Top 10 players caught cheating's Editor in Chief Luís "MIRAA" Mira takes a look at some of the players who made headlines for not so good reasons.

For over a decade, several Counter-Strike players have worked hard to make a name for themselves in this game. When unable to make their mark, or sometimes simply for the fun of it, some resorted to cheating.

And while some of them have got away with it, some have not. From individual bans to team penalties, this list has it all. And even a player caugh cheating in a LAN qualifier for a major tournament. Curious to find out who we are talking about? Read the list compiled by us below.

10) United States Roman "smirnov" Smirnov - March 2006

The former iDemise player tried to get some extra help for the CAL-Invite match against Rival but it backfired, as he posted a bleak 23-23 score, his team still lost the match and he was banned for 12 months. His team, Turmoil, was marked inactive and demoted to CAL-Premier in the process.

9) Russia Viktor "Sally" Filimonchenko - May 2007

The Russian legend was caught cheating during his time at in one of the uyR tournaments the ESL used to organise every week. Filimonchenko, who currently plies his trade for EYESports, used a cheating program which blocked Aequitas, the ESL's anti-cheating tool. As a result, he was banned from all ESL competitions for a period of two years. stated that someone had hacked Filimonchenko's Aequitas file, but the ESL kept the ban. He later entered the ESL's rehabilitation program for cheaters and saw his ban removed in May 2008 after he admitted to cheating.

8) Germany Tobias "cuddy" Wägemann - May 2007

Suspicions about the n!faculty player cheating were brought to life after an EPS match against a-Losers, after which the league admins demanded his PoV demo. Afraid of what they would find, Wägemann stepped down as player and changed his status in the EPS page to inactive, removing all of his data from the website. As a result, the admins decided to check the HLTV demo, a solution that is rarely used, and came to the conclusion that Wägemann had cheated. n!faculty were barred from the league for two seasons, while Wägemann received a two-year ban and was never seen again in top-flight competition.

7) Romania Munteanu "DecE" Liviu - November 2009

When the Romanian player decided to get "an extra pair of hands" for an ESL Balkan League encounter against Home Dominant, little did he know that repercussions would be enormous, and not just for him. neXtplease! were not only banned from the Balkan League, but also from Extreme Masters IV, while Liviu will not be able to play in ESL tournaments for a period of two years. Although the neXtplease! organisation decided to cut Liviu from the squad, the remaining players opted to stick with him, and they are now representing the colours of Earthquake.

6) United States Mike "CuZ" Nang - April 2004

The older of the Nang brothers always had a thing for controversy, so it was with little surprise that the community received the news of him cheating while at JaX Money Crew in a CAL-Premier play-off match against adverse reality, The former D!E talent, who was suspended from CAL for 13 months, would later find himself in trouble with GGL after failing to turn in a PoV demo.

5) France Rodolphe "Diodel" Verloës - September 2009

The now Fair Frag player was caught red-handed in an ESL match which had nothing to do with the team he was representing at the time as the penalty in question occurred when he was playing for a mix team. Still, it earned him a two-year ban from all ESL competitions and iGamerz disqualification from both EPS France and the Extreme Masters.

4) Finland Joona "natu" Leppänen - January 2005

One of the most famous Finnish players ever and a cheating program do not seem to match, but that was just the case with Leppänen. The former 4Kings ace was caught using a wall-hack program in ClanBase in early 2005, which earned him a temporary ban from its competitions. However, and after appealing against his ban ahead of EuroCup XII, Leppänen was handed a new one, this time permanent, because it was discovered that he had played several ClanBase matches using a fake nickname while his initial ban was still on.

3) United Kingdom James "wilzOOO" Wilson - May 2004

After holding an 'Element'less Schroet Kommando to a 12-12 draw, causing the Swedish-based side to leave Landed LAN 6 without playing overtime, the top of the world seemed to be a likely destination for c4u. But shortly after this, Wilson was found cheating in a Clanbase IE/UK Cup game against 4Kings, which resulted in him being permanently banned from all CB events. Later that year, c4u would be removed from EuroCup X after the admins found out that he had played for them again using a fake nickname.

2) Portugal Stephane "kristeN" dos Santos - October 2009

Even worse that being caught cheating is providing the admins with evidence to justify your own ban. The Portuguese-born Dos Santos, who has played in France his entire career, had some questionable actions in an EPS match between his team, WebOne, and cHuMbAwUmBa. After the match came to an end, his opponents decided to check the Aequitas file uploaded by Dos Santos himself, and discovered he had used a tool which consisted of red and blue boxes on the body skins of the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, respectively. In light of this, WebOne were removed from EPS France and also the Extreme Masters European qualifier, and Dos Santos was handed a two-year ban. 

1) Brazil Pedro "aSpx" Leone - October 2009

It certainly took Leone a lot of nerve to use hacks at the Brazilian WCG qualifier, one of the most important tournaments in the country every year, but that is what happened. ECO.COBRA were one of the big surprises at the qualifier, placing 4th-5th, but Leone's playing style had rung alarm bells among his opponents. He sat at the end of the row, with his monitor facing the wall to prevent anyone from watching him, and he would reportedly get very nervous every time someone stood behind his team. After the tournament came to an end, he was handed a six-year ban after being found guilty of using a cheat which consisted of a small white dot that followed the enemies, which could be turned on and off with a simple mouse bind. In January 2010, Leone joined a new Lemondogs team for KODE5 Argentina, but nothing else has been heard from him ever since.

Najz topic :)
2010-05-31 12:15
27 replies
Where is: Delpan @ team-sweden cheated in Saturday Night Live, and caught several other times. He was froze out of the entire eSport scene for many years until he finally started performing on LAN events and made a comeback. FACT. syrtekz @ team-norway cheated in several ladder ClanBase games even admitted it. m1kkis and lasse from team-norway made the bustmovie. xern @ former team-norway cheated in EuroCup versus synck.estonia and ESRAEL!! xenitron @ team-russia was busted in one of the most prominent online cups in Russia at the time xek @ team-russia was busted cheating in four scrims versus another russian team sources: syrtekz: xern: Delpan: saturday night live: movie 2: articles: Xenitron: article:
2010-05-31 15:39
26 replies
syrtekz went through the whole bustmovie with m1kk1s and explained for him in every situation. don't know if he actually cheated, but i do know that he is a very underrated player, that always preform on LAN.
2010-05-31 16:09
1 reply
2010-05-31 16:19
good job, but xern is not worth mentioning tbh, he have never attended lan, he is best friend with internet:P
2010-05-31 16:28
What do you mean "FACT"? His ban was lifted by SNL two weeks later... And about the other stuff i would say that Delpan has proved that his style includes alot of hax and random-shooting, which we can see today in every game he plays.
2010-05-31 17:10
2 replies
oh come on......
2010-05-31 18:00
You're absolutely right, everything about his style shows us that he is a former cheater.
2010-06-03 00:09
they forgot Fodder lol
2010-05-31 18:22
3 replies
hahahaha true that.
2010-05-31 19:23
nobody gives a shit about fodder lol thats why he wasnt mentioned, never achieved anything in this game and is a complete failure lol.
2011-01-15 10:34
1 reply
he was too busy trolling
2011-01-15 17:57
It was a video that you can't say to a 100% that he's cheating I'm 95% sure that he wasn't a bigtime cheater I played with him before, during and after all the accusations both offline and online. But ppl have their own opinion..
2010-05-31 19:28
1 reply
Oh majj godd, Isn't it Jumpy himself? :)
2011-01-15 22:55
lol delpan ?:(( no!
2010-05-31 19:36
Youtube videos = proof ??
2010-05-31 19:40
dude you fucking rocked my world with that delpan movie :O it's true he was cheating !! He lost all respect im my eyes !! Once a cheater always a cheater !!
2010-05-31 22:44
delpan is not cheating on his movies... All of his frags are normal
2010-06-01 00:33
xenitron did not cheat. And if you were not ignorant enough, you'd watch his POV before just repeating what his haters say. This was never proven and it's obvious he DIDN'T cheat. Flatra claimed he used cheats, and then Xenitron came to LAN and did exactly the same stuff he did online. Same sick prefire shots and "watching the walls". Check your info before posting...
2010-06-01 01:07
2 replies
2010-06-01 08:10
i think, he did it. at first i saw povdemos and noticed that some moments are very strange it was not the first time, when сommunity accused him in cheating. a can remember a game vs @ clanbase in 2007.
2010-06-01 23:26
And you are missing anotherone: XituM, GSM 2010 LanParty!!! LOOOOL :D (kidding)
2010-06-01 11:20
delpan does not cheat, sorry
2010-06-01 12:30
Delpan, XenitroN and xek cheaters ???? =D lol dont be so naif =D =D
2010-06-01 18:31
i can also remember trace vs @ clanbace eurocup in 2007 somebody even made a movie about his frags and posted the topic about it in gotfrag and
2010-06-01 23:17
is really worth mention delpan today? hes in one of the best teams in world and he plays better at lan then online.
2011-04-30 00:17
Haha stop talkin shit mate, I was banned from SNL for 2 weeks, I performed at Dreamhack 2 weeks after SNL when we beated Raw-Gaming (allen,hibb,hyper,archie,hyrulue) with arCade gaming, and I havent been busted for any other time so get your facts straight. Thx. ///TROLLPAN
2011-07-24 23:09
1 reply
I agree.
2011-08-01 16:16
they are awesome !
2010-05-31 12:16
Where is kuben ? o.O
2010-05-31 12:16
9 replies
kuben write an explayning essey cuz he werent cought he blame himself
2010-05-31 12:48
1 reply
he had been cought, but he admitted cheating also and said sorry, after 2 years of ban, he started playing again and never cheat again (I hope) It was at start of his esport carrier
2010-05-31 16:37
good question ;
2010-05-31 12:57
Did kuben cheat? Got any link to an article about this topic? :-]
2010-05-31 14:34
5 replies
3 replies
2010-05-31 21:07
2 replies
wow definitly cheats this is cool tho
2011-01-15 10:40
1 reply
standard bang imo
2011-04-30 07:48
yes he did I remeber the big case I think that Fomfny gave him a ban all CS players in PL couldnt belive that he played on wh. It was in match against RBK team and kuben played for SteelHand.
2010-05-31 16:58
natu @_@
2010-05-31 12:16
wtf sally is not cheater
2010-05-31 12:18
8 replies
He later entered the ESL's rehabilitation program for cheaters and saw his ban removed in May 2008 after he admitted to cheating.
2010-05-31 12:33
7 replies
Would you rather not admit cheating and wait another year for ban to expire?
2010-06-02 00:25
6 replies
And what does that have to do with what i said???
2010-06-02 03:17
5 replies
What do you mean "what does that have to do with what i said"? `He later entered the ESL's rehabilitation program for cheaters and saw his ban removed in May 2008 after he admitted to cheating`
2010-06-06 00:56
4 replies
Wtf are you going on about? He said Sally wasn't a cheater and i just quoted a part saying Sally admitted he cheated. Understand what you're reading.
2010-06-06 06:05
3 replies
That guy said Sally didn't cheat. You said that he cheated because he admitted cheating. I said that it does not mean he had cheated. So keep your WTFs and read over again.
2010-07-07 00:13
2 replies
Sigh, the ignorance.
2010-07-07 05:26
1 reply
he could have admitted to cheating just to get his ban removed in court when people plead guilty when they really arent guilty, but it will bring down their fine if they admit to it anyway
2011-01-15 10:41
lol cuz is sooo bad and such a fag..and as for Sally, the cheats probably made him better after he got caught.. just like nothing from EG..he use to cheat his balls off, and now he's a top3 player in NA..but that isn't saying much :D
2010-05-31 12:18
6 replies
n0thing never got caught lol
2010-05-31 12:28
5 replies
nothing never got caught but it was a well known fact throughout the community..go watch his move that's full of aim-bot shots.. natu i never thought was that good of a player, he was more of a semi-pro player than a pro player imo.. honestly i think him cheating made himself a better play lol, he knows every spam possible lol..well, so do most good players i guess..
2010-05-31 13:07
4 replies
Poland mki`
are you new? natu was nuts.
2010-05-31 22:43
yea, I guess spending the best part of the last 6 or so years in teams that have been in or around the top 10 teams in the world doesn't really constitute him as a 'good player' I like how your posts are well thought out etc. but some of your ideas about certain players are quite lol
2010-06-01 06:45
2 replies
natu is the worst on PowerGaming and was one of the worst in 4K, i just never thought he was that good aim wise, he is smart in-game on the otherhand thnx for liking my post's i guess :D just different opinions on different players
2010-10-19 08:56
1 reply
he was a fkn monster in his glory days l0l
2011-04-30 07:50
natu cheater ? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo LOL !
2010-05-31 12:19
of course, aspx on top.
2010-05-31 12:21
aSpx lol
2010-05-31 12:22
Lol where is Delpan?
2010-05-31 12:23
1 reply
2010-05-31 15:12
LOL Epic Post!
2010-05-31 12:24
MIRAA nice post :)
2010-05-31 12:25
Mike "CuZ" Nang i remmeber him, fucking Noob
2010-05-31 12:26
1 reply
haha, save it ;)
2010-05-31 15:00
u forgot Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed
2010-05-31 12:27
2 replies
LOL ??? he never cheated u noob .. ;.;
2010-05-31 15:00
2010-06-02 01:49
Yeah, Where's n0thing?
2010-05-31 12:27
2 replies
2010-05-31 21:54
2010-05-31 23:08
DecE wrong place..
2010-05-31 12:28
I scrolled straight to the bottom saying "aSpx better be #1!" I wasn't disappointed :D
2010-05-31 12:28
1 reply
2010-06-01 19:38
where is Delpan and luosrevo ?
2010-05-31 12:28
Delpan? I'm just sayin..
2010-05-31 12:28
1 reply
+1 @ delpan. I'm just saying :-/
2010-05-31 12:36
where is xenitron? :D
2010-05-31 12:30
10 replies
lol :)
2010-05-31 12:36
Delpan or Xenitron never got caught, just like n0thing..but it was a pretty well known fact through the community.. and at least Delpan showed he could amazing w/o cheats on LAN, hell, they probably made him better once he stopped cheating..same with n0thing Xenitron didn't get any better, but when he stopped cheating i really liked his play style, was one of my favorite Russian players, when he became clean of cheats.. so fucking stupid to cheat, i don't see why people would want to do makes the game no fun, and most of the cheaters know they will never be good...fucking losers if you ask me..
2010-05-31 13:05
8 replies
Delpan got caught
2010-05-31 13:56
6 replies
Singapore Nephalith
from the looks of it, only the first clip on de_train looked incredibly suspicious.. and that was an epic fail miss too lol. The others looked pretty normal to me.
2010-05-31 14:09
2 replies
same thoughts
2010-05-31 14:41
and we just have the end of the round on de_train, so maybe be he had the information...
2010-06-01 00:45
Thats not him... Why would he record himself with fraps under a game? But he did cheat.
2010-05-31 21:03
2 replies
2010-05-31 22:17
lol he didnt, someone else from gather-network took his demo and made this vid
2010-05-31 22:47
Delpan got caught several times :-----D
2010-06-01 11:09
2010-05-31 12:34
luosrevo is not a top player, that's what he thinks.
2010-05-31 12:36
Hahahaha, I remember seeing numb. 2 on SK site. That guy failed!
2010-05-31 12:36
loool n0thing never got caught, delpan dont know but hes just 2 sick now lol
2010-05-31 12:36
natu cheater? LOL! :D
2010-05-31 12:37
For those who ask "where is delpan? where is nothing?" take a look at the article again. "'s Editor in Chief Luís 'MIRAA' Mira takes a look at some of the players who made headlines for not so good reasons." It's not "All the players ever caught cheating" or not even Top100 players caught cheating. Just some noticable examples (and what is noticable is up to the writer). Good job MIRAA
2010-05-31 12:40
4 replies
First of all, Delpan got caught, he made headlines and now he is famous for other reasons. That's pretty noteworthy. Secondly, no one said that MIRAA has done a bad job. That's his list and I respect his opinion.
2010-05-31 12:57
3 replies
You are making a good point. "no one said that MIRAA has done a bad job" when did I say that though...?
2010-05-31 13:44
2 replies
Misunderstanding. I mean just because some people like to point out minor flaws in articles, doesn't mean that they don't appreciate the writers original post. Know what I mean? :) hard to explain. No hard feelings towards you though =) I usally get quite pissed when people complain about lists too. Like "make your own god damn list if you don't like it". And their's only 10 spots so someone needs to be left out. It's just too bad if your fav player got dissed. Always the same story when someone posts a list :D Cheers
2010-05-31 14:49
1 reply
agreed :)
2010-05-31 14:58
remember delpan? haha
2010-05-31 12:40
dece best :D =)
2010-05-31 12:42
where's f0rest ? he uses aimbot
2010-05-31 12:47
7 replies
It's impregnated in his hand ;)
2010-05-31 13:02
5 replies
hahahaha +1 good job miraa ;)
2010-05-31 15:33
actually its installed in his brain+wh.. so no one can blame them..they should be forbiden to play tough, its unfair for the newbe's..
2010-05-31 18:01
3 replies
You aim with your brain?? That's pretty sweet if you can use mindcontrol instead of your hand to move the mouse.
2010-05-31 18:51
2 replies
... Yeah, your arms and hands just move on their own. Brains have nothing to do with it at all, no sire.
2010-06-02 13:10
1 reply
Ou we got ourselves a smartass here! How sweet! Of course we need our brain. Nothing works without a brain. But that doesn't change the fact that we need our hand to aim now does it?! See that little connection there? Eyes to brain and from brain to hand = headshot!
2010-06-02 15:12
hahaha :DD
2010-05-31 13:19
Well that was a good list of caught cheaters miraa. A lot of famous cheaters were not on the list though but still creds! Delpan did get caught vs. ideal-gaming but I remember the ban beeing lifted for some ridiculous reason.
2010-05-31 12:49
any video present they cheeating?
2010-05-31 12:52
2 replies
2010-05-31 20:13
1 reply
2010-05-31 21:14
xern and delpan?:- P
2010-05-31 12:54
natu O_O omfg.He is cheater ? Oo
2010-05-31 12:58
3 replies
Lol, everyone from Finland has been cheating in :D Thats how they get so good. Go see any demo of a finland top team and you will notice some top class wallbangs and thats why i think their playing style is the best :D
2010-05-31 13:22
2 replies
2010-05-31 13:24
Lol, every estonian player have cheated on !! >D
2010-06-02 20:10
Sally, do your homework!
2010-05-31 12:58
aspx ftw
2010-05-31 12:59
2 replies
+1 Poor us , we just have diodel :(
2010-06-01 00:50
1 reply
haha xD
2010-06-01 12:07
hahahah This made me laugh !! There Alll Noooobsss
2010-05-31 13:00
aSpx :\
2010-05-31 13:03
Ukraine ritN
Top 10 noobs!
2010-05-31 13:06
pG eddy?
2010-05-31 13:09
Xenitron? Delpan? Mason? Hare? Batistuta? dr4z? xern? n0thing? pondfiller? icesalmon? elude? and sooo many more, pff....
2010-05-31 13:10
they don't deserve this
2010-05-31 13:16
Brazil gu1d0
aspx,no one beats him on cheating.
2010-05-31 13:20
CuZ cheated to get out of the contract with jmc at the time is what I remember hearing
2010-05-31 13:22
Haha, aSpx, cheating at LAN xD
2010-05-31 13:23
2 replies
aspx not cheating in lan that was online qualifer :D
2011-04-30 14:56
1 reply
u r wrong my friend, was on lan! LOL! "with his monitor facing the wall to prevent anyone from watching him, and he would reportedly get very nervous every time someone stood behind his team" you think was his family behind he, made him nervous?! that was on lan!
2011-09-22 17:55
Where Edward?
2010-05-31 13:28
4 replies
2010-05-31 13:32
Edward???? Are You crazy?
2010-05-31 14:36
2 replies
2012-04-02 20:52
1 reply
ohhh,i forgot))
2012-04-03 16:22
2010-05-31 13:32
What about the Danish player "nexiz" ? he should be in that list I guess.
2010-05-31 13:35
3 replies
When was he caught cheating?!
2010-05-31 14:57
2 replies
He was caught by ESL Aequitas He said that he wanted to test if a certain cheat, could bypass Aequitas on his own dedicated server. He was banned for 12 months. ave also got "busted" once, put the people didnt really take it serious, since is just a joke. zonic, trace and bardi have admitted that they used cheat in yearly stages of their career.
2010-05-31 16:56
1 reply
kk thx
2010-06-01 01:00
trace | 
Denmark esAq
Top 10: Players caught cheating
2010-05-31 13:36
2010-05-31 13:39
6 replies
2010-05-31 13:42
This one is even better
2010-05-31 13:44
4 replies
just because someone nicks delpan it doesnt nessiceraly mean it actually is delpan.
2010-05-31 14:01
3 replies
He even tried to defend this clip in a thread at fragbite... they said on vent, one to the right and one to the left" target="_blank"> Here you have a funny thread about Delpan cheating, which even Delpans FATHER participate in.
2010-05-31 14:07
2 replies
the link doesn't work for me
2010-05-31 15:04
1 reply
2010-05-31 17:13
i fucking HATE CHEATERS!!!
2010-05-31 13:46
there iz a reason there is no norwegians or swedes on the list.
2010-05-31 13:51
hahaha natu cheater :D
2010-05-31 13:57
delpan ? really ?
2010-05-31 14:06
4 replies
3 replies
2010-05-31 22:23
2 replies
ty , i forgot :>
2010-05-31 23:17
1 reply
ur welcome :)
2010-06-02 21:34
sally :x
2010-05-31 14:06
where is luosrevo rofl
2010-05-31 14:08
good news MIRAA ;)
2010-05-31 14:11
cheating @ LAN = +1 cheating online = -10000000
2010-05-31 14:17
1 reply
so true! :D
2010-06-01 11:10
fucking retards :( , i hate cheaters _|_
2010-05-31 14:17
2010-05-31 14:19
2 replies
2010-05-31 22:23
#82, that was SO BLATANT, i didnt knew syrtekz was busted cheating also
2010-06-01 01:31
cool article!
2010-05-31 14:27
this is beautiful.
2010-05-31 14:29
bad no delpan but aspx #1 ofc
2010-05-31 14:30
didnt kHRYSTAL cheat long time agoe?
2010-05-31 14:41
6 replies
i heard so ! is that true ?
2010-05-31 14:54
5 replies
Yes, he sad that he cheated.
2010-05-31 18:12
4 replies
any video please ? or interview or something ?
2010-05-31 18:50
3 replies
He didn't got caught, he only sad that he cheated in start of his career,that's all. l got one video ->
2010-05-31 21:01
2 replies
" target="_blank">
2010-05-31 22:24
1 reply
you can't be serious with that movie ! it's only skill and luck, don't be stupid !
2010-06-01 00:52
aspx is the best! :D
2010-05-31 14:41
Delpan - xenitron - AAseng - luosrevo
2010-05-31 14:43
2 replies
aaseng is care dude :p do you remember [g]gENERIX? busted by fragbite
2010-05-31 14:59
1 reply
No :(
2010-05-31 16:17
2010-05-31 14:47
Propably 99% of pro players have tried hacks back in the days, they all suck now and should be killed? =D
2010-05-31 14:59
1 reply
and buried.
2010-06-02 15:13
aSpx haha !
2010-05-31 14:59
aSpx hahahah :D
2010-05-31 15:01
I don't understand how players like natu and delpan etc, that proved their worth on lan would cheat on an internet event. Is it funny?
2010-05-31 15:06
3 replies
they cheated before they went "pro"
2010-06-01 11:12
1 reply
Wrong, natu cheated when he was already a pro.
2010-06-01 19:25
Who gives a shit. Most people these days have 8-digits and everyone knows 8-digits that are good cheat/have been caught cheating (excluding the oldest 8 digits as they are already like 4-years old or something).
2010-06-02 13:29
where is Patyson, Xenitron and sett? ;o
2010-05-31 15:11
i'm a little surprised about natu cheating, never heard or read anything about that untill now.
2010-05-31 15:12
almost the whole mousesports team was cheating. kapio, roman, tixo, cyx. tixo's barrage got removed after some time. roman and kapio never had a cheating barrage, but they were clearly cheating. i don't think they would deny that nowadays :D
2010-05-31 15:12
6 replies
Is your statement based on some facts? I doubt it!
2010-05-31 17:21
1 reply
i can remember myself watching POV's of 5-6 placed eps teams around 04-05 from germany while they were starring at us trough the walls a old pov off alternate chucky was quite amusing;) never heard of a cheating barrage of roman but tixo eddy and some few other german EPS guys had kind of a internet image back in the day's
2011-04-30 08:05
for ths statement u hav any videos buddy ?? i wana c MOUSESPORTs[cant believe] is even also can hack :O unbelievable :O
2010-06-01 04:51
2 replies
are you stupid? all germans have cheated... try finding a pracc war on pcw ^_^
2010-06-01 11:13
1 reply
lol.. i m nt stupiD.. and if u r also not thn give me some links for tht :P
2010-06-02 04:53
obvious troll is obvious
2010-06-01 10:53
Finland natu
This is like a dejavu! I think it´s misinforming not to include the circumstanses of say mentioning me up there; This happened I think 5 or 6 years ago in a CB laddermatch against other people we knew and someone of them got pissed off and made a fuzz about it which became a huge debate. I´d like to stress the fact that I´ve never and would never cheats in any type of online event of significance because I simply don´t need to :) Neither would I do that in a cb ladder match again anymore either anyways, since it was stupid and uncalled for. Also my ban from clanbase has been erased ages ago already
2010-05-31 15:22
3 replies
"because I simply don´t need to :)" true, you dont need it :)
2010-05-31 15:35
1 reply
absolutely, +1
2010-05-31 19:15
well even if it was ages ago, nothing changes the fact that u cheated, therefore to me, u will always be a looser. gg
2010-06-01 19:36
Delpan cheat.. LMAO LMAO LMAO x300
2010-05-31 15:19
nice , good job !:)
2010-05-31 15:20
top 10 bots :D
2010-05-31 15:28
these are the caught cheaters right?? there would be tons tons more who aren't caught yet...
2010-05-31 15:32
Bulgaria SHISHETu
awesome GG on the cheaters ;d
2010-05-31 15:43
project 08!
2010-05-31 15:48
Nice. :)
2010-05-31 15:53
you also forgot tr0nz and yobon.
2010-05-31 15:55
:DDD nice
2010-05-31 15:56
2 replies
fasic go mix zaebal dorogoy...:D
2010-05-31 19:42
2010-05-31 22:25
2010-05-31 16:04
2 replies
2010-05-31 17:32
1 reply
edward! :D
2010-05-31 18:59 luosrevo playing gathers
2010-05-31 16:05
1 reply
2010-05-31 19:28
2010-05-31 16:06
Alexander "Fury" Nyström - the best swedish onliner. Why isn't he included here?
2010-05-31 16:09
1 reply
It doesn't make him a cheater if he's doing well online :)
2010-06-01 11:18
tixo never cheated on the ESL, his barrage was removed because the secound analyse..
2010-05-31 16:22
where is kuben and delpan? N/C
2010-05-31 16:32
1 reply
delpan Delpan: saturday night live: movie 2: articles: " target="_blank">" target="_blank">
2010-05-31 19:50
top 1-2 ard and self destruction
2010-05-31 16:43
from Ukraine nice chiters
2010-05-31 16:44
omg mousesport cheaters? nothing? delpan? kuben? natu :O? wtf is happening here it seems like everyone tried to 'get a help' really people when I saw the video about kuben i was confused but delpan definitely shocked me .. I mean nowadays he`s such a good player Anyway good topic like it .. Good job Mira :)
2010-05-31 17:00
1 reply
mousesports didn't cheat! Many of them were accused unjustly by the stupid ESL Anti Cheat Team, when these players have played in previous unknown teams. All allegations have proved to be false after re-examination. But to some people has not yet reached and they just post garbage
2010-05-31 17:43
Sally or natu should be number one since they are the most famous, i couldnt care less about "unknowners" getting caught.
2010-05-31 16:59
5 replies
nah, aspx top1 because he cheat at lan...
2010-05-31 17:57
4 replies
WOW why not aaseng then, he cheated in 2006/2007, we could put 10 unknowners on the list and leave sally and natu out, if cheat on LAN is the main factor :)
2010-05-31 18:12
3 replies
because it was WCG event? lol...
2010-06-01 00:37
2 replies
It was a qualifier, everybody in brazil could attend.
2010-06-26 19:58
1 reply
haha the #1 should be king ovi attending 2 times with AIMBOT at the GSH-LAN @ GERMANY
2011-04-30 08:09
Once a cheater, always a cheater!
2010-05-31 17:01
cheaters = n0thing, freon, delpan, syrtekz, khrystal, kuben, drizzer
2010-05-31 17:26
6 replies
khrystal? proof? LOL
2010-05-31 23:05
4 replies
khrystal was blatant before his fame
2010-06-01 07:51
3 replies
proof ? -.-
2010-06-02 00:33
2 replies
no real proof, just there's other vids like his movie which some clips are just =/ question 9 in the interview
2010-06-02 11:31
1 reply
the first vid, doesn't proof nothing, but that answer was suspicious :P
2010-06-02 13:59
freon? :D
2010-06-01 11:19
2010-05-31 17:27
1 reply
it's called: russerjump not cheat edit: or duckjump
2010-06-02 00:09
Sally :O
2010-05-31 17:37
l0l #147
2010-05-31 17:54
#82, that was SO BLATANT, i didnt knew syrtekz was busted cheating also
2010-05-31 18:05
1 reply
If you use the reply button he/she will know when you answer to him/her. /
2010-05-31 18:09
n0thing should be there too.
2010-05-31 18:08
where is luosrevo ? :)))
2010-05-31 18:10
1 reply check
2010-05-31 19:49
where is Xenitron? P.S natu should be in 1st place
2010-05-31 18:33
and 11) XentrioN :DDDDD SWE nice 0 cheater
2010-05-31 18:38
great job aspx
2010-05-31 18:41
top 10 noobs.... --´
2010-05-31 18:50
Special mention to steel from Australia's immunity team, cheating in an offical razer event and still has not returned the prizes!
2010-05-31 18:53
2) Stephane "kristeN" dos Santos - October 2009 omg, its top 1, not 2)))) >.>
2010-05-31 18:56
1 reply
Brazil hugoooo
rofl you cant even compare, aspx is the biggest retarded of all time, cheated ON LAN, on WCG Brazil, 32 teams playing, admins, etc...
2010-06-02 06:39
Mehkra > *
2010-05-31 19:04
i want f0rest´s aimbot, GeT_RiGhT´s wallhack and some noflash/nosmoke pls... x)
2010-05-31 19:18
4 replies
todo culpa del estupido sxe del estúpido payas -.- we
2010-05-31 20:59
3 replies
speak english, pls :)
2010-05-31 21:55
go play steam :D, sxe SUCKS!
2010-05-31 23:16
1 reply
it was irony D:
2010-06-12 21:46
Hmm... anyway: 1) kuben
2010-05-31 19:29
It's funny how many top pro players have vacced accounts. Doesn't mean I am calling them outright hackers but it is funny ^_^
2010-05-31 19:42
France ZMXD
diodel. 8_8
2010-05-31 19:47
ASPX > ALL lol
2010-05-31 20:09
Where am I? :D
2010-05-31 20:13
1 reply
You are simply 4gotten.
2011-04-30 01:22
nice topic
2010-05-31 20:18
any video of n0thing? o,0
2010-05-31 21:09
1 reply
He hasn't officially been caught and proven. :|
2010-06-01 06:10
why its brazilian player i think :))
2010-05-31 21:21
United Kingdom hArdLad
wheres lousrevo? and sOnNy from coL/pandemic who cheated on esl?
2010-05-31 21:33
Viktor "Sally" Filimonchenko - May 2007 The Russian legend was caught cheating during his time at in one of the uyR tournaments the ESL used to organise every week. Filimonchenko, who currently plies his trade for EYESports, used a cheating program which blocked Aequitas, the ESL's anti-cheating tool. As a result, he was banned from all ESL competitions for a period of two years. stated that someone had hacked Filimonchenko's Aequitas file, but the ESL kept the ban. He later entered the ESL's rehabilitation program for cheaters and saw his ban removed in May 2008 after he admitted to cheating. HAHA! rehabilitation !
2010-05-31 21:39
1 reply
Sally and without cheating fun playing. Do you lox
2010-06-01 08:59
2010-05-31 21:45
Who in the fuck is smirnov?
2010-05-31 22:20
ESL's rehabilitation program for cheaters OMG,this is stupid XD
2010-05-31 22:25
brazil top 1 :D its a good thing? i dont think so .-.
2010-05-31 23:20
aspx is a retard
2010-06-01 00:06
what about aaseng? ;) the way he ripped everyone off at a lan was pretty hilarious
2010-06-01 00:22
sad to see Viktor F. up there, i remember watching that dust2 eswc match where took down the at the time invincible 2003 SK lineup and he was awping the hell out of them but this was on lan ofcourse:]
2010-06-01 00:52
The solution is to end the tournament on the Internet, only Lan!!!
2010-06-01 01:44
natu lol
2010-06-01 02:38
1 reply
your english lol
2010-06-01 17:04
aspx, now an player from argentina. Damn It aspx, you are a motherfucker shit!
2010-06-01 02:54
2 replies
:OmG :O br0...some1 mentioned and demanding for ur video of hacks too.. Ro_0fL :))
2010-06-01 04:57
i mean #14 :P
2010-06-01 05:00
jaja many people from Argentina where very angry with aspx, but when he came to a lan event with lemondogs team, every one was sucking his socks :P ... what a shame! :S
2010-06-01 03:02
Ahahah I laughed at natu's bans
2010-06-01 06:34
2010-06-01 08:22
no khrystal?never caught?
2010-06-01 08:24
i dont care how famous Delpan is in CS world,after checking that movie,he did not his crosshair you will know,a lot of times,his crosshair on the wall is not because of wallhacking(inferno map tells he is waiting for the mid-flash),people are stupid if they cant see thru that, and awp aiming,the guy whoever made that movie,use a software to make it seems like he does,but sorry,a lof of bugs from that moive,,not even one action close to hacking to me. for people who still believe he hacks,watch some of his POVs now,they are the same,,thats just the way he plays,and these games are from lan events. that league which banned him,wonder how poor these admins are,besides if u'r wanna catch hackers,dont only look at the way they shoot,look at the way they run and play,poor league,never even heard of it. in another word,they are just that stupid,they dont know how well people can play. if you cant see thru,then you are one of them,then i have nothing else to tell more demos 1st before you talk,dont judge hacking by frags or hs,people are really stupid these days.
2010-06-01 08:46
3 replies
Watch all the movies of him, he was cheating, and he did get caught. He has admitted it himself.
2010-06-01 11:21
2 replies
well,i dont see when he admitted,but from that movie i saw,i dont see any cheating in there,watch some of his recent pov demos,you will see the way he play and aim is no different than before.I really dont think that movie can tell. if you'r wanna catch a hacker,the best way is to track their movement,that little movie proves nothing,maybe he does hack,but they need a longer movie to show it.
2010-06-02 21:56
1 reply
There are plenty of movies which prove that he was cheating.
2010-06-02 22:39
where is Don "sn1per" Salihu from Kosovo hehe
2010-06-01 08:53
good job MIRAA ;D
2010-06-01 09:44
QUAKER from spain...
2010-06-01 10:36
The ESL's rehabilitation program for cheaters. Step one - Acceptance! (Sally)- Hi everyone, my name is Sally! (Everybody)- Hi, Sally! (Sally)- I'm here because I am a cheater! (Everybody) hand clamps and aplauze!!!!
2010-06-01 10:50
3 replies
2010-06-01 11:39
it really works something like this you must only explain how and why you were cheating. and just say that you will never do it again :D
2010-06-01 19:49
i lmfao'ed
2010-06-01 20:02
sally not cheat's :P and xek ofc
2010-06-01 12:50
2010-06-01 13:54
aSpx* biggest cheating in the history of Counter-Strike world.
2010-06-01 14:16
2010-06-01 15:45
aSpx biggest cheatin of gaming xD
2010-06-01 18:33
good choice to do this. a thread for all whiners :D
2010-06-01 19:47
aspx n1 expected after he did it at WCG and LAN gota hand it to him for not getting caught untill after
2010-06-01 22:57
nice , good job
2010-06-02 01:13
needs more panov
2010-06-02 03:17
2010-06-02 10:28
5 replies
kHYRSTAL What? Do you even know what an inteligent player is ? O:
2010-06-07 04:31
4 replies
What kind of question is that? Don't you know that kHRYSTAL cheated?
2010-06-07 08:02
3 replies
proof ?
2010-06-07 22:24
2 replies Read or listen to the interview when this question comes: <I>"Q9: kHRYSTAL you got famous for being accused for cheating, did you expect to be in China with SK a few years later?"</I>
2010-06-07 23:45
1 reply
"being accused for cheating"
2010-06-08 20:12
gg DecE *
2010-06-02 11:46
rehabilitation hahahahaha everyone deserves a second chance
2010-06-02 13:30
neo, got wh Edward! is aimbot Heaton? no fucking recoil.
2010-06-02 14:29
The Brazilian could not missing = (
2010-06-02 22:58
Pasha lol :DDDDD
2010-06-03 18:45
kill'em all
2010-06-03 21:27
where is wests aka LESIU aka WS aka WESTSIDE from fym.cs POLAND??
2010-06-04 17:40
aspx legend ! ! lol
2010-06-07 01:08
lol (:
2010-06-08 09:00
sNk :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
2010-06-08 11:53
fucking cheating fags > go get cancer if i ever face one of u i will punch ur yellow teeth out of ur ugly mouthes.
2010-10-19 07:54
this list needs onliner DELPAN aka WHcheatzor, money stealer aka lan hacker, and little 12y old nothing WH + AiMbotting
2010-10-19 08:48
3 replies
hahahaha, money stealer? he's proven on lan again and again, and he obviously doesn't cheat on lan, did you even watch him with or Team Sweden ON LAN??? he was fucking incredible, and still is, you'll see when he plays with LIONS in Copenhagen top3 awper in the world
2010-10-19 09:04
2 replies
Brazil giaNiNi
does not mean he doesn't cheat at the internet
2010-10-19 21:10
1 reply
if he is top3 awper in lan, why he would cheat at the internet ? '-'
2011-01-17 06:18
I thin that, half of polish gamers should have a place in this topic. cheatin bastards :)
2010-10-19 09:05
kuben xD?
2010-10-19 21:10
1 reply
2010-10-28 18:29
aSpx top1?? OMG! wtf!? o_O
2010-10-28 18:27
2011-01-15 11:26
2011-01-15 11:41
Lol, the ESL has a Rehabilitation program?xD
2011-01-15 13:39
1 reply
yeah, they also have parole officers that teach you church songs
2011-01-15 20:34
2011-01-15 17:59
row models and my heores. keep it up boyz :D
2011-01-15 20:31
Algeria TixQ
FalleN no ?
2011-01-15 20:53
MIRAA, can you simply edit 'the remaining players opted to stick with him, and they are now representing the colours of Earthquake. with something like 'to represent the colours of Earthquake. Meantime, the team disbanded and players went separate ways' just a suggestion since Eq is down.
2011-04-30 00:09
What was that guys name who was polish but played and lived in Netherlands? He cheated big time (like they all do).
2011-04-30 01:28
wilzoo the cs:s star? =D
2011-04-30 16:12
1 reply
2011-07-24 23:02
DecE was cheating because of Home Dominant They was cheating from the start so he decided to cheat to
2011-04-30 16:15
DecE n1 in my top
2011-04-30 21:17
where is paddy?
2011-04-30 21:22
Bravo lack poland;)
2011-05-03 09:46
where is ham and kuben :D?
2011-05-03 10:28
I wish someone make a new top 10 cheat
2011-08-01 15:48
let them burnnnn
2011-08-01 15:52
delpan my top
2011-08-01 16:17
stop hate delpan he is just kick your ass
2011-11-18 22:16
wheres delpaN?
2012-01-05 12:17
2013-07-27 16:02
natu ;o
2013-07-27 16:07
Kuben cheated once.
2013-07-27 16:31
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