GeT_RiGhT, markeloff scoop awards

fnatic star Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund and Na´Vi sniper Yegor "markeloff" Markelov were named Arbalet Cup Europe 2010 MVP and Best AWPer, respectively.

Alesund played an influential role in fnatic's winning campaign at Arbalet Cup Europe, picking up the tournament's top Kill/Death rating with 1.38.

GeT_RiGhT, MVP of the tournament

The former Giants member had been behind Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev for most of the tournament, but the Sweden international's display in the final, where he got 49 frags, helped him leapfrog the Ukrainian.

markeloff, Best AWPer of the tournament


Markelov faced stiff competition from Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov, Christoffer "Sunde" Sunde and Harley "dsn" Örwall for the AWP accolade, but it ended up being the Ukrainian, who picked up a total of 85 kills with the green weapon throughout the tournament, to claim the award.

no f0rest?
2010-05-16 17:16
9 replies
f0rest deserves a special price : Hacker award! This guy is so amazing :)
2010-05-16 17:43
4 replies
totally agree:)
2010-05-16 18:15
2 replies
m2 :)
2010-05-16 18:25
1 reply
no aimbot can match against the heady aim of f0rest :D
2010-05-16 18:30
2010-05-19 03:02
Agree with you 100/100 to bad 4 Da King :(
2010-05-16 18:38
I really think f0rest being able to raise his game in the finals was the key to fnatic winning. Felt as he had mindblowingly many key entry frags in the finals. That said, get_right performed throughout the tournament and definitely deserves the MVP!
2010-05-16 19:01
2 replies
too bad half the maps navi played were inferno on which markeloff barely uses the awp at all, lol. gtr truely deserves this award, such an amazing fragger. but you have to feel bad for forest, he plays great all tournament, albeit a level under get_right in terms of stats.... but then in the grand final, against the hardest, most hyped team out there and forest steps up to the level get_right was playing and gtr drops to playing second fiddle to forest. I guess all-in-all, as it has been for the past 4 years, forest brings his absolute best game to the grand final in order to get fnatic over the line for the bizillionth time. he is the definition of clutch, always steps his game up in the biggest situations.
2010-05-17 15:38
1 reply
n1 ;)
2010-05-19 09:17
WTF DUMBEST THING I EVER HEARD F0rest was/were a beaaast out there.
2010-05-16 17:17
11 replies
During the final yes, but check the overall stats... GeT_RiGhT was on top.
2010-05-16 17:34
2 replies
stats doesnt say it all. f0rest did most of the importand kills when they needed it the most. Im not saying gtr dont desurve it...
2010-05-16 18:20
1 reply
Agree, somebody got a count of the number of entry frags he had?
2010-05-16 19:05
If you watched GTR, then u see he played abit better this tournament . But yes f0rest was a beast, but only in the semi-final, and final .
2010-05-16 17:36
7 replies
yeah only when its the most important :D thats not a mvp at all :D
2010-05-16 17:52
6 replies
Every thing is important in this tournament mate ;D
2010-05-16 18:00
5 replies
yeah well but you see f0rest and dsn raised their game today i kinda think thats what was important for their win :D
2010-05-16 18:05
4 replies
dsn's awp in the final was terrible :p
2010-05-16 18:33
3 replies
not the awp mate he played really well speacially during 1vx clutch rounds...
2010-05-16 18:55
1 reply
His AWP on A-site on D2 has always been terrible while defending towards the catwalk. The finals no exception. Besides that I think he performed above his usual self in the finals and together with f0rest and gtr were fnatics keys to winning the games.
2010-05-16 19:03
awp was terrible but ak/colt was awesome =]
2010-05-16 19:25
2010-05-16 17:17
nice:) great games both teams! \o/
2010-05-16 17:17
Get_right is deserve.
2010-05-16 17:17
xD <3 GR + markeloff xD
2010-05-16 17:17
2 replies
on this cup Sunde > marik, but on final dd2 marik was amazing awp
2010-05-16 19:08
You don't have to bold your text in every comment, we can see it.
2010-05-16 20:05
I want Sunde
2010-05-16 17:17
expected imo
2010-05-16 17:17
I think gtr & markeloff really deserved it
2010-05-16 17:17
Wise and nice award distribution ! Markeloff sick awping in de_train..still dsntw great skills! GG fnatic =D
2010-05-16 17:18
Sunde > markeloff
2010-05-16 17:18
2 replies
you didnt see markeloff play at the grand final, did you?
2010-05-16 17:30
Sunde =< merkel :D
2010-05-16 17:46
Deserved for sure, f0rest didn't play good at the first day.
2010-05-16 17:18
5 replies
yeh and anyways he played with both awp and rifles during the tournament, so it's logicial that he was not the best in these categories
2010-05-16 17:24
4 replies
Exactly, and he knows he's one of the best anyway. He's been awarded alot :) time for a "newcomer" to be awarded imo
2010-05-16 17:25
3 replies
Times for newcomes and that´s why he underperforms? Hmm..
2010-05-16 18:09
2 replies
No, I don't know why he played "bad" at the first day of the event. I know that it's good that f0rest wasn't awarded though, because newcomers should be awarded too.
2010-05-16 19:24
1 reply
Yep, now I will agree with you :) Peace.
2010-05-19 23:11
you need to consider it globally, not only final
2010-05-16 17:20
GEt Right is a beast!! DSN is a great AWper!!
2010-05-16 17:21
Fox > markeloff :/
2010-05-16 17:21
as far as i could see both GTR ant f0rest were amazing, but IMHO f0rest achieved more clutch rounds and helped fnatic win a title. Sometimes K:D rating isn't a factor :)
2010-05-16 17:22
5 replies
your a wiseman
2010-05-16 17:25
IMO* what does the "h" stand for?
2010-05-16 17:43
2 replies
2010-05-16 17:48
2010-05-16 18:06
Looking at the tournament as a whole gtr definitely deserved it. f0rest actually played pretty bad in the group stages and didn't raise his game until the semifinals and the finals. And while there it's hard to say who was more clutch. Only looking at the finals I would probably lean towards f0rest though.
2010-05-16 19:06
i think gtr were better than f0rest IN THIS TOURNAMENT, he deserved it
2010-05-16 17:22
Singapore Nephalith
Errr I think f0rest is more deserving although he had lower K/D ratio than GTR. K/D doesn't mean a thing. f0rest is an impact player, getting crucial kills and plenty of 1 v x's.
2010-05-16 17:22
f0rest was MVP in the final (or maybe dsn) but taking the whole tournament into account, gtr clearly is.
2010-05-16 17:23
I think GTR and Markelov deserved their awards. Sunde was good with awp in just a couple of matches.
2010-05-16 17:23
get_right way too good
2010-05-16 17:24
nice markeloff
2010-05-16 17:24
gg marik... sick
2010-05-16 17:24
Denmark mindgames
Huh? Sunde > *
2010-05-16 17:25
i'd share the MVP award between forest and GTR) but actually GTR was playing through all the tournament, and forest woke up at the second groupstage)
2010-05-16 17:25
Its much sick Friis played 3 matches and shoot 49 with awp.
2010-05-16 17:25
1 reply
Just wow :o
2010-05-16 19:07
f0rest =S
2010-05-16 17:27
2010-05-16 17:28
whats mean mvp :s ?
2010-05-16 17:28
1 reply
Most Valuable Player
2010-05-16 17:33
pasha awp > all @UP Most Valuable Player
2010-05-16 17:29
1 reply
Go to sleep.
2010-05-16 17:31
before final sunde was best awp but crazy kills in final decide all xD
2010-05-16 17:29
GTR and f0rest deserves it both....and if delpan had a better team he would win the awp award :).
2010-05-16 17:32
GTR is a noob who listen to Lady Gaga (OMG). F0rest deserved on this prize! :(
2010-05-16 17:32
6 replies
how do you know? :P
2010-05-16 17:33
1 reply
I saw his profile @ :D
2010-05-16 17:35
lady gaga rocks :>
2010-05-16 17:44
1 reply
2010-05-16 18:16
and you are a man who hate him because you think that he is gay
2010-05-16 18:36
1 reply
Haha noo what a fail!! I don't mind if he's a gay. I'm tollerant so please don't judge me if You don't know me okay?
2010-05-16 18:51
2010-05-16 17:32
threat should be given an award for not sucking :P (it's a compliment, don't flame)
2010-05-16 17:32
2 replies
I wouldn't really be happy if I got that award :D
2010-05-16 17:34
1 reply
true :DD
2010-05-16 17:49
Dont you guys mean scope awards?
2010-05-16 17:33
Edward played well first n third but today he was totaly drunk n drugged :>
2010-05-16 17:37
some videos from Final Celebration ?:)
2010-05-16 17:38
NiCE!!!!! Gr8 Tournament!!!!!
2010-05-16 17:39
sunde>markeloof always! especially today
2010-05-16 17:42
Friis SICK:D 3maps = 49 awp kills!
2010-05-16 17:43
markeloff :/ Sunde > markeloff
2010-05-16 17:44
bad desicion about best awper ;(
2010-05-16 17:46
Get_Right really deserved it! Almost always topping the score board as well as winning loads of important rounds for the team
2010-05-16 17:51
I hate get_right but still he played amazing in this tournament. It is first time I've seen him in such a form, congratz.
2010-05-16 17:52
hm, what did you said. If markeloff has played in game against mTw not so good, it does'nt mean that he's less skill, then Sunde.
2010-05-16 17:53 what about are u arguing? just statistic. and who is best awp if not markeloff? dsn, who didn`t take it, mb forest who took it 3 times, or Sunde, where Navi bit mtw 16-8 and 16-5 on train. Starix, Fox, edik, pasha - ...
2010-05-16 17:58
2 replies
sunde clearly out played markloff with the awp doesnt matter about overall score of a team game when its awp vs awp sundes was better
2010-05-16 18:39
1 reply
I agree with you.
2010-05-16 19:22
f0rest and GTR played both aswesome
2010-05-16 18:00
Dont argue, just split the damn award... lol
2010-05-16 18:03
Sunde should have won for best awp. Robbery.
2010-05-16 18:04
1 reply
yeah right... -.-
2010-05-16 18:14
ukranian f@nboys don't be angree! lol sunde better it's just a fact!
2010-05-16 18:09
What the, are you guys all retarded? There's no possible discussion about who deserved the awards more. The MVP award goes to the one with the best K/D-ratio. The AWP award goes to the one with the most AWP frags. These awards are about STATISTICS ONLY, it doesn't really matter if GT only got ecofrags and all of f0rests frags were in crucial situations, CAUSE IT'S ALL ABOUT STATISTICS. However you can discuss if the MVP really is the player with the best K/D-ratio and if your answer is no, then who is the real MVP. But discussing whether or not someone deserved his award is just ridiculous.
2010-05-16 18:10
OVERALL not JUST ONE OR TWO MATCHES. u guys stupid or what? haha
2010-05-16 18:12
ed1k should have won the AWP award :D. He played really good this tournament!
2010-05-16 18:12
get_right had some solid entrees and he really consistent throughout the tourny, so he does deserve it.
2010-05-16 18:13
I think gtr & markeloff really deserved it xD <3 GR + markeloff xD[/
2010-05-16 18:14
GeT_RiGhT is AmaZinG!
2010-05-16 18:16
2010-05-16 18:17
go markeloff
2010-05-16 18:18
hahahahaha Sounde > markeloff
2010-05-16 18:20
markeloff with unhuman reflexes
2010-05-16 18:21
totally deserved, both of them!
2010-05-16 18:26
Deserved... Nice one gtr!
2010-05-16 18:42
Israel selukvey
markeloff is amazing.
2010-05-16 18:46
doh doesn't Sunde :-<
2010-05-16 18:47
GTR and markeloff deserves! it
2010-05-16 19:08
f0rest :@
2010-05-16 19:12
Sry but Sunde better than markeloff :S
2010-05-16 19:20
nice nice get_right is the best player of this tuarmet markeloff is the best awp-man not sunde so fuck off
2010-05-16 19:27
najs Egor
2010-05-16 19:31
sunde + awp = na'vi + fnatic ^^
2010-05-16 19:39
GZ!f0rest played like a champ!
2010-05-16 19:39
sunde > markeloff in mtw - na'vi match, OK, BUT... for the tournament it's for sure, markeloff.
2010-05-16 19:39
i said gtr;]
2010-05-16 19:39
F0rest is a legend all the way....!!! :D But GTR deserves the prize!!!
2010-05-16 19:43
they should do it like the NFL, theres a final's MVP and a league's regular season MVP or something like that
2010-05-16 20:04
Well deserved prices! Sunde also played a really good event...reminded me of the old 2007-2008 sunde. Just outplayed markel on train, no doubt
2010-05-16 20:11
retards! i watched all of the matches! they deserved their awards.
2010-05-16 20:15
<3 f0rest !! so amazing
2010-05-16 20:19
maybe im are stupid , but what does mean "MVP" can anyone tell me ? :D:D
2010-05-16 20:38
2 replies
Most Valuable Player
2010-05-16 20:49
1 reply
thanks :)
2010-05-16 20:57
yeah markeloff deserved it no why get_right he is a good player but f0restWOW he played so...good
2010-05-16 21:02
Why does the best AWPer hold an auto sniper?
2010-05-16 21:07
2010-05-16 22:11
wtf f0rest best!!!
2010-05-16 22:33
f0rest mvp for the fans
2010-05-16 23:49
s1mple | 
World doh
nice GTR !!!!
2010-05-17 02:37
2010-05-17 04:44
markeloff GJ!
2010-05-17 14:40
friis 89 rounds - 49 awp kills = 0.55 markeloff 269 rounds - 85 awp kill = 0.32 wtf
2010-05-17 16:54
3 replies
H@CkER from KILLERS 100 rounds - 75 kills in Gonduras prime leage. Maybe they should have given this award to him? Your fris has been eliminated in the first group stage without winning a single game. Is that ok for you?
2010-05-17 17:37
1 reply
so the awp who plays more games wins the award?lolfail
2010-05-17 22:32
markeloff didnt use much awp until semifinals and final
2010-05-17 18:25
f0rest :(
2010-05-17 18:43
f0rest_dA_KiNG <3 !!!!!
2010-05-17 22:11
f0rest the one and only:D.
2010-05-18 00:18
good markeloff :)
2010-05-18 00:40
2010-05-18 01:34
lol @ get_right 's hairstyLe.
2010-05-18 11:00
2010-05-18 12:15
Rofl Sunde won much more awp vs awp actions on this tournament than markeloff, and in match vs na'vi on train he was amazing
2010-05-18 17:18
i think f0rest wont give a shit for he isnt given the MVP. during the past yrs,he has got too many MVPs and i think he must be tierd of it now.gtr has changed alot since he joined fnatic;he has become much better than before he came to this awesome team.i bet f0rest has deeply influenced gtr both on gamesense n aimskill.gtr once admitted f0rest is the only one he admires.imo gtr shuda call f0rp MASTER.:D
2010-05-18 17:48
1 reply
they basically are the same player, a few years apart. GeT_RiGhT is f0rest's true legacy, which makes the fact that they are playing in the same team even more awesome. they will do amazing things (already have :P).
2010-05-19 09:23
the top of the top get right and the top of the top of awpers is approx
2010-05-18 19:15
walle or delpan are top awpers
2010-05-19 23:12
come on solarium gtr!!
2010-05-20 06:46
neo ' xylm
2010-05-20 17:19
markeloff nice job, get_right too ) PS. inferno fail
2010-05-21 14:57
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