2010-04-07 01:13
Oh, another idiotic person. First of all, He didn't need to kick his butt because he contradicted himself, but for the simple fact that he didn't know what I was talking about. Seems like your not really following here, but taking my words out of context. Perfection and scratch are two different things, my English is up to scratch, his isn't. Get it? You're making false statements. Please quote me next time on every point you make. I tried looking for points that you mentioned and put forward to oppose me, I haven't seen any comments where I've stated that Na'Vi is a bad team, nor has he said that - I could go on with all those fairy tales that you came up with. My argument is simple. Really, if I was you I wouldn't read one comment from both sides and stick your nose talking nonsense.
2010-04-07 15:44
Yo, watch your mouth here. You are clearly lost.. Trying to turn this around everytime you realize that you are wrong. What's wrong with my English. Huh? I've lived in Canada for 4 years. Work and go to university ATM.. All in English. Not once anyone had complained about my English here.. Yet you are not happy with it on an online forum, are you serious? Just so you know, based on your comments your English is not perfect either. Quoting you doesn't help.. Apparently you still don't get it. Reread again.. Maybe that will help. Quote me where I contradict myself PLEASE. And stop yelling at people that contribute to discussions, that's an open forum after all, mr. Tough guy.
2010-04-07 17:32
The only stupid person here is you. If you mean something and then write something different how are we supposed to see what you really are talking about? (Btw. there still is no point in your statements) Seems as if you aren't up to what you are always writing as you urge people to quote you nor you read other person's posts carefully enough (Sorry, I won't re-read the bullshit you are posting, so no quoting here, buddy). As you are getting personal quite early I kindly advise you to never putting forward an argument any more (This is called low-quality-argumentation). But as you called me an idiot, I reply "fuck you, you stupid retard" (Sorry for the harshness @, but I won't accept being insulted by such a stupid jerk)
2010-04-07 18:49
Take it easy. Thank you.
2010-04-07 19:13
I'll just ignore. We'll see who's gonna laugh last. When Na'Vi loses the next tournament. They are a good team, but I believe that it will not last. Looks like those kids cannot take it when someone points out their belief, their opinion. Too childis to accept others opinion. A true fanboy at its finest.
2010-04-07 20:45
Good story and calling ppl "kids" makes you look truly mature.. oh wait. At least you don't fail at failing, LOL.
2010-04-07 21:28
You still don't get our point. Please, at least try to switch that little lever on the right side of your brain to "on" (Not sure there is a lever anyway).
2010-04-08 17:15
2010-04-05 03:52
Russia muv 
davi bl999
2010-04-05 08:54
Edward and markeloff are dream team man....
2010-04-05 14:47
No surprise here :P
2010-04-05 16:03
demo .. !?
2010-04-05 16:10
edward didn`t play his best at this tournament imo still Na`Vi keep it up! :}
2010-04-06 19:10
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