Na´Vi win Arbalet Cup Best of Four

April 11th, 2010 20:26

Natus Vincere have been crowned winners of Arbalet Cup Best of Four 2010, which was final after they defeated fnatic on de_tuscan.

The IEM4 World Champions needed just one map win against fnatic to secure the overall win at Arbalet Cup Best of Four 2010. The road to triumph came about as they won 10 out of 15 maps, topping the group with 31 points. With the victory comes a $12,000 cheque, a shiny bronze-trophy and gold medals. The final standings for Arbalet Cup Best of Four are as follows:

1. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $12,000
2. Sweden SK Gaming- $6,000
3. Sweden fnatic - $3,000
4. Russia UNiTED - $1,500

Stay tuned to find out who will be crowned Best Player and Best AWP in the tournament. Also make sure to stay locked to, as we have a lot more content from Arbalet Cup Best of Four coming in the following days.

2010-04-11 20:27 edward vs fnatic 5 headshot on de_tuscan with usp pistol " not my edit. "
2010-04-11 22:24
Norway tHH 
fucking nice^^
2010-04-11 22:58
Netherlands fkn- 
2010-04-11 20:27
2010-04-11 20:27
Na'VI (Y) Congratz
2010-04-11 20:28
Sweden CQnZ 
Na'Vi so lucky.
2010-04-11 20:42
really???? looooolllll
2010-04-11 20:49
fanboy :P
2010-04-11 20:57
Lithuania beer 
gj navi
2010-04-11 20:28
player : edward sniper : markeloff :p
2010-04-11 20:29
Denmark wynn 
and caller: Zeus ;)
2010-04-11 20:31
for me he is the most important player in the team
2010-04-11 22:29
Congratz Na'Vi!! gg
2010-04-11 20:29
2010-04-11 20:29
Na'Vi best of the best !
2010-04-11 20:29
Congratz Hope NaVi continue to dominate at least for Half an year :D.
2010-04-11 20:30
nice Na´Vi :)
2010-04-11 20:30
50.000$ iem global final 2.000$ iem eu finals 10.000$ arbalet cup asia 12.000$ arbalet cup best of four total:74.000$ congratulations Na`Vi !
2010-04-11 20:31
+ arbalet cup UA 3000$
2010-04-11 21:13
+Arbalet UA +3.000$
2010-04-11 21:34
Gratz Na'vi Top team now
2010-04-11 20:31
congratulations Na`Vi
2010-04-11 20:32
Poland dalaylama 
gZ ;))
2010-04-11 20:32
congratulations Na`Vi gg
2010-04-11 20:34
Romania ova 
zomg i went out and ate a sandwitch and when i came back i thought fnatic won lol :\ gj guys
2010-04-11 20:35
2010-04-11 20:36
Portugal fatheroffive 
2010-04-11 22:52
2010-04-11 20:36
2010-04-13 03:25
gj navi best team
2010-04-11 20:36
Navi defiantly ruling now and fnatic is always happy with 2 and 3 place finishes n1 for both
2010-04-11 20:36
they still dont ruling .. they dont beat fnatic for second time ..
2010-04-11 20:38
cuz they didnt have to play serious and show their tacticts, as the already won after tuscan.. They dont need that victory...
2010-04-11 20:40
omfg its not about money moron :S they must to win to show the world that they realy rule ...
2010-04-11 20:50
hahahahahhahahah really??? professional gaming is not about fame and stuff, they don't practice 5 hours minimum per day only for people to consider them the best... Its about money my lil smart boy and trust me, there are enough events in future where those guys from Na`Vi will prove that they are the best..
2010-04-11 20:58
Muahahaha of cause ;D
2010-04-11 20:58
moron ur mother :D
2010-04-11 21:24
HAHAHAHA, what do you think this is? it's counter-strike mate, counter-strike...
2010-04-12 00:19
funny guy, they had to win the first map and won 16-2. by that time they had already won the championship and stopped playing seriously, nevertheless they won 24-6. The other maps didn't matter. Why would you should the world how to seriously play 4 maps, valuable information. They placed first that is by far the most important.
2010-04-12 05:47
That's a vague argument. Fnatic didn't have anything to play for either. They'd still be in 3rd place anyway.
2010-04-11 21:47
so if both played for fun... fnatic needed this victory more, probably they wanted to take revenge for the IEM IV :D dunno really. If both played serious imo na`vi would have taken this... Because as you see, when they were playing serious.. look at the result of the first map... After their victory they played a calm relaxed game :p Anyways dude we are talking about some things that dont really matter here. good luck :)
2010-04-11 22:10
I mean, nothing indicated that they weren't playing serious. It's not as if Na'Vi was running around with machine guns or pistols.
2010-04-11 22:41
2010-04-11 22:16
ok my frd lets see next time
2010-04-11 20:50
sure :)
2010-04-11 20:51
lol why should they??? they already won the tourny!!!!! and played last 3 maps for fun!!!! lol!!!!
2010-04-11 20:51
I'l say it again..I could aswell claim that fnatic played last 3 maps for fun becasue they already have finished 3th.
2010-04-11 20:57
where you sarcastic with the fnatic thing?
2010-04-11 20:39
its the fact my frd
2010-04-11 20:56
fnatic hates to come second or third, they just want to be on the top, all the time, so they hate not to win -.-
2010-04-11 21:17
since gux leave fnatic they end allways in 2/3 its a fact and now that every one knows that threat must be replaced in order to fantic win someting this year.
2010-04-11 21:48
Why the hell did you relpy me with that? nothing related to my post.
2010-04-11 22:53
I guess so. :)
2010-04-12 00:34
Georgia ab! 
2010-04-11 20:36
maps statistics PLS !
2010-04-11 20:37 - game statistik
2010-04-11 21:36
GJ !
2010-04-11 20:37
2010-04-11 20:37
Bulgaria Phas 
expected ... anyway congratz nice job !
2010-04-11 20:39
United Kingdom Oxna 
player : edward sniper : dsn
2010-04-11 20:39
2010-04-11 20:47
dsn???? hahahahaha for me even ROMJKEEEE is better then DSN!!!
2010-04-11 20:53
markeloff is best AWP in the WORLD !!!!!!!!
2010-04-11 21:37
man i know that!! i am just saying that DSN AWP is shit!!!
2010-04-11 23:40
my team!!
2010-04-11 20:39
nice for sk great level
2010-04-11 20:39
2010-04-11 20:40
2010-04-11 20:40
Czech Republic IrM  
ou,thats o little pitty,SK . :) but 2nd place is very good for you!! great game,NavI and SK!! and points ?? do anyone know??
2010-04-11 20:41
result arnt correct............
2010-04-11 20:42
2010-04-11 22:05
United States AxOl 
edward mvp markeloff awp
2010-04-11 20:44
Sweden CQnZ 
2010-04-11 20:44
Lithuania beer 
pyder naxio
2010-04-11 20:49
United States AxOl 
and 2nd mvp gux o_O
2010-04-11 20:46
dsn mvp markeloff awp
2010-04-11 20:46
nice che
2010-04-11 20:46
great ! congrats Natus Vincere :)) now... DEMOS ?!?!?!?!
2010-04-11 20:47
gux mvp markeloff awp
2010-04-11 20:47
Faroe Islands xE0s 
2010-04-11 20:48
nice gg
2010-04-11 20:48
Portugal zukX 
Na'Vi top1 in the world... they are playing very very well, gogogo Na'Vi, gl to the future
2010-04-11 20:48
Gux - Best Player markeloff - Best AWP Edward - MVP
2010-04-11 20:49
+101 +smthing for f0rest too...seemed like he was waging a lone war at times
2010-04-11 20:54
Sweden CQnZ 
Na'Vi won because UNiTED spread their legs willingly and let Na'Vi rape them without resistance ! should of been bo3 instead. this was a lame cup.
2010-04-11 20:49
Navi won because they raped fnatic 24-6?
2010-04-11 20:52
Sweden CQnZ 
Na'Vi won the 1st place, the money and the bling but fnatic won the honor. 3-2 gg
2010-04-11 21:06
2010-04-11 21:37
rennie!!!? god bless you..
2010-04-11 20:56
k idiot.. specially for you without UNiTED: NaV vs SK......3-1-1 NaVi vs fnatic.2-3-0 fnatic vs SK...1-3-1 Results: ..................W L T P NaVi..........5 4 1 16 SK.............4 4 2 14 fnatic.........4 5 1 13
2010-04-11 21:15
specially for u :D:DDD
2010-04-11 21:29
He didn't say that the tourny should be without UNITED. Learn to read. He said that United shouldn't have let navi rape them.
2010-04-11 22:00
wow, you are dumb! "should of been bo3 instead. this was a lame cup." - meaning best of 3.. MEANING WITHOUT UNiTED. learn to read yourself, jeez. Don't you get tired of failing?
2010-04-11 22:10
bo3, refering to maps. Trust me, I'm much smarter than you. Both here and in the outside world.
2010-04-11 22:49
how do YOU know that? the tournament was called "Best of Four" and he was implying that NaVi has won because of 5-0 victory over UNiTED here and in the other thread. That's exactly what he is talking about in the beginning of his post. LEARN TO THINK. And no, I will never trust you cuz I've personally proved you wrong many times. Oh, and talking about who is smarter will not lead anywhere - comments like that usually come out from little kids. Wanna talk about my English, when you realize that you've failed again?
2010-04-11 23:05
You were the one who brought in the word "dumb"... So don't try to talk yourself out of it. Bo3 - Best of 3, in maps. Maybe he meant something else. But BO3 is refered to maps. While I'm at it. You are really obsessed with what everyone types and thinks on here. You seem to care too much. Feel idiotic yet?
2010-04-11 23:09
LOOOL.. Ok.. You are dumb indeed. "Bo3 - Best of 3, in maps. Maybe he meant something else. But BO3 is refered to maps." - well, I know that bo3 is USUALLY referred to maps but not in this case. LEARN TO THINK. If it's obvious that by bo3 he didn't mean maps and I reply right to him why do you come in and tell me "He didn't say that the tourny should be without UNITED. Learn to read. He said that United shouldn't have let navi rape them." if you don't know for sure YOURSELF what he meant. "While I'm at it. You are really obsessed with what everyone types and thinks on here. You seem to care too much." - I'm not OBSESSED with what ANYONE types and thinks, but I do answer to stupid posts including yours (I probably shouldn't). "Feel idiotic yet?" - why would I.. you make yourself look like an idiot on these forums as you FAIL and FAIL and FAIL again, not me. LOL
2010-04-11 23:29
Argentina sebaxinho 
stop it boy, you failed so so hard. now go to the bed, have a nice sleep.
2010-04-12 00:15
Portugal fatheroffive 
hahahahahaha beast reply perfect NAVI
2010-04-11 22:55
2010-04-11 21:28
Then why "fnatic" have not won at "UNITED" 5-0?
2010-04-11 22:28
gratz Na'Vi ! really happy for this guy seriously ^_^ and GJ SK , finally OWNED fnatic !!!
2010-04-11 20:49
will we be able to get demos from this event?
2010-04-11 20:50
MVP: Edzie awp: markeloff stream dont lies :]
2010-04-11 20:50
GJ Na Vi fnatic sucked this tournament...
2010-04-11 20:50
Edward MVP easy
2010-04-11 20:50
1Edward mvp 2mark awp 3gux mvp
2010-04-11 20:51
Who is best player and best AWP? :D Congratulations Na`Vi
2010-04-11 20:51
Na'Vi the best)
2010-04-11 20:51
Melhor time do mundo atualmente, vamos em frente Na´Vi, novas conquistas estão por vir!!!!
2010-04-11 20:51
Best team in the world today, we will forward Na'Vi, new achievements are coming!!
2010-04-11 20:52
Yellow and Blue colours dominating the CS scene recently =)
2010-04-11 20:53
2010-04-11 20:54
edward/Gux mvp markeloff awp
2010-04-11 20:54
fnatic still the best and GeT_RiGhT4j ...........................
2010-04-11 20:54
don't know.. If fnatic don't change threat I highly doubt that they can be nr.1 again...He's too weak for fnatic. This is my oppinion.
2010-04-11 20:58
Congrats 2 Edward and Na'Vi, hope fnatic to get over this, specially threat. He's got talent to show. I expect him to improve soon.
2010-04-12 01:37
really amazing! well deserved..they sure was the best team in this event and is the best team in the world atm...lets see if they can keep this up.
2010-04-11 20:57
mir | 
United States Brodie 
A minimum of 1500 bucks just for showing up playing a game you would probably play anyways. Not that bad.
2010-04-11 20:57
United States mah9 
fnatic beat them 3/5 times
2010-04-11 20:58
the most valuable player no doubt is Edwards . . . the best awp, mmmm, dsn was playing a great tournament with awp, but markeloff mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jaja
2010-04-11 20:58
2010-04-11 21:03
Gux problem is he wasnt so impressive during Navi- SK match while Edward was good throughout the tournament. everything seems fair for me
2010-04-11 21:05
Good play by na'vi after first win against fnatic they didn't play to win the rest of the matches. Good job SK for the second place, i didn't expect to claim 2nd spot. :)
2010-04-11 21:07
Lithuania zook 
threat worst player , just look :D
2010-04-11 21:07
It's simply amazing what this Arbalet guy from Kazakhstan has done for the CS scene, just think about it, if it wasn't for him Na'Vi basically wouldn't exist and these great tournaments wouldn't even take place.
2010-04-11 21:13
markeloff - awp GuX - MVP GJ SK
2010-04-11 21:13
yeah,edward was great too,briliant ace with usp 5/5 hs :)
2010-04-11 21:15
No One PLaY's Like The Own Get RiGhT PeaCe & LoVe 4 ThisSs PlaYeR
2010-04-11 21:20
edward/Gux mvp markeloff awp
2010-04-11 21:29
Na`Vi won YEEEAAA!!!!!!! :D Edward and Gux : best player(-s) markeloff best awp GJ dudes;]
2010-04-11 21:31
i can said, markeloff awp and mvp too , awp/ak/colt beautyful rounds.
2010-04-11 21:31
Na'Vi ze best !!!!!!!!!!!!! for rus, xotb u prougral 100000 tusyach !!!!!!
2010-04-11 21:33
ropz | 
Poland fleja 
Yes, yes, yes! Na'Vi > all!
2010-04-11 21:36
2010-04-11 21:36
2010-04-11 21:46
new super team!!!
2010-04-11 22:01
Poland IbR 
Na'Vi played good and consistently all the tournament and they are great team.
2010-04-11 22:06
Congratulations Na`Vi GG TEAM :)
2010-04-11 22:14
South Africa kHYRR73 
Na'Vi reminds me mTw of 2008 =D PS: waiting changes in fnatic :C
2010-04-11 22:26
viVA SK :-] dowN with navi
2010-04-11 22:34
2010-04-11 22:35
xD in past!!!!
2010-04-11 23:42
very nice navi :D
2010-04-11 22:42
Portugal fatheroffive 
without UNiTED: NaV vs SK......3-1-1 NaVi vs fnatic.2-3-0 fnatic vs SK...1-3-1 Results: ..................W L T P NaVi..........5 4 1 16 SK.............4 4 2 14 fnatic.........4 5 1 13 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL NAVI BEAST TEAM
2010-04-11 22:57
2010-04-11 23:37
2010-04-11 23:49
gg guys NaVi the best! Edward your ACE was sooo biutiful on tuscan ^^
2010-04-11 23:54
Na ` Vi nice !!! No hotelosb chtobi schet bil 3-2 v polbzy navi D
2010-04-12 00:00
Denmark mindgames 
These guys are looking strong and will only get stronger if they keep together. Looking forward to see more tournaments with them and the other big teams.
2010-04-12 00:02
gz navi
2010-04-12 00:08
2010-04-12 00:44
All of you just suck the balls of the players of the moments ... when fnatic wins everything ...bla bla bla fnatic bla bla bla fck me please fnatic... just choose a player or a team y stay with them until the dead ... you just sick me
2010-04-12 07:14
gj, well deserved Na'Vi, also keep up the good work SK. You don't need any changes soon, just keep practicing and when walle and/or Robban retire make sure you add Delpan!
2010-04-12 09:32
navi take it easy = )
2010-04-12 11:36
fnatic now don't play good ... in 2009 they was much better with Gux. THREAT can't replace Gux. the worst player of the championship was THREAT. so , fnatic have to do something ... plus, SK isn't good now, too ... walle is old, it's time to go to the pension ... Delpan > walle ? OMG. zet > RobbaN ? LOAL. - walle and - robban at SK + 2 new good and young players, like fnatic in 2009 - THREAT at SK and maybe + face .. ? or a new young player .. BARBARR or something like that
2010-04-12 13:01
Congrats to Na'Vi but I seriously hope this tournament format doesn't catch on, all it took was just one team getting raped for Na'Vi to take top prize before the tournament was even over. #104's post proves just how close this tournament really was. BO3 should definitely be the standard.
2010-04-12 15:52
Na'Vi best or beast ? Both can be :-)
2010-04-13 01:43
Poland MJP 
NAVI well done ! fnatic not good sk gj
2010-04-13 07:40
SK and fnatic the BEST TEAMs iN THe WORLD :)
2010-06-10 01:22
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