NiP announce new lineup

Today NiP announced that Oskar “ins“ Holm would be leaving the lineup. ins joined the team along with walle and zet and he helped NiP get to where they are today.

As many of you are aware alot of rumours have been floating around the CS scene about the future of HeatoN, walle and even the NiP organisation itself, here is what walle had to say about this.

There’s been alot of turbulence in the scene lately with players changing teams, and a lot of rumours floating around. Regarding me going inactive is not entirely true – I had thoughts about going inactive when I had declined SK’s offer because of time pressure but it was never supposed to be official until I had made up my mind. I’m very glad Emil and Andreas supported me and we were able to create a new, very promising team. I’m very excited about playing 2007 out as a ninja, and I’d like to thank everyone for the support and hope you keep supporting us!

The new 2007 NiP lineup looks like this:


Bjorn “Bullen“ Wall
Emil “HeatoN“ Christensen
Øyvind “KF3“ Magnestad
Jonathan “miniw“ Wallenberg
Dennis “walle“ Wallenberg

We here at wish NiP the very best of luck in 2007.
More info can be found on NiP's official website

Yup.. Good luck to NiP!! :)
2007-01-17 14:32
United Kingdom Gazza 
good luck !, imo its a very good lineup and can do well this year.
2007-01-17 14:34
Denmark PHR 
KF3 is fucking sick. I'm looking forward to see him on a team that actually got a decent chance to go overseas :-)
2007-01-17 14:35
Germany SainT 
great lineup! looking forawrd to the matches against sk and fnatic
2007-01-17 14:36
Portugal LgD 
where is ins?
2007-01-17 14:40
KUNFIGUR3 = GOD nice lineup omfg
2007-01-17 14:40
Russia (\eo 
Mmmmm/// goood zer good )
2007-01-17 14:42
Netherlands g@M 
INS left NIP but why nobody knows ! Anyway the brothers are going to play wit The one and only. together with KF3 and Bullen
2007-01-17 15:06
the wallenberg brothers
2007-01-17 15:18
2007-01-17 15:24
Spain deBurrows 
I really wanted ins to stay. Anyway GL, they'll need it.
2007-01-17 15:36
2007-01-17 15:40
Well, good luck!! hf 3 rr´s live i will be seating here to see
2007-01-17 17:23
Jonathan “miniw“ Wallenberg alezzzz gl nip
2007-01-17 17:35
hahaha HeatoN is back, GL from me to him and his team :D
2007-01-17 18:53
hmm looks like bad lineup .
2007-01-17 19:11
Belgium Legz 
I like the new NiP, would've been sad to see them disappear from the scene
2007-01-17 19:35
Best of luck NiP !
2007-01-17 20:10
2007-01-17 20:47
Norway upiQ 
I dont think this line up will work for the ninjas.. They are all good players, but i dont see this as a great team in the future..! But i hope it will work out.. KF3 is one hell of a sick player, and i bet he will do good.. HeatoN is back, but he is getting to old.. GL to the ninjas! :P
2007-01-17 21:01
Good luck NiP.2007.
2007-01-17 21:06
gr8 lineup ! GO NIP!
2007-01-17 22:59
This lineup can't match their former lineup; the new SK team have splitted up the potential best team in the world (RobbaN, walle, zet, ins and spawn) and now instead of one truely insane lineup we have two "medium" lineups instead. If swe is going to dominate in 2007 it's all up to fnatic. But... complexity did get some benefit out of it; zet and I am looking forward to see their results this year. But of course I might be wrong :-)
2007-01-17 23:33
really luwing the mixture! gl to nip
2007-01-17 23:52
Spain deBurrows 
It seems this new year is full of mixes but few solid teams. I bet on the germans, the danish, fnatic and Pentagram.
2007-01-18 02:53
I fear this might not be the answer :/ Bullen?
2007-01-18 03:19
#26 getting back to activity in gaming is just like riding a bike or having sex :-)! you need a short period of time to get back at ur previous skills
2007-01-18 06:31
Not a bad lineup at all, but not as good compared to the previous lineups if you ask me. Sure these are great players, but will they perfrom together? Time will tell. But a player like Bullen just returning like that? huh, im a bit unsure what to think about it ..
2007-01-18 10:18
I agree with #23 why not make a super team? would be nice to see=) Go HeatoN
2007-01-18 14:05
Germany Wii 
Maybe they needed a team quickly so they made a "fast lineup" because they've got a near match in NGL One Season I think
2007-01-18 14:49
If HeatoN hadn't come back than the NiP would be almost completely different than we used to know. What can I say? GL and HF, but Fnatic still owns you :P.
2007-01-18 18:57
Fnatic has never won a match vs. NiP yet tho :)
2007-01-21 17:37
2007-01-18 19:08
Romania htym 
2012-12-30 18:58
Belgium Legz 
Think NiP might be a revelation for the upcoming season, it's a shame they lost zet and ins (especially zet, I mean he did some sick stuff now and then) but I feel this team can really mean something in the 1.6 scene. walle is one of the better awp-players imo and he has players alongside him who can dominate a game with rifles, looking forward to seeing them play gl Ninjas, I'm cheering for you guys \o/ agree with #23 that the SK line-up looks better, but who knows, surprises might happen yet again in the 1.6 scene
2007-01-21 19:52
GO HeatoN!!!;D;D;D
2007-01-21 23:25
Lithuania LuckyBitch 
best luck for nip ;] especially for heaton :))
2007-01-22 07:13
haha heaton couldn't take the pressure and went back, but who blames him ? ;D
2007-01-22 12:19
2007-01-22 13:37
2Brothers :D nice1 let's see what they both got.
2007-01-22 14:10
Where is SpawN ?
2007-01-22 14:14
SK i think :'(
2007-01-23 14:52
Ok ..
2007-01-24 18:48
-fifflaren + heaton
2014-05-06 17:28
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