SK bring in moddii for Arbalet Dallas

SK Gaming have announced they will use Andreas "moddii" Fridh as a stand-in for Rasmus "GuX" Stahl at Arbalet Cup Dallas.

The ESWC runners-up have been forced to find a last-minute replacement for Stahl as the Swedish star is poised to return to his former home fnatic.

Fridh's future remains a big question mark after his team parted ways with Meet Your Makers earlier this month.

He is no stranger to stand-in shoes, having played for H2k Gaming on a temporary basis for Arbalet Cup Europe in May.

Whether he will earn a permanent switch to SK Gaming after the tournament in the United States remains very much subject to conjecture, and it may largely depend on his performances at the tournament.

Arbalet Cup Dallas will take place from July 16-18, a $80,000 tournament which will cover on site.

SK will attend Arbalet Cup Dallas with:

Sweden Dennis "walle" Wallenberg
Sweden Johan "face" Klasson
Sweden Jimmy "allen" Allén
Sweden Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström
Sweden Andreas "moddii" Fridh

Romania chns 
2010-07-14 15:05
Because Gux is amazing.
2010-07-14 15:21
XDD good reason
2010-07-14 15:51
I think its all happening for good. Fnatic becomes strong again and who knows SK might do very well with moddii (atleast he got a chance in a top team)....his aim is second to none.
2010-07-14 18:02
hate this man... i wanted delpan to join a top team for a change... he is more of an impact player than moddii...
2010-07-14 19:48
walle is there.. robban is there :) i think now of course SK Gaming manager Anton Budak don't want to make SK as a AWP TEAM after recruit Delpan :) thats y :)
2010-07-15 05:05
I thought kHRYASTAL was good player dan modii
2010-07-15 07:02
hmm.. v can say that but we cant underestimate moddiiiiiii.. he is fcking crazy aimer :)
2010-07-18 03:59
yeah bro.. he played really gud in ARBELET dallas.. GL for SK
2010-07-18 04:09
gl moddii
2010-07-14 15:05
Ukraine apace 
hehe :)
2010-07-14 15:05
gl sk with moddi
2010-07-14 15:06
gux back to fnatic ? it was epic shit lowl
2010-07-14 15:06
It would be nice to see Gux in fnatic again :D
2010-07-14 15:07
Portugal wakens 
gux back to fnatic so.... fnatic > all again!
2010-07-14 16:45
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
why gux cant play? :S
2010-07-14 15:06
Vratio se u fnatic.MSi ^^ :)
2010-07-15 01:47
wtf :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Gux will join fnatic again :DDDD lol
2010-07-14 15:06
according do SK GAMING , gux will return to fnatic
2010-07-14 15:06
woow... so fnatic can even snatch players from sk xD..I though it only worked with h2k
2010-07-14 15:10
2010-07-14 15:15 Gux have joined fnatic again.
2010-07-14 15:07
gux to fnatic ......... so no delpan
2010-07-14 15:07
cyx | 
Turkmenistan mitt@ 
hahaha. gux?
2010-07-14 15:07
Gux ----> fnatic
2010-07-14 15:07
Gux will be going back to fnatic.
2010-07-14 15:07
2010-07-14 15:07
GO SK ! think Gux will go back to fnatic
2010-07-14 15:07
I prefer gux
2010-07-14 15:08
Gux to rejoin fnatic LOL !
2010-07-14 15:08
India PooN 
Sweet Mother of God
2010-07-14 15:09
2010-07-14 15:11
2010-07-14 15:21
GUX come back to fnatic xD XD XD XD XD XD
2010-07-14 15:09
2010-07-14 15:10
nice gux in fnatic ,
2010-07-14 15:10
wow :) but moddii < Gux
2010-07-14 15:11
fuck this!
2010-07-14 15:12
Gux is back @ fnatic ;))!!
2010-07-14 15:12
Weird that they remove kHRYSTAL for his behaviour and now consider taking moddii wich got removed for the same reason in a team..
2010-07-14 15:12
he is for now jsut stand in
2010-07-14 15:15
khrys was removed because, they had to remove some1 in order to bring gux in, and since face who was the new one in sk, as well as khrys, did better than khrystall they removed khry and kept face. But I am glad for khrystal that he was removed, seeing him how he plays for H2K now, and in the near future, H2K will rock Sk's ass big time.
2010-07-14 15:24
yeah Gux fucked up Khrystal getting him out of SK...and now he leaves SK in a lurch just before a major tournament.... whatever.. I didn't expect any more professionalism in esports anyway....players and orgs have been acting like this the whole time
2010-07-14 18:04
good step...
2010-07-14 15:13
"Fnatic offered Rasmus money to not play Arbalet with SK Gaming, an event Fnatic is not playing even."
2010-07-14 15:13
They want gux to join fnatic for chengdu's practice. It has nothing to do with jealousy or competition.
2010-07-14 17:15
2010-07-14 15:13
Poland qater- 
Noo! fnatic will rule the world again !! :(
2010-07-14 15:13
WOW hope gux joins fnatic, it would be awesome!
2010-07-14 15:13
rofl gux back to fnatic and the dominance will begin
2010-07-14 15:14
I hope SK add manne or dennis.. those both guys are so underrated. Best would be + manne + dennis, - walle "Fnatic offered Rasmus money to not play Arbalet with SK Gaming, an event Fnatic is not playing even." nice move.
2010-07-14 15:14
2010-07-14 15:16
"Fnatic offered Rasmus money to not play Arbalet with SK Gaming, an event Fnatic is not playing even." it's just me or this sounds like a bribe? (bribe = suborno em ingles nao sei se esta bem escrito :P)
2010-07-15 00:21
Turkey huth 
I think this is not fair. Just read Sam's comment about this.
2010-07-14 15:14
2010-07-14 15:14
"Unfortunately Sam Mathews and Fnatic seem to be so desperate that they pushed the whole thing further and the result makes no side a winner here to be honest. The relationship SK Gaming and Fnatic had in the past is overshadowed if not destroyed by this move. Fnatic offered Rasmus money to not play Arbalet with SK Gaming, an event Fnatic is not playing even." gayy!
2010-07-14 15:15
Uh oh. Everyone is playing for second place behind fnatic now.
2010-07-14 15:15
This just doesn't make any sense, at all... Perhaps he could tell us now why he left fnatic in the first place
2010-07-14 15:15
OMG, what an "pro" organization fnatic is, what a shame to pay Gux to not play in Dallas with SK, omfg i really liked Gux, but after this he would be shamed, fnatic = fair play -10000000 I hope Delpan will join SK, and moodi instead of allen ! Sry 4 my english...
2010-07-14 15:15
Oh God! Delpan-Delpan blah-blah-blah... Delpan - online hero, no more. :( Sorry to his fans.
2010-07-14 15:16
2010-07-14 15:28
i like when Gux play for Sk.. fnatic sucks;|
2010-07-14 15:16
Hallelujah! :D
2010-07-14 15:17
2010-07-14 15:17
fnatic^ get_right forest Gux carn dsn n1ceeeeeeeeeee
2010-07-14 15:17
Fuck moddii, sk should definetely add dennis, manne or Delpan
2010-07-14 15:18
India PooN READ
2010-07-14 15:18
Gux in fnatic \o/
2010-07-14 15:18
Romania BD23 
2010-07-14 15:18
swedish teams continue destroying eachother
2010-07-14 15:19
some big news!
2010-07-14 15:20
bad news for navi :D
2010-07-14 15:21
Lithuania zook 
manne g0d TJALAJENT
2010-07-14 15:21
because Delpan online only
2010-07-14 15:21
ok fnatic my fav team again -_- Gux is my fkin favourite player !
2010-07-14 15:22
fuck you gux.!
2010-07-14 15:22
2010-07-14 15:37
w00t @_o
2010-07-14 15:23
Turkey ulAs 
fnatic.Delpan > dsn fnatic.Gux Pls :(
2010-07-14 15:25
only in your dreamteam :DDD
2010-07-14 15:38
But this team is number one in the world.
2010-07-14 15:42
no) Delpan only online hero =D
2010-07-14 16:31
if Gux going back to fnatic , then definitely Sk should bring in DelpaN . DelpaN > Moddiiii
2010-07-14 15:24
SK DELPAN !!!!!!!!
2010-07-14 15:25
Lithuania zook 
moddi show some skill hOHO
2010-07-14 15:25
i have to alter my eye to fnatic, support them, being their fans, hahaha
2010-07-14 15:25
Lithuania zook 
moddi > delpan in lan ... sooo its great decision to pick moddi maybe
2010-07-14 15:26
H@H@HH@H@H@HH@H@H@HH@H@H@HH@H@H@HH@H@H@HH@H@H@HH@H@H@HH@ STOP NATUS VINCERE STOP STOP STOP cArn < Zeus Gux > starix f0rest > ceh9 dsn < markeloff GeT_RiGhT > Edward YEAHHHHHH and cArn < RobbaN Gux > moddii f0rest > face dsn > walle GeT_RiGhT > allen :-( GL GO SK GO fnatic
2010-07-14 15:26
fuckin' retard DIE
2010-07-14 15:27
2010-07-15 00:23
2010-07-15 12:16
it must be really lonely being you! JeeZ !!!!
2010-07-14 15:30
do you know that cs is a team game?
2010-07-15 15:11
Delpan > BARABARR > pita > moddii about 'free agents' ...
2010-07-14 15:26
moddii > pita anytime, anywhere
2010-07-14 15:27
2010-07-14 15:55
GuX nice in sk site come speaker canel that Gux rejoin fnatic xD
2010-07-14 15:26
fnatic felt really bad with SK progress last period. and I hope SK -walle +Delpan to destroy fnatic for ever.
2010-07-14 15:28
no delpan yes Gux
2010-07-14 15:27
smOke227 you're realy so stuuupid. :D
2010-07-14 15:28
gl, would be better to take BARBARR
2010-07-14 15:28
Sk-Gaming^RobbaN.face.walle.moddi.allen Fnatic*GeT_RiGhT.fOrest.GuX.cArn.dsn Fnatic<navi
2010-07-14 15:29
2010-07-14 15:30
is there a reason why you "lol'd"?
2010-07-14 17:04
Than I think u never saw Delpan's awp style. Delpan > markeloff
2010-07-14 18:01
I don't think that way... delpan = markeloff
2010-07-15 00:25
"Fnatic offered Rasmus money to not play Arbalet with SK Gaming" and fnatic are not even attending arbalet. shame for fnatic, and wow gux.. what a sell out. best of luck SK-Gaming.
2010-07-14 15:29
ejava you very stuped walle and delpan didnt play in one team OMG LOL FNATIC GL
2010-07-14 15:30
sk sucks
2010-07-14 15:31
walle - realy CS legend. And what is delpan ? ONLINE M@$T3R? NO MORE.
2010-07-14 15:31
India PooN 
i think now SK need some young Blood and manne will be best option
2010-07-14 15:31
the SK organization has done far dirtier things in the past.. fnatic wanted to ensure as much time practicing with there new lineup and if that means getting gux before arbalet dallas then so be it. my opinion
2010-07-14 15:32
fuck you gux & fnatic
2010-07-14 15:33
lol fuck this shit
2010-07-14 15:33
-walle ,add manne dennis
2010-07-14 15:33
As long as I know, Gux was not happy with fnatic in later 2009 because his salary was lower than anybody else. He broke up from the team beacause of this, and the others removed him. back then he was right, as he was maybe the best player they had, holding those key position, being aggressive when they needed to do something special. Now if Gux decide to return to fnatic, I think that he must have managed to discus about an equal salary, or near f0rest's, gtr
2010-07-14 15:34
i think moddi fits nice in sk, so i hope he stays.
2010-07-14 15:34
Spain ferk 
Reading the SK's statement, what a shame move from fnatic...
2010-07-14 15:35
So, guys. I think SK just not motivated, they also can beat fnaticMSI, but they haven't motivation. In my opinion, SK's line-up is better, then fnatic's line-up. You can say "NO", but its just my opinion. I think, Na`Vi - top1 this year, but SK Gaming good too. Why are you say FNATIC - TOP1 EVER? They lose WCG, lose Best OF Four, Lose ESWC and more, and more, and more, and more. I think Na`Vi and SK - are two best teams now.
2010-07-14 15:36
they were, before this!! this is just a disaster for SK.. my goodness..
2010-07-14 15:39
United Kingdom wap 
because fnatic used to be the best team, anyway mtw is probably better than SK.
2010-07-14 16:13
Also better than fnatic, if you see they latest & oldest matches. Btw Gux -> fnatic TOP1 & SK needs Delpan, than just few months and NaVi will be raped. (I hope so :$)
2010-07-14 17:59
FUCK FUCK FUCK!! fucking idiots!! i hope fnatic never to win a freakin tournament ever again.. cmon sk, ADD DELPAN PLS!!
2010-07-14 15:37
woow Sk just started to work together too. Very bad for them. And Moddii? Another random player? Very bad idea. There is a much bigger pool in Sweden right now to pull from then to just keep adding moddii to teams. No good....
2010-07-14 15:40
moddii is no "random" player...easily one of the top contenders for any open spot in a top team in sweden
2010-07-14 18:05
nah, his performance is not consistant. He's good sometimes... thats what I mean by random.
2010-07-14 19:59
this move is TERRIBLE for ukranians everywhere
2010-07-14 15:41
realy -walle +delpan and -moddii +manne(PZ)
2010-07-14 15:42
Moddii is awesome too so SK will still be great.
2010-07-14 15:45
modii = LOW BUT
2010-07-14 15:49
Poland jMS 
-moddii +HeatoN
2010-07-14 15:49
2010-07-14 15:51
-allen/walle+Delpan and the team would be great
2010-07-14 15:52
IMO: manne > modii without Delpan.
2010-07-14 15:54
moddii only for Arbalet Dallas? or what?
2010-07-14 15:56
2010-07-14 15:57
SpawN | 
United Kingdom BanKs 
Huge loss on GuX but moddii now gets time to shine! GL :)
2010-07-14 15:57
nice move , but it won't be enough for fnatic unless they add delpan also :D
2010-07-14 16:01
Poland jMS 
Can anybody explain my what was the point of this shit. Why the hell Gux went to SK to come back to fnatic after half of the year? It's like ManU sold Ronaldo to Real, and after few months Ferguson calls to Cristiano and says: "Hey Cris I'll pay you money for not scoring goals and in June you'll go back to England"
2010-07-14 16:03
Omg... What da f0cK !!! Time to kick walle now, Delpan free agent so SK take this chance !!!
2010-07-14 16:01
United Kingdom wap 
well I think moddii is amazing, and when he first gets his game on he is a beast, so this could turn out good for SK.
2010-07-14 16:03
2010-07-14 16:05
gux return for fnatic
2010-07-14 16:06
omg gux allways>>>>>modddii Delpan was a better option at SK....
2010-07-14 16:12
when moddii is in good shape he is one of the best aimers.
2010-07-14 16:16
bad delpan better
2010-07-14 16:16
2010-07-14 16:17
gux not fair for SK ;x
2010-07-14 16:23
well... he really helped them a lot recently, without him the team would have been crushed by a lot of teams, it must be boring to carry a team all the time
2010-07-14 16:59
yop but with him SK can be on top now they will falldown
2010-07-14 17:39
yeh it's possible cuz I doubt moddiii will really fit with the team (even though I really hope he will cuz he and SK deserve to be successful) but in a way it's more logical now, the best swedish first-fragger is now back in the best swedish team
2010-07-14 17:42
moddii is better player than Gux imho, but everything depends on partnership with other players in team.
2010-07-14 19:47
SK > fnatic.
2010-07-14 16:23
hahahaha loool
2010-07-14 16:32
leave the dope plz...
2010-07-15 00:26
well good luck moddii
2010-07-14 16:31
manne > Gux > Delpan = BARBARR In My Opinion
2010-07-14 16:42
2010-07-14 16:43
Gux in fnatic nr1 world team
2010-07-14 16:46
gief delpan to playzone instead of hyvlarn.
2010-07-14 16:52
2nd worst desicion for sk...
2010-07-14 16:53
allen is really bad in sk... no one notices that?
2010-07-14 16:54
Arbalet Cup Dallas will take place from July 14-16 ! that means that the tournament begins today ...
2010-07-14 16:54
14-16 american qualifer :)
2010-07-14 16:57
16th-18th actually.
2010-07-14 18:27
on the main page its writing 16-18 !
2010-07-14 16:56
good! -walle +Delpan/BARBARR now moddiii allen RobbaN face Delpan/BARBARR
2010-07-14 16:57
moddii is the best stand-in in the world!
2010-07-14 17:00
Lithuania LuckyBitch 
I hope they win with moddii, facepalming GuX in this way ;]
2010-07-14 17:02
GL moddi
2010-07-14 17:02
gogogo moddii gl SK fnatic sucks!
2010-07-14 17:07
nice to see Gux in fnatic again ;) lets hope they reach the top again :x
2010-07-14 17:09
2010-07-14 17:10
nice to see that gux prove that it was a mistake to remove him from fnatics roster, aint it?)
2010-07-14 17:11
SK.walle SK.Delpan SK.allen SK.MODDII SK.face ;)
2010-07-14 17:11
so many hatters
2010-07-14 17:14
SK.allen SK.robban SK.face SK.moddii SK.Delpan Would be a pretty sick lineup. It´s time for walle to retire and delpan to take his awp place in the team.
2010-07-14 17:19
agreed, looks awesome
2010-07-14 17:29
so many people would love to see that but I don't think its gonna happen :)
2010-07-14 18:07
@ #151 yeah that was a stupid choise , but ok lets see what fnatic can do now :d
2010-07-14 17:28
gl moddii;) gl SK
2010-07-14 18:04
gl moddii
2010-07-14 18:09
What a dramatic week so far :O
2010-07-14 18:10
gl moddii , great player :)
2010-07-14 18:11
what time does the tournament beguin?
2010-07-14 18:16
what what what arbalet today!?!?!?!?!?
2010-07-14 18:23
The article lists the Arbalet tournament as being held July 14-16th when it is really July 16-18th.
2010-07-14 18:36
2010-07-14 18:42
moddii awesome, but mite nt fit into SK coz of lame strats.. he should have been taken by fnatic though. he is just a gr8 player with not so gr8 teams.. but u never know, its MODDII, highly unpredictable wit the best aim
2010-07-14 18:48
MODDI > all GL MATE ! :)
2010-07-14 18:59
bad choice SK ..(
2010-07-14 19:36
there should be an article that Gux is going back to fnatic not moddii to SK ... maybe fnatic will return to their epic state of winning >:D
2010-07-14 20:07
moddii is amazing to!
2010-07-14 21:14
this is killing lineup! good choice imo, looking forward to see modi's shape atm :) gl SK!!!!!!!
2010-07-14 21:19
Brazil gu1d0 
SK SUX sk didnt pay gux salary for 2 months lol go fnatic!
2010-07-14 21:58
yea i just read that to $184, and said they wouldn't pay him prize money for any of the events either
2010-07-14 23:11
I must say, that im a fan of modii, gl to you.
2010-07-15 00:44
Now they gotta replace the old Walle once he steps down with Delpan or Khrystal.
2010-07-15 00:44
SK always complaining about player's attitudes, and who do they choose? lovely moddii..
2010-07-15 03:27
Moddii is a great player! He should be added permanently to SK! Goodluck Moddii and SK in Dallas!
2010-07-15 04:15
-face + khrystal -gux +moddii SK: walle allen RobbaN Khrystal Moddii will win many champs in the future
2010-07-15 04:57
They should have picked up moddii a while ago to replace walle. alleN , RobbeN , face deserve a solid 4th and 5th and now that Gux is gone they should pickup moddiii and Delpan, without Gux I dont see them competing at all with fnatic and maybe not even H2k anymore
2010-07-15 06:06
2010-07-15 08:17
SK should -face +delpan and +moddii
2010-07-15 10:00
2010-07-15 12:01
Sweden Traitorz0r 
lol. -face +delpan? So funny. :D face > delpan at lan in all way.
2010-07-15 12:04
take Delpan before it's too late!
2010-07-15 21:53
I think SK should bet in kHRYSTAL.
2010-07-18 04:12
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