SK to test new possible members

August 4th, 2010 23:43

Dennis "walle" Wallenberg has issued a statement on the SK Gaming twitter feed, stating that they will play with possible new players at their two upcoming events.

SK Gaming still only consists of four players, seeing the departure of Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl to fnatic last month. With the Nordic WCG qualifier finals this week and the ESL Pro Series Nordic II playoffs this weekend, the team is on the lookout to find their new fifth at these events.

Dennis "walle" Wallenberg today issued a tweet that stated the following:

"So we have two tournaments ahead of us now. WCG Nordic and EPS Nordic finals. We will play with possible new players at both events //walle"

This could indicate a few things:

1 - SK will test several members to fill out one spot
2 - SK will test several members to fill out more than one spot

According to the information released last month and the fact that Andreas "moddii" Fridh is listed on the roster for SK Gaming at the Nordic WCG qualifier, it is believed that Fridh is one of the candidates to fill in for SK Gaming in the long run.

SK Gaming will be playing their first match at the Nordic WCG qualifier finals against Playzone at 16:00CET on Thursday. Stay tuned as we will be following SK Gaming in every step they make towards signing new player(s).

Will be interesting...
2010-08-04 23:43
Sri Lanka Nix0m 
2010-08-04 23:44
moodiii best !
2010-08-04 23:44
2010-08-05 13:57
moddii best aimer/fragger, THE worst teammate, so it's hard to tell
2010-08-05 15:17
Poor english there, walle. MODDII <3
2010-08-04 23:45
it was hard to me to read that xd
2010-08-05 01:09
it was hard for me to read what you wrote
2010-08-05 01:31
Yeah, it was hard for me to read what you had written as well...
2010-08-05 01:56
It was hard for me to write it was hard for me to read what you wrote for what was very hard for me to read.
2010-08-05 15:20
or... it is hard for me to read for me what you wrote...
2010-08-05 02:00
amazing but hard
2010-08-05 05:50
I'd rather use 'typed'...
2010-08-05 11:31
so typing words is not writing? why is drawing ink then?
2010-08-05 15:25
I never said using "writing" in this contest is wrong. Hence the, "I'd rather".
2010-08-05 15:47
2010-08-05 15:59
You sir, deserve the nobel prize. Correcting a typo.
2010-08-05 16:12
High five?
2010-08-05 16:16
If you say so...
2010-08-05 15:50
That doesn't make sense dude "hard for me to read for me what you wrote". It's " to read what you wrote for me."
2010-08-05 15:24
Nope, as #108 did not write for #126 personally... Oh yeah, now I see my mistake :D
2010-08-05 16:02
Went home from a party yesterday :D
2010-08-05 16:03
it was hard to me read what write you to
2010-08-05 03:22
2010-08-05 03:55
2010-08-05 04:19
Pussies. That's not hard at all.
2010-08-05 04:19
Shall I show you something hard?
2010-08-05 04:29
2010-08-05 07:22
Stick it into your ass, funny guy. No offence xD.
2010-08-05 08:43
your bunny wrote!
2010-08-05 09:44
rock n roll baby
2010-08-05 10:33
+10 thought just the same
2010-08-05 15:18
reading this i get a hard one.
2010-08-05 09:37
Really? I understood him perfectly well. Maybe because English is not your first language, I am assuming, you have been taught it a different way.
2010-08-05 12:41
2010-08-05 12:48
his english was fine :p
2010-08-05 14:26
waiting for new line-up:DD
2010-08-04 23:45
mmm delpan maybe?
2010-08-04 23:46
Denmark Nix0n 
Doubt it, they would have too many AWP'ers.
2010-08-04 23:48
Sweden taM 
At the same time, Delpan is, at least to my mind ,better than the awp:ers the've got Also, he is, contrary to what many people say, really good with other weapons too. So he would probably be one of the best choices, if one only looks at skill. How they would work on a social level is hard for outsiders to judge though, I guess.
2010-08-05 00:21
Don't think Delpan is suitable for SK tho. Rob awps too. Too many awpers if they choose Delpan. It will be like KHRSTAL. Remove after one or two compt.
2010-08-05 01:12
i think KHRYSTAL dont return to sk. :D
2010-08-05 11:38
to many? if he replaces walle they would only have 1, considering that Robban isnt a awp and never was.. in fact, SK doesnt have a awp right now.. but i would like to see Delpan in SK but not in the place of moddii..
2010-08-05 01:22
Rob awps more than walle. From the matches/demos i watched. Maybe i missed out others :D
2010-08-05 03:03
yeah thats my point, SK doesnt have a stable awp.. and thats true imo also, robban plays more with awp than walle, dumb as hell if u ask me.. thats why i dont think SK adding delpan would take to a point where they would have many awps, cause besides walle none of them are a real awper..
2010-08-05 03:08
walle used to IGL so he didnt use awp so much and Robban was using it, now Robban is IGL, so walle can come back with awp again
2010-08-05 09:41
well i've heard about delphan as well :)
2010-08-05 07:09
Delpan has a clan.
2010-08-04 23:59
Delpan is team-less
2010-08-05 00:08
robban is out. face = good moddi = good walle = posted comment so more than likely not leaving allen = strat dude So yeah.
2010-08-04 23:47
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
lol allen strat dude?? walle was the IGL before and robban is the IGL now... if we were to go by your logic, allen should be leaving.
2010-08-04 23:57
hahah robban is a good awper, I mean he is the CT-awper @D2 + he is the IGL.
2010-08-05 00:01
ur confusing allen with robban clearly.. :)
2010-08-05 01:23
since when did allen become the strat caller? :) If we look at ur list, its allen whos leaving
2010-08-05 02:50
-walle +delpan +modii
2010-08-04 23:47
who guess new member,he will receive Steelseries Xai write ur comments fanboys
2010-08-04 23:48
Your english is brilliant.
2010-08-04 23:55
haahhahah xD
2010-08-05 00:01
+ Kaszarp
2010-08-04 23:48
who the hell is that? :D
2010-08-04 23:59
Ksharp lol
2010-08-05 00:03
ksharp's little bro
2010-08-05 00:04
is pasha + Ksharp = kaszarp
2010-08-05 00:18
hyahaha :D
2010-08-05 00:27
seriously? :s
2010-08-05 01:24
no im kidding dude chillout :P
2010-08-05 01:48
im chilled lol, i just dont find it funny, lol at all.. :)
2010-08-05 02:00
that was baby =
2010-08-05 02:08
I saw Get_Right warming up under this nickname. Disguising? xD
2010-08-05 14:58
ye im fucking , kid 10 year old and i love to fake it ;D
2010-08-05 15:12
You imply you dont find it funny yet you still type "lol" as in "laughing out loud". Makes no sense
2010-08-05 02:58
i said lol to his other reply, the chill part.. and the "seriously" was said with sarcasm obviously..
2010-08-05 03:01
Spain Kol0 
gogogog moddii :D
2010-08-04 23:49
2010-08-04 23:50
this tells me they going to remove alleN since WALLE is reporting this news .. to end all speculation of him leaving +moddi +delpan +face +walle +robban
2010-08-04 23:58
Exactly what I was thinking.
2010-08-05 14:31
Portugal Cyborgy 
they need to cut walle and put delpan its as simple as this,robban takes igl and fragging hability pretty good..allen cant be kicked because hes a beast and face is sks most stable member
2010-08-04 23:52
if walle is posting this news , then this means it definetly won't be removing walle
2010-08-04 23:56
he's not saying what they are/arent doing, he's saying what they SHOULD be doing
2010-08-05 04:47
face the most stable player?! face has got his good and bad days, which means sometimes is it on top of the list, sometimes on the buttom, but the most stable player is for sure allen!
2010-08-05 09:44
+barbarr - robban
2010-08-04 23:54
im almost certain robbaN wont be getting removed and by looks of the post Walle wont be leaving either..
2010-08-05 00:06
Face + Moddii are the two most talented guys on the team. I would then assume that they would not cut. Also I think Moddii is a member now. Allen since he is the strat caller. Then walle made the post so it is very unlikely it would be him. Either A walle gets cut or Robban or maybe moddii but he still on nordic roster soooo.
2010-08-05 00:17
dude, once again is not SK strat caller, and never was.. Robban is..
2010-08-05 01:25
emh Robban is strat caller you know...
2010-08-05 01:29
allen strat caller ? what...
2010-08-05 03:22
2010-08-05 01:08
Poland suki 
2010-08-04 23:55
FRISKER? lmao who the fuck is frisker? PS. Maybe u meant fisker...
2010-08-05 00:01
no. frisker. you don't know frisker?
2010-08-05 00:36
yeeh man , Frisker . I remember, he played with Sprawn and Vrilden . yeaah .. Frisker..
2010-08-05 01:31
World xyA 
ahahahaah n1
2010-08-05 02:28
LMFAO! Dude you made my day. :)
2010-08-05 02:53
Portugal dAwn1 
you're dA man brasuca :D
2010-08-05 07:42
+1 for DrougCrampos
2010-08-05 07:50
2010-08-05 19:59
2010-08-08 18:43
moddii the MAD Fragerrrrrrrrrrrr
2010-08-04 23:55
I think having a large tournament with players all across Sweden playing, and the winner of the tournament would become a "candidate" would be nice. Anyone else think this can be sort of an idea? You never know what talent is out there, there might be this unbelievable talent out there that is clanless and could be one of the world's top aimers...but no one would know because he never had the opportunity.
2010-08-04 23:55
Keep dreaming.
2010-08-05 00:05
why would they want a random
2010-08-05 00:28
I'd rather want a player with brain more than a player without brain but good aim. So what's your point? And good players always get noticed.
2010-08-05 01:13
-Moddii +BARBARR
2010-08-04 23:56
brool story co
2010-08-05 01:02
ahuehaueah lmao
2010-08-05 03:59
If they'd replace 1 player in SK, it would probably be face.
2010-08-04 23:56
lol no way... he is their most consistent player.. its gonna b walle/allen...
2010-08-05 06:05
Poland wavy 
2010-08-04 23:57
Thhat wont happen, dont post this in every Sk thread that comes out.
2010-08-05 00:04
90 years old Spawn > moddii xD
2010-08-05 04:24
So walle will find some crazy player, like manne, barbarr or anyone else, but they will fail to fill into the team, because all members are like 5 years older. They really need some mature player.
2010-08-04 23:57
Ukraine axji 
-moddii +Potti
2010-08-04 23:58
hahaha potti hahahhaha he dont play cs -.-
2010-08-05 00:02
greatest player ever though
2010-08-05 01:00
they shouldn't cut someone just add a good player into the last spot
2010-08-04 23:59
i think so........ moddii face RobbaN delpan allen
2010-08-05 00:00
+1 :)
2010-08-05 00:13
face manne delpan allen walle
2010-08-05 03:05
agree.. i wouldnt mind seeing allen out of SK though, being replaced by manne or dennis..
2010-08-05 01:27
delpan manne walle face moddi
2010-08-05 00:00
Netherlands HBF 
walle allen face delpan moddii
2010-08-05 00:02
2010-08-05 03:35
+Red +striker
2010-08-05 00:02
2010-08-05 01:04
red is ins.. you know that don' you?
2010-08-05 14:23
No he is not.
2010-08-05 16:02
add moddii and nothing more :)
2010-08-05 00:03
I hope they add some unknown player
2010-08-05 00:03
2010-08-05 00:04
maybe dreamteam but definitly no on the tag SK
2010-08-05 01:16
i think so.. walle allen RobbaN delpan moddii
2010-08-05 00:05
why would they replace FACE? he has been their best player ever since he joined..
2010-08-05 01:28
Gux was, the next one was face ;)
2010-08-05 09:47
fnatic and Na 'Vi are so strong.. SK need more than 1 Player to get a better Lineup as them or need very good Strats.
2010-08-05 00:07
Don't know if these competitions are actually the best setting to "test" players...
2010-08-05 00:09
does this mean SK will show up to Lan with 5 starters and 4 stand-ins ready to be tested lol? like delpan zneel and 2 others lol
2010-08-05 00:11
I honestly don't know but being one a WCG finals and the other the EPS Nordic finals does not seem to be the best training camp if you can undoubtly fail acting that way.
2010-08-05 00:47
at WCG they already got spot to LA, so organisation will send them no matter what, EPS isnt so important I think
2010-08-05 10:00
I presume that if SK can save some money for the trip, that is the team taking 1st place, they would appreciate it. As for EPS not being that important, I don't is not that the team has won that much lately.
2010-08-05 20:49
France aLxR 
manne =D
2010-08-05 00:12
- allen + manne PZ - manne + delpan
2010-08-05 00:12
Europe qql 
2010-08-05 00:13
yes, QP is L33TLIKE I really wanna see him in a pro team
2010-08-05 09:21
Sweden ezk 
SK new line-up: threat Delpan Moddii zet Face Good? :P
2010-08-05 00:13
zet won't be back , and threat will teamup with tentpole like they have in begrip
2010-08-05 00:15
zet, threat, not good... zet was horrible playing in MYM, threat is worst than any 5 SK players
2010-08-05 00:20
no offence, but that team would get raped by my 10 year old sister
2010-08-05 00:21
+nolimit and WCG title is guaranteed.
2010-08-05 00:14
2010-08-05 00:17
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Lord NoLimit.
2010-08-05 02:01
lolololol +1
2010-08-05 00:18
hahahahahahhahaa nice!
2010-08-05 00:34
i hope the one/ones that are leaving are walle+robban
2010-08-05 00:19
Nice maybe new blood in SK lu :)
2010-08-05 00:19
should have never dropped kHRYSTAL
2010-08-05 00:20
exactly , they get rid Zet , tentpole , spawN , and KRHystal ...although the real problems are Walle,RobbaN,and alleN
2010-08-05 00:22
what? they made a very wise decision there cause Gux is way better than khrystal... the only problem is Gux is a fuckin child..
2010-08-05 01:30
SK actually won a couple tournaments with kHRYSTAL though
2010-08-05 02:05
and face.. but nevertheless it was a wise choice at the time... GUX is way way better than khrystal..
2010-08-05 02:07
that's very debatable. kHRYSTAL was a huge fragger on SK throughout his entire time there just as Gux was on fnatic but kHRYSTAL is equally good with rifles and the AWP which does give him a big advantage in some areas.
2010-08-05 10:59
gives him a advantage ove whom? im not arguing if khrystal's a madfragger or not, im arguing that he was clearly the "less good"(eufemism for worst) player in Sk at the time.. Robban allen and walle are core of SK and it was their call to add Gux, so that only leaves face or khrystal, and obviously they choosed khrystal... imo it was the right call..
2010-08-05 13:47
gux is born for fnatic... case close fanboy;).
2010-08-05 15:38
fuckin idiot ffs
2010-08-05 15:48
please just don't cry retard fanboy when fnatic with GUX will trash SK;)..
2010-08-07 15:41
In my openion walle the legendry NOOOOOOOOOOOOB
2010-08-05 00:22
tentpole, potti, heaton, fisker and walle is the new lineup :o
2010-08-05 00:22
Sweden ezk 
2010-08-05 00:42
MODDII Delpan manne face THREAT Very good line-up oO
2010-08-05 00:23
if they were creating Lemondogs , SK wont accept that well cause they are SK
2010-08-05 00:24
2010-08-05 00:23
think man pronax is in this Tournament how they going to try him out ..? think man
2010-08-05 00:25
Naaaaaahhh greek guy.He cant think!!! :P
2010-08-05 13:24
allen robban walle are untouchable
2010-08-05 00:24
something like this moddii manne delpan walle face 'd be sick. EDIT: xizt is good too
2010-08-05 00:31
Sweden ezk 
manne< dennis
2010-08-05 00:34
Online maybe :b Im not saying that dennis is a cheater, but he's so much better online than on LAN :P They should give manne a chance, definitely a new talent imo.
2010-08-05 00:36
Sweden ezk 
ok :P
2010-08-05 00:39
he's right..
2010-08-05 01:31
At least someone is using twitter the right way (not ONLY for auto-posting the news from the site... RSS feed hello?)
2010-08-05 00:31
Then don't follow us, we have more than enough work updating our own site and not someone elses, some people requested getting newsposts in their twitter feeds, they can now.
2010-08-05 02:10
Irelevant.Is ther going to be dreamteam for thins event?
2010-08-05 13:27
Yes I know, beating a dead horse...
2010-08-06 10:50
Delpans awp > all .se awps :P
2010-08-05 00:31
all awp in general imo:P
2010-08-05 02:09
Nah, markeloff is one of the best :P Delpans comes in second.
2010-08-05 02:20
exactly, "one of the best" but delphan is the best, thats for sure :p
2010-08-05 03:20
walle may be kicked. Just look at article, it says "...We will play with possible new players at both events //walle" Not SK.walle anymore...
2010-08-05 00:32
good point but that isn't any kind of proof :) I mean it doesn't matter who says it.
2010-08-05 01:21
2010-08-05 00:35
2010-08-05 00:35
manne dennis hyvlarn xizt delpan :D
2010-08-05 00:36
Albania yg29 
just -hyvlarn + moddi
2010-08-05 00:39
Sweden ezk 
2010-08-05 00:39
can be too
2010-08-05 00:50
why would xizt leave h2k? they are more stable than SK right now..
2010-08-05 01:32
Xylm walle cool face robban :D
2010-08-05 00:41
I accept the job. What do you think? If not call me, this would be the team that I would: Dennis "walle" Wallenberg -> where's wally? Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed -> out of exile: D Tommy "Potti" Ingemarsson -> out of exile [2]: D Kristoffer "tentpole" Nordlund -> out of exile [3]: D Brian "HPX" Christenssen -> where he shoved? But for anyone losing their job ... Jimmy "allen" Allen -> The alien Johan "face" Klasson -> Face to Face with the Enemy Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström -> The Lover Dennis "walle" Wallenberg -> The Lost Mattias "Snajdan" Andersen -> Old School
2010-08-05 00:43
what the hell?
2010-08-05 01:32
2010-08-05 01:39
Most non-sense I've ever seen in a long time. What the hell are you even trying to say in this post... LOOOOOOOL.
2010-08-05 01:48
you high or something?
2010-08-05 01:55
I think it too, sometimes I REALY get shamed by brazilians comments :S
2010-08-05 03:34
alvo neutralizad! ))) Cod-MW2
2010-08-05 04:27
What is your problem? Everyone has the right to free speech! I express myself the way I wanted, saying a line that SK could have and that could put SK as a fifth player.
2010-08-06 03:36
One thing that really stood out in his comment :D Brian "HPX" Christenssen -> where he shoved? lolwut! :P
2010-08-05 08:24
Poland M r 
manne delpan walle <----- imho the best lineup robban face walle and robban are with SK from the beginning, so they must stay at team. allen / face out manne / delpan / moddii / Tentpole in
2010-08-05 00:46
actually I think allen have played in sk for a longer time than both walle and robban, not sure though. But I get your point.. Walle and Robban are the core of SK.
2010-08-05 01:19
i think robban is older than allen and walle in SK..
2010-08-05 01:34
allen was already in SK when RobbaN and walle came in from NiP, so allen is the oldest.
2010-08-05 03:25
1. allen 2. robban 3. walle by the time they have spent in SK. Tentpole came with walle to SK at the same time.
2010-08-05 03:47
ur right... i wasnt sure if allen played with snajdan goodfella fisker and vilden.. but ur right, he did.. he's the oldest in SK..
2010-08-05 03:50
Allen has been in SK the longest, atleast in one stint, both walle and RobbaN has done some teamhoping.
2010-08-05 13:09
Sweden ezk 
DELPAN = best player in sweden? Moddii = Best play in SK? Face = Good player THREAT = Good player ? :P I know i need 1 more player :P
2010-08-05 00:47
Sweden ezk 
DELPAN = best player in sweden? Moddii = Best player in SK? Face = Good player THREAT = Good player ? :P I know i need 1 more player :P
2010-08-05 00:47
what the hell was that?? :/
2010-08-05 01:35
robban or allen out if SK really wants to give themselves new energy. if they brought moddii and delpan in it could be a pretty dangerous lineup.
2010-08-05 00:50
moddii stay in SK imho (i hope)
2010-08-05 00:56
Brazil TitikO! 
interesting, very interesting!!
2010-08-05 00:57
barbarr,moddii or manne:) ANNNNDDDDD maybe delpan
2010-08-05 01:10
2010-08-05 01:17
Nix0n you're unstoppable, you working like a cyborg :D So many newses ^.^
2010-08-05 01:18
Delpan offers the greatest possibilities with his awp. Moddii is as close as you'll ever come to Gux without actually having mr.gux himself. Tentpole is the guy who never got the appreciation he deserved and should make a new try! and ofc if zet could finally come back to his old self no one would have a chance.
2010-08-05 01:24
agree almost with everything.. but not in the tentpole part, he's oldschool, oldschoolers are SK's problem atm..
2010-08-05 01:37
agreed.. they need new blood.. - walle - allen + delpan + moddii + xizt
2010-08-05 06:11
totally agree
2010-08-05 18:21
interesting :)
2010-08-05 01:35
SK|Robban SK|face SK|Delphan SK|Snajdan SK|manne =]
2010-08-05 01:42
sk's tag is SK.walle :)
2010-08-05 02:01
WALLE IS OUT !!! pay attention at the sign of walle and the other sk guys. it's always SK.nickname(moodii,face,.etc) but in this news walle just write down his nick without the clan name infront of it. Then it should be either SK.Delpan (best awp possible in Sweden or SK.BARBARR (crazy awper, and an old comrade of moddii from small clans) !!!
2010-08-05 01:45
i would add them both.. SK.face SK.moddii SK.Delpan SK.Barbarr SK.Robban or allen wouldnt matter to me..
2010-08-05 02:03
i think the last lineup proved that it doesnt work. so i'd just remove Walle and add Delpan. That would keep the core of SK (Robban, Allen & Face) and add new blood (MODDII + Delpan) . perfect combination imo !!!
2010-08-05 04:41
robban, allen, walle: it's base SK new blood: face & delpan/moddii
2010-08-05 12:46
2010-08-05 13:40
moddii better then anyone in team atm
2010-08-05 01:58
STFU man, please walle out k1Ng0r in!
2010-08-05 05:21
hahhah <3
2010-08-05 13:40
<3333 :D:D
2010-08-06 03:33
walle is going for manager instead.
2010-08-05 02:11
i sure hope so.. :D
2010-08-05 04:05
SK.face SK.Delpan SK.MODDII/threat SK.allen/manne/dennis SK.walle
2010-08-05 02:15
delpan moddii xizt walle robban Please. Maybe -walle +khrystal, just maybe.
2010-08-05 02:17
SK.Damien SK.DarK SK.ElemenT SK.Naikon SK.knoxville
2010-08-05 02:18
i think after 2 weeks possible line up-face -moddii and +HeatoN +Potti , HeatoN&Potti in best form i know.
2010-08-05 02:19
I love players like walle, robban, face, allen.....but with this lineup SK doesn't play well for long time. SK need critical changes in tactic and members. I don't want to quit some members, I can't imagine players like walle or robban in other team that SK but one or two of them must quit, SK-Gaming need to fill lineup by next generation of players.
2010-08-05 02:26
2010-08-06 01:31
2010-08-05 02:55
I think this statement could be simply meaning that they will be trailing others (not only moddi)
2010-08-05 03:06
DELPAN is the best choice!
2010-08-05 03:11
zet barbar pita delpan moddii
2010-08-05 03:14
SK need a powerful fragger to improve their poor rating. It's funny that the highest rating player in SK now is moddii 1.16, and SK need another 1.10+. there are not any other top team in the world has that poor rate.
2010-08-05 03:33
BARBARR ofc! BARBARR>>>>>>>walle/delpan/roban with awp
2010-08-05 03:36
cant wait to see :P
2010-08-05 03:47
robban allen delpan moddii face Would probably be the ideal sk lineup at this point. As much as i love both of them i think 1 of robban/walle has to go, and robban has been by far the better and more consistent player over the past year, and the team seems to have more success when he calls too.
2010-08-05 04:02
2010-08-05 04:41
SK needs xizt and cut the old ones
2010-08-05 04:03
i prefer xizt to stay in H2K , so that we have more competition. That's enough of SK to destroy upcoming teams already !!!!!!!
2010-08-05 04:42
?? while you are at it why not just get f0rest and GeT_RighT makes sense ?
2010-08-05 04:42
not funny, sorry
2010-08-05 05:12
as i understand it they will try moddii at WCG Nordic (which is also confirmed by now) and another player than moddii at the EPS-finals and after that make a decision who will join. might be completely wrong, but that sounds reasonable to me.
2010-08-05 04:04
they tested me as well... :*( I had to do disgusting things.
2010-08-05 04:31
2010-08-05 04:43
Brazil hono 
allen, face, moddii, delpan and robban 3 good aimers + 2 good awpers + robban as igl
2010-08-05 04:51
that makes 6 :-S
2010-08-05 05:08
Brazil hono 
as you can see robban can play with awp and be igl at the same time... but probably delpan would be the main awper
2010-08-05 12:17
LOL TEST PLAYERS? FK THAT.. I hope no1 fits in with them. Walle obviously is dilusional and should just fk off and retire.
2010-08-05 04:54
keep on trollin baby.. you know what time it is..
2010-08-05 15:01
Who trails players these days??????!!!!!?!?! Please tell me.
2010-08-05 15:41
well they do apparently he said - We will play with possible new players at both events and they will cut the player if he doesnt fit. Seems logical to me mister troll.
2010-08-05 16:24
lol it's just a bit of a joke..
2010-08-05 17:11
manne pleaseeeeee
2010-08-05 05:17
ZapiToO =)
2010-08-05 05:28
Let's ask Paul the Octopus
2010-08-05 05:48
SK.Xizt for sure
2010-08-05 05:52
face modii delpan manne robban bun i don't think they will remove walle..
2010-08-05 06:34
it is rumored that Yao Ming will sign a contract with sk gaming as their fifth player. due to Yao's injury, he played cs 24/7 and became pro.
2010-08-05 06:58
2010-08-05 07:11
2010-08-05 14:11
face, moddii, Xizt, FYRR73, kHRYSTAL
2010-08-05 07:13
Spawn return!!!
2010-08-05 07:43
Sunde | 
World sfu 
2010-08-05 08:06
Canada hyu 
walle needs to be removed :)
2010-08-05 08:17
+moddi -walle +delphan
2010-08-05 09:12
SpawN or HeatoN ofc =)
2010-08-05 09:13
Walle out! He's got old :O Delpan in :D
2010-08-05 09:14
Shut up newbies.. walle is a great player and official member in SK Gaming
2010-08-05 09:18
robban out delpan in imho. face/moddii/allen good rifle walle tac leader delpan awper
2010-08-05 09:33
Sweden hWo 
HEY SK! Pick me up, i won't be available forever ;)
2010-08-05 09:39
hahaha In your dreams :l
2010-08-05 09:55
Sweden hWo 
In my dreams, you're part of my dreamteam :)
2010-08-05 15:14
u know, if walle quits, then robban and allen most likely quits too. they have been in the scene for a very long time together. I don't believe they are going to quit right now though. Instead I think they will find the fifth player. My opinion is that they will continue playing with moddii, or I could see BARBARR/Delpan in the SK tag. SK.walle SK.RobbaN SK.allen SK.face SK.moddii/BARBARR/Delpan
2010-08-05 09:54
Yeah, you are right.
2010-08-05 09:58
SK.walle SK.RobbaN SK.allen SK.face SK.Tentpole
2010-08-05 09:59
-face +SpawN <3
2010-08-05 11:44
SK is rich. with that, why dont they chose something like xizt, manne, delpan, face, robban or another one ? they distroy other line-ups which can beat them, like in old times etc...
2010-08-05 11:04
jusy marketing design !! SK hanges players evry 2 month - it's not interesting anymore! it's just bullshit - thay nedd to hange full team than it's gonna be interesting! 1 player can't change the game of all team
2010-08-05 11:06
Yep, I really believe you say the same with Gux now on fnatic.
2010-08-05 14:09
Not exactly. Once they get a team that actually beats fnatic they will keep it up.
2010-08-06 16:51
Again SK will ruin some members teams, thats all..
2010-08-05 12:07
robban allen walle face Delpan/spawn
2010-08-05 12:13
potti....................... come back plz)))))
2010-08-05 12:20
moddii n1 player! moddii=GuX and Delpan n2 :D
2010-08-05 12:23
-allen + Delpan or -walle +Delpan or -RobbaN + Delpan and SK=fnatic
2010-08-05 12:24
walle robban face threat delpan
2010-08-05 12:26
walle, face, MODDII, Delpan, Xizt
2010-08-05 12:28
RobbaN, ALLEN, face, BARRBAR, walle/kHRYSTAL/Delpan
2010-08-05 12:36
robban, walle, face, xizt, moddii ofc
2010-08-05 12:57
need +FYRR73
2010-08-05 12:57
Yestarday Dennis send mi this kind of sms: "Hi, do you have some time to play with us in sk ? we need you" I answered: "Srry guys but I need more hot girls and alkohol from organisation, ooo and I want some tatoo like yours ;>" :P:P +delpan - great awp ;>
2010-08-05 13:05
walle moddii allen face Delpan would be pretty sweet, sadly it's never gonna happen.
2010-08-05 13:11
True, because it's utter stupid to take the most efficient IGL they had for a long time to put an awper.
2010-08-05 14:11
I hope SpawN and zet back to SK :)
2010-08-05 13:21
-walle +manne :)
2010-08-05 13:37
manne delpan or moddhi, or 2 or 3 of those :D maybe pita
2010-08-05 13:39
interesting who it will be :)
2010-08-05 13:42
When was that?
2010-08-06 16:46
SK has never believed in youth I think they now are realizing that they need it. In CS these days you need 3 star players or it will be very hard. Look at fnatic GuX getright f0rest.
2010-08-05 13:42
delpan, moddii, face, robban, ? walle and allen feels like they've lost their touch long ago. So i dunno.
2010-08-05 14:00
Now that seems to be a stupid idea. Do they even know what they want? Should've given zet a second chance instead, at least he fits well in this team.
2010-08-05 14:05
walle leaves SK - Delpan in That's a headline I wanna see some day
2010-08-05 14:14
SK|SpawN SK|instw SK|Archi SK|Tentpole SK|SnajdaN BURNING...
2010-08-05 14:23
2010-08-05 14:26
SK|SpawN SK|Tentpole SK|allen SK|RobbaN SK|moddii/delpan
2010-08-05 14:52
SK|SpawN SK|Tentpole SK|SnajdaN SK|Fisker SK|Walle
2010-08-05 15:19
Portugal Cyborgy 
ye more oldschool to be lots more fail LAWL
2010-08-05 15:20
hmm heaton spawn potti fisker vilden doesnt get any stronger:> or maybe even older heaton hyper potti fisker ahl
2010-08-05 19:11
+ Nix0n
2010-08-05 15:24
shut up with your DREAMTEAMS spawn tentpole snajdan fisker they are oldschool and inactive players they will failed SK needs better tactics and new blood
2010-08-05 15:39
Delpan has been praccing with sk on inferno-online
2010-08-05 15:39
they need some madskilled guys, young upcoming talent not Tentpole or spawN so get real... they've had those lineups before didn't work out. Dennis and manne come to mind
2010-08-05 15:51
I hope Robban will stay
2010-08-05 15:54
SK|MAJ3R SK|Geno SK|Rara SK|SIXER SK|Yoshi xD, they need support, why not SK ? <-> troll
2010-08-05 16:05
what i really don't get is why people are still saying SpawN, fisker, zet etc... should return to SK SpawN tried to comeback and failed pretty hard same for zet he never got back on his old level. so please stop saying those kinda people should join they will be worse than ever
2010-08-05 18:01
hmm nice
2010-08-05 18:14
zet/zneel comeback expecting from kHYRSTAL to come but i'll like to see spawn/heaton/tentpole again :D dam i said too much players LD
2010-08-05 19:04
GET ZET cmon its a no brainer :( ...hes by far the best swedish player that is free for hire. plus hes a veteran @ sk ...
2010-08-05 19:10
zet still overrated :D he isn't that good anymore. he is a very cool guy and I really like him but he is not enough for sk.
2010-08-05 19:29
they should definetly kick walle and allen or robban(they are too old) and bring in Delpan and one more... imo
2010-08-05 19:55
delpan barbaar tentpole manne .,.
2010-08-05 23:21
so did moddii tell SK no or something? Why are they trying to replace a guy who's been such a beast for them?
2010-08-05 23:35
moddii is the best choice now! Plz, be quick sk ):
2010-08-06 01:03
zet is not an option, he already played for SK and he wasn't the guy who destroyed all teams in NiP. In my opinion they should keep this lineup with MODDII.
2010-08-06 03:41
gux face snajdan khrystal ph33r
2010-08-06 09:53
Bad, why would they take pretty much 1 player from every team, especially when mos of them have not played on the same team.
2010-08-06 16:53
best possible line up... get gux back...
2010-08-06 09:53
SK|SpawN or SK|HeatoN ofc in my dreams ; D
2010-08-06 12:43
delpan is the best choice... he is the only awper in the world along with sunde who can outawp markeloff anyday...
2010-08-07 08:10
ruuit face allen plaste zet My dreamteam :D
2010-08-07 12:36
SpawN walle RobbaN aLLen zet
2010-08-07 15:52
i want to see : face , moddii , allen , delpan and GuX :D
2010-08-07 22:07
2010-08-08 12:41
2010-08-08 18:48
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