coL release their 2007 roster!

Today the american clan compLexity released their 2007 counter-strike roster, and I don't think anyone saw this coming! After releasing both Corey "tr1p" Dodd and Justin "sunman" Sunny just a few short days ago the world was wondering who coL.cs would find to replace the two and more to the point; who could they find that was much better? Now that question has been answered! compLexity have just announced that they have managed to pickup both Ronald "Rambo" Kim from 3D and Marcus "zet" Sundström from NiP! coL have released this statement on their website:

The Syndicate is thrilled to announce that we have finalized the coL.cs roster for 2007. After much anticipation and speculation, it is our great pleasure to announce two players that need no introduction. Ronald "Rambo" Kim and Marcus "zet" Sundström have joined the family and are here for one reason: to WIN and bring the coL Community more championship titles. Both Ron and Marcus have the talent, the experience, the dedication and the passion for gaming that has always defined our organization. We are extremely excited to have them on the squad and are looking forward to great things in the future.

Ronald "Rambo" Kim and Marcus "zet" Sundström are very well-known counter-strike players and ones renound for their skills within the counter-strike community; it will be very intresting to see how this new compLexity lineup does over the course of 2007!

Two questions that will however be in the minds of some people at the moment are why coL have gone for a player in zet who does not live in the USA; maybe
Jason "1" Lake the owner of compLexity feels that American counter-strike players do not meet the level reached by some of the more skilled European players? But the real question at the moment is.... Whats going to happen to NiP, and will ins be next to part ways with the organisation?

coL.cs is now:

Danny "fRoD" Montaner
Matt "Warden" Dickens
Tyler "Storm" Wood
Ronald "Rambo" Kim
Marcus "zet" Sundström

NiP is now:

Oskar "ins" Holm
Emil “HeatoN“ Christensen (inactive)
Dennis "walle" Wallenberg (inactive)
Tommy 'Potti' Ingemarsson (inactive)

3D is now:

Dave "Moto" Geffon
Sal "Volcano" Garozzo
Josh "Dominator" Sievers
Mikey "Method" So
Griffin "Shaguar" Benger
Kyle "Ksharp" Miller (inactive)

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United Kingdom Ecto 
When i was writing this i realised how many good players 3D have on their roster! lol. GL coL, will be intresting to see how this lineup does v some top teams.
2007-01-13 07:59
omfg cool line-up .... it will be intersting the nip roster ;)
2007-01-13 08:16
2007-01-13 08:39
Potti will surely be back, otherwise he'd have left the team now..
2007-01-13 09:11
United Arab Emirates HANCU 
impressive ! really didn't expect such a move with zet
2007-01-13 09:20
Czech Republic boleq 
they will own
2007-01-13 09:48
Lithuania LuckyBitch 
strange :) anywayz gl nip col 3d(especially) ;]
2007-01-13 11:55
Belgium ronne 
how its gonna work out with zet living in europe and other col members in north america?
2007-01-13 11:57
He will be moving.. :)
2007-01-13 12:02
NiP doesnt look to concerned about not having any top players..
2007-01-13 13:48
Spain deBurrows 
Chaos everywhere, the end of humanity will come very soon. I don't think zet will stay in USA for very long, and I don't think his playing style can fit with coL's teamplay The worse is that NiP has been killed.
2007-01-13 14:07
Good read Eccie! C'mon 3D <3!
2007-01-13 14:46
Denmark PHR 
So now the lineups are done, now we can only wait until they change to source :-)
2007-01-13 15:38
the bomb of the year :o zet in col they have the scariest lineup that i can think of
2007-01-13 15:55
gl coL, waiting for Nip's roster :p
2007-01-13 16:09
Didn't know Torbull was in team3D lawl :D
2007-01-13 16:26
Pretty amazing roster!
2007-01-13 20:10
nip is not ruined walle and ins will pull something out!:D they are enough swedish top players who will accept to join nip
2007-01-13 22:17
NiP FOREVER ! gl zet in America :(
2007-01-13 23:05
3d to get ksharp active, drop moto or shaguar and sign lin and/or azn :X (then switch to source within a year) lol edit: almost forgot. new col team will pwn 2007
2007-01-13 23:23
check the team3d site, i got most of it right lol. im so pro.
2007-01-14 11:06
WTF all from NiP lefts i thinked it was ok that RobbaN and SpawN left to SK cause they played there 1st. But now ZET!! i will die soon:S And if walle lefts now ill quit CS:@
2007-01-14 16:25
I agree with #18 Its many top players in sweden:D:D
2007-01-14 16:27
Great pick up for coL
2007-01-17 23:57
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