Vote for best Arbalet Cup map

Arbalet Cup has found seven maps, which qualify as candidates to win the $5,000 map contest.

Back in May it was announced that Arbalet Cup had created a map contest, where one map creator would see his map used in future Arbalet Cup's. The goal is to find a sixth competitive map for the tournament, which is supposed to be to have the same map architectural trends as de_inferno.

It has now been nearly two months and Arbalet Cup has released a map-pack, which contains seven maps. You can download the maps by clicking here.

Arbalet Cup has asked the community for their thoughts on the maps. So if you would be so kind, leave a comment stating which maps you find the best and why.

The winner of the map contest will be crowned with $3,000 for this work, while the second best map will be awarded with $2,000. Only the winning map will be used in future Arbalet Cup's

downloading and trying all the maps out :D
2010-06-25 00:51
nice prize ;] GL
2010-06-25 00:52
n1c3 ahah
2010-06-25 00:57
these maps are terrible :/
2010-06-25 00:58
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2010-06-25 00:58
2010-06-25 01:04
agree? am i doing it right? luckily for arbalet... did they put in the fine print they reserve the right not to use any of the maps
2010-06-25 01:08
2010-06-25 01:22
and.. agree
2010-06-25 01:43
2010-06-25 15:31
2010-06-25 18:23
they suck
2010-06-25 01:12
there maps is very bad for competetive play :/
2010-06-25 01:12
these are so bad haha
2010-06-25 01:14
Are they that bad? With real money invovled I'm surprised no pro's have entered the contest... or maybe some have but failed :P If someone can upload pictures to imageshack or something that'd be great ^^ 2 lasy to download the maps and play em
2010-06-25 01:17
de_cup6 best
2010-06-25 01:19
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2010-06-25 01:22
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2010-06-27 13:30
2010-06-25 01:25
2010-06-26 00:41
2010-06-25 01:22
On one of the maps you can pick up HE's and uzi, lol.
2010-06-25 01:25
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OMG That's just sad...
2010-06-25 01:28
4 replies Here you can see it. de_cup7
2010-06-25 01:38
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And rain too...
2010-06-25 01:41
AHAHAHAHAHAHA that img makes my day :DDDDD omg I'm crying :'))))
2010-06-25 20:41
1 reply
Russia Style indeed
2010-06-26 03:11
2010-07-08 18:12
cup6 only
2010-06-25 01:25
creating fail
2010-06-25 01:25
Geez, they are some terrible maps. Think i'd have to agree #6 is the better of the lot. If only because it LOOKS fairly well done. But its still pretty awful. Not that I can make them that well, but none of these are ready for competitive play, and DEFINATELY not worth Arbalets money. They should find the maker of some of the other competitive maps and pay them the whole 5k to do one for them.
2010-06-25 01:27
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barney(de_cpl_mill , de_aztec, de_cpl_strike, de_inferno, etc... or... nipper(most of the "custom" maps were made by him)? :P ^^
2010-06-25 23:56
decup7 you can pick up HE's and uzi :S go de_cup5
2010-06-25 01:29
2010-06-25 01:30
I only had a look at cup1 and cup6. They are terrible as hell:(
2010-06-25 01:30
terrible maps :|
2010-06-25 01:36
most of us have to accept a new map, even if its not perfect like all the standard maps out there. but sooner or later we have to accept one. and i think they are all extremely well designed, but the better question is. which of those is competitive aswell? cup6 was my favourite in a 1 minute freelook. fog is the most detailled map where i like the design most. :)
2010-06-25 01:40
I do not see anything like De_Inferno on any map
2010-06-25 01:46
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2010-06-26 22:46
de_cup4,5 or 6 the best
2010-06-25 01:50
de_cup1 is the best as far as i saw, im hoping for that one to win, most balanced one. try them with bots, with rushing, with flashes and stuff, otherwise u cant judge
2010-06-25 01:51
the only one a bit serious is cup6 and i think it's not really appropriate map for competition, too many tunnels, stairs, bomb sites weirdly set... Too many defects! Other maps = Not for competition, more like cs_maps or smthing...
2010-06-25 01:51
i tried them all. imo de_fog was best. nice textures and nice bomb areas and a lot of variety. a little too complicated maybe but definitely not too much. de_cup6 was fine too. the bomb area A was nice and well designed. but what's up with the textures of those small boxes? not detailed at all... and those weird little "houses" with a window. seemed rather silly. i am not going to say anything about any of the other maps. they are not good enough for competitive cs.
2010-06-25 01:52
i hope these maps dont get playable for other competitions in the future
2010-06-25 01:55
Honestly, the quality of the maps are really disappointing. Terrible. Imbalance. Too big. Confusing. Most of them are either trying to impress with a lot of details or too many unnecessary objects. We are not here to have a 'Leonardo da Vinci' session. Even cs_italy, if turned into de_italy, is far better than these. I don't have any favorites here. Arbalet need to rearrange the competition with more participants and pro map makers out there. Maybe they should run it in 7-8 months time to get the quality it needs for a well-balanced map.
2010-06-25 02:00
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2010-06-25 02:03
Holy words, man!
2010-06-25 08:10
Give him some beer, totally agree with you man.
2010-06-25 09:41
cyx | 
United States NeZiX
I would actually LOVE to see a de_ version of cs_italy.
2010-06-25 22:42
1 reply
imo, its too narrow :p and its lack of variety on a way to throw flashbang. but its interesting to see how's the improvisation of gameplay to play there.
2010-07-07 19:50
de_fog,the only one who is not far away from often maps ;) it's not perfect,but it's made with brains ;]
2010-06-25 02:06
I think it might be easier maybe just to remake one of the valve maps that aren´t used in competitive CS ( dust1, cbble or aztec ) and just make them more equal T and CT wise. Maybe remove some of the walls or whatever.
2010-06-25 02:11
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de_prodigy <3
2010-06-27 15:50
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2010-07-08 18:14
I think that de_cup6 is the best , good design and good stuffs there . Also cup4 and de_fog looks too fine . but the other ones do not have the best form for the competition... good luck with these maps :D
2010-06-25 02:14
de_fog for me is the best among the six
2010-06-25 02:17
I think de_fog and de_cup4. fog have a clever touch imo. would like too say cup6, but it had some random houses :S
2010-06-25 02:23
oh my God, I thought you guys were overreacting, but they ARE really that bad ;O de_cup1 would be the best one if the A bomb wasn't SO ct sided. Well... I wouldn't like to play on any of those maps...
2010-06-25 02:24
making maps is not piece of cake, why dont you all smartasses show your skills in making one and stop the cheap talk ?
2010-06-25 02:29
3 replies
The point in all of bad comments is to say what is wrong in this map's: Arbalet Cup has asked the community for their thoughts on the maps. So if you would be so kind, leave a comment stating which maps you find the best and why. So why we can't say bad things on it?
2010-06-25 09:53
2010-06-25 14:35
do you need to become a politicians to talk or discuss about politics???
2010-07-07 19:52
Maybe we should get the creator of dust and dust2 to make a new map? Here is his website:
2010-06-25 02:30
Are those really 5 vs 5 maps? Some of them looks like 8 vs 8 or 10 vs 10. Did you tried running from one BS to another BS? Shortest path, with knife on one of these map is like 30 seconds... Good luck w c4timer set to 35 :D Also most of these maps are missing the de_inferno textures, right? These lovely, simple and bright textures :D
2010-06-25 02:43
can anyone please tell me the software for making cs1.6 maps..??
2010-06-25 02:47
2 replies
You're gonna make a classical map for us?
2010-06-25 02:50
1 reply
let him try :p
2010-07-07 19:53
yeah i am .. so tell me..
2010-06-25 03:04
2 replies
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2010-06-25 22:13
Valve Hammer Editor
2010-07-11 14:27
all maps fail hard LOL
2010-06-25 03:27
ALL THIS MAPS ARE FAIL ARE U KIDDING ME? AND THAT ONE, WHITH MAC'S ON SPAWN, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL?????????????? yeah, lets remove pistol from CS, let give me spray to kill bee FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-06-25 03:27
1 reply
Says Miss Lohan;
2010-06-25 08:51
it was not suposed to be untill 5th July ... I was working on a map and thats really sad .. It´s very disappointing
2010-06-25 04:26
China Atlas.H
cup1 has 3 ways to enter the bomb site b as T, 4 ways to enter site a and one of them which is through ungerground tunnel ,T can enter CT's spawn site directly,what a nightmare for ct.At least they should edit or delete the ungerground tunnel. cup3 has 2 ways to enter site a. there're 2 windows and 1 door for T entering the bomb site b that limited T's assault.I think as a competitive map,that map may works,but I dont like it, its not good for teamworks,kinda like aim_map. cup4 I just want find shortest way form bomb site a to bomb site b as CT. I dont find it and im get lost. i will try the rest maps later.
2010-06-25 04:51
1 reply
since you are the only one with anything constructive about my map, I'll answer :P I had a bit of a different concept in mind when I was making the map. Yes you could say there are 3 entry points to B if you count the tunnel, but the tunnel is like "carpet" on inferno, you can't rush it without being heard and CTs can push it rather safely, so it's dangerous to rush. The other 2 entrances (the "window" and "middle") are somehow similar to long on d2 since you'll have to smoke the path to A if you want to pass without getting picked off from A (b/mid/spawn on d2). I have to disagree about A having 4 entry points, I mean technically you can enter it from 4 points but T's shouldn't be able to get there easily and if they try it isn't that easy. I'd say similar to doing a WRAP around A on inferno. And as I said about the tunnel It's hard to push it, it's easy to scout by CTs, even AWP is an option. All in all the maps should be tested 5v5, I think rambling about the maps in comments is pointless.
2010-06-25 12:22
Arbalet said: Entrants have until July 5th to send their map creations by email to with the subject "Competition for map de_cup". There was still 10 days remaining :( ... .. I think they missed a lot nice maps. I hope you reconsider meet initial deadlines for delivery of the maps. Some pics of my map .. Its 80% finished Please wait 10 more days ;(
2010-06-25 05:30
8 replies
Good idea,but u should add some "cosmetic" textures to make it looks better,some grass or light on the map,your map seems like good for tactical games,but it must have fine look
2010-06-25 06:55
1 reply
ty for comment im making first the basic architecture and then detailling.
2010-06-25 16:12
looks good, but don't put there too many crates, use some models instead (f.e. trees, barrels, tuscan-like-grass etc.) anyways, gj :)
2010-06-25 07:48
1 reply
dont do this... how many trees/barrels/useless tall grass exist on nuke, train, d2 or inferno?? 0.. for a good reason
2010-06-25 08:41
nice idea..I m guessing you dont have much "cosmetics" right now since you want to implement the idea first before moving on to that.
2010-06-25 08:40
You weren't supposed to remake Inferno...
2010-06-25 12:22
1 reply
actualy that was the idea with few new stuff.
2010-06-25 12:33
when you finnish the maps put them here to try them ; look nice btw :)
2010-06-25 18:40
cup6 nd fog wuz better :)
2010-06-25 06:19
2010-06-25 06:39
2010-06-25 06:51
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2010-06-26 00:48
Can we combine all the maps together to make one good map?
2010-06-25 07:09
not bad..
2010-06-25 07:22 imo 1 of the best custom maps
2010-06-25 07:46
2 replies
de_concrete/2 by catche was great. I still want de_season 1.6 but cashed said it's on the back burned since he works with promod now :(
2010-06-25 08:31
Nah, has any1 ever seen this map? de_contra in my opinion it's a small but good map, though it doesn't have any connection to de_inferno anyone interested on testing it here goes the link:
2010-06-25 17:11 i dont wanna bash anyones work so ill just say i doubt that half of the kids that made these maps play competitive cs lol. Like previously stated, cup_6 and fog are the only two barely ready for competitive play. Fog i believe to be the weaker of the two, but this kid spent ALOT of time on this map and it shows. I would say cup_6 for the win, and fog for runner up. Give him some money for the effort. Juantapol, its a shame ur maps not would have easily competed with mot of these. :-)
2010-06-25 08:27
2010-06-25 08:37
So happy to see some new maps! trying them out right now...will tell what I think later :P
2010-06-25 08:37
calam1ty is going to be so mad he wasted his time LOL
2010-06-25 08:39
2 replies
yeah :D
2010-06-25 08:46
guess you were right :)
2010-06-26 09:14
fog good but too big, so cup6 is better but only 7 maps for the arbalet competition..!? u kidding me? only 7 maps for prize like 5000$ !?...
2010-06-25 09:05
i think that they should change de_cbble (to make it easier for t side. add one more pass on point b or something) de_cbble very atmospheric map, it would be perfect! (and do not change beauty textures)
2010-06-25 09:18
1 reply
de_forge look it up :D its a pretty intense map just like cbble used to be
2010-06-25 09:31
GOGOGOGO DE_FORGE, one of the best maps, really balanced, looks fantastic and for example in US the play it normally. It is for sure a lot better than all of these maps..
2010-06-25 09:34
every one of them is bad, fog is more a skill-show than a true map, so big and detailed Arbalet should just look at fpsbanana maps, some great ones there
2010-06-25 09:36
de_cup6 is good, but de_inferno > all :)
2010-06-25 09:45
Brazil hugoooo
Someone link this to Arbalet (maps much better than those): de_losttemple de_struction de_dust_pcg
2010-06-25 09:59
they are all disgusting
2010-06-25 10:14
thanks everyone for the comments on these been terrible, stop me from dling :D
2010-06-25 10:46
Just bring aztec back... :D
2010-06-25 10:47
I just played through them all then... and i have to say just wow @ how bad they all are. The competition still has a week or 2 left so im _hoping_ that there are still some entries left to be completed yet that can be taken in, because this first batch is just awful. Did people even take this competition seriously? One of the maps has a crate filled with TMP's/HEnades ffs? None of the maps really seem to have too much thought put into layout etc, and i suppose over many years of public play (like all the current competitive war maps have had) and getting used to them they could end up being alright.. but unfortunately we dont have that luxury as these maps need to be introduced into competitive tournaments within a few months. Things NEED to feel atleast somewhat familiar about the layout of any new map for it to be widely excepted, otherwise its just doomed for failure (as unfortunate as that may be, because some truely creative maps may be ignored because people arent comfortable with them). What is more important than familiarity though, is SIMPLICITY. Take a look at dust2 for a perfect example. It doesnt get much more basic/simple than that. Then you look at some of these de_cup maps and you see dozens of tight corodors/tunnels, heaps of ladders, crazy layout etc. NONE of these submitted maps are suitable for competitive play. Im really disappointed some people didnt just take maps that are already good like cpl_strike/aztec/cbble for example and tweak/re-work them into a perfect map (and dont suggest de_forge for the already-done cbble remake, that map is crap sorry). On the bright side of things, what IS good about most/all of these maps are the themes/textures. I didnt see one single map that looked the same or like any other map i had seen before, and there IS some potential for some quality maps to be made out of these submitted ones. It will just take alot of work/re-work and more attention to detail in the layout of the maps (specifically simplifying them). Hopefully this can be done over the next few months in the maps that have shown potential and none of these current ones are used...yet.
2010-06-25 10:57
2010-06-25 11:13
Please, expand a therm. and i will create one. that should be more or less ok.
2010-06-25 11:17
TBH. I wasn't expecting my map to be here, but since it is that tells me the quality of the maps can't be that great since I made my in two weeks. And since I couldn't get 10 people to test it you get what you get. I looked at all the maps and my first impression is -> #1 a few have missed the point totally #2 my map (cup1) feels too small, inclosed (sprayfest) #3 the rest feel too big and too complex (million angles). I knew my map (cup1) felt somehow small and tight, but I honestly didn't think I had a chance against "PRO" mappers, since this is my first map that isn't a big box with stuff in it, therefor I didn't even try to fix it. I just did balance testing with a few friends and finished texturing it. Although two things do surprise me, as someone pointed out, why didn't the mapmakers from fpsbanana submit any of their maps, since some are really good. The second thing is how people are selfish and ungrateful. Isn't the main thing we are looking for here a BALANCED competitive map. I believe everyone of us mapmakers gave their best when making the maps and deserve more than a "FAIL" from random people who ran around the map a bit, albeit there were some constructive posts they were all based on running around the map all alone and are therefor subjective. ***The least any map deserves is a 5v5 testing by serious teams, less then that is just based on visuals, and everyone who plays CS should know very well that VISUALS don't mean jack.*** My map has nothing to do with inferno, I just had free time so I tried to do my thing, and made a new concept. Smaller map with almost no running time from SPAWN -> DEFAULT STRAT, but the map turned out a bit too enclosed and it was too late to fix it. To end this outcry, I don't care about the money but I'd love to see 2 good teams clash on my map :) P.S. Might I suggest if someone has a server to put the maps so people can try them a bit :)
2010-06-25 11:55
2 replies
tl;dr Early in the morning :D
2010-06-25 12:06
Your map is interesting, i don't think it is ready for competitive matches, but after the tests we did i seriously think it is better builded. Your textures are nice, good colors, a lot of barriers to hide, maybe too much :P. But it is really too small, i mean you can rush A from T spawn so fast if you go long, iT needed more space to cover. The Ct side tunnels are not very usefull sadly, and the tunnel near T spawn is too nested with the ramp. I think it is a good map but it's not already prepared for pro tournaments. I like pretty much your B bombsite, many ways to hide during ecos :P. I really enjoyed playing on it you did a good job Well done!
2010-06-25 23:48
de_prodigy is also a good map
2010-06-25 12:05
2 replies
but too ct sided What happened to de_lite?
2010-06-25 12:07
1 reply
de_lite is in its final stages(3rd beta) but has been played in the last and curresnt season of ESEA and is becoming somewhat accepted.
2010-06-25 12:10
After having a 2nd long run-through of all the maps and really assessing them i came to the following opinions: Absolutely trash maps (would require complete reworks): de_cup1: Wayyyyy too small and closed-in. Feels way too much like an aim_map with bombsites tacked on. Takes either team like 5 seconds to reach either bombsite due to the size. In short its pretty much terrible. :( de_cup3: Complete mess, no real structure/layout at all just a big open space with lots of houses/huts/boxes/rocks placed everywhere seemingly randomly. Feels like a KZ (jump) map with bombsites tacked on. Like de_cup1, is pretty much just terrible. :(
2010-06-25 12:07
4 replies
Average maps (would require alot of work): de_cup4: This could almost work, would require some layout changes etc. As is atm, its pretty much just 3 open areas (1 in the middle and 1 at either bombsite) connected by dozens of corrodors/hallways so it doesnt really 'flow' at all and has no variety. It's not terrible, but atm its not great and would require alot of work. de_cup5: General layout is ok, with lots of open spaces, but like de_cup4 has no real variety in the sizes of places etc (is all just open area). Both bombsites are absolutely _terrible_ and just feels like they were placed randomly. Textures/theme is great, something different to the normal competitive maps which is good, but like de_cup4 would probably require too much work in the layout to be where it needs to be.
2010-06-25 12:07
3 replies
The best maps (would require the least work): de_cup6: Is the best example of all the maps of how a map should probably work in terms of size/spaces (ie. some small enclosed areas, some medium size spaces, some wide-open large spaces). The layout is a tad too overly complex, and neither bombsite is really 'perfect', but its not too bad. Textures/theme is probably the best and feels like a 'real' place which is great. What it would need to have fixed: Slight simplifying of the overall layout (too many corridors etc), and some minor tweaks at both bombsites. de_cup7: Initially thought the layout/etc was terrible, but playing through a 2nd time its actually not too bad and could work quite well i think. The layout is actually pretty much identical to cpl_mill (2 storage rooms leading to either bombsite, with an underpass entrance to both bombsite and T spawn). Bombsite A layout is absolutely horrendous, and bombsite B isnt exactly perfect either. If bombsite A was massively reworked and there were some slight tweaks to layout etc it could actually probably be very good. The textures/theme is also really good imo, but seriously the 2 gun crates (1 with mac10's, 1 with tmp's)..... really?? What it would need to have fixed: Complete rework of Bombsite A, removing both the gun crates, and some slight tweaks to layout etc. de_fog: General layout is very good, would probably require some simplifying (like de_cup6) in alot of areas but could be made to work. Both bombsites are great imo, and the textures/theme is great and feels like a 'real' place too. What it would need to have fixed: Layout requires simplifying (too many hallways etc like de_cup6).
2010-06-25 12:07
2 replies
Which map I would chose in its current state to win: None. None of them are good enough 'yet'. Which map I would chose in its current state if forced to at gunpoint: Probably de_cup6 or de_fog, with de_cup7 not far behind. I think if possible the creators of those 3 maps should be given some extra time to tweak their maps to see if they could be made more suitable (that is, assuming that there are no other entries submitted before the final date). Theres no point choosing a map just for the sake of it if it isnt good enough yet, and the community/mapmakers will understand if you extend the deadline or give a few select maps that show promise some more time to work on them.
2010-06-25 12:14
1 reply
True, 6 and fog are rather good, but I would still choose de_forge over both of them.
2010-06-25 13:10
i ran through ur map quite a bit, its definately unique and i liked they layout. Theres alot of things that need changing. First is the fact that cts have an express lane to t spawn...thats just not gunna work lol. Also, whichever one of the bombsites has a statue in it is kind of open. It should be slightly more enclosed, or at least have more angles u can play from. Juat my first thoughts
2010-06-25 12:09
2010-06-25 12:27
The conteset isn't over yet! Mappers are still working on their projects. Please cgeck out the new version of de_cup6_rc3:
2010-06-25 12:36
2 replies
Still requires alot of work, and alot of simplifying in the layout and number of hallways etc, but keep it up i guess as u had one of the better/best entries out of the 7 so far
2010-06-25 14:12
1 reply
This is not my project, i just wanted to get some feedback, because the author of the map isn't communicating with the foreign community.
2010-06-25 14:43
imo de_cup1 is a joke even in pub that wouldnt be a loved map. de_fog is pretty good made, liked textures a lot, but still to open for me and tbh didnt play it to much, still it looked like next step(in maps) just a few new skinns(like ladder) can make a map look whole new. de_cup3 is interesting map but defenetly not for compepetive play, to much map abuse possible and thoes windows just anoye the shit our of you. de_cup4 is big, realy big. its made pretty good but just waaay to big for me, 1.76min wont allow u to play the round fully in this map, waay to many spots where to go to many points where to cover. still there are some good spots in this map, just make it 2x simpler and theres a chance it will win. de_cup5 at first glave remined me of assault, tbh i likked bombsites most of all other maps, but if u guys are good at long jumps and kz stuff in general u will have a advantage over others. and even with teammate who can boost u on thoes legdes its was more harder to made a plant or defuse, so thoes good bomb plants loose theyre point, pluss a bit to open for me. de_cup6 is just like cup4 mape, got soem nice spots but overall to complicated and it feels more like cpl_ maps like strike fire and strike combined not inferno "little brother" which was arbalet intension in the first place. de_cup7 is just a fluke, only awp action will take place there, pluss u cant get on some boxes even i jump isnt so far.and wtf 3he and 3 uzi/duck weopens at respawn? at best this mape is for pub. overall non of thoes maps should get that prize money sinc non of them cant compete with de_inferno. 3k is awfull lot of money, hope to see more maps for juging. ppl dont need to make big or complicated mape to win this map contest, just use all stuff which prove to be good over the years. thx for reading my oppinion, hope it will help som1 to get arbalets cash ;P
2010-06-25 13:14
5 replies
They aren't looking for inferno's little brother as you put it. What the mean by "architectural molds" is: no middle east, no industrial - they want a map that has the atmosphere of inferno - not a remake...
2010-06-25 13:53
4 replies
well i see it as thay whant do the same thing with inferno what blumaps did with cpl_mill when they remade it as tuscan.
2010-06-25 17:17
3 replies
No, they don't. They've made that clear... I can't understand how you came up with that. They are looking for the 6th map they will be using in their tournaments. Evenmoreso - inferno is the most balanced map there is, why would anyone want another version?
2010-06-25 18:41
blumaps? I think you mean BrutesMaps :)
2010-06-29 18:20
1 reply
sry, talking from my memory :p
2010-06-30 13:04
when I see these maps, I start thinking that I should have tried to make my own map, these guys are completely wrong about what makes a good map
2010-06-25 13:26
All maps are just terrible, textures look gay, maps are too big, i see 0 competitive gameplay in these maps. People who made maps knows shit about what competetive cs needs these days. You can only use those maps for public servers lolz.
2010-06-25 14:18
Would be better to bring back a map that isn't in rotation anymore, if these are the alternatives, no offence.
2010-06-25 14:22
hahaha fail maps... I'm surprise that they didn't make one with cars LOL ...
2010-06-25 14:32
Well, they don't seem very good... But I kinda liked de_fog. and de_cup6 isn't bad too
2010-06-25 14:55
Hi all, I've worked on a de_inferno-like map, but after a little chat with the main organisator I thought I would not be able to send my map because what they expected was something like a de_inferno2 just like de_dust2 is towards de_dust. So no de_mill > de_tuscan stuff. It eventually seems that they gathered a lot of maps which are really not suitable for competitive gaming. I've given a test to all of the maps and all of them contain defaults, from being way too big (de_fog) to completly unplayable because of missing files (de_cup2). So I will submit my map, named de_burn. Here are some screenies of de_burn_b1 : My map is still in beta version, but if you want to give me feedback about it, I'll be glad to give you the bsp link so you will be able to test it. Just send me an email : vb_at_aaa_dot_eu.
2010-06-25 14:57
8 replies
it looks really nice man, that's what I expected to see as a result from this contest, obviously I was wrong like you :/
2010-06-25 15:04
Ugly and is a remake of inferno - not what you were asked for.
2010-06-25 15:07
3 replies
"Ugly" ? How can you say such a thing based on 800x600 pics ?
2010-06-25 16:04
2 replies
Resolution doesn't matter. The textures and models are bad. You have basically change inferno for the worse...
2010-06-25 18:42
lol its like the goofy inferno version of simpsons ... completely copied the whole inferno and changed it slightly .... not good at all but a good effort
2010-06-26 15:36
can u tell me the software for making these maps.?
2010-06-25 15:22
Way too messy. Use less textures and textures which fit well with each other!
2010-06-26 15:49
Last pics of de_burn (with better quality) :
2010-06-26 18:46
I really didn't think the maps were that bad after reading through the comments, but I was shown otherwise: THEY SUCK!
2010-06-25 15:01
you should cherish the fact that someone is trying to bring some refreshing maps, it is so easy to say something is terrible it is much harder to actually say a map is good with good arguments.
2010-06-25 15:06
CS Mapping Since some people are asking gonna post this here. I have one suggestion tho, before trying to make the best map ever read all the tutorials, tips, tricks and guides you can find. Mapping programs: Help on a lot of errors: Good forum and some nice tutorials: These are just something to get you started, there are a lot of other resources for mapping and you can google them :P
2010-06-25 15:33
fog and cup 6 are the bests
2010-06-25 15:32
4, 5 and fog looks interesting
2010-06-25 15:45
Just play on cbble again or prodigy :P
2010-06-25 15:50
6,7 and fog look playable
2010-06-25 16:08
Greece her-1g
or just pay some money to cevo and use de_forge..the best remake of cbble anyone can get..just because cbble was a competitive map
2010-06-25 16:13
1 reply
Yes that would make more sense as I'm more then willing and available to make them a map.
2010-06-25 16:21
I'm sorry did I miss something? I thought this contest was over on July 5, 2010 I have entries I was working on for this contest and has the deadline been cut short? Please post more details on this as it's extremely unfair to start allowing voting when all of the maps aren't in yet. BrutesMaps: de_russka (source) de_tuscan (source) de_russka 1.6 de_tuscan 1.6 de_forge 1.6 de_crete 1.6 de_karnak 1.6
2010-06-25 16:19
9 replies
not over yet it seems, at least thats what i hear :)
2010-06-25 16:26
2 replies
Where did you hear this? I haven't seen anything posted yet. I just think it's lame to allow maps to be posted early and ahead of the deadline.
2010-06-25 16:31
1 reply The headline :P
2010-06-25 16:37
Just because the competition deadline hasnt come yet, doesnt mean that people arent able to get feedback on early submissions: "Arbalet Cup has asked the community for their thoughts on the maps. So if you would be so kind, leave a comment stating which maps you find the best and why." I believe the deadline is still July 5th, 2010, but i hope to god that gets extended if the current maps are all they have to work with :P
2010-06-25 16:31
3 replies
I hope they don't extend the deadline with the current maps that are out. Muhahahahahahahaha.
2010-06-25 16:32
2 replies
Because your submission(s) will win with ease over these ones? :P Also you should do a remake of cpl_strike and/or aztec. Both have amazing potential as competitive maps with just minor tweaks like how you did for tuscan (i personally wasnt a fan of forge though and prefer cbble over it, although neither of those 2 are perfect for competitive play imo). Just seems like a waste that neither of them (strike/aztec) are being used in any way :(
2010-06-25 16:36
1 reply
Cmon, every good-enough-level-designer can clearly top these submissions. Hopefully Arbalet might eventually obtain 3/4 nice maps to refresh the classic mappool. That would be great.
2010-06-25 16:47
Submit de_forge, please. It's a very good remake. Or submit forge and russka.
2010-06-25 18:44
1 reply
I can't submit these maps buddy they're already maps used by CEVO, ESEA, and whoever else.
2010-06-29 18:22
Arbalet should put 7 DM server with those maps, give us IPs and let play it
2010-06-25 16:35
3 replies
Ok I uploaded the maps on our clan server so if anyone wants to at least try them out a bit. Its a german server. connect; password cup GO GO GO
2010-06-25 16:44
2 replies
GOGO SOME1 join :/ oh yea and download the maps first
2010-06-25 17:09
2010-06-25 18:59
cup6 or fog maybe . But cup 1-5 stupid maps
2010-06-25 16:39
cup4 obviously
2010-06-25 16:46
You'r kidding me?! All my time gone because of those horrible maps :\
2010-06-25 16:57
Tried them all out, wanted to record a video off them all but my fraps program just wont work with me. ALL maps are so fkn HUGE! except cup7 whos obviously so god damn ct powered. These maps are thoes kind of maps you play gungame or wc3 mod on. Just not good enough for regular 5on5 maps. If you want to reward the guys whos winning, thats a waste of cash, put it in the arbalet cups instead.
2010-06-25 17:43
As I said before releasing a few of the maps early is a mistake imo. Should have waited until the deadline before letting people see those maps. But hey whatever all of these submissions just give me "rage fuel" to work on my map even faster and better.
2010-06-25 17:46
4 replies
Any pictures u could show the anxious crowd? :D
2010-06-25 17:47
3 replies
I should have some by Sunday evening.
2010-06-25 17:50
2 replies
gogo upload them :D too bad that your website isnt anymore working :D
2010-06-27 00:10
1 reply
It's coming back having issues with the domain.
2010-06-29 18:23
Just wondering, are we allowed to send more than one map ?
2010-06-25 18:08
1 reply
You should contact the organizers and ask :)
2010-06-25 22:36
Where is sense in making new maps? We have some unused ones in Europe especially: de_forge de_cpl_mill de_cpl_strike de_cpl_fire de_russka de_clan2_fire de_esl_autumn de_tuscan (still)
2010-06-25 18:16
1 reply
2010-06-25 18:23
de_cup1 --> :( de_cup3 --> :( de_cup4 --> :( de_cup5 --> :| music is a pain de_cup6 --> :) de_cup7 --> :( too bleak de_fog --> :| The ESL also had a contest like this but with better maps de_tuscan, de_russka and de_forge
2010-06-25 18:41
2 replies
tuscan russka and forge NAIL this maps..
2010-06-26 01:19
1 reply
2010-06-29 18:24
I personally think the community needs a new competitive played map. All the ones you've listed (especially a few certain ones which are super awesome IE: forge, russka, tuscan) are older maps and a new fresh map would really invigorate the cs community imo. I'm all for this.
2010-06-25 18:47
5 replies
and where is your map? or why didnt you made one for this contest?
2010-06-25 20:50
4 replies
Not done yet, see #150.
2010-06-25 22:37
As I said I'm finishing mine up because I thought we had until July 5 to work on our maps. I was merely venting my annoyance at letting people see the other maps early. 1. The creators could potentially fix the errors before July 5 2. It allows people to vote for those maps more then the later entries. Really stupid in my opinion. It's like opening the polls to vote for President A two months ahead of letting President B being voted on too. So he has a 2 month jump start. /endrant
2010-06-25 22:44
2 replies
gl, you did a great job with tuscan:)
2010-06-26 17:29
100% agree
2010-06-26 18:20
2010-06-25 18:48
Brazil hono
a remake of cpl_strike would be perfect
2010-06-25 18:53
De_cup1 - I almost got lost in the map,especially the tunnel 2/10 de_cup3 - Looks like very small map,not good for competitive play 4/10 de_cup4 - If this map is used for competitive play then these settings will be required mp_c4 timer 50 , mp_roundtime 3-4 , game style 7v7 or 8v8 2/10 de_cup5 - proper and easy map,no confusing routes,the only thing i didnt like was snow 8/10 de_cup6 - kind of good for comptetive,only the tunnel wasnt required 8.5/10 de_cup7 - its like BS A and BS B have 2 routes from both T spawn and Ct Spawn + a tunnel connecting A+B in some way 5/10 de_fog - cool map and nicelay made 9/10 Peace
2010-06-25 19:05
1 reply
nince out of ten?! Then I got to ask what you define as a ten.
2010-06-27 16:21
De_cup6 bestttt ! :)
2010-06-25 19:11
All maps are way too complex. Either too many stairs, or too many boxes, or too many hiding places. Useless cabins and holes in the walls... Narrow paths that would mean certain death for a team facing a good sprayer. If you look at every famous map in CS, they are so simple.
2010-06-25 19:11
de_cup5 is just so Max Payne, lol.
2010-06-25 19:30
de_cup6 best
2010-06-25 20:10
de_russka!! ;P
2010-06-25 20:19
why doesn't arbalet cup just use good maps that are already available - prodigy, cbble, aztec, contra, concrete, comrade3rdroute, lite, russka. pick one and buy it for $5000, arbalet. hell, you could even remake fire or strike (if cpl even holds any rights to those maps).
2010-06-25 20:45
I didn't see any of the maps with good eyes to professional scene, but only playing could know better. and I agree with #154
2010-06-25 20:54
Mr. Arbalet.. just play @ de_aztec <3
2010-06-25 20:59
de_cup1 found bug running into a corner 1/10 de_cup3 basically blows 0/10 de_cup4 this map makes no sence.. 0/10 de_cup5 i think this map has quality and awesomeness 7/10 de_cup6 very very good, one site ct has better odds and one site t has, i think it is excellent 9/10 de_cup7 t spawn is very big, otherwise i like it. 6/10 de_fog i like it with all the "levels" 8/10 My vote will go to de_cup6
2010-06-25 20:59
1 reply
You gave 6/10 to cup7?? hah!
2010-06-26 22:38
de_cup6 best ;
2010-06-25 21:01
The two best maps imo: de_cup1 and de_cup6 de_cup1 is a bit too small. I played a 5on5 mix on this map and it took about 5 seconds for me to make contact with the opponent. it takes about 10 seconds to run from one bombsite to another which I believe is a little too fast. but this is a really nice map imo, if only the user could expand (make it bigger) it then that'd be great. also possibly get rid of the yellow lines on the walls. you can walk on them but I honestly never did and neither did anyone else I saw. de_cup6 I haven't played it that much but I think it's a nice map. It might be a little too big but don't take my word on that. de_fog looks really nice, you can tell the creator put a lot of effort into that map, but it's huge, not good for competitive play. the other maps aren't that good although I did not give them that much time, maybe I'll form a second opinon later.
2010-06-25 21:23
rly want cpl strike back.. : (
2010-06-25 21:30
1 reply
Not just cplstrike. ALL cevo maps
2010-06-26 22:37
de_cup1 is interesting in that you can walk on the gold trim throughout the map. Would definitely add a new dimension to stacks and pushes. de_cup3 is too square and reminds me of an aim_map or something. Plus there's that creepy statue. de_cup4 is too big, too many rooms that don't need to be there. de_cup5 is probably my favorite to be honest, if you could get rid of the wind sound that nobody likes anyway. de_cup6 too big. de_fog is pretty cool, another favorite of mine. I think the problem is that most of them tried to put too many hiding places/objects that just clutters up the map and makes it unappealing. The most popular cs maps are simple and easy to manage.
2010-06-25 22:13
de_cup6 in progress ;) Final version off balanced map coming soon. de_cup6 only!
2010-06-26 00:45
pre final version:
2010-06-26 00:48
1 reply
It still looks like little has been done to simplify it :(
2010-06-26 09:57
de_cup4 WITH SOME MODIFICATIONS de_cup6 WITH SOME MODIFICATIONS other maps just don´t worth it :( too bad UZI & MAC!!! WHAT THE F*** WERE YOU THINKING!!!
2010-06-26 01:18
honestly these maps are not good enough...cup_4, cup_6 and fog stand out from the others though (some of the other ones are downright outrageous with lots of narrow alleys and holes in the walls and what not...) I think Arbalet group should really take a look at de_concrete. I had tested it when it came out earlier and it was very good. And then there are the CPL maps which people are used to and were part of many competitive leagues. There is no doubt in mind that they are better than these 6 maps. They can also look at de_contra. I am guessing they should extend the time period for this competition so that better maps can be made (more time for discussion, testing and feedback). I only played cup_4 for some time. Others I just loaded, ran once or twice and in disappointment, disconnected. :/
2010-06-26 09:09
I think a very good strategy might be to rework some of the popular maps like cs_italy, de_prodigy, de_cbble, de_aztec, de_storm etc, making them more balanced with respect to 5v5 competitive scenario. I am sure some creative mapmakers can come up with solutions which will rid these maps of their lopsidedness in some cases.
2010-06-26 09:13
2010-06-26 11:23
I think the latest version of cup6 is very good. The B bombsite should get some texture tweaking (it doesn't resemble rest of the map). I don't think the map is overly complicated. It's as complicated as Tuscan and I don't think people think of Tuscan as too complicated. Fog could get some lifting, too.
2010-06-26 14:03
Is anyone going to host de_cup6_rc4? Maybe someone is willing to host a scrim on it and broadcast through HLTV?
2010-06-26 14:22
BrutesMaps will be in top2. Would be nice to see his work atm :)
2010-06-26 17:27
I've checked all these maps and made little testings also, but in my opinion any of these maps doesnt remember inferno. I'm hoping to see better maps till deadline, but i know map what has same textures and stuff as de_inferno and its de_esl_autumn i dont know if this ever was even played anywhere?
2010-06-26 18:36
1 reply
It was played in German ESL cup once, maybe more times.
2010-06-26 21:18
cup1 - a little too complicated system of passages between A and B bombsites, but it's the overdetailed environment that needs to be improved (too many covering and hiding spots) cup 3 - a very bad map. More of a aim_map, than de_map. Too open space on the CT half of the map. Moreover, I don't really see a way of winning a single round as T on this map. cup 4 - way too many paths. The CTs won't arrive in much of an advance on A bombsite, so some easy rushes there from Ts will be possible. Overall good impression of the map, good camping and jumping spots. The narrow passages around B bombsite need to be made less complicated. cup 5 - Is a great map. I'm not sure how people commenting before could not notice it. It has both long range, close range, the exact right amount of hiding place, while being very complex at the same time. It has the attributes to become a very fast map with a lot of rushes on the middle area which will be very decisive. I can also imagine a lot of interesting eco tactics. On B bombsite the Ts arrive at almost exactly the same time (depending on spawns, it takes Ts around 13 seconds, CTs 12 seconds) as CTs, so this will even more increase the importance od the middle area. Also this maps offers for some really nice bombsite retakes after the bomb si planted. The only thing I'd certainly point out is, that the map should be a little less wide and a little more long. But overall, a great map. I would very recommend this one. cup 6 - Another good map. However, the area straight from CT spawn, where the red light lights, will be very crucial to defend, becasue if that is controlled by Ts, they will have a free hand to surround both B and A bombsite defenders from all sides. This threat and should be diminished. The whole map will be very dependent on this very spot. This will fore CTs to either pay more importance to this spot, and therefore lose somewhere else, or simply be overwhelmed from all sides. cup 7 - This is a very bad map. A very simple one, simple in the negative way. Its too open at some places, at others too crowded with boxes. It clearly shows no signs of a complex analysis of time arrivals between Ts and CTs. A really bad one. de_fog - Too big. Too compplicagted. Too many hidings spots. Too closed up. Too big bombsites (especially 1), which offers for too much of sneaky action. Overall I would prefer cup 5 and cup 6, with the notice that i mentioned. Of course my remarks (for example the room with red light and its too severe cruciality) might be used to advantage by some clever and wel thought play. This is just my analysis, and any drawback can be worked on by a good team.
2010-06-26 18:37
I think cup5 or cup6.. Maybe I'm leaning a bit more towards cup5.
2010-06-26 22:35
I liked cup5 the most =) very good map
2010-06-26 22:56
all maps sux
2010-06-26 23:57
2010-06-27 10:58
de_cup6 good map
2010-06-27 12:33
cup5 or maybe chateau ? :D
2010-06-27 13:32
Liechtenstein Chamele0n
de_piratebay de_storm I miss these
2010-06-27 17:25
Fucking peice of shit winRAR sucks ass it wont work.
2010-06-28 03:21
1 reply
7-zip. No more problems and completely free (no nag screens).
2010-06-28 04:41
When I was entering this contest I was having in mind that de_cup must be very similar to de_inferno, something like de_cpl_mill to de_tuscan, but acording to recent maps I've seen, all of those maps has nothing to do with de_inferno... my map is 85% finished, and i hope that entering isn't finish yet... U can see some ss on: i need to add a lot of details (mountains, windows, lighting, etc...) give some feedback if u want..cheers
2010-06-28 08:36
11 replies
You will be disappointed - that's not what they were asking for. You've made a remake of inferno. Wh would anyone want a remake of the most balanced map in the pool, when they are looking for a sixth map to add to the pool? It's obvious that this is not what they were looking for...
2010-06-28 08:51
10 replies
official request was: The map's architectural work is to follow the same molds of de_inferno...
2010-06-28 10:42
8 replies
Means similar textures, dummy. You did the complete opposite! You've changed the textures and copied the layout... Jesus, how hard is it to understand?! They are not looking for a remake of the best map out there. That's just stupid to even think they did.
2010-06-28 10:47
7 replies
first of all don't call me dummy, bc am not. am not expert for english, and when I translate "mold", I get something similar to "shape" in my language...
2010-06-28 10:55
6 replies
"Dummy" isn't an insult. You can't translate something word for word and expect to understand it. That's exactly what you get as a result - a misunderstanding.
2010-06-28 11:31
5 replies
The announce was obviously not clear at all, because lot of mappers understood it the way citizenx did (look at's questions in the comments when the news was released). When I asked Arbalet team precisions, I got a response in a poor English, meaning their announce could be understood one way or an other. Btw inferno is not the perfect map you are yelling in each of your posts. Ask proplayers, you'll see they have things to say about it. Plus with an inferno-like map, you can ease its learning by the community and accelerate the spread of the new map. The learning of a brand new layout usually is what prevents new maps to emerge. Therefore, asking for a remake of inferno is nothing but a nonsense.
2010-06-28 17:36
4 replies
The announcement was clear. You translate it once - you are looking for trouble, you translate it twice - you are looking for a disaster. The announcement was in Russian, transtaled to English (supposedly fairly well, but not without errors). Now, when you translate it to your own language, which you guys did - you can completely miss the core message of the announcement - the rules. You can't transtale something word for word and expect it to match. This is not how translation works. This is not how you are supposed to read in English (you read it word for word, transtale it word for word and then try to make out the meaning of it all in your own language and expect to understand anything at all). Your post proves why you are wrong. You can't understand that words have fixed definitions. You claim that I've said inferno is perfect, which I did not. I clearly said "the best map out there". As you can see, both, Tuscan and Inferno are very well balanced.
2010-06-29 01:19
3 replies
Well if it is the "best map out there", it means it can be even better. Period.
2010-06-29 17:53
2 replies
The directions we're clear in my eyes. We want an "inferno like themed map". The layout and flow of the map can be whatever you want
2010-06-29 18:16
1 reply
Yes, they were clear to me, too. Even though I'm not a native English speaker.
2010-06-29 22:50
hahahaha all ur effort gone to waste man .... they didnt ask for this .... but good effort :P
2010-06-28 15:02
de_lite_rc1 go go go, good map :)
2010-06-28 08:56
they are all bad...unfortunately
2010-06-28 11:12
thoose maps are terrible, no sense and for cw 10vs10 ; seriously guys just make a good mix of de_dust2, de_inferno and de_nuke and here we go 10/10..
2010-06-28 11:39
I did choke a little on my soda when I saw the overturned box of HE grenades and TMP's on the ground... "Really, these can't be real probably just for show you can't pick these nades up" **CLICK** Sure enough I had a fresh nade for free, I almost died laughing.
2010-06-29 19:40
2 replies
WHEN? When are you going to show us your map...
2010-06-29 23:09
indeed just like a random public map :D
2010-06-29 23:10
You can download 6 more maps from i checked every map and one looked good its de_cup_hiubert3 very nice map =)
2010-06-30 16:02
1 reply
China Atlas.H
2010-07-06 07:17
2010-07-01 03:22
Alright well as was requested by a few here are a few screen-shots of the final map. It's undergone a few changes since these screens were taken. Enjoy! DE_CUP1_BRUTESMAPS ** I'll upload a few more featuring the B site later on today. Most of these feature A site. ** ______________________________________________________ #BrutesMaps @
2010-07-02 18:02
5 replies
hmm looks a bit bland tbh and im not really a fan of the red-brick texture in cs, but obviously its very hard to tell from screenshots how the map will play and layout/design is the most important thing of course! looking forward to the finished map :D
2010-07-04 13:05
4 replies
Uh Rule #1 of map making. No competitive cs players gives a shit what the map looks like. Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay.
2010-07-06 05:13
3 replies
China Atlas.H
I think it's nice from the screen-shots!
2010-07-06 05:41
If they didnt give a shit what a map looks like, then why did u feel it necessary to even show screenshots... alot of people were asking to see what it looks like because.. suprise suprise, they care about that. No its not the most important thing about a competitive map, obviously the layout/gameplay is, but yes it is still important and to say otherwise would be naive. I already said that layout/design is the most important thing, and thats something that is hard to tell from screenshots, so ill look forward to the completed map when its released.
2010-07-06 06:48
1 reply
Not really tbh. They wanna see it yes, but at the end of the day all anyone cares about is how does it play. Look at nuke, the map is horrendously ugly but its still a great competitive map.
2010-07-06 17:00
China Atlas.H
I just heard from someont replied me "Competition extended until the end of August. Because of the small number of works received. "
2010-07-06 13:13
2 replies
Yeh that says its extended for 2 months. Good decision imo, caus alot of the submissions have been lacking and this may give them the needed time to get them up to scratch + any new submissions in. Its far better to not rush the maps and end up with a terrible map, better off extending it to get the best map possible.
2010-07-06 13:38
1 reply
How are they rushing the maps? If you can't put together 2-3 good DE maps in 2 months time you are a terrible mapper and should stop mapping. I can pump out a good quality DE map in under 20-30 hours of work nonstop.
2010-07-06 16:59
Why dont they just put de_cbble in use. It's a great map. :s
2010-07-06 13:46
1 reply
Because it's obivously not a balanced map, CT side > T side like 90/10 just watch that
2010-07-06 16:15
This is complete crap. The deadline for the contest was July 5. Honor your own contest rules. No de_map is perfect the first time around. Pick your two maps you like and work from them, there are plenty of submissions that are good looking maps that just need some reworking. Russka went through multiple revisions to Long A, Middle, etc etc before it was a balanced good map. Tuscan was modified and changed all over at Site B, Alternate B many different times until it was ready to go. Forge, this map went through 5-10 solid revisions to get the rush timing down and balanced until it was ready to go. The bottom line is pick a map and work from it. It's not going to be perfect the first time around. Inferno wasn't perfect the first time it came out, the map got an entire facelift at one point back during BETA. Extending it another 2 months is unfair to the entries who honored the contest rules and hit the deadline. _____________________________ #brutesmaps
2010-07-06 16:42
1 reply
2010-07-07 03:45
It's whatever I voiced my complaint. You have mappers pouring out countless hours of free time and energy for $0.00 / hour. You want a great quality map upfront then hire a real professional mapper and pay him for his / her time.
2010-07-06 17:05
true :/
2010-07-06 17:58
Sorry I'm late ... but this is my maps ... I spent 2 weeks to complete the maps ... so, I'm sorry if the map cannot satisfy the criteria ... thanks Deepeyes
2010-07-07 03:28
5 replies
Its really nice
2010-07-07 16:57
4 replies
thanks, if you like it ...
2010-07-07 17:21
Btw, about my map ... I know the textures is bad ... I did that because I try to keep the map size below 6 MB ... as the Requirements demand ...
2010-07-07 18:58
2 replies
Do Not Use Half-Life 1 Textures
2010-07-09 16:14
1 reply
Requirements for the map: 2) Allowed the use of standard and custom textures (if you use custom textures, you should set them to a .bsp file). just following the requirements ... :)
2010-07-10 22:44
2010-07-07 04:33
tested all the maps ... look like my map is the only one match the inferno blue print ...
2010-07-07 14:07
6 replies
You did? There is no link for all of the maps, just the first 7 listed above. Might wanna rethink your above statement chief.
2010-07-07 15:43
5 replies
Yes, I know, because I'm too late to submit the map ... at least I try to follow the criteria ...
2010-07-07 16:28
4 replies
Are you an immigrant? Because you don't seem to understand what BrutesMaps is saying despite having the British flag displayed as your country of origin. First of all, he said that you can't have tested all of the maps because, simply put, you weren't able to download all of the submissions. Secondly, you are not late for the deadline had been extended by a considerable amount of time (2 months). You just need to submit your work to the right place (note - HLTV is not the host of the competition). Lastly, they were not asking for a remake of inferno, which makes your statement ("look like my map is the only one match the inferno blue print") sound rather peculiar.
2010-07-07 16:41
3 replies
yes, sorry for that and I know MR.Brute ... he's the pro mapper ... I did submit the map to the ...
2010-07-07 16:45
1 reply
Also, I did download the mappack as the link mentioned above: "It has now been nearly two months and Arbalet Cup has released a map-pack, which contains seven maps. You can download the maps by clicking here."
2010-07-07 17:02
and sorry for my bad, I thought the link for the mappack came from the submissions ...
2010-07-07 17:25
well, I heard they going to extend the competition ... I will submit the same map ... and maybe with better improvements ...
2010-07-07 16:35
They are looking for a good map, so any alternative can be useful here ... even not in the list ... we can see many of mappers offer their own maps here ...
2010-07-07 16:51
1 reply
There are good maps that have been submitted. I'm sure but they're being very anal about the contest. Which remind you is a CONTEST. And they're treating it like it's a commissioned map project. I repeat it's a CONTEST. Meaning you can't be anal about the maps you're receiving when you aren't paying any of us jack squat to go back and re-work our maps.
2010-07-07 17:00
Maybe some criticism about the maps you've actually received. Or an email confirmation letting people know you actually received the map from them. Or actually go through and play test the maps and eliminate the ones that don't' even have a chance of moving on. The feedback for this contest is pathetic. The only good feedback is from the other mappers and no one from Arbalet.
2010-07-07 17:02
well, I don't mind with the prizes or the event ... I just want to contribute ... I keep mapping even for free ...
2010-07-07 17:11
5 replies
Well I don't map for free anymore, so this is a rare circumstance for me as I'm used to having contracts and commissions involved. So some feedback from the higher-ups would be good for everyone.
2010-07-07 17:32
4 replies
agree ...
2010-07-07 17:36
3 replies
Just saying asking people to map for free for another two months without even feedback or a response from the emails I've sent or anything is pretty ridiculous. I mean without receiving any feedback there's no point for me to rework my submissions, or hell make another new map to submit. Everyone is basically mapping blind for the next 2 months until Arbalet actually starts to look at these map entries. I dunno seems dumb to me.
2010-07-07 17:41
2 replies
so, what is your suggestion ?
2010-07-07 17:42
1 reply
Pretty simple actually. • Pick two map winners now. • Or pick the top 5 map submissions. Give those 5 maps feedback and give them another month to make changes and adjustments and have a second round of voting. • The contest ended on July 5. • Alot of people (including myself) poured endless hours of my time to hit that deadline. How is it fair that the contestants followed the rules, but the hosting contest can't follow their own rules? It's like opening the voting polls for a president, and only 3 candidates apply and then suddenly saying "Oh nevermind we want more candidates we're delaying the vote another 6 months until we get more candidates"
2010-07-07 17:48
I'm on full agreement with Brute, as we've been in the compensation area before. I have submitted and have yet to hear any feedback, when I emailed some questions all I got was a copy paste from a Arbalet's site and google translate. I made my map like inf, strike, fire. Because that's what it sounded like from the description. Now that I see others making different themed maps I'll make my own own textures as well.
2010-07-07 19:05
8 replies
Hey cashed. Flavor of the map has to resemble Inferno. Layout does not.
2010-07-07 19:21
6 replies
Ya but this description was so vague. I know 2 guys who pulled an all nighter just to finish for the deadline.
2010-07-07 19:34
5 replies
nice textures ...
2010-07-07 19:38
4 replies
Meh without feedback or a response I've pretty much put my submissions on the back-burner. Not investing anymore time in this contest until there is actually a response from someone.
2010-07-07 19:43
3 replies
I was thinking that before the original deadline ;X
2010-07-07 19:51
1 reply
Holy cpl_fire batman. Thought I was gonna get awp'd from mid coming out of that rock entrance it looks vaguely familiar to me.
2010-07-07 20:18
well,at least your map size is below 3mb, you still can improve it ... if you play my map, you'll find out the size of the BSP file is 5.4MB even for standard textures (Ugly Textures) and the limitation is 6MB. I cannot improve it or the size will go crazy above the limitation ...
2010-07-07 19:52
Was going to say nice looking map but then i discovered one can walk on the roofs and see more then 50 percent of the map from there.You can also see over the edge from how u see long A on d2 from up on the texture.There is also a bug where i entered inside a rock and i remained stuck there.The map needs alot of fixing but it does look nice enough.
2010-07-09 15:51
oh man 5000 $ are too much for these maps
2010-07-07 19:58
3 replies
For what maps? They haven't even posted the other submissions, just this first batch of six or seven maps.
2010-07-07 20:08
2 replies
they posted others on the main site but all single links, no package
2010-07-07 21:11
1 reply
Yeah but that isn't current. They posted that days before the deadline they're probably missing another 4-6 maps.
2010-07-07 21:34
Just use the CPL maps, make an agreement with whoever owns the rights to them.
2010-07-08 18:19
6 replies
Only 2 of the 3 CPL maps would even be worth using (strike, mill), and 1 of them already has a suitable replacement in the form of tuscan. Although i do agree completely strike needs to see competitive play (or a remake if the original map isnt able to be used).
2010-07-09 13:13
5 replies
CPL maps are not royalty free. Thus why you will never seem them played at LANs or in any leagues at all. I created tuscan with CEVO to bypass this stupid CPL enforced rule. The map was altered enough to get around CPL and still enjoy the feel of cpl_mill.
2010-07-09 16:10
2 replies
2010-07-12 21:36
Hey ! What do you think about CPL_Overrun ? I did really felt like this map is good although I've never played a match on it. What about reworking it ?
2010-07-14 15:33
Well, true, I'm no fan of fire, but I'd rather see fire in competitive action than a new map.
2010-07-12 21:37
1 reply
2010-07-12 22:16
2010-07-11 01:05
de_cup6 & de_fog :)
2010-07-11 06:55
Deepeyes, I have just tested your map. Seems you have gone over the top with your comments. Basically - it's not what the rules said (quite the opposite, actually). To be honest, your map sucks. It's bad remake of inferno. Not only is it bland, it's inferno without all those perks. There's nowhere to hide to shoot from behind, no ninja-hideouts - nothing. It looks like one huge yard with some obstacles.
2010-07-11 12:32
3 replies
well, every person had their own opinion ... some of them say that is a good map ... some are not ... just let MR.ARBALET decide what he think is good or not ... FYI: I spent 2 weeks before the deadline to complete the map ... so, at the moment I don't have enought option because of the deadline (especially the limitation) ... Actually I'm working on new version ... but not for the competition ... Just like Mr.Brute said: "Meh without feedback or a response I've pretty much put my submissions on the back-burner. Not investing anymore time in this contest until there is actually a response from someone."
2010-07-11 14:13
1 reply
Well I'm not. There needs to be a response from the contest committee it's pointless to continue working until we hear back from them.
2010-07-13 16:08
Mean while, you can try this: That's is my original work ... no Remake no Bland textures ... took me 2 months to complete ...
2010-07-11 14:25
China Atlas.H
They added 25 new maps.
2010-07-14 09:26
1 reply
Cool I'll have to check them out later on.
2010-07-14 16:36
Brute, your maps can't be opened. After extracting them properly they all show up as "bsp" in the CS map selection menu and won't open at all. The latest version of cup6 is great.
2010-07-14 12:31
3 replies
China Atlas.H
cut off its name,it's too long!
2010-07-14 14:37
2 replies
I've figured that out myself, too. I'm just pointing that out. Hopefully they will change the rules yet again and choose not 2, but 4 or even 5 maps (all Brute maps and Retro/cup6).
2010-07-14 15:02
1 reply
hmmm werd well when I resubmit my work I'll keep that in mind. Usually my map names are very very very short.
2010-07-14 16:34
China Atlas.H
I think those maps are great! brutesmaps, de_cup(by retro), de_cup_hiubert4, de_cup_nazar_logozar
2010-07-14 14:38
1 reply
Retro = cup6. It will win it, I'm sure. It looks awesome, tbh.
2010-07-14 14:45
Finally some feedback. Too bad it's in Russian takes too long to translate it all.
2010-07-14 17:22
4 replies
My feedback (will try it out more, hopefully in a scrim enviornment if resources allow me to): Demoes: First two are glitches - invisible ceiling. The other one is a change I'd like to see - the removal of an invisible ceiling in a corridor. This way CTs will be able to boost themsevles there and save their weapons. Maybe even setup ambushes, no idea.
2010-07-14 21:36
3 replies
Uh thanks for bug checking my map??
2010-07-15 17:12
Invisible ceilings aren't glitches by the way. They are generally implemented to prevent people from exploiting certain parts of the map.
2010-07-15 17:13
1 reply
Yes, well - in the third case - sure, it was intended, but the other two look unintended to me as you can walk on them. I think you should be able to boost beyond that third invisible ceiling, though. It's less of an advantage than boosting on bombsite A on dust2 (and without the vision glitch).
2010-07-15 22:12
i cant even download its not there apparently
2010-07-22 01:15
So was this thing extended or what?
2010-07-22 22:56
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