Ravens announce shutdown

Roskilde Ravens have announced the shutdown of their current Counter-Strike 1.6 team, which in past time only consisted of four members.

The Danish organization today released a statement which stated that all players in the organization have been released from their contracts. The statement reads the following:

"From today Roskilde Ravens is releasing all players from their contracts and are not signing any new teams or players or participating in any future tournaments until further notice.

We believe that during 2010 Ravens has slowly moved away from the core values and goals set together with our teams, players and sponsors. As a result of this we have in unison with our sponsors decided to rebuild Ravens as a team and brand over the following months."

Ravens saw their Counter-Strike 1.6 perform a third place finish at IEM4 European Championship Finals, but since then not been able to produce similar results. Michael "Friis" Jørgensen last month parted ways with Ravens, to join up with p00nhandlers (now wCrea), which left the team with four members.

Ravens consisted of:

Denmark Danny "BERRY" Krüger
Denmark Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer
Denmark Marc "nexiz" Woolrych
Denmark Baljit "zE-" Lal

Several of the members have already found new homes. With the shutdown of Ravens, NP! have spawned again. The team was featured earlier this year at Copenhagen Games but will this time around consist of different members

NP! consist of:

Denmark Danny "BERRY" Krüger
Denmark Daniel "dalle" Kjersgaard
Denmark Samal "SFM" Mikkelsen
Denmark Martin "qUICKN" Hvass
Denmark Taymaz "TAY" Babaiasl

Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer has also found a new home, as he has joined forces with teamteam, filling the void of Tomas xlo Falden, who was released last month.

teamteam now house following:

Denmark Peter "Maximus" Østergaard
Denmark Marc "katulen" Winther
Denmark Jesper "luffeb" Andersen
Denmark Peter "xone" Scheel
Denmark Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer

Baljit "zE-" Lal and Marc "nexiz" Woolrych are both without a home, but it is expected that both will be taking a break from competitive gaming.

2010-08-05 23:56
2 replies
I will always miss Ravens, loved seeing them perform :(
2010-08-06 01:15
1 reply
good news
2010-08-09 21:20
Well , kinda expected :) But teamteam and NP! is no match for mTw and wCrea in my opinion, but goodluck anyway.
2010-08-05 23:57
5 replies
2010-08-05 23:58
2010-08-06 00:03
2010-08-06 07:31
Well said.
2010-08-06 09:24
2010-08-06 11:14
2010-08-05 23:58
I'd rather split team like this : Snappi Berry dalle SFM luffeb
2010-08-06 00:00
zE definitely deserves a solid team
2010-08-06 00:00
2 replies
Just saw that he was in NP, Hehe
2010-08-06 13:53
1 reply
Berry also Edit ; nvm just saw he was in NP lol
2010-08-06 13:54
teams falling and falling... too sad
2010-08-06 00:00
1 reply
Denmark whiteydk
But new teams rises, so positive...
2010-08-06 00:27
optimus maximus
2010-08-06 00:01
Poland qater-
I didn't know Nix0n that you're professional gamer :-D
2010-08-06 00:03
6 replies
Hehe ;)
2010-08-06 00:16
5 replies
I don't understand what he means O.o, I've revised the teams and statements in this article and no where does it state Nixon is a pro gamer =o. Tell us :P I wanna watch lol
2010-08-06 12:10
4 replies
Marc "katulen" Winther - My name is Marc Winther Kristensen :)
2010-08-06 12:14
3 replies
Oooh, I see it now. lol sorry I just woke up and couldn't find it from having cobwebs in my eyes >.> I didn't know you could be a gamer + travel around the world for HLTV same time >.> well best of luck! EDIT: Oh and I was about to say nice for being one of only danes without a "sen" at end of your name until you said Kristensen XD
2010-08-06 12:22
2 replies
KK | 
Denmark s0denone
It's not him, you bloody fool. You can share your name with other people, idiot.
2010-08-07 19:19
1 reply
I'm guessing with that kind of mouth you have no friends then, ah well not everyone's perfect.
2010-08-08 23:12
hope that zE- joins a great team, he's a gift to the danish cs scene.
2010-08-06 00:03
5 replies
He quit cs 3 months ago.
2010-08-06 00:08
2 replies
I think and hope that he will return. Danish cs scene needs him.
2010-08-06 00:10
1 reply
He said he might come back sometime, but who knows. :)
2010-08-06 00:14
you would like to do him?
2010-08-06 00:09
1 reply
2010-08-06 00:10
zE- is a top class player, he deserves to be in a good team.
2010-08-06 00:08
zE- will act as a stand-in for NP! :)
2010-08-06 01:02
zE- is a great player!! sad!!! =(
2010-08-06 01:13
SAD :-(
2010-08-06 01:17
gl katulen!
2010-08-06 01:18
-minet +zE-
2010-08-06 07:39
7 replies
Lol? Cut the crap mate. Minet has been performing very well latly. zE is good, however not on mtw level. And on xplayn.com (a danish gaming site) he announced that he havent been playing for 3 months, and that he aint planing to return just yet.
2010-08-06 09:27
u made my day.
2010-08-06 10:59
5 replies
nothing really funny here, when at his peek zE- was really impressive
2010-08-06 15:02
4 replies
if he had been consistent then i might agree with you, but i dont think anyone will -minet for a once in a blue moon insanely peeking player.
2010-08-06 16:14
3 replies
zE- and minet are just different players. imo mTw needed what minet had to give, but zE- is on the same lvl as minet, no doubt about that. btw why to you always post 2 messages at the same time? You know you don't have to double-click on the "post" button right?
2010-08-06 16:17
2 replies
ah right. i dunno something is wrong, im not double posting on purpose :s
2010-08-06 16:17
1 reply
2010-08-06 16:19
xlo ?
2010-08-06 09:12
3 replies
was removed from teamteam, no news of a new team for him
2010-08-06 11:58
2 replies
yea i can see he was removed but he whoops ass, deserved a place among them.
2010-08-06 12:12
1 reply
i agree
2010-08-06 15:10
Combine Denmark's best fraggers and we might have a dream team on fnatic's level O.o (since they have 3 of Sweden's top fraggers in one team) Backup riflers never work too well these days.
2010-08-06 12:13
1 reply
mtw? :p
2010-08-09 21:25
zE- was just awesome, I hope he won't retire
2010-08-06 15:01
ravens :S
2010-08-07 14:39
:D !!!!!
2010-08-09 06:48
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