LUq rejects Fear Factory move

Lukasz "LUq" Wnek has declared to that he will not don the colours of Fear Factory.

The former Meet Your Makers sniper had returned to gaming activities in late July with PGS in time for the fnatic PLAY Finals, having allegedly migrated with the team to Fear Factory earlier this week.

Contacted by, Wnek confessed he has decided against playing for the team as he will put a stop to his gaming career, in order to focus on "other dreams of mine in life."

He added that he will issue a statement about the matter on Tuesday, explaining what exactly made him abort the decision to carry on in a new project.

According to, Wnek will be replaced by Artur "dOK" Kaleta, the same player he had filled in for at the fnatic PLAY Finals.

Fear Factory now have:

Poland Łukasz "drive" Snopkiewicz
Poland Daniel "myth" Bukalski
Poland Adam "ruloN" Wiśniewski
Poland Patryk "sonamed" Zamulski
Artur "dOK" Kaleta

Sad :(
2010-08-09 01:48
LIFE > CS. Good choice..
2010-08-09 01:50
28 replies
LIFE with CS > "LIFE > CS"
2010-08-09 01:52
25 replies
just look how old is he.
2010-08-09 01:54
making childrens and working like everyone else > life with cs he's 26!? for God's sake
2010-08-09 02:00
22 replies
2010-08-09 02:05
Who WANTS to have kids at 26?
2010-08-09 02:05
9 replies
It doesn't mean RIGHT NOW. If he had comeback he would play more then one year dude... edit: And yes , i want to have kid at 26 so my grandchild could remember me well..kthxbye :)
2010-08-09 02:10
lots of people o.O what world you live on?
2010-08-09 02:40
Maybe he needs some practise on making children O_o Soooooooo many cs hours
2010-08-09 08:19
i want!
2010-08-09 08:39
Who ACTUALLY wants kids? Sometimes they're just so annoying.
2010-08-09 11:16
1 reply
I am 24 and have 2 children, and its the best ever happend.
2010-08-10 19:02
People who don't wont to die of age before their children have grown up.....
2010-08-09 12:40
Me, i have 2? And i am 24.
2010-08-10 19:03
1 reply
good for you mate!
2010-08-10 19:52
play cs4fun .. will not prevent he real life and the "kids"
2010-08-09 02:30
1 reply
This is professionaly playin...making money..not for fun ;)
2010-08-09 02:58
that comment is just gay. leave hltv :D
2010-08-09 16:33
1 reply
2010-08-09 18:34
you know its possible to make children and work while playing cs :) even though you play cs it doesnt mean you have to play it 24/7.....
2010-08-09 16:42
6 replies
It's not when u wanna play profesionally ! Do u know what means professionaly...hours and hours of playing! U see how mouch hours Na'Vi guys pracc!?
2010-08-09 18:33
5 replies
no i dont see it, do you see it? fnatic guys often take vacations and stuff, and im pretty sure they dont play 8 hours every day in the entire year...
2010-08-09 19:32
4 replies
do all of them have jobs?
2010-08-09 20:31
3 replies
sorry im not bestfriends with them so i wouldnt know. my point is: playing cs proffesionaly doesnt mean you cant do nothing else then playing can have a girlfriend/wife, you can have a job, you can study you can still hang out with friends.
2010-08-09 23:57
2 replies
having job!? maybe...but u wouldn't achieve anything...having gf is fine and going out with friends too <3
2010-08-10 02:17
1 reply
i work from 8 in the morning to 4 in the evening. and that is a pretty standard working day, there is alot of time for practicing after that.
2010-08-10 16:12
2010-08-09 10:27
2010-08-09 04:32
psh | 
Portugal hpn-
ofc =)
2010-08-09 14:42
2010-08-09 01:49
1 reply
2010-08-09 01:55
+- 0
2010-08-09 01:49
I see, good luck in life or something :D
2010-08-09 01:52
he knew that this team doesnt have any chance in international esport
2010-08-09 01:52
finally someone makes a good decision with their life
2010-08-09 01:52
Of course.. I wouldn't be surprised if he became too arrogant for his teammates.
2010-08-09 01:53
Well , goodluck LUQ :P
2010-08-09 01:54
good choise, hes to bad and the team is hm "not what he was loooking for" I mean they were "good" but still years behind fx
2010-08-09 01:58
GL in life LUq. All progaming fans like you more, than taz ever could :) Hope we will see u soon :) P.S.: What dreams can people have except of being CS 1.6 pro?? o_O :D:D:D
2010-08-09 02:00
omg omg omg MIRAA is back too! Must mean it is time for MY vacation!
2010-08-09 02:01
7 replies
Excuse me? As far as Im concerned you do not have vacation.
2010-08-09 02:58
4 replies
2010-08-09 03:21
2 replies
Your cinnamon outburst was far enough for what vacation matters.
2010-08-09 03:22
1 reply
your english skills are like a shining star, and i mean it :$
2010-08-09 04:18
2010-08-09 14:06
But who will do the emergency news when nixon is asleep and MIRRA is on vacation ? Pus ? LOL
2010-08-09 15:19
1 reply
You are right, I need to stay put.. :(
2010-08-09 15:26
my fav cs player is gone :/
2010-08-09 02:04
why on fear factory site is nothing about their new cs team ?
2010-08-09 02:08
good idea luq that team wasn't worth the time of day
2010-08-09 02:08
fairwell LUq~
2010-08-09 02:13
gL :D!
2010-08-09 02:14
they always come back
2010-08-09 02:14
4 replies
like SpawN
2010-08-09 02:22
3 replies
SpawN has where to return, In Poland we have only FX nothing more
2010-08-09 02:39
1 reply
that is sad :(((
2010-08-09 03:05
and like hidden
2010-08-09 18:26
sad :/
2010-08-09 02:22
KURWA ! nothing more to say really :(
2010-08-09 02:43
Delta / LUq go ! :)
2010-08-09 02:47
2 replies
olol :DD
2010-08-09 03:07
1 reply
LUq no FX and no FF :/, go Delta.LUq lol ^^
2010-08-09 03:18
-pasha +LUq = 2WCG 2ESWC
2010-08-09 03:19
5 replies
but taz vs LUq :/
2010-08-09 06:50
4 replies
taz needs 2 grow up n not care about personality of gamers in his team n make some real friends irl instead of judging luQ
2010-08-09 08:55
3 replies
there was no taz vs luq, luq just found a person to whine about :)
2010-08-09 12:13
2 replies
go 1 vs 1 awp_map pasha vs LUq xD
2010-08-09 16:26
1 reply
I think pasha win
2010-08-09 20:49
gl Luq Like your style~ I remember the moment you beat fnatic in WCG2009,you didnt believe it and sat on the desk,Cute,haha. Anyway,GLGLGL to "other dreams of mine in life."
2010-08-09 04:34
LUq 4ever
2010-08-09 06:06
LUQ !!!!!!!!!!! =( !!!! AWP INSANE !! bad news,,,, luq > pasha
2010-08-09 07:02
2 replies
Pasha >> LUq on inet LUq > Pasha on Lan :P
2010-08-09 07:04
1 reply
Bullshit ... Pasha now not playing when he has on PGS. I see him action on DreamHack (PGS| Pasha) he play awesome, btw now he is nUUb and Luq>Pasha. I think FX style is to hard for pasha.
2010-08-09 09:18
i told you..
2010-08-09 09:23
SpawN, HeaDon here a news you need to read
2010-08-09 09:40
Money, money, money....
2010-08-09 09:52
2010-08-09 09:58
Im quite sad I wont see him again pwning with awp and his yells at lans, but on the other hand I'm happy that everyone will remember him as legend of Polish CS, player who stopped playing right after winning WCG, player who stopped playing as legened thx LUq and bye :)
2010-08-09 10:28
His movement with awp is crazy. Last time he showed up was impressive also.
2010-08-09 10:40
cause he want 2x more what FF could him pay.....
2010-08-09 10:51
sad :(((
2010-08-09 10:51
2010-08-09 10:55
sad panda face , good luck 2 you mate :)
2010-08-09 11:08
gl LUq. you was good and old player. maybe you will back like SpawN someday? o.o
2010-08-09 11:11
NEO | 
Poland Antro
ehh.. kinda sad, but that's sure that life>cs good luck with ur dreams;) I rly enjoyed watching him with awp, his movement was crazy.
2010-08-09 11:32
realy sad
2010-08-09 11:49
a mans goal as an adult is to have a nice family and support them/feed them not playing a game
2010-08-09 12:11
sad , i dont think that they will be able to beat fx with dok :[
2010-08-09 12:13
1 reply
with luq too. fx > polish cs
2010-08-09 12:22
he is coming to UK
2010-08-09 12:24
1 reply
I was just about to say that....
2010-08-09 15:55
:( LUq
2010-08-09 13:28
well good decision i guess. if he can't play for FX then why should he even bother ?
2010-08-09 14:30
I lost my respect to him - First he said in interview that TaZ decided to outplace LUq, then he wanted to make a team to beat up FX and now he claims that he wants to focus on "other dreams of mine in life" - it is just stupid move... I think that he was too pompous for the guys... Sad - it was my favourite polish player once, now I havent got any
2010-08-09 14:45
1 reply
Quite simple - all for money :P.
2010-08-09 17:10
LUq :(
2010-08-09 17:10
quite simple, release the nerd part of him, but maybe agree MAYBE just a money action... i think he will back after 1 month or 2....
2010-08-09 18:46
Sad how Poland makes everyone else living throught the past life ... even in e-sport. Instead of looking around to be able, to say: - WTF really nice player, didn't hear of him yet, is he some fresh blood here?; you all go orgasm when some "legendary" player says: Hi I'm Hidin This doesn't make esport develop.
2010-08-10 07:33
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