TyLoo win Chinese WCG qualifier

TyLoo have qualified for the World Cyber Games 2010 Grand Finals in Los Angeles, following their victory in the Chinese qualifier.

The Chinese qualifier took place this weekend in Shanghai, which in the coming week will play host to the IEM5 Global Challenge. It was expected to be a battle between three teams, namely TyLoo, TyLoo.raw and wNv.cn. The latter however pull out of the competition, which meant it was likely to between the two TyLoo squads to determine who would represent China at WCG 2010.

As expected the two teams faced off in the qualifier final, playing each other for the second time in the qualifier, as the two met in the earlier stages of the competition, where TyLoo.raw managed a 16-14 win on de_inferno. In the final TyLoo managed to improve their play on de_inferno, this time securing a 16-4 win and secured the spot for WCG 2010 by winning de_dust2 16-7.

Broken tag

TyLoo still consist of the same lineup, which has represented the Chinese organization for more than a 1½ year stint.

Final Standings

1. China TyLoo - $5,900
2. China TyLoo.raw - $2,950
3. China 9ez - $1,475
4. China V.S

WCG 2010 will take place from September 30 through to October 3 at Los Angeles' Convention Center, where HLTV.org will be on site to bring you all of the action.

nice cant wait to see them at GC!!!!
2010-07-25 21:45
2010-07-25 21:47
5 replies
alex, wx, xf, tb, GoodRifle
2010-07-25 21:47
4 replies
And raw?
2010-07-25 21:59
3 replies
Savage, rita, virgo, prom1se, xiaoe
2010-07-25 22:00
2 replies
2010-07-25 22:30
1 reply
2010-07-25 22:33
gl at IEM GC
2010-07-25 21:46
yey imba china has there own qualifications and scandinavia has to do it together. it could be 10 teams in sweden that is better then theese but ok. gl hf.
2010-07-25 21:51
13 replies
tbh tyloo is at the same level as sk at least...
2010-07-25 22:02
Well, China deserves it. Australia on the other hand....
2010-07-25 22:45
6 replies
and whys that?
2010-07-26 08:38
5 replies
When it comes to Counter-Strike Australia falls short, in my opinion. Sure, Immunity is a great team, but you have tons of norwegian teams that are way better. In addition I consider TyLoo better, yes.
2010-07-26 09:58
4 replies
we don't have many decent teams to play against over here lol
2010-07-26 11:24
3 replies
Yes, that is probably true, but that doesn't make Immunity top notch. The Austrailian CS-scene seems more or less isolated from the europeen, which prevents teams like Immunity with a lot of potential to make it to the top.
2010-07-26 12:19
2 replies
Australia might not, in your opinion deserve a spot due to being isolated from Euro teams and maybe not being as skilled as European teams. But it is called WORLD Cyber Games for a reason...
2010-07-27 22:03
1 reply
Norway and Sweden is as much a country as Australia is... true story.
2010-07-27 23:11
See China's size and population and then say what you have to. You can ignore China at your own peril :) Anyways the correction should be done for Scandinavia (separate qualifiers) rather than the other way round (no qualifiers for other countries lol). Btw 10 teams from Sweden are not better than Tyloo...that's just exaggeration at its best :)
2010-07-26 08:00
4 replies
Population should have nothing to do with how many spots a country gets for some respected tournament, the general skill level should. And imo there are at least half a dozen better teams in Scandinavia than these two..
2010-07-26 09:18
3 replies
I agree with population point to some extent but how do you propose to increase the general skill level in other countries if you don't give them spots in top tournaments? The mistake lies in having 1 slot for Scandinavia rather than 1 slot for China. (afaik the chinese scene is HUGE...just that a lot of it is non-steam) Not every country has sponsors waiting to invest in esport like Sweden (because of a great cs history). One needs to encourage the scene by having paid spots. Given the right conditions you can have champions from any part of the world. And Navi have proved it. And from what I have seen of Tyloo in the recent times I would only place fnatic, h2k and maybe SK over them. That's 3 teams. Norway and Finland don't have any big teams atm (PG is just back and Norway is Norway :P). Not including Denmark since they have their own qualifier.
2010-07-26 09:49
2 replies
I'm not saying China shouldn't have their 1 spot; I was just pointing out a bad argument. All I mean is that Scandinavia should have more slots than China, for example 1 spot for each country. I'd also put PG (and maybe, someday soon PZ) over TyLoo - at least by the date of this tournament they should be fully recovered from the military service but their participating looks pretty unlikely because of that one single spot which SK and H2k are fighting for, too.
2010-07-26 11:28
1 reply
I myself said that mistake lies in having 1 spot for Scandinavia. If I were to decide this I would do it like this Sweden - 2 spots (although they have 3 top teams atm and potential to form one more...I think they should be flexible with Sweden :D..but 3 or more might be too much!) Norway - 1 spot Finland - 1 spot (I am even in favor of increasing 1 spot for Denmark. They always have a very strong second team like Ravens, Cheap times etc. But the thing is they don't stick together for long) PG just before they disbanded were playing awesome. I don't really know what is their current shape. But their victory margins weren't very impressive recently.
2010-07-26 11:51
uhm ...stupid question ...are they both sponsored by the same organization or something? why are names alike?
2010-07-25 21:51
1 reply
Same organization yes.
2010-07-25 22:00
huhuuuuuuu watch more goodrifle <3
2010-07-25 21:54
2010-07-25 21:59
needs more Jungle
2010-07-25 22:10
finally i can meet alex in person in LA :)
2010-07-25 22:11
I've seen a lot of photos from this event. I must say very nice organization. GL tyloo .btw the tyloo ss mosepad looks awesome :D
2010-07-25 22:43
well done, gl in WCG 2010 ;)
2010-07-25 22:44
tyloo, go go go!
2010-07-25 23:02
best lineup: alex, GoodRifle, Savage, rita, virgo
2010-07-25 23:12
i have 2 of tyloo players to my steam ,ty
2010-07-26 00:14
2 replies
now in english, plz
2010-07-26 03:40
1 reply
stfu idiot
2010-07-26 11:36
does wgc pay them to US?
2010-07-26 00:37
gl tyloo <3
2010-07-26 04:39
wanna see GoodRifle in action again! gl @ WCG Tyloo :D
2010-07-26 05:15
xf xf xf >goodrifle >tb tb tb > wx wx wx >>alex effect on teamwork
2010-07-26 05:59
2010-07-26 06:35
1 reply
zotob.org/wcg-2010-china-qualifier-grand.. download demos with Firefox Opera Safari and Chrome
2010-07-26 14:02
Where can I get demos? I am scouting at some chinese sites...no success so far :/
2010-07-26 08:01
OK I got the demo :) proplay.ru/demos/12217/ enjoy :)
2010-07-26 08:20
nice,tyloo.. <3 alex
2010-07-26 08:34
2 tyloo go to wcg ,so nice
2010-07-26 09:39
1 reply
no, i think only one.
2010-07-26 15:53
gl tyloo
2010-07-26 09:40
line-up 9ez ?
2010-07-26 16:27
2 replies
9eZ.K|ngZ Muziwei 9.23Ctxy Buu Theresa
2010-07-26 17:36
1 reply
lol K|Ng'Z :D nice :)
2010-07-26 17:57
TyLoo the best srsly :)
2010-07-26 17:57
#48 thx
2010-07-26 18:58
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