Arbalet reveals global changes

The organizers behind Arbalet Cup have announced global changes to its series; more cups, structure changes and development plans.

Year 2010 has been a great year so far, especially because of all the Arbalet Cups which has given us plenty of viewer excitement and thrill. Up till now a total of nine tournaments have been held, whereas the Arbalet Arena Female Cup will start tomorrow. Let's take a look at the tournaments that have been held so far this year:

Arbalet Cup - Asia, 30-31st of January
Arbalet Cup - PRESS ON FIRE!, 13th of February
Arbalet Cup - CIS, 14th of February
Arbalet Cup - Kazakhstan, 20-21st of March
Arbalet Cup - Russia, 27-28th of March
Arbalet Cup - Ukraine, 3rd of April
Arbalet Cup - Best of 4, 9-11th of April
Arbalet Cup - CIS, 25th of April
Arbalet Cup - Arena Female Cup, 1-3rd of May 

In addition, over twelve qualifiers have been held in the different CIS countries. Taking the last two tournaments into account, a total of $184,250 has been given out. And this is only the prize money. 

The Arbalet family 

The Arbalet Cup organizers have now announced a new format, schedule and a massive increase in prize money in all their coming tournaments this year.

1. The Arbalet Cups have reached international status and will therefor allow any international team wishing to participate do so. 

2. All tournaments will take place in an open format, but will feature a limited total number of participants at the final stage (16 or 32). Decided by qualifiers and invitations. 

3. Tournament names will be determined by the host city. For example, Arbalet Cup Stockholm, Arbalet Cup Moscow. 

4. When a tournament features sixteen teams, there will be prize money for every team, to serve as a motivation boost for participants.

5. Teams will have to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation, meals etc. on their own behalf. The organizers will now focus on achieving maximum quality of the tournaments. Also, as long as the organizers do not pay for any travel or accommodation expenses, the prize pool will increase. 

The organizers also hope to help CIS teams on their way to a higher profesional level and give them valuable experience against international teams. 

6. Arbalet Cup is heading to the USA. Next up will be an annual tournament on U.S. soil.

Let's take a look at the impressive tournament schedule:

"Arbalet Cup Dallas" will be held in the Summer, once a year.
Number of teams: 32. Prize fund: $80,000

Prize distribution:

1. $25,000
2. $15,000
3. $10,000
4. $7,000
5-6. $3,500
7-8. $2,000
9-16. $1,500 

"Arbalet Cup Stockholm" will be held twice a year, May and November.
Number of teams: 32. Prize fund: $65,000

Prize distribution:

1. $20,000
2. $15,000
3. $10,000
4. $5,000
5-6. $2,000
7-8. $1,500
9-16. $1,000

"Arbalet Cup Kiev/Moscow" will be held three times a year, in February April and October.
Number of teams: 32. Prize fund: $42,200 

Prize distribution:

1. $15,000
2. $10,000
3. $5,000
4. $3,000
5-6. $1,300
7-8. $900
9-16. $600 

"Arbalet Cup Female" will be held twice a year, Spring and Autumn.
Number of teams: 16. Prize fund: $42,200

Prize distribution

1. $10,000
2. $7,000
3. $5,000
4. $3,000
5-6. $2,300
7-8. $1,500
9-16. $1,200 

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the expanding Arbalet tournaments.

If this was Arbalet's facebook status, everyone should definitely "Like" it.
2010-04-30 19:34
18 replies
i agree
2010-04-30 19:43
2010-04-30 20:01
disagree, Arbalet Cup Dallas is not good cup... Of course, not because Dallas host this cup... Because it is very expensive for some superb teams with their organisations(which not rich as fnatic or SK, or ...) Furthemore, Prize Pool 80.000$ and for first place - 25.000$ is not best decision. Teams are playing for the first place, they need FIRST PLACE, not 9-16(for 1,500$)... So...
2010-04-30 20:13
13 replies
And what about the US teams... shouldn't they get a chance to attend these tournaments, maybe?
2010-04-30 20:24
4 replies
exactly, US needs more tournaments with REAL prize money. i mean, at least by the looks of it, basically all they got is ESEA and the prize money there is a joke compared to $80,000. great initiative by mr arbalet, he's really a pioneer for CS all around the globe, trying his best to evolve the gaming scenes where it's needed.
2010-04-30 21:02
Of course, yes. But, as well, this tournament means not only American teams, right? However, 24 teams will be from another countries.
2010-04-30 22:56
2 replies
Whoever wants to join, as stated, can. But of course, when it is hosted in the US, it is likely to believe that several US teams will attend. :)
2010-04-30 23:08
1 reply
But, as well, we will see their results, and i strongly believe, that some American teams(except eg\col) can make a good result. Thanks for interesting discussion :S
2010-04-30 23:19
Iceland alex!
They're not aiming for the european teams such as fnatic, sk and Na´Vi. They're aiming for small clans in the U.S and the most known clans in the U.S like EG and coL. You are mistaken by the whole Arbalet Cup Dallas ;)
2010-04-30 21:21
7 replies
No. You aren't right. It's not their target. Small teams, not such as EG or Col can't win famous teams, so it's just trip for 9-16 places. But they still have "better hand", cause timezone. So, it's only my opinion, and sorry for my bad english. ;)
2010-04-30 22:59
6 replies
Iceland alex!
You still dont get it...
2010-04-30 23:01
3 replies
Maybe, but i tried express my opinion, which is not popular, so i know, that many people think that I am just envy or something like that. Thanks for discussion.
2010-04-30 23:05
2 replies
As posted, there is already going to be alot of tournaments in Ukraine and Russia, hes just trying to spread it across to farther regions such as the US. That way there is a tournament in many of the popular regions, Asia(Kiev and Moscow), Europe(Stockholm), and now Dallas USA. And as for the prizes for the lower ranked teams, that will just encourage teams who know they dont have a shot at beating top teams now, but if they practice and stay motivated, maybe some day they can challenge for a top spot, instead of giving up and quitting CS like alot of people do.
2010-05-01 03:47
1 reply
2010-05-01 09:54
The goal is to do what they did in Russia and Ukraine which is to build the competition back up. When I began to play in the states 8 years ago CS was at its peak and there were tournaments all over the place. The CPL twice a year gave teams something to play for and in turn it makes the competition between teams better. Having a big tournament come back to the US helps motivate the play again and will help CS regain some of what was lost in recent years. It's not about having all the European teams fly over to the states. Arbalet wants to expand and help the CS community as a whole. What they have been doing has helped save CS and I hope they continue to expand. They seem to have good intentions and do things the right way. Great job Arbalet!
2010-05-01 08:36
1 reply
this is spot-on. NA CS has been struggling because there has been nothing for the smaller teams to work towards. ESEA has helped with this dramatically, but a tournament like this will only help to boost the competition even more
2010-05-04 22:11
Me gusta ^^ I hope the others tournaments learn from Arbalet, really good news here.
2010-04-30 20:15
Haha so true
2010-04-30 20:16
nice news
2010-04-30 19:35
Omg, Arbalet Dallas o_o' Reminds me something XD
2010-04-30 19:36
Ok, really sick!
2010-04-30 19:37
this is sick really...very nice... very nice...arbalet saves CS!
2010-04-30 19:38
1 reply
2010-04-30 20:55
2010-04-30 19:39
they look more like asians than russians :D
2010-04-30 19:39
2 replies
well, Arbalet is Kazakh, not Russian. kazakhs do look like asians. I believe Arbalet is the man on the left on this photo.
2010-04-30 19:44
1 reply
yep Arbalet is the man in the left corner,next to him his wife
2010-04-30 19:58
2010-04-30 19:40
arbalet is such a generous person
2010-04-30 19:40
2010-04-30 19:41
2 replies
If you are interested in winning these cups and want a team- you know where to find me.
2010-04-30 20:05
1 reply
2010-05-27 19:47
Arbalet,u're the man forget about WCG/ESWC - Arbalet cups to rule the world! =)
2010-04-30 19:41
this guy is the best thing that ever happened to esport
2010-04-30 19:42
wOw ! From where do they get so much Money : D
2010-04-30 19:42
12 replies
Thats not even much to be honest :s
2010-04-30 19:50
11 replies
It is, Nixon said that he doesn't make any profit on this.
2010-04-30 20:08
2 replies
United Kingdom hArdLad
Money R he does get profit, ever heard of sponsors? Why would ge invest smething if he doesnt get it back???
2010-05-01 02:04
1 reply
because he has money to burn and he really likes cs?
2010-05-01 11:07
For rich boy who's daddy's boy, can you believe that it is not much money
2010-04-30 20:09
7 replies
He is some random business guy , who owns an oil company maybe or something like that i don't know and he likes e-Sport :) Those 184,250 $ doesen't mean anything if he is really rich :P
2010-04-30 21:10
6 replies
This 184,250 $ sum is only prize money, while other expenses are several times bigger
2010-04-30 21:44
4 replies
lol? expenses pay those who arrenges tournaments. arbalet just throwing money for prize purse.
2010-04-30 23:12
2 replies
u are wrong, Arbalet pay for all travels, eat, hotels, medals, tropheys, game clubs rent and organizators salary. information from gameinside.
2010-05-01 00:23
No. He pays a lot more than what the public eye sees.
2010-05-01 14:09
My point being , that if he is giving the community that much cash , he has a lot of money.
2010-05-01 00:09
2010-05-01 11:08
niice =)
2010-04-30 19:46
2010-04-30 19:47
God save this man
2010-04-30 19:48
Arbalet never ceases to amaze people !!!!! Thank You Murat!!
2010-04-30 19:50
insane oO
2010-04-30 19:51
sick :D i cant tell more about it
2010-04-30 19:51
wOw~ Arbalet Dallas that will be huge :) Like a CPL event ! So nice:PPP I hope that Arbalet Dallas will have all the teams around the world starting with USA and ending with China :PP
2010-04-30 19:51
2010-04-30 19:53
Should we say scene saver?
2010-04-30 19:55
2 replies
2010-05-01 10:17
2010-05-08 17:51
Love the 'Dallas' initiative. Superb stuff from Arbalet as always!
2010-04-30 19:59
God save this man [2]
2010-04-30 19:59
Arbalet me love =]
2010-04-30 20:00
1 reply
2010-04-30 20:10
wow. respect arbalet. he is the only one who has money and supports esports. thanks
2010-04-30 20:00
2010-04-30 20:00
nice for community I expect this to be nice for Mr. Arbalet too.
2010-04-30 20:02
WOW! Big news.
2010-04-30 20:03
arbalet > wcg or eswc :D
2010-04-30 20:04
1 reply
I think Arbalet > all cs tournaments
2010-04-30 20:17
Hong Kong Iky
arbalet is becoming the new big cup to get, they are beginning to rule the cs challenges. which is a good thing
2010-04-30 20:13
2010-04-30 20:16
thank you Mr. Arbalet!
2010-04-30 20:17
Looks a lot like the CPL World Tour, which is awesome.
2010-04-30 20:20
ROFL! I like this Arbalet guy :) Well done Sir!
2010-04-30 20:21
Arbalet is the MAN.
2010-04-30 20:22
new CPL? :) Yeeah, Arbalet Cups will be like WCG or ESWC or IEM soon. This is really very nice. GJ.
2010-04-30 20:23
china event should be the next stop, china you can make events with many spectators and tv coverage, good for the sponsors.
2010-04-30 20:26
2 replies
Hope they read your comment. China would be the next step for sure, profit will be successful even for such an inversion.
2010-04-30 20:39
+1000 This would be great decision.
2010-04-30 21:20
Arbalet > Threat
2010-04-30 20:29
1 reply
hahaha :DD
2010-04-30 22:32
arbalet new cpl thanks MR.ARBALET!
2010-04-30 20:30
Crazy :)
2010-04-30 20:34
ARBALET MUST BE THE LEET KING IN DISGUISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-04-30 20:37
Thx Mr.Arbalet! You are the scene saver and thx a lot!Keep up working it :P Respect
2010-04-30 20:38
good news for esports!
2010-04-30 20:39
Arbalet > all :D very nice
2010-04-30 20:44
love you mr arbalet <3
2010-04-30 20:48
he is a generous man! there is no chance he's making profit on these tournaments and everyone knows that :p
2010-04-30 20:48
good news .
2010-04-30 20:49
1 reply
Good news? You didn't even red this
2010-04-30 20:52
Thanks Arbalet for everyting, eSport is going to biggest level with your help
2010-04-30 20:56
the best thing is that any team can attend any his tournament (expect female)!! I was quite bored of all this CIS Tournaments, so... THIS IS JUST GREAT!
2010-04-30 21:06
Those prizes are gonna awake the scene for good. :D
2010-04-30 21:10
wow this stuff is amazing.....likes it....
2010-04-30 21:14
K1CK > Arablet
2010-04-30 21:18
Iceland alex!
Hmm, they're 5, maybe they should start a clan? :D
2010-04-30 21:22
2 replies
they played at Arbalet Cup Kazachstan agains press (how i remember) =) so yes, they can create a clan =))
2010-05-01 00:26
1 reply
They did and we lost one game and won one game.
2010-05-04 00:49
arbalet family? wth? i thought it was some kind of company, not a family :P:P
2010-04-30 21:22
1 reply
Mr Arbalet is millioner loving esport, not company :)
2010-04-30 22:02
I think they should keep an eye on the teams that can not afford the travel expenses setting up some sort of "support program".
2010-04-30 21:23
2 replies
2010-04-30 22:00
very well said!
2010-05-01 02:35
Omg, Thats why I love cs !! Long life Mr. Arbalet, you do a great job for all cs lovers, keep up the good work, can't wait to se these tournaments, maybe LIVE HOPE SO !! <3
2010-04-30 21:24
2010-04-30 21:24
very nice <3 arbalet :)
2010-04-30 21:32
so sick arbalet
2010-04-30 21:33
Holy fuck, if they combine all of that into one it will be almost 400,000$ per year event! I just want to see more leagues like that , just amazing go bill gates spons the event :D
2010-04-30 21:36
2010-04-30 21:41
Arbalet Tournaments, KODE5, WEM, EM V and EM V Global Changes, WCG, ESWC, may be CPL and other :) Very good 2010 year for CS :)
2010-04-30 21:58
2 replies
Should be more like Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, Arbalet Tournaments, KODE5, WEM, EM V and EM V Global Changes, WCG, ESWC, may be CPL and other :) Very good 2010 year for CS :)
2010-05-01 02:47
1 reply
2010-05-01 06:54
Arbalet Cup Beijing or Seoul need
2010-04-30 21:59
1 reply
Asia teams can attend Kiev/Moscow, since there not many teams to pay attention to
2010-04-30 22:08
w0w, arbalet really make top event and one of the best :)
2010-04-30 22:02
I admire his dedication in keeping esports alive.
2010-04-30 22:10
wow there will be never a dull Month in e-sports with combination of Dreamhack , ESWC , WCG , WEM , EM , Kode5 , and IOL .. great move Arbalet this is like CPL/WSVG on steroids... 5. Teams will have to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation, meals etc. on their own behalf. did they cover travel and board previously?
2010-04-30 22:18
1 reply
2010-05-01 10:02
2010-04-30 22:33
Horosho Arbalet :)
2010-04-30 22:47
3 replies
Iceland alex!
What's up with the ukrainian flag this time? ;)
2010-04-30 23:01
1 reply
he's in Kiev again - apparently he likes it :P
2010-05-01 11:08
ahaha ukranian Nix :D
2010-04-30 23:40
GooD Job This Is the best cup of cs I Love Arabelet :D
2010-04-30 23:12
Amazing. Nothing else to say I guess. Arbalet is probably the best thing that happened to CS since... well... uhhh... in for ever.
2010-04-30 23:33
AMAZING! Arbalet is a hero to the cs community :D <3 arbalet!!!
2010-04-30 23:37
love arbalet love navi
2010-04-30 23:50
I hope it's not wierd to say, i love Arbalet, really, I do.
2010-05-01 00:04
this is amazing ! lol just what the U.S. needs :D
2010-05-01 00:43
Arbalet FTW!
2010-05-01 01:09
who is Arbalet? anyone?
2010-05-01 02:04
wow :o
2010-05-01 02:42
good news
2010-05-01 03:13
thats awesome stuff guys, ARBALET AUSTRALIA?
2010-05-01 06:04
1 reply
Arbalet Greece? haha
2010-05-01 22:06
2010-05-01 07:04
arbalet female = waste of money
2010-05-01 07:14
1 reply
2010-05-01 10:54
I wonder how he got acquainted with cs. Did he play it previously??
2010-05-01 07:58
i didn't read the article, but this dude is doing good shit for the scene so thanks! so much top cs to watch nowdays but the real reason I am posting is to say.... got milf?
2010-05-01 08:16
Arbalet is to CS now what CPL was in the very beginning... Arbalet Asia anyone? :) Host it somewhere in Singapore and even Australian teams can join in...would be a great tournament!
2010-05-01 08:24
omg nice
2010-05-01 09:42
2010-05-01 10:50
amazing, arbalet 2g
2010-05-01 12:43
After Na'Vi & Zeus, i think its time you guys made an interview about Mr. Arbalet. What say guys?
2010-05-01 13:10
Sweden Vilseledd
arbalet godsent :P
2010-05-01 13:44
Arbalet n1 <3
2010-05-01 14:17
CS is lucky to get such a nice foster parent after the CPL fucked up and left :D The next step should be around the teams. I want to see a Counter-Strike club in every town, getting local support. At least in sweden there's more CS players than football and hockey combined (we aren't at the top for nothing :D) so getting the "movement" started seems very plausible.
2010-05-01 14:43
Good luck for arbalet
2010-05-01 15:22
ilove this man
2010-05-01 15:32
Arbalet - megakaban.
2010-05-01 16:22
Arbalet Sri Lanka or Arbalet South Asia please :(
2010-05-01 17:07
Arbalet > cpl
2010-05-01 20:05
2010-05-01 22:08
yeah :) this is AMAZING thank you Murat:)
2010-05-01 23:40
this is the man!
2010-05-02 03:01
YEAH IT's very very NICE !
2010-05-02 12:00
Arbalet FTW!
2010-05-03 09:08
Arbalet thanks
2010-05-03 14:59
Russia AR4ER
Arbalet is a MAN ! ;)
2010-05-03 15:11
Well that Brazil would receive a qualifying
2010-05-03 23:26
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