dboorN: "As prepared as we can be"

We sat down with compLexity member Derek "dboorN" Boorn ahead of Arbalet Cup Europe and posed him some questions about the coming tournaments.

compLexity have been confirmed as one of the 14 teams on show at Arbalet Cup Europe, which will take place from 14-16 May at Inferno Online in Stockholm.

The American team, who recently confirmed a total of three changes to their roster, were crowned CEVO-P champions last month after thrashing Evil Geniuses 2-0 in the final, with 16-5 and 16-3 the map scores.

In this exclusive interview with HLTV.org, Boorn discusses his team's chances prior to a very busy month, in which coL will be involved in three different fronts in Europe.

Looking back at the old compLexity team, what do you think that was wrong with it and lead to its release after a fourth-place finish at ESEA?

I would say our placings had little to do with the disbandment of our team as much as our inconsistency with rosters did. Replacing hero had to of been one of the poorest decision we could have made. That's not a knock on impulsivE as much as it is praise about hero. Not only is his skill top notch but the bonds we had formed with him and the chemistry, along with teamwork, we had gained playing alongside him for such a long period of time was something you were just not able to mimic. With such a short time-span between our roster change and these tournaments, our team wasn't where we wanted it to be. We were all on different pages in-game and it really showed. There was a lack of motivation and just an overall feeling that things weren't quite right.

Soon after returning to coL and switching three players, your team went on to win CEVO-P in convincing fashion against EG. Did you expect such an easy final?

Not in the least bit. EG flipped the script and has had our number for quite some time now to the point where the matches weren't even close and I'd say quite uneventful to watch from a spectator standpoint. Going into the CEVOp finals we relied a lot more on the teamwork and chemistry we developed because we had gone over very little tactics hoping not to script our game before we got accustomed to each other.

After that victory, would you rank your team above EG in the United States right now?

Being the best team in North America is a title that earns you little to nothing. I can speak for EG as well when I say that being in the top spot in the USA is microscopic in proportion to our goals of placing well consistently internationally. Not to downplay it to a point where we don't care about it, but we just have higher aspirations in more of a global sense. The EG and coL rivalry will always be there but I'd much rather both teams make a bigger splash overseas. If trying to rank us in North America, three online matches definitely doesn't move us to that top spot but it's definitely nice to recreate the rivalry as it wasn't much of one there for a bit.

Your team will have a very busy month in Europe ahead, competing in Arbalet Cup Europe, IOL Finals and DreamHack Summer. What are your thoughts on these tournaments?

What a relief it is to finally be able to compete in tournaments as well as bootcamp. This is something we've been looking forward to for quite some time. We're also hoping for an ESWC invite (hinthint) so that we can possibly schedule another "tour" in Europe as I believe it's the following weekend after DreamHack. This Arbalet circuit is something every Counter-Strike player should be applauding. He is solely responsible for reviving the game worldwide out of his own pocket. This is something we should all be beyond grateful for.

The first one, Arbalet Cup, will most likely pose itself as the hardest of the three. What are your goals for this event?

I'd agree with your ranking for the tournaments but we have the same goal for all of them. That goal is to play to our potential and control what is in our power. As long as we go out and play our game, I think we'll be just fine.

How has your team been practicing for this tournament?

Although it's unfortunate that we weren't able to bootcamp prior to the event as I had to take my finals early to even go to the tournament itself, we'll be as prepared as we can be coming in. A little bitter sweet that we're getting the bootcamp AFTER one of the biggest tournaments of the year to fix our mistakes and not prior, but beggers can't be choosers! All of us have had experience in European tournaments now (even if I'm still a newb) and I think our confidence and overall bond as a team is going to pay dividends for us.

The first real test for your new team will come now, against European sides. How do you think that your team will fare?

I think we're all extremely excited for this opportunity and looking forward to it. This is one of the more skilled lineups that I've been on in my career and I think each player improves when it comes to LAN. No matter the outcome, I know we're going to enjoy ourselves and learn as much from this experience as we can because it is impossible to replicate a European environment here in the states.

compLexity have been picked as one of the candidates for estars Seoul 2010, but as we speak, your team has picked up just 6.45% of votes. Do you still hope you will be one of the three most voted teams?

Do I hope? Of course but, I'm a realist. The actual chance of us getting voted in with those prestigious teams is very slim. It would be an awesome feat but I don't think we've proven our worth enough to validate us getting voted in. Maybe our fan base will be as dedicated as emuLate's once was and get us a spot, guess you guys will just have to wait and find out! ;)

Are there any other events that your team plan on attending in the coming months?

Arbalet Dallas, ESWC Paris and WCG USA are three events that I know of that are outside the "normal" LANs here in the USA. Obviously the WCG and Arbalet events are held here in North America but they're not the average local LAN type setting. We're looking to attend and compete at every LAN over the summer and throughout the year so if any of the tournament organizers are reading, we'd love an invite! :D

I'd also like to thank and bring light to all of our great sponsors who make trips like this, and trips in the future, a possibility. Much appreciation goes out to Creative, QPAD, G8 Clothing and XFX. Also a huge thank you to all of our fans and supporters, it doesn't go unnoticed. Also, of course, the usual shout out to Ally :). Thanks for reading and I hope I didn't bore you to death. Tune into the following weeks to come and hopefully we won't disappoint!

2010-05-10 23:58
good stuff dboorn! great interview.
2010-05-10 23:58
At least I voted for compLexity. :(
2010-05-11 00:01
5 replies
Second that. Great interview.
2010-05-11 00:33
i alway knew pus could spot talent, u did the right thing :) how come u guy not respect this coL lineup with all mad fragger.
2010-05-11 17:14
3 replies
I hope and think they can do serious damage. Can't wait for Arbalet Cup Europe to kick off! :-D
2010-05-11 17:29
2 replies
ahh u read my mind pus :D
2010-05-11 17:33
1 reply
Great minds think alike, my friend ;)
2010-05-11 19:14
I think they'll do great
2010-05-11 00:01
ready to get destroyed by european top tiers :E
2010-05-11 00:04
"As prepared as we can be" = 8-16 place
2010-05-11 00:08
5 replies
"As prepared as we can be" = 8-16 place nice try but this is an american top team not a serbia top team so there always the possibility of winning it all.This is not the same coL team so stop hating.
2010-05-11 17:32
4 replies
he is from bosnia tard omg
2010-05-11 18:13
Nice education :) They always expect something, but haven't won anything since 3D disbanded. That's reality.
2010-05-11 18:37
2 replies
cyx | 
United States NeZiX
Actually, sir, compLexity did well internationally long after 3D disbanded. During the 3D coL rivalry it was almost always coL that came out on top. To say that 3D was the last succesful US team is absurd.
2010-05-11 22:45
1 reply
3D vs coL rivalry! That alone sounds ridiculous. Name 1 bigger international event (and no, winning against EG is not an international event) coL won in the last...let's say...2 years ? Let's make it 3 just to make it more fun.
2010-05-11 23:29
I just can't wait for Arbalet Europe to start , can't wait for some disappointment , for some big surprises :D Not so cool interview though , the questions weren't quite cool :D goodluck though coL :)
2010-05-11 00:10
i predict na vi to speed hack on lan
2010-05-11 00:16
always nice to watch another gamestyle on big lans. WMF, EG,coL and tyloo go!
2010-05-11 00:20
1 reply
TyLoo aren't attending :( But <3 TyLoo :D
2010-05-11 00:54
if dboorn can pull that nonsense he does in the states overseas ill have a new respect for him however i remember herotown being the 1st american team to take down mtw i believe it was x3o with ninespot , so this new combination is going to be interesting with evolution who has experience beating fnatic and others.
2010-05-11 00:27
gl :)
2010-05-11 00:31
i still think <3 EG but gl and hf
2010-05-11 01:00
Peekay wishes coL all the best
2010-05-11 01:11
this coL will go long way....i can easily seee....too much of skill
2010-05-11 02:45
im expecting good things
2010-05-11 02:54
EG will stand above coL again once they get some more euro boot camping. They get rusty very easily. Good luck to both teams though, I am a fan of both.
2010-05-11 04:08
3 replies
how is that relevant to the interview?
2010-05-11 14:32
2 replies
Because the question was posed in the interview as to who was the #1 NA team. Did you read the interview?
2010-05-11 18:16
1 reply
they asked 1 question regarding the #1 NA team, and dboorN just deflected it while giving respect to EG. let coL have their article without bringing up how EG was rusty in a match that took place like a month ago lol.
2010-05-11 20:18
i like'd the interview imo. gl to coL and wow you guys are doing a great job attending international events
2010-05-11 04:15
Russia hameleonus
<3 col. let see, maybe they can rock in Arbalet cup europe :D want to see match forze-vs-col, 2 my favorite teams (:
2010-05-11 05:29
they've got the raw talent to be an amazing team. i just hope the pieces fall into place and they're able to keep the emotions on the happy side
2010-05-11 05:35
dboorn, you're on my dreamteam. you better frag HARD
2010-05-11 06:58
Thanks for this MIRAA. Anyway, it would be cool to get interviews with teams that haven't been interviewed before, like ForZe, PinG, united, H2k. :P :)
2010-05-11 09:27
gl compLexity, > EG again!
2010-05-11 09:43
2010-05-11 10:10
<3 coL
2010-05-11 10:18
One of the best interview Iv heard nowadays, I also voted for coL i hope they will be the biggest suprise at those 3 tournaments, cmon americanos!
2010-05-11 11:34
Great interview, good luck guys.
2010-05-11 11:51
Good interview and good luck in Europe
2010-05-11 12:32
gl coL =)
2010-05-11 12:53
nice words.. gl :)
2010-05-11 12:58
great interview and nice reading, seems like a cool guy :). Go coL
2010-05-11 12:58
niice iview =)
2010-05-11 13:15
i want to see col again with iru and nine :( gl...
2010-05-11 13:34
7 replies
i dont think irukandji plays cs or even cares anymore
2010-05-11 15:31
6 replies
probably, i wouldnt blame him (Irukandji). he's definitely one of the best and most consistent players in the country, and he should honestly be on the current lineup, but for whatever reason they wanted him out. being on the same team since day 1 and getting released right when they're about to hit the international scene, there's not much incentive for him to play anymore. hes a great guy and player though.
2010-05-11 16:10
he is still in a esea invite team dont know exactly the name
2010-05-11 17:37
irukandji and ninespot play on the invite team TARDS. They actually beat coL's current lineup. esportsea.com/teams/31662
2010-05-11 18:21
3 replies
then TARDS lost the rest of their matches and coL beat EG again. esportsea.com/index.php?s=stats&d=match&..
2010-05-11 20:20
yeah no chit kid look at irukandjis profile and tell me when was the last time he played hes on the roster yea but why even argue about the scene when you obviously dont follow it? did you see him play a single match for them??
2010-05-12 04:23
1 reply
I don't have to watch him play, unless he's made a statement saying he no longer does then one can make the assumption(especially since he's still on a team) that he still carries some interest in playing. Talk more crap please.
2010-05-12 14:46
Hope they'll do good :) gl lads
2010-05-11 16:56
can't wait for the event to come, should be one of the better ones! btw, is there coming more iviews than this one?
2010-05-11 17:00
Gogogo coL !!! good luck guys!
2010-05-11 19:50
I love how none of the coL pictures are of their current roster
2010-05-11 23:09
1 reply
u mean they dont have their current roster cause they never played together on lan? hence no pic? i love how all of them have dboorn in it. all that matters.
2010-05-12 05:33
nice replies d., ur smarter that what i thought(WINK) ;)
2010-05-12 05:33
Great interview MIRRA!! i think theborN sems like a great guy! and his not cocky or anything over beating EG ALOT for yest a cuppel of months ago.. i watched the match, And the New Complexity lineup looks ReAly GREAT! but that was only one match! b03 so i cant realy say i know mutch about the new lineup! but i have stated that i think they can make a GREAT surprisse to many Top Europian teams in Arbalet cup! so GL HF Complexity :]
2010-05-12 18:54
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