Arbalet Cup Dallas team list revealed

Twenty-six teams have been confirmed to be participating at Arbalet Cup Dallas, which is due to take place this weekend.

Not much info has been revealed since Arbalet Cup Dallas got announced last month, the organizers now announce a twenty-six team list. At the moment, only five non-American teams will travel to Dallas to compete, while twenty-one of the twenty-six are hailing from the United States.

Arbalet Cup Dallas participants

Sweden SK Gaming Denmark mTw Germany mousesports Sweden H2k Gaming
Norway Lions United States compLexity United States Evil Geniuses United States Loaded
United States Finesse Canada Area51 United States Underestimated United States yadlla
United States Team to Beat United States Exult United States TAU United States Backfire
United States Vicious Gaming United States CyberRevolution
United States Team 34 United States ne plus ultra
United States Animus United States weTake United States Max United States Admission
United States Akta United States The Dons    

Four teams from Europe are still in the process of resolving their trip or visa in order to confirm their participation in Dallas. Those teams are:

Ukraine Na´Vi Ukraine PinG

The organizers stress that they had invited all top teams, but teams simply were not able to attend. A PR trip put a stop to fnatic attending, WeMade FOX had WCG qualifier, Frag eXecutors could not come due to Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński losing his passport in France, while several other teams simply were not able to attend.

Arbalet Cup Dallas will take place 16-18 July at the Hella Shrine Center, featuring a massive prize pool of $80,000, seeing the first-placed team walk away with a total of $25,000. will be on site in Dallas to bring you all of the action from Arbalet Cup Dallas and stay tuned for further announcements regarding the participating teams.

Nice teams, just fnatic and WeMade FOX missing. It's a shame they cannot make it but I'm hoping for a great event nevertheless.
2010-07-12 13:10
5 replies
frag executors also missing...y arent they goin?
2010-07-12 14:15
4 replies
Their not going on this event. First of all kuben has no passport and he'll have to wait for it for few more weeks. It will be hard for him to get it before e-stars.
2010-07-12 14:25
You should read the article before posting...
2010-07-12 18:37
1 reply
lol sorry :D
2010-07-12 20:21
Frag eXecutors could not come due to Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński losing his passport in France,
2010-07-28 20:13
2010-07-12 13:08
SK or na'vi
2010-07-12 13:09
GL Na`Vi and PinG with visas! I hope they will be able to attend ! <3
2010-07-12 13:10
3 replies
they will not want navi to go because they know they will win :)
2010-07-12 14:04
1 reply
Arbalet support Na`Vi and Arbalet organising it, so i don't think so.
2010-07-12 14:20
ping with penguin please!
2010-07-12 18:14
needs more fnatic
2010-07-12 13:10
1 reply
no fnatic/!!!!
2010-07-12 13:11
Navi or mTw
2010-07-12 13:10
2010-07-12 13:11
2010-07-12 13:11
United Kingdom hArdLad
EG/TAU/Finesse/coL/Loaded for american teams :P
2010-07-12 13:11
cheap-times will take this one... loljk mTw fanboy ftw <'3
2010-07-12 13:12
SK mTw and Na'Vi will crush other teams
2010-07-12 13:13
As far as confrimed teams go: SK, mTw, mousesports, H2K, compLexity, EG, Underestimated, Loaded, Finesse, and TAU should round out the top 10 for this event.
2010-07-12 13:14
fnatic :(
2010-07-12 13:14
Na`Vi ofc.
2010-07-12 13:15
final will be SK VS NaVi revenge. i want dreamteam :))
2010-07-12 13:17
2010-07-12 13:20
What about OL ?
2010-07-12 13:21
why fnatic is not on the list ?
2010-07-12 13:21
3 replies
Read news please.
2010-07-12 13:23
Try reading the post..
2010-07-12 13:23
A PR trip put a stop to fnatic attending
2010-07-28 20:14
2010-07-12 13:22
mTw !!
2010-07-12 13:23
Penguin will buy the visas for PinG :D
2010-07-12 13:23
1 reply
lets pray - for ping's sake - he doesn't. looks good!
2010-07-12 15:31
DREAMTEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-07-12 13:23
too bad that such many teams had to decline the invite, but in the long run i think it have the potential to match up to what CPL Winter/Summer used to be like. im also really glad that finally some lesser known american teams now get the chance to play against top european teams, that's something that they really need to get the north american scene growing again. big ups!
2010-07-12 13:26
No fnatic???
2010-07-12 13:26
2 replies
how many people will ask that question again? try reading the news post instead of just checking out the teams who WILL be there and going straight to the comment section.
2010-07-12 13:29
A PR trip put a stop to fnatic attending
2010-07-28 20:14
sad for h3ro1n1
2010-07-12 13:26
1 reply
yeah, to bad :( and bad for the WeMadeFOX fan's to.
2010-07-12 14:32
Peekay is disappointed
2010-07-12 13:27
go B!
2010-07-12 13:28
Yaaay mtw :)
2010-07-12 13:31
1.Na'Vi 2.SK or mTw 3.SK or mTw ;)
2010-07-12 13:30
good prizes, but sad that many good teams doesn't appear
2010-07-12 13:31
due to Jakub "kuben" Gurczy&#324;ski "lost" his passport he lost it alright :), weel you should say it was "borrowed" by a french thief. LoL when I saw "Team 34" in the list first I read Team 3D, i was like omg omg omg omg omg, but than....
2010-07-12 13:34
2010-07-12 13:33
2010-07-12 13:35
Bad luck for Fx. I wanted to see them play against top teams again, at ESWC they didn't play bad except the day when they played really bad vs SK and mTw. My guess they are simply slacking if they don't play with european teams... because their are no tough opponents for them in poland right now. Enough off topic :P I think Na`Vi if they get visas ;P if not I hope SK !!
2010-07-12 13:37
1 reply
Played bad? mTw and SK were just too good, and made FX look bad..
2010-07-28 20:15
i hope the four teams can resolve their problems
2010-07-12 13:37
no fnatic - Na'Vi win
2010-07-12 13:40
1 reply
They need visa first though, hope they get it sorted.
2010-07-12 14:03
SK or mTw this time ;)
2010-07-12 13:42
go Loaded!
2010-07-12 13:44
go col!
2010-07-12 13:45
2010-07-12 13:52
UNiTED sad:(
2010-07-12 13:53
2010-07-12 13:53
im very happy to see american cs
2010-07-12 13:53
2010-07-12 13:54
1 reply
No, several members are on a PR trip with MSI in Asia.
2010-07-12 14:02
I predict Na'Vi and H2K in final
2010-07-12 13:55
we need fnatic
2010-07-12 14:01
2010-07-12 14:03
disappointed to not see any brazillian teams, thought it would have been way cheaper to attend this event than europe ones, other than that looks pretty good!
2010-07-12 14:03
no fnatic, no fx... :(
2010-07-12 14:05
go SK
2010-07-12 14:07
NA'VI will get $25000 richer this weekend
2010-07-12 14:08
Na`Vi vs America :D
2010-07-12 14:09
This is time for Africaa
2010-07-12 14:16
Make it a dreamteam event >:D
2010-07-12 14:21
2 replies
It will be, we just need to get lineups sorted on all those American teams first..
2010-07-12 14:47
1 reply Nicknames at least. :P
2010-07-12 18:45
Well, to be completely honest , i hoped for much more european and few asian teams .. and WeMadeFOX aren't attending , that's to bad :( Srsly , just few teams from europe and all American teams , i think good cs action , will start just from 1/8 finals or smth like that :( Hoped for much more !
2010-07-12 14:25
4 replies
The group play will be great. Expect a few upsets from teams you don't know about, because I guarantee it will happen.
2010-07-12 16:40
3 replies
Oh , nice :) Which USA teams will do some damage at this tournament ? :P
2010-07-12 16:45
2 replies
A lot of them. Don't want to name names quite yet :)
2010-07-12 19:08
Some of the strong American teams to watch besides EG and coL; Loaded ( Adrenaline/steno/hostile/djibouti/pauLy ) Underestimated ( Rambo/Mason/zid/inertia/spyro ) Finesse[ex-Ruins] ( dizzaman/sgares/truls/semphis/bsw ) Other teams to watch; Team 34, Team to Beat, Yadilla, Backfire.
2010-07-14 03:49
2010-07-12 14:29
It'll be freak tournament
2010-07-12 14:32
Cheaptimes pelase get there!
2010-07-12 14:33
If all of the lesser known American teams actually show up i'll be very impressed. There's no reason why this event shouldn't have 32 teams.
2010-07-12 14:35
2010-07-12 14:39
h2k is gonna take this, i said it first.
2010-07-12 14:40
more 25,000 for navi ? ;D i hope that sk would take this
2010-07-12 14:46
H2k go go go!
2010-07-12 14:46
Belgium FnX^
fnatic? :o
2010-07-12 14:48
h2k cmon,niko the man!
2010-07-12 14:50
2010-07-12 14:50
Lineups for unknown American teams ?
2010-07-12 14:55
1 reply
Loaded ( Adrenaline/steno/hostile/djibouti/pauLy ) Underestimated ( Rambo/Mason/zid/inertia/spyro ) Finesse[ex-Ruins] ( dizzaman/sgares/truls/semphis/bsw )
2010-07-14 03:53
where Russian teams? =(
2010-07-12 14:56
Poland mki`
I think it's important to stress that kuben didn't "lose" his passport. It was stolen on the train.
2010-07-12 14:59
3 replies
2010-07-12 15:09
Guys from hltv aren't CSI, the point is that FX won't be playing in this tournament, not what happened with kubens passport
2010-07-12 15:17
And thus lost..?
2010-07-12 16:53
2010-07-12 15:00
1 reply
+1billion :D
2010-07-12 16:38
2010-07-12 15:10
GO LIONS, do some damage!
2010-07-12 15:14
Gl H2k, they might actually win this one. Go niko and xizt
2010-07-12 15:15
uuu cheap times, nice. SK to win it though, go sk!
2010-07-12 15:26
Na'Vi will have trouble with Visa stuff since they are from an Eastern European Country formerly of the USSR.
2010-07-12 15:26
3 replies
No they wont.
2010-07-12 17:32
2 replies
Yes, yes they will.
2010-07-12 19:10
1 reply
2010-07-13 19:31
cheaptimes lineup pls ?
2010-07-12 15:38
Where can I see the line-ups?
2010-07-12 15:41
the history of usa and china with the visa zzzzzz. we are in 2010.
2010-07-12 15:49
1 reply
We are in 2010, and that's why the visas are important... It wouldn't have been 30 years ago.
2010-07-28 20:17
Go Go Go SK !!! walle <3
2010-07-12 15:54
Hope there wont be any vuvuzelas :D Btw. we want dreamteam!
2010-07-12 16:05
i think it's H2k time ! >:D
2010-07-12 16:08
<3 CheapTimes :D
2010-07-12 16:11
80k total prize & 25k for the 1st place? wtf?!
2010-07-12 16:20
4 replies i think they just wanted to keep most teams interested, i mean even 16th place gets something :)
2010-07-12 16:52
3 replies
it's just free money for random noname US teams now...
2010-07-12 16:57
2 replies
well, maybe thats whats needed to pick up usa cs =\
2010-07-12 17:06
1 reply
well, let's see... Arbalet's investment is going waste with this one IMO.
2010-07-12 17:27
Yadilla gonna take this..
2010-07-12 16:40
Where fnatic ? omg organization its stuped
2010-07-12 16:41
2 replies
2010-07-12 16:45
Why so, they should know what to do and not to do to earn money. Maybe the PR trip brings them more money than a win here could? :P
2010-07-28 20:18
2010-07-12 16:43
Gl :)
2010-07-12 16:45
frod said EG will decline the invite if penguin attends
2010-07-12 16:51
2 replies
erm, joke? :S
2010-07-12 16:55
2010-07-12 19:02
without brazilians piece of shit!
2010-07-12 16:52
Alright then... everyone who was rambling earlier when i said that it's gonna be a fail tournament, please comment now...
2010-07-12 16:54
can't wait till it starts
2010-07-12 16:55
Area 51 is knows as ECO(east cost offensive btw)
2010-07-12 16:56
Arbalet fail cup :/
2010-07-12 17:00
1 reply
2010-07-12 17:03
no fnatic no Fx no NaVi no tournament and 20 usa teams omg omg I didnt see this tournament this is not interesting tournament
2010-07-12 17:05
hmmmm it doesnt really look interesting, with like ~6 good teams and rest are semi american teams :/ hoped for more european teams
2010-07-12 17:12
1 reply
* "american semi teams" :P
2010-07-12 17:32
DreamTEam Plz
2010-07-12 17:17
No fnatic no party i think
2010-07-12 17:20
6 top teams and 80 000 dollars omg omg this is fail organizations why?25 usa teams OMG OMG Omg Fnatic-NaVi-Fx?
2010-07-12 17:22
1 reply
fnatic said no, kuben lost his passport and NaVi haven't gotten their VISA's in order, how the hell is that the fault of the organizer?
2010-07-12 17:46
Arbalet > ESWC
2010-07-12 17:30
5 replies
The previous one, yes. Not this one.
2010-07-12 17:33
4 replies
The previous what? Arbalet is no "thing", it's a dude.
2010-07-28 20:19
3 replies
i know... previous arbalet event, i meant.
2010-07-28 20:57
2 replies
But I think he meant that Arbalet the dude is better than ESWC. :D Maybe I misinterpreted him. ^^ xD
2010-07-29 23:22
1 reply
if he meant that, then it's semantically incorrect. Apples and Oranges.
2010-07-29 23:25
GO SK!!!!!!!!!
2010-07-12 17:31
it would be strange if navi didnt make it considering they're being sponsored by Arbalet, right?
2010-07-12 17:36
1 reply
I doubt Arbalet gets to decide who gets VISA for the USA.
2010-07-12 17:45
2010-07-12 18:09
Tournament looks really good if the processed teams get processed. Only thing is no Fnatic but i'm still interested to see how the semi-professional American teams perform.
2010-07-12 18:10
2010-07-12 18:10
WMF & Firegamers will be missed!!
2010-07-12 18:16
wanna see vicious and team34 come out with a couple upsets loaded even could make a statement
2010-07-12 18:16
there is too much american teams;they should call top teams,it will be better!
2010-07-12 18:37
1 reply
Read the freaking article, what's the fucking problem, they said they have invited several top teams but a lot of them couldn't attend!!!
2010-07-28 20:20
hope Burning will make it!
2010-07-12 18:38
fnatic :/
2010-07-12 18:40
sk to scoop the monies
2010-07-12 19:26
wtf is a PR trip? if fnatic is visiting puerto rico they should go to dallas ;o
2010-07-12 19:40
4 replies
PR = public relations. they are taking a trip to endorse products sold by fnatic and their sponsors. in other news, i hope that all the unknown usa teams get 16-0 or 16-1 by euros, just so they know how hard it is and have more appreciation for what coL and EG do!
2010-07-12 20:06
1 reply
2010-07-12 20:24
made me laugh ... PR = puerto rico.. rofl :DDD
2010-07-12 21:17
lmao. With mTw back in 2008 form, the only teams that stand a chance are SK and Na'Vi
2010-07-12 22:05
goooooooooo finesse :DD !~
2010-07-12 19:56
lol idk about this one, doesn't look that exciting. go mTw and coL!
2010-07-12 20:13
GL h2k <3
2010-07-12 21:16
where's ECO??
2010-07-12 22:08
PinG have problems with vises
2010-07-12 22:25
lez go CT :/
2010-07-12 23:16
Wich is the team where Rambo plays?
2010-07-13 00:25
2 replies
2010-07-13 01:00
1 reply
Thanks =D
2010-07-13 21:36
gl h2k
2010-07-13 02:33
american teams should start stretching their assholes so they can take the raping that teams like SK can bring LOL. I see EG anc coL doing decent. A few other good invite teams in there from US, but i dont think theyre ready lol.
2010-07-13 02:43
HRG and UMX..
2010-07-13 09:12
2010-07-13 10:05
+ Fx
2010-07-13 10:12
I will be rooting for Area51 l0l considering it's the only canadian team in the competition, doubt they will go far vs euros hehe
2010-07-13 10:27
2010-07-13 10:31
Na`Vi got there visas. Good luck guys, we're believing in you!
2010-07-13 13:13
Typo on "Yadilla". It's supposed to read "yadlla".
2010-07-13 22:13
2010-07-14 07:32
and fnatic not play in this tournnament?
2010-07-14 21:35
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