kHRYSTAL to complete MYM move

Former SK Gaming ace Frey "kHRYSTAL" Sjöström appears to be on the brink of completing a move to Meet Your Makers. reported first hand on Monday that Sjöström could be on his way to MYM after playing for the Swedish team as a stand-in in a qualifier for Inferno Online at the weekend.

The move appears to be nearing completion now, as the ex-Lemondogs member joined the team's roster on the ESL page this afternoon.

The Swedish team will be seen taking on SK Gaming tomorrow, though Sjöström has not yet been added to his new side's line-up for the encounter.

MYM, who have yet to comment on this matter, have now:

Faruk "pita" Pita
Jimmy "Jumpy" Berndtsson
Marcus "Delpan" Larsson
Marcus "zet" Sundström
Emil "FYRR73" Karlsson
Frey "kHRYSTAL" Sjöström

2010-04-14 21:32
pita <3 <3 <3
2010-04-15 13:43
2010-04-16 04:18
u'd be a fanboy too if there we're any good croatian players out there ;)
2010-04-19 02:19
Im Croatian player "out there"
2010-08-03 06:36
pita isnt croatian xD
2011-01-06 16:01
haha gl khyrstal
2010-04-14 21:32
2010-04-14 21:32
zet or jumpy will be out? Pita is so retard but is a good player.
2010-04-14 21:33
Sweden rochk 
hahahahahahahaha i think to
2010-04-14 21:34
jumpy out i think
2010-04-15 13:06
pita out
2010-04-15 14:47
pita is a great person!
2010-04-14 21:54
you are retarded when u're talkin' about someone who you don't even know and who u never met,sir!
2010-04-14 23:22
Haha, so you've met Pita in real life I assume then?
2010-04-15 10:12
Perhaps not, but speaking about someone being retarded when you haven't even met him is just wrong.
2010-04-15 10:28
Why you think we not saw and met him. He is a Bosnian, he visit BiH and play CS with our selves, KAMAN PLS ~
2010-04-15 13:43
u didn't get what he said lol .. cuz he's the one defending him
2010-04-15 19:09
hm your point?:) he didn't say that pita is a great person nicky said that and nicky knows pita enough to say that:)solid snake only told some guy that he is retarded cause he said that for pita and he doesn't even know him:)
2010-04-15 14:49
pita is great meal!
2010-08-03 12:37
someone have to go out.
2010-04-14 21:34
Jumpy go out
2010-04-14 21:35
isn`t he in-game-leader?
2010-04-14 21:53
ye jumpy is ingame-leader
2010-04-14 22:09
Who's going to be the IGL then?
2010-04-15 10:12
anyone in MYM can call even khrystal
2010-04-15 12:44
nicenicenicenice! FYRR73 and kHRYSTAL playing togeter, this is going to be interesting =DD
2010-04-14 21:35
2010-04-15 21:43
+3 :D
2010-08-03 11:29
so who's out? The Swedish team will be seen taking on SK Gaming tomorrow in a rematch of the first EPS Nordic playday It's wrong here. Match versus h2k had to be replayed, but this match is from second playday
2010-04-14 21:40
Yea, I guess MIRAA got confused. It's edited.
2010-04-14 22:15
nix im not used to see u with ua flag =]
2010-04-15 10:48
Poland aLEKAYYY 
wtf Nix, changed ur nationality? :D
2010-04-15 15:29
maybe cheering for NA`VI haha
2010-04-15 19:52
thought jumpy was the igl, so zets probably out
2010-04-14 21:39
Jumpy can't be kicked from MYM, because he is ingame leader in MYM, FYRR73 or zet.
2010-04-14 21:39
IGL can be replaced also, why not?
2010-04-14 21:41
Yes ofc, but not in this case ;)
2010-04-14 21:42
why? I haven't seen them so much paying attention in strats, but on their own skill, jumpy isn't IGL leader like cArn, walle, gob b or zonic
2010-04-14 21:52
Poland Pab 
*Ave not zonic ;p
2010-04-14 21:55
Portugal pshhh 
I think ave is the strat caller in mTw (?)
2010-04-14 21:58
Allen is leader not Walle!
2010-04-14 22:14
Norway strifer- 
no, walle is the igl
2010-04-14 22:42
its actually RobbaN
2010-04-15 17:01
omg its Allen
2010-04-25 08:12
Ave, not rulon-.-
2010-04-14 22:18
pita :D
2010-08-03 11:30
This was easy to predict.
2010-04-14 21:39
Sorry, but the rematch was SK - H2K, or am I mistaken? They played that rematch tonight as far as I know.
2010-04-14 21:39
Yea, you are absolutely right.
2010-04-14 22:15
Belgium FnX^ 
hope jumpy goes out ...
2010-04-14 21:40
Jumpy out! jumpy bug defused.. thats a reason to put him out ;D
2010-04-14 21:40
2010-04-14 21:57
Sweden obzz 
its jumpy, i know
2010-04-14 21:41
moddi has joined cbteam on esl to, does it mean moddi join cbteam?
2010-04-14 21:41
2010-04-14 22:59
To bad . :p
2010-04-15 00:15
I would replace Jumpy and try playing without a strat caller for like 2,3 matches, if it works out keep it, if it doesn't mix and match more. Also, Jumpy could help out as their coach.
2010-04-14 21:41
Ukraine ritN 
It is joke? kHRYSTAL go in UNITED xD
2010-04-14 21:46
Russia flOy 
2010-04-14 21:47
jumpy leaves
2010-04-14 21:48
gl boyzzz
2010-04-14 21:49
I really hope zet will be the one that has to go, he just dont got it anymore it seems like. Although switching Jumpy wouldn't be a too bad move either, if FYRR73 really can call the strats that is.
2010-04-14 21:51
Good Luck, Frej !
2010-04-14 21:52
Lithuania zook 
2010-04-14 21:53
Macedonia Veky 
-fyrtte +khr
2010-04-14 21:53
maybe delpan gonna leave for another team ? xD
2010-04-14 21:54
he could go to fnatic to threats's or carn's place ( if he retires of course). -jumpy i think
2010-04-14 22:02
pita is out?
2010-04-14 21:55
zet retires?
2010-04-14 21:58
gl khristal in mym
2010-04-14 22:12
zet > jumpyy ofc
2010-04-14 22:13
Jumpy out Delpan IGL khrystal ak-frager! U heard it from me first =)
2010-04-14 22:25
2010-04-14 22:27
now there will be 2 awps o.o
2010-04-14 22:31
Finland nsis 
Actually three, since FYRR73 is also an awper.
2010-04-14 22:44
right BUT as we've seen both FYRR73 and kHRYSTAL can play very good with ak's m4a1's probably betten than delpan BUT the thing is that imo kHRYSTAL is an better awp player than delpan..
2010-04-16 12:55
i don't agree with you IMO Delpan>>>>>Khrystal with awp
2010-04-16 13:15
i respect that but as i said just imo:D..
2010-04-16 13:38
oh sorry i didn't read carefully :s
2010-04-16 15:12
nooo not ment to be rude or anything sry
2010-04-16 22:32
Your comment didn't really make any sense. It doesn't change the fact that those three players are awp players, where did you want to go with your post?
2010-04-17 02:18
Zet or jumpy ?hmmm don't know even who is better:S
2010-04-14 22:32
omg so stupid. he had his own team. why did he need to join MYM? it makes no sence!!!
2010-04-14 22:47
out with jumpy. but thats the ingame leader. whatever . he is a worthless aimer
2010-04-14 22:49
do you see the same games i do?hes the igl and he still finishes with a pretty good amount of frags,the problem is that their man fraggers delpan fyrrye and pita arent doing their job and how do u want that a leader that has to control all other 4 members to top frag and fvcking hs everyone all the time when the team isnt doing whats supposed to do?cs isnt all about aiming and OMFG reflexes OMFG HS and watching sme nice shots on hltv
2010-04-15 01:48
jumpy lose 1v1 rounds almost every time
2010-04-15 12:53
2010-04-14 22:49
2010-04-14 22:59
Why are people saying zet should go? Have you guys seen Jumpy play? Hes probably the worst pro out of all pro's in Sweden.
2010-04-14 23:09
agreed jumpy is a weak link i Swe cs progamers)
2010-04-14 23:12
2010-04-14 23:57
Ukraine DREv 
pita or karlsson ll be out, or go to stand in privilages.
2010-04-14 23:26
lol #64... sorry but MYM = pita, hes their only chance of even staying top 10 anymore.
2010-04-14 23:55
what about FYRR73?? he has been playing even better than pita o.o
2010-04-14 23:58
the thing is that pita is their *madfragger* so was moddii when he played for MYM (stupid to kick him) nevertheless the team SHOULD look like this: Jumpy - jusdt want to see what he can do with 4 great players. pita - madfragger zet - aimer and madfragger FYRR73 - just as kHRYSTAL can play with various weapons kHRYSTAL - betten awp than delpan imo so Jumpy pita zet FYRR73 kHRYSTAL wich leaves delpan out?
2010-04-16 13:00
khrystal is also a mad fragger =)
2010-08-03 11:33
that is true:D
2011-01-06 15:34
they'll probably remove pita since he's the only one not from sweden.
2010-04-14 23:59
he is swedish cuz he lives there
2010-04-15 00:11
shut up retarded american. you don't know crap. they wont get rid of pita, he's too good and MYM are NOT racists. why do americans think with their asses ?
2010-04-15 21:41
2010-04-16 00:10
cs is not about country's .. if so you wont see big tournaments in ukrain or kazakhistan LOL
2010-04-16 13:50
hes got swedish citizenship i think, and what i meant by my post was that its not going to be Pita, Zet, or Jumpy who gets cut.
2010-04-15 00:04
i miss old zet :(
2010-04-15 01:14
they should kick jumpy, he suck so bad. yes he is igl but, seriusly he suck
2010-04-15 01:14
zet should retire
2010-04-15 01:26
<3 MYM, my fav team, better step it up again now.. zet >>>>>>>> over jumpy...zet doesn't play that bad, and when MYM goes to lan he does pretty amazing.. pita the new igl jumpy = coach 6man rotation would be gay
2010-04-15 02:01
good luck :)
2010-04-15 03:23
jumpy should leave the roaster imo, he looses too many important rounds as far as i've seen...
2010-04-15 03:46
zet is one of the best on this team..if anyone should retire...that is Jumpy.
2010-04-15 06:51
Maybe -Robban +Delpan and MyM +kHRYSTAL?
2010-04-15 07:22
Two theories: Jumpy or Zet leaves kHRYSTAL in DSN retires Delpan joins fnatic kHRYSTAL in MYM Seems pointless to have 3 awpers so one's gonna go (Delpan, FYRR73, kHRYSTAL)
2010-04-15 07:45
FYRR7E and kHRYSTAL are no 'instinct' awp'ers, Delpan is the only real awper in that team.
2010-04-15 12:11
since i'm a fnatic fan i'd rather see kHRYSTAL taking dsn's place. He's far better than delpan is.. sure dont hope that dsn leaves but since he's the swedish player whome been in top of the swedish pro's for the longest amount of time i'll say that's an possibility.
2010-04-16 13:03
on train it is good to have 3 awp =) + khrystal is such a good gun-man :D like HeatoN said : " Why should i take AWP when i can do the same thing with AK" :D something like that is kHRYSTAL :D
2010-08-03 11:36
kHRYSTAL before that was in SK?
2010-04-15 08:03
no, he was in a mix team called "SharkGaming" & before this was in SK ;p
2010-04-15 09:21
- limita pita
2010-04-15 08:18
i think that khrysta will replace pita, but its just my quess :)
2010-04-15 09:09
jumpy is igl for everyone whos crying for them to cut him. silly move that would be unless snajdan was eager for a return to CS in mym :P 3 guys very skilled with awp, fyrr13 khrystal and delpan! :P hope to see this pans out good
2010-04-15 09:27
I hope Jumpy goes out but I'm afraid it will be zet ooorr pita
2010-04-15 09:48
jumpy or pita out
2010-04-15 09:50
Let's hope Delpan replaces threat in fnatic :>
2010-04-15 10:14
Delpan to SK - walle + delpan
2010-04-15 11:38
would be sweet!
2010-04-15 12:09
i'd rather see moddii in.. fnatic.MSi: f0rest cArn GeT_RiGhT dsn moddii that team would be sweet
2010-04-16 13:05
Jumpy out 100%
2010-04-15 11:37
nope :D
2010-08-03 11:37
really doubt it's zet. Most likely it will be jumpy
2010-04-15 11:38
Pita for sure
2010-04-15 12:35
only thing i can say about mym is that Delphan is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY good.
2010-04-15 12:53
it would only be zet if he has decided to retire because of lost motivation etc. he is by far the most experienced player in the team. he's won major titles, been #1 in the world, while the others are only new to international cs... veterans dont get kicked by newbies, they leave if they feel like it
2010-04-15 13:12
veterans dont get kicked by newbies, they leave if they feel like it Haha, well said :D
2010-04-15 14:22
Agree :)
2010-04-15 14:43
lol a lineup with 3 very good awp players. intersting.
2010-04-15 15:17
remember when WEW/GX (Week End Warriors - US WEST) would play with 5 people AWP on train. That shit was nasty NUGKA !
2010-04-15 16:02
I think zet.. he is a good player yes, but not as good as he was when he played in NiP, he was very good, but not anymore
2010-04-15 16:21
hey zet whatsup what the hell are you doing in MYM, you had a good tournament in Dubai now you sucks please let your place to MODDII he have better potential, & if you wish a good futur to your mates/friends leave the team or please play alot & improve your aim & playing style :>
2010-04-15 18:39
jumpy bye :P
2010-04-15 19:57
Portugal wakens 
maybe jumpy out
2010-04-15 20:11
kHRYSTAL > SK-Gaming
2010-04-15 20:25
stupid man!
2010-04-16 11:19
true though
2010-04-16 13:06
2010-04-15 20:37
"MYM på SM zet pita Delpan FYRR73 kHRYSTAL" Translation: MYMs lineup at SM Source: Also states FYRR73 will take over as IGL.
2010-04-15 21:06
Can FYRR73 overcome this role ?
2010-04-15 21:12
South Africa kHYRR73 
yes he can, watch some POV demos of MYM with fyr73..he was bearing up whole team, and telling what to do.. :O
2010-04-16 13:51
Lol you cb players :D It's zet whos giving way to khrys, not jumpy. Concode did better than the current MYM has ever done, so it's jumpy or zet. Both should go, that's obvious, but for future games Jumpy is a lot more valuable than zet is. Source destroyed zet as it did the whole NA cs scene
2010-04-15 21:29
it was not source's fault. it's the americans fault. zet got infected with american bad-at-cs-virus. he will never be the same.
2010-04-15 21:44
zet is better than jumpy..way better
2010-04-16 13:42
jumpy out, pita or zet needs to take over IGL or there going to fail
2010-04-15 21:51
ye zet making the calls and yelling stuff at the opponents at the same time :P lol chaos
2010-04-15 22:02
nice news))) gl MYM
2010-04-16 07:57
6 players?? lol
2010-04-16 11:18
so many snipers! :(
2010-04-16 11:19
I don't think that Jumpy is gonna out because of his nickname last match (JumpyROFL). I think the "ROFL" is for the people who said that he must go out. I'm not sure I just think so,maybe I'm wrong x]
2010-04-16 13:54
f0rest | 
Belgium kriaNk 
Great move, go kHRYSTAL! :)
2010-04-16 15:41
great team
2010-04-17 17:19
Romania kinoN 
- zet
2010-08-03 10:45
2010-08-03 11:33
Lithuania omq 
you noob you woken up old thread...
2011-01-06 17:03
Time: 2010-04-14 21:30
2011-01-06 17:37
good line up
2010-08-03 10:47
2010-08-03 11:33
Poland Pab 
fail :DD
2010-08-03 13:10
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