HeatoN teaches mixing up CT play

Emil "HeatoN" Christenssen has launched his second video from his personal gaming academy, now focusing on aggressive CT play. 

Two weeks ago, Christenssen had joined up with Stockholm E-sports Industry and Samsung, creating a series of videos to help players with important aspects of the game, such as teamplay and tactics.

The second video, named "Mixing up the CT play", is all about adding aggressive rounds to your CT play, which goal is to disturb and counter the Terrorists. Famous players such as Raphael "cogu" Camargo, Christer "Fisker" Eriksson and fnatic's very own Harley "dsn" Örwall are featured in the video, showing you how to do so. 

nice [:D]
2010-06-28 14:26
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dude you are fast!
2010-06-28 15:43
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United Kingdom hArdLad
he gets paid. xD
2010-06-28 17:08
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2010-06-29 03:51
nice? lolwtf posted ; By: Pus Time: 2010-06-28 17:55 and you comment ; 2010-06-28 17:56:46 damn you watched it in a minute, real cool ah.
2010-06-29 15:00
1 reply
HHAHAHAH, you're rigth
2010-06-29 15:51
how did you know its nice? If just the video its 5:37seg rofl
2010-06-30 14:46
Some of this crap is actually useful... Too bad this is not of one those. :S
2010-06-28 14:32
Bahaha nice camera play Headon
2010-06-28 14:28
frozen | 
Brazil fgw1z
2010-06-28 14:28
any1 links to yesterday's match of sweden vs ukraine
2010-06-28 14:28
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2010-06-28 14:30
These videos are a lot better than Qpad's ones.
2010-06-28 14:30
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Ofc they are, the Qpad ones were more focussed on newer players who were trying to improve their induvidual gameplay. These clips are focussed on teamplay which is at a higher level. I also think that the most players on HLTV.org are around average skill so these clips are way more useful
2010-06-28 14:47
one more vid hehehe:)
2010-06-28 14:34
LOL at 1:05, he always see a lot of top teams doing some kind of shit hahahahahahha
2010-06-28 14:36
1 reply
what is wrong with that?
2010-07-08 02:05
thnx force!
2010-06-28 14:39
love it !!!
2010-06-28 14:39
thanx a lot i was w8ing for it :)
2010-06-28 14:40
House @ long ? :D
2010-06-28 14:42
the first one was kinda useful. This is too basic.
2010-06-28 14:43
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Argentina sebaxinho
the first one, was pretty basic too
2010-06-30 14:36
Not bad, its a kind of usefull :P
2010-06-28 14:46
I think the first one was better, i believe that when you get to a certain lvl (brains and aim) you have a pretty good clue of when to go offensive.
2010-06-28 14:48
he's not hidden anymore
2010-06-28 14:49
why does he keep using CZ models >.<
2010-06-28 14:55
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Cause for this kind of things they look "nicer".
2010-06-28 17:57
Brazil hugoooo
i miss cogu a lot =C
2010-06-28 14:56
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yeah !! cogu was tha best awpa ^^
2010-06-28 14:59
2 replies
in which galaxy?
2010-06-28 15:26
1 reply
In our Galaxy 2005 :)
2010-06-28 22:53
2010-06-28 14:57
2010-06-28 14:58
its much better than the QPAD series thing shit :D
2010-06-28 15:01
2010, where's the HD ?
2010-06-28 15:33
Nice ! Heaton you are amazing
2010-06-28 15:38
very important basics that i think many has forgot it
2010-06-28 15:39
HeatoN, the best player in cs 1.6 history!
2010-06-28 15:45
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For sure :p with spawn ^^
2010-06-28 16:09
HeatoN should change CZ models to classic GIGN and LEET ;-) (i mean 1.6 ones)
2010-06-28 16:06
lol... this way I can make money too
2010-06-28 16:39
nice tactic :) Pressing > def
2010-06-28 16:55
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Not really , he just said , dont stay in defensive mode all the time , pressing all the time can be wrong , a mix is the best thing you can do. AWP look a few time in the middle, and back to the bibliotheque as he said, so dont wait middle and not want to be agressive at 100% , pressing a little a round , wait the second , more agressive the third , and changed all the time ^^
2010-06-28 17:06
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2010-06-28 17:46
does cogu still play cs or did he move on CSS ?
2010-06-28 17:08
1 reply
he retires of pro gaming :( sad...
2010-06-28 23:57
omfg , HeatoN stop making this videos go find clan and play again active cs omfg , you are one of best cs and you making this sh*t work , i think all players here know how to play CS 1.6, find new life...
2010-06-28 17:51
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No, you suck. Kthx bye.
2010-06-28 20:09
neeve | 
Portugal neeve
I think KF3 won't agree with you :/
2010-06-29 05:48
N1ce :D
2010-06-28 17:57
There was also time back some nice agressive positioning by Alternate I think it was on inferno if I am not mistaken when they were on top of the German rollercoaster.
2010-06-28 18:05
stupid CZ-Models :)
2010-06-28 18:28
wonderful :D
2010-06-28 18:30
why the american flag at the end?
2010-06-28 19:12
1 reply
Because July 4th is USA's national "birthday". The independence day...
2010-06-28 20:09
n1 cogu :D
2010-06-28 19:43
2 replies
We miss! he's n1. No more words!
2010-06-29 16:38
1 reply
It's for #22 Sorry!
2010-06-29 16:40
2010-06-28 20:06
"hey guys i'm hidin" is missing :O no way :(
2010-06-28 21:35
nyc gj heaton
2010-06-28 21:58
He doesn't show anything new i think...
2010-06-29 01:19
it is the lamest video i ever seen. ALL the teams did it many times and going to do it even without looking this video. looooooool Heaton, in next video better show how to play in different situations like 1 on 1 and others. show some mistakes and things what to do is wrong and what to do is right:)
2010-06-29 01:46
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there is no such "good" things in cs.. it's very random game.. so things that work sometimes may not work at all sometimes...
2010-06-29 03:30
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you don't understand me, friend:) i told about some flashes or positions in different situations. if he run from middle, or from b-place. i think it will be more useful for gamers.
2010-06-29 11:53
2010-06-29 02:45
2010-06-29 06:53
i usually go smoke and play aggressive,but not the way hes speaking of ^____^
2010-06-29 07:07
"and hes not looking there either because theyre not used to" I dont know what teams/match that footage was from but usually when some1 in b halls gets fragged by a ct from lower the second guy coming 5 seconds later doesnt just run into halls without looking to the right :/ sort of helpfull vid though for midtier teams not nearly as annoying as the qpad vids :P
2010-06-29 19:18
4 replies
Probably one of these tournaments where you're forbidden to speak when dead.
2010-07-19 21:58
3 replies
surely you realize at the beginning of the round every progamer knows exactly what his teammates are going to do? :D also theres radar/audio clues. but yeah maybe he was too far away to hear it I think not being allowed to call if you die is the most retarded rule ever btw who thought of that? ^^
2010-07-19 22:21
2 replies
Don't know, I think it's stupid as well but there has been tournaments with that rule, I don't remember what it's called, ghost-something. He might've thought that fisker had gone offensive through the tunnel, what do I know, they were probably not noobs since they faced SK. :D
2010-07-19 22:38
lawl really? :P mustve been the no calling rule then xD I remember wcg used to have it :x
2010-07-20 00:12
2010-06-30 14:47
bullshit standard stuff
2010-07-05 01:26
if you don't like it the stfu and don't watch ! stupid cpl fan-boys with your "basic..."-like comments don't you see these videos are TEACHING videos and that presumes that this video is teaching something to the players/teams that don't know any tactics etc. and he is throwing a hand and yes he is getting paid but so what? he still has a lot of competitions won so that makes him the big guy(he already is big) and makes you the isignificant hopeless parazite
2010-07-05 09:57
1 reply
Actually by today's standards his accomplishments are not nearly as impressive. HeatoN had a huge fallout and was utter garbage against the newer generation when it hit. And it hit hard. These videos are extremely basic and I really think (and hope) he could do better in his next video. Most of what he has been showing is common knowledge and not helpful to the majority of the community by today's standards. Maybe back 5-7 years ago (around the time when he was on top) someone would have considered this intermediate/a little bit more advanced. Good luck to HeatoN in his future videos and endeavors regardless. :)
2010-07-08 03:18
n1 , 10x :)
2010-07-19 22:03
nice heaton
2013-01-17 21:19
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