solo: "FX are weaker than fnatic"

We sat down with WeMade FOX star Geun Chul "solo" Kang after his team's semi-final win against fnatic and discussed his side's chances in the final.

WeMade FOX are through to the final in the King of The Game tournament at e-Stars Seoul after moving past fnatic 2-1 earlier today.

When asked about what had changed from the previous matches in which they had lost to fnatic, Kang said: "We felt kind of sure we could win this time, we did our best, and felt kind of lucky, and also great with this victory."

"We have been analysing their strategies for a long time, we were not doing our ordinary play, because they know the way we play. We had something special prepared."

WeMade FOX will now take on Frag eXecutors for the King of the Game trophy, a match they feel they can come out on top.

"FX are weaker than fnatic, if we have a good lunch we will probably win," he added. "If the score is 2-0 it is going to feel great, but if we win like today, not so much."

You can follow our coverage of e-Stars Seoul 2010 by going here.

2010-08-15 00:41
and wmf are weaker than FX:)
2010-08-15 00:42
16 replies
2010-08-15 00:45
+2 =)
2010-08-15 00:57
What a joke.
2010-08-15 01:11
2010-08-15 01:19
2010-08-15 01:27
2010-08-15 02:14
and you are weaker then any player of cs
2010-08-15 02:38
3 replies
doesn't make sense
2010-08-15 05:59
2 replies
great, u got it
2010-08-15 07:43
1 reply
no... your post was epic fail.
2010-08-16 18:48
Yes, but only in Europe. This is Asia, this is Korea.
2010-08-15 02:39
Brazil jpfogato
haha n1
2010-08-15 03:23
2010-08-15 08:54
and wmf are weaker than fnatic
2010-08-15 09:03
2010-08-15 11:31
wel your are polish so get lost
2010-08-15 15:39
+1 solo
2010-08-15 00:43
solo is king of awp
2010-08-15 00:43
15 replies
maybe after cogu ;)
2010-08-15 00:43
14 replies
yes, cogu legend
2010-08-15 00:45
13 replies
After viLden too... Ahem...
2010-08-15 01:05
12 replies
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
and markeloff ?
2010-08-15 01:11
4 replies
and many more..
2010-08-15 01:20
3 replies
ok , soooooooo , solo is the South Korean king of awp , right :D ?
2010-08-15 01:35
2 replies
just in WMF
2010-08-15 02:15
1 reply
only in Kang's family
2010-08-15 02:22
after ksharp ? :D
2010-08-15 01:21
5 replies
and Xeqtr & Shaguar :D
2010-08-15 02:00
4 replies
Johnny R.? :P nahh i like ksharp better hes my awp hero
2010-08-15 02:05
2 replies
Japan kitzune
dont forget the ever underestimated Zy!!! What a awp bot, carries his team, unstoppable on train and dust2, except that clip where FalleN another great awper takes him out, but that was just a fluke. We never hear about those crazy asians, still they are pretty high skilled.
2010-08-15 02:10
1 reply
and delpan cogu sixer msx .. oh yeah, fuck this !
2010-08-16 04:42
so did Jungle~
2010-08-15 06:17
vilden was terrible
2010-08-16 06:37
still fnatic > wmf :D
2010-08-15 00:44
3 replies
2010-08-15 01:02
2010-08-15 03:02
2010-08-15 11:03
let's see:)
2010-08-15 00:45
yes, yes, this is obvious like that -
2010-08-15 00:46
wmf will win go peri!!! the new korean star
2010-08-15 00:47
4 replies
+1 peri so sick^_^
2010-08-15 00:50
3 replies
Is it a joke? Check the stats... He is like Edward... He had a crazy aim but now... =((((
2010-08-15 01:05
2 replies
well that's what he's just said? He's sick.
2010-08-15 15:21
1 reply
no no he's not agreeing with him...He said he WAS like edward...he had crazy aim, but now he's not as good....l2decipher.
2010-08-16 05:14
FX c'moN
2010-08-15 00:51
where is the demo of WMF vs Fnatic bo3??? c'mon thousands of viewers and no demo??
2010-08-15 00:51
ofc fx is weaker than fnatic lol ,glwmf!
2010-08-15 00:53
Allways knew that well fed Korean players owns :D:DD Hah "Not so much" -Borat
2010-08-15 00:53
Wemadefox is going to win
2010-08-15 00:55
I hope for european GO FX!!
2010-08-15 00:56
"FX are weaker than fnatic, if we have a good lunch we will probably win" Goku-style :D
2010-08-15 00:56
3 replies
rotfl haha xD
2010-08-15 01:00
nice one
2010-08-15 01:14
2010-08-16 05:22
ofc they are weaker
2010-08-15 01:02
Didn't know having a good lunch does lead to victory, lol!
2010-08-15 01:02
1 reply
See? That's why you don't play in WMF!! :D
2010-08-15 01:06
Your never suppose to say things like that! Just jinxed yourself! FX Wins!
2010-08-15 01:02
4 replies
2010-08-15 02:33
3 replies
You and the jinxing :P
2010-08-16 16:33
2 replies
You gotta admit thats no MAMBO-JAMBO!! I have given you live demostration too..remember?!! :P
2010-08-16 16:42
1 reply
hahahahahahahaha yea yea >.>
2010-08-16 18:20
fnatic > FX > wemadeFOX Just fnatic have a bad DAY
2010-08-15 01:03
1 reply
fnatic had a bad day* otherwise i agree with ya
2010-08-15 01:07
go go wmf <3
2010-08-15 01:04
What is exactly a korean good lunch? Not a barbecue, right? :D
2010-08-15 01:05
7 replies
roaches. full of protein! HAHA!
2010-08-15 01:06
1 reply
Right!!! hahahaha
2010-08-15 01:08
2010-08-15 01:29
4 replies
No way!!! How disgusting!! :D :D :D
2010-08-15 01:35
2010-08-15 01:44
+1 :D
2010-08-15 01:57
oh, now ic the meaning of "good lunch" :d
2010-08-15 05:53
fx >> wemadefox
2010-08-15 01:06
and solos biceps is like my little finger
2010-08-15 01:08
5 replies
pashas biceps too?
2010-08-15 01:09
4 replies
that would be crazy. xD
2010-08-15 01:15
I bet Pasha can easily send all the WMF team directly to the Mars by one punch
2010-08-15 01:30
2 replies
you mean all of them?? they're a bunch of ants!
2010-08-15 01:36
1 reply
and no hint of racism,right? :D
2010-08-15 01:44
fnatic just under estimate wemadeFOX.......
2010-08-15 01:08
5 replies
they wouldn't be on top if they underestimate such opponents.
2010-08-15 01:13
and now wmf is underestimating FX! i would like to see what happens if they lose against them. and fx is a great team, so i really dont know if its going to be easy as solo thinks! but, gl wmf! you deserves it!
2010-08-15 01:15
3 replies
ya i agree WMF deserve to win because Korea is the founder of the name WCG!!!!!
2010-08-15 01:18
1 reply
hahaha yeah, but they are growing up with their game! i mean, they are just playing better and better every match (since groupstages), and last competitions they didnt showed us what they can really do! so i think its time for wmf!
2010-08-15 01:22
this time I do think wmf will win though :-)
2010-08-15 02:04
This is like a mindgame... Well... I really love this 2 teams, I was hoping that FX would return to win something, but then WMF also deserves it too... GL both
2010-08-15 01:12
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
neo + loordb > wmf
2010-08-15 01:12
Thailand hahahoha
"We have been analysing their strategies for a long time, we were not doing our ordinary play" anti-strats ftw
2010-08-15 01:12
2 replies
Like all the top teams...
2010-08-15 01:51
1 reply
Not all.
2010-08-15 04:24
bail =< kuben solo > pasha termi < Taz peri < Loord glow < Neo WMF tactic > FX tactic inferno - WMF dust2 - WMF train - FX tuscan - FX ? nuke - FX I think 2:1 for FX
2010-08-15 01:21
12 replies
2010-08-15 01:23
Denmark mindgames
Give me a break with these comparisations. All of the professionals have their day. You can not compare it like you do.
2010-08-15 01:39
2 replies
2010-08-15 04:24
2010-08-16 05:43
Pasha is playing better in estars than Neo... So I don't see how glow < neo and solo > pasha...
2010-08-15 01:40
3 replies
with harder opponents Neo play better if rest team help Neo then he play like god with all weapons:) stats are not everything for example last match with Tyloo on train or nuke
2010-08-15 01:53
2 replies
not really... Neo has a lot of down times lately... Doesn't matter which teams they are playing.
2010-08-15 02:03
1 reply
neo is without is gaming gear i duno if you read about it but his bagage was lost in the aeroport.. so it's pretty normal that he ins't playing at his best.. adpting to a new mousepad and mouse is really hard..
2010-08-15 03:19
wmf dont know such map as tuscan lol.
2010-08-15 01:40
H@H@H@H@H@@H@H@H@H@H rofl
2010-08-15 02:05
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH bail > kuben peri > Loord
2010-08-15 02:20
a team = maths?
2010-08-15 06:03
solo = korean idiot he doesn't desert to do eny interview with them FX > WMF
2010-08-15 01:22
1 reply
simply say Korea is over confident:):)
2010-08-15 01:25
WMF will take this :)
2010-08-15 01:28
solo, you are fuckin awesome man.
2010-08-15 01:28
i really think fnatic > FX :D solo didn't say that they are beater than fx, said only about fnatic . :)
2010-08-15 01:36
maybe fx is weaker then fnatic but you WMF don't have all the time luck like you had today against them ;)
2010-08-15 01:37
why so serious ?
2010-08-15 01:38
I think FX gonna win !!
2010-08-15 01:42
FX ;))
2010-08-15 01:46
I bet on WMF they totally deserve this win>
2010-08-15 01:46
WemadeFOX are playing in their country if they don't win they better should stop CS :) (training 12hours per day, salary everything..)
2010-08-15 01:49
where is cross? o.O O.o
2010-08-15 01:52
I think WMF has the upper hand since they have had more time looking at opponents demos and thinking about counters
2010-08-15 01:57
homefield advantage ftw ^_____^. <3 asian CS they put on one hell of a show that no one else could have. (referring to the non-counterstrike elements of the event in the photographs)
2010-08-15 01:58
very very very fair
2010-08-15 02:07
Poland marco555
H@H@H@ "FX are weaker than fnatic"
2010-08-15 02:08
Fx are weaker than fnatic but not than WMF!!!! Go Fx!! SHOW WHAT YOU'VE GOT!
2010-08-15 02:12
1 reply
2010-08-15 03:54
2010-08-15 02:15
YAY!! Finally a solo interview!! Now people will stop asking their configs, and instead ask about what lunch do pros from WMF have!!
2010-08-15 02:30
solo“if we have a good lunch we will probably win” what a Fxxk joke solo is a lier
2010-08-15 02:21
2010-08-15 02:23
Ye Fx weaker than fnatic... Well we'll see how weak WMF are if they try Nuke + train ... Ofc no1 said that wmf couldnt win this event but lets be honest guys wmf never were and already also are nothingin in comparison to guys from fx... right ?
2010-08-15 02:24
2010-08-15 02:25
and hee is better than solo i miss you hee, please return back!
2010-08-15 02:26
Brazil 1kuNg
the truth hurts :)
2010-08-15 02:26
WMF < TOP 10 team Island of Saint Tomas and Moon
2010-08-15 02:27
Haha what a stupid guy solo :D
2010-08-15 02:27
FX will smash wmf, hopefully
2010-08-15 02:29
every team in the world are weaker then fnatic :)
2010-08-15 02:45
actually WMF have 3 very good players: glow, bail and solo FX..: NEO
2010-08-15 02:49
1 reply
Termi ???
2010-08-15 03:02
2010-08-15 02:52
the asians ghost so hard it isnt funny. its cheating because if they lose somehow there country gets embarrased. asians always cheat then they talk about honor...
2010-08-15 02:56
Typicaly, they somehow won with the best team in the world.. ( ;P ) ..and now they think that they can win with anyone, pathetic.
2010-08-15 03:09
2 replies
You, sir, have no sense of humour at all.
2010-08-16 15:34
1 reply
And what are you talking about?
2010-08-19 22:32
2010-08-15 03:07
2 replies
2010-08-22 22:29
1 reply
2010-08-23 02:41
GL WMF but ur facing WCG 2009 CHAMPS!
2010-08-15 03:08
a mchiw thawa hhh hamza hh ana hewa death life hadi gir 9hab hnaya hhh gg neo
2010-08-15 03:12
He didn't say they were better than FX.THey just came off of a good victory against fnatic. they were due, to say it was all luck is giving WMF no credit. afterall it was best out of 3 not 1 match. and if HLTV.ORG held a post between who is better, Fnatic or FX, who would people pick? he didn't say anything that we don't agree on.. relax people!!
2010-08-15 03:28
"If the score is 2-0 it is going to feel great, but if we win like today, not so much." ok.. so 2-1 victory against one of the top teams would not be "so much great".. now thats just cocky..
2010-08-15 03:46
2010-08-15 04:04
hah, WMF saved their best for main event. of course they are most likely to going to win FX. i bet odds are like 80/20 for WMF (thought i really hope that FX win rather). Fnatic is good with gux, but bit overrated at the moment after they had few beats against NaVi. This tournament have showed pretty clearly that fnatic isnt best at the moment (at least yet !). Some kids may say that saying that is trolling, but WMF didnt win with luck (for true fnatic fans: if u really watched that match, wmf clearly was better in two maps). Hope that Fnatic can raise their level now with GuX for sure. I believe everything isnt seen yet though they have played with GuX before. Only thing that truly is shame.. is that NEO isnt that what he used to be: own everyone in CS world
2010-08-15 04:32
6 replies
lol, a swedish person hoping for fx's victory. the world is coming to an end :x
2010-08-15 04:35
5 replies
do u really think that the world is that simple that swedish cant hope FX winning in this final for Europe ?
2010-08-15 04:39
2 replies
yeah, after what i've seen here on this site i think it's very rare thing to witness
2010-08-15 04:48
1 reply
true shit
2010-08-15 05:06
hes not swedish i think,at least he is a big troll
2010-08-15 04:39
1 reply
true is that Cyborgy hate that fact that im actually swedish, who dont blindly believe that swedish are best. thought i dont believe he will admit it
2010-08-15 04:45
its all about the lunch, if the lunch is good, you will win!
2010-08-15 04:39
1 reply
so whats the planned menu?? xD
2010-08-15 05:07
FX will lose GO WMF
2010-08-15 04:58
WMF ftw ~ Seriously guys when this team came out it fcked up all for a moment . mtw sk fnatic all were moved. but now Natus Vincere are ruling the world.
2010-08-15 05:02
true shit ! (y)
2010-08-15 05:07
He's really confident :) WeMadeFOX need's to win this one :P
2010-08-15 05:29
2010-08-15 07:25
demo :D?
2010-08-15 07:27
"FX are weaker than fnatic" its true and he didn't say "FX are weaker than WMF" :) so let's see fnatic > FX > WMF or WMF > fnatic > FX
2010-08-15 07:30
1 reply
can we take out the ghosting in this pole? or does fnatic just get beat by wmf cause thats a joke. wmf arnt even top 10 this year
2010-08-15 07:43
joke.. FX > wmf
2010-08-15 07:39
He's so sure about winning today's match...
2010-08-15 07:52
LOL!!! solo: easy ACE
2010-08-15 08:28
fnatic > WMF FX > WMF
2010-08-15 08:45
1 reply
ok ok +1
2010-08-15 08:55
they think if they won one lucky match against fnatic they can beat everyone? fnatic, fx >>> WMF
2010-08-15 08:57
i don't care who wins but i want termi,kuben and pasha to make a great match:D
2010-08-15 09:52
They didn't eat enough monkeys.
2010-08-15 10:26
and who is weaker? FX>WMF>FNATIC !
2010-08-15 10:27
4 replies
Yeeee FX>WMF>FNATIC who is weaker xD
2010-08-15 10:29
fnatic > FX > WMF
2010-08-15 10:30
2 replies
2010-08-15 10:34
1 reply
today yeh. Actually fnatic > all of them
2010-08-15 15:20
2010-08-15 10:31
India SupremeV
wmf raped ...muuuhahahhahahhah cry now bitches
2010-08-15 10:34
2010-08-15 10:37
solo: "FX are weaker than fnatic" BIIIIIIIG FAAAAAAIL!
2010-08-15 10:38
5 replies
That's true. I think everyone can agree with this even though fx won the tournament.
2010-08-15 10:42
4 replies
im agree that fnatic > FX right now, but i mean to say BIG FAIL because solo and the koreans thought that they can beat FX easier... and thats BIG FAIL, they understimated FX
2010-08-15 10:44
3 replies
I didn't read the interview, but if he said that and that's what you were commenting on, then your quote is a bit misleading.
2010-08-15 10:55
nope! we dont thought that. Simply, solo is always full of confidence. Everyone knows that FX is tough team.
2010-08-15 11:11
1 reply
Poland qater-
You didn't guys , solo did :)
2010-08-15 11:29
Fnatic >>>> FX but WMF studied fnatics tactics for a long time...nobody cared about FX tactics
2010-08-15 10:50
1 reply
could be
2010-08-16 00:20
gg FX.. but you should admit that fnatic > FX, just the other day fnatic beat Fx on tuscan and in their last meeting at GG also..
2010-08-15 10:52
GG FX. FX is on the right track in order to win against Fnatic. They are weaker in my opinion.
2010-08-15 11:16
wait one thing wrong fx better then fnatic
2010-08-15 11:20
1 reply
2010-08-15 14:36
the truth
2010-08-15 11:23
Solo... Stfu.
2010-08-15 11:42
Lmao Bye Bye Soloo
2010-08-15 14:38
Imo FX are not better than WMF, even though they beat them. WMF's style is based on good tactics train over and over again 'til everything is PERFECT. That's kinda logical that it worked against fnatic but FX have a different style, closer to what we can usually observe in a mixteam, they base their attacks & defense on what the ennemy is doing, so WMF's perfect timings were just not what could have made them win the match. good to see an itw from solo!
2010-08-15 15:24
ROFL he was really confident they would win. LOl :p
2010-08-15 15:26
solo,dont cry now :)
2010-08-15 15:52
souled u just make me seek tactics ? y fx got more double skill then wmf if u wanna talk about tacts wmf tacts suck , have u seen the tacts of wmf ? shut up scarface fox > U and ur country
2010-08-15 15:54
solo aka big mouth fnatic > fx > wmf
2010-08-15 15:58
and wmf are weaker than fX haha.
2010-08-15 16:38
wtf you guys are sick,he just said that fx are weaker than fnatic FOR them,and ofc its the truth that fnatic are stronger than fx against any team
2010-08-15 16:40
1 reply
2010-08-15 20:30
solo, the guy who look like this little gollum from lord of the rings?
2010-08-15 17:20
Pasha is 6. !! NICE PASHA!!!!!!
2010-08-15 19:59
he was so true about this...
2010-08-15 23:57
my god so what is he displayed some confidence and said they should be able to beat this team. isn't that normal from every pro team out there. It's not like fnatic or mouz went around saying oh we might win.
2010-08-16 04:21
:P polish fans :p:p;p:PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP this is told from professionalists , not from all the people in the internet.
2010-08-16 14:44
China 115811778
solo please shut up
2010-08-16 16:20
What's wrong to be weaker than fnatic? There is no shame to be compared with the best team at the moment
2010-08-16 16:46
ROTFL "fnatic > Fx" LULZ
2010-08-16 18:40
I think so too. FX are weaker than fnatic but also WmF are weaker than FX.
2010-08-16 19:05
1 reply
2010-08-23 09:35
pzyclone > all
2010-08-23 05:19
"FX is weaker than us if we had a great lunch"
2010-08-23 09:28
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